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Scottish RugbySCOTLAND 27 - 22 IRELANDIreland

BT Murrayfield, Edinburgh - 04 February 2017
KO: 14:25 HT: 21-8


All matches
Played: 133
Scotland won: 67
Ireland won: 61
Drawn: 5
Abandoned: 1



Scotland 0-0 Ireland 1m 1m Anthems done; HRH back in her seat; we have KO from Scotland under Romain Poite at Murrayfield
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 2m 1m Simon Zebo collects & Ireland forced to kick to touch thru Rob Kearney as there's no way thru
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 3m 2m Scots attacking lineout but a knock on give Ireland the first scrum which goes nowhere til penalty to visitors
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 3m Ball cleared from inside Irish 10m to the Scots 10 for an Irish lineout which is good
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 3m Ireland may have possession but they gain no ground as it goes to ground on the 10m & Greig Laidlaw steals & sprints
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 4m Good work from homeside and they make it back inside Irish 10m before a k/o from Hugh Jones
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 5m Fraser Brown sent off for blood injury replaced by Ross Ford before Ireland set the defensive scrum again
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 5m Scrum is in same place as earlier, and result is the same too as the visitors have the penalty again; 10m attacking lineout over H/W
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 6m Lineout is poor & Scots head over into the other half & another ball in touch gives Scotland a Lineout outside the 22
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 7m Scots go wide to far touch and quickly head into the 22, coming back into the centre of the field past posts…
Scotland 0-0 Ireland 8m Irish defence is being tested but they hold out & force play back out wide again
Scotland 5-0 Ireland 9m Scots keep their composure and a long pass from Finn Russell bounces favourably for Stuart Hogg who pounces over the tryline to score
Scotland Ireland Stuart Hogg try RBS 6 NationsScotland 7-0 Ireland 10m Laidlaw duly adds the extras to go ahead smartly leaving Ireland to look on; Brown has returned to play
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 11m Irish hit a solid wall of defence again from the restart but Zebo does find a line along touch for some yards
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 11m Conor Murray clears ball out from ruck; goes down again & Paddy Jackson holds possession in ruck
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 12m Sean O'Brien carries it into the 22 but Scotland prevent any score for now & turnover
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 12m But ref was playing advantage so it's a penalty to the Irish who kick to corner for 5m lineout
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 13m Scotland pinged for Laidlaw offside and Jonny Gray pulling down maul; another Irish lineout
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 13m But Scotland throw another spanner in the works forcing Irish to go offside in maul; Scots 5m defensive scrum
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 14m Tadhg Furlong pinged for standing up & scrum reset for Scotland; they win ball & clear a long way back
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 16m A touch of aerial football & Hogg gets under high ball & into touch for Irish lineout just over halfway
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 17m The lineout is good & Irish are over the 10m but a turnover allows Russell to clear to Irish 22, forcing Zebo to kick it back
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 18m Scots have attacking lineout but it's not straight from Brown so Ireland have the scrum and win another penalty
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 19m Zander Fagerson is guilty party for collapsing the scrum & result is Irish lineout inside the Scottish 22
Scotland 7-0 Ireland 20m But the lineout fails Ireland again, ball is cleared but into Zebo's hands who kicks it back & Scots win penalty on own 10m
Scotland 12-0 Ireland 21m Scottish attacking lineout is good and excellent hands give Hogg possession again and he sprints again to score, not needing Sean Maitland on his shoulder
Scotland 14-0 Ireland 22m Irish defence is lacking for the pace of Hogg; Laidlaw easily snaps over conversion despite teeing up out wide
Scotland 14-0 Ireland 23m Restart shows Hogg as fallible as he knocks on - Irish scrum outside the Scots 22…
Scotland 14-0 Ireland 24m Jackson makes some yards before he's pulled down; good teamwork gets the closer to tryline, but slowly being edged back by defence
Scotland 14-0 Ireland 25m Irish not breached the 5m (imaginary) line despite all their best efforts, being forced wide…
Scotland 14-0 Ireland 26m Keith Earls finds a narrow gap and he flies over in the corner to score which TMO needs to confirm
Scotland 14-5 Ireland 27m Glenn Newman confirms the try but Jackson can't find his mark for the conversion
Scotland 14-5 Ireland 28m Ford returns to replace Brown again; Scots attacking hard and up to the Irish 22
Scotland 14-5 Ireland 29m Russell chips thru but Zebo gets to it and slides into touch giving the Scots a 5m lineout
Scotland 19-5 Ireland 29m It's quick work from the Scots and Alex Dunbar doesn't even need to jump to collect and sprints over the tryline
Scotland 21-5 Ireland 30m Yet another conversion for Laidlaw and no doubt the Irish are stunned - the fans certainly are
Scotland 21-5 Ireland 32m Irish making hard work of gaining ground from the restart, but the Scottish defence proving a hindrance despite 14 phases
Scotland 21-5 Ireland 33m Finally advantage being played as Ireland are being pushed further back, and the penalty comes
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 34m Jackson tees up from the 10m and this time finds the uprights; so far, Ireland have had 63% possession, not reflected in the score
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 36m Irish defence has improved and Russell prevented from making too much of a gain; penalty Ireland
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 37m Ireland clear and set up attacking lineout over halfway, tho hit that defensive dark blue wall again
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 38m No further than their own 10, the Scots effect a penalty and find touch for an attacking lineout just outside the 22
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 39m Lineout is good and Scots come infield for Hogg to make some yards, but no simple breakthrough this time for the fullback
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 39m Forced recycling across half the pitch and Scotland make it about 6m out for the tryline but edged back again
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 40m They go wide but Zebo intercepts the last offload and sprints and chips ahead…
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 40m Both Zebo and Tommy Seymour chase the ball & it’s the Scotsman gets to it first, quickly joined by his teammates in a ruck
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 40m Laidlaw stands behind the ruck, confirming the time before picking up the ball and thumping it into touch for halftime

Scotland 21-8 Ireland HT T: Hogg (2), Dunbar C: Laidlaw (3) | T: Earls P: Jackson

Scotland 21-8 Ireland HT Excellent 1st half work from Scots who shock Ireland...not quite the craic expected!

Scotland 21-8 Ireland 41m Ireland kop the second half and they've a fair way to come back …Ireland lineout outside the Scots 22…
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 42m Another lineout is stolen, and Ford has replaced Brown again; Scots back up to halfway but O'Brien steal it at breakdown
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 43m Ireland clear for another lineout which this time they win; Laidlaw attempting to be a disruptive little pixie but Ireland into the 22
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 44mmuch improved phases being put together, 16 phases before Seymour is offside so penalty coming
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 45m Irish lose it forward but back for penalty and opt for a 5m attacking scrum
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 46m Russell sent off for HIA and Duncan Weir pops on hopefully only shortly…
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 46m Ref claims wobbly scrum and resets - could be a new dance move!
Scotland 21-8 Ireland 47m Conor Murray collects but no way thru & Irish forced wide to far corner…come back on front of posts and barely a metre short…
Scotland 21-13 Ireland 48m Ball is heaved over under a mass of bodies a little wide of the posts & Iain Henderson claims the try
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 49m Jackson concentrates hard before the conversion from the 22 and this time, there's no issue with his work
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 50m john Barclay replaces Hamish Watson as the Scots attack fro the restart; forced back over halfway but only temporarily
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 51m Excellent tactical kicking from Weir and Ireland have a defensive 5m lineout - and win it again
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 52mmurray clears the ball out - not particularly well, and Weir is off again as Russell returns
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 53m Scots have lineout just outside the Irish 22 but for an age can't break the line as Irish defence has finally perked up
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 55m No more than a metre made over a couple of minutes before the ball is turned and Furlong drives over halfway into a ruck
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 56m Ireland are looking far stronger after their halftime chat - would suspect Andy Farrell delivered one of his rousing sermons I the changing room!
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 56m Gordon Reid comes on for Allan Dell, and Cian Healy for Jack McGrath; Scottish midfield lineout ensues…
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 57mmurray charges down Russell's chip thru and breaks in impressive fashion from the midfield and charges, offloading to Jamie Heaslip who makes more ground and offloads in the 22 - to Maitland.
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 58m Russell clears well and Irish lineout is much improved on the 10m; it takes a while to make ground thru Scottish defence but Kearney breaks down touchline...
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 59m …it's Maitland who bundles him into touch but ball thrown back in and grounded - TMO has to check Kearney is in touch
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 60m He was, so it's a Scottish hugely defensive lineout which is won but are barely a metre from their tryline before Russell clears
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 61m Ball finds touch only at the 22 for Ireland to attack with a lineout after Mark Bennett replaces Huw Jones
Scotland 21-15 Ireland 62m Irish setpiece is completely different in this half and they heap on the pressure on Scottish defence but they've not breached the 22 yet
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 63m 14th phase allows the much needed creep into the 22 and the 16th sees Jackson stretch with all his might over the whitewash to score
Scotland Ireland Paddy Jackson try RBS 6 NationsScotland 21-22 Ireland 63m Jackson converts his own try and for the first time, Ireland is ahead on the scoreboard
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 64m Ultan Dillane replaces Iain Henderson as Ireland attack fiercely again, back on the Scottish 22
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 65m Scotland regain possession on their 22 and boot ball a long way downfield for Irish defensive lineout inside their 10m
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 66m But first more changes with Tim Swinson on for Josh Strauss and Josh van der Flier for O'Brien
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 67m Ireland pushed back to their 22 before Murray can kick it clear over halfway; they hold on & Jackson chips it thru for Hogg to be dragged into touch by Earls
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 68m Tommy Bowe on for Earls as Ireland have lineout in the Scottish 22 but they are swiftly turned over and Hogg clears
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 69m Bowe comes back with it and a loose pass from Kearney flies into touch for Scottish lineout after a time off
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 70m John Ryan replaces Furlong and the Scottish lineout is lost on their 10m; Ireland on halfway as their advantage ends & penalty goes to Scotland
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 71m Scotland get out of their half swiftly and set up a lineout on the Irish 22 - don't lose it this time but the defence is strong
Scotland 21-22 Ireland 73m A penalty is gifted to Scotland for not rolling away at the breakdown and Laidlaw reclaims the lead with three points
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 74m Ireland come back hard and fast into the Scottish 22 but Barclay takes the ball to the breakdown before Hogg clears well
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 74m Again it's Ireland slowly working their way back into Scottish territory but they get turned over yet again
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 75m Scots push back and get over halfway, Irish come back at them back go backwards only for Toner's loose ball to almost be picked up by Barclay
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 76m Eventually Murray kicks from his 22 and Hogg runs it back from his 10m, offloads to Bennett who chips deep into the Irish 22
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 76mmurray chases and gets to it first, gets it out to Zebo with Bennett not getting a look in and he clears it long over halfway; Hogg runs it back & Scots in attack again
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 77m Scots on the Irish 10m and find it difficult to breach; Dunbar takes offload out wide and charges down the line to be halted by a neck tackle from Garry Ringrose on the 22
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 77m Barclay spills the ball but had penalty coming; according to Wayne Barnes visual descriptions to the English media earlier in the week, that should have been a yellow card
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 78m Laidlaw opts for kick to corner for a 5m lineout which is good, but maul is going nowhere; they've gone 5m further back but Scots still in possession
Scotland 24-22 Ireland 79m Still in the Irish 22, the ball is slowly recycled and the ball is edged forward cm by cm before a penalty is awarded to the homeside while Hogg is awarded Man of the Match
Scotland 27-22 Ireland 80m Now Laidlaw signals the uprights, and he takes his time, takes a drink into one of Johnno's walkie talkies(!), and as the clock turns over 80, he strikes another perfect penalty for the win
Scotland Ireland Scottish win celebrated RBS 6 NationsScotland 27-22 Ireland FT Laidlaw heads up to the Royal Box to claim the Centenary Quaich from an awfully elegant and beaming HRH Princess Anne

scotland15 Stuart Hogg 14 Sean Maitland 13 Huw Jones 12 Alex Dunbar 11 Tommy Seymour 10 Finn Russell 9 GREIG LAIDLAW (C) 1 Allan Dell 2 Fraser Brown 3 Zander Fagerson 4 Richie Gray 5 Jonny Gray 6 Ryan Wilson 7 Hamish Watson 8 Josh Strauss BENCH: 16 Ross Ford 17 Gordon Reid 18 Simon Berghan* 19 Tim Swinson 20 John Barclay 21 Ali Price 22 Duncan Weir 23 Mark Bennett

SCORERS T: Hogg (2), Dunbar C: Laidlaw (3) P: Laidlaw (2)

Ireland15 Rob Kearney 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Simon Zebo 10 Paddy Jackson 9 Conor Murray 8 Jamie Heaslip 7 Sean O'Brien 6 CJ Stander 5 Devin Toner 4 Iain Henderson 3 Tadhg Furlong 2 RORY BEST (C) 1 Jack McGrath BENCH: 16 Niall Scannell* 17 Cian Healy 18 John Ryan 19 Ultan Dillane 20 Josh van der Flier 21 Kieran Marmion 22 Ian Keatley 23 Tommy Bowe

SCORERS T: Earls, Henderson, Jackson C: Jackson (2) P: Jackson

Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Jaco Peyper, Nick Briant TMO: Glenn Newman




EnglandENGLAND RUGBY 19 - 16 FRANCEFrance

Twickenham Stadium, London - 04 February 2017
KO: 16:50 HT: 9-9


All matches
Played: 103
England won: 57
France won: 39
Drawn: 7




England 0-0 France 1m All faffing is over & we have KO at Fortress Twickenham...can England keep it?
England 0-0 France 3m Angus Gardner holds the whistle today & France are into the England 22
England 0-0 France 4m But the French can't hold onto advantage & England clear them back outside 22
England 0-0 France 6m Les Bleus attack again & have penalty coming as they threaten the homeside
England 0-3 France 7m England pinged for not rolling away & Camille Lopez punishes them with 3 points
England 0-3 France 8m England attack from the restart & with a penalty for Les Bleus not releasing..
England 3-3 France 10m Owen Farrell tees up the penalty & equalises in the 10th minute
England 3-3 France 12m France are heaping on the pressure with the forwards, & Jonny May halts play
England 3-6 France 13m May pinged for taking player over horizontal in tackle - barely! Naughty step
England 3-6 France 15m Combination of Joe Marler & Tom Wood hand another penalty over but lose lineout
England 3-6 France 16m But England can't make anything of it & France begin to force them back
England 3-6 France 17m Another lineout & France are pushing in the right direction now...towards halfway
England 3-6 France 18m England are not looking close to form right now & getting bullied by France
England France Dylan Hartley and Maro Itoje tackle Scott Spedding RBS 6 NationsEngland 3-6 France 19m France have moved from their own 22 almost up to that of the opposition...
England 3-9 France 20m England gift another penalty in defence & Lopez adds his third
England 3-9 France 22m But France gift penalty from restart again for not rolling away; Faz tees up
England 6-9 France 23m May returns to the field from his YC while Faz adds three unhesitant
England 6-9 France 24m Louis Picamoles ends up on his back & England have penalty - attacking lineout
England 6-9 France 25m Great defensive work from France & shove England back away from danger zone
England 6-9 France 26m England come back hard & get into the French 22...but...
England 6-9 France 27m ...Wood trashes opportunity by diving over the ruck handing French possession
England 6-9 France 28m France are straight back up to England 22 before they get turned
England 6-9 France 29m Elliot Daly runs a sharp line & offloads to Ben Youngs in sublime fashion to halfway...
England 6-9 France 30m ...but he has no one in support making Youngs' job far harder
England 6-9 France 32m England do make it over halfway & to 22...but not for long & we're in reverse
England 6-9 France 33m Play from one end to other & settles in midfield...with Wood AGAIN pinged at breakdown
England 6-9 France 34m Lopez tees up penalty while press room demands crucifixion of Tom Wood!
England 6-9 France 34m Luckily for England, Lopez misses the penalty kick #
England 6-9 France 36m French scrum pinged & England have penalty on halfway; it's Daly that tees up from there
England 9-9 France 37m Daly shows his mettle and equalises just before halftime #
England 9-9 France 38m Eddie Jones wastes no time getting rid of Wood & bring on James Haskell
England 9-9 France 39m Excellent work from approaching HT as they charge to the corner but a missed pass &...
England 9-9 France 40m French hang on to possession momentarily but the final 1st half penalty goes to England
England 9-9 France 40m Homeside breathe sigh of relief as ball finds touch for HT, halting the French tryline attack

England 9-9 France HT P: Farrell (2), Daly Yellow Card May | P: Lopez

England 9-9 France We're back live from Twickers & Haskell never came on for Wood-alternative facts!
England 9-9 France 42m From KO England make some yards, but it's not long til France reverse play
England 9-9 France 43m Les Bleus charge over halfway & are fast into the England 22...
England 9-9 France 44m France breathing down neck of tryline but a knock on & England clear their lines
England 9-9 France 46m England make yards again & chip ahead crosses tryline but saved by Baptiste Serin
England 9-9 France 47m Lovely hands from Faz to Daly & he flies over in corner for a try > TMO
England 9-9 France 47m Daly's foot finds touch & he drops it before grounding. No try.
England 9-9 France 48m Good call from newbie #6Ns ref Gardner; England still attacking tho
England 9-9 France 49m Rabah Slimani & Xavier Chiocci replace props Cyril Baille & Uini Atonio...
England 9-9 France 50m ...& England lose penalty in the scrum for the first time centimetres from French tryline
England 9-9 France 51m Play halted again & pen given from video replay for Kévin Gourdon high tackle
England 9-9 France 52m Following press briefing from Wayne Barnes - that was NOT any high tackle!
England 9-9 France 53m England not looking awfully bright today, but have battled way into French 22
England 9-9 France 54m France pinged for not releasing player in ruck & Faz has vital penalty tee'd
England 12-9 France 55m Faz adds another to take the lead for first time but England unimpressive
England 12-9 France 56m Meanwhile Jamie George replaces Dylan Hartley & Maxim Machenaud for Serin
England 12-9 France 57m More territory for England so far as play returns to halfway for French scrum
England 12-9 France 58m France do well to steadily move into England 22 & keep discipline/structure
England 12-14 France 59m Despite forward pass to Gourdon, offload to Slimani gets the prop over tryline
England France Rabah Slimani try RBS 6 NationsEngland 12-16 France 61m Lopez adds the extras & France are back in front; England still snoozing
England 12-16 France 62m Haskell's been prowling on sidelines & finally he's on...for Launchbury
England 12-16 France 63m Damien Chouly is replaced by Loann Goujon while England go on the attack...
England 12-16 France 64m ...& a fwd pass followed by a magnificent knock on from Daly & opportunity lost
England 12-16 France 65m Danny Care & Matt Mullan on for Youngs & Marler
England 12-16 France 66m Play returns to the midfield & England come away with nothing
England 12-16 France 67m England head back over halfway & up to the French 22; more changes...
England 12-16 France 68m Faz to 10, Ben Te'o on for Ford & Jack Nowell for JJ
England 12-16 France 69m Bench impact is immediate & wave after wave from England & finally...
England 17-16 France 70m's Ben Te'o who flies over the goal line to score the first try
England 19-16 France 71m Faz converts the try & a small sigh of relief can be taken by England
England 19-16 France 72m However, nothing's in the bag with 9 minutes to go, & changes for France...
England 19-16 France 72m Iturria, Doussain & Huget on for Vahaamahina, Lamerat & Lopez
England 19-16 France 73m England lineout just inside halfway & penalty comes for homeside
England 19-16 France 74m Penalty given by Clement Maynadier on for Guilhem Guirado earlier
England 19-16 France 75m England bulldoze directly into the French 22 & it's there for the taking...
England 19-16 France 76m ...but England pinged at the ruck with Wood in possession; French scrum
England 19-16 France 77m France push back hard and move England from 5m short of tryline towards halfway
England 19-16 France 78m Maro Itoje has had a storming second half, but play is back on French 10m
England 19-16 France 79m French scrum set as Picamoles is rightly awarded man of the match
England 19-16 France 80m Stadium clock shows 80 but England kick possession to French...
England 19-16 France FT Faffing occurs before final penalty to England in midfield & they claim win
England 19-16 France FT England break record winning 15 for first time in ugliest match ever

England France win celebrations RBS 6 Nations

england15 Mike Brown 14 Jonny May 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Owen Farrell 11 Elliot Daly 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Joe Marler 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Joe Launchbury 5 Courtney Lawes 6 Maro Itoje 7 Tom Wood 8 Nathan Hughes BENCH: 16 Jamie George 17 Matt Mullan 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Teimana Harrison 20 James Haskell 21 Danny Care 22 Ben Te'o 23 Jack Nowell

SCORERS T: Te'o C: Farrell P: Farrell (3), Daly Yellow Card May

france15 Scott Spedding 14 Noa Nakaitaci 13 Gaël Fickou 12 Rémi Lamerat 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 Camille Lopez 9 Baptiste Serin 1 Cyril Baille 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Uini Atonio 4 Sébastien Vahaamahina 5 Yoann Maestri 6 Damien Chouly 7 Kévin Gourdon 8 Louis Picamoles BENCH: 16 Clément Maynadier 17 Xavier Chiocci 18 Rabah Slimani 19 Arthur Iturria 20 Loann Goujon 21 Maxime Machenaud 22 Yoann Huget 23 Jean-Marc Doussain

SCORERS T: Slimani C: Lopez P: Lopez (3)

Referee: Angus Gardner Asst Referees: Glenn Jackson, Marius van der Westhuizen TMO: Peter Fitzgibbon




ItalyITALY 7 - 33 WALESWales

Stadio Olimpico, Rome - 05 February 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 7-3


All matches
Played: 25
Italy won: 2
Wales won: 22
Drawn: 1




Italy v Wales We've live coverage from Rome as the Azzurri take on the Welsh Dragons at Stadio Olimpico
Italy v Wales Teams lining up in the tunnel; Sergio Parisse & his team looking positively gladiatorial!
Italy v Wales Will Alun Wyn Jones prove to be the Welsh captain to take them to another level?
Italy v Wales Apparently it's a bigger deal to captain Wales than any other nation says Shane Williams. Hmmm…
Italy 0-0 Wales 1m Anthems done & ref JP Doyle signals KO for Italy on a wet Rome afternoon
Italy 0-0 Wales 2m Wales miss clear to touch immediately but drive Italy back up to halfway & win penalty
Italy 0-0 Wales 3m Leigh Halfpenny tees up already from almost as far back as halfway...
Italy 0-0 Wales 4m The trumpeting & jeering starts early from Italian fans & Halfpenny misses the uprights
Italy 0-0 Wales 5m Halt in play already as George North gets attention for a knock after knock on - to his leg
Italy 0-0 Wales 5m AWJ off for blood replacement; Cory Hill on for Azzurri scrum which goes well for them
Italy 0-0 Wales 6m Azzurri lineout on the Welsh 22, & the impact of O'Shea & Brendan Venter is already apparent
Italy 0-0 Wales 7m lineout OK but slippery ball at breakdown & Eduardo Gori accidentally knock on; Wales defensive scrum
Italy 0-0 Wales 8m Welsh lineout next & from defensive position moments ago, Wales are into Azzurri 22
Italy 0-0 Wales 9m Azzurri 22 defensive lineout & clear Welsh back up towards the 10m before next attack arrives
Italy 0-0 Wales 10m Parisse takes the knocked forward ball & turnover is sterling opportunity for the Azzurri...
Italy 0-0 Wales 11m ...but it's greasy out there & ball immediately squirts forward after offload
Italy 0-0 Wales 12m Italian advantage lost & Wales have lineout outside the Azzurri 22...
Italy 0-0 Wales 13m Italy steal back possession at breakdown & play back up to the midfield; Wales attack over halfway
Italy 0-0 Wales 14m Smart crosskick to touch for Liam Williams to collect but Carlo Canna drags him to touch
Italy 0-0 Wales 14m Italy hand over soft penalty while AWJ returns to play; lineout inside Azzurri 22 for Wales
Italy 0-0 Wales 16m Italian defence holds well for a short while but then pinged for collapsing maul...
Italy 0-0 Wales 17m Wales kick to touch again for 5m lineout & need to make something of all this territory
Italy 0-0 Wales 18m lineout is good but Wales forced along width of pitch almost to far touch...
Italy 0-0 Wales 19m Ball kicked over goal line & TMO checks grounding by Andrea Lovotti & not Welsh hands
Italy 0-0 Wales 20m "Italia" reverberates round the stadium as scrum is set; Wales back in own 22 for clear
Italy 0-0 Wales 21m Aerial football ensues before North claims a high ball & touch & ....
Italy 0-0 Wales 23m ...Azzurri attack in ferocious fashion from own half to Welsh 22; Wales defensive scrum
Italy 0-0 Wales 24m Welsh scrum is stolen & Parisse charges; quick recycle & it's Parisse millimetres short
Italy 0-0 Wales 25m Further recycling & Italy heave over goal line despite high tackle round an Azzurri neck
Italy 0-0 Wales 26m Doyle right in front of high tackle - ignores it; penalty to Italy & 5m scrum
Italy 0-0 Wales 27m Italy claim the scrum thru Parisse & penalty sets up another 5m attack for Azzurri...
Italy 0-0 Wales 28m Doyle screeches 'use it' while scrum is moving; sublime offload from Parisse to Abraham Steyn...
Italy 5-0 Wales 29m ...Wales repel a couple of waves but not for long as the Azzurri score en masse next to posts
Italy Wales Italia celebrate first try RBS 6 NationsItaly 7-0 Wales 30m Gori's try is converted by Canna & Italia are looking determined & positive
Italy 7-0 Wales 32m Doyle not particularly marshalling well as Azzurri set a defensive lineout
Italy 7-0 Wales 33m Italy get play back over halfway but gift a penalty at the breakdown giving Wales attacking position
Italy 7-0 Wales 34m If Wales were hoping for pace & quick ball, Italy are putting a sharp halt to any of that
Italy 7-0 Wales 34m Dan Biggar getting attention to torso while an Azzurri is down & cart arrives...
Italy 7-0 Wales 34m Doyle doesn't even notice & asks Wales if they're ready to play on!
Italy 7-0 Wales 34m It's Marco Fuser down, but he's up & walks off while Josh Furno replaces him
Italy 7-0 Wales 34m Doyle's warns AWJ for Rhys Webb appealing (whinging) constantly in ref's ear at every opportunity
Italy 7-3 Wales 36m Play resumes with Welsh penalty which Halfpenny converts into three points
Italy 7-3 Wales 38m From the restart Italy battle hard into Welsh territory & make it up to the Welsh 22...
Italy 7-3 Wales 39m ...Azzurri lose possession momentarily but attack again deep into Welsh 22; visiting defence tested
Italy 7-3 Wales 40m Eventually it's Sam Warburton that proves the barrier & halts the attack for HT

Italy 7-3 Wales HT T: Gori C: Canna | P: Halfpenny

Italy 7-3 Wales HT Sam Davies has replaced Dan Biggar as teams return to field for the second half battle
Italy 7-3 Wales 40m Play resumes; Lovotti turnover & it's aerial football again before a ruck in the midfield
Italy 7-3 Wales 41m Italy claim mark at own 22 & clear back to halfway for Wales to attack
Italy 7-3 Wales 42m Wales work their way up to the Azzurri 22 but are quickly cleared out for lineout at 10m
Italy 7-3 Wales 43m Wales still in possession & up to 22 again but Gori intercepts beautifully & heads off
Italy 7-3 Wales 44m Play doesn't work too well & halted for Jake Ball blood on forehead; needs to go off
Italy 7-3 Wales 44m But no, let's waste vital playing time, bandage him up on pitch & steal Italy's momentum
Italy Wales Alun Wyn Jones Sergio Parisse RBS 6 NationsItaly 7-3 Wales 45m Finally we can get on with game & Wales win a kickable penalty almost in front of posts
Italy 7-6 Wales 46m Steyn pinged for not rolling away & Halfpenny punishes him with 3 points
Italy 7-6 Wales 47m Experience arrives in Leonardo Ghiraldini replacing hooker Ornel Gega; Welsh scrum.
Italy 7-6 Wales 48m Italy shove hard & almost have it but pinged for going early #RBS6Nations
Italy 7-6 Wales 49m Penalty to Wales & play to midfield; knocks on both sides but Italy pinged
Italy 7-6 Wales 50m Rob Evans & Tomas Francis on for Samson Lee & Nicky Smith
Italy 7-6 Wales 51m Play halted for tip-tackle - Steyn penalised for lifting Ross Moriarty tho had no choice in tackle
Italy 7-9 Wales 52m Halfpenny adds another 3 and the takes the lead
Italy 7-9 Wales 53m Josh Furno & Michele Campagnaro on for Marco Fuser & Tommaso Benvenuti
Italy 7-9 Wales 54m Plenty of colourful language from the Welsh going into the ref's mic for all to hear
Italy 7-9 Wales 55m Meanwhile, Azzurri handing over more unnecessary penalties to the visitors - the 12th!
Italy 7-12 Wales 56m Halfpenny adds another 3 points
Italy 7-12 Wales 57m Wales get to the goal line & it's Webb who's under the heap - TMO to check
Italy 7-12 Wales 57m Rowan Kitt - TMO calls ball short of tryline so no try; penalty Wales tho so 5m scrum
Italy 7-12 Wales 58m Scrum achieves little the first time; they reset & go again... 
Italy 7-12 Wales 59m Pietro Ceccarelli replaces Lorenzo Cittadini before the scrum is played again...
Italy 7-12 Wales 60m Lovotti is sent off to the naughty step for 10 minutes while Wales set the scrum again
Italy 7-17 Wales 61m Wales finally get ball away from scrum & opt to go blind for Jonathan Davies to score
Italy 7-19 Wales 62m Halfpenny adds the extras; has O'Shea conditioned Italy enough for last 20?
Italy 7-19 Wales 63m Francesco Minto for Fuser | Hill for Ball
Italy 7-19 Wales 64m More changes coming as Wales attack again into Azzurri half again...
Italy 7-19 Wales 65m Giorgio Bronzini replaces Gori while Parisse is v unhappy at ref call under high ball
Italy 7-19 Wales 65m TMO checks & Ref happy; Parisse not so Doyle warns him to back off or else...
Italy 7-24 Wales 66m Meanwhile, Liam Williams sprints over the goal line for a second try
Italy 7-26 Wales 67m Halfpenny adds the extras and any hope is drifting clear away from the Azzurri
Italy 7-26 Wales 69m Azzurri have conceded two tries whilst a man down; need Lovotti back for any hope
Italy 7-26 Wales 70m Tommaso Allan & Giulio Bisegni on for Canna & Sam Panico
Italy 7-26 Wales 71m The Azzurri attack & Wales are pinged for offside; penalty to homeside...go for scrum
Italy 7-26 Wales 73m Scrum does not go well for Italy and suddenly Wales are back on front foot...
Italy 7-26 Wales 74m Gareth Davies, James King & Jamie Roberts for Webb, Moriarty & Scott Williams
Italy 7-26 Wales 75m Italy appear to have injection of power starting with Ghiraldini as they charge over halfway
Italy 7-26 Wales 76m A final kick does Italy no favours & they lose the momentum created...
Italy 7-26 Wales 77m Wales, meanwhile have other ideas & Sam Davies collects in own 22 & offloads to North
Italy 7-31 Wales 78m North runs length of the pitch and his dodgy leg & McLean can't stop him from scoring
Italy Wales George North try RBS 6 NationsItaly 7-33 Wales 79m Halfpenny adds the conversion & Wales are desperate for the bonus point score now...
Italy 7-33 Wales 80m ..from deep within own half, Wales charge to Azzurri 22 but McLean shuts that play down
Italy 7-33 Wales 80m A quick recycle & numerous hands gets Liam Williams to the corner again...
Italy 7-33 Wales 80m ...but the TMO confirms he loses possession before any grounding. Game over.

italy15 Edoardo Padovani 14 Giulio Bisegni 13 Tommaso Benvenuti 12 Luke McLean 11 Giovanbattista Venditti 10 Carlo Canna 9 Edoardo Gori 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 Ornel Gega 3 Lorenzo Cittadini 4 Marco Fuser 5 George Biagi 6 Abraham Steyn 7 Maxime Mbanda 8 SERGIO PARISSE (C) BENCH: 16 Leonardo Ghiraldini 17 Sami Panico 18 Pietro Ceccarelli 19 Josh Furno 20 Francesco Minto 21 Giorgio Bronzini 22 Tommaso Allan 23 Michele Campagnaro

SCORERS T: Gori C: Canna Yellow Card Lovotti

wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 George North 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Scott Williams 11 Liam Williams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Rhys Webb 1 Nicky Smith 2 Ken Owens 3 Samson Lee 4 Jake Ball 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Sam Warburton 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Ross Moriarty BENCH: 16 Scott Baldwin 17 Rob Evans 18 Tomas Francis 19 Cory Hill 20 James King 21 Gareth Davies 22 Sam Davies 23 Jamie Roberts

SCORERS T: Jonathan Davies, Liam Williams, North C: Halfpenny (3) P: Halfpenny (4)

Referee: JP Doyle Asst Referees: John Lacey, Craig Maxwell-Keys TMO: Rowan Kitt




RBS Six Nations Week 2

6Ns Italy vs Ireland 6Ns Wales vs England 6Ns France vs Scotland6Ns Table Week 2

ItalyITALY 10 - 63 IRELANDIreland

Stadio Olimpico, Rome - 11 February 2017
KO: 15:25 HT: 10-28


All matches
Played: 27
Italy won: 4
Ireland won: 23
Drawn: 0



Italy v Ireland The anthems are done in Rome just before KO
Italy v Ireland Applause tribute to the inimitable Joost van der Westhuizen before proceedings get underway
Italy v Ireland Kiwi ref Glen Jackson holds power today & Jamie Heaslip captains Ireland for sick Rory Best
Italy 0-0 Ireland 1m Italy kick off & Simon Zebo collects, Ireland fast up to the midfield..
Italy 0-0 Ireland 2m Ireland look mightily different to losing team last week, but knock on for Azzurri scrum
Italy 0-0 Ireland 3m Massive shove from Ireland & the penalty goes their way, clearing for a 22 lineout
Italy 0-0 Ireland 4m Ireland make a few yards and then spill the ball for Luke McLean to clear them out...
Italy 0-0 Ireland 5m Azzurri advantage as Irish return to 22 & as it ends, Edoardo Padovani clears
Italy 0-0 Ireland 6m Italy have another defensive scrum which they hold better but still get turned
Italy 0-0 Ireland 6m Another loose ball into Italian hands & they clear but Irish attacking scrum
Italy 0-0 Ireland 7m Scrum again just 5m from goal line for Irish, further in-field & penalty coming...
Italy 0-0 Ireland 8m The Irish are just short but the defence is holding up well so far from the Azzurri
Italy 0-0 Ireland 9m Ball slapped out of Conor Murray's hands; Ireland penalty & they opt for another scrum
Italy 0-0 Ireland 10m There's no quick scoring for Irish as the Azzurri force play wide in both directions
Italy 0-0 Ireland 11m Zebo sneaks over in corner but TMO to check - lost control & foot into touch - no try
Italy 0-0 Ireland 11m Can see the impact of Brendan Venter on Italian defence is slowly seeping in
Italy 0-0 Ireland 12m Irish ball again & this time they've comprehended the defence pattern...
Italy 0-5 Ireland 12m ...Irish go wide & Keith Earls jinks over in corner to run closer to posts to ground
Italy 0-7 Ireland 13m Paddy Jackson easily converts and the Irish are deservedly ahead so far
Italy 0-7 Ireland 14m The restart has Ireland on the back foot after Zebo's clear is not far enough...
Italy 0-7 Ireland 15m relation to player positions & the kickable penalty goes to Italy
Italy 3-7 Ireland 16m Carlo Canna tees up & puts the homeside on the board with 3 good points
Italy 3-7 Ireland 17m Not long from restart for Ireland to be back to Italian 22, but defence is hindering
Italy 3-7 Ireland 18m It's not a simple attack for Ireland but eventually they figure it out again...
Italy 3-12 Ireland 19m ...& in the other corner, CJ Stander slips thru the defence to score a second already
Italy 3-14 Ireland 20m A very odd kick from Jackson somehow splits the uprights for the full 7 points
Italy 3-14 Ireland 22m Italy in possession on the attack as officials ignore Garry Ringrose's high tackle...
Italy 3-14 Ireland 23m Instead, ball into touch for Irish lineout which is cleanly won & Zebo charges off...
Italy 3-14 Ireland 24m ...but his kick doesn't go to plan & he can't chase it; minor setback tho for Ireland
Italy 3-14 Ireland 25m Irish are into Azzurri 22 & tho slowly, they make ground edging closer to goal line
Italy 3-19 Ireland 26m As with other tries, Ireland go wide with men over as Earls scores a brace with ease
Italy 3-21 Ireland 27m Jackson adds the conversion from out wide, and the Irish are looking very comfortably
Italy 3-21 Ireland 29m Italy scrum on the Irish 10m & this time the visitors don't boss it; Italy penalty...
Italy 3-21 Ireland 30m A kick to touch sets up a lineout in Irish 22; won & Ireland pinged for collapsing maul
Italy 3-21 Ireland 31m Next lineout is a 5m attack & the result is far stronger as they reach the whitewash...
Italy 8-21 Ireland 32m ...another collapsed maul gives Italy penalty try & Donnacha Ryan off to naughty step
Italy 10-21 Ireland 32m A quick conversion from Canna & Italy need to take advantage of man up now
Italy Ireland Carlo Canna Keith Earls Robbie Henshaw RBS 6 Nations 2017Italy 10-21 Ireland 33m The restart is fast and hard for Ireland as the drive deep into the Italian 22...
Italy 10-26 Ireland 34m ...a little readjustment & Stander bulldozes over whitewash for the bonus point try
Italy 10-28 Ireland 36m Jackson adds the extras and Italy have a small mountain to climb already
Italy 10-28 Ireland 37m Italy restart better & hold onto possession while gaining territory for minute or 2
Italy 10-28 Ireland 38m But all the hard work as they edge closer to T/L comes to nothing as Ireland clear
Italy 10-28 Ireland 39m Italy forced to attack again from midfield, but as Ryan's time runs down...
Italy 10-28 Ireland 40m ...Italy are pinged for holding on & Ireland can get out of their own half
Italy 10-28 Ireland 40m Irish attacking lineout goes long but Eduardo Gori pinged for a knock on before HT whistle

Italy 10-28 Ireland HT T: PT C: Canna P: Canna | T: Earls (2), Stander (2) C: Jackson (4) Yellow Card Ryan

Italy 10-28 Ireland 41m Teams are back out & Dario Chistolini has replaced Lorenzo Cittadini in front row
Italy 10-28 Ireland 42m Simon Favaro pinged for not supporting his weight at breakdown > Ireland attacking lineout
Italy 10-28 Ireland 43m Not quite to plan & Italy are steadily forcing the Irish out of their 22...
Italy 10-28 Ireland 44m Play's back up at halfway; Irish attack comes but Italy clear again to halfway
Italy 10-28 Ireland 45m Ireland have lineout on halfway & the surge comes hard as they work up to the Azzurri 22
Italy 10-33 Ireland 46m And the Springbok U20s flanker Stander saunters over for his first Irish hat trick
Italy 10-35 Ireland 47m Jackson comfortably converts while Craig Gilroy replaces Robbie Henshaw in the centre
Italy 10-35 Ireland 49m Meanwhile, Michele Campagnaro replaces Tommaso Benvenuti fro the Azzurri
Italy 10-35 Ireland 50m McLean saves an Irish try under the posts as Jack McGrath replaces Cian Healy
Italy 10-35 Ireland 52m Italy gather momentum as they attack strongly, finishing that play with attacking scrum
Italy 10-35 Ireland 53m Also, Ornel Gega & George Biagi on for Leonardo Ghiraldini & Andries van Schalkwyk
Italy 10-35 Ireland 54m Scrum is reset while John Ryan replaces Tadhg Furlong
Italy 10-35 Ireland 55m Azzurri are right on Irish tryline as Jackson rips the ball out of Sergio Parisse's arms
Italy 10-35 Ireland 56m Murray clears & Italy lose their attacking opportunity, forced way back
Italy 10-35 Ireland 57m Italy's defensive lineout cannot followed thru & Ireland end up with attacking lineout
Italy 10-35 Ireland 58m Braam Steyn replaces Favaro while Ireland almost find the Azzurri tryline...
Italy 10-35 Ireland 60m ..but for a fwd pass. Time out as Cittadini returns for Chistolini kicked accidently
Italy 10-35 Ireland 61m Ireland pinged for turning scrum on Italy's put in & Azzurri clear up to halfway
Italy 10-35 Ireland 62m Irish lineout is good; Bronzini for Gori/ Dillane & Tracy for Toner & Scannell
Italy 10-35 Ireland 64m Italy pinged for not driving straight at Irish scrum; Jackson kicks Ireland over halfway
Italy 10-35 Ireland 66m Ireland appear to have lost their clarity & clinical edge over Italy
Italy 10-40 Ireland 67m Visitors attack again after Sam Panico replaces Lovotti; Gilroy runs in the 6th try
Italy 10-42 Ireland 68m Another simple conversion for Jackson after Ireland have regrouped & focussed
Italy 10-42 Ireland 70m Tommy Allan for Canna | Marmion & van der Flier for Murray & Sean O'Brien...
Italy 10-47 Ireland 71m Meanwhile, Ringrose regally gallops thru little defence to score try no.#7
Italy Ireland Garry Ringrose try RBS 6 Nations 2017Italy 10-49 Ireland 72m No surprises at Jackson's 7th conversion...
Italy 10-49 Ireland 74m Man of the Match is awarded to CJ Stander as Ian Keatley comes on for Zebo
Italy 10-49 Ireland 76m And Italy appear to have found their way in the final 5 minutes as they attack hard
Italy 10-49 Ireland 77m Italy up to the Irish 22 & Parisse is relentless in his stamina & effort
Italy 10-54 Ireland 78m But a turnover results in Gilroy sprinting from deep in own half to score a brace
Italy 10-56 Ireland 79m A Jackson conversion adds to the huge score, but Ireland aren't done yet...
Italy 10-56 Ireland 80+1m Ireland's attack is incessant & there's little the Azzurri can do to hold them out
Italy 10-61 Ireland 80+2m And it's Gilroy who bags a hat trick in 15 minutes!
Italy 10-63 Ireland 80+3m Jackson puts the cherry on top & the Azzurri have been annihilated at home

Italy Ireland Keith Earls Simon Zebo celebrate RBS 6 Nations 2017

italy15 Edoardo Padovani 14 Angelo Esposito 13 Tommaso Benvenuti 12 Luke Mclean 11 Giovanbattista Venditti 10 Carlo Canna 9 Edoardo Gori 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 Leonardo Ghiraldini 3 Lorenzo Cittadini 4 Marco Fuser 5 Andries van Schalkwyk 6 Maxime Mbandà 7 Simone Favaro 8 SERGIO PARISSE (C) BENCH: 16 Ornel Gega 17 Sami Panico 18 Dario Chistolini 19 George Biagi 20 Abraham Steyn 21 Giorgio Bronzini 22 Tommaso Allan 23 Michele Campagnaro

SCORERS T: PT C: Canna P: Canna

Ireland15 Rob Kearney 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Simon Zebo 10 Paddy Jackson 9 Conor Murray 1 Cian Healy 2 Niall Scannell 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Donnacha Ryan 5 Devin Toner 6 CJ Stander 7 Sean O’Brien 8 JAMIE HEASLIP (C) BENCH: 16 James Tracy 17 Jack McGrath 18 John Ryan 19 Ultan Dillane 20 Josh van der Flier 21 Kieran Marmion 22 Ian Keatley 23 Craig Gilroy

SCORERS T: Earls (2), Stander (3), Gilroy (3), Ringrose C: Jackson (9) Yellow Card Ryan

Referee: Glen Jackson Asst Referees: Angus Gardner, Marius van der Westhuizen TMO: Rowan Kitt




WalesWALES 16 - 21 ENGLAND RUGBYEngland

Principality Stadium, Cardiff - 11 February 2017
KO: 16:50 HT: 13-8


All matches
Played: 130
Wales won: 57
England won: 61
Drawn: 12



Wales v England The opening show for the rock concert has begun at the Principality Stadium...
Wales v England Oh hang's a rugby match. The teams are out...
Wales v England Roaring applause for Joost van der Westhuizen (except for the blonde busy on phone)
Wales v England Some England team faces not looking so determined on the big screen camera run...
Wales v England The Welsh anthem deafens Cardiff after the England anthem is done - glorious work
Wales 0-0 England 1m Jérôme Garcès blows the whistle for KO in Cardiff as Wales take it to Maro Itoje...
Wales 0-0 England 2m First blood to Wales after England are pinged for not rolling away at breakdown
Wales 3-0 England 3m Leigh Halfpenny tees up from almost halfway but in front of posts for opening points
Wales 3-0 England 4m Strong restart for England as they bulldoze up to the Welsh 22...repelled slightly
Wales 3-0 England 5m England breach the 22 but turnover ball & Wales clear England out firmly
Wales 3-0 England 6m Massive drive from England in their own 22 & they shove Wales right back up to halfway
Wales 3-0 England 7m Wales gift a churlish penalty giving England an attacking lineout & into 22 again...
Wales 3-0 England 8m England with overlap but Alun Wyn Jones turnover at breakdown & back they go...
Wales 3-0 England 9m England back outside 22 but on attack; penalty coming after Ross Moriarty...
Wales 3-0 England 10m ...high tackles Jack Nowell; it comes & Owen Farrell tees up
Wales 3-3 England 11m Beautifully weighted kick from Faz and it sails close to the right upright & over
Wales 3-3 England 12m England repel the restart & set up defensive lineout just inside halfway...
Wales 3-3 England 13m Good setpiece for the visitors and another penalty comes for Rhys Webb offside
Wales 3-3 England 14m Tee is pretty much on halfway so it's Elliot Day's turn to kick- but he fluffs it wide
Wales 3-3 England 15m England attack fiercely yet again - possession is all their way so far & into 22
Wales 3-3 England 17m Wales throwing everything at England who're temporarily pushed back but not for long
Wales 3-3 England 18m Welsh attempt to bully England back with immense defence but England not having it
Wales 3-3 England 18m England can't go thru so go a tad wide; recycled hard & Ben Youngs collects...
Wales 3-8 England 18m ...from ruck & goes himself to score. Sublime attack - so fierce.
Wales 3-8 England 19m Faz can't find the conversion but Wales have a war on their hands
Wales 3-8 England 20m Wales up for it too & in England 22; have men out wide but Dan Biggar goes straight
Wales 3-8 England 21m The more difficult root doesn't bring a try but England pinged in front of posts
Wales 3-8 England 22m This may be the match of the weekend - truly gladiatorial as Halfpenny tees up
Wales 6-8 England 23m Halfpenny takes the score closer to England with a perfect kick
Wales 6-8 England 24m Daly is last to touch ball as it flies into touch - lineout & defensive Welsh scrum
Wales 6-8 England 25m Scrum collapses but Wales get ball away a nano second before & kick to midfield
Wales 6-8 England 26m Biggar manages to kick ahead into England 22 but Nowell reaches it first & clears
Wales 6-8 England 27m Lightning work from LegoBoy; Welsh lineout just inside England 22...
Wales 6-8 England 28m Hard graft from Welsh to the whitewash & can't find it; Webb thinks he has...
Wales 6-8 England 28m England turnover but illegal; AWJ argues with ref over alleged try & Webb says he did
Wales 6-8 England 29m Ref says it was short, but goes to TMO anyway & takes a break & a drink(!)
Wales 6-8 England 30m Clearly WAY short; Welsh 5m scrum but England win penalty & clear...
Wales 6-8 England 31m Wales still in contention on England's 22 with lineout but k/o & lose possession
Wales 6-8 England 32m England defensive scrum is reset & they hold on...but turnover outside their 22
Wales 6-8 England 33m Welsh have another opportunity to charge in to the England 22 & find the goal line
Wales 6-8 England 34m English defence is solid so far & Wales are still 5m away from whitewash
Wales 6-8 England 35m A pass goes awry over AWJ's head but he gets to it over T/L & k/o
Wales 6-8 England 35m As Welsh commentators & AWJ screech Ben Youngs was offside, time off & ref checks
Wales 6-8 England 36m Not offside; England 5m scrum...holds well & Nathan Hughes gets it away...
Wales 6-8 England 37m Hughes is shut down; Youngs goes to kick but charged down & saved by Joe Marler
Wales 6-8 England 37m But Marler knocks on slightly, enough to give Wales the attacking scrum...
Wales 11-8 England 38m ...solid scrum & Scott Williams dummies enough for Liam Williams to slip thru...
Wales  England Liam Williams scores try despite Jack Nowell RBS 6 Nations 2017Wales 13-8 England 39m ...under the posts to score & Halfpenny converts for the lead
Wales 13-8 England 40m Play ends in the midfield after Wales knock after high ball that doesn't go far

Wales 13-8 England HT T: Liam Williams C: Halfpenny P: Halfpenny (2) | T: Youngs P: Farrell

Wales 13-8 England HT Has a match been so fast & furious of late! Anyone's game; England must tighten up 

Wales 13-8 England 41m Final 40 & Faz kicks off as some aerial football ensues...
Wales 13-8 England 42 Time off as Faz is down after late tackle by Moriarty; Ref doesn't bother checking
Wales 13-8 England 43m Faz brushes himself off; England defensive lineout is good & they're over halfway
Wales 13-8 England 44m Wales k/o & it's an England scrum - goes to plan & Wales k/o again - advantage
Wales 13-8 England 45m Advantage must have ended; Wales turnover & off they shoot into England territory
Wales 13-8 England 46m Great Welsh hands but a whopper of a forward pass gives England defensive scrum
Wales 13-8 England 47m Solid scrum from England & Jamie George replaces captain Dylan Hartley; Faz -C
Wales 13-8 England 48m Another penalty from England in the midfield as Land Of Our Fathers roars
Wales 13-8 England 49m James Haskell replaces Jack Clifford as Wales set up attacking lineout inside 10m
Wales 13-8 England 51m The lineout is good but Wales can't breach the 22 as England repel them away
Wales 13-8 England 52m An opportunity arises but Jonathan Davies knocks ball forward into touch
Wales 13-8 England 53m Lee, Smith & Faletau on for Evans, Francis & Moriarty; England lineout defensive
Wales 13-8 England 54m Back for penalty after no advantage; Faz clears over halfway & into Welsh territory
Wales 13-8 England 55m Wales illegally turnover ball inside own 10m & Faz tees up...
Wales 13-11 England 56m Despite all the bad taste jeering & whistling from Welsh fans, Faz adds 3 points
Wales 13-11 England 57m Wales legally turnover this time & suddenly they're deep in England's 22...
Wales 13-11 England 58m There's no easy way thru for Wales but are edging forward inch by inch 7m out
Wales 13-11 England 59m 22 phases and penalty advantage...whistle goes for not rolling away
Wales 16-11 England 61m Halfpenny tees up & adds 3 more points while Scott Baldwin replaces Ken Owens
Wales 16-11 England 62m England thundering up to the Welsh 22 & get over the line; Welsh defence tested
Wales 16-11 England 64m Wall of red is fairly solid as recycling is forced rapidly - a half metre short
Wales 16-11 England 65m So many men out wide for England but Biggar intercepts & charges 70m!
Wales 16-11 England 65m Daly chases & kicks ball to touch from Biggar's chip ahead; Welsh lineout outside 22
Wales 16-11 England 66m Welsh lineout falls apart; England defensive scrum on 22 as crowd voices deafen air
Wales 16-11 England 67m Wales spin scrum illegally & England clear for an attacking lineout...
Wales 16-11 England 68m England maul makes some ground & Te'o's up to the 22...George Ford over 22
Wales 16-11 England 69m Ben Te'o & Danny Care on for JJ & Youngs
Wales 16-14 England70m Penalty to England & sensibly they take the points from Faz's boot
Wales 16-14 England 72m Gareth Davies & Jamie Roberts for Webb & Scott Williams
Wales 16-14 England 72m Sinckler, Mullan & May for Cole, Marler & Nowell
Wales 16-14 England 73m Wales run clock down with territory before England win it back & to midfield
Wales 16-14 England 74m England make the yards & Te'o & Care go some way before huge Cuthbert tackle
Wales 16-14 England 75m England hold on & May goes for corner but into touch...offloaded before tho...
Wales 16-14 England 76m ..but Wales turnover but don't clear lines for an age; when they do, straight to Ford
Wales 16-19 England 76m who passes magnificently & it gets to Daly who outruns everyone to score in corner
Wales England Elliott Daly try RBS 6 Nations 2017Wales 16-21 England 77m Faz converts from touch & England just need to wind clock down now...
Wales 16-21 England 78m This is no done deal as Wales have restart & throw kitchen sink at getting thru
Wales 16-21 England 79m Sinckler effects the turnover & England take their time with next move...
Wales 16-21 England 80m Spectacular Joe Launchbury wins Man of the Match - & Care kicks ball into touch
That was a magnificent game in every sense. @EnglandRugby ... chapeau

Wales England Joe Launchbury Man of the Match RBS 6 Nations 2017

wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 Alex Cuthbert 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Scott Williams 11 Liam Williams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Rhys Webb 1 Rob Evans 2 Ken Owens 3 Tomas Francis 4 Jake Ball 8 Ross Moriarty 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Sam Warburton 7 Justin Tipuric BENCH: 16 Scott Baldwin 17 Nicky Smith 18 Samson Lee 19 Cory Hill 20 Taulupe Faletau 21 Gareth Davies 22 Sam Davies 23 Jamie Roberts

SCORERS T: Liam Williams C: Halfpenny P: Halfpenny (3)

england15 Mike Brown 14 Jack Nowell 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Owen Farrell 11 Elliot Daly 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Joe Marler 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Joe Launchbury 5 Courtney Lawes 6 Maro Itoje7 Jack Clifford 8 Nathan Hughes BENCH: 16 Jamie George 17 Matt Mullan 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Tom Wood 20 James Haskell 21 Danny Care 22 Ben Te’o 23 Jonny May

SCORERS T: Youngs, Daly C: Farrell P: Farrell (3)

Referee: Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère, Nick Briant TMO: Glenn Newman




FranceFRANCE 22 - 16 SCOTLANDScottish Rugby

Stade de France, Paris - 12 February 2017
KO: 16:00 HT: 13-11


All matches
Played: 91
France won: 53
Scotland won: 35
Drawn: 3



France v Scotland Anthems done in Paris & now uplifting applause for Joost van der Westhuizen before KO
France v Scotland Scotland hoping to win for first time since 1999 in Paris; Jaco Peyper's watchful eye waits for signal for KO whistle
France 0-0 Scotland 1m Camille Lopez kicks off for France & they're forceful but penalty to Scotland
France 0-0 Scotland 2m Les Bleus pinged for holding on - Scots clear & set up attacking lineout over halfway
France 0-0 Scotland 3m The lineout is fine but France waste no time, turnover & they're up to the Scots 22 already
France 0-0 Scotland 4m But from the breakdown, Scots steal & off they charge way over halfway before shut down
France 0-0 Scotland 4m Time off as niggles are checked & Noa Nakaitaci gets boot back on!
France 0-0 Scotland 4m Play on & it's a French defensive scrum with huge weight advantage - easily won...
France 0-0 Scotland 5m France set up attacking lineout at Scots 10m but ball's slow from breakdown...
France 0-0 Scotland 6m ...but illegal rip of the ball from Josh Strauss & Lopez tees up from almost halfway
France 3-0 Scotland 7m Tee's outside, c.50m & Lopez is bang on target with opening points
France 3-0 Scotland 8m Restart puts Scots up at French 22; Les Bleus can't get ball to ground-Scots scrum
France 3-0 Scotland 9m France beat Scots at scrum again after a knock on & into touch; French defensive scrum
France 3-0 Scotland 10m Scrum set just outside the French 22- has to be reset collapses; French free kick
France 3-0 Scotland 11m Stuart Hogg gets under Lopez's high ball & take play to midfield but go nowhere
France 3-0 Scotland 12m Massive hits coming in from Les Bleus; Scottish lineout goes awry & French make ground
France 3-0 Scotland 13m Nakaitaci bundled into touch for Scottish lineout which works this time just fine
France 3-0 Scotland 14m Ball finds touch over halfway & this time it's an attacking Scottish lineout - goes well
France 3-0 Scotland 15m Excellent work from Scots who keep their cool & steadily shift deeper...
France 3-5 Scotland 16m Scots hold onto ball & discipline; 15 phases built before Hogg sneaks over in corner
France Scotland Stuart Hogg celebrates try RBS 6 Nations 2017France 3-5 Scotland 17m The conversion is from touch & doesn't go close, but visitors have snuck ahead
France 3-5 Scotland 18m France reply by bullying their way up to the Scottish 22 & have advantage...
France 3-5 Scotland 19m ...Scots pinged for obstruction & we're back for the penalty which Lopez tees up
France 6-5 Scotland 20m Lopez is on form & steals back the lead awfully quickly from Scotland with 3 pts
France 6-5 Scotland 21m Chaotic play is brought to a halt as Alex Dunbar is down injured
France 6-5 Scotland 22m Frenchman down too; both back up & French defensive scrum is won
France 6-5 Scotland 23m A Scots knock on to allow Lopez to kick to Scots 22 for lineout outside it
France 6-5 Scotland 24m Scots effect a turnover at the breakdown off lineout & visitors are saved a threat with clear
France 6-5 Scotland 25m It's a Scottish lineout on results in the French eventually securing ball...
France 6-5 Scotland 26m ...from defensive position France get on the attack over halfway but pinged...
France 6-5 Scotland 27m ...but handbags erupt after whistle has gone; all calmed down & penalty reversed
France 6-5 Scotland 28m Ali Price had just replaced Greig Laidlaw & is the guilty party; Lopez tees up
France 6-5 Scotland 29m Ball bounces off upright; French lineout just inside French half...
France 6-5 Scotland 30m French play determinedly, building phases & repelling defence & getting closer
France 11-5 Scotland 31m 18 phases get Gaël Fickou over the goal line for first French try out wide
France 13-5 Scotland 32m Lopez adds the conversion & the French are creating distance
France 13-5 Scotland 33m Scottish reply is a full on attack into French territory & make serious ground
France 13-5 Scotland 34m Determination pays off as the French gift a penalty for Finn Russell to tee up
France 13-8 Scotland 35m Russell kicks well & Scotland creep closer to France's 13 points...
France 13-8 Scotland 36m John Hardie comes on for John Barclay who's off for HIA
France 13-8 Scotland 38m Nakaitaci & Russell get under a high ball & clash; ref gives penalty to Scots
France 13-11 Scotland 39m Replay shows should have gone other way; regardless, Russell adds penalty pts
France 13-11 Scotland 40m From restart, Scots attempt to get out of own half but Virimi Vakatawa charges
France 13-11 Scotland 40+1...into 22 via Sébastien Vahaamahina & Loann Goujon, but knock on brings half to end

France 13-11 Scotland HT T: Fickou C: Lopez P: Lopez (2) | T: Hogg P: Russell (2) 

France 13-11 Scotland 41m Hardie hits Goujon with thump that injures them both - time off already
France 13-11 Scotland Laidlaw on sideline wearing protective boot; Barclay stayed off; Hardie helped off
France 13-11 Scotland 42m Tim Swinson for Hardie; French defensive scrum is won by homeside & they clear
France 13-11 Scotland 43m La Marseillaise rings round stadium as Scots hit back hard & fast...
France 13-11 Scotland 43m Tommy Seymour collects & sprints & chips ahead deep into 22...
France 13-11 Scotland 44m ..Scott Spedding gets to it but bounce evades his hands for Seymour to collect
France 13-16 Scotland 44m ...& he quickly offloads to Swinson who bolts under posts to score!
France 13-16 Scotland 45m All in a bounce! But an age taken in converting; no tee - when it arrives, ball falls off
France 13-16 Scotland 45m Stranger still, a voice shouts 'take the kick' to which Russell reacts to miss horribly. All v odd right in front of posts
France 13-16 Scotland 46m French crowd gets right behind their team as Les Bleus attack fiercely
France 16-16 Scotland 47m & Scotland hand over critical penalty allowing Lopez to equalise quickly
France 16-16 Scotland 48m Chouly & Slimani on for Goujon & Atonio | Reid for Dell
France 16-16 Scotland 49m Goujon's back on already as Scots hand over yet another long distance penalty
France 16-16 Scotland 50m Spedding has the distance, but his accuracy is way off the mark
France 16-16 Scotland 51m France are not letting that get them down, & are not taking any beating either
France Scotland Guilhem Guirado Ali Price RBS 6 Nations 2017France 16-16 Scotland 52m Pace is fierce as possession changes hands rapidly in midfield...
France 16-16 Scotland 53m A chip ahead from Scots goes way too long - out of play other side of goal line
France 16-16 Scotland 54m A breather for all as Huget & Machenaud on for Vakatawa & Serin
France 16-16 Scotland 55m A penalty to Scotland after play resumes but Russell can't find uprights
France 16-16 Scotland 57m Mark Bennett replaces Dunbar; Scots lineout on halfway; hold onto ball for a while
France 16-16 Scotland 58m Massive battle for possession & eventually Guilhem Guirado steals from Strauss
France 16-16 Scotland 59m Stop start rugby as collisions get bigger & harder & more painful
France 16-16 Scotland 60m Chiocci & le Devedec for Baille & Maestri | Fagerson for Berghan
France 16-16 Scotland 61m Scottish scrum followed by Dunbar returning & Chouly back on for injured Goujon
France 16-16 Scotland 62m Scottish lineout; play is very fraught from both sides & little structure remains
France 16-16 Scotland 63m Next lineout is for France & playing advantage as Scots infringe more than once...
France 16-16 Scotland 64m It'd be a comfortable 3-pointer but France call for corner kick & 5m lineout
France 16-16 Scotland 65m It's a long lineout & France hold on, forced to build phases as can't break defence
France 16-16 Scotland 66m Advantage comes & goes twice as Ross Ford replaces Fraser Brown; penalty called
France 16-16 Scotland 67m France opt for scrum under posts; can't go forward so told to use ball...
France 16-16 Scotland 67m Rémi Lamerat reaches thru defence to ground before ball bounces away > TMO
France 16-16 Scotland 68m Replay shows clear grounding before flies off; TMO doesn't agree & says no try
France 16-16 Scotland 69m Scottish defensive 5m scrum & somehow they escape 22 invasion unscathed...
France 16-16 Scotland 70m France pinged for not driving straight; Scottish lineout just inside halfway...
France 16-16 Scotland 71m ...lineout is entirely skewiff but ref is blind to it so play on
France 19-16 Scotland 72m But retribution comes from Scottish penalty & Lopez finds uprights this time
France 19-16 Scotland 73m La Marseillaise still rings round stadium as France have scrum on halfway
France 19-16 Scotland 74m Christopher Tolofua for Guirado | Duncan Weir for Russell; France attack again
France 19-16 Scotland 75m Scotland hand over a 12th penalty within Lopez's range - he's missed two so far
France 22-16 Scotland 76m But Lopez doesn't miss this one & edges France ahead by 6 - only a score in it
France 22-16 Scotland 77m Scotland battle towards the French 22 from restart & begin to build momentum
France 22-16 Scotland 78m But Scots swiftly turned over & play fast heads over halfway into Scots territory
France 22-16 Scotland 79m Scots turnover in defensive position & back into France's red zone...but...
France 22-16 Scotland 79m Yoann Huget strips the ball from Scottish hands & France are disciplined...
France 22-16 Scotland 80m French are pushed back towards their 22 but they hold firm waiting for clock...
France 22-16 Scotland 80m turn red & ball sent to Lopez to kick into stands for the hard fought win

France Scotland Camille Lopez celebrates win RBS 6 Nations 2017france15 Scott Spedding 14 Noa Nakaitaci 13 Rémi Lamerat 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 Camille Lopez 9 Baptiste Serin 1 Cyril Baille 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Uini Atonio 4 Sébastien Vahaamahina 5 Yoann Maestri 6 Loann Goujon 7 Kévin Gourdon 8 Louis Picamoles BENCH: 16 Christopher Tolofua 17 Rabah Slimani 18 Xavier Chiocci 19 Julian Le Devedec 20 Damien Chouly 21 Maxime Machenaud 22 Jean-Marc Doussain 23 Yoann Huget

SCORERS  T: Fickou C: Lopez P: Lopez (5)

scotland15 Stuart Hogg 14 Sean Maitland 13 Huw Jones 12 Alex Dunbar 11 Tommy Seymour 10 Finn Russell 9 GREIG LAIDLAW (C) 1 Allan Dell 2 Fraser Brown 3 Zander Fagerson 4 Richie Gray 5 Jonny Gray 6 John Barclay 7 Hamish Watson 8 Josh Strauss BENCH: 16 Ross Ford 17 Gordon Reid 18 Simon Berghan 19 Tim Swinson 20 John Hardie 21 Ali Price 22 Duncan Weir 23 Mark Bennett

SCORERS T: Hogg, Swinson P: Russell (2)

Referee: Jaco Peyper Asst Referees: John Lacey, Luke Pearce TMO: Peter Fitzgibbon




6Ns12 Week 36Ns Table Week 3

6Ns Scotland vs Wales 6Ns Ireland vs France 6Ns England vs Italy

Scottish RugbySCOTLAND 29 - 13 WALESWales

BT Murrayfield, Edinburgh - 25 February 2017
KO: 14:25 HT: 9-13


All matches
Played: 122
Scotland won: 49
Wales won: 70
Drawn: 3



Scotland v Wales The teams are on the pitch for the anthems arriving to rapturous fanfare at Murrayfield
Scotland v Wales The officials: Referee: John Lacey Asst Referees: JP Doyle, Matt Carley TMO: Rowan Kitt
Scotland v Wales Without captain Greig Laidlaw, can Scotland still bring it to beat Wales at home?
Scotland v Wales As the smoke is still clearing from the pyrotechnics, the fanfare is removed as we await KO
Scotland v Wales Royal Marines delivered the matchball & we're seconds away...
Scotland 0-0 Wales 1m From KO, first penalty against Scotland for Wales to clear & have 1st lineout on halfway
Scotland 0-0 Wales 1m Lineout was won in mediocre fashion but knock on at breakdown & Scotland have 1st scrum on halfway
Scotland 0-0 Wales 2m Ali Price waits & waits to put in scrum ball - Scots penalty & Finn Russell kicks well
Scotland 0-0 Wales 3m A Scottish lineout on the Welsh 22 is good - play width as can't break defence
Scotland 0-0 Wales 4m Huw Jones eventually breaks the deadlock into the 22 & gets away to Stuart Hogg
Scotland 0-0 Wales 5m Hoggie's shut down but recycled quickly; penalty coming... Wales tackling poorly
Scotland 3-0 Wales 6m Despite swirling wind in stadium, Russell whacks over first points from penalty
Scotland 3-0 Wales 7m From the restart, Wales slowly head into Scottish territory but defence prevents 22 breach
Scotland 3-0 Wales 8m A prompt turnover from Scotland & Price kicks Wales back up to midfield
Scotland 3-0 Wales 9m Welsh lineout is good and penalty to Wales to set up lineout at the Scottish 22
Scotland 3-0 Wales 10m Penalty coming already as Wales work their way closer to the goal line...
Scotland 3-0 Wales 11m The penalty does come & Leigh Halfpenny tees up from 27m out from uprights...
Scotland 3-3 Wales 12m That's the equaliser to put teams back on an even keel again; Scots 10m defensive lineout
Scotland 3-3 Wales 13m Wales take out the lineout jumper to give Scotland another penalty...
Scotland 3-3 Wales 14m However, the clear isn't advantageous & Wales have 22 drop out to push Scots back
Scotland 3-3 Wales 15m Play in midfield, Scots in possession but Tim Visser pinged for taking man out in air
Scotland 3-3 Wales 15m Replay shows Dan Biggar being a drama queen, overplaying it in ridiculous fashion
Scotland 3-3 Wales 16m Wales make some yards but another knock on hands possession back to Scots in own half
Scotland 3-3 Wales 17m The kick is too far from Scotland & it's another 22 drop for Wales to clear them back
Scotland 3-3 Wales 18m Sam Warburton steals possession at the breakdown & Wales to kick back into Scots territory
Scotland 3-3 Wales 19m Again Wales are finding it difficult to make ground and get turned over...
Scotland 3-3 Wales 20m Price clears Wales away from danger zone again; time off...
Scotland 3-3 Wales 20m John Hardie & Gordon Reid get a little treatment before play resumes
Scotland 3-3 Wales 21m Scottish defensive lineout is quick and effective & they clear over halfway
Scotland 3-3 Wales 22m The defensive Welsh lineout is fine too & Visser collects the clearance ball - but...
Scotland 3-3 Wales 22m ...George North tackles & lifts him off the ground to affect an unstoppable turnover
Scotland 3-3 Wales 23m Time off for Hardie to have knee strapped up before Welsh scrum which is won
Scotland 3-8 Wales 23m Wales go wide & it's Liam Williams who finds the space to charge over the goal line
Scotland v Wales Liam Williams try RBS 6 NationsScotland 3-10 Wales 24m Halfpenny adds the extras and Wales have a good lead, Hamish Watson replaces John Hardie & his dodgy knee
Scotland 3-10 Wales 25m Wales have opportunity to attack again v quickly & ball goes over tryline...
Scotland 3-10 Wales 26m It's all a bit messy & Ref halts play for TMO to look at Rhys Webb's obstruction
Scotland 3-10 Wales 26m Alun Wyn Jones protests as TMO advises Webb pulled back Tommy Seymour illegally
Scotland 3-10 Wales 27m Scottish penalty & they make ground into Welsh territory...
Scotland 3-10 Wales 28m Warburton pinged for grabbing Price round the neck in high tackle; penalty Scotland
Scotland 6-10 Wales 29m Russell flicks the ball over the crossbar to reduce the deficit to just 4 points
Scotland 6-10 Wales 30m Webb starts another fight & walks away as has become his trademark; ref steps in...
Scotland 6-10 Wales 31m Welsh lineout but Scots steal possession at the breakdown
Scotland 6-10 Wales 31m As Scots are pushed back, Warburton & Justin Tipuric attack; penalty for not releasing
Scotland 6-13 Wales 33m Welsh penalty which Halfpenny converts into three more swift points
Scotland 6-13 Wales 34m Welsh defensive scrum goes down a couple of times before penalty comes...
Scotland 6-13 Wales 35m ...Scottish front row folds & Wales clear Scots back over halfway
Scotland 6-13 Wales 36m Huw Jones pinged for not rolling away at breakdown, despite being pinned in by Ken Owens
Scotland 6-13 Wales 37m Halfpenny tees up from 10m & fairly wide - & misses; divine retribution?
Scotland 6-13 Wales 38m Scotland frantically charge deep into the Welsh 22 & Hogg chips ahead to Seymour...
Scotland 6-13 Wales 39m Wales shut Scots down inches from tryline & legally or otherwise, turnover; Webb takes an age
Scotland 6-13 Wales 39m Eventually Webb picks up & clears for a Scottish attacking lineout in the 22
Scotland 6-13 Wales 40m Good lineout & penalty coming to Scotland; as they attack, Ross Moriarty pinged - penalty Scots
Scotland 9-13 Wales 40+1m Russell adds 3pts while Wales are spared an equalising converted try by infringing

Scotland 9-13 Wales HT P: Russell (3) | T: Liam Williams C: Halfpenny P: Halfpenny (2)

Scotland 9-13 Wales 41m A strong start for Scotland at the return & there are no changes after HT
Scotland 9-13 Wales 42m Scots attack & some clever subtle passing involving delays gets ball to Seymour...
Scotland 9-13 Wales 43m ...who flies over in the corner despite Scott Williams grabbing his neck > TMO
Scotland 14-13 Wales 44m Kitt confirms the try & Scotland have taken the lead
Scotland v Wales Tommy Seymour try RBS 6 NationsScotland 16-13 Wales 45m Russell adds the conversion from way out wide as it hits post & drops thru
Scotland 16-13 Wales 47m Scotland try well deserved there for all the hard work they'd put in so far
Scotland 16-13 Wales 48m Jonathan Davies makes a spectacular break & is promptly shut down just short...
Scotland 16-13 Wales 49m ...he gets ball away but a knock on gives Scotland a 5m defensive scrum
Scotland 16-13 Wales 51m Allan Dell replaces Gordon Reid in front row as Scots push Wales out of danger zone
Scotland 16-13 Wales 53m Scotland building momentum as they head over halfway & Wales promptly hand over another penalty
Scotland 19-13 Wales 54m Excellent work from Price allows Russell to add another 3 for 6 point lead
Scotland 19-13 Wales 55m Price is replaced by Henry Pyrgos, while Wales prepare their subs too
Scotland 19-13 Wales 56m Luke Charteris replaces Jake Ball while Wales make some lightning moves in attack
Scotland 19-13 Wales 57m Webb sneaks over in the corner but gets referred as it looks like he's in touch
Scotland 19-13 Wales 57m Left foot finds touch before the grounding; no try & Scottish defensive 5m lineout
Scotland 19-13 Wales 58m The lineout is poor Wales have an opportunity here - but the defence holds firm
Scotland 19-13 Wales 59m Samson Lee has replaced Tomas Francis as Scotland continue to push Wales backwards
Scotland 19-13 Wales 60m Play is back up at midfield & Wales are getting frantic in trying to pressure Scots
Scotland 19-13 Wales 60m Wales come back & are into Scottish territory before asst ref sees something...
Scotland 19-13 Wales 61m Tipuric pointlessly picks up Russell over the horizontal & pushes him down
Scotland 19-13 Wales 62m Clear yellow card offence - Ref gives a just penalty.
Scotland 19-13 Wales 62m Jamie Roberts & Toby Faletau on for Moriarty & Scott Williams
Scotland 19-13 Wales 63m Wales eventually secure attacking scrum & lose it to excellent pressure from Scots
Scotland 19-13 Wales 64m Scots win their attacking lineout back over halfway & begin own attack phases
Scotland 19-13 Wales 65m Scots up to the Welsh 22 & Russell drops back ready for a drop goal...
Scotland 19-13 Wales 66m ...but pack has other plans & they drive into the 22, keeping discipline & composure
Scotland 24-13 Wales 67m Sublime work from Russell to Hogg to Visser who runs over corner & grounds by the post
Scotland 26-13 Wales 68m Russell adds the extras, and Wales are looking unwell...
Scotland 26-13 Wales 69m More changes coming for Wales as Scotland turn them over yet again in defence
Scotland 26-13 Wales 70m Ross Ford for Fraser Brown | Sam Davies & Scott Baldwin for Biggar & Owens
Scotland 26-13 Wales 71m Yet another penalty from Wales & Russell just takes his time with setting up tee
Scotland 29-13 Wales 72m Russell has no issues with extending lead to 16 & almost impossible to catch up
Scotland 29-13 Wales 73m Well, England v Scotland in a fortnight is going to be a corker at this rate!
Scotland 29-13 Wales 74m Scotland continue to run rings around Wales & Scottish fans are in fine song
Scotland 29-13 Wales 75m Scottish lineout on the Welsh 10m & win it well; Welsh players getting a little fraught
Scotland 29-13 Wales 77m Finn Russell is deservedly awarded Man of the Match as Scots have scrum on halfway
Scotland 29-13 Wales 78m Flower of Scotland has been continuous in the stands for a long while now as Scots win scrum...
Scotland 29-13 Wales 78m Wales & Lions coach Gatland sits in stand looking quite unwell at result so far...
Scotland 29-13 Wales 79m Wales finally win a penalty on halfway & they belt up to the Scottish 22...
Scotland 29-13 Wales 80m Scotland turnover ball for 18th time at breakdown as clock turns red & whistle eventually goes
Scotland 29-13 Wales FT What a turnaround from Scotland in 2nd half! A most excellent win for homeside.

Scotland v Wales Scotland celebrations RBS 6 Nationsscotland15 Stuart Hogg 14 Tommy Seymour 13 Huw Jones 12 Alex Dunbar 11 Tim Visser 10 Finn Russell 9 Ali Price 1 Gordon Reid 2 Fraser Brown 3 Zander Fagerson 4 Richie Gray 5 Jonny Gray 6 JOHN BARCLAY (C) 7 John Hardie 8 Ryan Wilson BENCH: 16 Ross Ford 17 Allan Dell 18 Simon Berghan 19 Tim Swinson 20 Hamish Watson 21 Henry Pyrgos 22 Duncan Weir 23 Mark Bennett

SCORERS T: Seymour, Visser C: Russell (2) P: Russell (5)

wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 George North 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Scott Williams 11 Liam Williams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Rhys Webb  1 Rob Evans 2 Ken Owens 3 Tomas Francis 4 Jake Ball 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Sam Warburton 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Ross Moriarty BENCH: 16 Scott Baldwin 17 Nicky Smith 18 Samson Lee 19 Luke Charteris 20 Taulupe Faletau 21 Gareth Davies 22 Sam Davies 23 Jamie Roberts

SCORERS T: Liam Williams C: Halfpenny P: Halfpenny (2)

Referee: John Lacey Asst Referees: JP Doyle, Matt Carley TMO: Rowan Kitt




IrelandIRELAND 19 - 9 FRANCEFrance

Aviva Stadium, Dublin - 25 February 2017
KO: 16:50 HT: 7-6


All matches
Played: 96
Ireland won: 33
France won: 56
Drawn: 7



Ireland v France The teams are out & anthems are ago... 
Ireland v France Wayne Barnes had to pull out for family reasons so change to officials
Ireland v France Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: Luke Pearce, Dan Jones TMO: George Ayoub
Ireland 0-0 France 1m France KO this crucial match - whoever loses has no chance at winning the Championship
Ireland 0-0 France 2m France in possession but far further back than halfway than they'd like to be
Ireland 0-0 France 2m An aggressive attack from France as they bound over halfway & head to Irish 22...
Ireland 0-0 France 3m ...but go backwards again & a knock on allows Ireland to push back
Ireland 0-0 France 4m Irish ball & over halfway to finally gain some territory to set up an attacking lineout
Ireland 0-0 France 5m The lineout is won but they don't gain much else before France win back ball & penalty
Ireland 0-0 France 6m A comfortable kick sets up an attacking lineout for Les Bleus & they head towards 22
Ireland 0-0 France 7m But ball is spilled at the ruck so it's Ireland's penalty & can get out of own half
Ireland 0-0 France 8m Johnny Sexton kicks ball clear from halfway but it's poor; French scrum on halfway
Ireland 0-0 France 9m Lovely French hands as they charge into Irish territory & cross inside the 10m
Ireland 0-0 France 10m Irish nearly steal possession at the breakdown but Nige indicates advantage being played
Ireland v France Keith Earls Camille Lopez RBS 6 NationsIreland 0-3 France 11m & Camille Lopez kicks the ball thru the uprights when the penalty is awarded
Ireland 0-3 France 12m The French with the dominance and looking more composed so far than the Irish
Ireland 0-3 France 13m Ireland secure their lineout just inside halfway but that French defence is looking good
Ireland 0-3 France 14m Irish are turned swiftly at breakdown having made little ground; kick collected by Simon Zebo
Ireland 0-3 France 15m Zebo saves the ball & runs over goal line; French 5m attacking scrum
Ireland 0-3 France 15m Nige has word with Irish about wasting time in preparation of scrum; then pings them
Ireland 0-3 France 16m Irish not binding gives French the penalty - they opt for another 5m scrum
Ireland 0-8 France 17m Scrum is good on nearside; play ball out wide to far side & Rémi Lamerat scores
Ireland 0-8 France 17m Try awarded but TMO Ayoub wants to look at phase of play for knock on before conversion
Ireland 0-3 France 17m TMO & Nige agree on a slight knock on so back for the advantage penalty...
Ireland 0-6 France 18m So France do still come away with points but only three from Lopez
Ireland 0-6 France 20m From restart Ireland do get into French 22 but another turnover effected already
Ireland 0-6 France 21m Time off for Kévin Gourdon to sort out his boot before Ireland attack from far back
Ireland 0-6 France 22m Lamerat pinged for excessive leg-lifting of opposition; handbags threaten...
Ireland 0-6 France 23m ...but Nige isn't having any of it & calms the children down to play nicely(!)
Ireland 0-6 France 24m Ireland back up to the French 22 before they concede the ball again
Ireland 0-6 France 24m Irish sent back up to midfield to start all the hard work again...
Ireland 0-6 France 25m Time off as TMO has a look at play; Sébastien Vahaamahina has slowed down considerably after of monster tackle
Ireland 0-6 France 25m French defensive lineout on their 22 is good but goes out on far touch
Ireland 0-6 France 27m Irish attacking lineout results in a 5m attacking scrum for Ireland
Ireland 0-6 France 28m Penalty won by Ireland & they opt for another scrum rather than kick to corner
Ireland 0-6 France 29m Scrum is better & Irish hold on; a few bodies get over tryline before Conor Murray...
Ireland 5-6 France 29m ...heaves over the top of the pile to score the first try of the game
Ireland 7-6 France 31m Sexton adds the extras & Ireland have a narrow lead for the first time in the match
Ireland 7-6 France 32m France bounce back from Irish score & battle toward the Irish 22 but for Sean O'Brien
Ireland 7-6 France 33m SOB is a man-mountain & forces the error of off feet for an Irish penalty
Ireland 7-6 France 34m Sexton clears back over halfway & Irish are up to the French 22 before penalty comes
Ireland 7-6 France 35m Vahaamahina pinged for a slightly high tackle on Garry Ringrose
Ireland 7-6 France 36m Another penalty comes & Ireland kick to the corner for lineout
Ireland 7-6 France 37m & another penalty - Nige stops play & has a word with captain Guilhem Guirado
Ireland 7-6 France 38m Warning is heeded & another 5m Irish lineout is fine but France win penalty & clear
Ireland 7-6 France 39m French possession just at the Irish 10m before a time out is called
Ireland 7-6 France 40m Irish defensive lineout takes them from own territory up to the French 22 swiftly
Ireland 7-6 France 40+1m Some of the French looking tired as Irish have advantage & get closer to tryline
Ireland 7-6 France 40+2m Advantage over & Irish forced pick & go again & again yet can't find way thru
Ireland 7-6 France HT Credit to French defence for holding Ireland out despite huge attacking pressure

Ireland 7-6 France T: Murray C: Sexton | P: Lopez (2)

Ireland 7-6 France 41m Sexton kicks off the second half; France take possession & clear lines to halfway
Ireland 7-6 France 42m Irish lineout is won but takes an age & Nige has to tell them to use it...
Ireland v France Garry Ringrose Louis Picamoles RBS 6 NationsIreland 7-6 France 43m Scott Spedding gets under the high ball but it slips thru his hands; Irish 22 lineout
Ireland 7-6 France 44m The lineout is not a problem but accidental obstruction at breakdown gives France a scrum
Ireland 7-6 France 45m Baptiste Serin pinged for not moving away & Ireland have easily kickable penalty
Ireland 10-6 France 45m Sexton pops the ball thru the uprights for 3 points as the rain chucks it down
Ireland 10-6 France 46m French lineout is quick inside halfway on Irish side & 9 phases take them to the 22
Ireland 10-6 France 47m But a forward pass gives Ireland the scrum back up almost at their 10m
Ireland 10-6 France 48m A lovely kick from Murray puts Ireland deep in French territory
Ireland 10-6 France 49m French defensive lineout is good & they clear; Keith Earls brings it back over halfway
Ireland 13-6 France 50m Sexton drops back onto the pocket & pops over a drop goal which Nige confirms is good
Ireland 13-6 France 51m Uini Atonio, Eddy Ben Arous & Julien Le Devedec on for Rabah Slimani, Cyril Baille & Vahaamahina
Ireland 13-6 France 52m Andrew Trimble replaces Rob Kearney & Nige stops play to have word with captains
Ireland 13-6 France 53m Irish scrum in front of posts outside the 22; French pinged for not binding
Ireland 16-6 France 54m Sexton tees up and knocks over another three points for a ten point lead
Ireland 16-6 France 55m Ireland with possession/territory 63/68%:37/32%; all else quite equal except for 6 pens to 9
Ireland 16-6 France 56m French ill-discipline sneaking a peak & Ireland taking advantage with ball in hand
Ireland 16-6 France 57m Almost 3 minutes of consistent pressure from Ireland trying to score deep in 22
Ireland 16-6 France 57m French defence holds them out well before turnover & Spedding sprints over halfway
Ireland 16-6 France 58m Massive hits & possession changes hands repeatedly; Huget tackle immense!
Ireland 16-6 France 58m Time off as players checked & changes made; Cian Healy & Ian Henderson for Jack McGrath & Donnacha Ryan
Ireland 16-6 France 59m Charles Ollivon & Henry Chavancy for Bernard Le Roux & Lamerat
Ireland 16-6 France 60m Irish defensive scrum is good & France pinged for not rolling away at breakdown
Ireland 16-6 France 61m Sexton kicks to touch for Irish lineout outside the French 22
Ireland 16-6 France 62m Henderson has a massive impact; Irish 5m lineout set up & have opportunity here
Ireland 16-6 France 63m But France have other ideas & steal possession for Noa Nakaitaci to get away
Ireland 16-6 France 64m It takes a while but the visitors do make it over halfway on the attack
Ireland 16-6 France 65m Spedding makes a delightful break almost to 22; ball goes backwards but hold on
Ireland 16-6 France 65m Time halted for Atonio allegedly neck-rolling SOB; replays shown - barely...
Ireland 16-6 France 66m Just a penalty - fans think he's ripped SOB's head off tho & incensed
Ireland 16-6 France 67m Christopher Tolofua & Maxime Machenaud on for Serin & Guirado
Ireland 16-6 France 68m French penalty as Peter O'Mahony & Niall Scannell on for SOB & Rory Best
Ireland 16-6 France 69m Paddy Jackson replaces Sexton as Ireland have a 5m defensive lineout in their 22
Ireland 16-6 France 70m Ireland clear France back but only to the 22m line for an attacking lineout
Ireland 16-6 France 71m Les Bleus hold onto their lineout but can't make any ground so head to far side
Ireland 16-6 France 72m Ball comes back to nearside & French have advantage; time off called
Ireland 16-9 France 73m Penalty comes & Lopez adds 3pts after time is back on; just need a converted try
Ireland 16-9 France 74m However, possession is a necessity for that to happen; ball's in Irish hands tho
Ireland 19-9 France 75m Another penalty from France & Jackson tees up for another 3 to put the match out of France's reach
Ireland v France CJ Stander Bernard le Roux RBS 6 NationsIreland 19-9 France 76m Aerial football ensues before Zebo runs it; midfield play & France pinged again
Ireland 19-9 France 77m Jackson kicks ball to an advantageous lineout position & have another chance
Ireland 19-9 France 78m Lineout is good, holding onto ball but not having much luck breaching the 22
Ireland 19-9 France 79m Ball finds touch thanks to Zebo for another attacking lineout for Ireland
Ireland 19-9 France 80m Nige calls lineout as final play & Ireland hang on, hoping to score before time is up
Ireland 19-9 France 80+1m Neither side can do anything as they look exhausted & drenched thru; FT

Ireland15 Rob Kearney 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Simon Zebo 10 Johnny Sexton 9 Conor Murray 1 Jack McGrath 2 RORY BEST (C) 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Donnacha Ryan 5 Devin Toner 6 CJ Stander 7 Sean O'Brien 8 Jamie Heaslip BENCH: 16 Niall Scannell 17 Cian Healy 18 John Ryan 19 Iain Henderson 20 Peter O'Mahony 21 Kieran Marmion 22 Paddy Jackson 23 Andrew Trimble

SCORERS  T: Murray C: Sexton P: Sexton (2), Jackson DG: Sexton

france15 Scott Spedding 14 Yoann Huget 13 Rémi Lamerat 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Noa Nakaitaci 10 Camille Lopez 9 Baptiste Serin 1 Cyril Baille 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Rabah Slimani 4 Sébastien Vahaamahina 5 Yoann Maestri 6 Bernard le Roux 7 Kévin Gourdon 8 Louis Picamoles BENCH: 16 Christopher Tolofua 17 Uini Atonio 18 Xavier Chiocci 19 Julian Le Devedec 20 Charles Ollivon 21 Maxime Machenaud 22 Henry Chavancy 23 Djibril Camara

SCORERS P: Lopez (3)

Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: Luke Pearce, Dan Jones TMO: George Ayoub




EnglandENGLAND RUGBY 36 - 15 ITALYItaly

Twickenham Stadium, London - 26 February 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 5-10


All matches
Played: 23
England won: 23
Italy won: 0
Drawn: 0



England v Italy Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal, Andrew Brace TMO: George Ayoub
England v Italy Well that was a rip-roaring God Save The Queen at Twickers! Deafening & proud
England 0-0 Italy 1m We wait an age for George Ford to KO...Italy collect & kick it back...
England 0-0 Italy 2m Aerial football ensues so early! Italy clear England over halfway again...
England 0-0 Italy 3m Nathan Hughes knocks on just over halfway so Italy scrum - & it's solid
England 0-0 Italy 4m Italy breaking England defence - win penalty just inside 10m - off Hughes again!
England 0-0 Italy 5m Tommy Allan tees up but misses opportunity to land points off England so quickly
England 0-0 Italy 6m Italy bulldoze into England defence again and are a little short of the 22
England 0-0 Italy 7m Penalty to England & clear over halfway for 10m lineout
England 0-0 Italy 8m Throw in from Dylan Hartley was shocking but penalty for Italy encroaching
England 0-0 Italy 9m England scrum's broken by Italy; lineout over halfway leads to another deep in England 22
England 0-0 Italy 11m Finally England have possession with defensive lineout inside the 22 - after a chat
England 0-0 Italy 12m England clear to halfway, directly into Italian hands & now Azzurri at England's 22
England 0-0 Italy 13m Andrea Lovotti knock on & England playing advantage - but kick away possession away
England 0-0 Italy 14m England regain ball but still in own half & struggling to get out
England 0-0 Italy 16m Italy scrum - on halfway - England hand over another penalty...
England 0-0 Italy 17m What a surprise - Dan Cole pinged in front row; Italy have lineout in England's 22...
England 0-0 Italy 18m England nab back possession - but the kick is shocking & it's not long...
England 0-0 Italy 19m ...before Italy have pinned England right back in their own half
England 0-0 Italy 20m Penalties 5:2 Possession 30%:70% Territory 21%:79%... no seriously!
England 0-0 Italy 20m Italy playing a most fascinating  game - no rucks forming so England just can't do anything!
England 0-0 Italy 21m Oh! England have realised there's' an Azzurri half to invade(!) And they have...
England 0-0 Italy 22m Italy defensive scrum in their 22 but England don't let them go anywhere with it
England 0-0 Italy 23m Italy hang on to possession for a while pinned back; penalty for England comes...
England 5-0 Italy 24m England kick to corner; lineout is good & England trundle over the tryline to score
England 5-0 Italy 25m Cole redeems himself claiming try; Owen Farrell doesn't as he misses an easy kick
England 5-0 Italy 26m Restart puts Italy firmly back in England territory & set up 22 lineout...
England 5-0 Italy 28m Azzurri worrying the England tryline in driving close but eventually there's a turnover
England 5-0 Italy 29m Very crappy play & neither team achieving anything tho England in possession
England 5-0 Italy 30m Another time off before penalty to Italy - lineout inside the England 22 again...
England 5-0 Italy 31m Italy win lineout, win penalty, win scrum & they're still in the England 22!
England 5-0 Italy 32m Sergio Parisse is simply a legend of world rugby & is marshalling in expert fashion
England 5-3 Italy 33m Allan drops back into pocket after Azzurri shoved back slightly & drops a goal!
England 5-3 Italy 34m England head towards the Azzurri 22 but Italy turn them over & push them back
England 5-3 Italy 35m Edoardo Gori gets brunt of a Faz unnecessary balletic spin & ends up on ground
England 5-3 Italy 35m After a huge amount of faffing, penalty Italy & Giorgio Bronzini replaces Gori
England 5-3 Italy 36m England come back at Italy in their half (tadaa!) with ball in hand & Care...
England 5-3 Italy 37m ...sprints towards wide open goal, but chips ahead early & Edoardo Padovani...
England 5-3 Italy 37m ...saves an easy England try; Danny Care should never have kicked! Dear oh dear.
England 5-3 Italy 38m Italy escape their own half easily, head up to England's 22, get pushed back but
England 5-3 Italy 39m ...England hand over a 9th - 9th penalty & Allan tees up from outside the 22
England Italy Giovanbattista Venditti try RBS 6 NationsEngland 5-8 Italy 39m Allan's kick rebounds off the post but Giovanbattista Venditti collects & scores!
England 5-10 Italy 40m Allan converts perfectly & Italy deservedly ahead as England play like donkeys

England 5-10 Italy HT T: Cole | T: Venditti C: Allan DG: Allan

England 5-10 Italy HT If England can't get their heads around this no rucking business, they can't win…
England 5-10 Italy HT & don't we know that England will come out renewed in 2nd half & change tactics

England 5-10 Italy 41m Allan kicks off the second half & England put Italy back in their own 22
England 5-10 Italy 42m Italian defensive lineout which they secure but England turnover swiftly
England 5-10 Italy 43m England attacking scrum in the Italian is good & they charge...
England 10-10 Italy 44m ...& Care redeems himself by sniping over in the corner to equalise
England Italy Danny Care try RBS 6 NationsEngland 10-10 Italy 45m However, Faz misses the conversion yet again - not the best day at the office
England 10-10 Italy 46m England attack fiercely into the Italian half now they've found it!
England 15-10 Italy 47m And some nifty handiwork gets the ball out to Elliot Daly to fly over in corner
England 17-10 Italy 48m Even better for England, Faz converts his first of 3 attempts this afternoon
England 17-10 Italy 50m England are directly into Azzurri territory again but Italy have changed pattern
England 17-10 Italy 51m Italian defensive line has become firm & straight; England can't breach 10m
England 17-10 Italy 51m Time off as changes are made...
England 17-10 Italy 52m Ben Youngs for Care | Pietro Ceccarelli & Tommaso Benvenuti for Lorenzo Cittadini & Guilio Bisegni
England 17-10 Italy 54m Italy make moves on  England territory, & set up a lineout inside 10m
England 17-10 Italy 55m But 1st time off & Mako Vunipola, Jack Nowell & Jamie George for Joe Marler, Jonny May & Hartley
England 17-10 Italy 56m Play goes England's way again & they're fast into the Azzurri 22
England 17-10 Italy 57m Time off after whistle goes - TMO checking obstruction of McLean by Hughes
England 17-10 Italy 57m Quite odd since was quite clear Hughes did obstruct; Nowell knew he didn't score
England 17-10 Italy 58m TMO declares Hughes obstructed. Surprise! Italy drag play over halfway
England 17-10 Italy 59m Italy outside England 22 & can't make ground - Allan down injured...
England 17-10 Italy 60m However, Azzurri are wide awake & Michele Campagnaro slips thru appalling...
England 17-15 Italy 61m ...defence from Brown, Ford & George & scores with such grace
England 17-15 Italy 62m Padovani misses conversion & Carlo Canna replaces Allan
England 17-15 Italy 63m Earlier, Michele Rizzo & Maxime Mbandà' for Lovotti & Simone Favaro
England 17-15 Italy 64m Abraham Steyn tackles Brown off ball - England penalty
England 17-15 Italy 65m But Faz is having a rotten day & misses the penalty
England 17-15 Italy 66m From restart, Italy scrum on halfway which England shove in the opposite direction
England 17-15 Italy 67m ...with such ferocity & Daly breaks off & flies towards the corner but Canna...
England 17-15 Italy 68m on his back & they're both in touch. TMO to check who ball came off
England 17-15 Italy 68m Ball off Canna's foot - England 5m lineout & it's held but they make a meal of it
England 17-15 Italy 69m Some many boys out wide but those in ruck aren't looking up at all!
England 22-15 Italy 70m Eventually someone wakes up & hurls it out wide for Nowell to fly over in corner
England 22-15 Italy 71m Faz misses again. Uh oh.
England 22-15 Italy 72m England, thankfully for the fans, have found a game - even if not their game...
England 22-15 Italy 72m Kyle Sinckler, Tom Wood & Jack Clifford for Cole, James Haskell & Hughes
England 27-15 Italy 73m ...& it's Ben Te'o who yet again bulldozes thru anything & everything to score
England 29-15 Italy 74m And Faz converts!
England 29-15 Italy 75m Tommaso D'Apice & George Biagi for Ornel Gega & Marco Fuser
England 29-15 Italy 76m Henry Slade replaces try-scoring Te'o
England 29-15 Italy 77m England are not done yet & want more on the scoreboard...
England 34-15 Italy 78m ...& it's Nowell who gets over the goal line for a brace
England 36-15 Italy 79m And Farrell has found his kicking boots! And converts.
England 36-15 Italy 80m Italy hope for some redemption in final minute, close to England 22 but can't
England 36-15 Italy FT And it's all over with England bagging a bonus point but making it damn hard!

England Italy England Rugby huddle RBS 6 Nationsengland15 Mike Brown 14 Jonny May 13 Ben Te’o 12 Owen Farrell 11 Elliot Daly 10 George Ford 9 Danny Care 1 Joe Marler 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Joe Launchbury 5 Courtney Lawes 6 Maro Itoje 7 James Haskell 8 Nathan Hughes BENCH: 16 Jamie George 17 Mako Vunipola 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Tom Wood 20 Jack Clifford 21 Ben Youngs 22 Henry Slade 3 Jack Nowell

SCORERS  T: Cole, Care, Daly, Nowell (2), Te'o C: Farrell (3)

italy15 Edoardo Padovani 14 Giulio Bisegni 13 Michele Campagnaro 12 Luke McLean 11 Giovanbattista Venditti 10 Tommaso Allan 9 Edoardo Gori 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 Ornel Gega 3 Lorenzo Cittadini 4 Marco Fuser 5 Andries Van Schalkwyk 6 Abraham Steyn 7 Simone Favaro 8 SERGIO PARISSE (C) BENCH: 16 Tommaso D'Apice 17 Michele Rizzo 18 Pietro Ceccarelli 19 George Biagi 20 Maxime Mbandà' 21 Giorgio Bronzini 22 Carlo Canna 23 Tommaso Benvenuti

SCORERS T: Venditti, Campagnaro C: Allan DG: Allan

Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal, Andrew Brace TMO: George Ayoub




6Ns12 Week 46Ns Table Week 4

6Ns Wales vs Ireland 6Ns Italy vs France 6Ns England vs Scotland

WalesWALES 22 - 9 IRELANDIreland

Principality Stadium, Cardiff - 10 March 2017
KO: 20:05 HT: 8-6


All matches
Played: 125
Wales won: 68
Ireland won: 50
Drawn: 7




Wales v Ireland 15 Minutes til KO in Cardiff. Wales v Ireland The officials: Referee: Wayne Barnes Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Matt Carley TMO: Ben Skeen
Wales v Ireland Roof is shut, it's dry outside, & the Welsh have drenched the pitch so it's wet...go figure!
Wales v Ireland The rock concert fanfare has started at Principality Stadium...
Wales v Ireland A minute's applause for 3 of Welsh Rugby who have recently passed away incl'g Elli Norkett
Wales v Ireland Anthem time, under the watchful eye of British Lions coach Warren Gatland...
Wales v Ireland Justin Tipuric will be earning his 50th cap today for Wales
Wales v Ireland 1m Dan Biggar kicks off proceedings finally & Simon Zebo collects; Conor Murray clears well
Wales v Ireland 1m Tipuric just wins the 10m attacking lineout but Ireland quickly turn Wales over
Wales v Ireland 2m Wales finally claim possession from kick but back in their own 22
Wales v Ireland 3m Ireland playing clever & set up attacking scrum outside the Welsh 22 after Welsh kick is short
Wales v Ireland 4m Wales desperate to stop ball from going to ground - Ireland win that battle & into 22...
Wales v Ireland 5m Wales regain possession but forced behind goal line to clear; Ireland ball just outside the 22 again
Wales v Ireland 5m Wales push back & but Rhys Webb pinged for silly high tackle & Johnny Sexton tees up...
Wales 0-3 Ireland 6m Sexton opens the scoring for the visitors; churlish penalty from Wales there
Wales 0-3 Ireland 7m Sexton then intercepts from restart & Wales forced to defend their 22 with lineout
Wales 0-3 Ireland 8m The lineout works for homeside & clear over halfway for attacking lineout to give them some territory
Wales 0-3 Ireland 9m Good Welsh lineout & George North makes a break before he's promptly shut down
Wales 0-3 Ireland 10m Wales don't lose possession & continue their attack into the Irish 22...
Wales 0-3 Ireland 11m Phases continue to be built & Wales are c. 7 metres short of the goal line...
Wales 0-3 Ireland 12m Irish defence wins out forcing an error from Wales with the ball going forward; Sexton clears to halfway
Wales 0-3 Ireland 13m Wales battle to get out of their own half again, but eventually do but Zebo intercepts...
Wales 0-3 Ireland 14m The kick heads to the tryline & Biggar holds back until it does roll over for 22 drop out
Wales 0-3 Ireland 15m However, Ireland are lightening back on the attack as CJ Stander makes a break...
Wales 0-3 Ireland 16m Stander falters but Ireland keep possession and kick to corner for 5m lineout
Wales 0-3 Ireland 17m Irish lineout is stolen but they're straight back in attack already into the 22...
Wales 0-3 Ireland 18m Wales regain ball & clear out of the danger zone, setting up a defensive scrum on their 10m
Wales 0-3 Ireland 18m Sexton has taken repeated bashings from various Welsh players & is now down injured; time off...
Wales 0-3 Ireland 18m Paddy Jackson replaces Sexton who's off for HIA while Garcès wants Barnes to check foul play
Wales 0-3 Ireland 19m Nothing in the tackle on Sexton untoward; play resumes & North sprints after offload from Halfpenny
Wales 5-3 Ireland 20m And he runs all the way to the tryline and scores in the fashion we've all been used to previously
Wales Ireland George North try RBS 6 Nation 2017Wales 5-3 Ireland 21m However, Leigh Halfpenny can't manage the conversion so it remains at 5 points to 3 for now
Wales 5-3 Ireland 23m The restart has Ireland back in control, & Wales pinged for obstruction from Webb
Wales 5-3 Ireland 24m As a result of the penalty, Ireland drive their maul deep into the Welsh 22 & they're 4m short...
Wales 5-3 Ireland 25m Ref Barnes playing advantage & calls it; Irish opt for another 5m lineout & don't lose it this time
Wales 5-3 Ireland 26m Driving maul from Irish & Wales disrupt yet again to their disadvantage - penalty Ireland
Wales 5-6 Ireland 27m Jackson opts for the points to take the lead back from Wales with 3pts; Sexton returns to field
Wales 5-6 Ireland 28m Keith Earls gets in the way of the Welsh flow of play & ball knocked into touch #Rugby
Wales 5-6 Ireland 29m Welsh scrum in the midfield but are making little ground before they're pushed back over halfway
Wales 5-6 Ireland 30m Murray goes in low & hard on North in possession & ends up injured...time off
Wales 5-6 Ireland 31m Murray's fine & it's a Welsh scrum outside the Irish 22 which works out well...for now
Wales 5-6 Ireland 32m Wales step into the 22 but are promptly forced out again...takes an age & they're back in but...
Wales 5-6 Ireland 33m ...Webb's pass is forward & it's an Irish defensive scrum right on the 22
Wales 5-6 Ireland 34m Scrum spins just less than 90° & comes up - reset for Ireland...
Wales 5-6 Ireland 35m Ireland hang on & forced to kick high out of the 22; Rob Kearney gets under it
Wales 5-6 Ireland 36m Ireland have the momentum again, until Tadhg Furlong drops the ball; time off for Murray-Doc chat
Wales 5-6 Ireland 36m Murray talks his way back to stay on & Wales have the scrum put in...
Wales 5-6 Ireland 37m So far Wales hold on firm & make a little ground but a lot of pick n goes...
Wales 5-6 Ireland 38m Irish defence is disruptive but killing ball on line by Sexton sends him to the naughty step
Wales 5-6 Ireland 39m Wales opt for the points & Halfpenny tees up from inside the 22 right in front of the posts
Wales 8-6 Ireland 39m Halfpenny retakes lead for Wales; replay shows Sexton was trapped & couldn't get out - YC wrong call
Wales 8-6 Ireland 40m restart has Ireland firmly back in attack mode & are almost at the Welsh 22...
Wales 8-6 Ireland 40m But Jamie Heaslip knocks on the ball & ref blows for halftime

Wales 8-6 Ireland HT T: North P: Halfpenny | P: Sexton, Jackson Yellow Card Sexton

Wales 8-6 Ireland HT The BBC have succumbed to Eddie Jones' persistence & are calling the bench 'finishers'!

Wales 8-6 Ireland 41m Zebo kicks off 2nd half; Murray is still on despite earlier knock; Sexton in bin
Wales 8-6 Ireland 43m 15 sure & steady phases from Ireland before it's nicked & Wales are off the other way
Wales 8-6 Ireland 44m Webb nicked it; Irish hands touch down in goal area to prevent a Welsh try...
Wales 13-6 Ireland 45m 5m lineout for Wales & play hard & fast for North to slip thru lack of defence to score
Wales 15-6 Ireland 46m Halfpenny adds the extras as Wales take complete advantage of a man up & smart play
Wales 15-6 Ireland 47m Kieran Marmion replaces Murray & Ireland prevent another try by skin of their teeth
Wales 15-6 Ireland 48m Wales far more composed & they're into Irish 22 again already...steady as she goes!
Wales 15-6 Ireland 49m Irish defence is causing problems & Wales are bundled into touch
Wales 15-6 Ireland 50m Sexton returns Ireland to the full complement; Irish lineout & Wales clear to midfield
Wales 15-6 Ireland 51m Throw in for captain Rory Best & Ireland hold on, heading towards 22 steadily
Wales 15-6 Ireland 52m Donnacha Ryan crosses that 22 & the support is right behind him as they edge closer...
Wales Ireland Rob Kearney Garry Ringrose Rhys Webb Donnacha Ryan George North RBS 6 Nation 2017Wales 15-6 Ireland 53m From 5m short, Irish are forced back but still in 22 playing width of field
Wales 15-6 Ireland 53m Wales running circles in defence - Irish still no closer than 5m to the goal line...
Wales 15-6 Ireland 54m Wales think they've turned it over but it's a knock on & penalty to Ireland from Asst Ref
Wales 15-6 Ireland 55m Ireland keep a grip & Biggar pinged for accidental high tackle on Garry Ringrose
Wales 15-9 Ireland 56m Sexton adds three points & Ireland are just a score away now...
Wales 15-9 Ireland 57m The attack comes from Wales from the restart & they hold onto possession
Wales 15-9 Ireland 58m Biggar's drop goal attempt is almost perfect...but it pops off the upright & away
Wales 15-9 Ireland 59m Cian Healy replaces Jack McGrath in the front row while Tipuric is pinged
Wales 15-9 Ireland 60m But Alun Wyn Jones steals Irish lineout & Wales have possession again in their own half
Wales 15-9 Ireland 61m Irish regain that ball & head close to 22 but Wales have it back & clear...
Wales 15-9 Ireland 62m Like Charteris for Jake Ball & Iain Henderson replaces Devin Toner
Wales 15-9 Ireland 63m Irish 10m lineout is again stolen by Wales & it takes them a while to reclaim ball
Wales 15-9 Ireland 64m Wales attack into Irish territory, but they rip ball away like they used to...
Wales 15-9 Ireland 65m Peter O'Mahony on for Stander & Ringrose chips ahead but Halfpenny gets to it...
Wales 15-9 Ireland 65m The clear fails Wales & Ireland continue their attack... into the Welsh 22
Wales 15-9 Ireland 66m Wales forced to clear from behind the tryline and it falls short for Furlong to claim
Wales 15-9 Ireland 67m Jamie Roberts, Nicky Smith & Gareth Davies for Evans, Williams & Webb
Wales 15-9 Ireland 68m Toby Faletau for Ross Moriarty as Ireland set up a threatening 5m lineout...
Wales 15-9 Ireland 69m Irish can taste the score but Robbie Henshaw pinged for obstruction in maul- penalty Wales
Wales 15-9 Ireland 70m Samson Lee on for Tomas Francis while Wales pinged at breakdown for Irish scrum
Wales 15-9 Ireland 71m Scott Baldwin on for Ken Owens as scrum is set inside the Welsh 10m
Wales 15-9 Ireland 72m Ball flies out back of scrum to Zebo who goes down on Welsh 22 - holds onto ball
Wales 15-9 Ireland 73m Crossfield kick finds touch thru Irish hands - Welsh defensive 5m scrum...
Wales 15-9 Ireland 75m Irish 5m scrum is reset after a knock on...
Wales 15-9 Ireland 76m Ireland are SO close but a knock gives Wales the penalty & opportunity to clear
Wales 15-9 Ireland 77m Welsh lineout is good & they take play over halfway into Irish territory; Welsh win is close
Wales 15-9 Ireland 78m Ireland have possession again - but in their own 22 and battle to go anywhere...
Wales 15-9 Ireland 78m Try as they may, Ireland are going nowhere but backwards with 2 mins to go in own 22
Wales 15-9 Ireland 79m Sexton attempts a kick but it's charged down by Faletau & Roberts steps up...
Wales 20-9 Ireland 79m ...& he bulldozes his way over the goal line to score leaving Ireland in his wake
Wales Ireland Jamie Roberts try RBS 6 Nation 2017Wales 22-9 Ireland 80m Halfpenny adds the extras. But there's time left on the clock yet...time off
Wales 22-9 Ireland 80m It's Tommy Bowe down injured who only just came on for Kearney
Wales 22-9 Ireland 80m Sam Davies replaced Biggar & Wales have a defensive scrum from restart
Wales 22-9 Ireland 80+1m Ireland steal the scrum & have a chance to attack, but...
Wales 22-9 Ireland 80+2m ...take back possession & from own 22, they belt downfield to Irish 22 in hope...
Wales 22-9 Ireland 80+3m ...of a bonus point win but a Sam Davies knock on ends that hope for FT whistle
Wales 22-9 Ireland FT Well phew that second half was fierce, & Irish hopes are dashed...

wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 George North 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Scott Williams 11 Liam Williams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Rhys Webb 1 Rob Evans 2 Ken Owens 3 Tomas Francis 4 Jake Ball 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Sam Warburton 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Ross Moriarty BENCH: 16 Scott Baldwin 17 Nicky Smith 18 Samson Lee 19 Luke Charteris 20 Taulupe Faletau 21 Gareth Davies 22 Sam Davies 23 Jamie Roberts

SCORERS T: North (2), Roberts C: Halfpenny (2) P: Halfpenny

Ireland15 Rob Kearney 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Simon Zebo 10 Jonathan Sexton 9 Conor Murray 1 Jack McGrath 2 RORY BEST (C) 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Donnacha Ryan 5 Devin Toner 6 CJ Stander 7 Sean O'Brien 8 Jamie Heaslip BENCH: 16 Niall Scannell 17 Cian Healy 18 John Ryan 19 Iain Henderson 20 Peter O'Mahony 21 Kieran Marmion 22 Paddy Jackson 23 Tommy Bowe

SCORERS P: Sexton (2), Jackson Yellow Card Sexton

Referee: Wayne Barnes Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Matt Carley TMO: Ben Skeen




ItalyITALY 18-40 FRANCEFrance

Stadio Olimpico, Rome - 11 March 2017
KO: 14:30 HT: 11-16


All matches
Played: 39
Italy won: 3
France won: 36
Drawn: 0




We're gearing up for the next RBS 6 Nations clash - Italy v France at the Stadio Olimpico.
Four changes to France: 2nd row Julien le Devedec, blindside Fabien Sanconnie and wingers Virimi Vakatawa and Noa Nakaitaci.
Full-back Bruce Dulin makes his first RBS 6 Nations appearance since 2015. France
Hooker and captain Guilhem Guirado becomes the 55th Frenchman to reach 50 caps. France
329 test caps for starting France, with a further 175 on the bench.
Conor O’Shea makes 3 changes to Italy starting XV: Leonardo Ghiraldini at hooker, Carlo Canna at 10 and Angelo Esposito on the wing.
Italy boasts 600 caps across its starting XV with 105 more on the bench
And Italy v France is underway. Camille Lopez's KO is taken neatly by Luke Mclean
France trying to get their running game going early but offload is fumbled in centres Italy make ground.
TRY: pressure from Italy gives Parisse the chance to surge over Italy 5-0 France
4m: Eduardo Gori misses the conversion and France kick long
5m: France regather the ball but overcommit in breakdown. Missed touch from Italy pen gives ball back to France
6m: First scrum of the game comes from a France fumble. Italy pack going backwards in the set piece and giving away pen.
Italy 5-3 France 8m: Camille Lopez slots the pen
Italy 5-3 France 10m: pressure from Italy brings Esposito close to the line but he fumbles
Italy 5-3 France 12m: France employing their exit strategy from 5m out. Lineout to Italy on 10m line.
Italy 5-3 France 13m: Italy pressure - various strong runners putting their hands up but Guirado makes a strong turnover
Italy 5-3 France 15m: France unable to play out of their 22 and Maestri concede a pen for no arms in tackle
Italy 8-3 France 16m: pen - three points duly taken by Carlo Canna
Italy 8-3 France 17m: Fickou claims Lopez's restart and Vakatawa surges towards the Italian line. Italy pinged for being offside.
Italy 8-6 France 18m: pen - Lopez brings France back within two
Italy 8-11 France 19m: Try - Vakatawa causing Italian defence problems. Ball to Fickou who steps to run in under the posts.
Italy 8-13 France 20m: conversion - Lopez adds two points.
Italy 8-13 France 23m: some frantic play is broken by a Campagnaro knock on - scrum to France
Italy 8-13 France 24m: Lopez clears the France line and Italy claim the lineout. France lift the legs in the maul and give away a pen.
Italy 8-13 France 26m: France giving away too many pens - another conceded for not releasing at the breakdown.
Italy 11-13 France 27m: pen - Carlo Canna slots an easy two points to narrow the gap.
Italy 11-13 France 29m: Italy this time giving away a pen - Gori offside - and France kick for territory. Maul from 10m out.
Italy France RBS 6 Nations 2017Italy 11-13 France 30m: Uninspiring French maul gives Italy the put it at the ensuing scrum
Italy 11-13 France 32m: Italy unable to hold the scrum steady and done for wheeling - pen to France
Italy 11-16 France 33m: pen - Lopez takes the opportunity to extend France's lead
Italy 11-16 France 35m: pressure from Italy in French 22 from restart but Lopez clears.
Italy 11-16 France 36m: Italian lineout and they're favouring the catch and drive. Kick forward is fumbled by an Italian player.
Italy 11-16 France 38m: Italy again struggling at the set piece - Lovotti concedes a penalty for not driving straight
Italy 11-16 France 39m: Some scrappy play in midfield ends with Baille knock on to close the half.

Italy 11-16 France HT T: Parisse P: Canna (2) | T: Fickou C: Lopez P: Lopez (2)

Italy 11-16 France 40m: 2nd half underway and France have the ball. Fickou chips through but is unable to regather
Italy 11-16 France 41m: Parisse is on hand to mop up the ball and Italy clear. France attack again
Italy 11-16 France 42m: High tackle by Chistolini on Serin gives Lopez the first chance at points in the 2nd half
Italy 11-19 France 43m: pen - Lopez extends the lead.
Italy 11-19 France 44m: Fickou goes on a searing run straight from the restart and puts Vakatawa in space.
Italy 11-19 France 45m: Padovani makes an excellent cover tackle, dragging Vakatawa into touch.
Italy 11-19 France 47m: France opt for the lineout after Italian offside and pressure Italy in centres
Italy 11-24 France 48m: Try - Italian missed tackles gives Vakatawa an easy run-in under the posts
Italy 11-26 France 49m: conversion - Lopez converts to further extend the lead
Italy 11-26 France 51m: hookers getting confrontational and referee steps in to calm things
Italy 11-26 France 53m: Italy surging forward in French 22 and awarded penalty, opting for lineout
Italy 11-26 France 54m: unable to capitalise on the territory and France clear
Italy 11-26 France 55m: Italy come back through Parisse and Campagnaro. Fickou intercepts but is pinged for offside
Italy 11-26 France 57m: after sustained pressure, substitute Bronzini surges over the French line
Italy 11-26 France 58m: referee goes to TMO but the ball is judged to be held up
Italy 11-26 France 59m: from the ensuing 5m scrum, Italy are awarded a free-kick, which Parisse takes quickly
Italy 11-26 France 59m: but Campagnaro knocks on, allowing France to regain possession and clear to halfway
Italy 11-26 France 62m: lineout is fumbled and Serin feeds the French scrum
Italy 11-26 France 63m: Venditti intercepts but Parisse then knocks on
Italy 11-26 France 64m: Lamerat makes a great break off the scrum but Campagnaro steals the ball for Italy
Italy 11-26 France 65m: after exchanges of possession Esposito is put under immense pressure behind the Italian posts
Italy 11-31 France 66m: try - Picamoles picks from the base of the 5m scrum and powers over
Italy 11-33 France 67m: conversion - Lopez adds the extras
Italy 11-33 France 70m: France now seeking the all-important four-try bonus point
Italy 11-38 France 71m: try - and France think they have it through substitute prop Ben Arous after sublime hands from Picamoles
Italy 11-33 France 72m: try - but TMO judges Picamoles to be in touch, a crucial tackle made by Esposito
Italy 11-33 France 73m: Antoine Dupont (Castres) is awarded his first cap coming off the bench for France
Italy 11-33 France 75m: France trying to get their hands on the ball and do so from Italian knock-on by Canna
Italy 11-38 France 75m: try - and balls through the hands put Dulin over just in time for the bonus
Italy 11-40 France 77m: conversion - Lopez adds the conversion
Italy 11-40 France 78m: Italy's loss can largely be put down to their terrible tackling - only 51%
Italy 16-40 France 80m: try - Italy make one final surge and Esposito gets the consolation
Italy France Angelo Esposito try RBS 6 Nations 2017Italy 18-40 France 81m: conversion - the final play of the game comes in the form of Canna's conversion

italy15 Edoardo Padovani 14 Angelo Esposito 13 Michele Campagnaro 12 Luke Mclean 11 Giovanbattista Venditti 10 Carlo Canna 9 Edoardo Gori 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 Leonardo Ghiraldini 3 Lorenzo Cittadini 4 Marco Fuser 5 Andries Van Schalkwyk 6 Abraham Steyn 7 Simone Favaro 8 SERGIO PARISSE (C) BENCH: 16 Tommaso D'apice 17 Sami Panico 18 Dario Chistolini 19 George Biagi 20 Maxime Mbanda’ 21 Giorgio Bronzini 22 Tommaso Benvenuti 23 Luca Sperandio*

SCORERS  T: Parisse, Esposito C: Canna (2) P: Canna (2)

france15 Brice Dulin 14 Noa Nakaitaci 13 Rémi Lamerat 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 Camille Lopez 9 Baptiste Serin 1 Cyril Baille 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Rabah Slimani 4 Julien Le Devedec 5 Yoann Maestri 6 Fabien Sanconnie 7 Kévin Gourdon 8 Louis Picamoles BENCH: 16 Christopher Tolofua 17 Uini Atonio 18 Eddy Ben Arous 19 Paul Jedrasiak 20 Bernard Le Roux 21 Antoine Dupont 22 Francois Trinh-Duc 23 Yoann Huget

SCORERS T: Fickou, Vakatawa, Picamoles, Dulin C: Lopez (4) P: Lopez (4)

Referee: Ben O'Keeffe Asst Referees: Nigel Owens, JP Doyle TMO: Marius Jonker




EnglandENGLAND RUGBY 61 - 21 SCOTLANDScottish Rugby

Twickenham Stadium, London - 11 March 2017
KO: 16:00 HT: 30-7


All matches
Played: 135
England won: 75
Scotland won: 42
Drawn: 18




England v Scotland It's anthem time already at a very balmy Twickenham... & Scots are in fine voice
England v Scotland England fans deafen Twickenham alongside Prince Harry up in the Royal Box
England v Scotland Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Marius Mitrea TMO: Ben Skeen
England 0-0 Scotland 1m Scots KO the Calcutta Cup but England quickly belt ball back into Scottish half
England 0-0 Scotland 2m Swing Low has begun early - probably in retaliation for do-gooder Yanks!
England 0-0 Scotland 3m Scottish defensive scrum; more importantly Elliot Daly is down hard & not moving
England 0-0 Scotland 2m Fraser Brown tackles Daly off the ball & tips him over completely unnecessarily
England 0-0 Scotland 2m Brown rightly sent to the naughty step &... George Ford taps & goes for penalty
England 0-0 Scotland 3m Sublime hands from England who attack fiercely & balls goes to Jonathan Joseph
England 5-0 Scotland 4m JJ sprints for his life, evades every tackle & scores in excellent fashion
England 7-0 Scotland 5m Scots caught napping; Owen Farrell -fully recovered from dog attack- adds extras
England 7-0 Scotland 6m England finally make the start they've been hunting for all #6Ns...
England 10-0 Scotland 7m Scots caught offside already; Faz adds 3 more points
England 10-0 Scotland 8m England's turn to be penalised & Scots kick over halfway - comes straight back
England 10-0 Scotland 9m England back in possession in the midfield but ripped away & kicked downfield
England 10-0 Scotland 10m Anthony Watson heads back to the bench as Daly returns from HIA after 8 mins
England 10-0 Scotland 11m It takes the Scots a while to get to the England 22 - but can't breach it
England 10-0 Scotland 12m Finn Russell attempts a drop goal but it's charged down...
England 10-0 Scotland 13m Scots retain possession for a couple of phases before England steal it back
England 10-0 Scotland 13m Brown returns Scotland to full complement & there's a time off
England 10-0 Scotland 14m Scottish lineout on halfway is disrupted by James Haskell & Nathan Hughes has it
England 10-0 Scotland 14m Pretty sure Haskell knocked that ball on; anyway, England on the attack...
England 13-0 Scotland 15m Hamish Watson gifts a penalty to Faz who adds 3 more points
England 13-0 Scotland 16m Daly trundles off the pitch again so Anthony Watson returns
England 13-0 Scotland 17m Stuart Hogg has gone off & there's another time off - who knows what for!
England 13-0 Scotland 17m Mark Bennett is on for Hoggie - first scrum of match after 18 minutes...
England 13-0 Scotland 18m And it turns into quite pathetic handbags...Dan Cole getting ancy
England 13-0 Scotland 19m Penalty to England which results in a defensive scrum just inside the 22
England 13-0 Scotland 20m It appears the crowd volume has been switched off for last 10 minutes!
England 13-0 Scotland 21m England head directly into the Scottish 22...& Bennett is down injured
England 13-0 Scotland 22m Henry Pyrgos replaces Bennett who's being carted off pitch as we take a break
England 13-0 Scotland 22m Hoggie went off for HIA; Bennett's hurt his knee & England are 5m from tryline
England 13-0 Scotland 23m Scots kick England out of the 22; England get back but Hughes knock on > time off
England 13-0 Scotland 23m Hogg's HIA is permanent removal while England hand over penalty from Hartley
England 13-0 Scotland 23m Captain Dylan grabs a neck in ruck - no actual roll by penalty
England 13-0 Scotland 24m England lineout on the 10m & they take off like lightning - superfast hands to JJ
England 18-0 Scotland 25m JJ turns on the gas & sprints again to score a brace
England Scotland Jonathan Joseph celebration RBS 6 Nations 2017England 20-0 Scotland 25m The slight forward pass is missed & Faz adds extras yards in front of posts
England 20-0 Scotland 27m Scots finally head into England territory again & this time into the 22...
England 20-0 Scotland 28m Could take easy 3 but kick to corner for 5m lineout which works just how they like it
England 20-5 Scotland 29m And Gordon Reid stretches for the tryline for Scotland's first points
England 20-7 Scotland 30m Russell converts & finally Scotland fans have something to cheer about
England 20-7 Scotland 31m Jonny Gray is pinged for pulling down England's lineout following the restart...
England 23-7 Scotland 32m ..and Faz adds another 3 points for the homeside
England 23-7 Scotland 33m Scotland take restart & Russell kicks a high ball for Mike Brown to get under
England 23-7 Scotland 34m Penalty goes to Scotland, but quickly play right into England's hands...
England 23-7 Scotland 35m England force play quickly over halfway & the speed of the next try...
England 28-7 Scotland 36m ..& it's Anthony Watson who flies over for another lightning score for England
England 30-7 Scotland 37m Faz adds extras; Scotland are probably wondering what's hit them
England 30-7 Scotland 39m Yet England's 1st choice prop, hooker & No.8 are still on the bench!
England 30-7 Scotland 40m Scotland hand over a 7th penalty & Faz tees up from over halfway
England 30-7 Scotland 40+1m He has the distance but not the accuracy & the HT whistle goes

England 30-7 Scotland HT T: Joseph (2), Watson C: Farrell (3) P: Farrell (3) | T: Reid C: Russell Yellow Card Brown

England 30-7 Scotland HT Unless Scotland bring it 2nd half of this Calcutta Cup, it's just too easy...

England 30-7 Scotland 41m England restart as they mean to go on - deep into Scotland's 22 immediately
England 30-7 Scotland 42m On first attempt they are stopped - but England build a few phases & Hughes...
England 30-7 Scotland 42m ...makes a sublime one-handed pass > Ben Youngs passes at such an angle to JJ
England 35-7 Scotland 43m who cuts a line, collects beautifully & scores his hat trick with aplomb
England 37-7 Scotland 44m Faz adds conversion & handbags erupt again. *yawn*
England 37-7 Scotland 45m Hughes tackles Tommy Seymour a fraction late; Jonny Gray smacks him in face...
England 37-7 Scotland 45m Seymour hams it up; ref wants to YC Hughes but TMO says no
England 37-7 Scotland 46m England in possession & with advantage after Duncan Weir on for Seymour
England 40-7 Scotland 47m Advantage turns into penalty which Faz turns into 3 points
England 40-7 Scotland 48m Restart allows Scotland to set up a lineout just inside the England 22...
England 40-7 Scotland 49m Can't get over this almost silent crowd today - it's like someone hit mute!
England 40-7 Scotland 50m Scotland are just 5m out from the England goal line & having to pick n go...
England 40-12 Scotland 51m ...& Huw Jones slips thru JJ's tackle to score for Scotland
England 40-14 Scotland 52m Russell adds extras while the crowd roars for Billy Vunipola replacing Hughes
England 40-14 Scotland 53m Jamie George has replaced Hartley & England have scrum just inside Scots' 10m
England 40-14 Scotland 54m A little rendition of Swing Low - silence returns - scrum is reset...
England 40-14 Scotland 55m Penalty eventually goes to England & kick to corner for 5m lineout...
England 40-14 Scotland 65m Handbags erupt yet again as 4 Scots encircle Itoje; penalty England...
England 40-14 Scotland 56m Handbags erupt yet again as 4 Scots encircle Itoje; penalty England...
England 40-14 Scotland 56m England drive over the line win a great team effort led by Jo Launchbury...
England 47-14 Scotland 57m ...& finished by Billy V for try No.5; Faz converts of course
England 47-14 Scotland 59m Maki Vunipola & Ben Te'o arrive on the field for Marler & JJ
England 47-14 Scotland 61m Kyle Sinckler & Danny Care on for Cole & Youngs | Simon Berghan for Zander F
England 47-14 Scotland 61m Time off for injuries; Hartley back for George cut head; du Preez for Wilson
England 47-14 Scotland 62m England scrum just inside Scots' halfway> cross 10m & Brown doesn't pass again...
England 47-14 Scotland 64m England an attacking position penalty to Scotland - & ANOTHER time off
England 47-14 Scotland 66m The Scottish scrum is won & the visitors are deep into England territory
England 47-14 Scotland 67m They make it into the 22 - but are promptly shoved back out by the defence
England 47-14 Scotland 68m So much time is taken in setting a Scottish scrum outside England's 22...
England 47-14 Scotland 69m Scotland battle that defence & eventually get pretty damn close to tryline
England 47-19 Scotland 70m Jones squeezes thru the defence which appears to have folded for a brace
England 47-21 Scotland 71m Russell converts & Scotland have a little hope...
England 47-21 Scotland 72m England, however, have other plans for Scotland...
England 52-21 Scotland 73m ...from a 5m lineout, Care snipes thru & scores a sixth try for England
England Scotland Danny Care try celebration RBS 6 Nations 2017England 54-21 Scotland 74m Faz adds his 10th kick at uprights...
England 54-21 Scotland 76m England aren't done - Anthony W charges for corner but is bundled into touch
England 54-21 Scotland 77m The 457th time off occurs for who knows what
England 54-21 Scotland 78m England 5m scrum's strong but not try comes from it as Scots hands save it
England 54-21 Scotland 79m Back for another scrum in exactly same position far side of pitch...
England 54-21 Scotland 80m ...scrum is set...reset...reset again...& ref isn't stopping disruptions
England 54-21 Scotland 80+1m And reset again...uff this is tedious!
England 54-21 Scotland 80+2m Finally the scrum happens & England want one more score...
England 54-21 Scotland 80+4m England attack again & again & again…
England 59-21 Scotland 80+5m Itoje drags in defenders & Care bounces over tryline & off pitch for a brace
England 61-21 Scotland 80+6m Faz gets his 11th from 12 kicks overall & England are Calcutta Cup and RBS 6 Nations champions!
England 61-21 Scotland FT & England match their match record of 40-point margin win over Scotland

England Scotland England Rugby Calcutta Cup Winner RBS 6 Nations 2017

england15 Mike Brown 14 Jack Nowell 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Owen Farrell 11 Elliot Daly 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Joe Marler 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Joe Launchbury 5 Courtney Lawes 6 Maro Itoje 7 James Haskell 8 Nathan Hughes BENCH: 16 Jamie George 17 Mako Vunipola 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Tom Wood 20 Billy Vunipola 21 Danny Care 22 Ben Te’o 23 Anthony Watson

SCORERS T: Joseph (3), Watson, Billy Vunipola, Care (2) C: Farrell (7) P: Farrell (4)

scotland15 Stuart Hogg 14 Tommy Seymour 13 Huw Jones 12 Alex Dunbar 11 Tim Visser 10 Finn Russell 9 Ali Price 1 Gordon Reid 2 Fraser Brown 3 Zander Fagerson 4 Richie Gray 5 Jonny Gray 6 JOHN BARCLAY (C) 7 Hamish Watson 8 Ryan Wilson BENCH: 16 Ross Ford 17 Allan Dell 18 Simon Berghan 19 Tim Swinson 20 Cornell Du Preez* 21 Henry Pyrgos 22 Duncan Weir 23 Mark Bennett

SCORERS T: Reid, Jones (2) C: Russell (3) Yellow Card Brown

Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Marius Mitrea TMO: Ben Skeen




6Ns12 Week 56Ns Table Week 5 2017

6Ns Scotland vs Italy 6Ns France vs Wales 6Ns Ireland vs England

Scottish RugbySCOTLAND 29 - 0 ITALYItaly

BT Murrayfield, Edinburgh - 18 March 2017
KO: 12:30 HT: 15-0


All matches
Played: 27
Scotland won: 19
Italy won: 8
Drawn: 0




Scotland v Italy Anthems done at Murrayfield as Scotland bid to trump Wales in table by beating Italy
Scotland 0-0 Italy Referee: Pascal Gaüzère Asst Referees: Nigel Owens, Luke Pearce TMO: Marius Jonker
Scotland v Italy BT Murrayfield RBS 6 Nation 2017Scotland 0-0 Italy 1m & we have KO with Italy in possession & Carlo Canna thumps it high & long...
Scotland 0-0 Italy 2m Scots thump it straight back & Stuart Hogg pushes to win penalty - 1st scrum
Scotland 0-0 Italy 3m Attacking scrum for Scots & they win penalty with huge shove...
Scotland 0-0 Italy 4m Hoggie opts for points as it's just outside the Italian 10m....
Scotland 3-0 Italy 5m From out wide, the kick has the distance & accuracy despite the damp conditions
Scotland 3-0 Italy 6m Tim Visser gets under high ball from restart & Scots clear from own 22 up to halfway
Scotland 3-0 Italy 7m Massive drive from the Azzurri from midfield & don't stop til just outside the 22
Scotland 3-0 Italy 8m Scots call the mark & Italians end up with halfway lineout; not straight so Scottish scrum
Scotland 3-0 Italy 9m Scots pinged for collapsing maul after scrum is won - Italy penalty
Scotland 3-0 Italy 10m Italians make a good job of the clear setting up lineout outside Scottish 22...
Scotland 3-0 Italy 11m But the Scots win back possession & have own lineout just back over halfway...
Scotland 3-0 Italy 12m Azzurri have it back & are up to the Scottish 22 again before it's kicked clear
Scotland 3-0 Italy 13m A quite deconstructed match so far strewn with errors & loss of possession
Scotland 3-0 Italy 14m Asst ref Nigel Owens finds fault & corrects ref Gaüzère - knock on = scrum tho in touch
Scotland 3-0 Italy 15m Scrum takes an age, but eventually Azzurri come away with ball & clear over halfway
Scotland 3-0 Italy 17m Miserable day in Edinburgh - hasn't stopped raining, but Italy set up 22 lineout
Scotland 3-0 Italy 18m A good lineout for the Azzurri & the pick & go in the 22 for a while there...
Scotland 3-0 Italy 19m ...but penalty goes to Scotland for holding on that tad too long; Scots clear to halfway
Scotland 3-0 Italy 20m Doesn't play out the way Scotland hoped & Italy come away with kickable penalty
Scotland 3-0 Italy 21m From just off centre & just inside Scottish 22, Canna pulls it just short of post
Scotland 3-0 Italy 22m Little enthusiasm from the Scottish side today, but they take play back to midfield
Scotland 3-0 Italy 22m halfway lineout for Scots but ref has word with captains for unnecessary pushing he thinks
Scotland 3-0 Italy 23m Penalty to Scotland for George Biagi shove - they're fast up to Italian 22...
Scotland 3-0 Italy 25m Minutes pass & the Scots are no further forward yet - good defence from Azzurri
Scotland 3-0 Italy 26m Finally a break & Huw Jones gets thru; ball goes high over goal line & Visser...
Scotland 3-0 Italy 26m ...gets to it but whistle's gone; time off...
Scotland 3-0 Italy 26m Jones has to go off after twisting his knee or ankle in that break - Matt Scott on
Scotland 3-0 Italy 27m Scots set up 5m lineout & win it but forced the width of pitch as can't get thru
Scotland 8-0 Italy 28m Ball comes out to Finn Russell who falls over goal line for the try
Scotland 10-0 Italy 29m Russell pings over his own conversion & Scotland are comfortable for the moment
Scotland 10-0 Italy 30m Restart goes long & Scotland have the 22 drop out & clear a good distance...
Scotland 10-0 Italy 31m It's quickly kicked back but it's a time off for a water break & TMO check...
Scotland v Italy Alex Dunbar Angelo Esposito Sergio Parisse RBS 6 Nation 2017Scotland 10-0 Italy 31m Scots advantage thrown away for Jonny Gray obstructing Sergio Parisse - penalty
Scotland 10-0 Italy 32m Canna tees up from just wide of posts - & pushes it past the far upright
Scotland 10-0 Italy 33m A bit more aerial football ensues til Edoardo Padovani calls the mark in own 22
Scotland 10-0 Italy 35m Scottish lineout on Italian 10m in incessant rain is good but Azzurri aren't rucking!
Scotland 10-0 Italy 36m A smart intercept for Italy & they head off over halfway - Scotland kick it back
Scotland 10-0 Italy 37m Italian defensive lineout is stolen & Scots charge in to the Italian 22
Scotland 15-0 Italy 38m This time they're smarter in play & Scott finds the tryline for a second try
Scotland 15-0 Italy 39m There's no conversion and so to the restart as half time looms...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 40m Azzurri are in possession & steadily making ground towards the Scottish 22...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 40+1m Edoardo Gori breaches the 22 & it's pick & go before Scots force them back out
Scotland 15-0 Italy 40+2m They may be further back, but Italy still have the ball & it's still in play
Scotland 15-0 Italy 40+3m Penalty to Italy & Canna is teeing up from the touchline - 41m...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 40+4m Ball falls just short of upright & it's HT at Murrayfield

Scotland 15-0 Italy HT T: Russell, Scott C: Russell P: Hogg | -

Scotland 15-0 Italy 41m The rain appears to have stopped - HUZZAH! Sun is out & Scottish defensive scrum
Scotland 15-0 Italy 42m Sadly tho, there's still no excitement or va va's a tad pedestrian
Scotland 15-0 Italy 43m Italy have, however, got within 5m of the Scottish goal line but Hogg clears
Scotland 15-0 Italy 44m Kick is poor & Italy have a lineout inside the 22 - the crowd, however, is lacklustre
Scotland 15-0 Italy 45m Penalty from lineout to Italy & they kick to corner for 5m lineout...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 46m Penalty to Italy again from lineout while Scots draw their handbags...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 47m Grant Gilchrist is getting attention after Scots pinged for taking man in air
Scotland 15-0 Italy 48m Lovely drive from Italy & they're on the Scottish tryline ...but not quite over it yet
Scotland 15-0 Italy 48m Ref playing advantage again & again - Italians go wide & kick to corner but...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 49m ...Angelo Esposito is held up over the line as he's all wrapped up
Scotland 15-0 Italy 49m Penalty to Italy again & it's a driving maul which is collapsed & captain John...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 50m ...Barclay is yellow carded for it - tho looked like it may have been Gray guilty
Scotland 15-0 Italy 51m Italy Penalty gives them another 5m lineout; Gilchrist pulls down the jumper again!
Scotland 15-0 Italy 52m Italy Another lineout - it's won...but Italy can't find way thru so go out wide...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 53m But Padovani knocks it on just at the corner & Scotland can breathe sigh of relief
Scotland 15-0 Italy 54m Scottish defensive 5m scrum which they secure but struggle to clear out of 22
Scotland 15-0 Italy 55m Eventually Hoggie gets his boot to it for Italy lineout outside the 22
Scotland 15-0 Italy 56m Italy drive a maul over the 22 but can't hold onto possession & Scots get it away
Scotland 15-0 Italy 56m Time off & a heap of changes have occurred...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 57m du Preez, Pyrgos, Dell, Swinson for Wilson, Price, Reid, Gilchrist
Scotland 15-0 Italy 58m Ghiraldini, Chistolini, Violi, Minto, van Schalkwyk for Gega, Cittadini, Gori, Mbanda, Fuser
Scotland 15-0 Italy 59m Oh this match has gone from not so much excitement to utter tedium...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 61m Scotland gain some momentum & look to threaten the Italian tryline again...
Scotland 15-0 Italy 62m The Scots skid over the tryline with Azzurri hot on their heels & Visser grounds it
Scotland 15-0 Italy 62m TMO checks a number of times for infringements before the try on ref's insistence
Scotland v Italy Tim Visser try RBS 6 Nation 2017Scotland 20-0 Italy 62m No reason to not award the try so Scots have their third
Scotland 22-0 Italy 63m Russell adds the conversion & Italy need to salvage some face here
Scotland 22-0 Italy 65m Well - at least a moment of excitement there. The crowd may even react!
Scotland 22-0 Italy 67m Italians pinged for a high tackle - crowd definitely realising there's a match on
Scotland 22-0 Italy 69m But Italians end up with a defensive scrum which takes forever to set...
Scotland 22-0 Italy 70m Berghan & Brown for Fagerson & Ford | Sperandio & Panico for Canna & Lovotti
Scotland 22-0 Italy 71m McLean had cleared Scots away but they're straight back into Italian territory
Scotland 22-0 Italy 72m Scots in hunt for that bonus point try as they bulldoze their way into the 22
Scotland 27-0 Italy 73m & it's Tommy Seymour that races over the goal line for the 4th try
Scotland 29-0 Italy 74m Russell converts while Conor O'Shea is having his worst day yet as Azzurri coach
Scotland 29-0 Italy 76m Italy make it to Scots 22 again, but the scrum is for Scotland...
Scotland 29-0 Italy 78m Scots manage to shove Italy way back again from the danger zone, pointless
Scotland 29-0 Italy 79m Weir for Scott & Ruzza for Biagi while Italy have attacking lineout again...
Scotland 29-0 Italy 80m ...they get close again, but Italy have just underperformed in terrible fashion
Scotland 29-0 Italy 80+1m a final infringement from Italy & it's all over

scotland15 Stuart Hogg 14 Tommy Seymour 13 Huw Jones 12 Alex Dunbar 11 Tim Visser 10 Finn Russell 9 Ali Price 1 Gordon Reid 2 Ross Ford 3 Zander Fagerson 4 Grant Gilchrist 5 Jonny Gray 6 JOHN BARCLAY (C) 7 Hamish Watson 8 Ryan Wilson 16 Fraser Brown 17 Allan Dell 18 Simon Berghan 19 Tim Swinson 20 Cornell Du Preez 21 Henry Pyrgos 22 Duncan Weir 23 Matt Scott

SCORERS T: Russell, Scott, Visser, Seymour C: Russell (3) P: Hogg Yellow Card Barclay

italy15 Edoardo Padovani 14 Angelo Esposito 13 Tommaso Benvenuti 12 Luke McLean 11 Giovanbattista Venditti 10 Carlo Canna 9 Edoardo Gori 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 Ornel Gega 3 Lorenzo Cittadini 4 Marco Fuser 5 George Biagi 6 Maxime Mbanda’ 7 Abraham Steyn 8 SERGIO PARISSE (C) BENCH: 16 Leonardo Ghiraldini 17 Sami Panico 18 Dario Chistolini 19 Andries van Schalkwyk 20 Federico Ruzza* 21 Francesco Minto 22 Marcello Violi 23 Luca Sperandio

Referee: Pascal Gaüzère Asst Referees: Nigel Owens, Luke Pearce TMO: Marius Jonker




FranceFRANCE 20 - 18 WALESWales

Stade de France, Paris - 18 March 2017
KO: 15:45 HT: 10-9


All matches
Played: 95
France won: 44
Wales won: 48
Drawn: 3




And so to the penultimate game of 2017: France v Wales.
Wales looking for the win to possibly secure runners-up spot for the second successive year
France & Wales have met 88 times, with France just edging the overall points 1,262 to 1,229.
But Wales has won last 5 games against France - the best streak since the ‘50s.
Guy Novès makes one change to France: Clermont Auvergne’s Sebastien Vahaamahina returns in the 2nd row.
While Camille Chat (Racing 92) and Damien Chouly (Clermont) come onto the bench
France has 360 test caps (average age of 26.4 years); the bench has a further 204.
For Wales Rob Howley has named an unchanged starting XV and bench for a third successive test.
Ken Owens (hooker) becomes the 43rd Welshman to win a 50th cap but with only his 19th start
While Alun Wyn Jones becomes the first Welshman to START 100 tests.
The Wales XV has 729 test caps between them; the bench has a further 334 caps. Average age across the squad is 27.1.
Incident at Orly Airport means there are some empty seats in the Stade de France but still a resounding rendition of La Marseillaise.
France 0-0 Wales 0m The boot of Dan Biggar gets us underway.
France 0-0 Wales 0m Serin and Lopez combine to clear the ball for first lineout of the game. Overthrow from Owens
France 0-0 Wales 1m France in possession and chip through but Halfpenny's on hand to tidy
France 0-0 Wales 2m France regather and trundle forward through Vahaamahina. Warburton concedes a pen
France 0-0 Wales 3m Lopez's kick is on target but doesn't have the distance
France 0-0 Wales 4m France gather restart and Picamoles' enormous frame is already causing the Welsh problems
France 0-0 Wales 5m France penalty for a knocked down ball. They opt for an attacking lineout but can't claim it
France 0-0 Wales 5m Biggar clears but France still have good territory inside Welsh 22. Drive comes through Guirado
France 5-0 Wales 6m TRY - a deft chip from Lopez is gathered by Lamerat and he's under the posts
France v Wales Remi Lamerat try RBS 6 Nations 2017France 7-0 Wales 7m CONV - Lopez adds the easy extras
France 7-0 Wales 9m Welsh pressure on the restart gives them a scrum.
France 7-0 Wales 10m France are able to steal and clear, Wales opting for a quick lineout but not able to make space count.
France 7-0 Wales 11m France looking rock solid in the scrum - Picamoles comes away and feeds Vakatawa
France 7-0 Wales 12m Warburton able to dive on a lose ball for the turnover - Biggar clears long
France 7-0 Wales 13m Wales missed tackles - particularly on Picamoles - are giving France an early advantage
France 7-0 Wales 14m but an uncharacteristic knock-on by the French no.8 gives Wales a scrum
France 7-0 Wales 14m French scrum again solid and Wales concede penalty for collapsing - Guirado points at the posts
France 10-0 Wales 15m penalty - Lopez is on target and France's lead grows. Wales not in the game yet
France 10-0 Wales 16m France scrum-half Serin takes a blow from the restart but gets back to his feet to feed Dulin for the clearance
France 10-0 Wales 17m Alun Wyn-Jones claims the Welsh lineout and Jonathan Davies barrels up the middle
France 10-0 Wales 18m Wales have a chance out wide through North but a flailing French arm gets the TMO involved in the game
France 10-0 Wales 18m while the officials debate the infringement Serin's blow sees him substituted for Castres' Dupont
France 10-0 Wales 18m the verdict is a YC for Vakatawa with penalty awarded to Wales. Halfpenny lines up the kick
France 10-3 Wales 19m penalty - Halfpenny slots Wales' first points of the game dispute jeers from the French crowd
France 10-3 Wales 20m players have to be so careful in the tackle area under new rules - France concede for a dangerous tackle
France 10-3 Wales 22m Wales having their first real run with ball in hand - Davies, L Williams and Warburton contributing yards.
France 10-3 Wales 23m but Welsh ball-retention is lacklustre - they've conceded a couple of turnover now.
France 10-3 Wales 24m the replacement of Serin is only temporary for HIA and the scrum-half is back in play
France 10-3 Wales 25m exchange of kicks, Dan Biggar doing his best leaping salmon impression, and Wales have ball on halfway
France 10-3 Wales 26m the enormous Vahaamahina gives away a penalty and Halfpenny lines up an important kick
France 10-6 Wales 27m penalty - a fabulous strike by Halfpenny from a long way out narrows France's lead.
France 10-6 Wales 29m France lose an aerial battle as Dulin's kick goes out on the full
France 10-6 Wales 30m Wales building the phases through the likes of Moriarty, Biggar and Tipuric
France 10-6 Wales 30m but sloppy again in the ruck and France able to counter through Fickou
France 10-6 Wales 32m France's turn this time to concede a turnover - excellent worth by North at the breakdown for the steal
France 10-6 Wales 32m meanwhile some French flair by Serin as he pulls off a neat pass behind his back
France 10-6 Wales 33m Trinh-Duc is off the bench now as Lopez is assessed for a knock to the head
France 10-6 Wales 34m and its Trinh-Duc who gathers off a stray lineout but France unable to use their territory
France 10-6 Wales 36m but a game of aerial ping-pong ends in Trinh-Duc putting too much on a kick, giving Wales a scrum 40m out.
France 10-6 Wales 38m Wales showing the first signs of their dangerous attack now and France concede for offside
France 10-9 Wales 39m penalty - Halfpenny's metronomic boot adds an easy 3
France 10-9 Wales 39m beautiful footwork and hands by North and Moriarty gives Wales a last surge
France 10-9 Wales 40m but yet another turnover is conceded and Serin puts the ball out to close the half

France 10-9 Wales HT T: Lamerat C: Lopez P: Lopez Yellow Card Vakatawa | P: Halfpenny (3)

France 10-9 Wales 40m we're back underway - the French halfbacks Serin and Lopez reinstated after HIAs
France 10-9 Wales 40m Picamoles and Slimani make ground but Halfpenny's able to secure a kick into Welsh 22
France 10-9 Wales 42m France come again through Nakaitaci but Dulin knocks on. North picks up the scraps
France 10-9 Wales 42m Welsh captain Wyn-Jones is having treatment - need a player of his calibre and experience on the pitch
France 10-9 Wales 43m Wyn-Jones plays on and imposes himself on French lineout drive. Kicking ping pong ensues
France 10-9 Wales 44m French pressure. Wales pinged for crossing. France go quickly but sloppy play sees the ball dribble into touch.
France 10-9 Wales 45m 7 or 8 physios on the pitch now as various Welsh and French players receive treatment
France 10-9 Wales 45m France with the scrum on Welsh 5m line and win a pen
France 10-9 Wales 46m France opt for another scrum but this time the penalty goes the way of the Welsh
France 10-9 Wales 47m Biggar relieves pressure with a mighty hoof to halfway
France 10-9 Wales 48m France steal the lineout and attack through Vakatawa and Lamerat. Guirado also making yards
France 10-9 Wales 49m Dulin is forced into touch and Wales throw quickly. The turn of Halfpenny and Davies to take the ball forward.
France 10-9 Wales 50m scrappy from both sides at the moment. Some of Wayne Barnes' decisions not appreciated by the French crowd!
France 10-9 Wales 51m Welsh backrow working hard to disrupt French ball but still not retaining their own
France 10-9 Wales 52m Wales ring the changes as Halfpenny lines up a penalty for wheeling in the scrum
France 10-9 Wales 53m Roberts and Faletau bring some much needed experience off the Welsh bench
France 10-12 Wales 53m penalty - Halfpenny gives Wales the lead for the first time in the match
France 10-12 Wales 53m French using the bench too - Huget on for Vakatawa
France 10-12 Wales 55m Sanconnie limps off to be replaced by Chouly, while France also changes its front row
France v Wales Liam Williams Brice Dulin Sebastien Vahaamahina RBS 6 Nations 2017France 10-12 Wales 56m Wales attack wide through Liam Williams after a stolen lineout
France 10-12 Wales 56m a kick through is gathered by Dulin and he narrowly escapes being tackled in his own try area
France 10-12 Wales 58m France building phases but not making ground. Serin opts to kick and claims territory
France 10-12 Wales 59m Welsh lineout - Tipuric claims under pressure and Webb clears through a box kick
France 10-12 Wales 60m Wales again with the lineout after Chouly is bundled into touch. It's scrappy ball this time
France 10-12 Wales 61m chip through by Wales is gathered by Dulin who shows sublime footwork to escape two Welsh chasers
France 10-12 Wales 62m Dulin eventually clears from his 22 but kick doesn't make much ground
France 10-12 Wales 63m France claim the lineout illegally and Halfpenny lines up another pen
France 10-15 Wales 64m penalty - no such thing as 'respecting the kicker' in France but Halfpenny's not phased
France 10-15 Wales 65m France claim their own restart through Nakaitaci and surge forward
France 10-15 Wales 66m Wales called offside by Wayne Barnes and France can narrow the deficit
France 13-15 Wales 66m penalty - a simple 3 points for Lopez
France 13-15 Wales 68m pressure from North at the restart and Lopez's clearance is sliced. Welsh lineout on 22 is driven
France 13-15 Wales 69m Welsh pack building the phases now, Faletau, Warburton and Owens making ground
France 13-15 Wales 69m Wales at a slight disadvantage now in the size stakes with both Wyn Jones and Ball off injured
France 13-15 Wales 70m but the carries pay off as France concede for a high tackle in front of their posts
France 13-18 Wales 71m penalty - 6 from 6 for Leigh Halfpenny
France 13-18 Wales 71m Wales having to use all their resources as Scott Baldwin suffers a blood injury and Moriarty rejoins the field
France 13-18 Wales 72m a solid scrum despite Welsh players out of position and Wales steal in midfield
France 13-18 Wales 74m Biggar taking his time to clear from a penalty and Wales have to assess their lineout options
France 13-18 Wales 75m Tipuric the leading tackler with 17 and he'll be looking to put pressure on from this French scrum.
France 13-18 Wales 76m its Tipuric's back row colleague Warburton that makes an impact at the next maul, ripping the ball from Huget.
France 13-18 Wales 76m Warburton puts boot too ball but it goes dead and we come all the way back for a French scrum.
France 13-18 Wales 78m France now looking to get something from these closing moments.
France 13-18 Wales 78m France building the phases on the Welsh tryline. France awarded a penalty but need a try
France 13-18 Wales 79m France opt for a scrum - they're 5m out, just off from centre field
France 13-18 Wales 79m seconds ticking down and scrum is reset - we could be in for a nail-biting finish
France 13-18 Wales 79m third reset scrum - surely the last play of the game
France 13-18 Wales 80m a FOURTH reset and we're now into overtime -
France 13-18 Wales 80m the ball finally emerges - Picamoles digs it out and is driven back by the Welsh defence
France 13-18 Wales 80m no way through for Chouly and Nakaitaci also comes up short
France 13-18 Wales 82m we're not done yet - Samson Lee receives a YC and we've time for one more play
France 13-18 Wales 84m the YC is causing much confusion as Wales need to reassess their scrum options
France 13-18 Wales 86m farcical end to the game as teams make changes to accommodate YC ... and another scrum penalty to France
France 13-18 Wales 87m another whistle, another reset - almost 50m on the clock for the half. We'll try again for the final play!
France 13-18 Wales 90m FINALLY France come away with it - Nakaitaci is held. And Wales concede AGAIN!
France 13-18 Wales 92m so much extra time has elapsed that the YC has run its course and Samson Lee is back on the field
France 13-18 Wales 93m officials now assessing TMO footage for a bite - this is descending into chaos
France 13-18 Wales 97m we're beginning to run out of ways of saying 'France have been awarded another scrum penalty'...
France 18-18 Wales 99m TRY - we have an outcome ... France use the forwards to pick and go and finally cross the whitewash
France 20-18 Wales 100m CONV - and Lopez adds the points that win France the game

France v Wales Camille Lopez celebration RBS 6 Nations 2017france15 Brice Dulin 14 Noa Nakaitaci 13 Rémi Lamerat 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 Camille Lopez 9 Baptiste Serin 1 Cyril Baille 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Rabah Slimani 4 Sébastien Vahaamahina 5 Yoann Maestri 6 Fabien Sanconnie 7 Kévin Gourdon 8 Louis Picamoles 16 Camille Chat 17 Uini Atonio 18 Eddy Ben Arous 19 Julien Le Devedec 20 Bernard Le Roux 21 Antoine Dupont 22 François Trinh-Duc 23 Yoann Huget

SCORERS  T: Lamerat, Chat C: Lopez (2) P: Lopez (2) Yellow Card Vakatawa

wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 George North 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Scott Williams 11 Liam Williams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Rhys Webb 1 Rob Evans 2 Ken Owens 3 Tomas Francis 4 Jake Ball 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Sam Warburton 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Ross Moriarty 16 Scott Baldwin 17 Nicky Smith 18 Samson Lee 19 Luke Charteris 20 Taulupe Faletau 21 Gareth Davies 22 Sam Davies 23 Jamie Roberts

SCORERS P: Halfpenny (6) Yellow Card Lee

Referee: Wayne Barnes Asst Referees: Ben O'Keeffe, Matt Carley TMO: Peter Fitzgibbon




IrelandIRELAND 13 - 9 ENGLAND RUGBYEngland

Aviva Stadium, Dublin - 18 March 2017
KO: 17:00 HT: 10-3


All matches
Played: 132
Ireland won: 48
England won: 76
Drawn: 8




Ireland 0-0 England 8m Well TF for Mobile phone tethering or we'd be in serious trouble!
Ireland 0-0 England 9m After that spectacular delayed finish at Stade de France, & the delay here...
Ireland 0-0 England 10m ...the players kicked around a bit after anthems & fireworks etc before KO
Ireland 0-0 England 10m Ireland have started fiercely, Rory Best replaced already by Niall Scannell...
Ireland 3-0 England 10m & Johnny Sexton belts over the first penalty of the night for Ireland. Phew...
Ireland 3-0 England 11m Oh & late change for Ireland - Jamie Heaslip pulled out with hamstring pull in warm up, CJ Stander to 8 & Peter O'Mahony to 6 with Dan Leavy on the bench
Ireland 3-0 England 13m England reply to points by charging into Irish 22 but pushed back & Irish scrum
Ireland 3-0 England 14m Even tho it's Irish 5m lineout, it's their own tryline they're defending...& do it well
Ireland 3-0 England 15m Irish push England out of dangerzone outside 22 but visitors back in possession
Ireland 3-0 England 16m Ireland hand over penalty & Owen Farrell tees up in front of post outside the 22
Ireland 3-3 England 17m And Faz swiftly & comfortably equalises; a roar goes up as Best returns from HIA
Ireland 3-3 England 18m Maro Itoje makes a hit on Sexton & the crowd are fuming at replay...
Ireland 3-3 England 19m The hit was late but not dangerous; Itoje told by ref Jérôme Garcès to calm down
Ireland 3-3 England 20m Just a penalty & Sexton is fine; Ireland into England 22 & determined...
Ireland 3-3 England 21m England defence being severely tested as the Irish creep to within 4m of tryline
Ireland 3-3 England 22m Wave upon wave of attacks; penalty to Ireland & go to corner for 5m lineout
Ireland 3-3 England 23m Best sends it to back of lineout & Iain Henderson finds tryline much to England's ire
Ireland 10-3 England 23m TMO Ben Skeen asked if any reason not to award it - & there isn't - try Ireland
Ireland v England Iain Henderson try RBS 6 Nations 2017Ireland 10-3 England 24m And Sexton has easily added the extras as Athen Rye belts out round stadium
Ireland 10-3 England 25m You wouldn't know Ireland were so injury strewn with their play this evening!
Ireland 10-3 England 26m Keith Earls makes a spectacular break before brought down in the England 22
Ireland 10-3 England 27m England clear them out are quick into the Irish 22 but Ireland steal it at breakdown
Ireland 10-3 England 28m Aerial football ensues & poor kick leads awkward bounce into Irish hands
Ireland 10-3 England 28m Words are had with captain Hartley by Ref & Ireland are awarded penalty for knock on
Ireland 10-3 England 29m Jared Payne went down & doesn't look too great; England are a bit of a mess...
Ireland 10-3 England 30m Ireland are back up at England's 22 already but not breached it just yet...
Ireland 10-3 England 31m But Ireland hand over a penalty & George Ford kicks Ireland back outside 22
Ireland 10-3 England 32m Lineout not to plan as England have the penalty - defensive scrum on 22...
Ireland 10-3 England 33m Setting this scrum is taking an should happen today one hopes...
Ireland 10-3 England 34m Ford belts it away but it's straight back for an Irish 22 lineout...
Ireland 10-3 England 35m Dan Cole is getting some medical attention in a time of...
Ireland 10-3 England 35m Time on & it's another England scrum on their 22 & they secure it, but...
Ireland 10-3 England 36m ...Ireland nick it back swiftly & are rather chuffed with that choke tackle
Ireland 10-3 England 38m But penalty comes back to England who finally manage to force play to midfield
Ireland 10-3 England 39m England win another scrum on halfway & play shifts to the Irish 22
Ireland 10-3 England 40m Ireland have defensive lineout in their 22 - not straight - penalty England - HT

Ireland 10-3 England HT T: Henderson C: Sexton P: Sexton | P: Farrell

Ireland 10-3 England 40m Mako Vunipola on for Joe Marler & Andrew Conway wins first cap on for Earls
Ireland 10-3 England 41m Irish lineout on halfway is better than earlier but they're in their own half
Ireland 10-3 England 42m Monster kick caught by Mike Brown who thumps it straight back into 22
Ireland 10-3 England 42m Massive hit on Anthony Watson to dislodge the ball but it flies into English hands behind...
Ireland 10-3 England 43m ...buts its a penalty to Ireland & have defensive scrum on 10m
Ireland 10-3 England 44m Scrum is good & Ireland fly over halfway but they're forced back promptly
Ireland 10-3 England 45m Ball finds touch over just halfway for England lineout; knocked away by Irish hands...
Ireland 10-3 England 46m ...but Hartley collects it & it's an England scrum on halfway which has to be reset
Ireland 10-3 England 47m Ref Garcès seems to be totally not bothered about scrums being fed incorrectly!
Ireland 10-3 England 48m Ireland steal possession at breakdown & awarded penalty; time off
Ireland v England Rory Best George Ford RBS 6 Nations 2017Ireland 10-3 England 49m Ball to touch inside halfway & it's Ireland's lineout but this time England nick it
Ireland 10-3 England 50m Ireland gift a penalty which Faz tees up from halfway outside 10m...
Ireland 10-6 England 51m Faz is on fine form and creeps the England score closer to just a 4 point deficit
Ireland 10-6 England 52m Restart puts Ireland just inside England 22 but they're cleared back & penalty
Ireland 10-6 England 54m Ball cleared to touch - England lineout & England are on the Irish 10m in numbers
Ireland 10-6 England 54m Athen Rae starts up again while it's another England attacking scrum inside 10m
Ireland 10-6 England 55m But before set, Jamie George replaces Hartley as he's booed off by Irish fans
Ireland 10-6 England 56m Kieron Marmion kicks into England territory & England send it back...
Ireland 10-6 England 57m Jared Payne runs it back over halfway but he's shut down; ball kicked away
Ireland 10-6 England 58m So much high kicking away which is achieving not enough; England over halfway but
Ireland 10-6 England 59m's an Ireland penalty - time off & Cian Healy on for Jack McGrath
Ireland 10-6 England 60m Tom Wood on for James Haskell & England ping for high tackle
Ireland 10-6 England 61m Ireland penalty is on England 10m & Sexton tees it up from quite wide
Ireland 13-6 England 62m Kick is perfect & crowd roars in delight after Sexton got knocked down again
Ireland 13-6 England 63m Nathan Hughes has surprisingly replaced Billy Vunipola & England attack
Ireland 13-6 England 64m A couple of penalties to England & a kick to touch for on Ireland's 22...
Ireland 13-6 England 64m Danny Care & Ben Te’o for Ben Youngs & Ford | Devin Toner for Donnacha Ryan
Ireland 13-6 England 65m England lineout is solid & they drive into 22 before kick is chipped across to corner
Ireland 13-6 England 66m Leavy on for Sean O'Brien while England awarded kickable penalty...
Ireland 13-9 England 66m Faz adds three more points from wide inside 22
Ireland 13-9 England 67m So that's Faz to 10, Te'o to 12 & Jack Nowell on for Jonathan Joseph
Ireland 13-9 England 68m Luke McGrath on for Kieron Marmion as England clear Ireland from their 22
Ireland 13-9 England 69m England win a penalty in the midfield - time off again!
Ireland 13-9 England 70m The crowd roars as the scrum on halfway is set & Care attempts to feed it
Ireland 13-9 England 71m Reset & England have little time to secure 2nd Grand Slam & break ABs record
Ireland 13-9 England 72m Scrum is won but England go nowhere...but do win another penalty
Ireland 13-9 England 73m Scannell replace Best again; England kick to touch for 22 lineout; plan fails...
Ireland 13-9 England 74m Ireland kick ball away over halfway - Ref calls it back for scrum - it's defensive
Ireland 13-9 England 75m Ireland running down the clock & spoiling England's party so far...scrum on 10m
Ireland 13-9 England 76m Ireland win scrum; John Ryan on for Tadhg Furlong; Ireland up to England 22
Ireland 13-9 England 77m Again after 2011, if England don't find magic, they'll be winning championship
Ireland 13-9 England 77m ...after a loss to Ireland & no Grand Slam. 5m England defensive lineout...
Ireland 13-9 England 78m lineout won but Ireland lineout just outside the England 22...
Ireland 13-9 England 79m Kyle Sinckler has replaced Cole; England have penalty; time off...
Ireland 13-9 England 79m Care feeds the scrum - penalty & go for scrum again on own 22...
Ireland 13-9 England 80m England play for their lives; make it close to 10m & awarded another penalty...
Ireland 13-9 England 80+1m ...make it up to the 10m but forced back & Ireland win a final penalty & match after Brown knocks it on
Ireland 13-9 England FT Forgone conclusion of rugby world turned on its head as England fail at the last hurdle
Ireland 13-9 England FT Stage being set to present 6Ns trophy to England...but it's all a bit of a damp squib
Ireland v England Champions RBS 6 Nations 2017Ireland 13-9 England FT & no Irishman is staying to watch trophy being handed over as they stream out
Ireland 13-9 England FT While IRFU decide stadium doesn't need to hear England captain interview...
Ireland 13-9 England FT ...tho Man of Match O'Mahony & Capt. Best were proudly tannoyed out
Ireland 13-9 England FT Few excuses for England tho - it was there for the taking & they didn't.

Ireland15 Jared Payne 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Simon Zebo 10 Jonathan Sexton 9 Kieran Marmion 8 Jamie Heaslip 7 Sean O'Brien 6 CJ Stander 5 Iain Henderson 4 Donnacha Ryan 3 Tadhg Furlong 2 RORY BEST (C) 1 Jack McGrath 16 Niall Scannell 17 Cian Healy 18 John Ryan 19 Devin Toner 20 Peter O'Mahony 21 Luke McGrath 22 Paddy Jackson 23 Andrew Conway*

SCORERS T: Henderson C: Sexton P: Sexton (2)

england15 Mike Brown 14 Anthony Watson 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Owen Farrell 11 Elliot Daly 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Joe Marler 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Joe Launchbury 5 Courtney Lawes 6 Maro Itoje 7 James Haskell 8 Billy Vunipola 16 Jamie George 17 Mako Vunipola 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Tom Wood 20 Nathan Hughes 21 Danny Care 22 Ben Te'o 23 Jack Nowell

SCORERS P: Farrell (3)

Referee: Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal, Marius Mitrea TMO: Ben Skeen




RBS Six Nations Table6Ns Table 2017