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QF1 England v Australia RWC2019

Oita Stadium - Saturday, 19 October 2018
KO: 16:15 HT: 17-9 Att: 36,954


England vs Wallabies We're just 10 minutes from KO at #RWCOita for the biggest match of RWC2019 so far...the stadium is rocking with anticipation already!
England vs Wallabies こんにちは from an immense match and welcome to the best social media coverage in world rugby; this is 'as it happens'...
England vs Wallabies Those incredible Japanese drums welcome out the teams, England's Jonny May leading out the 3rd ranked team in the world on his 50th cap, & a moment's silence for the victims of Typhoon Hagibis
England vs Wallabies Wallabies are ranked 6th in the world and have lost to England in their last 6 meetings; the stats say England have this in the bag. But stats 🙄 Anything can happen...and it's been an age since England advanced from QFs...

England 0-0 Wallabies 0min Reece Hodge kicks off this auspicious quarter finals weekend and England's Ben Youngs clears the Aussies back up to halfway in retaliation
England 0-0 Wallabies 1min Aussies come off well from the return and young Jordan Petaia proves himself, making the first daring break into the 22...the defence is holding well ...
England 0-0 Wallabies 2mins 18 phases come from the Aussies in attack as wave upon wave of assault comes into the England 22 - but it's Manu Tuilagi who puts a halt to it affecting the turnover
England 0-0 Wallabies 3mins It's the first scrum of the match and it's England's put in, in defence, and it has to be reset before the free kick comes to the Aussies, Kyle Sinckler pinged; the Aussies opt for another scrum...
England 0-0 Wallabies 4mins A patronising little pat on the head for Sinckler and he keeps his cool - discipline will be everything this afternoon...
England 0-0 Wallabies 5mins The pitch isn't too great and is cutting up already; the scrum has to be reset and the Aussies are determined to come away with something here...
England 0-0 Wallabies 6mins ...but it's England who win the battle of the forwards and the ball is cleared back over halfway for the first lineout - an Aussie thrown in on the back foot
England 0-0 Wallabies 8mins The setpiece is well executed and the Aussies pump the ball back over halfway and into touch for an England defensive lineout - which is won and the lines are cleared into Aussie territory
England 0-0 Wallabies 9mins England's lineout in attack and outside the 22, well secured and they move from seaside to far touch, the ball held in well and they shift toward the Aussie 22...
England 0-0 Wallabies 10mins ...but a well-targeted double hit on May and the ball is dislodged for Christian Leali'ifano to offload to Kurtley Beale who charges over halfway and flicks off the England defence until he's inside the 10m
England 0-3 Wallabies 11mins And he's brought down but it's an Aussie penalty which Leali'ifano pumps over, splicing the uprights for the opening points of the match
England 0-3 Wallabies 13mins It's a good effort from the Aussies from the England restart, until Sam Underhill bulldozes his way over Isi Naisarani and steals possession deep in Aussie territory
England 0-3 Wallabies 14mins It's an England scrum which has to be reset before it is won and England are in the Aussie 22 and on the attack...
England 0-3 Wallabies 15mins ...and they shift from the nearside, good hands taking it wide to toward the far side, but Henry Slade doesn't' offload despite men over and is shut down...
England 0-3 Wallabies 16mins England recycle quickly and efficiently and make it tho the corner but are so deftly turned over just a metre or two short of the tryline, courtesy of David Pocock and they clear England out of the 22!
England 0-3 Wallabies 17mins But England come back hard and fast, exploiting the impressive Aussie defence and are soon threatening the 22 as they barge their way through...
England 5-3 Wallabies 18mins ...Tom Curry creating the overlap over toward the far corner and the ball is out to May and pounces over the whitewash to score on the great occasion of his 50th cap
England v Australia QF1 Jonny May try RWC2019England 7-3 Wallabies 19mins Owen Farrell's kicking boots are firmly laced up today and he does not falter with that conversion
England 12-3 Wallabies 20mins Aussie restart looks good, until that sneaky Maro Itoje gets over the ball at the breakdown and Slade sprints from deep in his own half, breaching it and chips ahead for May to chase, collect & score again!
England 14-3 Wallabies 22mins Faz is on form with his kicking - England are on form with their game, and there is plenty of daylight on the scoreboard and between the teams so far heading into the 2nd quarter...
England 14-3 Wallabies 24mins But there's no rest for the wicked, and both sides are not letting up, Australia bulldozing their way into the England 22 from the restart and are threatening their age-old opposition
England 14-6 Wallabies 25mins Not for the first time in this short match so far, England are caught playing silly buggers at the breakdown, this time Jamie George pinged for not rolling away, and Leali'ifano punishes then with another 3 points
England 14-6 Wallabies 27mins England rage into the Aussie 22 from the restart but they are turned over with some vigour, but the Green & Gold are caught offside and England have the advantage again
England 14-6 Wallabies 28mins England can regroup and make their next assault on the G&G 22, fiercely waging war on their opposition, eliciting the result they require, forcing the error on Australia who are pinged at the breakdown...
England 17-6 Wallabies 30mins Faz the opportunity to quietly and calmly tee up from outside the Aussie 22, and splice the uprights yet again, this time with a three-pointer
England 17-6 Wallabies 31mins It's a steady and measured response from the G&G, they find their way into the England 22 and only have to hold onto possession to effect an assault...
England 17-6 Wallabies 32mins ...but the ball is turned over short of the whitewash, play is forced out of the 22 and even though G&G regain possession, a monster hit from Curry and play finished by Underhill gives England advantage - and ball
England 17-6 Wallabies 33mins England have an attacking scrum midfield and win it, Faz kicking the ball deep into the 22 but not into touch, pressure heaped on the G&G and the clear finds touch for England to attack again with a lineout
England 17-6 Wallabies 34mins England win their lineout - unsurprisingly and they rage an assault to the 22 from the 10m, but a Michael Hooper double tackle on Billy Vunipola turns over possession and G&G clean England out and away
England 17-6 Wallabies 35mins The G&G makes some yards via various methods and they breach the 10m in attack, forcing their way forward; England do affect a turnover but a knock keeps possession with the G&G
England v Australia QF1 Samu Kerevi wiped out by Jonny May RWC2019England 17-6 Wallabies 37mins England are unimpressed with Ref Garcès over the Billy V tackle and captain Faz lets it be known as the Aussies have an attacking scrum
England 17-6 Wallabies 38mins A couple of resets in, a pitch that is becoming more brown that green for cutting up, and England on the backfoot, they are pinged for collapsing the scrum
England 17-6 Wallabies 39mins The Hussies cold go for the corner and try their luck from the resulting penalty, but after an age, Leali'ifano decides to tee up from just inside the 22...
England 17-9 Wallabies 40mins Ref Garcès lets Faz know there will be a kick off after the penalty despite the gong ringing out for 40 minutes, and Leali'ifano adds another 3
England 17-9 Wallabies 40mins There's little effort put into the restart from England and it's a tad long; Australia take in the ball deep in their 22 and thump it into touch for HT

England 17-9 Wallabies HT T: May (2) C: Farrell (2) P: Farrell | P: Leali’ifano (3)

England 17-9 Wallabies HT England fans can dare to dream...🙊 Aussie fans probably need to start praying 🙈
England 17-9 Wallabies HT Are you ready for this...??? England most definitely are; Cheika probably had a word or two to offer the G&G boys at HT

England 17-9 Wallabies 40mins It's Faz to kick off the second half for one of these two to prove themselves and charge into the semi-finals next week
England 17-9 Wallabies 41mins England start as they mean to go on - winning the restarts - winning the attacking lineout - but get turned over with some class outside the Aussie 22 and the G&G run it to escape their half
England 17-14 Wallabies 42mins The England defence is caught napping on halfway and the G&G pop the ball wide out to Marika Koroibete -Slade missing the plot- who sprints unhindered to the corner to score!
England 17-16 Wallabies 43mins Elliot Daly gives up on trying to stop Koroibete coz he knows he's no hope; the try was sublime and the conversion from Leali'ifano has the G&G right back in this game 🙊
England 17-16 Wallabies 44mins This will no doubt be the game of the day, since the All Blacks will run rings round Irish Rugby. Sit back and enjoy...oh and 🍻
England 22-16 Wallabies 45mins Oh but how clever are England with this next play! G&G are busy tackling Billy V on halfway long enough to take the eye off the ball, and Sinckler trundles to the tryline and under the posts in hysterics to score!
England 24-16 Wallabies 46mins The easiest of conversions for Faz and England have stamped their mark again early doors. What a game!
England 24-16 Wallabies 48mins The restart has England back on the front foot, George causing havoc at the breakdown, giving England an attacking scrum...
England 24-16 Wallabies 49mins It's a solid scrum from England and they shove admirably, the Aussies collapsing the scrum and the penalty immediately awarded to England for Faz to tee up...
England 27-16 Wallabies 50mins ...and he has to reset himself and the ball on the tee in front of the post back at the 10m, and he adds another three-pointer
England 27-16 Wallabies 52mins This has not really been part of the game so far as aerial football does ensue finally, and with play in the midfield, Matt Toomua replaces Leali'ifano respectfully bows his way off the pitch
England 27-16 Wallabies 53mins It's an England lineout just inside the G&G half but it's disrupted buy the Aussies and they head toward the England 22, advantage being played...
England 27-16 Wallabies 54mins ...Itoje gets over the ball at the breakdown on the far side but the whistle goes for the penalty and G&G brace themselves to go again - clearing for an attacking lineout on the far side outside the 22....
England v Australia QF1 Jordan Petaia high ballEngland 27-16 Wallabies 55mins Itoje frustrates that too, but G&G hang onto the ball and they attack into the 22, Underhill pinged for being off his feet, handing over yet another penalty - England's 7th 🙄
England 27-16 Wallabies 57mins G&G opt for the scrum since they are almost on top of the England tryline already, England making it as hard as possible and the scrum goes down to be reset...
England 27-16 Wallabies 58mins Will Genia fails to get the ball into the scrum while England fans are in fine voice, belting out 'Swing Low' round the stadium...
England 27-16 Wallabies 59mins England's defence is being widely tested as they again and again they have to prevent any of the G&G getting within touching distance of the whitewash...
England 27-16 Wallabies 60mins ...and they win the battle, Sinckler ripping the ball in his 22, Underhill gets it away but it doesn't find touch and G&G are on the attack again...
England 27-16 Wallabies 60mins A much needed breather for both sides as Nic White & his moustache arrive for Genia, and England's other captain, George Ford is on for Slade who hasn't been his best in all aspects
England 27-16 Wallabies 61mins England scrum about to be set just inside their own half, but not before Taniela Tupou replaces Allan Alaalatoa in the front row
England 27-16 Wallabies 62mins It's a solid setpiece from England and Samu Kerevi gets under the high ball before Daly as a result, but England are threatening the 22 again, the ball bouncing for Beale to clear though
England 27-16 Wallabies 63mins But an excellent effort from England as they attack with verve through Youngs who heads to the corner and is double tackled by White and Tupou > TMO
England 27-16 Wallabies 64mins TMO Ben Skeen confirms the knock from Youngs on the corner but an earlier G&G infringement gives England the penalty and Faz tees up while George Kruis and Dan Cole replace Courtney Lawes and Sinckler
England v Australia QF1 Owen Farrell RWC2019England 30-16 Wallabies 65mins Faz clunkiness (as he called it) against the Pumas has well and truly been dismissed as he adds three more points
England 30-16 Wallabies 65mins Jordan Uelese and Adam Coleman come on for Tolu Latu and Rory Arnold as the Aussies restart the game
England 30-16 Wallabies 66mins Ball flies high both ways and England carry up to the Aussie 10m. Pocock almost turning it over but not quite; Ford pumps it high for the Aussies to escape their territory…
England 30-16 Wallabies 67mins England's defence are making it very hard for the G&G to get out of their own half, England pinning them back for 10 phases...
England 30-16 Wallabies 68mins ...but by the twelfth, the Aussies have made it into England territory and make some yards, before more changes come...
England 30-16 Wallabies 68mins Kerevi chips over and Daly leaves it to find touch as there's a short time off as the Mako Vunipola is led off for a blood replacement…Marler replacing him
England 30-16 Wallabies 69mins Luke Cowan-Dickie & Lewis Ludlam replace George and Underhill | Lukhan Salakaia-Loto and James Slipper on for Naisarani and Scott Sio
England 30-16 Wallabies 70mins It's an England defensive scrum and it's swiftly executed, the boys in white coming away with the free kick and clearing for a lineout outside the Aussie 22
England 30-16 Wallabies 71mins England are all over The Australians, destroying any gameplan the G&G may have, disrupting all their play, and leaning on them with intense pressure to cough up penalties...
England 33-16 Wallabies 72mins ...and another comes for England to either go for the corner for 7, or take the easier option with just 8 minutes to go, and Faz does from out wide on the 22 - three more points
England 33-16 Wallabies 73mins The clock is off as a rest is taken, water arrives, as does Willi Heinz for Youngs and James O'Connor for Petaia
England 33-16 Wallabies 74mins As Jonathan Joseph replaces Tuilagi, it's an England scrum on halfway and Ford pumps the ball into the Aussie 22 for a defensive G&G lineout, 5 metres from their own tryline
England 38-16 Wallabies 75mins White struggles to escape the 22, Beale does and reaches the 10m and offloads wide for Anthony Watson to intercept and run in a fourth and magnificent try 😎
England 40-16 Wallabies 76mins Faz adds the extras, and Australia need to find something to save face here in Japan...
England 40-21 Wallabies 77mins ...and they do with a sublime pass on halfway to Koroibete who runs from touch across field completely unhindered to score in the only way he knows how - with style 😎
England 40-16 Wallabies 78mins But what a shame for the G&G as TMO Skeen confirms the final pass to Koroibete was clearly forward and it's no try 🙄 Correct call but what a run from the wing
England 40-16 Wallabies 79mins It's an Aussie scrum back at their 22 in the dying minutes of the game and they win it and run the ball...
England 40-16 Wallabies 80mins ...but the final gong rings out as the Aussies reach halfway, the ball is turned over and kicked to touch for England's semi-final berth in Tokyo against the All Blacks (😜)

England v Australia QF1 The End RWC2019


England Rugby15 Elliot Daly 14 Anthony Watson 13 Henry Slade 12 Manu Tuilagi 11 Jonny May 10 OWEN FARRELL (C) 9 Ben Youngs 1 Mako Vunipola 2 Jamie George 3 Kyle Sinckler 4 Maro Itoje 5 Courtney Lawes 6 Tom Curry 7 Sam Underhill 8 Billy Vunipola BENCH:  16 Luke Cowan-Dickie 17 Joe Marler 18 Dan Cole 19 George Kruis 20 Lewis Ludlam 21 Willi Heinz 22 George Ford 23 Jonathan Joseph

SCORERS T: May (2), Sinckler, Watson C: Farrell (4) P: Farrell (4)

Australia15 Kurtley Beale 14 Reece Hodge 13 Jordan Petaia 12 Samu Kerevi 11 Marika Koroibete 10 Christian Leali'ifano 9 Will Genia 1 Scott Sio 2 Tolu Latu 3 Allan Alaalatoa 4 Izack Rodda 5 Rory Arnold 6 David Pocock 7 MICHAEL HOOPER (C) 8 Isi Naisarani BENCH:  16 Jordan Uelese 17 James Slipper 18 Taniela  Tupou 19 Adam Coleman 20 Lukhan Salakaia-Loto  21 Nicholas White 22 Matt Toomua 23 James O'Connor

SCORERS T: Koroibete C: Leali’ifano P: Leali’ifano (3)

Man of the Match: Tom Curry England Rugby

Referee: Jérôme Garcès (FFR) Asst. Referees: Romain Poite (FFR), Mathieu Raynal (FFR) TMO: Ben Skeen (NZRU)




W RWC 2019 Pool B vs RU RWC 2019 Pool A


QF2 New Zealand v Ireland RWC2019

Tokyo Stadium - Saturday, 19 October 2018
KO: 19:15 HT: 22-0 Att: 48,656


NZ vs Ireland The crowd is utterly deafening at #RWCTokyo as the teams make their way out onto the pitch
NZ vs Ireland Before the anthems, of course the rightful and obligatory moment's silence for the devastation and loss from Typhoon Hagibis last weekend...
NZ vs Ireland We're minutes from KO in Tokyo for 🇳🇿🏉🇮🇪; just the small matter of a haka, and it's Kapa O Pango as the Irish fans try to drown out the All Blacks

NZ vs Ireland You wouldn't put your house on Ireland reaching the RWC semi-finals next week, would you... 🙈
NZ 0-0 Ireland 1min We have KO from the ABs and a knock on comes from Sevu Reece for an Ireland midfield scrum
NZ 0-0 Ireland 2mins Ireland clear, the Kiwis come back and set up a defensive lineout for Ireland; they may be the best in the world, but jeez did Jack Goodhue do that - a mullet - to his hair as a bet 🙊
NZ 0-0 Ireland 3mins Ireland win the lineout but hand over possession at the breakdown; time off as Sam Whitelock needs some attention first, crushed under the ruck
NZ 0-0 Ireland 5mins It's a time off as Garry Ringrose is replaced by Jordan Larmour for blood before Richie Mo'unga tees up his first penalty of the evening
NZ 3-0 Ireland 6mins And the account is opened for the ABs with such ease
NZ 3-0 Ireland 7mins The Irish restart has them firmly in ABs territory, and break from captain Rory Best and Conor Murray follows suit, but as the Irish approach the 22, Keith Earls loses possession and Larmour is forced to chase it to inside his 10m to prevent another assault from the ABs
NZ 3-0 Ireland 8mins Murray's kick is charged down and the ball's in touch for an Irish defensive lineout, which goes well and Ardie Savea is pinged at the breakdown for Ireland to clear the ABs back up to halfway
NZ 3-0 Ireland 9mins Ringrose is all cleaned up, claret stemmed and Larmour is back to the bench
NZ 3-0 Ireland 9mins It's an Irish lineout but Robbie Henshaw loses possession as he is double tackled by Anton Lienert-Brown and Sam Cane
NZ 3-0 Ireland 10mins It's an ABs put in to the scrum just inside Ireland territory which they win cleanly and charge ahead to the 22...
NZ 3-0 Ireland 11mins The Irish defence is repelling the assault fairly efficiently and the ABs are held for a while until Mo'unga chips through for Rob Kearney to save the ball in the corner to clear
NZ 3-0 Ireland 12mins The ABs aren't going to hang around waiting for an invitation and they are all over the 22 again already, picking and going but it's slow ball from the rucks...
NZ 8-0 Ireland 13mins The ABs go wide out to far touch for George Bridge to be shut down so they work their way back toward the centre of the pitch, still only yards from the tryline, and it's Aaron Smith who finds the chasm to dance though to score
NZ 10-0 Ireland 14mins A simple conversion for Mo'unga and the All Black tirade has begun on the Irish in earnest...
NZ 10-0 Ireland 16mins From the restart, Ref Nige is playing advantage after Codie Taylor tackles James Ryan quite proficiently - but without the ball 🙄
NZ 10-0 Ireland 17mins Johnny Sexton's kick to touch is pumped back in immediately by Mo'unga and the ABs are stealing the strength from Ireland's attacks
NZ 10-0 Ireland 18mins Ireland have an attacking lineout outside the ABs 22 and they lose the ball in contact for a Kiwi scrum in defence
New Zealand v Ireland QF2 Sevu Reece magic RWC2019NZ 15-0 Ireland 19mins Perfect setpiece from the Kiwis in their own half, through Goodhue and Reece the assault is relentless toward the corner, the Irish defenders being flicked off and Smith scores a brace already
NZ 17-0 Ireland 21mins Mo'unga of course adds the extras even though it's almost from the touchline; Larmour's back on again, this time for Henshaw off for blood
NZ 17-0 Ireland 23mins Not sure how Ireland are going to score at all here, and it doesn't help when Ringrose wraps his arm round Savea's neck - but Ref Nige doesn't go for the cards
NZ 17-0 Ireland 24mins Ireland are in possession momentarily, but it doesn't last as they reach the ABs 22 and get turned over
NZ 17-0 Ireland 26mins New Zealand steadily shift toward halfway to escape their half, and Cian Healy is pinged for offside at the ruck to firmly hand possession in an attacking position to the ABs; Larmour returns to the bench again as Henshaw returns
NZ 17-0 Ireland 27mins The ABs chip over halfway and calm and collected in their next assault, seven phases in and have breached the Irish 22...
NZ 17-0 Ireland 28mins Time is off for a sec as captain Kieran Read issues some directives over a drink, and Peter O'Mahony gets some medical attention after an accidental knock in occurs for the ABs in the ruck
NZ 17-0 Ireland 29mins It's not often the Ref can't hear himself think, but this crowd is making it difficult for the officials and players; Ireland just about secure their defensive scrum on their 22 and possession is kicked away
NZ 17-0 Ireland 30mins The ABs kick it back into Irish territory and they realise they need ball in hand if they are to make any headway into Kiwi territory
NZ 17-0 Ireland 31mins Kane is pinged for his tackle on Sexton, and the latter clears for a 10m attacking lineout and they win it, but of course they can't hold onto the ball for long
NZ 17-0 Ireland 31mins Sexton attempts to get the ball away but Mo'unga heads it and Beauden Barrett chases it to score a third try...but we go to the TMO Graham Hughes
NZ 22-0 Ireland 31mins We know the try is good; TMO confirms Mo'unga heads Sexton's hand, never touches the ball, and is on side to chase the ball so the try is good for Beauden B
New Zealand v Ireland QF2 Beauden Barrett try RWC2019NZ 22-0 Ireland 33mins However, Mo'unga misses the conversion so it's only 22 points against Ireland at the moment, not 24 already
NZ 22-0 Ireland 34mins Ireland are the architects of their own downfall here; the ABs aren't having to try too hard as they persistently turn over Irish ball and the unforced errors and penalties continues to mount up for the Europeans
NZ 22-0 Ireland 36mins Beauden B chips through but the ball doesn't bounce his way, but Ireland blow it again with yet another handling error, knocking the ball on for a Kiwi penalty
NZ 22-0 Ireland 37mins However, Mo'unga's kick to touch is unusually long into deadball area and it's an Irish scrum back on halfway
NZ 22-0 Ireland 38mins The scrum has to be reset and really does take an age before the ball is out and Sexton pumps it into touch; touch judge indicates it's for the ABs but it came off Mo'unga's boot
NZ 22-0 Ireland 39mins It's an attacking lineout for Ireland outside the ABs 22, actually far closer to the 10m and they do hang onto it and head toward the 22...
NZ 22-0 Ireland 40mins The HT gong has rung out, Ireland still have ball in hand, advantage is being played and they go 10 phases still outside the 22 before the ABs are pinged for off feet
NZ 22-0 Ireland 40+1mins Sexton kicks to touch for a 5m attacking lineout and they win their setpiece, but struggle to get closer than 2 metres as the ABs wall is impenetrable, but advantage is being played still...
NZ 22-0 Ireland 40+2mins The whistle comes and we're up to the TMO to check Read coming in from offside and also O'Mahony...
NZ 22-0 Ireland 40+2mins Read is guilty, but O'Mahony is too leading his charge with his shoulder into Whitelock. Original penalty is reversed; Sexton petulantly walks off with Mo'unga's ball before the latter kicks it into touch for HT

NZ 22-0 Ireland HT T: Smith (2), Beauden Barrett C: Mo'unga (2) P: Mo'unga | -

NZ 22-0 Ireland HT Good to see attention is being paid everywhere to the rugby! Bravo Prime Minister Boris Johnson! Good luck to you too later...
NZ 22-0 Ireland HT Irish commentators claiming the All Blacks have turned up a notch against Ireland - don't think they're in 3rd gear yet!

NZ 22-0 Ireland 40mins Scott Barrett has come on for New Zealand, replacing Cane as the ABs are quickly all over Irish territory
NZ 22-0 Ireland 41mins Cane put in a good shift in the first half, and Scott B no doubt will be formidable too as the ABs are quickly into the Irish 22
NZ 22-0 Ireland 43mins Ireland wrestle possession back from the ABs and have a defensive scrum in their 22, and then execute it well enough to clear the ABs out...for now...
NZ 22-0 Ireland 44mins But it doesn't last and the Kiwis are fast back into the Irish 22 carried by Bridge, and they are threatening the whitewash yet again already...
NZ 22-0 Ireland 45mins It's a knock on by CJ Stander in his 22, giving the ABs another attacking scrum, 6m out...but first a time off as Joe Moody gets attention from the medics
NZ 22-0 Ireland 46mins The scrum is won and the Kiwis battle forward, having the recycle repeatedly, despite so many Irish shirts off their feet at ruck after ruck...
NZ 27-0 Ireland 47mins ...Read gets taken down a metre short but he manages to offload back up to Codie Taylor who flops over the whitewash to score
NZ 27-0 Ireland 48mins Ofa Tu'ungafasi and Angus Ta'avao on for Moody and Nepo Laulala while Tadhg Beirne and Dave Kilcoyne replace Iain Henderson and Healy
NZ 29-0 Ireland 49mins Mo'unga adds the extras as the ABs switch up to 3rd gear with such class; Ireland carry on like this and they won't need their 4th
NZ 29-0 Ireland 50mins Ireland finally have some possession and have battled to halfway from back in their own half, they have a penalty to set up an attacking lineout outside the ABs 22 and they reach it but can't breach it…
New Zealand v Ireland QF2 Lineout RWC2019NZ 29-0 Ireland 51mins …going 7 phases, Garryowening into the 22 but turned over, and but they are again punished with O'Mahony off his feet at the ruck while Reece steals the ball so neatly
NZ 29-0 Ireland 52mins Sonny Bill Williams replaces Goodhue while Larmour returns again - a bit like a boomerang - this time for Kearney
NZ 29-0 Ireland 54mins Meanwhile, the ABs are back at the Irish 22 and Bridge runs into it, tackled short at the nearside corner so the ball is flung inside...
NZ 29-0 Ireland 56mins It's a steady shift forward for the All Blacks and they are within 3 metres but Brodie Retallick is pinged for off feet and the Irish can clear the ABs out of their 22
NZ 29-0 Ireland 57mins Sounds like the Irish are whining at Ref Nige too much and he's not having any of it; they still whinge even though they have the penalty from an ABs knock on 🙄
NZ 29-0 Ireland 57mins Short time off before the Irish scrum on ABs 10m; Matt Todd is on for Retallick while Rhys Ruddock replaces O'Mahony
NZ 29-0 Ireland 59mins Ireland win their scrum and could make some yards, if only the penalty kick wasn't so poor, not finding touch and momentum is diverted again
NZ 29-0 Ireland 60mins The ball flies across halfway aerially a couple of times before it finds touch in desperation from a green boot, giving the ABs another attacking lineout after TJ Perenara and Dane Coles replace Smith and Taylor, while Andrew Porter is on for Tadhg Furlong
New Zealand v Ireland QF2 Anton Lienert Brown RWC2019NZ 34-0 Ireland 61mins It's a perfect setpiece and the resulting drive splinters the Irish defence, the ABs go wide, Reece is taken down short but Todd thumps down the fifth All Black try
NZ 34-0 Ireland 62mins There's no conversion, but there is fresh blood - third Barrett brother, Jordie, replaces Reece, while Niall Scannell and Joey Carbery are on for Rory Best and Sexton; Best goes off to huge applause as he ends his international career with Ireland with this match
NZ 34-0 Ireland 64mins Ireland are in possession, and have an attacking lineout inside the ABs 10m, having missed another kick to touch 🙄
NZ 34-0 Ireland 65mins The lineout on nearside touch is well won and they play the ball wide, Stockdale making a significant break and the Irish finally breaching the ABs' 22...
NZ 34-0 Ireland 66mins ...and they go 14 phases for Carbery to chip the ball ahead for Henshaw to chase...and he knocks it on in the goal area! 🙈
NZ 34-5 Ireland 68mins Luckily for Henshaw, advantage was being played and Ireland are back for a 5m attacking scrum, the ball out quickly and Henshaw redeems himself by flying in under the posts to score
NZ 34-7 Ireland 69mins Carbery adds the extras while no doubt the All Blacks are seething not keeping their opposition nilled
NZ 34-7 Ireland 71mins But we know the ABs never switch off, and from the restart, they're already back at the Irish 22 before Ireland do wrestle back possession
NZ 39-7 Ireland 72mins The ABs have to come back from a little further away, and it's Savea who steals the ball from his 10m, bolts to the 22 and offloads to Dane Coles who pops it out to Bridge who finally gets his score
NZ 41-7 Ireland 73mins the conversion comes from Mo'unga and the ABs are racking up that try scoring total...
NZ 41-7 Ireland 74mins Luke McGrath replaces Murray while Larmour makes a superb break to the corner, which somehow Mo'unga halts just short...
NZ 41-14 Ireland 76mins A penalty comes to Ireland and they are barely 5 metres short of the whitewash - it's a good lineout and drive and recycle and a penalty try on the posts!
New Zealand v Ireland QF2 The Refs RWC2019NZ 41-14 Ireland 77mins We're up to TMO Hughes to confirm Todd illegally blocked the post and he's off to the naughty step for the rest of the match
NZ 41-14 Ireland 78mins From the restart, the All Blacks are deep in the Irish 22, Beauden B is man of the match, we have a scrum coming but a time off before it is set
NZ 46-14 Ireland 79mins Oh this is far too easy for the Kiwis - the scrum is easy, the ball flies out wide, Beauden B offloads to Jordie B who flies over in the corner with not an Irishman in defence to be seen
NZ 46-14 Ireland 80mins The final gong rings out as Mo'unga misses the final conversion, and as too easily predicted, it's an England Rugby vs All Blacks semi-final at #RWCYokohama next Saturday

New Zealand v Ireland QF2 Rory Best The End RWC2019


New Zealand15 Beauden Barrett 14 Sevu Reece 13 Jack Goodhue 12 Anton Lienert-Brown 11 George Bridge 10 Richie Mo'unga 9 Aaron Smith  1 Joe Moody 2 Codie Taylor 3 Nepo Laulala 4 Brodie Retallick 5 Sam Whitelock 6 Ardie Savea 7 Sam Cane  8 KIERAN READ (C) BENCH:  16 Dane Coles 17 Ofa Tu'ungafasi 18 Angus Ta'avao 19 Scott Barrett 20 Matt Todd 21 TJ Perenara 22 Sonny Bill Williams 23 Jordie Barrett

SCORERS T: Smith (2), Beauden Barrett, Taylor, Todd, Bridge, Jordie Barrett C: Mo'unga (4) P: Mo'unga Yellow Card Todd

Ireland15 Rob Kearney 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Jacob Stockdale 10 Johnny  Sexton 9 Conor Murray 1 Cian Healy 2 RORY BEST (C) 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Iain Henderson 5 James  Ryan 6 Peter O'Mahony 7 Josh van der Flier 8 CJ Stander BENCH:  16 Niall Scannell 17 Dave Kilcoyne 18 Andrew Porter 19 Tadhg Beirne 20 Rhys Ruddock 21 Luke McGrath 22 Joey Carbery 23 Jordan Larmour

SCORERS T:  Henshaw, PT C:  Carbery

Man of the Match: Beauden Barrett

Referee: Nigel Owens (WRU) Asst. Referees: Pascal Gaüzère (FFR), Angus Gardner (ARU) TMO: Graham Hughes (RFU)




W RWC 2019 Pool D vs RU RWC 2019 Pool C


QF3 Wales v France RWC2019

Oita Stadium - Sunday, 20 October 2018
KO: 16:15 HT: 10-19 Att: 34,426


Wales vs France Well here we are at #RWCOita for the final match of RWC2019 in this wonderful city in Japan. KO is in 20 minutes, and this is huge - AWJ, North & Halfpenny all experienced in being beaten by Les Bleus in the play offs in 2011...
Wales vs France It's a late change for Wales with Jonathan Davies pulling out of the squad, so Owen Watkin comes up from the bench in his place and, and Welsh fans will be relieved the replacement is a certain Leigh Halfpenny
Wales vs France For Les Bleus, Maxime Médard is the only survivor of the team which beat Wales in the Rugby World Cup 2011 semi-final, again starting at full-back
Wales vs France We're of an age where fathers & sons are now recipients of RWC accolades since its inception. With Romain Ntamack at fly-half, he and father Emile are the first father and son to represent France in QFs
Wales vs France if Ross Moriarty comes on for Wales from the bench against France. His father Paul played in the quarter-final of Rugby World Cup 1987 for Wales against England
Wales vs France It's time for those heart-rousing Japanese drums to take over the stadium and rile up the crowd as Wales & Les Bleus pour out onto the pitch at #RWCOita...
Wales vs France Welsh anthem done, and now it's time for the best ever with Les Marseillaise...🎶🎵It lifts your spirits!
Wales 0-0 France 1min Brace yourselves...we have KO! Ref Peyper indicates we may begin and Wales start off the proceedings, the ball not gathered by Les Bleus and Wales to the 22 already...
Wales 0-0 France 1min ...but as the French fans are loud and proud with 'Allez Les Bleus!', the French shove the Welsh all the way back to the 10m
Wales 0-0 France 2mins A kick goes long and to the hands of Médard who clears the Welsh back to halfway for the lineout, which the Welsh execute just fine, but the French aren't letting then have it their way, stealing possession
Wales 0-0 France 3mins And Les Bleus drive play over halfway, the 10m, the 22 and they threaten the Walsh tryline with some intent, Damian Penaud coming close but Justin Tipuric saving the try...
Wales 0-0 France 4mins But it's not enough and the French have an attacking 5m lineout which they pull off awfully well, and drive to the line to recycle as it's not so easy to breach the Welsh defensive wall of red...
Wales v France Sebastien Vahaamahina try QF3 RWC2019Wales 0-5 France 5mins ...and it's Sébastien Vahaamahina who finds the whitewash, much to the ire of Aaron Wainwright who can't stop him, and France have scored!
Wales 0-5 France 6mins However, Ntamack can't find his mark with his conversion - and that might just matter 🙊
Wales 0-10 France 7mins Wales don't do an impressive job of securing the restart ball, and Les Bleus have other ideas, the ball flying from Virimi Vakatawa to Antoine Dupont to Ntamack to Charles Ollivon who sprints in under the posts!
Wales 0-12 France 8mins And it's a simple conversion this time for Ntamack - Wales is likely quite quiet right now 😱
Wales 0-12 France 10mins Oh. This is the not the Wales expected to turn up. And the French truly have. Wales only invade French territory slightly before they are shoved directly out again...
Wales v France Charles Ollivon try with Yoann Huget QF3 RWC2019Wales 5-12 France 11mins However, the ball comes loose from Les Bleus at the breakdown in the midfield with captain Guilhem Guirado getting knocked away, and Wainwright collects and sprints unhindered to score under the posts!
Wales 7-12 France 13mins Dan Biggar quickly and easily adds the extras. Looks like we have a game today 😆
Wales 7-12 France 15mins Biggar is efficient with a clearance kick and gives Les Bleus a defensive lineout outside the 22...
Wales 7-12 France 16mins ...and despite Wales' best efforts to halt the catch and drive, the penalty goes to France and they have a defensive scrum at their 22 - which has to be reset
Wales 7-12 France 17mins Correction - it's a Welsh scrum and they heave forward, though not much and only reach the 22, 2 metres ahead...
Wales 10-12 France 19mins The French are pinged for a knock on at the breakdown, and Biggar tees up the simplest of three points from on the 22 in front of the posts and he reduces the deficit to just 2
Wales 10-12 France 20mins Restart has Wales defending their 22 and the ball is deftly cleared by Biggar for a French lineout just inside their half...
Wales 10-12 France 22mins Neatly done, the French secure their lineout ball and come infield from far touch, along halfway and a kicking game ensues, to the Welsh 22 from Médard and thumped back by Williams
Wales 10-12 France 23mins More kicking to the French 22 and back over halfway and the Welsh effort isn't as successful as they hoped, Les Bleus making the break through Gaël Fickou over the 10m...
Wales 10-12 France 25mins ...but the threat is stamped out quickly and Jefferson Poirot is pinged for a neck roll tackle, Biggar able to reset and clear the French away from Welsh territory
Wales 10-12 France 26mins Some lovely hands from the Welsh as they are forced to come wide from the centre of the pitch, a delightful tip pass from Watkin to AWJ to Ken Owens...
Wales 10-12 France 27mins However, inside their 10m, Les Bleus have a defensive scrum after Josh Navidi is forced off the pitch with an injury, Moriarty on in his place
Wales 10-12 France 28mins It's a solid scrum from the French and they bulldoze over halfway, making some serious yards, and Moriarty is off the pitch as quickly as he arrived after he smacks Fickou in the chin with a high tackle...
Wales 10-12 France 29mins The French knock on in the Welsh 22 is wiped out and while Moriarty is off to the naughty step with a yellow (he's lucky it's not a red), Les Bleus kick to touch for an attacking 22 lineout
Wales 10-17 France 30mins It's excellent set piece from Les Bleus, Gregory Alldritt back out to Guirado, ball is recycled and from Ntamack to Penaud to Vakatawa who dives over the whitewash to score!
Wales 10-19 France 31mins Ntamack's conversion is just as impressive and the French are stretching their lead approaching HT...
Wales v France Les Bleus fan at Oita Stadium QF3 RWC2019Wales 10-19 France 33mins And before you can say boo to a goose, Les Bleus are back deep in the Welsh 22 with another attacking lineout...🙊
Wales 10-19 France 35mins The Welsh defence forces the French from far touch to the nearside, from within half a metre of the whitewash to back at the 22, Fickou gets close to the corner but eventually the ball finds touch in the corner
Wales 10-19 France 35mins Time is off, Wales can take a breath, Alldritt goes off for bloody, advantage was being played and the penalty has come to Les Bleus
Wales 10-19 France 37mins Ntamack kick at the uprights pings off the left post 🙈 into Welsh hands and they clear to just outside the 22...
Wales 10-19 France 38mins It was only a momentarily halt for Alldritt, not even long enough for Louis Picamoles to come on; Les Bleus win their attacking lineout and they invade the 22 yet again in quite threatening fashion...
Wales 10-19 France 40mins Welsh defence holds out for a short while - 12 French phrases, and they steal back possession, the ball lost forward; it is again for Guirado to collect and sneak round the posts to score - but the whistle has gone
Wales 10-19 France 40+1 mins The HT gong has long rung out, it's a Welsh scrum near touch inside their 22, it has to be reset before the free kick comes for Wales to kick to touch for HT

Wales 10-19 France HT T: Wainwright C: Biggar P: Biggar Yellow Card Moriarty | T: Vahaamahina, Ollivon, Vakatawa C: Ntamack (2)

Wales 10-19 France 40mins Les Bleus have made a change at fly half with Camille Lopez replacing Ntamack; the Welsh are pleased at this - they obviously haven't seen much of Lopez...
Wales 10-19 France 41mins Moriarty's back on of course; possession changes hands rapidly at the start of this half, the Welsh again in possession from the breakdown at the French 10m
Wales 10-19 France 42mins But a knock on puts the French outside the Welsh 22 with an attacking lineout...
Wales 10-19 France 43mins Les Bleus win their lineout, drive, move infield, Lopez drops back and misses the right upright by a whisper with his drop goal attempt
Wales 10-19 France 45mins It's still French ball and they approach the Welsh 22 again, but get turned over and the ball is well cleared, directly into Lopez's careful hands and he runs it back...
Wales 10-19 France 46mins Moriarty gets fingertips to the French clear and Williams hustles it into touch for a French lineout, while Josh Adams gets all shirty with Poirot - who just laughs at him 🤭
Wales 10-19 France 47mins The lineout is won and the French do attack, but play is halted for a high tackle and the Welsh are let off
Wales 10-19 France 48mins However, as the Welsh push play back up to the midfield, play is halted after TMO Marius Jonker has a closer look at Vahaamahina in the maul...
Wales 10-19 France 48mins ...and at close inspection, there's no doubt that's France's first card this RWC is a red as he pushes Wainwright back, stretches his arm again and elbows him in the face, his back to him the entire time
Wales 10-19 France 50mins A man up for the rest of the match, it's time for Wales to step up, while Camille Chat is on for Guirado
Wales 10-19 France 51mins Wales set up a 22 attacking lineout, but are quickly turned over 5 metres short of the tryline; France clear back up to the 10m for another Welsh lineout and they catch and drive but are halted outside the 22
Wales 10-19 France 52mins A drive into the 22 and advantage is being played; the ball comes loose and we're back for the penalty for Biggar to tee up from wide...
Wales 13-19 France 53mins Biggar narrows the Welsh deficit while France bring on Paul Gabrillagues to replace Alldritt
Wales 13-19 France 55mins The latest Welsh effort at an assault is halted with a turnover from Poirot as Tomas Williams replaces Gareth Davies and France clear to the Welsh 22
Wales 13-19 France 56mins The lineout is good for France, they breach the 22, Wales can't secure turnover ball and Les Bleus continue to bulldoze ahead...
Wales v France Wenceslas Lauret wrapped by Aaron Wainwright QF3 RWC2019Wales 13-19 France 57mins In the centre of the 22, France line up their ducks at the breakdown and go wide to the corner in attack, and Penaud almost finds a way through...
Wales 13-19 France 58mins ...but Adams disrupts the ball and the Welsh can breathe a sigh of relief again, a time off before a defensive scrum...
Wales 13-19 France 59mins The scrum is good but aerial football ensues - well that's boring 🙄 Eventually the fullbacks stop fannying around and the ball is cleared to Médard and he thumps it back...
Wales 13-19 France 61mins ...for a Welsh lineout just inside their half. Wales don't get far with it and the huge kicks keep coming from Médard as he keeps the Welsh pinned back in their half; 5m drop out
Wales 13-19 France 62mins Finally they escape to the midfield and a penalty allows Wales to set up a 22 attacking lineout - but front row changes first...
Wales 13-19 France 63mins Rhys Carre, Dillon Lewis & Adam Beard on for Wyn Jones, Tom Francis & Jake Ball
Wales 13-19 France 64mins Wales win their lineout on the nearside, are forced to the far side, ad work it back, making a break, halted, go again and have men over only for Yoann Huget to spoil the party
Wales 13-19 France 65mins Proficient effort from France and Médard clears to hallway for a lineout, while Picamoles replaces Bernard Le Roux
Wales 13-19 France 66mins Les Bleus execute well at nearside touch and play flies toward the midfield, the ball goes high and Liam Williams knocks it on, the Welsh players overreacting to the call - bit dramatic 🙄
Wales 13-19 France 67mins Oh that's a solid scrum from Les Bleus and they charge into the Welsh 22 and are looking ever so fierce again - ball isn't quick coming out though from Vakatawa's assault; Cyril Baille is on for Poirot
Wales 13-19 France 69minsThe Welsh gift a penalty in their own 22 and it's a French attacking scrum - it's reset but the ball is swiftly stolen and cleared to the French 22... Previously, Cyril Baille replaced Poirot in the front row
Wales 13-19 France 71mins The ball comes back through Médard but quickly the Welsh are back deep in French territory, ball in hand and with an opportunity...
Wales 13-19 France 72mins ...but it is taken away with a turnover from Les Bleus and can clear the Welsh back up to the midfield. A good call - until Gabrillagues hands over a churlish penalty; Emerick Setiano and Baptiste Serin replace Rabah Slimani and Antoine Dupont
Wales 13-19 France 73mins Wales kick to the French 22 for an attacking lineout within it, and they win and drive toward the posts, in tasting distance of the whitewash and the Lewis knocks it on! 🙈
Wales 18-19 France 73mins It's a French defensive scrum 5m from their tryline but the shove on from Wales is huge, the ball popping up for Moriarty to pounce over the tryline 🙊
Wales v France Ross Moriarty try QF3 RWC2019Wales 18-19 France 73mins However, play is halted as Ref Peyper wants to check the ball isn't passed forward following the rip from Tomas Williams
Wales 20-19 France 74mins The replay is unclear and the benefit of the doubt goes to Wales; Biggar adds the extras to take the lead
Wales 20-19 France 75mins Elliot Dee replace stalwart Owens. The restart isn't great, and the ball ends up flying dead for a Welsh scrum back on halfway...
Wales 20-19 France 76mins ...which is reset twice, the first time spinning like a roundabout, both sides warned...
Wales 20-19 France 77mins Ref Peyper gives up on the position after three attempts and moves the scrum infield a little more, before it is executed and the Welsh have the free kick; Vincent Rattez is on for Médard
Wales 20-19 France 78mins The ball is cleared to the French 22 for a Wales lineout, and they meander to the position to run down the clock...
Wales 20-19 France 79mins The lineout is won, and the Welsh hold the ball in, go nowhere, try nothing knowing they just need a few more seconds...
Wales 20-19 France 80mins Tomos Williams has one eye on the clock and as soon as he can, the ball is to Biggar to kick to touch to rob France of the win
Wales 20-19 France And that's Wales through to the RWC2019 semi-finals by the skin of their teeth


Wales15 Liam Williams 14 George North 13 Owen Watkin 12 Hadleigh Parkes 11 Josh Adams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Gareth Davies 1 Wyn Jones 2 Ken Owens 3 Tom Francis 4 Jake Ball 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Aaron Wainwright 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Josh Navidi BENCH: 16 Elliot Dee 17 Rhys Carre 18 Dillon Lewis 19 Adam Beard 20 Ross Moriarty 21 Tomos Williams 22 Rhys Patchell 23 Leigh Halfpenny

SCORERS T: Wainwright, Moriarty C: Biggar (2) P: Biggar (2) Yellow Card Moriarty

France Rugby15 Maxime Médard 14 Damian Penaud 13 Virimi Vakatawa 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Yoann Huget 10 Romain Ntamack 9 Antoine Dupont 1 Jefferson Poirot 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Rabah Slimani 4 Bernard Le Roux 5 Sébastien Vahaamahina 6 Wenceslas Lauret 7 Charles Ollivon 8 Gregory Alldritt BENCH: 16 Camille Chat 17 Cyril Baille 18 Emerick Setiano 19 Paul Gabrillagues 20 Louis Picamoles 21 Baptiste Serin 22 Camille Lopez 23 Vincent Rattez

SCORERS T: Vahaamahina, Ollivon, Vakatawa C: Ntamack (2) Red Card Vahaamahina

Man of the Match: Aaron Wainwright Wales

Referee: Jaco Peyper (SARU) Asst. Referees: Nic Berry (ARU), Paul Williams (NZRU) TMO: Marius Jonker (SARU)




W RWC 2019 Pool A vs RU RWC 2019 Pool B


QF4 Japan v South Africa RWC2019

Tokyo Stadium - Sunday, 20 October 2018
KO: 19:15 HT: 3-5 Att: 48,831


Japan vs Boks So that's Wales through to SF2 next weekend with a bit of luck, but now...this is the match of the weekend! At #RWCTokyo, it's the replay from RWC2015!
Japan vs Boks And doesn't everyone remember where they were for #RSAvJPN on 19 September 2015? In case you need a reminder...

South Africa v Japan

Japan vs Boks In the press room at Twickers waiting for #FRAvITA it was electric, and the best reaction was from RWC Winner Andy Gomarsall as he could have banged his head on the ceiling for doing impressions of a very bouncy excited kangaroo 😂🤣😂
Japan vs Boks It's half an hour till KO so we'll be back shortly to see if the Brave Blossoms are brave enough today against the Boks... 🙊
Japan vs Boks The hopes and dreams of Japan are in the hands of Michael Leitch and his boys this evening, as we have a moment's silence for the healing of Typhoon Hagibis before the anthems...
Japan vs Boks Tears in the eyes of the Japanese players knowing what this means not just to rugby fans, but to the entire of Japan... 🇯🇵🏉🇿🇦
Japan 0-0 Boks 0min It's the best ref in the world, Wayne Barnes on the whistle, and a fairer contest could not be had, as the Boks KO this monumental match
Japan 0-0 Boks 1min Japan secure the ball and battle to escape their 22, clearing to touch with advantage being played; Makazole Mapimpi knocks on under the high ball and advantage is gone for a Bok lineout in the midfield
Japan 0-0 Boks 2mins The hits are already massive, the game is well underway, and the first scrum is on the Japan 22 with a Bok put in, and the noise is deafening already from the crowd
Japan 0-5 Boks 3mins Oh and that's textbook - a huge shove over the 22, Faf de Klerk has one eye on the ball and one on his wings and he hurls it to Mapimpi who flies over in the corner to score!
Japan 0-5 Boks 4mins But Handré Pollard's conversion goes awry and the score remains at 5...
Japan 0-5 Boks 5mins Japan react well at the restart and have possession, not getting out of their half too quickly, but have they the strength to counter this huge Bok side?
Japan 0-5 Boks 7mins It's a lineout for Japan on halfway on the nearside and Yu Tamura kicks it crossfield for Leitch but he's ahead of the ball and it finds touch
Japan 0-5 Boks 8mins If Japan can't shut down the Boks playing expansively, they will be done for; Bok lineout on halfway is good and breach Japanese territory and Mapimpi is off! But he's shut down and the ball is ripped by Japan...
Japan 0-5 Boks 9mins It's a crazy pace which is brought to a halt by the whistle for medical attention before a Bok scrum on halfway...
Japan 0-5 Boks 9mins The scrum is won, ball is cleared to the far side, it goes high and taken in by Ryohei Yamanaka but we are stopped again for the Beast, Tendai Mtawarira tip tackling Keita Inagaki and he's to the naughty step
Japan 0-5 Boks 10mins The penalty is for Japan and they set up an attacking lineout deep in Bok territory, which they win well and shift from the near side to far...
Japan 0-5 Boks 11mins Another penalty for Japan and they have an attacking scrum; captain Siya Kolisi is sacrificed for Steven Kitshoff, while Amanaki Mafi is on for Pieter Labuschagne off for HIA
Japan 0-5 Boks 12mins The Boks do wrestle back possession and they shift play from their own half; the ball goes high and both Willie le Roux and Leitch go up for it - green knock
Japan 0-5 Boks 13mins It's a Japan scrum on halfway at nearside touch and they secure the ball, but again go backwards before Kenki Fukuoka makes a sublime break over halfway and is shutdown but he bounces back up!


Japan 0-5 Boks 14mins Japan go 13 phases of recycled ball in the intense assault in the Bok 22, the ball going through the hands of almost all 15 player before a knock pulls them up short
Japan 0-5 Boks 15mins It's Damian de Allende who gets over that ball and the Boks clear Japan well away all the back to the midfield so that's a lot of ground lost
Japan 0-5 Boks 16mins But Japan are not disheartened and they revive their assault, bulldozing their way a long way back right up to the Bok 22, and they are relentless, showing off great hands and skills...
Japan 0-5 Boks 17mins ...but the ball is dislodged forward for a Bok scrum on their 22 - the noise even more deafening (if that was possible!) until a time off before the scrum is set..
Japan 0-5 Boks 18mins The defence of the scrum is simply huge from Japan and they win the penalty - you'd think the Brave Blossoms had just scored a try for the reaction from the Japanese crowd! It's insane 😎
Japan 3-5 Boks 19mins Tamura opts for simple points and he splices the uprights to bring Japan onto the scoreboard and the crowd rejoice
Japan 3-5 Boks 20mins The Beast is free from his 10-minute jail-time and the Boks get themselves in attacking position from the restart, as Kitshoff returns to the bench and Kolisi returns to the park
Japan 3-5 Boks 21mins Labuschagne has passed his HIA and returns, Mafi back to the bench while the Boks drive a maul fiercely toward the Japan 22, but the error is forced by Japan for the penalty in their own 22
Japan 3-5 Boks 23mins The scrum is quietly set, Yutaka Nagare feeds it well enough for Japan to win a free kick and clear the Boks well away from their 22 again
Japan 3-5 Boks 24mins Japan are as ridiculous in attack and again they jink and dance and bulldoze ahead over halfway and come away with a penalty as the ball arrives at Leitch again
Japan 3-5 Boks 25mins The pace of the ball from the Japan 22 attacking lineout is bonkers and they throw that ball across the park as quick as any of the best teams in the world - Kolisi intercepts but it's a knock on 🙈
Japan 3-5 Boks 27mins Wow. Just wow. The pace, the passion, the insanity of this game and I'm exhausted just watching it, Japan struggling to make ground again, possession changing hands at lightning speed...
Japan v South Africa Yutaka Nagare Faf de Klerk QF4 RWC2019Japan 3-5 Boks 28mins The Boks have possession but not territory as there is a time off for the medics to pop in quickly; 81% possession to the Brave Blossoms so far 🙊 Bok defensive scrum incoming...
Japan 3-5 Boks 30mins Boks can't move that scrum so opt to run the ball from their own 10m over halfway and they slowly but steadily reach the Japan 10m, kicking for position from there since they won't get passed that defensive wall
Japan 3-5 Boks 31mins The ball finds touch for a lineout inside the Japan 22, but it's a time off as Shota Horie gets we wait for him to recover before he throws into his defensive lineout
Japan 3-5 Boks 32mins It's another penalty for Japan as the Boks interfere with the jumper and they clear the Bok right back for another defensive lineout nearer the midfield
Japan 3-5 Boks 33mins Japan win their nearside lineout and the ball flies to the farside high, and it's knocked on on halfway by a Bok hand; Japan halfway lineout to come...
Japan 3-5 Boks 34mins This pace is not abating one iota, lineout won, the ball stolen in contact, Boks charge into Japan territory and they attack, coming wide and the space is there to score! But the ball flies to touch not Mapimpi 🙈
Japan 3-5 Boks 35mins So many mini breaks are had, but not enough to disrupt the fluidity of this bonkers match, the Brave Blossoms with another lineout back in their own half - just and they win it...
Japan 3-5 Boks 36mins Malcolm Marx replaces Mbongeni Mbonambi as he hobbles off before a Bok attacking lineout after they secure possession again, just outside the Japan 22...
Japan 3-5 Boks 37mins The Boks catch, drive hard from the far touch, and then hurl the ball wide inside, across the pitch to le Roux who promptly knocks it on from the pressure of Japan's impressive rush defence
Japan 3-5 Boks 39mins Japan drive the Boks out from their half from their defensive lineout and it's another, for the Boks, but on halfway...
Japan 3-5 Boks 40mins The 40 minute gong has rung out as a penalty finally comes to the Bok who clear to touch for an attacking lineout which is won with a well-executed setpiece...
Japan 3-5 Boks 40+2mins ...the Boks catch, drive, offload, dance around the defence and it's de Allende who finds the space to reach the whitewash and breach it! But the whistle's gone for his double movement - it's no try & HT

Japan 3-5 Boks HT P: Tamura | T: Mapimpi Yellow Card Mtawarira

Japan 3-5 Boks HT Fast & furious has to be the understatement of the century when referring to this insanity from both sides! If anyone ever claims Japan is not a rugby nation, they need a talking to. Excellent players & even better fans!

Japan 3-5 Boks 40mins We're back - and this is quite simply anyone's to take
Japan 3-5 Boks 42mins It's a Bok scrum on the far side in the midfield and they win it quickly, chucking the ball infield and Cheslin Kolbe runs it again, and he's shut down again; ball goes high and Mapimpi and Kotaro Matsushima clash
Japan 3-8 Boks 43mins There's a pointless brouhaha over the arm across the neck - both player jumped - it was unavoidable and was not foul play - Bok penalty and Pollard pings over a three-pointer
Japan 3-8 Boks 45mins The restart has the Boks turnover ball from Japan deftly and they charge back into Japanese territory and have to recycle a few times to gain the yards required
Japan 3-8 Boks 46mins Possession comes back to Japan and they go wide at their 22, but it is stolen and le Roux offloads to Pieter-Steph du Toit but it's clearly forward, though he is aggrieved by it
Japan 3-8 Boks 47mins Japan don't get far out of their own half while Isileli Nakajima and Rikiya Matsuda replace Inagaki and Tamura
Japan 3-11 Boks 48mins A Japan scrum is solid in the midfield and Japan hand over another penalty for Pollard to punish them with - their infringements are costing them points as Pollard adds another 3
Japan 3-11 Boks 49mins The restart has the Boks frustrating the Japanese attack, and they waste no time in pushing back to halfway and up to Japanese territory...
Japan 3-11 Boks 50mins de Klerk's kick is unimpressive and Japan hit back, though are soon turned over and approach the Japan 22; the turnover is quickly reciprocated
Japan v South Africa Lood de Jager trapped QF4 RWC2019Japan 3-11 Boks 51mins The battle is immense from both sides, the Boks more precise and better at keeping ball in hand. Mafi returns to the field of play, this time replacing Kazuki Himeno while the Boks are on the front foot
Japan 3-11 Boks 52mins The next assault from the Boks still in the Japanese half has another ball go high but Mapimpi is up on the jumper before he lands so Japan have a penalty to clear the Boks back
Japan 3-11 Boks 53mins Wimpie van der Walt on for Luke Thompson | Kitshoff & Vincent Koch on for The Beast and Frans Malherbe
Japan 3-11 Boks 54mins Ref Barnes is keeping a firm grip on this match though the players are getting a tad fraught - calm and collected as the Boks are back on the fringes of the Japanese half and have another scrum
Japan 3-11 Boks 54mins But the Brave Blossoms turn over at the breakdown outside their 22. However they still don't make any ground and the Boks come at them again, keeping Japan pinned in their own half
Japan 3-11 Boks 55mins The defence keeps the Boks at the 10m, but the penalty is for the South Africans and for an offside from Nakajima
Japan 3-11 Boks 57mins The scrum penalty is for the Boks and Pollard tees up from just outside the 10m and wide...
Japan 3-11 Boks 58mins However, Pollard pushes it wide of the left upright and Japan have a chance to launch an assault, clearing to the 10m from inside their 22
Japan 3-11 Boks 59mins A kicking game ensues yet again, and Japan try and run the ball away from their tryline, advantage being played and we go back for a penalty from a Bok knock on
Japan 3-11 Boks 59mins Lomani Lemeki replaces Yamanaka before Japan set their defensive scrum on the 22, and de Klerk has a bit of a hissy fit after the scrum wobbles like a good panna cotta, the reset has the ball come from far touch to the nearside but Japan are no further forward
Japan 3-11 Boks 61mins Eventually Japan can only kick the ball clear and de Klerk runs it back, tackled by James Moore and he is pinged for going high; it really wasn't - de Klerk is a midget
Japan 3-11 Boks 61mins So Twitter decided in the middle of a RWC match that it needs to verify that @RugbyUnplugged - a nine year old account of more than 85,000 tweets is not a fake account. That's awfully helpful don't you think. #TwitterFAIL!!! 😡
Japan 3-11 Boks 62mins RG Snyman has replaced Eben Etzebeth; Twitter thinks it owns the world and Japan have handed over another penalty for Pollard to punish them with...
Japan 3-14 Boks 63mins ...and he does. The Boks are much more together in this half and have concentrated their efforts in not allowing Japan to execute their rush defence so much; Asaeli Ai Valu is on for Jiwon Koo
Japan 3-14 Boks 63mins However, Kolbe is down injured inside his own 10m, holding his ankle which is a worry and time is off; this after he has thrown Fukuoka over his shoulder
Japan 3-14 Boks 64mins It's a penalty to the Boks and they clear to touch for an attacking lineout on nearside touch
Japan 3-19 Boks 65mins It's the perfect catch and drive from the Boks and the ball pops out from Marx to de Klerk and he sprints to the whitewash to score with a little panache and put Japan away already
Japan 3-19 Boks 66mins Pollard adds the extras effortlessly while Franco Mostert replaces Lood de Jager
Japan 3-19 Boks 67mins Nakajima is forced off after a collision from the restart for an HIA; he's helped off, eyes watering, and Inagaki returns to the park. Francois Louw makes his appearance for Duane Vermeulen
Japan 3-19 Boks 68mins It's a Japan lineout on halfway and they come away with a penalty to kick to the Bok 22 for a 5m lineout...a screeching opportunity created by Leitch
Japan 3-24 Boks 69mins All the opportunity is with Japan but the throw in isn't great, Steph du Toit steals it, the Boks charge from 2 metres short of their own tryline and it's Mapimpi who just can't be stopped from scoring in the corner!
Japan 3-26 Boks 70mins Matsushima tries his damndest to halt Mapimpi, but he just can't, and Pollard adds the extras to solidify another semi-final spot for the Boks
Japan v South Africa Makazole Mapimpi try 2 QF4 RWC2019Japan 3-26 Boks 71mins Fumiaki Tanaka and Atushi Sakate replace Nagare and Horie while the Brave Blossoms now need to play to save face now, as they've been out-muscled in this half so far
Japan 3-26 Boks 72mins As the Boks kick their way out of their own half, Frans Steyn replaces Kolbe. Labuschagne runs it back and possession flips with Japan hanging onto it at eh Bok 10m, chipping ahead though it's cleared back quickly to be run back and a knock on
Japan 3-26 Boks 73mins A formidable stint from de Klerk in the second half and finally he gets a rest, replaced by Herschel Jantjies while Japan are still in Bok territory...
Japan 3-26 Boks 74mins ...but they are deftly turned over again and Boks clear the Brave Blossoms back over halfway; Rugby #101 - you can't win a match or even win points unless you have ball in hand. Die Bokke woke up to that this half
Japan 3-26 Boks 75mins It's time off as Labuschagne gets his head patched; Japan have been truly magnificent this RWC and have played some incredible rugby. Tier 2?! Are you kidding! Time to let them up to play with the big boys @WorldRugby
Japan 3-26 Boks 77mins ...but a penalty is gifted for Japan to set a defensive scrum to get out of their own half...
Japan 3-26 Boks 78mins The scrum is efficient and the ball is put out wide to run out of their own 22, carried by Matsushima but he is shut down just outside and the ball is deftly stolen at the breakdown
Japan 3-26 Boks 79mins there's no hurry for the Bok attacking scrum, but they execute well and are determined for maybe one final flourish to end this match...
Japan 3-26 Boks 80mins It's pick and go across the field for the Boks, the ball is not pacy and Mapimpi wants a hat trick but is denied by Matsushima; they recycle in both directions along the 22 and the gong has long gone...
Japan 3-26 Boks 80+1mins The Boks go ten phases - the Brave Blossoms don't let up in their defence - the time is done and the ball is pumped into the stands for FT. ありがとう日本 for your magnificence.

Japan v South Africa Brave Blossoms QF4 RWC2019


Japan15 Ryohei Yamanaka 14 Kotaro Matsushima 13 Timothy Lafaele 12 Ryoto Nakamura 11 Kenki Fukuoka 10 Yu Tamura 9 Yutaka Nagare 1 Keita Inagaki 2 Shota Horie 3 Jiwon Koo 4 Luke Thompson 5 James Moore 6 MICHAEL LEITCH (C) 7 Pieter Labuschagne 8 Kazuki Himeno BENCH: 16 Atsushi Sakate 17 Isileli Nakajima 18 Asaeli Ai Valu 19 Wimpie van der Walt 20 Amanaki Mafi 21 Fumiaki Tanaka 22 Rikiya Matsuda 23 Lomano Lava Lemeki


South Africa15 Willie le Roux 14 Cheslin Kolbe 13 Lukhanyo Am 12 Damian de Allende 11 Makazole Mapimpi 10 Handré Pollard 9 Faf de Klerk 1 Tendai Mtawarira 2 Mbongeni Mbonambi 3 Frans Malherbe 4 Eben Etzebeth 5 Lood de Jager 6 SIYA KOLISI (C) 7 Pieter-Steph Du Toit 8 Duane Vermeulen BENCH: 16 Malcolm Marx 17 Steven Kitshoff 18 Vincent Koch 19 RG Snyman 20 Franco Mostert 21 Francois Louw 22 Herschel Jantjies 23 Frans Steyn

SCORERS T: Mapimpi (2), de Klerk C: Pollard P: Pollard (3) Yellow Card Mtawarira

Man of the Match: Faf de Klerk South Africa

Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU) Asst. Referees: Ben O'Keeffe (NZRU), Luke Pearce (RFU) TMO: Rowan Kitt (RFU)




RWC 2019 Semi Finals

SF1 England v New Zealand RWC2019 SF2 Wales vs South Africa RWC2019


SF1 England v New Zealand RWC2019

International Stadium Yokohama - Saturday, 26 October 2018
KO: 17:00 HT: 10-0 Att: 68,843

England Rugby

All matches
Played: 42
England won: 8
New Zealand won: 33
Drawn: 1

New Zealand



England vs NZ It's 20 minutes till KO at #RWCYokohama and the atmosphere is electric, the ABs coming off the pitch after their warm up... England still out running drills & finding the right headspace to take on the Godzillas of rugby
England vs NZ You know all the New Zealand fans are kicked back across the rugby world, chilled with 'bring it on', beer in hand, and if they're back home, at a very civilised 9pm...
England vs NZ As England head back to the tunnel, their fans are no doubt experiencing that nervous churning of the insides, and if back at home too, also with beers in hand - for the 9am KO!
England vs NZ The full house at #RWCYokohama readies itself for the match of all matches, with a moment's silence for the aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis, this stadium under water just a fortnight ago, but now has anthems ringing out...
England vs NZ As the ABs perform their Kapa O Pango haka, England are in a V formation edging forward, a perfect smirk on Owen Farrell's face, and the officials aren't liking it much! 🙊😆

England 0-0 NZ 0mins It's Owen Farrell with the KO and Sam Whitelock takes it in for an England halfway lineout as the ball comes back from an ABs boot
England 0-0 NZ 1min It's an excellent setpiece from England and everyone is involved driving the ball forward and wide, from one touch to the other and bulldozing forward in to the ABs 22...
England 5-0 NZ 1min ...and a simply sublime pass out from Kyle Sinckler and the ball comes to Many Tuilagi who barges over for the first try already!
England v New Zealand Manu Tuilagi try SF2 RWC2019England 7-0 NZ 2mins The conversion is good from captain Owen Farrell and England are ready and up for this; if there's any team that can , it's England...
England 7-0 NZ 4mins ABs attempt to hang on to possession from the restart, but England are right up in their faces - the ball changes hands twice before again England have an attacking 22 lineout...
England 7-0 NZ 5mins Again the set piece is perfect and the England side barge into the 22, Elliot Daly chipping over in the corner for Anthony Watson but he's smashed into touch while Jack Goodhue defends in superb fashion
England 7-0 NZ 6mins The ABs clear England back from a lineout back up toward the midfield and the building of phases begins again...
England 7-0 NZ 7mins ...but the ball comes loose for the ABs to take advantage and they push play back up to halfway...
England v New Zealand Jonny May tackled by Sevu Reece and Beauden Barrett SF2 RWC2019England 7-0 NZ 8mins ...but an intercept has Jonny May back with ball in hand and he sprints along touch, but is veered back in and Faz drops the ball forward in attack for the ABs to recover, advantage being played too
England 7-0 NZ 10mins Finally the ABs find England territory and begin to make inroads, but the turnover comes and England can clear - with a mediocre kick to halfway for an ABs lineout
England 7-0 NZ 11mins ABs execute well as expected and they bulldoze ahead too, up to the England 22 for an attacking lineout, Ref Nige halting proceedings to have a word...
England 7-0 NZ 12mins Again an efficient lineout, but England come away with the ball in their 22 at the breakdown and Faz clears the ABs well back
England v New Zealand Courtney Lawes beats Scott Barrett at the lineout SF2 RWC2019England 7-0 NZ 13mins Lineout > territory > full team effort > forward driving through good hands right up to the ABs 22 from England and 7 phases in, the mighty All Blacks turn them over and clear back to halfway
England 7-0 NZ 14mins It's not long before England are firmly back in possession, and they are making ground in fierce fashion again, even though they are fighting out of their own half...
England 7-0 NZ 16mins Such sublime rugby for the two best in the world, a joy to behold. But Sam Underhill is pinged at the breakdown and the ABs can take a breath and clear comfortably to touch for a 22 attacking lineout
England 7-0 NZ 17mins That should have been clockwork - but there's a slight glitch called Courtney Lawes and he steals the ABs lineout ball for George Ford to clear
England 7-0 NZ 18mins The ABs attack again but from further back, and their drive is huge, but then there's a Maro Itoje who spoils the party for the ABs, and the crowd chant his name in glee and awe
England 7-0 NZ 18mins After a short break, it's the first scrum of the match: 920kg v 929kg - pretty even-stevens and both expert at this setpiece too...
England 7-0 NZ 19mins The scrum collapses twice, and Ref Nige simply resets it for Ben Youngs to put in again - oh and it's just inside the England half
England 7-0 NZ 20mins Finally we have a scrum and England retain possession long enough to kick New Zealand back up to halfway
England 7-0 NZ 21mins An opportunity for the ABs to attack again, but it's May who ensures Anton Lienert-Brown is into touch for a 10m defensive England lineout
England 7-0 NZ 22mins Jamie George is having a good day, like the rest of the England team, and he is more than efficient to marshal his team over halfway, England up to the ABs 10m with a lineout again
England 7-0 NZ 24mins The ABs are kicking away possession far more than is normal, and they clear England back only to beyond their 10m for a 7th perfect lineout for George and they forge a path to the ABs 22...
England 7-0 NZ 24mins ...a sublime offload from Sinckler in the 22 received from Youngs from the breakdown and the ball goes to Underhill to score under the posts!...
England v New Zealand George Ford Tom Curry Manu Tuilagi Ben Youngs roar SF2 RWC2019England 7-0 NZ 25mins But...we're off to the TMO Marius Jonker as Ref Nige says the try is good but is Tom Curry offside preventing the tackle on Sinckler - he is and it's another career no try for Underhill against the ABs by Jonker
England 7-0 NZ 26mins ABs are quickly out of their own half after Sevu Reece hangs onto possession without falling into touch, England win the ball back through May and George carries it back over halfway for Ford to kick it to Richie Mo'unga and the ABs accelerate from their own 10m with lightning speed through Scott Barrett to Brodie Retallick to Goodhue to Beauden Barrett and back to Goodhue who heads for the corner and it takes Tom Curry, Faz and Daly to take him out into touch
England 7-0 NZ 27mins England clear back up toward halfway for an ABs attacking lineout - but again the lineout is stolen and England are making mincemeat of some of New Zealand's setpiece
England 7-0 NZ 28mins Play is halted for Watson to get some attention before England have a lineout on hallway - it's not excellent but it's good enough to retain possession...
England 7-0 NZ 30mins ...and though the ABs push them back into their own half, inside their 10m, England have the scrum in defence and they execute that well too, winning the free kick to make territory over halfway
England 7-0 NZ 31mins It's a tenth lineout win for England, this one in an attacking position and Ford throws caution to the wind with a drop goal; it just goes wide but a penalty is coming anyway of course
England 7-0 NZ 32mins However, the medics are on to check out Faz who's down injured, and it's not looking good
England 7-0 NZ 33mins But Faz stays on as the scrum is set on the ABs 22 for Youngs to feed...
England 7-0 NZ 34mins But Sinckler is pinged for the All Blacks to take control , albeit of a defensive scrum...
England 7-0 NZ 35mins Another reset, and finally we have a scrum completed, ABs retaining the ball and they take play finally back into England territory, breaching the 10m and toward the 22...
England 7-0 NZ 36mins However, England have other plans and again at the breakdown, the ball is won by the boys in white and the ABs do look rattled
England v New Zealand Billy Vunipola George Ford Kieran Read ruck SF2 RWC2019England 7-0 NZ 37mins A well-needed break comes before Ford clears the ball over halfway for a lineout outside the ABs 22
England 7-0 NZ 38mins But this time the ABs find their game and knock the ball back toward their own 22, escaping their territory by running the ball up to halfway the ABs finally beating England at their own game.
England 7-0 NZ 39mins However, as the ABs attempt to escape their own half, England are quite impressive at the breakdown again and the ball is turned over for a kickable penalty albeit right back up close to halfway, England's 8th turnover to New Zealand's 3rd 🙊
England 10-0 NZ 40mins With Faz not 100%, Ford steps up just as efficiently as his captain would have done, and boom! It's 10-0 to England in this immense battle of the best!
England 10-0 NZ 40mins There's just time for restart as the gong rings out in Yokohama, and the ABs kick to Watson who thumps the ball into touch for HT

England 10-0 NZ HT T: Tuilagi C: Farrell P: Ford | -

England 10-0 NZ HT This was always going to be war - as big as any Rugby World Cup Final - but not sure anyone expected the All Blacks to not have scored in the first half.
England 10-0 NZ HT Eddie Jones has beaten the ABs with his teams more than any other coach - but not yet with his England team. Could today be the day 🤔

England 10-0 NZ 40mins We're back and have England got what it takes to see out this monumental game? Sam Cane has replaced Scott Barrett for the All Blacks as England kicks off the second half...
England 10-0 NZ 41mins Whitelock is again the guilty party as the ball is spilled on halfway, and Daly tees up from the other side of it, in front of the posts but it's a long way out...
England 10-0 NZ 42mins has the distance but not the accuracy and the score remains.
England 10-0 NZ 43mins However, England are on the attack again quickly, heading into the ABs half and toward the 22, butterfingers from England and the ball is barely held on to - but it is...
England 10-0 NZ 43mins ...the ball changes possession twice with the ABs trying to run it away but Youngs gets it back and it's frantic! A break for Henry Slade to replace May with a tight hamstring
England 15-0 NZ 44mins And then it's England all over the ball and all over the territory, and they drive, and they are fierce, and Youngs gets that ball and he pounces over the whitewash to score!
England 15-0 NZ 45mins However, we can't have a lowly England side doing this to the All Blacks can we now. And TMO Jonker claims England knock the ball and it is picked up by an offside pair of hands so no try 🙄
England 10-0 NZ 46mins The replays are in abundance of course, and it is clear that George had his hands on the ball throughout that maul and so there was no offside. Anyway, it's done. Another try denied - this one wrongly
England 10-0 NZ 47mins England are still in possession and still have all the territory as Dan Cole replaces Sinckler in the front row, and the ABs hand over yet another penalty - the third in this half alone
England 13-0 NZ 48mins This one is in the 22 and Ford adds another three-pointer to England's tally
England 13-0 NZ 49mins This could be the worst birthday Kieran Read has ever had if he can't marshal the All Blacks to reverse this game and take control
England 13-0 NZ 50mins The ABs put faith in fresh blood as Dane Coles and Jordie Barrett replace Codie Taylor and George Bridge
England v New Zealand Nepo Laulala Maro Itoje SF2 RWC2019England 13-0 NZ 51mins Swing low is probably louder than anyone has heard it in Japan in the last 6 weeks as England have another attacking lineout for George to execute with aplomb, outside the ABs 22...
England 13-0 NZ 52mins From far touch the ball flies infield and a kick goes crossfield to the nearside corner for Daly to collect except Reece gets there first and saves another threat
England 13-0 NZ 53mins As the ABs finally gain some territory, TJ Perenara, Sonny Bill Williams & Angus Ta'avao replace Aaron Smith, Goodhue and Nepo Laulala
England 13-0 NZ 54mins While England replace Lawes with George Kruis, it's an attacking lineout for the ABs and they hang on to possession and they attack with the expected ferocity, hurling the ball out wide toward the centre of the field...
England 13-0 NZ 55mins ...and the ball comes out for Reece who flies into the 22 and heads towards the whitewash, but for Tuilagi who wraps and bundles him into touch
England 13-0 NZ 56mins However, time to waste some time with TMO adjudging if Tuilagi shoulder charged - he didn't - it is clear from every single angle in real time and slo-mo 🙄
England 13-5 NZ 57mins It's a 5m defensive lineout for England, and they need to hold onto their ball here - but they can't, Itoje missing the ball, Retallick knocking it back for Ardie Savea to pounce over the tryline to score!
England v New Zealand Ardie Savea Sam Whitelock SF2 RWC2019England 13-7 NZ 57mins Mo'unga is perfect with his conversion and it's game on in Yokohama 😆
England 13-7 NZ 59mins The restart has England with a lineout at the 10m, and they secure it well, kicking into the All Black 22 for Jordie Barrett to try and run out, but England are ready for this, turning over the ball deftly, knowing they must score from here...
England 16-7 NZ 61mins ...and England battle and bash and forge ahead, the ball recycled and offloaded and kept tight as they creep toward the tryline…
England 16-7 NZ 61mins …in tasting distance of the whitewash, advantage is being played for Cane infringing at the breakdown as the ball is flung out wide and knocked on by Ford...the penalty comes for Ford to punish with another 3 points
England 16-7 NZ 62mins Meanwhile, Willi Heinz is on for Youngs at scrum half, and Ofa Tu'ungafasi for Joe Moody
England 16-7 NZ 63mins The restart has England kicking their way out of their 22 for the ABs to win it from an England knock on, but play is swiftly brought to a sharp halt as Savea goes down injured, and he's may to have to be replaced. Well, it's not like anyone thought this would be as safe as tiddlywinks...
England 16-7 NZ 64mins But let's not forget these are rugby players, not footballers, and he's up and running it off 😆 It's an ABs attacking scrum and they do well to hang on to possession as they attack toward the England 22...
England 16-7 NZ 65mins The ABs don't do too well in retaining possession and it's not long before England have pushed back and force the ABs back toward the 10m
England 16-7 NZ 66mins Tuilagi is pinged, however, at the breakdown for playing the ball on the ground. But - it's TMO time as Whitelock shoves Faz in the face off the ball - penalty reversed outside the England 22...
England 16-7 NZ 67mins England clear the All Blacks back over halfway while Whitelock is taken off - Patrick Tuipulotu in his place
England 16-7 NZ 68mins Ref Nige has stern words with Read, warning of yellow cards impending as the ABs hand over a 9th penalty in their own half
England v New Zealand Jordie Barrett devastated SF2 RWC2019England 19-7 NZ 69mins And it is punished with a superb kick to splice the uprights from Ford and England have a 12 point lead...
England 19-7 NZ 70mins Before the restart, England bring on Luke Cowan-Dickie, Joe Marler & Mark Wilson for George, Mako Vunipola and Underhill
England 19-7 NZ 71mins A massive effort from the ABs and it looks like the game is on, but OMFG the tackle efficiency from Wilson as he halts the assault with real class
England 19-7 NZ 73mins Instead of the ABs attacking into the England 22 as they were about to, England have reversed the position again and are back at halfway with a lineout
England 19-7 NZ 74mins Jonathan Joseph replaces the rhino Tuilagi and England win their lineout, and head toward the 22, but are turned over by the ABs who set a defensive scrum
England 19-7 NZ 75mins The ABs win their scrum and attempt to reach halfway, but Heinz steals the ball and starts the assault back toward the ABs 22, Wilson breaching it...
England 19-7 NZ 76mins England are back outside the ABs 22 near touch but have a penalty for the ABs knocking on in the breakdown ...
England 19-7 NZ 77mins The decision is between to going for the corner or attempting the three - and Ford has had a good day at the boot
England 19-7 NZ 77mins Ford goes for the uprights but the ball sweeps passed both posts
England 19-7 NZ 78mins The All Blacks know they've lost the game but they are not holding back and quick tap to get out of their own half...
England 19-7 NZ 79mins ...and they reach halfway, hurl the ball back in before the attached body finds touch but it finds Billy Vunipola and England know not to lose possession just inside the ABs half...
England 19-7 NZ 80mins It takes the ABs an age to get into England territory after they turnover ball at their 10m and they keep building, though England are pinning them at halfway...and the gong has long gone for 80 minutes...
England 19-7 NZ 80mins ...and finally a knock on comes from the All Blacks for a truly magnificent win for Eddie Jones' England Rugby
England 19-7 NZ FT And in all the excitement, I beg forgiveness for denying Ford his last penalty at 68 minutes! 🙈
England 19-7 NZ FT it could have gone to so many players, but Man of the Match goes to Maro Itoje

England 19-7 NZ FT In the spirit of professionalism, I shall refrain from exalting the brilliance of England Rugby with usual rugby language. We'll keep it at BLOODY HELL ENGLAND WERE AWESOME!!!
England 19-7 NZ FT RWC Final @EnglandRugby - bring it on - first since Paris 2007. No matter if it's Wales or South Africa, it's going to be outstanding! & it could be a repeat of 2007 - against the Boks. That year, the Boks deserved it.

RWC 2019 Review

England Rugby15 Elliot Daly 14 Anthony Watson 13 Manu Tuilagi 12 OWEN FARRELL (C) 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Mako Vunipola 2 Jamie George 3 Kyle Sinckler 4 Maro Itoje 5 Courtney Lawes 6 Tom Curry 7 Sam Underhill 8 Billy Vunipola BENCH: 16 Luke Cowan-Dickie 17 Joe Marler 18 Dan Cole 19 George Kruis 20 Mark Wilson 21 Willi Heinz 22 Henry Slade 23 Jonathan Joseph

SCORERS T: Tuilagi C: Farrell P: Ford (4)

New Zealand15 Beauden Barrett 14 Sevu Reece 13 Jack Goodhue 12 Anton Lienert-Brown 11 George Bridge 10 Richie Mo'unga 9 Aaron Smith 1 Joe Moody 2 Codie Taylor 3 Nepo Laulala 4 Brodie Retallick 5 Sam Whitelock 6 Scott Barrett 7 Ardie Savea 8 KIERAN READ (C) BENCH: 16 Dane Coles 17 Ofa Tu'ungafasi 18 Angus Ta'avao 19 Patrick Tuipulotu 20 Sam Cane 21 TJ Perenara 22 Sonny Bill Williams 23 Jordie Barrett

SCORERS T: Savea C: Mo’unga

Man of the Match: Maro Itoje England Rugby

Referee: Nigel Owens (WRU) Asst. Referees: Romain Poite (FFR), Pascal Gaüzère (FFR) TMO: Marius Jonker (RSA)




SF2 Wales vs South Africa RWC2019

International Stadium Yokohama - Sunday, 27 October 2018
KO: 18:00 HT: 6-9 Att: 67,750


All matches
Played: 36
Wales won: 6
South Africa won: 29
Drawn: 1

South Africa


Wales vs Boks We're just 15 minutes from another epic #RWC2019 match in SF2 #WALvRSA, and it's bound to be as monumental as #ENGvNZL was yesterday...
Wales vs Boks A bit of perspective: the Boks have been RWC Champions twice, in 1995 and 2007 and have won 28 of their 35 matches against Wales, the latter never progressing past the semi-finals
Wales vs Boks However, Wales have won the last four test matches they have played against the Boks
Wales vs Boks A special mention has to go out to Wales (& British Lions) captain, Alun Wyn Jones as he matches legendary Sergio Parisse's 142 matches for his country, & is chasing Richie McCaw's 148; he's a bloody nice bloke too!
Wales vs Boks Once the moment's silence is done, it's just anthems to go before this battle of the hemispheres Part 2 can begin...
Wales vs Boks It is of course only fitting that the top 4 ranked teams in the world have made it to the penultimate weekend of #RWC2019...
Wales vs Boks Brace's coming.... 🙊 🙈 ...
Wales 0-0 Boks 0min The Boks kick off this epic semi-final and the Welsh take it in for Gareth Davies to clear well to halfway and aerial football begins immediately...
Wales v South Africa Leigh Halfpenny RWC2019Wales 0-0 Boks 1min Leigh Halfpenny takes in the return from the Boks and is a more than suitable replacement for the injured Liam Williams, but the Boks have the first break with a scrum all but on halfway after winning the breakdown
Wales 0-0 Boks 3mins The scrum is set, then reset, and it all takes quite a while before it goes nowhere and Faf de Klerk belts it away for the Boks to be in tasting distance of the whitewash already
Wales 0-0 Boks 4mins But the Welsh turn it over immediately and Gareth Davies clears his lines - though not in the best fashion, but Willie le Roux is pinged back in the midfield for not releasing
Wales 0-0 Boks 5mins Wales are also immediately up to opposition 22 but they too are turned over, and the Boks clear play back to halfway too
Wales 0-0 Boks 7mins From a lineout on halfway, the ball changes possession twice and the Boks come up with it, but the next high ball is knocked on by Eben Etzebeth for a Wales defensive scrum just inside their half
Wales v South Africa Eben Etzebeth RWC2019Wales 0-0 Boks 8mins Wales efficiently deal with their first scrum put in and they charge over halfway, good hands taking it so far before Josh Adams pass to Jonathan Davies goes forward
Wales 0-0 Boks 10mins Bok defensive scrum just outside their 22 and they efficiently shift play up to the 10m, ball cleared over halfway but it's royally messed up by Halfpenny & Gareth D who both collided and caught nothing
Wales 0-0 Boks 12mins So it's a Bok scrum outside the Wales 22, which is set, but has to be reset and it doesn't move an inch either way so de Klerk offloads it out quickly
Wales 0-0 Boks 13mins Handbags threaten on the far side of the pitch, George North getting shirty, while the whistle has gone for a penalty back on this side, the officials completely ignoring Dan Biggar's arm round Siya Kolisi's neck 🙄
Wales 0-3 Boks 14mins Regardless, the penalty is for the Boks and Handré Pollard pops over the first points of the match with ease
Wales 0-3 Boks 16mins Wales restart with some effort and are charging toward the Bok 22, breach it and le Roux is pinged for offside in defence, reciprocating the kickable penalty for Biggar...
Wales 3-3 Boks 17mins Biggar also converts the penalty into points and it's all square at #RWCYokohama again
Wales 3-3 Boks 17mins Ross Moriarty comes down hard from getting under the high ball which he drops forward from the restart; Bok attacking scrum...
Wales 3-3 Boks 18mins ...on the Welsh 22 and the scrum is better this time, Pollard dropping the ball before offloading but the penalty has already been given by the Welsh at the scrum
Wales 3-6 Boks 19mins Pollard tees up from the 22 and takes the Boks back into the lead
Wales v South Africa AWJ rallies his troops RWC2019Wales 3-6 Boks 21mins The Welsh restart from Biggar has the Boks back in Welsh territory again, and aerial football ensues yet again, the ball either side of halfway, the last one Makazole Mapimpi almost secures but knocks on
Wales 3-6 Boks 22mins And we have time off before Wales set their defensive scrum outside the 22...
Wales 3-6 Boks 23mins Gareth D runs off toward halfway and Aaron Wainwright ensures Wales don't lose possession at the breakdown before the ball is pumped over halfway again but only to the 10m for de Klerk to kick back...
Wales 3-6 Boks 24mins OK the kicking is getting REALLY boring. 19 so far. *yawn* Neither team is using the tactic effectively either, but it's another Bok scrum off of the last one in Welsh territory
Wales 3-6 Boks 26mins The scrum is won, the ball changes hands, but then it's kicked away, and kicked back, and finally finds touch for a Bok attacking lineout...
Wales 3-6 Boks 26mins From outside the 22, the Boks catch and drive, the maul going more sideways than forward, but it barrels to the 22 before going down, but again possession is kicked away 🙈
Wales 3-6 Boks 28mins Hadleigh Parkes kicks the ball long but the Boks come back hard - running it for a change - and are into the Welsh 22 before they get turned over from a huge tackle from Adams
Wales 3-6 Boks 30mins Wales don't clear far though and the Boks have another attacking lineout just outside the 22 - it's taken fine but Wales get over the ball at the breakdown and kick the ball away again...
Wales 3-6 Boks 31mins There's little follow up to all this kicking the ball away - eventually the penalty comes for the Boks back in their own half as Halfpenny takes down le Roux under the high ball
Wales 3-6 Boks 32mins le Roux clears for an attacking lineout on the Welsh 22, and they cough up the ball again at the ensuing breakdown for Wales to clear them back, but again not very far...
Wales 3-6 Boks 33mins The ball is almost lost again y the Boks at the breakdown, having won this lineout too, but Wales are pinged for entering the ruck from offside, giving Pollard another opportunity to punish the Welsh
Wales 3-9 Boks 34mins Kolisi has a long chat with Ref Garcès while Pollard adds another 3
Wales 3-9 Boks 35mins However, from the restart, it's Tom Francis who has to save the ball from Duane Vermeulen and takes the full force of the No8 and he's down injured - time off
Wales 3-9 Boks 35mins Francis has to be replaced by Dillon Lewis before time's back on and Wales have a 10m attacking lineout...
Wales 3-9 Boks 36mins ...and they execute well enough, but are again disrupted at the breakdown after being pushed backward to halfway, and eventually the Boks clear the ball away, only for it to be kicked directly back
Wales 3-9 Boks 38mins Wales are at the Bok 22, they aren't going forward in any sense of the word and so the kick goes high crossfield for North to get under...but he pulls up short and yanks his hamstring - time-off
Wales v South Africa George North injured RWC2019Wales 6-9 Boks 39mins Hard as nails are rugby boys - North tries to run it off so it might be cramp and not his hamstring; meanwhile, the penalty is for the Welsh and Biggar adds three more from in front of the posts to reduce the deficit
Wales 6-9 Boks 40mins Nope - North knows it's bad and he does limp off, Owen Watkin on in his place. Biggar clears the ball up to halfway from his own 22 from the restart as the gong rings out - time for a lineout though...
Wales 6-9 Boks 40mins ...and Wales take it quickly (not at halfway but inside the 10m), de Klerk chasing the ball but Wales take the safe option and pump the ball into touch for HT

Wales 6-9 Boks HT P: Biggar (2) | P: Pollard (3)

Wales 6-9 Boks HT England Rugby's Eddie Jones and John Mitchell are watching this match at very close quarters in the stands; no doubt they are not too worried right now with this performance so far 🙊

Wales 6-9 Boks 40mins You'd think having analysed the first half in the break, the teams would rethink their kicking games which have not been fruitful so far. But no... 🙄
Wales 6-9 Boks 41mins And the injuries so far have come from those high balls - this time it's Vermeulen down injured and we have time off already
Wales 6-9 Boks 42mins Back on and Wales win their defensive lineout and kick the ball clear of their 22, Boks kicking it back - penalty to the Welsh and Halfpenny boots the ball a long way from his 22...
Wales 6-9 Boks 43mins ...directly in to the hands of de Klerk on touch, who promptly knocks it into touch for a Welsh attacking lineout 🙈
Wales 6-9 Boks 44mins No problems with the Welsh lineout and a penalty is won - but first 6'4" decides to pick on 5'7" (if that) de Klerk and grabs him by the neck 🙄
Wales 9-9 Boks 45mins Meanwhile, Biggar equalises the scoreboard
Wales 9-9 Boks 46mins Dear oh dear what are these two teams playing at 🤔 This really is quite pedestrian rugby - kicks charged down - ball fumbled - unforced errors - not the spectacle we'd hoped
Wales v South Africa Ball charged down RWC2019Wales 9-9 Boks 47mins Malcolm Marx, Steven Kitshoff and Vincent Koch replace Mbonambi, The Beast and Frans Malherbe while Wales clear the Boks out of their half back to the midfield
Wales 9-9 Boks 48mins Tomos Williams replaces Gareth Davies
Wales 9-9 Boks 49mins A lineout - a scrum - huge tackles and plenty of highballs...but play hasn't shifted much either side of halfway
Wales 9-9 Boks 52mins Keep up chaps! Try not to fall asleep... 💤 Apologies for not having too much to say about this match so far - there's not much to say; RG Snyman is on for Etzebeth while Wales makes a break from the ruck - and the pass is forward
Wales 9-9 Boks 54mins Finally some action - Boks clear to touch for an attacking lineout outside the Welsh 22 and they catch and drive...
Wales 9-9 Boks 55mins Rhys Carre replaces Wyn Jones in the front row
Wales 9-14 Boks 56mins ...the maul becomes static but Welsh defence can't quite contain the Boks who offload from nearside touch to middle of the park, in front of the posts, and go 8 phases for Damian de Allende to find the whitewash!
Wales v South Africa Damian de Allende try RWC2019Wales 9-16 Boks 57mins Pollard - who was prevented from finishing his quite lovely break - adds the extras and maybe, finally, we have a match on our hands...
Wales 9-16 Boks 58mins Rhys Patchell is on for Biggar | Franco Mostert replaces Lood de Jager
Wales 9-16 Boks 59mins Adam Beard is on for Ball while the restart is awfully fruitful for the Welsh who are buried deep in the Bok 22 and determined to come away from this visit with more than 3 points...
Wales 9-16 Boks 61mins...18 phases in and the Welsh are on top of the whitewash, maybe a metre short, but have been here for almost 2 minutes now...the defence is rock solid from the Boks 🙊
Wales 9-16 Boks 63mins Boks stop the onslaught and push the Welsh back, forcing them into touch though still in the 22, but advantage was being played and the penalty is for Wales - and they could take an easy 3...
Wales 14-16 Boks 64mins ...but AWJ isn't having any of that nonsense and goes for the 5m attacking scrum and Moriarty engineers the ball to Tomos Williams > Jonathan D > Adams who flies over it the corner to score!
Wales 16-16 Boks 65mins And Halfpenny engineers the awkward conversion to equalise the scoreboard again
Wales 16-16 Boks 66mins Such a shame it's taken 3/4s of the game before it came to life, but hey - let's enjoy the final quarter and hope we don't return to mediocrity...
Wales v South Africa Willie le Roux RWC2019Wales 16-16 Boks 68mins The kicks are still going high either side of halfway, and the Boks make some yards into Welsh territory, but Rhys Carre makes a huge rip off Marx and secures the ball at his own 22
Wales 16-16 Boks 69mins The Aarons are swapped - Shingler for Wainwright, while Frans Steyn and Francois Louw replace le Roux and Kolisi as the Welsh clear their lines
Wales 16-16 Boks 70mins Wales look to attack from inside the Bok 10m but up against a solid wall of green - purleeze rugby gods let someone score in the next 10 minutes...extra time would be awfully painful 🙈
Wales 16-16 Boks 72mins The Welsh can't make any headway so the ball is engineered back to Rhys Patchell who attempts a drop goal - poorly - and it misses by a country mile - but you don't do that unless you have a penalty coming anyway
Wales 16-16 Boks 73mins Elliot Dee is on for Ken Owens as a solid attacking position for Wales is set with a lineout...and the opportunity is swiftly blown no thanks to the jackal that is Louw at the breakdown...
Wales 16-16 Boks 74mins The Boks swiftly shift play into Welsh territory and they affect an excellent driving maul - which does collapse, the ball out to Pollard for a far too low drop goal - but of course the penalty is coming...
Wales 16-19 Boks 75mins Churlish from Wales to cough up a penalty so close deep in their half - and of course Pollard punishes them to take the crucial lead... five minutes to go 🙊
Wales 16-19 Boks 77mins The restart has the Welsh defending their 22 again since they couldn't retain possession on the other side of halfway - the ball is kicked and the Boks belt it straight back into the Welsh 22 🙊
Wales 16-19 Boks 78mins It's a Welsh defensive lineout and they pretty much catch the ball, but can't hold on long enough, coughing it up for a Bok attacking scrum deep in their 22 🙈
Wales 16-19 Boks 79mins After a time off, AWJ accuses the Boks of pulling out of the scrum - the Ref isn't having any of it and resets the scrum...and the penalty comes to the Boks who need to wind the clock 30 seconds...
Wales 16-19 Boks 80mins ...the Boks do just that, waiting for the gong as they meander in the Welsh 22 and Man of the Match Pollard quick taps the ball and kicks it onto touch to set up a 2007 #RWCFinal replay against England Rugby
Wales (6) 16 - 19 (9) Boks FT Congratulations to the Springboks!!! Well fought. Commiserations Wales Rugby. Next week's #RWCFinal will either be epic if the Boks turn up, or a walk in the park for England Rugby if they don't

RWC 2019 Review


Wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 George North 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Hadleigh Parkes 11 Josh Adams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Gareth Davies 1 Wyn Jones 2 Ken Owens 3 Tom Francis 4 Jake Ball 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Aaron Wainwright 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Ross Moriarty BENCH: 16 Elliot Dee 17 Rhys Carre 18 Dillon Lewis 19 Adam Beard 20 Aaron Shingler 21 Tomos Williams 22 Rhys Patchell 23 Owen Watkin

SCORERS T: Adams C: Halfpenny P: Biggar (3)

South Africa15 Willie le Roux 14 S’busiso Nkosi 13 Lukhanyo Am 12 Damian de Allende 11 Makazole Mapimpi 10 Handré Pollard 9 Faf de Klerk 1 Tendai Mtawarira 2 Mbongeni Mbonambi 3 Frans Malherbe 4 Eben Etzebeth 5 Lood de Jager 6 SIYA KOLISI (C) 7 Pieter-Steph Du Toit 8 Duane Vermeulen BENCH: 16 Malcolm Marx 17 Steven Kitshoff 18 Vincent Koch 19 RG Snyman 20 Franco Mostert 21 Francois Louw 22 Herschel Jantjies 23 Frans Steyn

SCORERS T: de Allende C: Pollard P: Pollard (4)

Man of the Match: Handré Pollard South Africa

Referee: Jérôme Garcès (FFR) Asst. Referees: Wayne Barnes (RFU), Ben O’Keeffe (NZRU) TMO: Ben Skeen (NZRU)




RWC 2019 Bronze Final

Bronze Final New Zealand v Wales RWC2019

Tokyo Stadium - Friday, 01 November 2018
KO: 18:00 HT: 28-10 Att: 48,842

New Zealand

All matches
Played: 35
New Zealand won: 32
Wales won: 3
Drawn: 0



NZ vs Wales It's 10 minutes till KO of the penultimate match of the Rugby World Cup, and more importantly, the final international for ABs captain and RWC Champion Kieran Read...
NZ vs Wales It's also the end of an era for both Wales & New Zealand with Warren Gatland standing down, & the monumental Head Coach of the mighty All Blacks, Steve Hansen hanging up his HC shoes for his beloved & triumphant 🇳🇿
New Zealand v Wales The Tunnel RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ vs Wales And minutes before KO at #RWCTokyo, it's the final haka from New Zealand, and it's fantastic to see Ka Mate performed with such verve before they bow out of the World Cup

NZ 0-0 Wales 0mins We have KO from Wales under the watchful eye of Ref Barnes - who is also leaving international refereeing and returning to barristering full time instead...
NZ 0-0 Wales 1min The history between these two sides is 34 matches played and the ABs winning 31 of them; Wales did win in 1905, 1935 & 1953; despite a strong start, can't see that changing today...
NZ 0-0 Wales 2mins Wales almost reach the ABs 22 but are promptly turned over for the All Blacks to charge back over halfway, go 5 phases to win a penalty on the Welsh 22
NZ 0-0 Wales 3mins Richie Mo'unga tees up and the ball flies in the right direction - and pings off the post and away from the required target!
NZ 5-0 Wales 4mins Wales kick the ABs back to their own 22 but the antipodeans show it doesn't matter way you play, All Blacks can score, and a tip pass from Read to Brodie Retallick to prop Joe Moody who bulldozes to score
New Zealand v Wales Joe Moody try RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 7-0 Wales 6mins Mo'unga has no issues with a simple conversion and the ABs have shaken off the demons from last Saturday and have begun the try-scoring assault...
NZ 7-0 Wales 8mins The first scrum comes for Wales before a time off, and it's just defensive inside their own half...
NZ 7-0 Wales 9mins It's quick ball from Wales and they pop the ball out to far touch where they are shut down at the ABs 22 but quickly recycle & come all the way to near touch, only for Beauden Barrett to bring them to a halt
NZ 7-0 Wales 10mins ABs clear their lines and Wales have to make up all that ground again, but only get as far as the 10m before they are turned over for a defensive ABs scrum...
NZ 7-0 Wales 11mins Aaron Smith escapes his own half with the ball and he sprints over halfway, making a serious dent into Welsh territory but a pass is intercepted by Owen Lane
NZ 7-0 Wales 12mins However, the ball finds touch for a 22 lineout for the ABs and it's not textbook, but the ball is retained and they come infield for a ruck at the 22...
NZ 12-0 Wales 13mins ...and the ball finds Beauden B who dances eloquently through the defence and sprints round behind the posts to score
New Zealand v Wales Beauden Barrett try RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 14-0 Wales 14mins Mo'unga adds the extras to match points to minutes played - oh that was too easy 🙊
NZ 14-0 Wales 16mins However, it's a strong restart from Wales and they drive fiercely toward the ABs tryline, bashing through the defence led by Josh Adams and Adam Beard, but are held up over the whitewash - penalty Wales...
NZ 14-0 Wales 17mins The ball is swiftly pumped into touch for an attacking 5m lineout and Wales hang on to possession and attack, shifting from nearside touch to the farside and back in toward the centre, keeping the ball tight
NZ 14-5 Wales 19mins The Welsh patiently keep their discipline, building phases into double figures and keep switching direction before hurling the ball out to Hallam Amos who deceives the defence and flies over to score
New Zealand v Wales Hallam Amos try RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 14-7 Wales 20mins Rhys Patchell adds the conversion and Wales are firmly on the scoreboard too
NZ 14-7 Wales 22mins The restart has the ABs quickly back in their own half, Wales now with confidence as well as intention, and they struggle to escape their half...
NZ 14-7 Wales 23mins ...and eventually are on the back foot further even further, Wales on the attack as they gain territory and a penalty comes to them outside the ABs 22 on far touch
NZ 14-7 Wales 24mins As Wales kick to touch for an attacking lineout in the 22, Dane Coles limps off the pitch to be replaced with Liam Coltman
NZ 14-7 Wales 25mins It's a solid setpiece from Wales and Retallick hands over the crucial penalty at the breakdown for Patchell to tee up...
NZ 14-10 Wales 26mins ...and the ball floats over, in between the uprights to reduce the deficit to just 3 points
NZ 14-10 Wales 27mins Good tactic from Wales to be keeping the ball away from the ABs when they have ball in hand, avoiding contact and confrontation and dancing around the All Blacks to keep them at bay
NZ 14-10 Wales 28mins Just as the ABs launch another assault, they are pinged for playing the ball on the floor, and after a brief timeout, it's a Wales scrum on halfway...
NZ 14-10 Wales 29mins Another quick and efficient scrum from Wales and they win the free kick giving them a 22 lineout to launch another attack deep into All Black territory
NZ 14-10 Wales 30mins However, the setpiece doesn't follow suit and the lineout is disrupted by the All Blacks, who have defended their 22 well, Wales pinged again for the ABs to clear the Welsh back toward halfway
NZ 14-10 Wales 31mins From a defensive lineout just inside their half on the far side, the ABs belt into Welsh territory and just those quick hands have them assaulting the 22 with some fierceness...
NZ 19-10 Wales 32mins ...and with lightning fast ball from the ruck on the Welsh 22 at the nearside, the ball finds Ben Smith and he scores a ridiculous try at the posts with Welsh defence left in his wake
New Zealand v Wales Ben Smith try RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 21-10 Wales 33mins Mo'unga pings over the conversion and the ABs are looking dangerous again after a lull
NZ 21-10 Wales 34mins ABs steal the ball at the breakdown from the Welsh restart, but it's not a simple exit from their 22, Welsh defence disrupting well; the ball cleared with a kick for Ross Moriarty to collect...
NZ 21-10 Wales 35mins ...but the Welsh are shut down again as the ABs turnover the ball and charge over halfway and secure a penalty - which doesn't find touch but Adams to clear it back from his 22...
NZ 21-10 Wales 37mins Instead of a 22 lineout, the ABs have to contend with one much closer to halfway, but that doesn't hold them back and they make a few yards before they too are turned over
New Zealand v Wales Ben Smith palm off RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 21-10 Wales 38mins The Welsh repel this latest attack well and take play back into All Black territory from a halfway lineout, going 11 phases to reach the 10m...
NZ 21-10 Wales 39mins ...but the Welsh are finding it hard to break the defence and at phase 13, the ball is deftly turned over for the ABs to push back, clearing to touch for a 22 attacking lineout
NZ 26-10 Wales 40mins They have such sly hands do the All Blacks and after securing the lineout ball after the gong has rung out, it finds Ben Smith again and he palms off the defence to run in a brace near the corner
NZ 28-10 Wales 40+2mins Mo'unga tees up from out wide and it looks at first like the ball is going to miss, but it curls back in and it's through for the conversion and a solid halftime lead

NZ 28-10 Wales HT T: Moody, Beauden Barrett, Ben Smith (2) C: Mo’unga (4) | T: Amos C: Patchell P: Patchell

NZ 28-10 Wales 40mins The All Blacks kick off the second half and it's so much nicer to see a game where there isn't so much tedious kicking away possession as there was in the last Welsh match against the Boks
NZ 28-10 Wales 41mins Ben Smith is hunting out a hat trick after the ABs stealing Welsh defensive lineout ball but he's shut down at the Welsh 22, so the ball is recycled from the far side and protected well coming infield...
NZ 33-10 Wales 42mins ...Sonny Bill Williams taking in two defenders while offloading deftly to Ryan Crotty who flies over the whitewash to score
NZ 35-10 Wales 43mins From a delightful try, to a delightful conversion from Mo'unga!
NZ 35-10 Wales 44mins Elliot Dee and Rhys Carre replace Ken Owens and Nicky Smith in the front row
NZ 35-10 Wales 45mins The All Blacks fancy their chances again quickly as they attack into Welsh territory quickly after securing the restart ball from Wales...
NZ 35-10 Wales 46mins ...but we have a time off as Patchell falls to the floor in pain in his arm; Aaron Shingler, Gareth Davies & Dan Biggar on for Moriarty, Tomas Williams and Patchell
New Zealand v Wales Brodie Retallick Man of the Match RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 35-10 Wales 47mins And the All Blacks are having fun now as the ball flies from the centre of the field toward touch, bouncing through hands to reach Ben Smith who lies over for his hat trick! But...
NZ 35-10 Wales 48mins ...we're off to TMO Jonker to see if any of the final passes were forward - and the forward running did disguise the fact that it was. No try... 🙄
NZ 35-10 Wales 49mins So it's a defensive scrum inside their 22 for Wales and they do force the ABs back a few metres with a kick, but it doesn't last with Beauden B kicking it back into Welsh territory quickly
NZ 35-10 Wales 50mins Amos kicks the ball away again , poorly, and it's too long, and ABs have a 22 lineout, but that's long and Biggar collects and offloads, but Justin Tipuric is forced into touch for the ABs to take a quickly throw in from touch…
NZ 35-10 Wales 51mins The Welsh haven't managed to escape much further than their 22, eventually carrying to the 10m but the ABs are all over it, making another break to the 22
NZ 35-10 Wales 52mins AWJ forces play back to halfway but the ABs kick it back to the Welsh 22 again, trapping them in their own half…
NZ 35-10 Wales 54mins However, the Welsh defence is quite impressive as they trap the All Blacks between the halfway and 10m for quite an age, and they go 10 phases for Tipuric to charge over halfway and they're in the 22 at 14 phases gone…
NZ 35-10 Wales 55mins The dogged persistence from the Welsh is paying off, advantage being played and the Welsh terriers go 15 phases before the penalty comes
NZ 35-10 Wales 56mins But before the scrum gets underway, the Welsh legendary captain and all round really nice bloke, Alun Wyn Jones gets a standing ovation as he leaves the pitch, Jake Ball entering the affray
NZ 35-10 Wales 56mins Atu Moli, Angus Ta'avao, Brad Weber, Anton Lienert-Brown & Jordie Barrett replace Moody, Nepo Laulala, Aaron Smith, Crotty and SBW
NZ 35-10 Wales 58mins It's an attacking Welsh scrum and they go another 15 phases almost within touching distance of the ABs tryline, advantage being played but that All Black defence is like a rock wall of blackness
New Zealand v Wales Scott Barrett takes out AWJ RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 35-15 Wales 59mins It's the fiercest of battles for the Welsh as they win the scrum ball well and heave, recycle, pick and go, pass out, pass wide, pass back in and 20 phases later, Adams finds the whitewash to score!
NZ 35-17 Wales 60mins Biggar's conversion is as good as the try, and Wales are doing themselves proud against twice World Cup Champions, New Zealand
NZ 35-17 Wales 61mins With Patrick Tuipulotu and Matt Todd on for Scott Barrett and Shannon Frizell, that's the All Blacks changes done for the night
NZ 35-17 Wales 62mins Hadleigh Parkes replaces Watkin while the Welsh want more of the same and are well placed to do so in All Black territory
NZ 35-17 Wales 64mins However, the ABs have other ideas and promptly kick the Welsh back over halfway and decide it's their turn to have the upper hand...
NZ 35-17 Wales 65mins ...setting up an attacking 22 lineout, but it's not neat and tidy, the ball not finding its mark and soon the Welsh have possession, albeit deep in their own 22...
NZ 35-17 Wales 67mins It's an impressive though long effort for the Welsh to fight their way out of not just their 22, but their own half, but they do and advantage is being played as they breach the ABs 10m...
NZ 35-17 Wales 68mins The penalty comes and the Welsh set up an attacking 5m lineout to launch another dangerous assault on the mighty All Blacks...
NZ 35-17 Wales 69mins ...and though the ball isn't neatly caught and driven, Wales just about hang on as it is flung outside the 22, and have to attack again from further back, but lose possession at the 22, deftly turned over
NZ 35-17 Wales 71mins The ABs opt for a defensive scrum, secure the ball and kick it to halfway for a lineout which is well won...
NZ 35-17 Wales 72mins ...but the Welsh do affect a turnover just inside their own half, and they restart the battle to get out and away
NZ 35-17 Wales 73mins However, the ABs are not going to let this match go without scoring more than a paltry five tries, and they wrestle back possession and hurtle toward the Welsh 22...
NZ 35-17 Wales 74mins There's a moment's respite with a time off before the ABs set an attacking scrum deep - very deep - in the Welsh 22...
NZ 40-17 Wales 75mins ...and Weber has to literally dig deep at the back of that scrum to retrieve the ball to fling it out to Mo'unga who sidesteps the defence with some ease to fly over the whitewash to score nearer the corner
NZ 40-17 Wales 77mins As Brodie Retallick is named Man of the Match, Mo'unga misses his conversion, but it has been an entertaining match so far; Wyn Jones comes on for Dillon Lewis
NZ 40-17 Wales 78mins Wales aren't done yet though either, and they go 10 phases from the restart as they drive deeper into ABs territory...
NZ 40-17 Wales 79mins ...advantage being played and the whistle goes after the 11th phase, Wales kicking to touch from the 10m for an attacking 22 lineout...
NZ 40-17 Wales 80mins Wales win their lineout and it goes through the hands until Jordie Barrett steals the ball mid-flight and he charges over halfway after the gong has gong, to Beauden B to Lienert-Brown who is stripped of...
NZ 40-17 Wales 80mins ...his shorts and his arse is laid bare by Amos, the ball knocked on and Weber thumps the ball into touch for the win and the end of the All Blacks and Welsh RWC campaigns
New Zealand v Wales Kieran Read takes medal from Emperor Akihito RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 40-17 Wales FT World Rugby CEO Bill Beaumont presents the Bronze Final winners with their medals, alongside retired Emperor Akihito

New Zealand v Wales All Blacks 3rd place winners RWC2019 Bronze FinalNZ 40-17 Wales FT With the penultimate match over, the All Blacks are crowned Bronze Final champions

NZ 40-17 Wales FT Moment of the day has to be the roar from the crowd as legendary Steve Hansen is interviewed pitchside - the tears aren't only in his eyes but across the planet; best coach in the world only losing one RWC match in the history of his tenure, assisting Graham Henry in 2011, and at the helm for the All Blacks' 2015 third Rugby World Cup title.

New Zealand v Wales Steve Hansen Warren Gatland post match beers RWC2019 Bronze Final




RWC 2019 Review

New Zealand15 Beauden Barrett 14 Ben Smith 13 Ryan Crotty 12 Sonny Bill Williams 11 Rieko Ioane 10 Richie Mo'unga 9 Aaron Smith 1 Joe Moody 2 Dane Coles 3 Nepo Laulala 4 Brodie Retallick 5 Scott Barrett 6 Shannon Frizell 7 Sam Cane 8 KIERAN READ (C) BENCH: 16 Liam Coltman 17 Atu Moli 18 Angus Ta'avao 19 Patrick Tuipulotu 20 Matt Todd 21 Brad Weber 22 Anton Lienert-Brown 23 Jordie Barrett

SCORERS T: Moody, Beauden Barrett, Ben Smith (2), Crotty, Mo’unga C: Mo’unga (5)

Wales15 Hallam Amos 14 Owen Lane 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Owen Watkin 11 Josh Adams 10 Rhys Patchell 9 Tomos Williams 1 Nicky Smith 2 Ken Owens 3 Dillon Lewis 4 Adam Beard 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Justin Tipuric 7 James Davies 8 Ross Moriarty BENCH: 16 Elliot Dee 17 Rhys Carre 18 Wyn Jones 19 Jake Ball 20 Aaron Shingler 21 Gareth Davies 22 Dan Biggar 23 Hadleigh Parkes

SCORERS T: Amos, Adams C: Patchell, Biggar P: Patchell

Man of the Match: Brodie Retallick New Zealand

Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU) Asst. Referees: Jaco Peyper (SARU), Pascal Gaüzère (FFR) TMO: Marius Jonker (SARU)




RWC 2019 The Final

RWC Final England vs South Africa RWC2019

International Stadium Yokohama - Saturday, 02 November 2018
KO: 18:00 HT: tbc Att: tbc

RWC 2019 The Final