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RWC 2019 Week 1

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Japan v Russia RWC2019

Tokyo Stadium - Friday, 20 September 2018
KO: 19:45 HT: 12-7 Att: 45,745


Japan vs Russia And so it begins.... the teams are on the pitch in Tokyo, and we are ready for the anthems...
Japan vs Russia Not sure you could have two more contrasting anthems; the Japanese so calm and serene, and the Russian sounding like they're about to invade another nation! 😜

Japan 0-0 Russia 1min Well, that wasn't the start Japan had hoped for - Russia have a 5m lineout in the Japanese 22 from KO from an unforced error!
Japan 0-0 Russia 2mins Advantage being played and Japan pinged for not rolling away at the breakdown after an efficient lineout setpiece from the visitors...
Japan 0-0 Russia 3mins Penalty comes but Russia don't take the points; they'll rue that since that could've been three points rather than a knock on and grounding over the deadball area
Japan 0-0 Russia 4mins Japan have the first scrum - a 5m defensive scrum in their 22 - and that Russian front row are HUGE!
Japan v Russia Matsushima try RWC2019Japan 0-5 Russia 5mins A devastating blow for the hosts following a fine scrum, ball is cleared and kicked back but William Tupou can't collect from the bounce for Kirill Golosnitskiy to collect and pounce over the whitewash to score!
Japan 0-7 Russia 6mins Yury Kushnarev makes the conversion with ease on his 110th appearance for Russia. Impressive start for Russia!
Japan 0-7 Russia 8mins Japan reply by charging right into the Russian 22, and it's Golosnitskiy that saves a try just short of the goal line; Russian defensive scrum at their own 22 and they clear the Japanese back...
Japan 0-7 Russia 10mins Good work from Russia in defending their line, but the Japanese come back hard and breach the 22 with some efficiency - the nerves has settled for the home side
Japan 5-7 Russia 11mins From out wide utilising sharp hands, from Timothy Lafaele the ball finds Kotaro Matsushima who sprints in for the score
Japan 5-7 Russia 13mins However, Yu Tamura can't equalise the scoreboard as the ball can't find the uprights
Japan 5-7 Russia 14mins A time off from the restart before Russia prep another scrum, this time on halfway which they manage well..
Japan 5-7 Russia 15mins ...but the ball is swiftly collected by Japanese hands and despite a minor setback, a chip ahead puts the ball deep into Russian territory
Japan 5-7 Russia 16mins However, it's Russians hands that collect it and the ball flies back up toward halfway; Japan have not quite found their momentum just yet while Russia are using their smarts
Japan 5-7 Russia 17mins Time off before Japan have a defensive lineout outside their 22, and they clear the Russians back over halfway, before aerial football ensues and Matsushima's foot finds touch in his 22
Japan 5-7 Russia 18mins Russia attacking lineout and they could well take advantage here with their setpiece being fairly efficient - but the ball goes to Japanese hands in defence...
Japan 5-7 Russia 20mins Japan do well to escape their own half and force the opposition back, but not for long as a penalty goes to Russia and advantage is being played again
Japan 5-7 Russia 21mins Tamura employs some neat footwork in the midfield, side stepping and dancing around the Russians to set up an attacking lineout outside the Russia 22
Japan 5-7 Russia 23mins Another good lineout for Japan and they breach the 22 and are forced out wide with advantage being played, but the whistle goes for a knock on before Pieter Labuschagne grounds the ball
Japan 5-7 Russia 24mins After another time off, Japan's try has gone begging as Russia defend their 22 with a scrum...
Japan 5-7 Russia 25mins Russia clear only to the 10m from the 22 for Japan to win their lineout quickly and they've breached the 22 again...
Japan 5-7 Russia 25mins ...but the ball is promptly stolen by Nikita Vavilin who runs it over halfway and deep into Japanese territory
Japan 5-7 Russia 26mins A Russian attack lineout on the far side 22 ensues as the sweat pours off the players in 80% humidity, and play continues with another on the nearside...
Japan 5-7 Russia 28mins The Japanese defence is holding out well, not letting the Russians get too close to the whitewash and forcing them back, but not far enough...
Japan 5-7 Russia 29mins the visitors are camped out in Japanese territory and threatening to inflict more damage
Japan 5-7 Russia 30mins Eventually the homeside reach the midfield, but instead of retaining ball in hand, they are repeatedly kicking away possession and the Russians are taking full advantage of this repetitive folly
Japan 5-7 Russia 31mins The Russians are blowing hard already, and Japan reach the opposition 22 again, but again a knock on hands over possession for a Russian defensive scrum
Japan 5-7 Russia 31mins Yet another time off as Ref Nige gesticulates some more, before we get back to the game...
Japan 5-7 Russia 32mins ...the Russians shift from the 22 to their 10m for another scrum, but not before Dmitry Perov replaces scrum half Vasily Dorofeev who's off for a Head Injury Assessment
Japan 10-7 Russia 34mins Japan regroup and grab possession, don't kick it away and steadily shift closer and closer to the 22, breaching it efficiently for Matsushima to roll over into the corner while grounding the ball en route!
Japan 5-7 Russia 34mins However, Ref Nige goes up to TMO Ben Skeen for confirmation of the grounding, and sadly, Matsushima loses control and has no downward pressure; no try.
Japan 5-7 Russia 35mins Russia are in defence again with ball in hand, but they do struggle to escape their 22 and Perov's clearing kick is charged down by Shota Horie
Japan 5-7 Russia 36mins The ball only finds touch at the 22 for a Japan attacking lineout which is carried out well, a drive off the back of it before they go wide in attack; advantage being played
Japan 5-7 Russia 37mins Penalty comes and Japan play on rather than take 3 points; they are forced wide, come back, go wide again, and the Russian defence is quite formidable at keeping the Japs out...
Japan 10-7 Russia 38mins ...and a little flip back from Ryoto Nakamura (it was forward!) to Matsushima who crosses the whitewash and runs round to ground closer to the posts
Japan 12-7 Russia 40mins This time Tamura doesn't miss his mark and the first half of the first match of the opening #RWC match ends with the hosts in the lead

Japan 12-7 Russia HT T: Matsushima (2) C: Tamura | T: Golosnitskiy C: Kushnarev

Japan 12-7 Russia HT Well, that has not disappointed! Time for a coffee... ☕️
Japan 12-7 Russia HT Fret ye not! Sense has been found! ☕️?! 🙈 Don't be stupid! Gin has been found 😆🍸

Japan 12-7 Russia 40mins Right then. Second half imminent... and Dorofeev has returned from his HIA. Let's be having you then!
Japan 12-7 Russia 42mins Japan coach Jamie Joseph - former #All Blacks so of excellent pedigree - said the right things at HT as the homeside come out and dominate Russia form the outset
Japan 15-7 Russia 43mins An unforced error comes from Russia almost immediately as they cynically don't roll away, and in front of the posts, so Tamura punishes them with an easy 3-pointer
Japan 15-7 Russia 45mins A solid 40 minutes from Russia, but they need to maintain their fitness intensity, and defensive pressure if they have a hope in hell of winning this...
Japan 20-7 Russia 46mins However, Labuschagne rips the ball from the hands of Andrey Ostrikov in the midfield, and he trundles across half the pitch to run in a third Japan try
Japan v Russia Pieter Labuschagne try RWC2019Japan 20-7 Russia 48mins Tamura blows the conversion again, but if the homeside carry on in this fashion, they won't worry too much tonight
Japan 20-7 Russia 50mins After an error prevents another quick try despite Japan doing well in attack, Russia are on the back foot again, scrum in defence inside their 10m...
Japan 20-7 Russia 52mins ...but they win it well, and Kushnarev pumps the ball 60m for a 22 attacking lineout where they retain possession and are within 5m of the whitewash
Japan 20-7 Russia 53mins The Russians are determined to come away with something here, 8 phases in, win a penalty but have been pushed back a tad from the tryline...
Japan 20-7 Russia 54mins That Japanese defensive line is pretty impressive; Russia opt for the 5m scrum, but not before the very cool blond Isileli Nakajima & Korean-born Jiwon Koo replace Keita Inagaki & Asaeli Ai Valu in the front row
Japan 20-7 Russia 56mins Russia try their damndest, but Japan have other ideas and eventually steal possession to clear the ball back to the 22 for a defensive lineout
Japan 20-7 Russia 57mins The lineout is unimpressive and the ball handling is quite shocking, Russia eventually taking possession and winning another attacking scrum...but they look knackered
Japan 20-7 Russia 59mins The Cherry Blossoms' defence is waning a tad, and Russia have a penalty in front of the posts just inside the 22...
Japan 20-10 Russia 60mins And that's an easy three points for Kushnarev, before changes are incoming...
Japan 20-10 Russia 61mins Fumiaki Tanaka & Luke Thompson on for Yutaka Nagare & Wimpie van der Walt | Andrey Garbuzov for Bogdan Fedotko
Japan 20-10 Russia 62mins Japan on the attack and no advantage in the Russian half gives them a penalty from wide and outside the 10m…
Japan 23-10 Russia 63mins Another 3-pointer from Tamura as the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe proudly sports his country's jersey over formal attire!
Japan 23-10 Russia 64mins Major changes for Russia with Evgeny Matveev, Andrei Polivalov, Anton Sychev and Ramil Gaisin on for  Stanislav Selskii, Valery Morozov, Vitaly Zhivatov & Kushnarev
Japan 23-10 Russia 65mins From the restart, Japan only push Russia back to the midfield before they are forced on the back foot again with a defensive lineout on their 22
Japan 23-10 Russia 67mins While Russia are back in possession but in the midfield from yet another turnover, Rikiya Matsuda has replaced Tamura, and Azamat Bitiev & Vladislav Sozonov on for Gotovtsev & Dmitry Gerasimov
Japan 28-10 Russia 68mins with the last 10 minutes approaching, Japan need to secure that bonus point try, and it dutifully arrives through the hands of a hat trick from Matsushima! That's an impressive effort
Japan 30-10 Russia 70mins Matsuda adds the extras for Japan, while their talisman captain Michael Leitch is replaced by Hendrik Tui, and Ryohei Yamanaka is on for Tupou
Japan 30-10 Russia 72mins A high ball almost falls to Russian hands in the Japan 22 but it's a knock on and a homeside defensive scrum
Japan 30-10 Russia 73mins Perov returns to the field of play, and immediately causes a nuisance, not rolling away at the breakdown after Yamanaka sprints 40m toward the Russia 22...nut Ref Nige doesn't penalise him
Japan 30-10 Russia 74mins Horie goes off to applause, replaced by Atsushi Sakate while Matsushima rightly is awarded Man of the Match
Japan 30-10 Russia 75mins Russian defensive scrum on their 22 is won and the ball flies to the Japan 22 - aerial football again
Japan 30-10 Russia 76mins Russia have no intention of leaving the rest this match to simply peter out, and force play all the way to the Japan 22 again...
Japan v Russia Andrey Ostrikov RWC2019Japan 30-10 Russia 77mins A kick to the corner for a 5m lineout is solid, and Japan's defence continues to be tested; they win their lineout and the clear is good
Japan 30-10 Russia 78mins Japan's defence pushes Russia back up to the midfield; the lineout on halfway is fraught and goes long but leads to a Russia scrum for a knock on
Japan 30-10 Russia 80mins A fabulous Japanese gong sounds for 80 minutes as Russia have a penalty after there is no advantage, but they're still on halfway, Japan forced back 10m
Japan 30-10 Russia 80+2mins A clear to touch sets up a 22 attacking lineout for Russia, but they can't hold on well enough following the setpiece and the ball is lost for Yamanaka to sprint away then kick to touch for the well deserved win




Japan15 William Tupou 14 Kotaro Matsushima 13 Timothy Lafaele 12 Ryoto Nakamura 11 Lomano Lava Lemeki 10 Yu Tamura 9 Yutaka Nagare 1 Keita Inagaki 2 Shota Horie 3 Asaeli Ai Valu 4 Wimpie van der Walt 5 James Moore 6 MICHAEL LEITCH (C) 7 Pieter Labuschagne 8 Kazuki Himeno BENCH: 16 Atsushi Sakate 17 Isileli Nakajima 18 Jiwon Koo 19 Luke Thompson 20 Hendrik Tui 21 Fumiaki Tanaka 22 Rikiya Matsuda 23 Ryohei Yamanaka

SCORERS T: Matsushima (3), Labuschagne C: Tamura, Matsuda P: Tamura (2)

Russia15 VASILY ARTEMYEV (C) 14 German Davydov 13 Vladimir Ostroushko 12 Dmitry Gerasimov 11 Kirill Golosnitskiy 10 Yury Kushnarev 9 Vasily Dorofeev 1Valery Morozov 2 Stanislav Selskii 3 Kirill Gotovtsev 4 Andrey Ostrikov 5 Bogdan Fedotko 6 Vitaly Zhivatov 7 Tagir Gadzhiev 8 Nikita Vavilin BENCH: 16 Evgeny Matveev 17 Andrei Polivalov 18 Azamat Bitiev 19 Andrey Garbuzov 20 Anton Sychev 21 Dmitry Perov 22 Ramil Gaisin 23 Vladislav Sozonov

SCORERS T: Golosnitskiy C: Kushnarev P: Kushnarev

Man of the Match: Kotaro Matsushima Japan

Referee: Nigel Owens (WRU) Asst. Referees: Nic Berry (ARU), Matthew Carley (RFU) TMO: Ben Skeen (NZRU)




Australia v Fiji RWC2019

Sapporo Dome - Saturday, 21 September 2018
KO: 13:45 HT: 12-14 Att: 36,482



Wallabies v Fiji こんにちは peepals from Sapporo in the north of Japan for Australia versus the Olympic Gold Medallists, Fiji. Just 10 minutes till KO!
Wallabies v Fiji It's perfect rugby conditions for this second thriller of the tournament under a closed roof as captains Michael Hooper & Dominiko Waqaniburotu lead their teams out to Japanese drumming magnificence...
Wallabies v Fiji There's nothing quite liking watching hard as nails, ridiculously strong men showing the emotion of representing their respective countries in world rugby singing their national anthems! 🇦🇺 🇫🇯 🏉
Wallabies v Fiji Now what kind of a RWC would it be without an abundance of hakas?! So first up in this one is the Cibi from Fiji before the match gets underway...

Australia v Fiji cibi RWC2019Wallabies 0-0 Fiji 1min And we have KO from Christian Leali'ifano which almost causes an immediate upset for the Aussies, but they steady the ship before Fiji fiercely shove them out of their 22...
Wallabies 0-0 Fiji 2mins Meanwhile, it appears World Rugby have changed hashtags from #FJI to #FIJ 🙄 Better fix that then...
Wallabies 0-0 Fiji 3mins Now the expectation is a full on fight today, despite the Flying Fijians not beating the Aussies since 1954! And it's Fiji who have the first penalty...
Wallabies 0-3 Fiji 4mins ...which Ben Volavola neatly pumps through the uprights to open the account for Fiji with aplomb
Wallabies 0-3 Fiji 6mins The restart is delightful from Leali'ifano, but the Aussies need to keep on their toes if they are to set their stall well against the Flying Fijians...
Wallabies 0-8 Fiji 7mins ...but a poor box kick allows Josua Tuisova to make the first electric break and via Waisea Nayacalevu, the ball finds Peceli Yato who almost jogs in the first try in the corner, the Fijians flicking off the Aussie defence
Wallabies 0-8 Fiji 9mins Volavola fails with his first conversion, but no doubt it won't be his last; the glitch is not so important just yet as Fiji have illustrated their magic; Aussies need to buck up their ideas quickly!
Wallabies 0-8 Fiji 11mins A player to watch in particular is Fiji's Semi Radradra, who wastes no time in showing off his skills before the first scrum of the match is set...
Wallabies 0-8 Fiji 11mins Discipline is what might burn Fiji if they are not vigilant, and the Aussies take full advantage of an offside in the midfield with ball in hand as they shift gears and head to the Fiji 22
Wallabies 0-8 Fiji 13mins Leali'ifano plumps a half decent clear for an attacking Aussie lineout, but the pace isn't electric as the Fijians disrupt the play at eh breakdown
Wallabies 0-8 Fiji 15mins Leali'ifano has had a knock after Levani Botia bulldozes him down as the Aussies are handed a scrum on the Fiji 22
Wallabies 0-8 Fiji 16mins But not before a time off as Peni Ravai gets some attention too
Wallabies 5-8 Fiji 17mins Play resumes with the attacking scrum from the Aussies, and well-drilled setpiece work coupled with a frantic Fiji who look lost as the Aussies drive and break away for Hooper to score with such ease
Australia v Fiji Michael Hooper RWC2019Wallabies 7-8 Fiji 19mins With the score all but directly under the posts, Leali'ifano has absolutely no issues with e conversion, reducing the gaping 8 point deficit to just one
Wallabies 7-8 Fiji 21mins A little more focus required from Fiji rather than the rabbit in the headlights approach if they are to stop an Aussie onslaught...
Wallabies 7-8 Fiji 22mins What will help Fiji is the churlish and quite unnecessary indiscipline from Australia which will no doubt hand them a number of penalties to take advantage, like right about now...
Wallabies 7-11 Fiji 23mins Volavola restores a little of the gap in the scoreboard with a solid penalty kick 3-pointer
Wallabies 7-11 Fiji 24mins You'd think the Aussies would learn from 6 points worth of gifting penalties, but it's Reece Hodge who infringes next at the breakdown, an country mile off the ball 🙄
Wallabies 7-11 Fiji 25mins No doubt Cheika has the beginnings of a hernia developing after hours and days of technical training, watching his boys gifting advantage to these dangerous monsters of rugby from the Islands
Wallabies 7-11 Fiji 26mins A momentary lull as Yato is sent off for a Head Injury Assessment, Mosese Voka replacing him, hopefully only temporarily; the Fijians are grown as brick houses!
Wallabies 7-11 Fiji 28mins The Aussies are again on the backfoot with Fiji camped out with menace in their 22, barely 4m from the whitewash...
Wallabies 7-11 Fiji 29mins ...but the defence is solid and on the recapture of the ball, the Fijians lose all momentum as they are pushed a significant distance away from the dangerzone
Wallabies 7-14 Fiji 30mins The distance turns out to be irrelevant, however, as the Aussies again gift a penalty which Volavola tees up almost from touch and it looks like it's veering away but then curls back in between the uprights
Wallabies 7-14 Fiji 32mins The Aussies may be dishing out penalties like sweeties to their opposition, but Fiji are also handing over their share, two of three in their own half, and this last one results in a 5m attacking lineout for Australia
Wallabies 7-14 Fiji 34mins Setpiece drills have paid off for the Australians, and the lineout is deftly efficient from Tolu Latu to the giant that is Rory Arnold, and they continue in excellent vein...
Wallabies 12-14 Fiji 35mins they shift toward the centre, recycle, mix up the pace, go further out wide to the corner from far touch to near and it's Hodge who crosses for another setpiece try
Wallabies 12-14 Fiji 37mins From an acute angle, Leali'ifano misses the conversion so fails to equalise the score. Meanwhile, Yato has passed his HIA and awaits his opportunity to return to the park...
Wallabies 12-14 Fiji 38mins The restart has the Aussies hungry for more before the half draws to an end, and they go 12 phases in attack before a knock on hands possession to the Fijians
Wallabies 12-14 Fiji 40mins The pace has slowed to almost nothing as the scrum is prepped, and the slightly tired players lumber into position, it is reset as the brilliant gong goes for the HT mark...
Wallabies 12-14 Fiji 40mins ...Fiji hold onto the ball in the final setpiece of the half and Volavola kicks the ball into touch for halftime, ahead by two points for the first time in 55 years!

Wallabies 12-14 Fiji HT T: Hooper, Hodge C: Leali’ifano | T: Yato P: Volavola (3)

Wallabies 12-14 Fiji HT Word is Yato won't be returning to the match; pretty poor show from the officials since the no arm tackle from Hodge goes completely unpunished which sent him off in the first place; should've been a yellow card at least

Wallabies 12-14 Fiji 40mins Second half resumes with Voka now a permanent fixture for the remainder of the match; also Tevita Ratuva has replaced Viliama Mata
Wallabies 12-14 Fiji 42mins Wonder how the HT team chat went from Cheika to the Green & Gold - one should think it was loud and fraught and hopefully has some impact...
Australia v Fiji lineout RWC2019Wallabies 12-14 Fiji 43mins ...This looks to be true, as the Aussies are composed and are going through motions to invade Fijian territory, attacking lineout and drive and pass, but...
Wallabies 12-19 Fiji 44mins's far too easily intercepted on the Fijian 10m by Nayacalevu who then charges for the whitewash and flies over under the posts to score!
Wallabies 12-21 Fiji 45mins Volavola adds the extras, and the Aussies aren't looking too hot right now. They are called 'Flying' Fijians for good reason!
Wallabies 12-21 Fiji 47mins Well. This is a tad unexpected. Never believed the Australians would have it easy, but the Fijians have brought it...with bells on!
Wallabies 12-21 Fiji 49mins The Aussies regroup and gain some focus, while the officials seem to have an unhealthy beady eye on Fiji, not reciprocated for their opposition 🙄
Wallabies 15-21 Fiji 50mins Tevita Cavubati is pinged for not rolling away quickly enough at the breakdown and Hodge inflicts three points on his opposition with a solid penalty
Wallabies 15-21 Fiji 52mins Aussie scrum half Nic White has had a poor game so far, and Cheika agrees, replacing him with Will Genia early doors in this second half
Wallabies 15-21 Fiji 54mins Genia immediately makes an impact, the ball is sharper and quicker and the Aussies are fast deep into the Fijian 22...
Wallabies 15-21 Fiji 55mins Aussies get a rolling maul going, but Campese Ma'afu & Waqaniburotu collapse it cynically, so they Aussies have the chance to attack again
Wallabies 20-21 Fiji 55mins The Aussies go again from inside the 22, the ball is forced out wide with a kick overhead to the corner, but saved by Kini Murimurivalu; however, advantage was being played and this time the drive gives Latu the score
Australia v Fiji Christian Lealiifano RWC2019Wallabies 20-21 Fiji 57mins Not so great for the Australians, Leali'ifano misses another conversion and he is duly replaced by Matt To'omua
Wallabies 20-21 Fiji 59mins In the meantime, Lukhan Salakaia-Loto has replaced by Isi Naisarani, while Eroni Mawi & Manasa Saulo on for Ma'afu & Ravai
Wallabies 20-21 Fiji 60mins The Fijians learn nothing from their previous mistake and warning from Ref O'Keeffe , and as they infringe in defence in their own 22 yet again, Levani Botia is rightly sent to the naughty step
Wallabies 25-21 Fiji 61mins Having never scored for Australia before, hooker Latu decides this is his moment, and on regrouping with his forwards, he scores another with some panache
Wallabies 25-21 Fiji 63mins To'omua, however, also misses the conversion. The Aussies are finally ahead, but could be a lot further, if only they could kick between the uprights
Wallabies 25-21 Fiji 65mins Sekope Kepu, Jordan Uelese & James Slipper have replaced Allan Ala'alatoa, Latu -& Scott Sio, and this should further freshen up the Aussie attack...
Wallabies 25-21 Fiji 67mins More changes with Adam Coleman replacing Arnold, and the Green & Gold are looking far more impressive, having found their feet after a fraught first half
Wallabies 30-21 Fiji 69mins Excellent teamwork from the Aussies allows Samu Kerevi to charge in a try and solidify the lead...
Wallabies 32-21 Fiji 70mins Dane Haylett-Petty replaces Kurtley Beale while this time To'omua is right on target with conversion
Wallabies 32-21 Fiji 71mins Botia has done his time and returns to the park
Wallabies 37-21 Fiji 72mins And before you can take a breath, the Aussies or on the attack yet again, this time it's Marika Koroibete who finds the whitewash with far too much ease
Wallabies 39-21 Fiji 73mins Another To'omua conversion ensues, while Fiji are making wholesale changes all round, a little too late after they lose concentration and discipline
Wallabies 39-21 Fiji 75mins Tuvere Vugakoto, Alivereti Veitokani & Nikola Matawalu on for Matavesi, Murimurivalu & Lomani
Wallabies 39-21 Fiji 77mins In the meantime, Australia are camped out deep in the Fijian 22, looking for a 7th try to add to their tally, the bonus point secured two tries ago...
Wallabies 39-21 Fiji 79mins ...but the Fijian defence is rediscovered, and despite having he Australians bearing down on them with some effort, they hold out, and eventually force play out of their dangerzone, led by a solid defensive scrum...
Wallabies 39-21 Fiji 80+1mins Ball is still in play despite the 80 minute gong having been primed, and Fiji have shifted their defensive position into attack, steadily heading up toward the Assize 22...
Wallabies 39-21 Fiji 80+3mins ...Fiji go eight phases in attack, and breach the Aussie 22, hoping for one last flourish and possibly a try as the clock continues into the low 80s
Wallabies 39-21 Fiji 80+4mins Hooper manages to rip the ball away from the breakdown, but drops it back and the Fijians continue in their pursuit, until Botia spills the ball from a double hit tackle, and it's all over




Australia15 Kurtley Beale 14 Reece Hodge 13 James O'Connor 12 Samu Kerevi 11 Marika Koroibete 10 Christian Leali'ifano 9 Nicholas White 1 Scott Sio 2 Tolu Latu 3 Allan Alaalatoa 4 Izack Rodda 5 Rory Arnold 6 David Pocock 7 MICHAEL HOOPER (C) 8 Isi Naisarani BENCH: 16 Jordan Uelese 17 James Slipper 18 Sekope Kepu 19 Adam Coleman 20 Lukhan Salakaia-Loto 21 Will Genia 22 Matt To'omua 23 Dane Haylett-Petty

SCORERS  T: Hooper, Hodge, Latu (2), Kerevi, Koroibete C: Leali’ifano, Toomua (2) P: Hodge

Fiji15 Kini Murimurivalu 14 Josua Tuisova 13 Waisea Nayacalevu 12 Levani Botia 11 Semi Radradra 10 Ben Volavola 9 Frank Lomani 1 Campese Ma'afu 2 Samuel Matavesi 3 Peni Ravai 4 Tevita Cavubati 5 Leone Nakarawa 6 DOMINIKO WAQANIBUROTU (C) 7 Peceli Yato 8 Viliame Mata BENCH: 16 Tuvere Vugakoto 17 Eroni Mawi 18 Manasa Saulo 19 Tevita Ratuva 20 Mosese Voka 21 Nikola Matawalu 22 Alivereti Veitokani 23 Vereniki Goneva

SCORERS  T: Yato, Nayacalevu C: Volavola P: Volavola (3) Yellow Card Botia

Man of the Match: Tolu Latu Australia

Referee: Ben O'Keeffe (NZRU) Asst. Referees: Luke Pearce (RFU), Andrew Brace (IRFU) TMO: Rowan Kitt (RFU)




France v Argentina RWC2019

Tokyo Stadium - Saturday, 21 September 2018
KO: 16:15 HT: 20-3 Att: 44,040


France v Pumas 10 minutes till KO at the Tokyo Stadium, and France play their nemesis, Argentina, who have beaten them in 2 of their 3 RWC matches over the years!
France v Pumas The teams are out on the pitch and oof the noise! It's wild! If England play to form, it's one of these two that ill likely be the other Quarter Finalists in Pool C. Anthem time!
France v Pumas Oh there's few better anthems on the planet than La Marseillaise! And may we have a quiet moment of solidarity with #GiletsJaunes✊🏼 while we're here 🇫🇷🏉 🇦🇷

France 0-0 Pumas 1min We have KO from Romain Ntamack under the watchful eye of Ref Gardner
France 0-0 Pumas 2mins The ball quickly finds touch for a Pumas lineout on halfway but the French steal it quickly and they sprint off toward the Pumas 22 with little hesitation
France 0-0 Pumas 3mins Only a knock on halts the attack instigated by Charles Ollivon, giving the Pumas a defensive scrum from which they win the penalty after Rabah Slimani is the guilty party to go down
France 0-0 Pumas 4mins Match number three and none have yet disappointed, and the word that this tournament is wider open than ever before is damn accurate
France 0-0 Pumas 5mins The Pumas are in possession, but are in their own half and kick over halfway only for Ntamack to knock into touch for another Pumas lineout, on halfway again
France 0-0 Pumas 6mins That French front row are monsters! Jefferson Poirot bulldozes Nicolás Sánchez backwards with ball in hand, but he's ready and doesn't let go, just in the French half...
France 0-0 Pumas 8mins Pumas come close to the French 22 but Les Bleus run it back to halfway with such sublime hands from their forwards, until a pass goes awry for a Pumas scrum back in the midfield
France 0-0 Pumas 10mins Huge hits are coming in from both sides and replays on the big screens have the crowds on both sides groaning in despair - but it's all good so far, Pumas in possession yet again at the scrum
France 0-0 Pumas 11mins The Pumas scrum is well and truly back with a vengeance, winning it again against the French, and Nick Sánchez tees up his first effort at the uprights..
France 0-0 Pumas 13mins However, Sánchez's mostly reliable boot falters this time and the score remains at nil for now
France 0-0 Pumas 14mins Guido Petti shows his mettle as he collects a high ball not meant for him and sprints off into the French 22, flicking off the defence of Les Bleus like flies...
France 0-3 Pumas 15mins ...advantage is being played and the penalty comes from in front of the posts; this time, Sánchez couldn't miss that blindfolded!
France 0-3 Pumas 17mins The restart has Les Bleus back in possession and Damian Penaud makes a fantastical break into the Pumas 22...
France 5-3 Pumas 17mins ...and is finished by Gaël Fickou who goes down and reaches over the whitewash to score; that was a perfect example of the flair of Les Bleus, led by the brilliant Maxime Médard
France 7-3 Pumas 18mins Ntamack adds the extras and Les Bleus deservedly take the lead from the Pumas. This is going to be an electric match if the Pumas don't run out of steam...
France 7-3 Pumas 19mins The Pumas head into French territory on the attack, but a chip through from their own half puts the French back on the front foot, only just saved by Tomás Cubelli(?)
France 12-3 Pumas 21mins The word 'sublime' won't be overused when it comes to the French, because they have arrived, with all their flair and passion and excellence, Antoine Dupont flying over in the corner for try no.#2 within 3 minutes
France 14-3 Pumas 22mins Ntamack - who is not the first choice fly half at Toulouse - does his team (& no doubt his Dad Émile with 46 French caps) proud with he conversion despite the acute angle
France 14-3 Pumas 24mins If you weren't awake already, this match has to be the wake up call for brilliant rugby in the  world's best sporting affair...
France v Argentina Matias Moroni RWC2019France 14-3 Pumas 26mins Another Pumas scrum in defence, and again they win it, another scrum penalty going against Les Bleus, and the Pumas clear into French territory
France 14-3 Pumas 28mins But Les Bleus fight back promptly, awarded a defensive scrum just inside their half, winning it neatly and quickly up to the Pumas 22...
France 17-3 Pumas 29mins The Pumas infringe enough to give Les Bleus a penalty and after a short time off, Ntamack tees up just outside the 22, just off centre and he is flawless in execution, extending the lead to two scores in half an hour
France 17-3 Pumas 31mins Pumas reply from the restart with a solid attack, a 5m lineout and all eyes are on former captain Agustín Creevy...
France 17-3 Pumas 33mins The lineout is good and the attack is on, but play is halted for a knock on; TMO Marius Jonker steps in and confirms the first knock on was from the French, the second from the Pumas, so it's an attacking 5m scrum...
France 17-3 Pumas 34mins Time off as Ref Gardner has words with both sides about the scrum and resulting penalties, before the scrum is reset for the Pumas
France 17-3 Pumas 35mins Another reset, another Pumas put in, another incomplete scrum, another reset...🙄
France 17-3 Pumas 36mins And finally there is a decision after the French make a nuisance of themselves and force the error without conceding a penalty, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro pinged
France 17-3 Pumas 37mins France weather the threat well barely inches from their tryline, and shift playback into Pumas territory...
France 17-3 Pumas 38mins ...and those hands are working overtime again in excellent fashion, through Virimi Vakatawa and Médard and Yoann Huget who is latterly shut down on the 22
France 17-3 Pumas 39mins Play is halted momentarily as TMO Jonker has a quiet word in Ref Gardner's ear about Cubelli's accidental high tackle on Huget - it's a penalty only
France 20-3 Pumas 40mins Ntamack tees up and again is perfect in his drill between the uprights before the halftime whistle goes

France 20-3 Pumas HT T: Fickou, Dupont C: Ntamack (2) P: Ntamack (2) | P: Sánchez

France 20-3 Pumas 40mins It's not looking too great for the Pumas; they've never come back from a deficit of this size. Then again, it is a world cup and anything is possible!
France 20-8 Pumas 41mins France give up a penalty in front of the posts - Pumas opt for 5m attacking lineout - the setpiece is perfectly drilled and Les Bleus are left watching as Petti discovers the French tryline to score. #GameOn
France 20-10 Pumas 42mins Sánchez of course adds the extras, and we have a mouth-watering game on our hands again...
France 20-10 Pumas 44mins So, catch your breath as Santiago Carreras replaces Ramiro Moyano and the French are also to make changes this early...
France 20-10 Pumas 46mins Camille Chat & Demba Bamba replace captain Guilhem Guirado and Slimani
France 20-10 Pumas 48mins Meanwhile, the new beast of the Pumas rears its head and a superb kick from Sánchez deep to the French 22 is only halted by Penaud who has no choice but to hurl it into touch
France 20-10 Pumas 50mins Les Bleus weather this storm and send the Pumas back toward halfway, while Julian Montoya replaces Creevy
France 20-10 Pumas 51mins Santiago Medrano replaces Juan Figallo in the front row while Sánchez again plants the ball in the French 22 for an attacking lineout
France 20-10 Pumas 52mins The lineout is good, Les Bleus add a 10th penalty to their tally and it's another lineout...
France 20-15 Pumas 53mins Excellent set piece from the Pumas and the drive hands a second try to Montoya!
France 20-15 Pumas 55mins Sánchez misses the conversion and the deficit is reduced regardless; Bernard Le Roux has replaced Arthur Iturria
France v Argentina Bernard la Roux RWC2019France 20-15 Pumas 57mins Oh. Ledesma takes Sánchez off, replacing with really quite adept Benjamin Urdapilleta. And the Pumas decide they need to attack again...
France 20-15 Pumas 59mins The crowd roar as the Pumas have the position, the men over, the momentum and the space to score, but Penaud stops them quite cynically
France 20-18 Pumas 60mins Unimpressively, despite repeated infringements from Les Bleus, and Penaud in particular, Ref Gardner awards only a penalty and no card 🙄 Urdapilleta, newly arrived, adds three points to reduce the gap to a very manageable 2 points
France 20-18 Pumas 61mins Thomas Ramos & Louis Picamoles replace Médard & Gregory Alldritt | Tomas Lezana on for Javier Ortega Desio
France 20-18 Pumas 63mins France make a few yards but a knock on in the tackle hands possession to the Pumas; time off for some changes first and Huget gets some attention
France 20-18 Pumas 63mins Mayco Vivas & Matías Alemanno on for Tetaz Chaparro & Tomas Lavanini
France 20-18 Pumas 65mins Pumas scrum ensues on their 10m, but it drops for no bind > reset…and again
France 20-18 Pumas 66mins Eventually the scrum happens and the Pumas breach halfway before a hit on Marcos Kremer forces him to spill it for the French to quickly make up that lost ground
France 20-18 Pumas 67mins In the meantime, the Pumas attack again from the midfield after aerial football ensues, and Carreras gets oh so close for Ntamack to intercept and save the almost certain try...
France 20-18 Pumas 68mins Camille Lopez & Cyril Baille on for Penaud (HIA) & Poirot while another penalty goes the way of the Pumas!
France 20-21 Pumas 68mins The TMO has a look at the players under the high ball with concern, but Ref Gardner is happy that there was no dangerous play or intent, so the penalty holds and Urdapilleta takes the lead for the Pumas with his boot
France 23-21 Pumas 70mins However, newly arrived Lopez has other plans, and he employs the age old brilliance of the #RWC à la Stransky & Wilkinson, calmly dropping a goal to regain the lead
France 23-21 Pumas 72mins Edge of seat play continues as Maxime Machenaud replaces the formidable Dupont
France 23-21 Pumas 74mins Play is now officially frantic as the crowd go nuts and the noise is deafening - 🇫🇷 🇦🇷 is always a match to hail as knife-edge in World Cup...
France 23-21 Pumas 76mins No doubt both coaches are hoping for level heads to calm the chaos; Pumas hand over a penalty and Les Bleus take their time in teeing up to wind down the clock, even though Ntamack misses this one
France 23-21 Pumas 78mins Fickou hands over a seriously churlish penalty by interfering with Boffelli in the air! The full back is the long range kicker for the Pumas...and it's a 50m kick 🙊
France 23-21 Pumas 79mins As every Argentinian on the planet holds their breath, Boffelli has the distance...but not the accuracy as the ball fall just wide of the upright 🙈
France 23-21 Pumas 80+1mins The gong has gone, Lopez is told he can't kick to touch from the restart, so play continues and the Pumas have one last chance...
France 23-21 Pumas FT ...they go as far as they can, but a turnover comes at the breakdown for France, and bar the kicking the ball into touch, it's all over
France 23-21 Pumas FT However, the tensions rise despite the final whistle, and Ref Gardner has to calm the players to a manageable level before they realise it's all over, and France JUST claim that crazy win! *phew*

France v Argentina Les Bleus win RWC2019




France Rugby15 Maxime Médard 14 Damian Penaud 13 Virimi Vakatawa 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Yoann Huget 10 Romain Ntamack 9 Antoine Dupont 1 Jefferson Poirot 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Rabah Slimani 4 Arthur Iturria 5 Sébastien Vahaamahina 6 Wenceslas Lauret 7 Charles Ollivon 8 Gregory Alldritt BENCH: 16 Camille Chat 17 Cyril Baille 18 Demba Bamba 19 Bernard Le Roux 20 Louis Picamoles 21 Maxime Machenaud 22 Camille Lopez 23 Thomas Ramos

SCORERS T: Fickou, Dupont C: Ntamack (2) P: Ntamack (2) DG: Lopez

Argentina15 Emiliano Boffelli 14 Matías Moroni 13 Matías Orlando 12 Jerónimo de la Fuente 11 Ramiro Moyano 10 Nicolás Sánchez 9 Tomás Cubelli 1 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 2 Agustín Creevy 3 Juan Figallo 4 Guido Petti 5 Tomas Lavanini 6 PABLO MATERA (C) 7 Marcos Kremer 8 Javier Ortega Desio BENCH: 16 Julian Montoya 17 Mayco Vivas 18 Santiago Medrano 19 Matías Alemanno 20 Tomas Lezana 21 Felipe Ezcurra 22 Benjamin Urdapilleta 23 Santiago Carreras

SCORERS T: Petti, Montoya C: Sánchez P: Sánchez, Urdapilleta (2)

Man of the Match: Gaël Fickou France Rugby

Referee: Angus Gardner (ARU) Asst. Referees: Jaco Peyper (SARU), Brendon Pickerill (NZRU) TMO: Marius Jonker (SARU)




New Zealand v South Africa RWC2019

International Stadium Yokohama - Saturday, 21 September 2018
KO: 18:45 HT: 17-3 Att: 63,649



NZ v Boks Does rugby even have the right to get even more pressurised and knife-edge chaotic as this?! Hopefully, this will be epic... 🇳🇿🏉🇿🇦
NZ v Boks The anthems are done...the haka is to come & it's Kapa o Pango... bring it on! The RWC Champions versus the Rugby Championship Champions!
New Zealand v South Africa haka RWC2019NZ 0-0 Boks 1min The wait is over as the match kicks off at the International Stadium Yokohama - the home of rugby in Japan...
NZ 0-3 Boks 2mins And we begin with a penalty for the Boks almost immediately, on halfway, executed with perfection by Handré Pollard from the halfway line
NZ 0-3 Boks 3mins The restart has the Boks pinning the ABs in their own half until Pieter-Steph du Toit is pinged for coming through the middle
NZ 0-3 Boks 4mins The kick lands in the hands of Cheslin Kolbe - not what the ABs had planned! An attacking lineout goes to the hands of the ABs, but the resulting scrum - first of the match - is for Faf de Klerk to carry out
NZ 0-3 Boks 6mins From inside their own 10m, the Boks quickly clear to touch for an attacking 10m lineout in All Black territory...and do that well too...
NZ 0-3 Boks 7mins 6 phases in, the Boks have not traversed any further forward so de Klerk clears it away, only to come straight back and hand possession back...
NZ 0-3 Boks 8mins Handbags are drawn early doors between Willie le Roux and Aaron Smith, and threatens to escalate elsewhere, before Ref Garcès has a quiet word & play can resume 🙄
NZ 0-3 Boks 10mins The ABs get out of their own half as quickly as they can after securing a penalty; Richie Mo'unga pumps the ball over halfway for an attacking lineout
NZ 0-3 Boks 11mins Beauden Barrett at full back and Mo'unga at fly half is simply clever from Hansen. To be fair, he's a fairly clever chap...for a Kiwi 😜
NZ 0-3 Boks 12mins It's not hot out there under the open skies, a gentle c.22°, but the humidity is at c.80% so expect a few more water breaks, like the one we just had...
NZ 0-3 Boks 13mins The ABs are back in Bok territory, but the defence they are facing is more than formidable, and there is just no way through - not even a sliver between green jerseys
NZ 0-3 Boks 15mins It's not long before the Boks get the upper hand and head over halfway; eventually Ref Garcès catches on that he should halt the clock while the medic is on the pitch attending to Malcolm Marx 🙄
NZ 0-3 Boks 16mins Time back on and it's a Bok scrum which they efficiently carry out, shifting quickly from the ABs 10m to the 22 and Eben Etzebeth makes a small break before he is shut down...
NZ 0-3 Boks 18mins ...they get the ball away and a chip through is saved by Mo'unga; play continues with a penalty from the ABs in their 22 and Pollard tees up for another 3 points
NZ 0-3 Boks 19mins However, in a rare moment of inaccuracy, the ball hits the post and bounces back into Bok hands to attack again
NZ 0-3 Boks 20mins The ABs defend well and clear the ball back almost to halfway, but possession reverts to the Boks for the lineout
NZ 0-3 Boks 20mins Oh the drama! The Boks have had almost all the territory but the ball goes awry into ABs hands and Mo'unga sprints deep into Bok territory, into the 22 only for Makazole Mapimpi to jump on his back > TMO
NZ 0-3 Boks 20mins Ref defers to TMO Hughes to check the tackle - Mapimpi is pinged with just a penalty for not releasing and going back in - penalty to the ABs
NZ 3-3 Boks 21mins Mo'unga pings over the penalty to equalise and open the All Black account
NZ 8-3 Boks 23mins From The restart, an error from Duane Vermeulen allows Sevu Reece to sprint from his own 22, offload to Beauden B who releases to George Bridge for a magnificent 70m try for the All Blacks!
NZ 10-3 Boks 24mins Mo'unga adds the easy conversion and OMFG this is going to be fun!
NZ 15-3 Boks 26mins From deep in their own half from the restart, don't blink - you haven't time! Beauden B to Ardie Savea to Beauden and out wide to Anton Lienert-Brown to Scott Barrett to under the posts! 🙈
NZ 17-3 Boks 28mins Mo'unga adds the extras, of course, and the Boks need to figure this out awfully quickly if they are not going to get blackwashed...
NZ 17-3 Boks 30mins Ball in hand and no errors - forced or unforced - otherwise the ABs will take every glint of opportunity and score off the park...
New Zealand v South Africa Dane Coles Cheslin Kolbe RWC2019NZ 17-3 Boks 31mins The Boks have figured this out and are again in ABs territory with possession, guarding that ball with their every fibre of being
NZ 17-3 Boks 33mins Momentarily the Boks are forced back, but come back just as hard before possession is reversed again, and Aaron S box kicks the ABs out of danger over halfway
NZ 17-3 Boks 34mins The Boks infringe to give the ABs a scrum in attack - and Vermeulen is pinged for not holding his own body weight in the breakdown...
NZ 17-3 Boks 36mins Mo'unga tees up from 42m out wide, but the cannot capitalise on the penalty
NZ 17-3 Boks 38mins Boks are back in possession, in the midfield, but du Toit knocks on to give the ABs a scrum...
NZ 17-3 Boks 38mins Nope - not a knock from du Toit - it's a Bok scrum and that pesky little blond de Klerk (who when he is on form is simply awesome) continues to cause havoc as the Boks gain a few yards...
NZ 17-3 Boks 39mins de Klerk box kicks the ball away to Beauden B and Frans Malherbe bundles him into touch for a Bok lineout
NZ 17-3 Boks 40+1mins Solid setpiece from the Boks and Steven Kitshoff bulldozes his way into the 22, 7 phases created before this time it is definitely du Toit who knocks on for HT, long after the HT gong has gone

NZ 17-3 Boks HT T: Bridge, Scott Barrett C: Mo'unga (2) P: Mo'unga | P: Pollard

NZ 17-3 Boks HT Pollard waiting for the whistle to kick off the second half...but there's chatting to do before all the ABs arrive, including Patrick Tuipulotu who is on for Sam Cane

NZ 17-3 Boks 40mins Here we go again...Codie Taylor is also on for Dane Coles at hooker, and it's not long before a Bok knock on hands over a penalty
NZ 17-3 Boks 41mins Eventually Ref Garcès notices Beauden B is being attended by a medic after he lands an accidental boot on the nose - it's claret only and not enough to see him off the pitch
NZ 17-3 Boks 43mins Play resumes and it's an ABs scrum, the penalty cleanly won by the All Blacks thanks to Kitshoff & Malherbe. Aaron S is awfully chuffed - even though he has sweet FA to do with it...
NZ 17-3 Boks 45mins It's an attacking 10m lineout for the ABs but it's not as clean as they hoped, de Klerk gets right in their way; well let's get on with it, eh?!
NZ 17-3 Boks 46mins Kolbe makes a magnificent break down the touchline from his own 22 getting under Aaron sis high ball and sprints all the way to the corner before Mo'unga gets across and hurls him into touch...
NZ 17-3 Boks 47mins ...and Beauden B collects and runs the ball away before it's quickly back in Bok hands, not quite as close as they'd hoped
NZ 17-8 Boks 48mins Steph du Toit redeems himself by running an a most impressive try, entirely unhindered by any All Black defence!
NZ 17-10 Boks 48mins Pollard adds the conversion and there's a roar from the crowd as Sonny Bill Williams replaces Ryan Crotty
NZ 17-10 Boks 50mins Ofa Tu'ungafasi and Angus Ta'avao-Matau on for Joe Moody and Nepo Laulala | François Louw on for captain Siya Kolisi
NZ 17-10 Boks 52mins Meanwhile, the Boks have resumed their earlier position of being camped out in the All Black 22 and they look quite menacing...
New Zealand v South Africa Damian de Allende Aaron Smith RWC2019NZ 17-10 Boks 53mins ...however, the ball is turned and Reece sprints off in the opposite direction, threatening the Bok 22, but for Damian de Allende who puts a firm stop to that nonsense 😜
NZ 17-10 Boks 55mins ABs scrum just inside their own half, and de Klerk is firmly offside and another penalty is handed over which shouldn't have been 🙄
NZ 17-10 Boks 56mins ABs attacking lineout, nut they don't get too far before play is heading in the opposite direction...
NZ 17-13 Boks 58mins eight phases are built before de Klerk passes back from the 22 out to get the ball to Pollard who is calmly waiting on the 10m in front of the posts to drop a perfect goal
NZ 17-13 Boks 60mins The ABs are soon back in Bok territory, while Jesse Kriel & Trevor Nyakane are on for Lukhanyo Am & Malherbe
NZ 17-13 Boks 61mins Handbags are drawn after Reece tries to pick on de Clerk - Marx isn't having any of it and tells him to pick on someone his own size 😆
NZ 17-13 Boks 62mins TJ Perenara for Aaron S and Mbongeni Mbonambi for Marx
NZ 17-13 Boks 64mins Yes of course there's plenty of pressure from the All Blacks but the Boks really need to tidy up discipline if they're not to be pinged at every turn...
NZ 20-13 Boks 66mins ...but it happens again from the scrum and Mo'unga slams over another 3 points to punish the Boks
NZ 20-13 Boks 68mins Mo'unga has made his final contribution in this game, replaced by Ben Smith so shuffling occurs in the ABs ranks; a roar goes up as The Beast replaces Kitshoff after his impressive shift
NZ 20-13 Boks 70mins The pace has slowed significantly, despite so many changes, and RG Snyman is on for Etzebeth
NZ 20-13 Boks 71mins Steph du Toit goes down with an injured leg, time is eventually(!) called off before a penalty is handed to the ABs for being a country mile offside🙄
NZ 23-13 Boks 72mins du Toit goes nowhere while Beauden B pops over another 3-pointer
NZ 20-13 Boks 73mins The revelation that is Herschel Jantjies replaces de Klerk as the Boks haven't had enough yet and Kolbe has an idea...
NZ 20-13 Boks 74mins Kolbe is crazy like Zebedee! He bounces here there and everywhere and makes yet another magnificent break, baffling the ABs even more than Jonny May baffles everyone!
NZ 20-13 Boks 75mins The ball is turned and the opportunity is lost, but far more seriously, Kolbe is injured and is limping around - tie off - and Nyakane has to be helped off the pitch and is not looking good
NZ 20-13 Boks 76mins Not sure who has come on for Nyakane - and his RWC is over this year, but Shannon Frizell is on for Scott Barrett
NZ 20-13 Boks 78mins The ABs aren't done yet and build 15 phases into Bok territory before a knock ensues to end that play...
NZ 20-13 Boks 79mins It was a direct reversal previously as Malherbe returned to the park, and as the last minute approaches, the Boks have a defensive scrum from which they win a free kick...
NZ 20-13 Boks 80+1mins The final gong has gone, but he ball can be played and the Boks have one last lineout, which they win but the ball is fumbled and it's all over



New Zealand15 Beauden Barrett 14 Sevu Reece 13 Anton Lienert-Brown 12 Ryan Crotty 11 George Bridge 10 Richie Mo'unga 9 Aaron Smith 1 Joe Moody 2 Dane Coles 3 Nepo Laulala 4 Sam Whitelock 5 Scott Barrett 6 Ardie Savea 7 Sam Cane 8 KIERAN READ (C) BENCH: 16 Codie Taylor 17 Ofa Tu'ungafasi 18 Angus Ta'avao 19 Patrick Tuipulotu 20 Shannon Frizell 21 TJ Perenara 22 Sonny Bill Williams 23 Ben Smith

SCORERS  T: Bridge, Scott Barrett C: Mo'unga (2) P: Mo'unga (2), Beauden Barrett

South Africa15 Willie le Roux 14 Cheslin Kolbe 13 Lukhanyo Am 12 Damian de Allende 11 Makazole Mapimpi 10 Handré Pollard 9 Faf de Klerk 1 Steven Kitshoff 2 Malcolm Marx 3 Frans Malherbe 4 Eben Etzebeth 5 Franco Mostert 6 SIYA KOLISI (C) 7 Pieter-Steph Du Toit 8 Duane Vermeulen BENCH: 16 Mbongeni Mbonambi 17 Tendai Mtawarira 18 Trevor Nyakane 19 RG Snyman 20 Francois Louw 21 Herschel Jantjies 22 Frans Steyn 23 Jesse Kriel 

SCORERS T: du Toit C: Pollard P: Pollard DG: Pollard

Man of the Match: Beauden Barrett New Zealand

Referee: Jérôme Garcès (FFR) Asst. Referees: Romain Poite (FFR), Karl Dickson (RFU) TMO: Graham Hughes (RFU)




Italy v Namibia RWC2019

Hanazono Rugby Stadium - Sunday, 22 September 2018
KO: 14:15 HT: 21-7 Att: 20,354


Italy v Namibia We're just waiting for the teams to arrive out at the Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Osaka for the first of today's 3 epic RWC matches this Sunday...

Italy 0-0 Namibia 2mins It's the first scrum for the Namibia, whose blue kit has forced the Azzurri into their away white strip today, led by the legendary rugby legend that is Sergio Parisse
Italy 0-0 Namibia 4mins Namibia may have the upper hand from previous meetings, but ranked 23 in World Rugby, the expectation is that the Azzurri at 14 should run rings around the southern Africans
Italy 0-5 Namibia 5mins However, Namibia have other ideas, and off an Italian lineout gone long, the Africans steal the ball for Damian Stevens to sprint over the whitewash from a  significant distance while Italy simply look on 👀
Italy v Namibia Damian Stevens sprint RWC2019Italy 0-7 Namibia 7mins Cliven Loubser ads the extras while the Azzurri need to recover from that shock try rather quickly...
Italy 0-7 Namibia 9mins ...and they do with some aplomb, heading directly into the Namibian 22 and setting an attacking 5m scrum
Italy 7-7 Namibia 10mins The Namibians infringe at the setpiece enough to hand the Azzurri the first penalty try of the tournament. 7 points in the bag
Italy 7-7 Namibia 12mins The Azzurri have settled now, and are fiercely on the attack again, though Maxime Mbandà is taken down well, and Parisse is bundled into touch as Namibia prevent try number two already
Italy 7-7 Namibia 14mins The Italians are quickly set to take advantage again with a 5m scrum, but it's Namibia's put in as they defend their tryline, and they do efficiently, sending the Azzurri back to midfield promptly
Italy 7-7 Namibia 16mins Namibia head up to the Italian 22 but possession heads to the opposition and they are cleared back to halfway neatly to eliminate any imminent threat
Italy 7-7 Namibia 17mins From an Italian scrum on halfway, Tommaso Allan sprints off toward the Namibian 22 and offloads to Jayden Hayward for a certain try - but he fumbles the ball and it goes begging!
Italy 7-7 Namibia 18mins Namibia defend their line again with a scrum and scrum half Tito Tebaldi falls foul of Ref Berry and the ball is cleared well to the midfield
Italy 7-7 Namibia 19mins Italy take a quick throw in and charge back to the Namibian 22 to make up for lost scores...
Italy 7-7 Namibia 21mins Parisse thinks he's scored the second try, but Ref says nope; but the opportunity is not lost yet
Italy 7-7 Namibia 22mins It's time off for the medics to pop onto the park before an Italian 5m scrum, and Parisse looks to go again, but Stevens isn't having it, and neither is his former scrumhalf Ref mate Berry either
Italy 7-7 Namibia 24mins Despite the pressure from the Azzurri, the Namibians defence is holding up most impressively as they clear the Italians back up to halfway again
Italy 12-7 Namibia 25mins Italy are not letting this carry on though, and from the midfield, Luca Morisi makes the break, snaking through the defence before getting the ball out to Tommy Allan to slide in under the posts to score
Italy 14-7 Namibia 26mins Allan converts his own try, and the Italians need to really switch up a gear now to secure the bonus point and cricket score that they should
Italy 14-7 Namibia 28mins Mattia Bellini makes his presence felt, but Loubser manages to rescue possession in his own 22 and clear the Italian outside of it for a lineout
Italy 14-7 Namibia 29mins The Namibians have another opportunity to run the ball away from their dangerzone, but PJ van Lill knocks it on in horror, handing Italy another attacking scrum
Italy 14-7 Namibia 31mins Namibian defence strikes again, securing possession and shifting play closer to halfway for a scrum of their own...
Italy 14-7 Namibia 32mins Italian chats are had before a scrum on halfway with a put in for Luca Bigi
Italy 14-7 Namibia 34mins The scrum needs to be reset and the penalty goes to the Azzurri for Allan to sprint away on an angle toward the 22, but a shocking pass to Bellini finds touch for the Namibians to throw in quickly and recover
Italy 14-7 Namibia 36mins Namibia yet again efficiently force the Italians back out of their territory, only for them to come back but at no significant pace...
Italy 14-7 Namibia 37mins Haven't quite figured out WTF the Azzurri are playing at here, while the Namibians are playing out of their skins with superb defence, and the boot of Loubser is quite magnificent
Italy 14-7 Namibia 38mins It's time off with Tiziano Pasquali down injured outside the Italian 22...
Italy 14-7 Namibia 38mins It's not looking good for Pasquali; it's a shoulder injury and the recovery board is out waiting for him the be shifted onto it to be taken off the field
Italy 14-7 Namibia 38mins Marco Riccioni replaces Pasquali to make his RWC debut as the scrum is set for Namibia...
Italy 14-7 Namibia 39mins The scrum is not so great for Namibia and the Italian defence is lightly tested as they secure the scrum penalty and Allan clears the Namibians back
Italy 19-7 Namibia 40mins It's an Italy midfield lineout after that magnificent gong has gone for 40 minutes; the resulting drive is halted for Federico Ruzza to make a deft little pass to Tebaldi who sprints to the whitewash for a third try
Italy 21-7 Namibia 40+1mins A simple conversion from in front of the posts for Allan as the HT whistle goes, but the Azzurri really need to buck up their ideas. Conor O'Shea will be unimpressed with his team

Italy 21-7 Namibia HT T: PT, Allan, Tebaldi C: Allan (2) | T: Stevens C: Loubser

Italy 21-7 Namibia 41mins The rain has arrived in Osaka while the Namibians have the first lineout of the second half...
Italy 21-7 Namibia 42mins ...which results in the penalty for Italy; So far Namibia has done well with setpiece. The Azzurri pump the ball to touch in the 22 for an attacking lineout..
Italy 26-7 Namibia 43mins ...though the resulting drive from Bigi is halted, the regrouped & refocused Italians attempt a few reaches to the whitewash before the ball goes wide to Edoardo Padovani to quickly touch down for the bonus point score
Italy 28-7 Namibia 44mins Allan adds the extras as the Italians look to make changes early on in this half
Italy 28-7 Namibia 45mins Carlo Canna, Matteo Minozzi, Dean Budd & Oliviero Fabiani on for Allan, Hayward, Ruzza & Bigi
Italy 28-7 Namibia 46mins Canna has an immediate impact as he's convinced he's scored already, but the Ref heads up to TMO Marius Jonker to confirm there was not an arm preventing the try
Italy 35-7 Namibia 47mins The try is good and Canna tees up and converts his own try; this is a refreshed Italy this half, thankfully
Italy 35-7 Namibia 48mins In the meantime, Eugene Jantjies has replaced Stevens at fly half for Namibia
Italy 35-10 Namibia 50mins Italy hand over just their third penalty but it's kickable for Namibia and Loubser converts it into three points
Italy 35-10 Namibia 52mins While Fabiani drives a maul into Namibian territory, it's worth noting why the annoyance at the Azzurri early on - Namibia has only 8 prop players in their RWC squad
Italy 35-10 Namibia 53mins Namibia head toward the midfield on the front foot, Canna comes in and rips the ball well to take possession back...
Italy 35-10 Namibia 55mins ...but Wian Conradie takes down Canna with impressive form, resulting in a Namibia penalty. But play is halted for Bellini to get some medical attention
Italy 35-10 Namibia 56mins Namibia set up an attacking lineout after Johannes Coetzee and van Lill return from their drinks break(!)
Italy 35-10 Namibia 57mins Louis van der Westhuizen, AJ De Klerk and Johan Retief replace Torsten van Jaarsveld, Coetzee and van Lill while Namibia win a penalty following their lineout
Italy 35-15 Namibia 58mins It's an attacking scrum in the 22 for Namibia which is well executed for the ball to reach JC Greyling to score a bloody good try
Italy 35-15 Namibia 59mins Loubser misses the conversion but on the bright side, the rain has stopped!
Italy 35-15 Namibia 60mins Meanwhile, Guglielmo Palazzani has replaced Tebaldi at scrum half as the Namibians are dominating Italian territory...
Italy 35-15 Namibia 62mins Finally the Azzurri regain possession and move play back over halfway in order to grab control back of this match
Italy 35-15 Namibia 64mins Cracks are beginning to show in Namibia's skills now, and the Italians are beginning to dominate
Italy 35-15 Namibia 65mins After a short time off, the Namibians have a defensive scrum but are promptly turned over outside their 22...
Italy 35-15 Namibia 66mins ...but Tommaso Benvenuti's unimpressive run continues as he gifts possession back to the opposition, giving Namibia another chance to drive Italy out of their half from another scrum
Italy 35-15 Namibia 67mins But Namibia return the favour giving the Azzurri an attacking scrum on the Namibia 22 - handling errors on both sides are racking up
Italy 35-15 Namibia 68mins PJ Walters makes his international rugby debut replacing Johan Tromp at fullback as Italy win their scrum...
Italy 40-15 Namibia 69mins The latest scrum is pedestrian, the ensuing passing is not the best, but enough to win a penalty to set up a 5m lineout. And the lineout if textbook for Jake Polledri to score from the maul
Italy v Namibia Jake Polledri try RWC2019Italy 40-15 Namibia 70mins The conversion is a kick too far for Canna, but that's a more appropriate scoreline for a Tier 1 side against minnows
Italy 40-15 Namibia 71mins That's the benches empty with Nelius Theron on for Andre Rademeyer, while the Azzurri are now firmly in control of this match, camped out in the Namibia half for an age with
Italy 40-15 Namibia 73mins The not-professional Namibians are tiring now, as their ball handling skills falter, and Italy, though not pushing themselves, are set to continue to take advantage
Italy 45-15 Namibia 75mins Better setpiece play from Italy doesn't help Kisting as he tries to stop Minozzi from scoring a 7th try
Italy 47-15 Namibia 76mins Canna adds the extras, but hopefully Namibia haven't given up completely in the last few minutes
Italy 47-20 Namibia 78mins Oh they definitely haven't, as the Azzurri are caught napping while Chad Plato switches on his turbo gear and runs in a delightful try for Namibia
Italy 47-22 Namibia 79mins Loubser makes the conversion and Namibia have done themselves proud
Italy 47-22 Namibia 80mins The gong for 80 minutes has gone, Ruzza has been awarded Man of the Match, and Namibia are going to have the final say with a penalty in their own half, setting up 10m attacking lineout..
Italy 47-22 Namibia 80+1mins But the setpiece doesn't go to plan and the ball goes long to Palazzani to kick into touch for the win


Italy15 Jayden Hayward 14 Mattia Bellini 13 Tommaso Benvenuti 12 Luca Morisi 11 Edoardo Padovani 10 Tommaso Allan 9 Tito Tebaldi 1 Nicola Quaglio 2 Luca Bigi 3 Tiziano Pasquali 4 Alessandro Zanni 5 Federico Ruzza 6 Braam Steyn 7 Maxime Mbandà 8 SERGIO PARISSE (C) BENCH: 16 Oliviero Fabiani 17 Simone Ferrari 18 Marco Riccioni 19 Dean Budd 20 Jake Polledri 21 Guglielmo Palazzani 22 Carlo Canna 23 Matteo Minozzi

SCORERS T: PT, Allan, Tebaldi, Padovani, Canna, Polledri, Minozzi C: Allan (3), Canna (2)

Namibia15 Johan Tromp 14 Chad Plato 13 Justin Newman 12 Darryl de la Harpe 11 JC Greyling 10 Cliven Loubser 9 Damian Stevens 1 Andre Rademeyer 2 Torsten van Jaarsveld 3 Johannes Coetzee 4 PJ van Lill 5 TJIUEE UANIVI (C) 6 Rohan Kitshoff 7 Wian Conradie 8 Janco Venter BENCH: 16 Louis van der Westhuizen 17 AJ De Klerk 18 Nelius Theron 19 Johan Retief 20 Max Katjijeko 21 PJ Walters 22 Eugene Jantjies 23 Helarius Kisting

SCORERS T: Stevens, Greyling, Plato C: Loubser (2) P: Loubser

Man of the Match: Federico Ruzza Italy

Referee: Nic Berry (ARU) Asst. Referees: Nigel Owens (WRU), Federico Anselmi (UAR) TMO: Marius Jonker (SARU)




Ireland v Scotland RWC2019

International Stadium Yokohama - Sunday, 22 September 2018
KO: 16:45 HT: 19-3 Att: 63,731


Ireland v Scotland So this will be a mouth-watering prospect which kicks off very shortly! 🇮🇪🏉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 
Ireland v Scotland The teams are on the pitch at the International Stadium Yokohama, and the anthems are underway...and at least there's on tournament where Ireland are forced to sing only one anthem

Ireland 0-0 Scotland 1min Ref Barnes signals KO in the rain for Stuart Hogg to get this Celtic battle underway...
Ireland 0-0 Scotland 1min It's all to play for in these two teams - one of which will likely face the All Blacks in the Quarter Finals
Ireland 0-0 Scotland 2mins Hoggy misses his first opportunity to collect with the bounce of the ball, but the Scots are all over it so far
Ireland 0-0 Scotland 2mins But Hoggy's next boot puts the Irish on the backfoot with a defensive lineout - well drilled and the ball is back in Scottish territory
Ireland 0-0 Scotland 3mins Oh it looks like Hogg's the man to watch this match - he is everywhere with good kicks, good passing, and chaos theory employed to baffle the Irish (& possibly his own team too!🙊)
Ireland 0-0 Scotland 4mins But the Irish are quickly deep in the Scottish 22 and threatening the tryline already...before the ball is turned over for a Scots penalty
Ireland 0-0 Scotland 5mins The ball is kicked away efficiently, but the Irish are here with something to prove from years of RWC failure - and they're back in the 22 inches from the whitewash immediately despite huge tackles...
Ireland 5-0 Scotland 6mins ..and on the 4th/5th attempt at reaching that line after Iain Henderson's excellent break, it's James Ryan who finds the tryline to secure the score
Ireland v Scotland James Ryan try RWC2019Ireland 7-0 Scotland 7mins Johnny Sexton adds the conversion, and this is going to be a ridiculously frantic game
Ireland 7-0 Scotland 8mins But we've already got a time off as Peter O'Mahony has the medics onto the pitch to check him out on the ground
Ireland 7-0 Scotland 10mins He's back up and Scotland go 7 phases from deep before they are turned over by the Irish in the midfield
Ireland 7-0 Scotland 11mins Jordan Larmour performs well with a super little break before he's shut down; the Irish are all over this like a rash. Hoggy's early dominance was short lived
Ireland 7-0 Scotland 12mins The Irish have Hoggy's number and also an attacking lineout in the Scottish 22...
Ireland 7-0 Scotland 13mins None of this offside nonsense being overlooked by Ref Barnes, unlike previous refs yesterday(🙄), and Scots are rightly pinged in their own 22. Churlish.
Ireland 7-0 Scotland 13mins Jack Conan comes on as a blood replacement for Josh van der Flier as the Irish kick to touch from that penalty for a 5m attacking lineout...
Ireland 12-0 Scotland 14mins ...and it's textbook set piece from the Irish as they drive over the line, not grounding immediately, but recycling surreptitiously for Rory Best to secure try no.#2
Ireland 12-0 Scotland 16mins Replay confirms the grounding before Sexton misses the conversion from the touchline
Ireland 12-0 Scotland 18mins OK and breath...there's frantic, then there's 🇮🇪 playing 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿! 🙊
Ireland 12-0 Scotland 19mins Scotland finally find their feet and make some yards, gain some territory and force an error, but time off as Bundee Aki takes a hit & goes down
Ireland 12-3 Scotland 20mins Greig Laidlaw is right on target with his penalty kick at the uprights getting the Scots on the board, while Chris Farrell replaces Aki
Ireland 12-3 Scotland 21mins van de Flier has returned to the field of play
Ireland 12-3 Scotland 23mins Scotland are on the attack again, but an intercept destroys their momentum and the ball heads rapidly in the opposite direction from the Irish 22 to the Scots' posts with Andrew Conway in hot pursuit...
Ireland 12-3 Scotland 24mins ...for the ball to find the post but Hogg is forced to touch it down over the line to stop the imminent try
Ireland 17-3 Scotland 25mins The Irish attack again from within the Scots' 22 and its Tadhg Furlong who makes that score - and awfully well too
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 26mins It's a conversion taken well by Conor Murray as Sexton is getting attention for what maybe just a strain; the Scots should never have allowed that to get by them
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 27mins Conan returns to the park, this time for O'Mahony
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 28mins With possession at 55:45, this scoreline just shows the Irish are taking every glimmer of an opportunity; the Scots need to buck up their ideas very quickly if they are not to be massacred
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 30mins But they've not learned yet, and the Irish are on the attack yet again - this could be a particularly bad day for Scotland
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 32mins The Scots get momentary respite as the Ref calls the Irish out for infringing at the breakdown, and it's time enough for the Scots to regroup
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 33mins Finally! The Scots manage to redirect play into the Irish 22 and have an attacking lineout and great opportunity to right he balance...
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 34mins The lineout is good, the ball goes wide from nearside touch, but the Irish tackles are forcing errors and instead of toward the whitewash, Tommy Seymour can't quite capture the final pass which flies into touch 🙄
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 35mins Instead of scoring, the Scots are quickly on the backfoot chasing Jason Stockdale who is charging his way toward the Scottish 22 though finally brought down short
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 36mins There's little Scotland make of the ball they secure, shifting play away from their 22 to the midfield, but handing over possession again for an Irish halfway scrum
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 37mins The Irish scrum is solid and they pick and go toward the Scottish 10m before the whistle goes for injury
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 37mins It's Hamish Watson down with a crushed knee from the full weight of a Furlong tackle on the ground - it doesn't look good
Ireland v Scotland Hamish Watson injury RWC2019Ireland 19-3 Scotland 37mins Watson's leg is well strapped and he is driven off the pitch with Fraser Brown on to replace him - odd choice 🤔
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 38mins Irish scrum just inside the Scottish half and they make some yards before being halted at the 22 despite Henderson knocking on as advantage was being played so it's back for a penalty on the 10m
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 40mins Murray tees up from in front of the posts but he pulls it wide of the uprights and the gong goes for HT

Ireland 19-3 Scotland HT T: Ryan, Best, Furlong C: Sexton, Murray | P: Laidlaw

Ireland 19-3 Scotland HT Here's hoping Gregor Townsend's HT chat has been effective for Scotland; Aki has failed hi Head Injury Assessment

Ireland 19-3 Scotland 41mins The rain is coming down awfully hard now as play resumes for this second half as the Scots are in possession...
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 42mins ...but the ball is stolen from Hogg and he's left chasing to prevent another try in his own goal area, but the whistle has already gone anyway for a Scots midfield lineout
Ireland v Scotland Stuart Hogg RWC2019Ireland 19-3 Scotland 43mins There won't be any free flowing play now as the rain worsens, but the lineout is good and the Scots make a few yards, before the goes to Ireland for a scrum
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 44mins The scrum is reset, the ball is as greasy as it could be, and finally the setpiece lights into action and aerial football ensues...
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 46mins ...till Sean Maitland runs the ball into Irish territory, but then they kick away possession yet again for an Irish defensive lineout
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 47mins After a timeout, it's a short lineout for Ireland outside their 22 and they drive it forward, only to be shoved back before pushing it Scots back a few yards
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 48mins The ball finds touch on the far side this time for another Irish lineout, this time in the midfield
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 49mins The Scots grab possession and they run the ball into the Irish 22 and finally show some mettle in attack, until John Barclay knocks the ball on and again loses that momentum 🙈
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 49mins It's time off as changes are made with David Kilcoyne & Andrew Porter on for Cian Healy & Furlong
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 50mins It's a defensive scrum in the 22 for Ireland and they come away with the free kick which Sexton pumps away
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 52mins Another Scottish hiccough gives the Irish the lineout and they move play into the Scottish half; Simon Berghan has replaced Willem Nel in the front row
Ireland 19-3 Scotland 53mins 10m attacking lineout on the nearside for Ireland goes well; Blade Thomson replaces Barclay; the ball finds touch on the far side and it's Ireland's throw in again in an attacking position
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 55mins The lineout is solid inside the 10m, Murray hurls the ball out to Larmour from the breakdown, another ruck and again it's Murray who gets it out to Conway to score magnificently. Scotland are left watching
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 56mins Murray misses the conversion while Sexton is replaced by young Jack Carty
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 57mins Tadhg Beirne replaced Henderson, and other changes are coming as the Irish are further buoyed by their fine fortune (& skills)
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 58mins Jack McGrath is on for Murray, and the pressure is on Carty with little international experience - but he'll be fine. Darcy Graham is on for Seymour while the Scots have possession again
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 60mins Scotland do make some ground off setpiece and breach the Irish 22, but the bounce of the ball on touch hands possession back to Ireland
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 62mins The Irish battle their way out of their 22, clear to give the Scots an attacking lineout closer to the 10m...
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 63mins ...they do well to retain the ball and build some phases, only slowly edging forward, hit a glitch but hang on enough to keep the momentum...
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 64mins ...and they go another 5 phases before a break from Ali Price who has replaced Laidlaw, the ball goes back at the breakdown and Duncan Taylor holds on but the Irish are all over this breakdown and steal possession
Ireland 24-3 Scotland 65mins Ireland take play back deep into Scottish territory while Gordon Reid, Chris Harris & Scott Cummings replace Allan Dell, Taylor & Jonny Gray
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 67mins The Scottish handling errors continue to mount up and the Irish have another penalty - this one in front of the posts for Carty to pop over
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 69mins From the restart, Scotland take advantage and attack into Irish territory well, and gain the added onus of a man up as Beirne is sent to the naughty step while they are on the front foot
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 70mins But Scotland blow it again, handing over yet another penalty to the Irish who shift play back up toward the midfield
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 71mins Hogg is lucky not to be noticed taking out a man in the air while Ireland have a defensive lineout...the Scots nick possession and make a few yards
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 72mins and they keep going, heading toward the Irish 22; Ref Barnes doesn't stop play as the TMO checks Carty's off the ball tackle handing Scotland - penalty to the Scots
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 73mins The Scots set up a 5m attacking lineout as Niall Scannell replaces van der Flier and it goes well... Another penalty comes for Garry Ringrose accidentally tripping Finn Russell
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 74mins It's another 5m attacking lineout from the penalty and the Scots are still in possession...and frankly should be with a man up for all but the remainder of the match
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 76mins Another lineout - another opportunity - but it's the Irish who end up in possession back on their 22 rather than 5m from the whitewash for a scrum...
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 77mins Ireland push the Scots back to the midfield and it can't be fun being a Scottish fan watching their team squander every opportunity to a much superior side
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 78mins Even almost a the death, Scotland battle back into Irish territory, Carty attempts to clear them out, his kick charged down but with a knock on from Berghan - Irish defensive scrum
Ireland 27-3 Scotland 80mins The teams pack down just inside the Irish 22, the ball moves out toward touch, the ruck is formed, the gong goes and McGrath pulls the ball out and thumps it into touch for a well deserved win
Ireland 27-3 Scotland FT Well despite all their setbacks, Ireland look quite impressive, concentrating on basics, while the Scots were just poor. It's all to play for Japan & Samoa in Pool A now



Ireland15 Jordan Larmour 14 Andrew Conway 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Bundee Aki 11 Jacob Stockdale 10 Johnny Sexton 9 Conor Murray 1 Cian Healy 2 RORY BEST (C) 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Iain Henderson 5 James Ryan 6 Peter O'Mahony 7 Josh van der Flier 8 CJ Stander BENCH:  16 Niall Scannell 17 David Kilcoyne 18 Andrew Porter 19 Tadhg Beirne 20 Jack Conan 21 Luke McGrath 22 Jack Carty 23 Chris Farrell

SCORERS T: Ryan, Best, Furlong, Conway C: Sexton, Murray P: Carty Yellow Card Beirne

Scotland15 Stuart Hogg 14 Tommy Seymour 13 Duncan Taylor 12 Sam Johnson 11 Sean Maitland 10 Finn Russell 9 Greig Laidlaw 1 Allan Dell 2 STUART MCINALLY (C) 3 Willem Nel 4 Grant Gilchrist 5 Jonny Gray 6 John Barclay 7 Hamish Watson 8 Ryan Wilson BENCH:  16 Fraser Brown 17 Gordon Reid 18 Simon Berghan 19 Scott Cummings 20 Blade Thomson 21 Ali Price 22 Chris Harris 23 Darcy Graham

SCORERS P: Laidlaw

Man of the Match: CJ Stander Ireland

Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU) Asst. Referees: Pascal Gaüzère (FFR), Alexandre Ruiz (FFR) TMO: Graham Hughes (RFU)




England v Tonga RWC2019

Sapporo Dome - Sunday, 22 September 2018
KO: 19:15 HT: 18-3 Att: 35,923


England v Tonga Before the anthems, a moment's silence for former Prime Minister of Tonga, ʻAkilisi Pōhiva who recently passed away, a huge rugby fan and former president of the Tonga Rugby Union
England v Tonga And of course, before we can KO, it's the Tongan haka, the awesome Sipi Tau, which England fans can't drown out with 'Sweet Chariot', and rightly so
England v Tonga Sipi Tau  RWC2019England 0-0 Tonga 1min And we have kick off!!!
England 0-0 Tonga 1min Don't be expecting this today: they first met in 1999, with England winning 101-10. Their last encounter was in 2007. England won 36-20 at the Parc des Princes
England 0-0 Tonga 2mins Tonga attack well, but Tongan-born Billy Vunipola goes in for the turnover well and Joe Marler helps well with captain Owen Farrell in tow
England 0-0 Tonga 3mins Many of these Tongans play in England, so know their opposition; England scrum on their own 10m for Ben Youngs to serve...
England 0-0 Tonga 4mins The scrum is solid and quick and Tonga quickly have the first lineout in defence - it doesn't quite go to plan but they retain the ball and they creep up toward the halfway
England 0-0 Tonga 6mins The play results in an England attacking lineout served by Jamie George on halfway, and he is on target too, England quickly at the Tongan 22
England 0-0 Tonga 7mins Jonny May and Sam Underhill get involved but a kick across field is collected by Viliami Lolohea at the expense of Anthony Watson 2m from the tryline
England 0-0 Tonga 8mins It's an England knock on and Tonga have a defensive 5m scrum which they execute proficiently, but an infringement results shortly after in an England penalty
England 3-0 Tonga 10mins Faz tees up from just outside the 22 and opens England's account with ease
England 3-0 Tonga 11mins The restart is in Tonga's purview and the hits are already coming in huge already! The Tongan spirits are lifted by Zane Kapeli and the penalty is for Tonga in the midfield
England 3-0 Tonga 13mins An age is taken in the decision, and eventually Sonatane Takulua tees up wide and outside the 10m...
England 3-3 Tonga 14mins ...and he thumps over the ball right between the uprights to equalise the score
England 3-3 Tonga 15mins Manu Tuilagi gets away with a late tackle on the receiver of the ball, Takulua, and a knock on gives Tonga a defensive scrum
England 3-3 Tonga 16mins On their 22, Tonga also deliver a solid scrum and come away with a free kick to force England back
England 3-3 Tonga 17mins It's a midfield lineout for Tonga, but it doesn't go to plan and England find themselves with the ball and on the attack...
England 3-3 Tonga 18mins Good effort from England has them into the Tongan 22 quickly, but a confused Courtney Lawes hands over a fourth penalty to Tonga in the ruck. Being in defence doesn't bother them as they keep they cool...
England 3-3 Tonga 20mins ...and slowly but surely shift England away from their dangerzone, out of the 22, back over the 10m and eventually back at the midfield
England 3-3 Tonga 22mins England reply with Faz bursting through the defence from their own half, to Kyle Sinckler to Tuilagi to Underhill who flies to tryline, rolls over and looks like he's scored - Ref Williams nowhere near the try scorer
England 3-3 Tonga 22mins Ref goes up to TMO Ben Skeen for a decision on the grounding having not seen it, not because he was blocked, but because he was late to it. The ball was held up. No try
England 3-3 Tonga 23mins It's an attacking 5m scrum for England and Ben Youngs feeds it for the ball to get to Tuilagi who bulldozes his way over the tryline to score. This time Ref Williams sees the grounding but checks for any reason why not
England 10-3 Tonga 24mins Absolutely no reason why not and it's a try for Tuilagi, well converted by Faz
England v Tonga George Ford Manu Tuilagi RWC2019England 10-3 Tonga 25mins A most bizarre pumping of Freddie Mercury through the loudspeakers of his 'Eh Oh!' call before the game is restarted, the crowd all joining in
England 10-3 Tonga 26mins And then Maro Itoje knows he's in trouble from Eddie Jones at HT after he creates a churlish offside position from receiving the restart ball, handing an immediate penalty to Tonga
England 10-3 Tonga 27mins Luckily for England, Takulua's kick at the uprights doesn't quite reach its destination
England 10-3 Tonga 28mins England attack to the Tongan 22 but run out of space and find touch for a Tonga 22 lineout
England 10-3 Tonga 29mins Good setpiece from Tonga and there secure the ball. head infield and kick to clear directly to Anthony Watson who breaks...
England 15-3 Tonga 31mins ...and one can deduce England are ready for this; sublime hands through Elliot Daly > Jonny May > Tuilagi starting in their own half & the England beast bulldozes his way to the tryline again to score
England 15-3 Tonga 32mins Faz does not hesitate with his attempt at a conversion but he does not convert it
England 15-3 Tonga 34mins England secure the ball from the restart and hurtle in the opposite direction toward halfway, breaching it, the 10m, the 22...
England 15-3 Tonga 35mins ...and they threaten the tryline with seriousness before the whistle goes for the ball being grounded under the posts - but by whom?
England 15-3 Tonga 35mins After an excellent explanation from the officials in the truck & Ref Williams (makes a change 🙊), Marler reaches the whitewash but is short, Siegfried 'Fisi'ihoi takes control and grounds it over the line, but...
England 18-3 Tonga 36mins ...being on the ground, he's not allowed to play the ball so it's an England penalty. Faz pops it over quickly for another 3 pts - England fans are unimpressed, but it was the right call -it's a RWC- take the points!
England 18-3 Tonga 37mins The restart is targeted at Vunipola again and Faz boots it back into touch for a Tonga lineout back almost in their own half
England 18-3 Tonga 38mins England force the Tongans back into their own half, into their 22 and when the ball is cleared back to halfway, the forwards start trundling forward...
England 18-3 Tonga 39mins ...and go six phases before Sione Kalamafoni takes out Watson off the ball with the latter on his knees - time off to see how bad it is
England 18-3 Tonga 39mins Looks like Watson is fine, but that hit is dubious; many replays later, the tackle is in at the chest and Watson slips down from low already - not foul play
England 18-3 Tonga 40mins The gong goes with some vigour as the scrum is set for Tonga, and England are pinged for offside so it's a Tongan penalty
England 18-3 Tonga 41+1mins There's time to kick to touch for an attacking lineout, England pile in to push them back, a maul is called and it's HT at the Sapporo Dome under the closed roof

England 18-3 Tonga HT T: Tuilagi (2) C: Farrell P: Farrell (2) | P: Takulua

England 18-3 Tonga HT Those England boys are going to hurt tomorrow! 🙈 Those Tongans are huge, and always bring it. An excellent first match up for both sides

England 18-3 Tonga 40mins Tonga have made a change with Nafi Tu'itavake on for Atieli Pakalani
England 18-3 Tonga 41mins From KO it's an England lineout and as they slowly shift into Tongan territory, Maama Vaipulu cynically dishes out a shoulder charge, handing Faz an early penalty
England 21-3 Tonga 42mins And Faz punishes the needless penalty with three more points
England 21-3 Tonga 43mins England make a mistake letting a ball go loose in attack, and Cooper Vuna pounces on the mistake, forcing England into a lineout, but the setpiece is fine
England v Tonga Cooper Vuna held back by Tom Curry Joe Marler RWC2019England 21-3 Tonga 45mins But Tonga soon have the English on the back foot, deep in their own half, before Ben Tameifuna handing Daly a penalty in his own 22 to clear the Tongans away
England 21-3 Tonga 47mins George throws in perfectly again to his lineout and Youngs clears the Tongans back over halfway
England 21-3 Tonga 48mins Good to see Tonga not being bossed as they were by the All Blacks in the warm up matches
England 21-3 Tonga 49mins The Tongans attack but play is halted for injury - James Faiva comes on for Kurt Morath off for an HIA
England 21-3 Tonga 50mins Aerial football becomes a feature again from both sides
England 21-3 Tonga 50mins England make some serious ground and have a lineout, but not until Ellis Genge replaces Marler in the front row
England 21-3 Tonga 51mins An excellent attacking position ensues for England with a 5m lineout, but oh. Underhill spills the ball just as the rest of the team are ready to score again.
England 21-3 Tonga 52mins Henry Slade replaces May, goes to full back for Daly to shift to the left wing - and this is just the first of many early changes incoming...
England 21-3 Tonga 53mins Tonga clear more than proficiently following their defensive scrum is reset and executed, but England waste no time in coming back hard - first the changes though
England 21-3 Tonga 54mins Lewis Ludlam, George Kruis and Willi Heinz for Underhill, Lawes and Youngs
England 21-3 Tonga 55mins England win their lineout and Slade chips it through to the 22; the ball flies back at Faz who kicks it to the corner for a 5m lineout
England 26-3 Tonga 56mins From the attacking lineout, the rolling maul that England haven't employed in a while works like clockwork for George to claim the try
England 28-3 Tonga 57mins Faz adds the extras while Luke Cowan-Dickie replace George at hooker
England 28-3 Tonga 58mins England keep the pressure up while Nasi Manu replaces Vaipulu
England 28-3 Tonga 60mins Time off as Slade gets a look taken at his leg, while Siua Maile and Leon Fukofuka replace Sosefo Sakalia and Takulua
England 28-3 Tonga 61mins Tonga on the back foot with a defensive scrum on their 22 and they do well to shove England back before Faz rips the ball away to steal possession
England 28-3 Tonga 63mins But a knock on is picked up by Mathieu Raynal on touch for a scrum for Tonga in the midfield; Latu Talakai has replaced Fisi'ihoi
England 28-3 Tonga 64mins Genge gives away England's scrum penalty, Tonga setting up a 5m attacking lineout to threaten the England tryline
England 28-3 Tonga 65mins But Itoje puts paid to any imminent attack with a turnover for an England defensive scrum deep in their 22
England 28-3 Tonga 67mins Tonga are firmly kicked back up toward the midfield while Jonathan Joseph replaces George Ford
England 28-3 Tonga 68mins England get back into attack mode and build up 9 phases into Tongan territory and look menacing one more time...
England 28-3 Tonga 69mins ...all the usual suspects involved and Faz waits to stop an attack but Itoje hands over possession to the Tongans 🙄
England 28-3 Tonga 70mins A time off before a Tongan scrum, no thanks to Itoje, just when England could really do with being on the front foot to attack for a bonus point try
England 28-3 Tonga 71mins The scrum is unimpressive again, has to be reset, and eventually England regain possession after a tad more aerial football
England 28-3 Tonga 71mins Dan Faleafa replaces Halaleva Fifita while Tonga win a defensive lineout and go six phases before kicking away possession to Watson
England 28-3 Tonga 73mins Watson from his 22 bursts forward and makes enormous strides into Tongan territory, all the way to the 22…
England 28-3 Tonga 74mins ...and Heinz feeds JJ in excellent fashion, offloading to Slade who passes out to Daly just approaching the corner, but the fullback overruns the ball! 🙈
England 28-3 Tonga 75mins A couple of quick lineouts for Tonga in their 22, for England outside the 22 and England attack again before Genge drops the ball!
England 28-3 Tonga 76mins The ball flies back to Daly in his own half but he runs it, Watson brings it closer, and another excellent effort finally results in Cowan-Dickie flying over the tryline for that elusive fourth bonus point try
England v Tonga Luke Cowan Dickie try RWC2019England 33-3 Tonga 76mins The ball flies back to Daly in his own half but he runs it, Watson brings it closer, and another excellent effort finally results in Cowan-Dickie flying over the tryline for that elusive fourth bonus point try
England 35-3 Tonga 77mins Faz adds the extras and Eddie Jones can breathe a small sigh of relief - though no doubt words will be had regarding appalling handling errors in this second half
England 35-3 Tonga 78mins A little aerial football ensues from the restart, before Itoje collects > JJ > Daly > JJ > Sam Lousi disrupting play at the breakdown...
England 35-3 Tonga 79mins ...but a knock on comes from Tu'itavake and England have a scrum and final attacking opportunity
England 35-3 Tonga 80mins The scrum is won, the England side head toward the Tongan 22, the ball is stolen and the ball is hurtled back outside the 22...the gong rings out and England knock on
England 35-3 Tonga 80+1mins Tonga win an attacking lineout as play is allowed to continue into a touch of extra time...
England 35-3 Tonga 80+3mins ...and Dan Cole knocks on to allow Tonga to set up an attacking lineout on England's 22 - one last chance to break the try duck...
England 35-3 Tonga 80+5mins Tonga go 15 phases to a breakdown in the England 22 and they edge ever closer to the tryline; but a tackle from Itoje forces a knock on to bring the game to a close



England Rugby15 Elliot Daly 14 Anthony Watson 13 Manu Tuilagi 12 OWEN FARRELL (C) 11 Jonny May  10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Joe Marler 2 Jamie George  3 Kyle Sinckler  4 Courtney Lawes 5 Maro Itoje  6 Tom Curry  7 Sam Underhill  8 Billy Vunipola BENCH:  16 Luke Cowan-Dickie 17 Ellis Genge 18 Dan Cole 19 George Kruis 20 Lewis Ludlam 21 Willi Heinz 22 Henry Slade 23 Jonathan Joseph 

SCORERS T: Tuilagi (2), George, Cowan-Dickie C: Farrell (3) P: Farrell (3)

Tonga15 David Halaifonua 14 Atieli Pakalani 13 SIALE PIUTAU (C) 12 Cooper Vuna 11 Viliami Lolohea 10 Kurt Morath 9 Sonatane Takulua 1 Siegfried 'Fisi'ihoi 2 Sosefo Sakalia 3 Ben Tameifuna 4 Sam Lousi 5 Halaleva Fifita 6 Sione Kalamafoni 7 Zane Kapeli 8 Maama Vaipulu BENCH: 16 Siua Maile 17 Latu Talakai 18 Ma'afu Fia 19 Dan Faleafa 20 Nasi Manu 21 Leon Fukofuka 22 James Faiva 23 Nafi Tu'itavake

SCORERS P: Takulua

Man of the Match: Manu Tuilagi England Rugby

Referee: Paul Williams (NZRU) Asst. Referees: Mathieu Raynal (FFR), Shuhei Kubo (JRFU) TMO: Ben Skeen (NZRU)