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Guinness 6 Nations2021

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6Ns Italy vs France 6Ns England vs Scotland 6Ns Wales vs Ireland6Ns Table Week 1 2021

italyITALY 10 - 50 FRANCEFrance Rugby

Stadio Olimpico - 06 February 2021
KO: 15:15 HT: 3-24


All matches
Played: 45
Italy won: 3
France won: 42
Drawn: 0



Italy 0 - 0 France 0mins The anthems are done in the very empty Stadio Olimpico in Rome and we have KO of the Guinness Six Nations 2021
Italy 0 - 0 France 2mins There's no expectation of an Italy win today, but no doubt they'll put in an awesome effort, and hopefully have come on leaps and bounds under Head Coach Franco Smith....
Italy 0 - 0 France 4mins And the Azzurri do make a delightful start, barrelling up to the French 22 with a break from debutant Juan Ignacio Brex, but are shut down and turned over deftly by Les Bleus
Italy 0 - 5 France 5mins From their own 22, the French bolt in the opposite direction, the break down the line comes from Gabin Villière, Teddy Thomas pelting ahead and the play finished by Dylan Cretin with an easy try
Italy 0 - 7 France 7mins The Azzurri were left in the wake of Les Bleus there, and Matthieu Jalibert adds the extras - 7 minutes and 7 points already
Italy 0 - 7 France 9mins The Azzurri have a hard couple of hours coming up, France making it all look far too easy this afternoon...
Italy 0 - 7 France 11mins Italy are forced onto the back foot again, Les Bleus heaping on the pressure and forcing the homeside into their own 22
Italy 0 - 7 France 13mins But they repel the pressure and the Azzurri are quickly heading in the right direction, up toward the midfield with a lineout...
Italy 0 - 7 France 15mins It's another Italian lineout, this time on halfway, but it's pretty pedestrian and Les Bleus keep them pinned back in their own half
Italy 0 - 7 France 17mins Italy steady themselves and make some ground, breaching French territory and put together 13 phases to reach the 22...
Italy 0 - 7 France 18mins Defence from Les Bleus is formidable and in 19 phases, Italy make their way a little closer to the goal line before French captain Charles Ollivon is pinged for not rolling away so penalty goes to the Azzurri
Italy 3 - 7 France 19mins The Azzurri are finally in the scoreboard with a penalty conversion from Paolo Garbisi from in front of the posts, a fitting result for all their attacking efforts
Italy 3 - 7 France 21mins Well, there's clearly been a step change in the Italian camp, as they are bearing down on the French defence all over again, threatening the 22...
Italy 3 - 7 France 23mins The Azzurri breach the 22 and Luca Sperandio makes a delightful break, is taken down, the ball landing in the purview of Thomas who kicks the ball away as the whistle goes for a penalty
Italy 3 - 10 France 23mins It's a knock on from the Azzurri so Les Bleus have a defensive scrum in their 22, neatly dealt with and play resumes back up at he 10m
Italy 3 - 10 France 25mins Of course it's now a bit of a walk in the park for Les Bleus as they shift play into Italian territory and are on another attacking streak again...
Italy 3 - 15 France 26mins ...which is far too comfortably finished off by Gaël Fickou under the posts
Italy 3 - 17 France 28mins Jalibert adds the conversion and Les Bleus are looking rather comfortable
Italy 3 - 22 France 30mins Italy's folly continues and the ball is nicked by Les Bleus, Antoine Dupont making the break and almost getting away, but floating the ball up to Arthur Vincent who runs in try no. #3 under the posts
Italy 3 - 24 France 31mins Jalibert is having an easy ride with his conversions this afternoon, adding another. Meanwhile, Giosuè Zilocchi and Danilo Fischetti replace Marco Riccioni and Daniele Rimpelli
Italy 3 - 24 France 33mins But now it's the Azzurri's turn as a lovely break comes from Garbisi who dummies Dupont perfectly and releases to Montanna Ioane who scores brilliantly in the corner!
Italy 3 - 24 France 34mins Ref Matt Carley halts play though, conferring with TMO Karl Dickson, saying it's an on-field try, and Dicko is quick to put the kybosh on the try illustrating a forward pass to Ioane 🙄 No try.
Italy 3 - 24 France 36mins Garbisi hobbles off the field with an injury, but the very capable Carlo Canna is his replacement so performance will not be affected
Italy 3 - 24 France 38mins France are back on the attack, bolting into Azzurri territory, Fickou taking a hit to get the ball clear but Vincent is shut down too...
Italy 3 - 24 France 40mins The Azzurri reclaim possession in their own 22 after Cyril Baille is pinged and are able to clear their lines, setting up a lineout on their 10m and the ball finds touch for half time

Italy v France HT 6Ns 2021Italy 3 - 24 France HT P: Garbisi | T: Cretin, Fickou, Vincent C: Jalibert (3) P: Jalibert 🇮🇹🏉🇫🇷

Italy 3 - 24 France 41mins And we're back, live from Rome, Italy in possession on halfway, Garbisi returning to the field and dancing around the defence to sprint toward the 22, but a poor pass returns the ball to Les Bleus
Italy 3 - 24 France 43mins The French clear Italy back over halfway and execute their 10m lineout well, but are pinged at the breakdown fro the Azzurri to take advantage and return play into French territory
Italy 3 - 24 France 44mins It's another substitution for the Azzurri already, Canna back on as Marco Zanon limps off, and Pierre Bourgarit has replaced Julian Marchand at hooker
Italy 3 - 24 France 46mins Meanwhile, France have repelled the Azzurri again, and fly into the 22, Thomas being beaten to the ball by Jacopo Trulla, TMO Dicko confirming no try and Italy can defend their game, clearing their lines
Italy 3 - 29 France 48mins However, Les Bleus have other ideas, attacking back into Italian territory, Villière chipping through neatly for Brice Dulin to collect and skid into the corner for the try 🏉
Italy 3 - 31 France 50mins Jalibert adds the extras from out wide, and Les Bleus continue to charge ahead on the scoreboard with a bonus point try; for the Azzurri, Maxime Mbandà is on for Johan Meyer
Italy 3 - 31 France 52mins Jean-Baptiste Gros and Dorian Aldegheri replace Baille and Mohamed Haouas in the front row as Les Bleus prepare to attack fiercely again...
Italy 3 - 36 France 53mins ...with Thomas making the break, offloading to Dupont who charges behind the posts for another try 🏉
Italy 3 - 38 France 55mins Another neat conversion from Jalibert and the scoreboard is becoming a cricket score...🙊
Italy 3 - 43 France 56mins This getting silly now...don't blink or you'll miss Jalibert making a super break from halfway, getting the ball out to Dupont who deftly offloads to Thomas to run in ANOTHER try 🏉
Italy 3 - 45 France 57mins And the conversion is simple for Jalibert
Italy 3 - 45 France 58mins Now time for more replacements: Romain Taofifenua and Anthony Jelonch on for Paul Willemse and Grégory Alldritt
Italy 3 - 45 France 59mins Gianmarco Lucchesi , Niccolò Cannone and Federico Ruzza for Luca Bigi, David Sisi and Sebastian Negri
Italy 3 - 45 France 60mins Damian Penaud, Louis Carbonel and Baptiste Serin have replaced Fickou, Jalibert and Dupont 
Italy 3 - 45 France 62mins It's a French scrum on half way, smartly one for France to steadily intrude on Italian territory…
Italy 8 - 45 France 64mins But Les Bleus are soon turned over by the Azzurri who bolt away, Sperandio chipping ahead, recovering the ball and flying over the goal line to score for the Azzurri! 🏉
Italy 8 - 45 France 65mins And Garbisi converts 😃
Italy 10 - 45 France 67mins Italy defend their 22 to some extent, but get pinged at the breakdown for France to set up a 5m lineout…
Italy 10 - 45 France 68mins But a knock on puts paid to that effort, Italy with a defensive scrum, winning a free kick for France collapsing
Italy 10 - 45 France 69mins Aerial football ensues for an age before Carbonel attempts to run the ball, but he drops it forward for an Italian attacking scrum
Italy 10 - 45 France 71mins Aldegheri is pinged as Italy set up a 5m lineout, promptly stolen, Serin clearing well over halfway, the Azzurri defending their own half again
Italy 10 - 45 France 72mins Les Bleus steal the lineout and the ball is chipped ahead behind the goal line but Trulla saves the try by getting to it first
Italy 10 - 50 France 73mins It's a 5m attacking scrum for France, and Thomas is in for a brace, pirouetting through the defence 🏉
Italy 10 - 50 France 75mins But alas, for the first time this match the conversion is not forthcoming for Les Bleus. However, impressive half century there!
Italy 10 - 50 France 77mins Time for Les Bleus to breathe into a rest in the last few minutes, while Italy aren't yet done even tough there's no coming back...
Italy 10 - 50 France 79mins ...the Azzurri winning a penalty and setting up a 5m attacking lineout...
Italy 10 - 50 France 80mins ...winning it well, the French warned off from infringing, the Azzurri heading into the centre of the goal area but a final knock on and it's all over

Italy v France FT 6Ns 2021

italy15 Jacopo Trulla 14 Luca Sperandio 13 Marco Zanon 12 Juan Ignacio Brex* 11 Montanna Ioane 10 Paolo Garbisi 9 Stephen Varney 8 Michele Lamaro 7 Johan Meyer 6 Sebastian Negri 5 David Sisi 4 Marco Lazzaroni 3 Marco Riccioni 2 LUCA BIGI (C) 1 Cherif Traore BENCH: 16 Gianmarco Lucchesi 17 Danilo Fischetti 18 Giosuè Zilocchi 19 Niccolò Cannone 20 Federico Ruzza 21 Maxime Mbanda 22 Guglielmo Palazzani 23 Carlo Canna

SCORERS T: Sperandio C: Garbisi P: Garbisi

France Rugby15 Brice Dulin 14 Teddy Thomas 13 Arthur Vincent 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Gabin Villière 10 Matthieu Jalibert 9 Antoine Dupont 1 Cyril Baille 2 Julien Marchand 3 Mohamed Haouas 4 Bernard Le Roux 5 Paul Willemse 6 Dylan Cretin 7 CHARLES OLLIVON (C) 8 Grégory Alldritt BENCH: 16 Pierre Bourgarit 17 Jean-Baptiste Gros 18 Dorian Aldegheri 19 Romain Taofifenua 20 Anthony Jelonch 21 Baptiste Serin 22 Louis Carbonel 23 Damian Penaud

SCORERS T: Cretin, Fickou, Vincent, Dulin, Dupont (MofM), Thomas (2) C: Jalibert (6) P: Jalibert

Man of the Match: Antoine Dupont France Rugby

Referee: Matthew Carley (RFU) Asst Referees: Mike Adamson (SRU), Christophe Ridley (RFU) TMO: Karl Dickson (RFU)




englandENGLAND 6 - 11 SCOTLANDscotland

Twickenham Stadium - 06 February 2021
KO: 16:45 HT: 6-8


All matches
Played: 139
England won: 76
Scotland won: 44
Drawn: 19



England v Scotland It's 15 minutes till kick off of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 live from Twickers on a cold, grey, misty late afternoon.
England v Scotland Anthems are done at Twickers, England side in shirts in tribute to the 1871 players, and the Scots have the names of their 1871 counterparts on their shirts; a lovely tribute to 150 years of international rugby
England 0 - 0 Scotland 1min And we have kick off from England captain Owen Farrell...(now that all the virtue-signalling is done 🙄)
England 0 - 0 Scotland 2mins England are quickly at the goal line, Maro Itoje all over the ball and inches from the score but the Scots come away with a penalty for England not rolling away and can breathe a sigh of relief
England 0 - 0 Scotland 3mins Itoje charges down the kick but the Scots still clear their lines well and are quickly at the England 22...
England 0 - 0 Scotland 4mins It's a solid lineout from the Scots and Tom Curry is pinged for offside, the visitors able to set up a 5m attacking lineout already...
England 0 - 0 Scotland 5mins The lineout is good, Scotland have to negotiate the England defence as they are forced into the middle of the pitch, picking and going, and he homeside are pinged - Itoje over the ball illegally...
England 0 - 3 Scotland 6mins ...and Finn Russell can open the scoring for the visitors with a penalty directly in front of the posts. Well played Scotland! Meanwhile, that's 4 penalties from England already 🙄
England 0 - 3 Scotland 7mins England respond from the restart by hurtling deep into Scottish territory, an attacking 22 lineout which goes well...
England 0 - 3 Scotland 8mins ...but a poor loose pass and the Scots can steal possession and clear the England side back up to the midfield
England 0 - 3 Scotland 10mins England defensive lineout and they do well to carry play back over halfway and into the Scottish 22 before a knock on gives Scotland the ball and penalty advantage, and we're back at halfway promptly
England 0 - 3 Scotland 11mins The Scots are taking full advantage of England's folly - another knock on in the midfield and the visitors have a 22 attacking lineout again
England 0 - 3 Scotland 12mins England momentarily have a reprieve from a Scottish knock on, and it's the first scrum of the game, England put in in their own 22...
England 0 - 3 Scotland 14mins Zander Fagerson is pinged in the front row allowing England to clear the Scots way back up to the midfield, and aerial football ensues...
England 0 - 3 Scotland 15mins Jonny May gets under a high ball but knocks it on for a Scottish scrum on the 10m
England 0 - 3 Scotland 16mins Elis Genge is pinged for collapsing he scrum for Scotland to set another 22 attacking lineout...
England 0 - 3 Scotland 18mins England reprieve again, but only for a second until Itoje fluffs the ball into Scottish hands; that's 7 penalties gifted by England now to Scotland, 4 at the breakdown (the last from Curry - again)
England 0 - 3 Scotland 20mins It's another England lineout - but on their own 22 again and the homeside only reach halfway before they are back in their own half - aerial football ensuing again
England 0 - 3 Scotland 21mins A solid kick from Faz gives Scotland a defensive lineout in their own 22 as well, and the pressure is being heaped onto the kicker from England, who does clear, but not far...
England 0 - 3 Scotland 22mins England are up to the Scottish 22 again through May, but again a breakdown penalty is gifted and Scotland can clear their lines in a far better fashion, over halfway with an attacking lineout
England 0 - 3 Scotland 23mins Ref Brace already had a word with Faz over penalties, but the boys haven't listened; Billy Vunipola is summarily dismissed to the naughty step, both offside and wrapping Russell's neck with his arm 🙄
England 0 - 3 Scotland 23mins The Scots are into the England 22 yet again, their 5th visit so far (though little to show for it), solid defensive tackling from Genge and Curry, but Scotland have a scrum penalty
England 0 - 3 Scotland 26mins 5m attacking Scottish scrum against an England pack with no Vunipola; May comes in 😆 and the scrum has to be reset...
England 0 - 3 Scotland 28mins ...another penalty goes to the Scots, Ref Brace has a word with the front rowers, the scrum is reset again and the ball goes wide from far touch to near...
England 0 - 3 Scotland 29mins ...England's defence stretched as the ball goes to the corner behind the goal line, but Duhan van der Merwe can't reach it and it finds touch 🙊
England 0 - 8 Scotland 30mins The Scots regather themselves, Sean Maitland gets under the ball and gets it to Cameron Redpath who offloads to van der Merwe who this time secures a well deserved try in the corner 🏉
England 0 - 8 Scotland 32mins The conversion goes awry, and England respond well by charging into the Scottish 22 from the restart...
England 3 - 8 Scotland 33mins The Scots gift a penalty in their own 22 and Faz immediately tees up and opens the England scoring account, just as Vunipola returns the homeside to a full complement
England 3 - 8 Scotland 35mins The Scots are quickly forced again to defend their 22, and the pressure is immense as the clearance kick goes awry, giving England an attacking 22 lineout
England 3 - 8 Scotland 37mins The lineout is fine, and the Scots attempt to disrupt the English attack, but Redpath is caught offside in his interference and Faz has another penalty at the 22...
England 3 - 8 Scotland 37mins ...but before Faz tees up, play is halted by TMO Joy Neville who has spotted Russell attempting to deliberately trip up Ben Youngs in his attack
England 6 - 8 Scotland 38mins Cynical play from Russell which he finds rather amusing as he is sent off with a yellow card. Faz then tees up from almost directly in front of the posts and adds another 3-pointer
England 6 - 8 Scotland 40mins Chris Harris is pinged giving England another opportunity to attack with a 22 lineout, but the Scots steal the lineout and it's all over for the first half as the ball is kicked to touch

England v Scotland HT 6Ns 2021England 6 - 8 Scotland HT P: Farrell (2) Yellow Card Vunipola | T: van der Merwe P: Russell Yellow Card Russell

England 6 - 8 Scotland HT Well this is a fascinating match; England ill-discipline is shocking, but Scots aren't faring much better. Scotland's not won at Twickers since 1983...could an upset be on the cards for 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏉🤔

England 6 - 8 Scotland 41mins We're back and there's everything to play for for both sides...
England 6 - 8 Scotland 43mins It's an England defensive scrum just inside their own half, but Youngs doesn't need to feed it as Scotland are pinged and he penalty is for the homeside...and here we go again - aerial football
England 6 - 8 Scotland 45mins Quite shocking for England that the visitors have had 72% possession in this game so far, but they are a man down for a few more minutes...
England 6 - 8 Scotland 46mins It's another penalty for Scotland and Stuart Hogg thumps the ball into touch for a 22 lineout - and the Scots win it well...
England 6 - 8 Scotland 47mins ...and the England defence is being fiercely tested; both Genge and Curry hand over penalties which quickly cancel out the turnover they achieve, penalty advantage being played fro Scotland
England 6 - 11 Scotland 48mins Russell are back up to XV and Ref Brace has a serious word with England before Russell adds 3 more points
England 6 - 11 Scotland 50mins Give Genge his due - that was no penalty-worthy tackle - completely legal. Anyway, back to it and Hogg is being rather proficient with ball in hand...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 52mins ...though Hogg is eventually shut down by Youngs and England regain possession, but it's not for long as Scotland are on the rampage again
England 6 - 11 Scotland 53mins 26 missed tackles from England, and a 12th penalty for Russell to convert into another 3 points - but luckily for England he fluffs it
England 6 - 11 Scotland 55mins Hogg spirals a superb kick from his own half into touch to force England to defend their 22 with a 5m lineout, but not until Luke Cowan-Dickie and Dan Robson replace Jamie George and Youngs
England 6 - 11 Scotland 56mins Where England should have secured the lineout ball and cleared Scotland well away, the ball comes back from Scotland from ANOTHER England penalty and the visitors have a 5m attacking lineout...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 57mins Ref Brace warns Faz about the penalties again, and threatens more cards if it doesn't stop; England save their bacon by stealing possession from Scotland
England 6 - 11 Scotland 59mins England are forced to defend their 22 again with a scrum, but at least they have possession! Job done and Scotland are outside the England 22 finally - but have the lineout...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 60mins The Scots eventually secure the ball, but are forced back and good pressure from England gives the homeside a defensive scrum at their 10...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 61mins Solid scrum from England and Rory Sutherland is pinged for buckling under the pressure, and England can finally put the ball down at the Scottish 22 for a lineout
England 6 - 11 Scotland 63mins Will Stuart is replaced by Harry Williams while England lose all that momentum by promptly being turned over and the ball is back in the England 22 🙈
England 6 - 11 Scotland 64mins Oli Kebble, WP Nel and Gary Graham replace Sutherland and the Fagersons as the Scots are quickly back up at the England 22
England 6 - 11 Scotland 66mins England repel the Scots as time is fast running out; Richie Gray on for Jamie Ritchie as England are finally in attack mode again and haven't fluffed it yet...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 68mins David Cherry debuts for George Turner and Ben Earl replaces Vunipola as England go 12 phases in attack before they are halted by the blue wall...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 69mins Scott Steele replaces Ali Price, George Ford will hopefully bring some shape to the England game, on for Ollie Lawrence
England 6 - 11 Scotland 71mins Curry impressively battles his way out of his own half but Redpath steals at the breakdown magnificently play is bang on half way
England 6 - 11 Scotland 72mins Ben Obano makes his England debut for Genge as Hogg misses the penalty from halfway 🙊
England 6 - 11 Scotland 74mins England possession is up to 38% but to no avail yet as May is brutally turned over by Johnny Gray, though in Scotland's half...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 75mins It's a defensive Scottish scrum outside their 22 after Max Malins replaces Anthony Watson, which takes a while to set...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 76mins The penalty goes to Scotland and the kick is shocking, but May knocks it on in his own 22 🙈
England 6 - 11 Scotland 77mins It's Scotland ball at the England 22 and it's now theirs to lose; 7 phases in and England discipline is being tested hugely right now...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 78mins 11 phases and a solid white wall of defence is facing Scotland; they go for the drop goal but it's charged down, but he ball goes back into Hogg's hands on the ground...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 80mins The clock has turned red and there is a scrum, for England, in defence, just in their own half...
England 6 - 11 Scotland 80+1mins ...the scrum is won but England can't breach halfway before they are turned over and it's all over. Scotland have quelled the 38 year drought at Twickenham, and as in 1871, 150 years ago, win again. Congratulations Scotland 🎉🏆🍾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

England v Scotland FT 6Ns 2021

england15 Elliot Daly 14 Anthony Watson 13 Henry Slade 12 Ollie Lawrence 11 Jonny May 10 OWEN FARRELL (C) 9 Ben Youngs 1 Ellis Genge 2 Jamie George 3 Will Stuart 4 Maro Itoje 5 Jonny Hill 6 Mark Wilson 7 Tom Curry 8 Billy Vunipola BENCH: 16 Luke Cowan-Dickie 17 Beno Obano* 18 Harry Williams 19 Courtney Lawes 20 Ben Earl 21 Dan Robson 22 George Ford 23 Max Malins

SCORERS P: Farrell (2) Yellow Card Vunipola

scotland15 STUART HOGG (C) 14 Sean Maitland 13 Chris Harris 12 Cameron Redpath* 11 Duhan van der Merwe 10 Finn Russell 9 Ali Price 1 Rory Sutherland 2 George Turner 3 Zander Fagerson 4 Scott Cummings 5 Jonny Gray 6 Jamie Ritchie 7 Hamish Watson 8 Matt Fagerson BENCH: 16 David Cherry* 17 Oli Kebble 18 WP Nel 19 Richie Gray 20 Gary Graham 21 Scott Steele 22 Jaco van der Walt 23 Huw Jones

SCORERS T: van der Merwe P: Russell (2) Yellow Card Russell

Man of the Match: Stuart Hogg Scottish Rugby

Referee: Andrew Brace (IRFU) Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère (FFR), Mathieu Raynal (FFR) TMO: Joy Neville (IRFU)




walesWALES 21 - 16 IRELANDIreland

Principality Stadium - 07 February 2021
KO: 15:00 HT: 6-13


All matches
Played: 132
Wales won: 70
Ireland won: 55
Drawn: 7




Wales 0-0 Ireland Wales head back to the Principality Stadium, that had been a field hospital for the Autumns, for the final game of the opening weekend
Wales 0-0 Ireland The teams are out, we have a moment of reflection before the anthems, starting with Ireland’s Call before Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau
Wales 0-0 Ireland 1m The roof is open as Johnny Sexton gets the match underway
Wales 0-0 Ireland 2m It’s gathered by Alun Wyn Jones, Tomos Williams and Conor Murray exchange kicks before the Welsh forwards attempt to gain ground
Wales 0-0 Ireland 3m The Irish defence holds firm, forcing the kick. The visitors attempt to run the ball but are pinged for crossing. Dan Biggar makes the first mistake as he doesn’t find touch with his kick
Wales 0-0 Ireland 4m The hosts secure turnover ball, and run at the Irish, securing a penalty...up steps Leigh Halfpenny
Wales 3-0 Ireland 5m It’s straight through for the hosts to gain an early lead. From the restart, Jones is again on hand to gather, Williams puts in the kick as Ireland launch an attack
Wales 3-0 Ireland 7m The Welsh defence holds firm before Keenan’s kick trickled into touch. Unfortunately, the line-out is a bit of a shambles with the ball knocked forward and we have the first scrum
Wales 3-0 Ireland 9m Wales have the put in and get the bell away before Sexton and Halfpenny exchange kicks. Wales attack through Wyn Jones before Williams kicks through but Keith Earls knocks on
Wales 3-0 Ireland 11m We have a break in play as Dan Lydiate looks to have picked up a knee injury and despite it looking serious it appears a little strapping will suffice!
Wales 3-0 Ireland 12m Tomas Williams feeds the scrum and puts in a box kick for an Irish line-out just on their 22. They secure ball but Lydiate finally comes off, replaced by Josh Navidi
Wales 3-0 Ireland 13m The hosts launch another attack but George North couldn’t gather Justin Tipuric’s pass. Peter O’Mahony could be in trouble here....
Wales 3-0 Ireland 13m O’Mahony has made contact with Tomas Francis’ head with his elbow - Ref Wayne Barnes has no choice but to show him red
Wales 3-0 Ireland 14m Another attacking Welsh lineout, and despite the return of the Sheriff, Wales’ lineout woes continue. Wales launch an attack with Johnny Williams finding a gap, the ball is recycled...
Wales 3-0 Ireland 16m The hosts can’t make use of their advantage as Sexton is pinged for a high tackle, offering Halfpenny another attempt at goal
Wales 6-0 Ireland 18m He slots it straight through the posts. Faletau gathers from the restart but North knocks on and Ireland have a scrum in the Welsh half
Wales 6-0 Ireland 18m Henshaw joins the scrum as the visitors run at Wales, before Sexton puts a kick through for a Welsh line-out
Wales 6-0 Ireland 20m Wales secure ball but kick back to Ireland. This time they can’t find the gaps and opt to kick. Faletau gathers and calls for the mark before Halfpenny kicks, offering Ireland another attacking opportunity
Wales 6-0 Ireland 23m The visitors demonstrate patience as they work through the phases, but the ball is lost forward. Johnny Williams goes off for a HIA along with James Ryan for Ireland
Wales 6-0 Ireland 24m Wales have they put in an run from inside their own 22. Ball is lost but Wales are saved by Navidi before Ireland launch a further attack. Wales are pinged for not releasing
Wales 6-0 Ireland 25m Sexton opts to kick for the corner, but Wales secure before Williams eases the pressure. Ireland secure a further penalty with Navidi pinged for going in off his feet
Wales 6-3 Ireland 27m This time the decision is to kick for the posts. Sexton takes his time, but his successful kicks gets Ireland on the scoreboard
Wales 6-3 Ireland 29m Biggar’s restart offers another opportunity for Ireland to attack. Murray’s pass to Lowe on the wing makes a little ground before the ball is recycled infield and we’re up to 14 phases
Wales 6-3 Ireland 31m Robbie Henshaw is unable to gather as Sexton opts to kick but it goes back. The ball is stripped by Wyn Jones but North’s pass to Louis Rees-Zammit is forward
Wales 6-3 Ireland 32m The visitors have an attacking scrum on the Welsh 22, and again its solid. James Lowe comes in off his wing but is brought down by Biggar. North is pinged - will they go for posts or corner?
Wales 6-6 Ireland 34m The decision is posts - Sexton again steps up, takes his time and slots over the simple attempt to bring things all square in Cardiff
Wales 6-6 Ireland 36m A huge kick from Lowe puts Ireland in a great attacking opportunity. Wales lose the lineout, Henshaw takes advantage, finds the gap and offloads to Josh van der Flier..
Wales 6-13 Ireland 38m He’s brought down inches short but the ball is recycled and former Scarlet, Tadhg Beirne is over for the first try. Again Sexton uses all the time available before slotting over the extras
Wales 6-13 Ireland 39m Since the red card, it’s been all Ireland as Wales are pinged, and as the half comes to a close Williams picks off and sets off on a run, but he’s brought down and appears to have picked up an injury
Wales 6-13 Ireland 40m +1 It appears to be a hamstring injury but a further penalty against the hosts brings the half to a close

Wales v Ireland HT 6Ns 2021Wales 6-13 Ireland HT P: Halfpenny (2) | T: Beirne C: Sexton P: Sexton (2) Red Card O’Mahony

Wales 6-13 Ireland 40m The teams are back out with Gareth Davies replacing Williams. Biggar gets the half underway as Wyn Jones sets up Nick Tomkins, Davies switches directions but Ireland strip
Wales 6-13 Ireland 41m Ireland’s kick finds AWJ but the visitors are soon back in control. Sexton puts in a kick for touch but it’s straight out
Wales 6-13 Ireland 42m Ken Owens finds Adam Beard and Wales launch an attack with Tips finding a small gap but Francis is pinged
Wales 6-13 Ireland 43m Sexton kicks for field position, the visitors secure ball and launch their attack with CJ Stander finding ground before Murray kicks; Halfpenny gathers and calls for the mark
Wales 6-13 Ireland 45m An aerial battle ensues before Tips opts run, but a high tackle on Hallam Amos offers Biggar an opportunity to boot downfield
Wales 6-13 Ireland 45m Tips secures the ball as the Welsh forwards launch the attack, but Talupe Faletau drops the ball and it’s an Ireland put in at the scrum
Wales 6-13 Ireland 48m Despite being a man down, the Irish scrum remains solid. Loose ball is pounced on by Tomkins and a dummy from North and the Centre’s through for the try
Wales 11-13 Ireland 49m It’s a great effort from North, but Halfpenny is unable to add the extras to draw the game level. Cuan Healy is replaced by Dave Kilcoyne for Ireland
Wales 11-13 Ireland 51m Beirne secures the lineout, but then ball is turned over but it’s another error from Wales as the ball goes straight out and they’re unable to take advantage of the turnover ball
Wales 11-13 Ireland 52m Again Beirne gathers as Ireland find themselves in the Welsh 22, they’re up to 10 phases before Henshaw is pinged for going in at the side
Wales 11-13 Ireland 53m Andrew Porter and Henshaw come off for Ireland as Wales secure ball, but again a kicking battle commences. Earls is pinged for taking Gareth Davies out in the air
Wales 11-13 Ireland 56m Ireland again steal the line out but Owens has a second attempt as Ireland take the ball back. Wales set up the drive and win a penalty...
Wales 11-13 Ireland 57m The hosts secure the line out, recycle the ball, we’re playing advantage for a high tackle, but it looks like Rees-Zammit has dived over in the corner
Wales 18-13 Ireland 59m We go to the TMO, but what a finish!! Rees-Zammit is awarded the try and a superb kick from Halfpenny adds the extras for the hosts
Wales 18-13 Ireland 60m Will Connors is on for Ireland as Stander batters into Faletau. Wales have the put in at the scrum as JOrdan Larmour replaces Earls
Wales 18-13 Ireland 62m Rees-Zammit chases the kick from Davies but the ball goes loose, but Ireland are pinged for blocking through Murray
Wales 18-13 Ireland 63m Biggar kicks for the corner. Henshaw is back on after his HIA. ken throws long as the hosts attack, it’s another penalty as Beirne is pinged for coming in at the side
Wales 18-13 Ireland 65m This time the decision is to kick for goal...
Wales 21-13 Ireland 63m Halfpenny slots over the simple penalty to put Wales two scores ahead. Leon Brown is on for Wales and Tadhg Furlong for Ireland
Wales 21-13 Ireland 67m It’s a mistake for Sexton as his kick downfield is poor. Callum Sheedy is in for Wales. Ireland launch an attack through the forwards, before Lowe spots half a gap
Wales 21-13 Ireland 69m A double hit from Ken and AWJ on Henshaw brings things to a halt, but Sexton is down and looking groggy after a rugby collision with Tips’ knee
Wales 21-13 Ireland 69m Sexton is replaced by Billy Burns, and he’s not happy about it!
Wales 21-13 Ireland 70m Will Rowlands and Will Connors are both on as Ireland have the scrum put-in. Stander sets off, the ball is recycled into the Welsh 22
Wales 21-13 Ireland 70m Burns offloads to Garry Ringrose as again the visitors rank up the phases 5 minutes out. Alun Wyn Jones is pinged for not moving away, though he physically couldn’t!
Wales 21-16 Ireland 72m Ireland decide to go for the posts. Billy Burns steps up to take over the kicking duties and his successful kick puts tuck back within a score
Wales 21-13 Ireland 73m Gibson Park and Byron Kelleher are on for Ireland and Rhodri Jones for Wales
Wales 21-13 Ireland 73m Wales are in a good attacking position, but Alun Wyn is pinged. We have a short break as Beirne goes down with cramp. Burns kicks for field position
Wales 21-16 Ireland 74m Ireland secure the line out and again work through the phases with Lowe finding a half gap. Burns puts in a cross field kick but it goes into touch
Wales 21-16 Ireland 75m Ken finds Tips but there’s contact in the air and Beirne is pinged. Biggar kicks downfield ensuring the final minutes should be played in the Ireland half
Wales 21-16 Ireland 77m Line out is secured but it’s clever play from Ireland and they secure the scrum put-in
Wales 21-16 Ireland 78m Ireland launch a possibly final attack as Wyn Jones is deservedly named man of the match. The ball goes loose and forward and Wales have the scrum
Wales 21-16 Ireland 79m 20 seconds to go - Gareth Davies’ run and tackle offers Keenan the chance to counter as the clock goes red, but Is there a deliberate knock on?
Wales 21-16 Ireland 80m +1 On we go - Tomkins is penalised and Ireland have a chance to attack from deep, they’re up to half way...
Wales 21-16 Ireland 80m + 3 The attack continues, up to phase 9, Tips puts in a huge tackle, the ball goes loose but Ireland are still in possession
Wales 21-16 Ireland 80m +4 North is pinged for not rolling away - Burns kicks for the corner....but it’s gone too far! And finally Barnes blows the whistle to end the game

Wales v Ireland FT 6Ns 2021

wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 Louis Rees-Zammit 13 George North 12 Johnny Williams 11 Hallam Amos 10 Dan Biggar 9 Tomos Williams 1 Wyn Jones 2 Ken Owens 3 Tomas Francis 4 Adam Beard 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Dan Lydiate 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Taulupe Faletau BENCH: 16 Elliot Dee 17 Rhodri Jones 18 Leon Brown 19 Will Rowlands 20 Josh Navidi 21 Gareth Davies 22 Callum Sheedy 23 Nick Tompkins

SCORERS T: North, Rees-Zammit C: Halfpenny P: Halfpenny (3)

Ireland15 Hugo Keenan 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 James Lowe 10 JONATHAN SEXTON (C) 9 Conor Murray 1 Cian Healy 2 Rob Herring 3 Andrew Porter 4 Tadhg Beirne 5 James Ryan 6 Peter O’Mahony 7 Josh van der Flier 8 CJ Stander BENCH: 16 Ronan Kelleher 17 Dave Kilcoyne 18 Tadhg Furlong 19 Iain Henderson 20 Will Connors 21 Jamison Gibson Park 22 Billy Burns 23 Jordan Larmour

SCORERS T: Beirne C: Sexton P: Sexton (2), Burns Red Card O’Mahony

Man of the Match: Wyn Jones Wales

Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU) Asst Referees: Luke Pearce (RFU), Alex Ruiz (FFR) TMO: Tom Foley (RFU)




NatWest 6 Nations Week 2

6Ns England vs Italy 6Ns Scotland vs Wales 6Ns Ireland vs France6Ns Table Week 2 2021

englandENGLAND 41 - 18 ITALYitaly

Twickenham Stadium - 13 February 2021
KO: 14:15 HT: 20-8


All matches
Played: 28
England won: 28
Italy won: 0
Drawn: 0



England v Italy It's a moment's silence at Twickenham for the passing of former England players, Dave Egerton (Bath Rugby) and Phil Horrocks-Taylor (British Lions & Leicester Tigers)
England v Italy The anthems are done and we are moments from KO from a bright but bracing Twickers this afternoon. The officials: Referee: Mike Adamson (SRU) Asst Referees: Romain Poite (FFR), Ben Blain (SRU) TMO: Joy Neville (IRFU)
England v Italy The Azzurri have never beaten England, but then again, Scotland hadn't at Twickers for 38 years until last week 🙊
England 0 - 0 Italy 1min We have kick from Italy and England quickly repel them back up to halfway, the first penalty to the visitors after England pinged for a deliberate knock on
England 0 - 5 Italy 2mins The Azzurri kick to the corner to execute an excellent 5m attacking lineout, keeping disciplined, shifting play to in front of the posts and hurtling it out wide for Monty Ioane to fly over for the score 🏉
England 0 - 5 Italy 3mins Paolo Garbisi misses the conversion, but bravo Italy! Excellent effort there...
England 0 - 5 Italy 5mins England respond by charging toward the Italian 22, but Elliot Daly hospital passes the ball into touch rather than to Jonny May 🙈
England 0 - 5 Italy 7mins England have to begin their attack again from the midfield, and Juan Ignacio Brex is pinged for offside, allowing England to make some ground and breach the 22, with another penalty coming...
England 3 - 5 Italy 8mins Captain Owen Farrell tees up from inside the 22, in front of the posts when the penalty comes, and he gets England on the scoreboard
England 3 - 5 Italy 10mins First scrum of the match on halfway with Ben Youngs putting in, England with a 37kg weight advantage - but it has to be reset three times...
England 3 - 5 Italy 11mins It's quick ball from Youngs and the ball hurtles ahead, Henry Slade chipping thru for May to chase, and England are all over the goal line, Maro Itoje not quite getting it down so recycle...
England 3 - 5 Italy 13mins A penalty comes, England go again, and they pick and go still shuffling along the goal line but that Azzurri defence is holding up well so far...
England 8 - 5 Italy 14mins ...England keep driving until it's Jonny Hill who finds the whitewash and scores finally 🏉 - well deserved that one, as England fans breathe a huge sigh of relief
England 8 - 5 Italy 16mins Faz misses the conversion, however, while Giosuè Zilocchi replaces Marco Riccioni in the front row
England 8 - 8 Italy 19mins Italy restart is solid, and England hand over a 3rd penalty in the breakdown; Italy head into England territory, a fourth penalty comes and Garbisi equalises on the board
England 8 - 8 Italy 21mins Garbisi's clearance kick from the restart isn't great, giving England the chance to take advantage and quickly the homeside are parked in the Italian 22, the Azzurri having to defend it with a scrum
England 8 - 8 Italy 22mins Good effort from the Italians and they shift play back over halfway, England with a defensive lineout...
England 8 - 8 Italy 24mins It's a steadier attack from England and they head back over halfway, but Italy quickly steal possession and force England back a tad...
England 8 - 8 Italy 24mins England go in again, Slade piling over the whitewash but the whistle's gone for a penalty to Italy; time off as Riccioni returns from his blood injury as we wait for play to resume...
England 8 - 8 Italy 25mins Federico Ruzza replaces Sebastian Negri before the Azzurri clear their lines& England attack from the midfield, throwing the ball wide, splicing Italian defence &Anthony Watson runs in behind the posts 🏉
England 15 - 8 Italy 27mins This time, Faz doesn't falter (from in front of the posts 😜) and there's a clear score between the sides
England 15 - 8 Italy 29mins England pounce again and are quickly forcing the Azzurri onto the back foot, pushing them into their 22 before another break
England 15 - 8 Italy 30mins Ruzza returns to the bench, Negri all patched up, and Danilo Fischetti replaces Andrea Lovotti in the front row, before Italy can again clear their lines after England are turned over for the 5th time
England 15 - 8 Italy 32mins So instead of attacking from the 22, England are back into their own half, and they cross halfway again, handing over possession from another penalty to Italy to head into England territory again
England 15 - 8 Italy 34mins Italy manoeuvre play into the England 22 with an attacking lineout, visiting only for the second time in the match, but the last time they came away with 5 points...
England 15 - 8 Italy 36mins The lineout goes to plan, but Billy Vunipola pops up to take out Stephen Varney and effects a solid turnover, England able to clear their lines and force the Azzurri away from the dangerzone
England 15 - 8 Italy 38mins Solid effort from England as they attack into space, charging toward the Italian 22, May hoping to offload to Watson on his right, but he's on the wrong side to expectation & Italy sneak back possession
England 15 - 8 Italy 39mins It's a defensive scrum for Italy on their 22 near touch, and England have to wrestle their way into an attacking position; they do and the homeside set up another attacking 22 lineout...
England 15 - 8 Italy 40mins Setpiece is much improved this week for England, and they work in toward the posts, before hurling the ball out to May in the corner who kangaroo jumps over the tackle from Luca Sperandio to score! 🏉 But...
England 20 - 8 Italy 40+2mins ...TMO Joy Neville has a quick look to confirm May didn't find touch before that magnificent grounding; he didn't and the try stands, Faz not managing to add the extras before HT

England v Italy HT 6Ns 2021England 20 - 8 Italy HT T: Hill, Watson, May C: Farrell P: Farrell | T: Ioane P: Garbisi

England 20 - 8 Italy HT England have most definitely got their mojo back this week...

England 20 - 8 Italy 40mins Second half kicks off with Zilocchi back on the pitch for Riccioni
England 20 - 8 Italy 41mins England attack up to the Italian 22 but are deftly turned over again, Ioane charging away from his own 22 and almost reaches the opposite 22 before he is taken down near touch, recycling to Brex...
England 20 - 8 Italy 43mins England finally marshal their defence after Faz took Ioane down, and Itoje et al manage to slow down the attacking ball, time halted as Faz has words with Ref Adamson
England 20 - 11 Italy 43mins Faz's protestations fall on deaf ears and Italy have a penalty from Itoje, Garbisi pinging it over from in front of the posts, striking early and first in the half again
England 20 - 11 Italy 45mins England have possession in the midfield but a knock on brings that play to a stuttering halt, Italy with a defensive scrum just inside their half
England 20 - 11 Italy 47mins Steady play from the Azzurri and they shift play from their own half, up to the England 22, saving the ball from far touch...
England 20 - 11 Italy 48mins A tad earlier, Niccolò Cannone replaced Michele Lamaro at No8 as the latter limped off
England 25 - 11 Italy 49mins Italy throw the ball out wide at the England 10m but Watson makes the intercept and bolts from his own half all the way under posts to score again 🏉 - that was too easy
England 27 - 11 Italy 50mins The TMO wants to check a possible head collision so the conversion is halted - no foul play - chest on chest tackle - try stands and Faz pings over the conversion
England 27 - 11 Italy 51mins Dan Robson and Charlie Ewels are on for Youngs and Hill; Federico Mori replaces Carlo Canna for a blood injury
England 27 - 11 Italy 52mins Ellis Genge & Jamie George are on for Mako Vunipola & Luke Cowan-Dickie; Genge arrives, packs down inside the Italy 22 and hands over a penalty, collapsing the scrum for Italy to clear England away
England 27 - 11 Italy 54mins Italy defensive lineout after a halt in proceedings for Fischetti to get attention; they clear over halfway, May runs it back, but gets shut down...
England 27 - 11 Italy 56mins ..Billy V is caught short in the breakdown, handing a penalty and possession to Italy who attack into England 22. Italy are pinged at the scrum and handbags threaten...but the Ref calms that nonsense down
England 27 - 11 Italy 58mins Genge is definitely bringing himself to the attention of the Ref since he's arrived; England clear play back up to the midfield
England 27 - 11 Italy 59mins Into Italian territory, England bring on Ben Earls and Jack Willis for Courtney Lawes and Billy V
England 32 - 11 Italy 61mins England barrel into the Italian 22 off the back of a scrum penalty from an Italian defensive effort on the 10m, and before he's caught his breath, Willis is over for his first England test try 🏉
England 34 - 11 Italy 63mins Faz neatly adds the extras as Canna returns from his bloody injury
England 34 - 11 Italy 64mins From the restart Italy set up an attacking scrum at the England 22 which they win and shift ahead, but play is halted quickly as Jacopo Trulla tackles Willis on the ground, rolling him away by his neck...
England 34 - 11 Italy 64mins ...possibly, and the weight of Negri is felt on Willis' knee; he's in agony and the medics are on
England 34 - 11 Italy 65mins Willis' appearance is short-lived as he is driven off the pitch on a stretcher; Max Malins replaces him while Tommaso Allan and Mori come on for Garbisi and Canna
England 34 - 18 Italy 66mins It's Italian ball and England are caught awfully short there, Tommy Allan splicing the defence to score a moment after he has arrived on the paddock, converting his own try promptly 🏉
England 41 - 18 Italy 68mins However, England respond with fierce immediacy and Daly runs in behind the posts for a score 🏉, aided again by May, and Faz converts
England 41 - 18 Italy 69mins Meanwhile, Gianmarco Lucchesi and Guglielmo Palazzani replace captain Luca Bigi and Varney
England 41 - 18 Italy 71mins Italy have definitely improved, going the distance and not falling away into the final 10 minutes...
England 41 - 18 Italy 72mins It's an Italian defensive scrum which England are pinged at, Kyle Sinckler going too early, allowing the Azzurri to clear their opposition back up to the midfield
England 41 - 18 Italy 74mins Sinckler is off as Will Stuart - the last replacement for England joins the affray, Italy into England territory but Zilocchi is pinged at the breakdown, giving possession back to England
England 41 - 18 Italy 76mins England are quickly up to the Azzurri 22, though that blue defensive wall is holding up pretty well for now...
England 41 - 18 Italy 77mins ...and Johan Meyer is pinged at the breakdown for not releasing so Faz can kick to the corner for a 5m attacking lineout
England 41 - 18 Italy 78mins You can feel another try coming as the lineout is well won, England drive toward the whitewash, but are stopped in their tracks, forced to use it and can't quite get the ball down just yet...
England 41 - 18 Italy 79mins Sinckler is named Man of the Match (not May or Watson 🤔) while England have a 5m attacking scrum which has to be reset...
England 41 - 18 Italy 80+1mins ...but it's Italy that come away with the penalty and the Azzurri can clear England far away from the 22
England 41 - 18 Italy 80+2mins Italy win their defensive 10m lineout on far touch, but eventually Mori is bundled into touch before he can reach halfway by Slade, and it's all over

England v Italy FT 6Ns 2021

england15 Elliot Daly 14 Anthony Watson 13 Henry Slade 12 OWEN FARRELL (C) 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Mako Vunipola 2 Luke Cowan-Dickie 3 Kyle Sinckler 4 Maro Itoje 5 Jonny Hill 6 Courtney Lawes 7 Tom Curry 8 Billy Vunipola BENCH: 16 Jamie George 17 Ellis Genge 18 Will Stuart 19 Charlie Ewels 20 Ben Earl 21 Jack Willis 22 Dan Robson 23 Max Malins

SCORERS  T: Hill, Watson (2), May, Willis, Daly C: Farrell (4) P: Farrell

italy15 Jacopo Trulla 14 Luca Sperandio 13 Juan Ignacio Brex 12 Carlo Canna 11 Montanna Ioane 10 Paolo Garbisi 9 Stephen Varney 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 LUCA BIGI (C) 3 Marco Riccioni 4 Marco Lazzaroni 5 David Sisi 6 Sebastian Negri 7 Johan Meyer 8 Michele Lamaro BENCH: 16 Gianmarco Lucchesi 17 Danilo Fischetti 18 Giosuè Zilocchi 19 Niccolò Cannone 20 Federico Ruzza 21 Guglielmo Palazzani 22 Tommaso Allan 23 Federico Mori

SCORERS T: Ioane, Allan C: Allan P: Garbisi (2)

Man of the Match: Kyle Sinckler England

Referee: Mike Adamson (SRU) Asst Referees: Romain Poite (FFR), Ben Blain (SRU) TMO: Joy Neville (IRFU)




scotlandSCOTLAND 24 - 25 WALESwales

BT Murrayfield - 13 February 2021
KO: 16:45 HT: 17-8


All matches
Played: 127
Scotland won: 50
Wales won: 74
Drawn: 3



Scotland vs Wales Next up we head to Murrayfield...
Scotland vs Wales The teams are out as the snow falls in Edinburgh...
Scotland vs Wales We have a moment's reflection before possibly the two best anthems in the Six Nations 🤔😉
Scotland 0-0 Wales 1m Both teams were unbeaten in the opening round as they aim to keep their Triple Crown hopes alive. Finn Russell gets things underway, gathered by Justin Tipuric before and early aerial battle
Scotland 0-0 Wales 2m Van der Merwe gets an early chance to run but the ball goes dead. The ball goes forward at the line out with a Wales put-in, but Scotland are pinged at the scrum
Scotland 0-0 Wales 3m Wales’ line out woes continue as Scotland steal, but Wales re-gain on half way and Matt Fagerson is pinged. Biggar kicks downfield
Scotland 0-0 Wales 4m It’s a great attacking position for Wales, Faletau sets up the attack as Wales works through the phases, making little ground thanks to a strong Scottish defence
Scotland 0-0 Wales 5m Up to 12 phases before a third Scottish penalty and the visitors opt for the points
Scotland 3-0 Wales 6m It’s straight through the posts for Leigh Halfpenny as the visitors take an early lead
Scotland 3-0 Wales 7m from the re-start Wales are pinged for contact in the air, and the hosts have an attacking line out. They set up the rolling maul before van der Merwe comes in off his wing
Scotland 3-0 Wales 8m Scotland have the advantage and despite Wales stealing possession, we go back for the penalty. Russell slots the kick over and it’s all square
Scotland 3-3 Wales 11m Wales are in possession following the restart, a cross field kick finds Louis Rees-Zammit but he meets a sea of navy. The visitors recycle but Nick Tompkins is unable to find the gap and it’s Scottish scrum on half way
Scotland 3-3 Wales 12m Blade Thomson is off for a HIA, replaced by Gary Graham. The hosts launch an attack but the ball is ripped and Wales counter
Scotland 3-3 Wales 14m But Scotland are able to counter before Russell kicks, but it’s too long and Gareth Davies calls for the mark. Russell takes it quickly and combines with Stuart Hogg, before Chris Harris finds a half gap
Scotland 3-3 Wales 15m The Scottish attack continues; Adam Beard steals but Alun Wyn Jones is pinged before Wales have the opportunity to counter
Scotland 3-3 Wales 16m Tips steals the line out but Scotland are back in possession as Russell offloads to Gray who’s up to the 22..
Scotland 3-3 Wales 18m Ali Price chips over and Darcy Graham gathers to dive over under the posts. The try is checked and it’s good. Russell adds the extras
Scotland 10-3 Wales 20m From the restart Wales go long, but possession switches back and go before the hosts launch another attack on half way. Russell kicks downfield for territory
Scotland 10-3 Wales 21m Wales go short to Tips at the line out before Davies kicks downfield. The hosts counter but Wales manage to knock the ball on, offering Scotland an attacking scrum just inside the Welsh half
Scotland 10-3 Wales 23m Scarlets player Blade Thomson has failed his HIA and will remain off. At the scrum, Scotland spread through the backs, Hogg kicks through and it appears that Halfpenny has it covered
Scotland 15-3 Wales 24m But the ball goes loose and the chasing Hogg gathers and dives over for Scotland’s second try
Scotland 17-3 Wales 26m Russell adds the extras. From the restart, the ball goes forward and Wales have the scrum put-in, but Scotland secure a penalty as Wales’ woes continue
Scotland 17-3 Wales 27m AWJ steals the line out as Wales have the opportunity to attack from half way but the ball is lost. Beautiful steps from Hogg sees him find gaping holes in the Welsh defence
Scotland 17-3 Wales 29m The ball is lost forward as Wales have a defensive scrum, Tompkins kicks through but the ball goes dead. They secure the line out but the counter is thwarted when Wainwright is unable to gather
Scotland 17-3 Wales 32m Scotland counter and secure a penalty after Halfpenny is pinged for a tackle on Graham in the air
Scotland 17-3 Wales 32m We have a break in play as both players receive treatment. Halfpenny leaves as Willis Halaholo comes on for his first cap forcing Wales to shuffle their back line
Scotland 17-3 Wales 33m Scotland kick for touch, win the line out and attack into the Welsh 22, but Graham is pinged
Scotland 17-3 Wales 35m Wales secure the ball and have the penalty advantage. Biggar kicks downfield for a line out in the Scottish half
Scotland 17-3 Wales 35m Beard secures and we have another penalty for Wales for a high tackle on Taulupe Faletau. Wales opt to kick for the corner...
Scotland 17-3 Wales 36m Again Beard gathers, its advantage to Wales but the ball is spread from left to right with Liam Williams finding Rees-Zammit who dives over for the try
Scotland 17-8 Wales 38m Biggar, who has taken over the kicking duties was wide with his conversion. Wales secure possession from the restart,  Davies plays down the clock for the end of the half as Biggar kicks the ball dead

Scotland v Wales HT 6Ns 2021Scotland 17-8 Wales HT T: Graham, Hogg C: Russell P: Russell | T: Rees-Zammit P: Halfpenny

Scotland 17-8 Wales 41m Confirmation that Halfpenny won’t be returning as the second half gets underway. It’s an early penalty for Wales at the breakdown, but Biggar misses touch
Scotland 17-8 Wales 42m The ball is lost forward for a Scotland put-in. It’s reset, but Wales secure a penalty to the delight of Tompkins!
Scotland 17-8 Wales 44m Biggar kicks downfield, Ken Owens and Beard combine at the line out before Wales launch an attack but it’s Wales’ turn to give away a penalty. We have a short handbags encounter before Russell kicks downfield
Scotland 17-8 Wales 46m The ball is over thrown but Darcy Graham gathers and the hosts are inches from the try line with a penalty advantage
Scotland 17-8 Wales 47m They opt to tap and go, Johnny Gray and Graham are inches short as they drive towards the whitewash before Scott Cummings dives over but it appears he’s held up - we go to the TMO
Scotland 17-8 Wales 48m It’s no try as there was obstruction, offering Biggar the chance to clear. Callum Sheedy & Kieran Hardy are on in place on Biggar and Davies at half back
Scotland 17-8 Wales 49m A great turnover from Owens and Wales have the penalty. Sheedy passes to  Halaholo before Rees-Zammit offloads to Liam Williams who crosses for the try
Scotland 17-15 Wales 52m Sheedy adds the extras to put Wales back to within 2 points
Scotland 17-15 Wales 53m From the restart Scotland launch an attack before Price kicks ahead. Wales are pinged, but we’re going to the TMO for foul play from Zander Fagerson
Scotland 17-15 Wales 53m It’s not looking good, as he’s made contact to the head...will it be red or yellow?
Scotland 17-15 Wales 53m It’s red! For the second successive week, Wales face 14 men. The penalty is reversed and Wales are in a great attacking position
Scotland 17-15 Wales 54m Wales secure the line out and the maul marches towards the Scottish try line, Wyn Jones picks and drives over - infield decision is a try but again the TMO is involved
Scotland 17-20 Wales 55m it was great work from Wyn Jones to ground the ball. Sheedy misses the conversion. Richie Gray is on for Scotland
Scotland 17-20 Wales 55m We have our first scrum since the red card, so  Graham is replaced by WP Nel. His impact is immediate as Scotland win a penalty and opt for the corner
Scotland 17-20 Wales 58m Scotland secure possession and set up the maul, the Scottish forwards opt to pick and go, building up the phases
Scotland 17-20 Wales 59m The Welsh defence holds firm as Scotland are up to 10 phases but AWJ is pinged for off-side right in front of the posts
Scotland 17-20 Wales 60m Despite being 3 points behind, they opt for the scrum, gain penalty advantage. Russell kicks through but van der Merwe is beaten by the touch line
Scotland 17-20 Wales 62m Tomas Francis is replaced by Leon Brown as the hosts opt for the scrum again. Aaron Wainwright is replaced by James Botham
Scotland 17-20 Wales 63m The scrum holds firm, before being re-set as both front rows pop up. The scrum doesn’t move but the ball is spread and Hogg gets his second try
Scotland 22-20 Wales 65m The try is good as 14 man Scotland take the lead once more
Scotland 24-20 Wales 66m A beautiful strike from Russell as he adds the extras. But Wales counter from the re-start. Sheedy kicks through for Rees-Zammit to chase...
Scotland 24-20 Wales 68m But the ball goes dead. Rory Sutherland and George Turner are replaced by David Cherry and Oli Kettle
Scotland 24-25 Wales 69m But Wales are countering, Halaholo finds a gap in midfield, offloads to Rees-Zammit who chips, gathers his kick and is over for a superb bonus point try
Scotland 24-25 Wales 70m Again, Sheedy misses the conversion. Elliot Dee replaces Owens and Will Rowlands comes on for AWJ. Huw Jones is on for Scotland
Scotland 24-25 Wales 74m Apologies...Scotland are actually still playing Wales 🙉
Scotland 24-25 Wales 75m We’re into the final 5 minutes, with Wales in possession but Hardy’s kick is gathered by Hogg, Scotland counter...
Scotland 24-25 Wales 76m Hogg finds the gap but is hauled down, but the hosts are still in possession, inside the Welsh half
Scotland 24-25 Wales 77m Price chips over but finds Rees-Zammit who boots a huge kick downfield that sees Wales playing the final minutes in the Scottish 22
Scotland 24-25 Wales 78m Scotland secure the ball as Rees-Zammit is named man of the match. Tompkins intercepts and races towards the try line but Russell wins the turn over and Scotland have a final chance from deep
Scotland 24-25 Wales 79m Scotland attack, but they’re still in their 22, back they’re going as the clock turns red...
Scotland 24-25 Wales 80m Scotland are up to 10 phases and have the advantage for a high tackle. Final throw of the dice and the ball is kicked downfield
Scotland 24-25 Wales 80m + 2 Scotland secure the ball and the maul reaches halfway. The ball finds van der Merwe but he’s brought down by an ankle tap
Scotland 24-25 Wales 80m +3 It was Owen Watkins who put in the match saving tackle as the ball is lost and then kicked dead for the end of the game as Wales secure a bonus point game away from home

Scotland v Wales FT 6Ns 2021

scotland15 STUART HOGG (C) 14 Darcy Graham 13 Chris Harris 12 James Lang 11 Duhan van der Merwe 10 Finn Russell 9 Ali Price 1 Rory Sutherland 2 George Turner 3 Zander Fagerson 4 Scott Cummings 5 Jonny Gray 6 Blade Thomson 7 Hamish Watson 8 Matt Fagerson BENCH: 16 David Cherry 17 Oli Kebble 18 WP Nel 19 Richie Gray 20 Gary Graham 21 Scott Steele 22 Jaco van der Walt 23 Huw Jones

SCORERS T: Graham, Hogg (2) C: Russell (3) P: Russell RC Zander Fagerson

wales15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 Louis Rees-Zammit 13 Owen Watkin 12 Nick Tompkins 11 Liam Williams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Gareth Davies 1 Wyn Jones 2 Ken Owens 3 Tomas Francis 4 Adam Beard 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Aaron Wainwright 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Taulupe Faletau BENCH: 16 Elliot Dee 17 Rhodri Jones 18 Leon Brown 19 Will Rowlands 20 James Botham 21 Kieran Hardy 22 Callum Sheedy 23 Uilisi Halaholo*

SCORERS T: Rees-Zammit (2), Williams, Wyn Jones C: Sheedy P: Halfpenny

Man of the Match: Louis Rees-Zammit Wales

Referee: Matthew Carley (RFU) Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère (FFR), Andrea Piardi (FIR) TMO: Karl Dickson (RFU)




IrelandIRELAND 13 - 15 FRANCEFrance Rugby

Aviva Stadium - 14 February 2021
KO: 15:00 HT: 3-10


All matches
Played: 100
Ireland won: 35
France won: 58
Drawn: 7



Ireland vs France The teams are out at the Aviva Stadium, the anthems are underway, and the officials are: Referee: Luke Pearce (RFU) Asst Referees: Wayne Barnes (RFU), Christophe Ridley (RFU) TMO: Tom Foley (RFU)
Ireland 0 - 0 France 0mins Ireland kick off proceedings in Dublin but France are quickly bolting ahead trough Cyril Baille, but aerial football ensues quickly for France to set up a lineout on halfway
Ireland 0 - 0 France 2mins The lineout is won, but soon Ireland have the first scrum after a knock on on the French 10m; it's another high ball and Gabin Villiere takes it well
Ireland 0 - 0 France 3mins Not even 4 minutes in and the aerial game is already in full force; no doubt France won't continue in this vein, whereas Ireland these days don't have too much else
Ireland 0 - 0 France 5mins Josh van der flier is in possession on the French 10m, but again the Irish struggle to make any ground, and it's another up and under, Garry Ringrose collecting outside the 22
Ireland 0 - 0 France 6mins Still Ireland can’t make any ground, and two knock ons forces a setpiece, French put in just inside their 22
Ireland 0 - 0 France 8mins It's wet out there making the ball greasy, but France have managed to shift play to the Irish 22, the homeside forced to defend with a lineout; Baille pinged for coming in from the side and Ireland can clear their lines...
Ireland 0 - 0 France 10mins Ireland lose their momentum promptly after winning a lineout by not allowing the French to play; penalty to Les Bleus and Jalibert tees up for the first attempt at he posts, but he pushes it wide
Ireland 0 - 0 France 12mins France begin their next assault from their own half, Mohamed Haouas barrelling ahead but Anthony Jelonch knocks on at the Irish 10m, giving the homeside a defensive scrum, Andrew Porter winning the penalty
Ireland 0 - 0 France 13mins Ireland lineout on the French 10m and there's a lot of green shirt gesticulation as the defensive wall of Les Bleus is temporarily impenetrable
Ireland 0 - 0 France 15mins The French strip the Irish of possession through Gaël Fickou and clear their lines, the Irish now predictably just kicking it back again, and again…
Ireland 0 - 0 France 16mins The French are kicking almost as much as the Irish, but their plan appears to have more efficiency and accuracy
Ireland 0 - 0 France 17mins However, Dulin is pinged at the breakdown and Ireland have an opportunity to take first blood on the scoreboard…
Ireland 0 - 0 France 18mins From just off centre, just inside the 10m, Billy Burns misses the posts by a country mile
Ireland 0 - 0 France 19mins The ball heads from the midfield up to the French 22, Keith Earls out on the week and they pull back , but breaching the 22 us proving difficult; however, advantage being played so the French are sent back 10 metres
Ireland 3 - 0 France 20mins The penalty comes and Burns tees up again, this time only from 25m out and directly in front of the posts; you'd have to be blind to miss that
Ireland 3 - 0 France 22mins France eventually venture back into Irish territory, and a lineout is almost good but he ref decides the ball is knocked on for an Irish scrum - a look back at the replays and there is no knock on 🙄
Ireland 3 - 0 France 23mins It's game on under the high ball and the TMO is looking at replays; Bernard le Roux is pinged for allegedly tripping James Lowe and it's off to the naught step for the French lock
Ireland 3 - 0 France 24mins Ireland switch to attack mode, Lowe hurtling toward the corner to score with Dulin and Fickou all over him. Off to TMO to check Lowe's foot which finds touch before the grounding - not try
Ireland 3 - 0 France 25mins It's a French defensive 5m lineout but an Irish knock immediately allows Les Bleus to take a moment before setting a defensive 5m scrum
Ireland 3 - 0 France 26mins The scrum has to be reset and this time Antoine Dupont clears cleanly for Ireland have to restart their attack from the midfield
Ireland 3 - 0 France 28mins France are back in their 22 quickly, defending with a lineout and again they clear the Irish away, this time sending the ball back to Gibson-Park in how own 22
Ireland 3 - 5 France 29mins France have an attacking lineout on the Irish 10m from Gibson-Park's riposte, and it's not just good for France, but it's another beautiful offload from Dupont, the ball is sent wide to Charles Ollivon who scores with some ease, leaving Rhys Ruddock in his wake 🏉
Ireland 3 - 7 France 31mins Jalibert finds it no chore to add the extras, and France are on the board with some delightful verve
Ireland 3 - 7 France 33mins It might well be France down to 14 men, but they have not suffered and have added more points despite their deficit; Ireland have not been able to take advantage as le Roux prepares to return
Ireland 3 - 7 France 35mins Ireland have momentum with them following a slightly dangerous tackle, giving the homeside a 22 lineout, but Les Bleus quickly wrestle the ball back and reverse possession
Ireland 3 - 7 France 36mins Jalibert thumps the ball away to give Les Bleus an attacking lineout just outside the 22; France lose the ball but reverse the turnover through Gregory Alldritt…
Ireland 3 - 7 France 36mins The French are all over the Irish 22; the defence is satisfactory but a penalty is gifted for Les Bleus have an attacking scrum, but not before a quick time off as the Irish management send on messages through the waterboys including Johnny Sexton
Ireland 3 - 7 France 38mins France win their scrum and their bulldoze ahead but still just outside the Irish 22; advantage brings a penalty from Cian Healy and Jalibert tees up from directly in front of the posts
Ireland 3 - 7 France 40mins Ireland take the game to France at the restart, camped on the 22 but Les Bleus win the battle of the ball at the breakdown, and with one eye on the clock, run it down until they can clear to touch for the break

Ireland v France HT 6Ns 2021Ireland 3 - 10 France HT P: Burns | T: Ollivon C: Jalibert P: Jalibert Yellow Card le Roux

Ireland 3 - 10 France 40min We have kick off of the second half and immediately Les Bleus set up an attacking lineout platform on the Irish 22...
Ireland 3 - 10 France 41mins ...but as the French are within a few cms of the whitewash, the ball doesn't get as wide as intended and bounces off Paul Willemse's forehead 🙈 The opportunity is lost...
Ireland 3 - 10 France 41mins Play is halted; Ross Byrne replaces Billy Burns as the latter is off for a Head injury Assessment. Also Cian Healy & Iain Henderson are off clashing heads, Ed Byrne & Ultan Dillane on as blood replacements
Ireland 3 - 10 France 43mins Another strong attack from the French, the Irish having to outrun their opposition to ground the ball behind the line to stop Les Bleus from crossing the whitewash again
Ireland 3 - 10 France 45mins Some utterly scrumptious play from Antoine Dupont, offloading blindly to perfection in the midfield, but Brice Dulin knocks the ball on just short of the corner
Ireland 3 - 10 France 47mins Ireland clear to halfway and it's neatly collected by Les Bleus who battle to make any ground, eventually turned over at the Irish 10m...
Ireland 3 - 10 France 49mins Ireland force the visitors all the way back to their 22, but Les Bleu are in possession, win their lineout, and the Irish have gifted a penalty for France to make some yards from a free kick
Ireland 3 - 10 France 50mins It's a 10m lineout for France, but the throw in is long and Josh van de Flier collects and forces France back into their own half again
Ireland 3 - 10 France 52mins Aerial football ensues before a missed catch from James Lowe, Gabin Villière stealing the ball and hoping to offload to Dulin, but that doesn't go to plan either
Ireland 3 - 10 France 53mins French scrum put in after Lowe knocks the ball into touch; time off while Tadhg Furlong replaces Andrew Porter, and then the French are off again...
Ireland 3 - 15 France 54mins ...and it's balletic French team play allowing Dulin to offload to Damien Penaud to skid over the whitewash to score near the corner 🏉
Ireland 3 - 15 France 55mins But there's no conversion, France following up with gifting a penalty from the restart...
Ireland 8 - 15 France 57mins Recently arrived Kelleher takes full advantage of Les Bleus taking their eye off the ball and from the lineout, the bounce favours him and he charges to score unhindered 🏉
Ireland 10 - 15 France 58mins Byrne adds the conversion while Healy and Henderson return to the paddock, all patched up
Ireland 10 - 15 France 60mins Ireland are in possession and attempting to escape their own half, but Les Bleus are all over them in fierce defence
Ireland 10 - 15 France 62mins Ireland kick away possession in frustration, not able to reach halfway; aerial football ensues, Lowe over-kicking into deadball area. France can catch their breath and clear to halfway from their own 22
Ireland 13 - 15 France 64mins A little fraught play from Les Bleus, and the Irish decide to attempt to close the gap on the scoreboard with a 44m goal kick in front of the posts - and he's right on target
Ireland 13 - 15 France 66mins France need to regroup and refocus, and there's a time off to give them time. Teddy Thomas and Uini Atonio join the affray as France have an attacking lineout, well the Irish 22...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 68mins Les Bleus fluff the opportunity, handing the Irish a 22 defending scrum which they win, but struggle to make ground, eventually forcing play over halfway...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 69mins Kick ball ensues, Lowe kicking it back to the French 10m for a lineout, but not before Jordan Larmour replaces Earls, and Ed Byrne is back on for a bloodied Healy
Ireland 13 - 15 France 70mins France win the far touch 10m lineout, and it's followed by the same on near touch, as Romain Taofifenua replaces Willemse, Les Bleus win a penalty back in Irish territory and Jalibert tees up...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 72mins ...Jalibert blows the chance to increase the lead back to a score, the ball not finding the posts at all. Dillane is back on to replace Dillane as Les Bleus go back into attack mode...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 73mins Advantage being played and the penalty comes to Les Bleus in the Irish 22, the scrum is set and the Irish will have to dig deep to stop the attack...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 75mins Will Connor who only just came on makes an immediate impact and steals possession at the French scrum; a moment to breath for Ireland
Ireland 13 - 15 France 76mins Pierre Bourgarit and Hassane Kolingar come on for Cyril Baille and Julien Marchand before the Irish defensive scrum is both set and won, still in their 22...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 77mins Ireland force play back up to halfway, Jamie Gibson-Park being forced into touch for French ball...and the visitors need to just hold on for 2 minute...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 78mins France panic, and hand over possession to Ireland outside the Irish 22 for a kick that mist find touch in the French half...and it does...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 79mins It's an Irish lineout just over halfway; they win it as the French HAVE to keep their discipline but have to keep the Irish at bay...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 80mins The ball is changing Irish hands but the wall of defence from Les Bleus is holding firm, not making any ground and pushed back into their own half...
Ireland 13 - 15 France 80+1mins ...and Les Bleus effect that final turnover to kick the ball into touch and seal a second win and top the Six Nations table at the end of Round 2

Ireland v France FT 6Ns 2021

Ireland15 Hugo Keenan 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 10 Billy Burns 9 Jamison Gibson Park 1 Cian Healy 2 Rob Herring 3 Andrew Porter 4 Tadhg Beirne 5 IAIN HENDERSON (C) 6 Rhys Ruddock 7 Josh van der Flier 8 CJ Stander BENCH: 16 Ronan Kelleher 17 Ed Byrne 18 Tadhg Furlong 19 Ultan Dillane 20 Will Connors 21 Craig Casey* 22 Ross Byrne 23 Jordan Larmour

SCORERS T: Kelleher C: Ross Byrne P: Burns

France Rugby15 Brice Dulin 14 Damian Penaud 13 Arthur Vincent 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Gabin Villière 10 Matthieu Jalibert 9 Antoine Dupont 1 Cyril Baille 2 Julien Marchand 3 Mohamed Haouas 4 Bernard Le Roux 5 Paul Willemse 6 Anthony Jelonch 7 CHARLES OLLIVON (C) 8 Grégory Alldritt BENCH: 16 Pierre Bourgarit 17 Hassane Kolingar 18 Uini Atonio 19 Romain Taofifenua 20 Dylan Cretin 21 Baptiste Serin 22 Bouthier 23 Teddy Thomas

SCORERS T: Ollivon, Penaud C: Jalibert (2) P: Jalibert Yellow Card le Roux

Man of the Match: Brice Dulin France Rugby

Referee: Luke Pearce (RFU) Asst Referees: Wayne Barnes (RFU), Christophe Ridley (RFU) TMO: Tom Foley (RFU)




NatWest 6 Nations Week 3

6Ns Italy vs Ireland 6Ns Wales vs England 6Ns France vs Scotland

italyITALY 10 - 48 IRELANDIreland

Stadio Olimpico - 27 February 2021
KO: 15:15 HT: 10-27


All matches
Played: 33
Italy won: 4
Ireland won: 29
Drawn: 0


italy15 Jacopo Trulla 14 Luca Sperandio 13 Juan Ignacio Brex 12 Carlo Canna 11 Montanna Ioane 10 Paolo Garbisi 9 Stephen Varney 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 LUCA BIGI (C) 3 Marco Riccioni 4 Marco Lazzaroni 5 David Sisi 6 Sebastian Negri 7 Johan Meyer 8 Michele Lamaro BENCH: 16 Gianmarco Lucchesi 17 Cherif Traorè 18 Giosuè Zilocchi 19 Niccolò Cannone 20 Maxime Mbandà 21 Callum Braley 22 Federico Mori 23 Mattia Bellini

SCORERS T: Meyer C: Garbisi P: Garbisi Yellow Card Zilocchi, Bigi

Ireland15 Hugo Keenan 14 Jordan Larmour 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 James Lowe 10 JONATHAN SEXTON (C) 9 Jamison Gibson Park 1 Dave Kilcoyne 2 Ronan Kelleher 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Iain Henderson 5 James Ryan 6 Tadhg Beirne 7 Will Connors 8 CJ Stander BENCH: 16 Rob Herring 17 Cian Healy 18 Andrew Porter 19 Ryan Baird* 20 Jack Conan 21 Craig Casey* 22 Billy Burns 23 Keith Earls

SCORERS T: Ringrose, Keenan, Connors (2), Stander, Earls C: Sexton (6) P: Sexton (2)

Referee: Mathieu Raynal (FFR) Asst Referees: Mike Adamson (SRU), Craig Evans (WRU) TMO: Romain Poite (FFR)




walesWALES 40 - 24 ENGLANDengland

Principality Stadium - 27 February 2021
KO: 16:45 HT: 17-14


All matches
Played: 137
Wales won: 60
England won: 65
Drawn: 12


wales15 Liam Williams 14 Louis Rees-Zammit 13 George North 12 Jonathan Davies 11 Josh Adams 10 Dan Biggar 9 Kieran Hardy 1 Wyn Jones 2 Ken Owens 3 Tomas Francis 4 Adam Beard 5 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 6 Josh Navidi 7 Justin Tipuric 8 Taulupe Faletau BENCH: 16 Elliot Dee 17 Rhodri Jones 18 Leon Brown 19 Cory Hill 20 James Botham 21 Gareth Davies 22 Callum Sheedy 23 Uilisi Halaholo

SCORERS T: Adams, Williams, Hardy, Hill C: Biggar (2), Sheedy (2) P: Biggar (1), Sheedy (3)

england15 Elliot Daly 14 Anthony Watson 13 Henry Slade 12 OWEN FARRELL (C) 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 1 Mako Vunipola 2 Jamie George 3 Kyle Sinckler 4 Maro Itoje 5 Jonny Hill 6 Mark Wilson 7 Tom Curry 8 Billy Vunipola BENCH: 16 Luke Cowan-Dickie 17 Ellis Genge 18 Will Stuart 19 Charlie Ewels 20 George Martin* 21 Ben Earl 22 Dan Robson 23 Max Malins

SCORERS T: Watson, Youngs C: Farrell P: Farrell (4)

Man of the Match: Toby Faletau Wales

Referee: Pascal Gaüzère (FFR) Asst Referees: Andrew Brace (IRFU), Frank Murphy (IRFU) TMO: Alex Ruiz (FFR)




France RugbyFRANCE P - P SCOTLANDscotland

Stade de France - 28 February 2021
KO: 16:00 HT: tbc

All matches
Played: 97
France won: 56
Scotland won: 38
Drawn: 3


Due to a positive COVID-19 test in the French player camp, the Six Nations Testing Oversight Group (TOG) have reviewed the situation and unanimously recommended postponement of the France v Scotland. This will be ratified by Six Nations Council.

Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU) Asst Referees: Matthew Carley (RFU), Andrea Piardi (FIR) TMO: Tom Foley (RFU)




NatWest 6 Nations Week 4

6Ns Italy vs Wales 6Ns England vs France 6Ns Scotland vs Ireland

italyITALY vs WALESwales

Stadio Olimpico - 13 March 2021
KO: 15:15 HT: tbc


All matches
Played: 29
Italy won: 2
Wales won: 26
Drawn: 1



Referee: Andrew Brace (IRFU) Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère (FFR), Tom Foley (RFU) TMO: Frank Murphy (IRFU)


englandENGLAND vs FRANCEFrance Rugby

Twickenham Stadium - 13 March 2021
KO: 16:45 HT: tbc


All matches
Played: 107
England won: 59
France won: 41
Drawn: 7



Referee: Jaco Peyper (SARU) Asst Referees: Mike Adamson (SRU), Craig Evans (WRU) TMO: Marius van der Westhuizen (SARU)


scotlandSCOTLAND vs IRELANDIreland

BT Murrayfield - 14 March 2021
KO: 15:00 HT: tbc


All matches
Played: 138
Scotland won: 67
Ireland won: 66
Drawn: 5
Abandoned: 1



Referee: Romain Poite (FFR) Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal (FFR), Andrea Piardi (FIR) TMO: Alex Ruiz (FFR)




NatWest 6 Nations Week 5

6Ns Scotland vs Italy 6Ns Ireland vs England 6Ns France vs Wales

scotlandSCOTLAND vs ITALYitaly

BT Murrayfield - 20 March 2021
KO: 14:15 HT: tbc


All matches
Played: 32
Scotland won: 24
Italy won: 8
Drawn: 0



Referee: Jaco Peyper (SARU) Asst Referees: Karl Dickson (RFU), Craig Evans (WRU) TMO: Marius van der Westhuizen (SARU)


IrelandIRELAND vs ENGLANDengland

Aviva Stadium - 20 March 2021
KO: 16:45 HT: tbc


All matches
Played: 137
Ireland won: 49
England won: 80
Drawn: 8



Referee: Mathieu Raynal (FFR) Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère (FFR), Alex Ruiz (FFR) TMO: Romain Poite (FFR)


France RugbyFRANCE vs WALESwales

Stade de France - 20 March 2021
KO: 21:00 HT: tbc


All matches
Played: 100
France won: 46
Wales won: 51
Drawn: 3



Referee: Luke Pearce (RFU) Asst Referees: Matthew Carley (RFU), Christophe Ridley (RFU) TMO: Wayne Barnes (RFU)




6Ns Guinness Table

6Ns Table 2021