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Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015

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Week 1

England v Fiji Tonga v Georgia Ireland v Canada South Africa v JapanFrance v Italy Samoa v USA Wales v Uruguay New Zealand v Argentina

OPENING CEREMONY RWC 2015Opening Ceremony RWC 2015

Opening Ceremony RWC 2015

Opening Ceremony RWC 2015England RugbyENGLAND 35 - 11 FIJIFiji

Twickenham - Friday, 18 September 2015
KO: 20:00 HT: 18-11 Att: 80,015



Opening Ceremony RWC 2015

Anthems done...Cibi done...we have KO imminently...
England 0-0 ‪Fiji 1m Jaco Peyper is the ref & England is in their away red kit - don't get confused!
England 0-0 ‪Fiji 2m The first scrum is England's & they win the penalty; George Ford tees up outside 22
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 3m Twickers is bathed in multicoloured glory & Fordy opens scoring for England &‪#‎RWC
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 4m England camp have been claiming they are peaking now...looks like it may be true
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 5m Swing Low is unbelievably loud as Fiji have scrum on halfway; well won...
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 6m Brad Barritt pinged at the breakdown & Ben Volavola tees up for penalty wide outside 22
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 7m Kick looks good but it pings off the upright & away so England still ahead
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 8m Anthony Watson gets under high ball & England appear to have some serious intent...
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 9m But hits are coming in hard & fast & leave England pinged for not releasing
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 10m Just short of Fiji 22 the visitors clear England away; but Nik Matawalu in trouble
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 11m England have attacking lineout but make no forward gain; lineout on opposite touchline
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 12m But time off as ref goes to TMO for Dominiko Waqaniburotu tipping Jonny May
England 3-0 ‪Fiji 12m Crowd mightily unhappy as it's just a penalty; Fordy kicks to corner for 22 lineout
England 8-0 ‪Fiji 13m Perfect setpiece work from lineout > fierce driving maul to whitewash & penalty try...
England 8-0 ‪Fiji 13m Matawalu more than offside & handed a YC for his trouble; bit too clever...
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 14m Meanwhile Fordy adds the extras to the try
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 16m Fiji attacking lineout but it's not long before England force them back into own half
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 16m Fiji pinged at breakdown & England have attacking scrum just outside 22 wide of centre
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 17m England barely get ball away from back of scrum; force wide then knock on; Fiji scrum
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 18m Strong static scrum from visitors & clear; Fiji lineout just over halfway, long & good
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 19m Fiji may have possession but there's a strong wall of red to stop them; chip thru
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 20m England regain possession & clear Fiji away from 22; time off for TMO check
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 20m Apisalome Ratuniyarawa accused of charging with no arms; clearly does...
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 20m But Fiji let off again with just a penalty & crowd is unimpressed...
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 21m England make some headway from setpiece & Watson sprints for corner but...
England 10-0 ‪Fiji 22m ...Waisea Nayacalevu hurls him into touch; Fiji defensive 5m lineout...
England 15-0 ‪Fiji 23m England turnover at breakdown & excellent hands get Mikey Brown ball enough to slip over tryline
England v Fiji Mike Brown try RWC 2015England 15-0 ‪Fiji 24m But Fordy hits first hiccough missing the conversion from almost touch
England 15-0 ‪Fiji 24m Meanwhile, Fiji are back up to a full XV & they begin another attack from restart
England 15-0 ‪Fiji 26m Some ball fumbling results in Fiji penalty but time off for Dan Cole getting checked
England 15-0 ‪Fiji 26m All's good as he stretches out shoulder & Fiji have scrum just inside own half
England 15-5 ‪Fiji 27m Matawalu redeems himself with sprint from back of scrum all the way to corner!
England 15-5 ‪Fiji 28m However, the crowd is in uproar at the replay as ball looks just short! TMO checks
England 15-5 ‪Fiji 28m Slight confusion as Matawalu in fact drops ball so doesn't ground it.
England 15-0 ‪Fiji 29m Eventually score is reversed & England have defensive 5m scrum...
England v Fiji Anthony Watson Nemani Nadolo RWC 2015England 15-0 ‪Fiji 30m England lose possession & crosskick has Watson & Nemani Nadolo under it in goal
England 15-0 ‪Fiji 30m Nadolo gets to it 1st & scores but gets referred to TMO AGAIN(!) by asst ref
England 15-5 ‪Fiji 30m Clearly no problem without the TMO interfering & try is awarded; no conversion
England 15-5 ‪Fiji 32m Restart takes England up to 22; huge hot knocks ball from hands but still ‪England
England 15-5 ‪Fiji 33m Penalty goes to England & Fordy tees up from almost in front of posts outside 22
England 18-5 ‪Fiji 34m Little respect for kicker so early on; ‪England fans attempt Swing Low to drown out
England 18-5 ‪Fiji 36m From restart the homeside wrongly adjudge move as maul; Fiji penalty...
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 37m Nadolo tees up from in front of posts & it's good; boy he's huge!
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 38m Fiji defensive scrum inside halfway & clear but mark called in 22; Fiji lineout at halfway
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 39m Fiji's setpiece is good & they are camped out on England's goal line...
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 39m England turnover ball & clear; Fiji come back & England have it again...
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 40m Chip ahead takes ball into goal & Brownie touches down promptly; back for pen
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 40+1m Neat setpiece from England & carry over halfway before Fiji off feet; penalty England
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 40+2m Fordy tees up from almost touch but it falls short amid appalling jeers & boos

England 18-8 Fiji HT T: PT, Brown C: Ford P: For (2) | T: Nadolo P: Nadolo Yellow Card Matawalu

England 18-8 ‪Fiji 41m We're back & Ratuniyarawa is replaced by Tevita Cavubati; England KO
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 42m Swing Low starts early as ‪England head up to Fiji's 22 but penalty to men in white
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 43m Fiji defensive scrum just outside their 22; needs to be reset
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 44m Fiji eventually get ball away but shut down so forced to clear...
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 45m England lineout just outside 22 & drive maul over 22 but Barritt pinged; Fiji clear
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 47m Setpiece goes awry & Fiji have ball; ‪England pinged for interference & Nadolo tees up
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 48m Discipline appears to be being tested in this half; all a tad fraught
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 49m Nadolo misses the kick from just inside halfway but in front of posts; ‪England ball...
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 50m England scrum almost on halfway & win penalty; pace has slowed considerably...
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 50m Smart pump into the 22 & England have an attacking lineout, trying to drive to tryline
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 51m Shut down so crosskick to far corner & Watson can't secure it surrounded by Fijians
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 52m Back for penalty as England had advantage but TMO wants to check high tackle
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 52m Tom Wood warned for chucking player away almost by neck; penalty reversed
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 53m Wigglesworth, Mako/Billy Vunipola & Launchbury for Ben Y, Marler, Morgan, Parling
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 55m As Fiji clear ‪England back over halfway, oddly La Marseillaise bursts round stadium!
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 56m Fiji on the attack & it takes Watson & Launchbury to force Nadolo into touch!
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 58m England defensive scrum on 10m & that works but Fiji turnover at breakdown on their 10m...
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 59m But that doesn't last & England bound into the 22 tho it's scrappy
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 60m After much picking & going, England pinged for not releasing deep in Fiji's 22
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 61m Fiji's defensive lineout is good & Nadolo is a v tricky customer, securing ball tho
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 62m Fiji penalty & While Nadolo tees up, Owen Farrell & Sam Burgess on for Ford & Barritt
England 18-8 ‪Fiji 63m Peceli Yato on for Waqaniburotu as Nadolo misses another; no score in 3rd quarter
England 18-11 ‪Fiji 64m ‪England hand over another penalty immediately in front of posts & Volavola doesn't miss
England 18-11 ‪Fiji 66m England's discipline appears to have disappeared as pinged again in attack
England 18-11 ‪Fiji 67m But ‪England attack directly & Fiji pinged for offside at breakdown so ball in Faz's court
England 21-11 ‪Fiji 68m Faz knocks over 3 points to cancel out Fiji's last 3 as Kieran Brookes on for Cole
England 21-11 ‪Fiji 70m England secure attacking lineout just over halfway but ball stolen in slow driving maul
England 21-11 ‪Fiji 72m But England aren't having it & wrestle it right back before attacking into the 22...
England 26-11 ‪Fiji 73m Brownie secures his brace despite the Flying Fijians' best defensive efforts
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 74m Faz continues to push his case for 1st choice fly half with a difficult conversion
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 75m Rob Webber for Tom Youngs & England make serious yards up to Fiji 22
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 76m Fiji have defensive scrum on 22 which works but they soon loose it forward...
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 76m Isei Colati on for Manasa Saulo in front row while ‪England have scrum outside Fiji's 22
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 77m Swing Low gets real loud as scrum is reset; England come away with it
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 79m England get within 2m before pushed back & lose possession; Fiji scrum on 22
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 79m ‪England are pushed right back to Fiji 10m before Nadolo carries ball into touch
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 80m England attacking lineout & they badly want one more score for that bonus point
England v Fiji Winners RWC 2015England 28-11 ‪Fiji 80+1m Wave on wave of attack; flying Englishman! Billy V bulldozes over but...
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 80+2m ...Ref doesn't see it so > TMO for try yes or no...
England 28-11 ‪Fiji 80+3m Replays take an age & we wait...
England 33-11 ‪Fiji 80+4m Finally TMO Shaun Veldsman's voice comes thru with 'you may award the try'
England 35-11 ‪Fiji 80+4m England's 1st bonus point in the bag along with win & Faz converts too

England v Fiji

England15 Mike Brown 14 Anthony Watson 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Brad Barritt 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Ben Youngs 8 Ben Morgan 7 CHRIS ROBSHAW (C) 6 Tom Wood 5 Geoff Parling 4 Courtney Lawes 3 Dan Cole 2 Tom Youngs 1 Joe Marler BENCH: 16 Rob Webber 17 Mako Vunipola 18 Kieran Brookes 19 Joe Launchbury 20 Billy Vunipola 21 Richard Wigglesworth 22 Owen Farrell 23 Sam Burgess

SCORERS  T: PT, Brown, Billy Vunipola C: Ford, Farrell P: Ford (2), Farrell

Fiji15 Metuisela Talebula 14 Waisea Nayacalevu 13 Vereniki Goneva 12 Gabiriele Lovobalavu 11 Nemani Nadolo 10 Ben Volavola 9 Nikola Matawalu 8 Sakiusa Masi Matadigo 7 AKAPUSI QERA (C) 6 Dominiko Waqaniburotu 5 Leone Nakarawa 4 Apisalome Ratuniyarawa 3 Manasa Saulo 2 Sunia Koto 1 Campese Ma'afu BENCH: 16 Tuapati Talemaitoga 17 Peni Ravai 18 Isei Colati 19 Tevita Cavubati 20 Peceli Yato 21 Nemia Kenatale 22 Joshua Matavesi 23 Aseli Tikoirotuma

SCORERS T: Nadolo P: Nadolo, Volavola Yellow Card Matawalu

Man of the Match: Mike Brown (England)

Referee: Jaco Peyper (SARU) Asst. Referees: John Lacey (IRFU), Stuart Berry (SARU) TMO: Shaun Veldsman (SARU)




TongaTONGA 10 - 17 GEORGIAGeorgia

Kingsholm - Saturday, 19 September 2015
KO: 12:00 HT: 3-10 Att: 14,200



‎Tonga vs ‪‎Georgia The teams are out at full house at Kingsholm & the anthems are underway...
‪‎Tonga vs ‪‎Georgia Glorious day in Gloucester today & anthems are belted out by choir
‪‎Tonga vs ‪‎Georgia Referee is Nigel Owens...but first the Sipi Tau from Tonga
‪‎Tonga vs ‪‎Georgia Oh the Sipi Tau is most excellent! So much fierce intent...
‪‎Tonga vs ‪‎Georgia Expect this encounter to be brutal! Two beast nations of rugby go head to head. KO imminent...
‪‎Tonga 0-0 ‪‎Georgia 1m Tonga KO & they start with an attacking lineout but Georgia come away with it & clear
‪‎Tonga 0-0 ‪‎Georgia 2m Ah the hits from Georgia...are there bigger men in rugby on both sides?
‪‎Tonga 0-0 ‪‎Georgia 3m Tonga secure another lineout but Georgia spoil the setpiece again; play in midfield...
‪‎Tonga 0-0 ‪‎Georgia 4m Tonga make it up to Georgia's 22 but it's Georgia clearing them back for 10m scrum
‪‎Tonga 0-0 ‪‎Georgia 5m Georgia win the scrum penalty & Merab Kvirikashvili clears to touch for lineout
‪‎Tonga 0-0 ‪‎Georgia 6m Penalties flying both ways & Tonga end up with attacking lineout but Georgia scrum...
‪‎Tonga 0-0 ‪‎Georgia 8m Ref Owens vigilant round scrums...let's home southern hemisphere refs are just the same!
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 9m Penalty to Tonga & Kurt Morath tees up for the first points - no problem
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 10m Time off for a breather & injury checks before Georgia scrum outside Tonga's 22
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 12m Georgia come away with it but can't make yards, but penalty & Kvirikashvili tees up
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 13m But it is not to be as ball goes wide & Tonga maintain narrow lead
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 15m Much aerial football occurring before Georgia try to escape their half but ball lost fwd
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 15m But Sione Kalamafoni pulled up for high tackle on Vasil Lobzhanidze; clear for Georgia lineout
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 16m Georgia give away penalty & it's Tonga possession as they head up to halfway...
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 17m Telusa Veainu gets wrist slapped for high tackle in ruck - but it wasn't him at all!
‪‎Tonga 3-0 ‪‎Georgia 18m Georgia make ground & a cross kick flies thru air; Tonga concede penalty in own half again
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 19m Kvirikashvili tees up for his 2nd attempt at uprights & this time he equalises
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 20m Actually thought Tonga would be all over this game, but 1st quarter done & it's pretty even
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 21m Tonga up to Georgia's 22 but Georgia turnover ball at crucial moment & all momentum lost
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 22m Ball kicked back to Tonga's 22 but return is knocked on giving Tonga back field position
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 23m The tackling is fiercer than American Football! Except they of course have girly padding...
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 24m But Tonga keep making mistakes in 22 & result is Georgia attacking lineout on 10m
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 25m Georgia opting for running the ball as opposed to Tonga kicking it away
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 26m Ball into touch & Tonga take quick ball & clear; Georgia defensive lineout on 22 & back to halfway
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 27m Pretty steady paced game so far; time off as Owens spies necklace on Viktor Kolelishvili
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 27m Oh good, Uncle Nige is going to look after it while the boys play so no one gets hurt(!)
‪‎Tonga 3-3 ‪‎Georgia 28m Oh my - the first score comes from Georgia from ruck deep in 22! Nige checks with TMO...
‪‎Tonga 3-8 ‪‎Georgia 28m All is good with positioning in ruck & captain Mamuka Gorgodze easily grounds ball under posts
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 29m Kvirikashvili converts with ease & Georgia make spoil Tonga's party today...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 30m Half hr in & feels like Georgia has been dominant all round but possession/territory even
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 31m Georgian lineout results in Tonga getting go forward ball but handling skills are questionable
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 31m Tonga hand over possession again but time off for Will Helu down...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 31m Funny man Nige has word with Davit Zirakashvili "How many times have I ref'd you?!"
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 34m Scrum gives Georgia a lineout but it's Tonga who end up with attacking scrum on 10m
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 35m Retain ball but every which way there's a wall of black slowing them up...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 37m It's like swimming thru mud to just get up to 22 for Tonga & Georgia knock on; time off
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 38m Gorgodze being checked for high tackle in ruck...oh this is taking an age
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 38m Well, Gorgodze gets away with it as TMO looking at next phase & Nige isn't having it...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 38m Nige decides Tongan tackle isn't round neck & play on; wakey wakey TMO Sir!
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 39m Scrum's good & Georgia concede penalty; 3 points on offer but Tonga goes for corner...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 39m lineout uncontested by Georgia to their detriment as Tonga fly over TRYLINE to score...but...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 39m Nige pulls it back to check for a slight forward pass - v slight - no try & scrum V
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 40m Penalty to Georgia who pump ball in to touch for HT

‎Tonga 3-10 ‎Georgia HT P: Morath | T: Gorgodze C: Kvirikashvili P: Kvirikashvili

‪‎Tonga v GeorgiaTonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 41m 2nd half underway & my spelling ability is being hugely challenged today!!!
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 41m Tonga lineout on halfway and they don't lose it again... but don't expect any nimble-footed rugby
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 42m Tonga lose momentum & end up with defensive lineout way back in own half...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 43m Time off before Georgian attacking scrum is set...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 44m There's no messing in the scrum with Nige; strong work from Georgia but bundled into touch
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 44m From lineout Georgia are still with ball in hand & up to 22 but sharp turnover from Tonga
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 46m But Tonga can't make anything of it - don't clear - Georgia attacking scrum on 22...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 47m Tonga again take possession but finding it so hard to make headway & keep dropping ball
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 48m Tonga have 8 handling errors to Georgia's 6, but seems like more; Georgia scrum...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 50m Georgia penalty on 10m & their opting for points as Kvirikashvili tees up in front of posts
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 51m But he pulls it just wide of the upright; aerial football ensues...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 52m Time off for T-Pole, Taumalolo & Ngauamo on for Lokotui, Mailau & Taione
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 53m Georgia continue to take advantage of Tonga's shortcomings; attacking lineout by halfway...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 54m Georgia attacking well but Davit Kacharava turned over quite proficiently
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 55m Yet another time off as various types faff around; Tonga defensive scrum outside 22
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 56m Doesn't got to Tonga's plan &‪‎GEO are suddenly attacking deep into the Tonga 22...
‪‎Tonga 3-10 ‪‎Georgia 56m I take it back about nimble rugby - what a break from Georgia & tho shut down...
‪‎Tonga 3-15 ‪‎Georgia 57m Giorgi Tkhilaishvili picks and charges directly to the whitewash to score - impressive
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 58m Kvirikashvili adds extras & Georgia are bounding ahead definitely upsetting Tonga's plans
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 60m The shock to the system seems to have woken Tonga up as they attack admirably...
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 61m Asieshvili, Mamukashvili & Chilachava for Nariashvili, Bregvadze & Zirakashvili
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 63m Tonga are pounding into Georgian defence with advantage being played in the‪‎GEO 22...
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 64m Back for penalty & Tonga know 3 points is not an option...kick to corner for 5m lineout
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 64m Time off for change: Datunashvili for Mikautadze
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 65m Siale Piutau thinks he's scored under posts as ball flies into goal area but TMO time...
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 65m Piutau clearly has no control of grounding tho does head butt it into ground! No try.
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 66m Right decision. Puafisi for 'Aulika and Sutiashvili for Tkhilaishvili
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 67m Nige has warning words with‪‎GEO captain threatening YCs for indiscipline...
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 67m Georgia continue to heap on pressure & Tonga buckle under it; Georgia defensive 5m scrum
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 68m Good work from Georgia as they clear Tonga back towards 10m; lineout is good for them too
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 69m Tonga turnover at breakdown & win Penalty for Georgia off feet on 10m...
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 69m Tonga set up lineout in Georgia's 22 and desperately need to make something of position
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 70m 10 minutes to go & Tonga still with ball in hand in 22 but defence is almost unbreakable
‪‎Tonga 3-17 ‪‎Georgia 71m 17 phases in & Tonga have advantage too...
‪‎Tonga 8-17 ‪‎Georgia 72m Finally the hard work pays off & Fetu'u Vainikolo scores his 15th try for Tonga!
‪‎Tonga 8-17 ‪‎Georgia 73m Before the conversion, Nige goes to pocket to card Kvirikashvili for repeated offside
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 74m Morath converts & Tonga advantage of man up for remainder of game...converted try needed
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 75m Georgia reply with securing an attacking scrum on Tonga's 10m & win penalty...
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 76m Smartly thy opt for the points to escape threat of draw but there's no Kvirikashvili
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 77m Lasha Malaghuradze can't find his target so Georgia must keep possession for last 3 mins
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 78m Georgia manage to keep play in Tonga for a while but then they escape over halfway
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 79m Penalty to Tonga & time off for Nige to have a word with Georgians again & injury check
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 79m Tonga attacking lineout as Begadze replaces youngest ‪‎RWC player Lobzhanidze at scrum half
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 80m Tonga throw wonky; Georgia now need to see out last minute without cock ups as in 22
‪‎Tonga 10-17 ‪‎Georgia 80+1m Last play for Georgia & they belt it into touch for the 1st ever win for the nation!

Tonga v Georgia

Tonga15 Vunga Lilo 14 Telusa Veainu 13 Will Helu 12 Siale Piutau 11 Fetu'u Vainikolo 10 Kurt Morath 9 Tane Takulua 8 Viliami Ma'afu 7 NILI LATU (C) 6 Sione Kalamafoni 5 Steve Mafi 4 Lua Lokotui 3 Halani Aulika 2 Elvis Taione 1 Tevita Mailau BENCH: 16 Paul Ngauamo 17 Sona Taumalolo 18 Sila Puafisi 19 Hale T Pole 20 Jack Ram 21 Samisoni Fisilau 22 Latiume Fosita 23 Sione Piukala

SCORERS T: Vainikolo C: Morath P: Morath

Georgia15 Merab Kvirikashvili 14 Tamaz Mchedlidze 13 Davit Kacharava 12 Merab Sharikadze 11 Giorgi Aptsiauri 10 Lasha Malaghuradze 9 Vasil Lobzhanidze 8 MAMUKA GORGODZE (C) 7 Viktor Kolelishvili 6 Giorgi Tkhilaishvili 5 Giorgi Nemsadze 4 Konstantin Mikautadze 3 Davit Zirakashvili 2 Jaba Bregvadze 1 Mikheil Nariashvili BENCH: 16 Shalva Mamukashvili 17 Kakha Asieshvili 18 Levan Chilachava 19 Levan Datunashvili 20 Shalva Sutiashvili 21 Giorgi Begadze 22 Giorgi Pruidze 23 Muraz Giorgadze

SCORERS T: Gorgodze, Tkhilaishvili C: Kvirikashvili (2) P: Kvirikashvili Yellow Card Kvirikashvili

Referee: Nigel Owens (WRU) Asst. Referees: Chris Pollock (NZR), Leighton Hodges (WRU) TMO: George Ayoub (ARU)




IrelandIRELAND 50-7 CANADACanada

Millennium Stadium - Saturday, 19 September 2015
KO: 14:30 HT: 29-0 Att: 68,523



Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 0m Ref Glen Jackson blows his whistle and Ireland kick us off 
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 1m Ireland forced to kick due to Canadian defence.   ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 2m Scrum on the Irish 10m from a Canada knock on  ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 2m Murray on the attack, finding space past 3 Canadian defenders ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 3m Chance for Fitzgerald to break but kept back by some strong defence ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 4m Cross kick from Ireland missed touch, gathered by DTH Van der Mewe ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 4m DTH clears to touch, following play results in Canadian knock on ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 5m Nathan Hirayama making some good yards but Ireland get a turn over ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 5m Irish lineout on the 10m is completely missed and results in Canada lineout
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 7m Canada penalty on half way and he’s going for the posts  ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 8m Gordon McRorie taking the kick from 50m under the roof in Cardiff ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 8m Good attempt but just short.   ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 9m Sexton clears from ruck, high & not great. Irish keep possession ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 10m lineout to Canada just inside their own 22, not straight. Scrum Ireland ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 11m Ireland looking dangerous on 5m line. Can Canada hold strong?  ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 12m Sexton kicks cross field as an advantage is awarded to Ireland ‪
Ireland 0-0 ‪Canada 13m Didn't go to plan so we are back for the penalty in front of the posts ‪
Ireland 3-0 ‪Canada 12m Sexton makes the penalty with ease, first blood to the Irish  
Ireland 3-0 ‪Canada 14m Murray kicks from his own 22 to the Canadian 10m  
Ireland 3-0 ‪Canada 15m Dave Kearney makes a break to the delight of the crowd. Tackled by DTH ‪
Ireland 3-0 ‪Canada 15m Ireland awarded a pen, tap & go but Canada were wise to it ‪
Ireland 3-0 ‪Canada 16m Murray almost over the whitewash but 2 Canadians all over it ‪
Ireland 3-0 ‪Canada 16m Hands in the ruck, Canada pinged and a yellow card given to Cudmore ‪
Ireland 8-0 ‪Canada 18m Sean O'Brian drives straight over the try line following that pen ‪
Ireland 10-0 ‪Canada 19m Sexton makes the conversion look easy.   ‪
Ireland 10-0 ‪Canada 19m Murray's kick taken beautifully by Jared Payne  
Ireland 10-0 ‪Canada 20m Tackle by Blevins but pinged for slapping the ball out of hands.  ‪
Ireland 10-0 ‪Canada 21m Scrum to Ireland just inside the Canadian half.   ‪
Ireland 10-0 ‪Canada 22m Strong scrum from both sides, Ireland on the charge now ‪
Ireland 10-0 ‪Canada 23m Off to the TMO as the Irish go over the line but Canada claiming it is held up ‪
Ireland 10-0 ‪Canada 23m Sorry, no TMO, Jackson makes the decision himself; held up, scrum 5 ‪
Ireland 10-0 ‪Canada 24m Scrum to Ireland, another strong one, pushing towards the line ‪
Ireland 15-0 ‪Canada 24m Iain Henderson pushes over the line and the try is given this time. ‪
Ireland 17-0 ‪Canada 25m Sexton makes the easy conversion. Canada in a little trouble here. ‪
Ireland 17-0 ‪Canada 26m Paul O'Connell sets off trying to gain some distance, passed out to Payne ‪
Ireland 17-0 ‪Canada 26m Sexton makes a fantastic kick, makes touch at the 5m line.  ‪
Ireland 17-0 ‪Canada 28m Scores are coming faster than I can type here. Sexton makes a great break & is over  ‪
Ireland 22-0 ‪Canada 28m This time it has gone to the TMO and it is awarded  
Ireland 22-0 ‪Canada 28m Slightly tougher conversion this time and Sexton misses it.  ‪
Ireland 22-0 ‪Canada 31m Scrum to Canada following a forward pass from Ireland ‪
Ireland 22-0 ‪Canada 31m Hirayama makes some great ground for Canada but ball lost ‪
Ireland 22-0 ‪Canada 32m Great cross kick from Ireland but the clearance is charged down by DTH ‪
Ireland 22-0 ‪Canada 33m lineout given as DTH cleared to touch, driving maul results followed by nice clearance  ‪
Ireland 22-0 ‪Canada 34m Cudmore is back on & instantly spoken to for being offside.  ‪
Ireland 27-0 ‪Canada 34m Dave Kearney makes a wonderful break and is over for the 4th try of the game ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 36m Sexton makes the conversion (again) just before HT  
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 37m The restart results in a knock on by Canada followed by an Irish one. Scrum Ireland ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 38m DTH makes a bit of a break, just inside the Irish half but lost in next phase ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 39m Lineout to Canada following a rare mistake from the Irish ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 40m DTH makes a break, space for Canada here, possible high tackle but play continues  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 40m Ireland offside, penalty to Canada taken quickly by Barkwill.  
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 40+1m DTH goes over the line but we are back to the TMO for a decision, possible knock on  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 40+1m Forward pass so no try for Canada as HT is called

Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada HT T: O'Brien, Henderson, Sexton, Dave Kearney C: Sexton (3) P: Sexton |Yellow Card Cudmore ‪

Ireland v CanadaIreland 29-0 ‪Canada Teams running back out for the second half.   ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 40m Hirayama kicks us off, taken cleanly by POC  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 41m Canada on the attack, Hirayama makes the break, passed to DTH but blocked by POC  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 41m POC carded for his interference, 10 mins in the bin  
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 42m Canada right on the try line but Irish defence is just too strong ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 43m Canada kicked across field but there was just too much on it & it goes dead ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 44m DTH bundled into touch but ball remained in play, eventually a Canada lineout given  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 45m Scrum to Ireland following a forward pass by Underwood.  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 46m Lots of scrappy play by both Ireland & Canada in the last few minutes ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 47m Jebb Sinclair comes on Gilmour whilst Buydens is replaced by Djustice Sears-Duru  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 48m lineout to Ireland, taken cleanly at the back, resulting maul pushed slowly forwards ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 51m Ireland being told to use the ball after a bit of very scrappy play from both sides ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 52m Clearing kick makes excellent ground and hits touch just outside 5m for lineout ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 53m Ireland really pushing for a 5th try here. So close but bundled to touch ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 53m Matt Evans replaced by Liam Underwood whilst Sexton replaced by Ian Madigan  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 54m Irish fumble the ball and give away a scrum which hands Canada possession ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 56m Heaslip makes a great break from half way gaining at least 15m ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 57m Ball eventually goes to touch and a short lineout is very nearly stolen by Ireland ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 57m Clearance kick from Canada only goes as far as the 10m line so Ireland back on attack  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 58m The Irish fans who have filled the stadium have confidence, a Mexican wave started   ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 59m lineout Canada on half way as mass changes in Irish front row are made ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 60m McGrath, Best & Ross replaced by Healy, Cronin & White ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 61m Canada making great ground, inside Ireland 22 and still attacking  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 62m Canada offside as a kick across field sets up what would have been a great try ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 63m Barkwill has been replaced by Benoit Piffero  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 63m Ireland awarded a penalty on their own 5m kicked to touch at 10m line. Healy to take lineout  ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 64m Another Ireland penalty kicked to touch as Murray is replaced by Eoin Reddan ‪
Ireland 29-0 ‪Canada 65m As the lineout is taken Wooldridge is replaced by Andrew Tiedmann ‪
Ireland 34-0 ‪Canada 66m Cronin pushes over the line following a great bit of play by the Irish ‪
Ireland 36-0 ‪Canada 67m Madigan slots over the conversion. Not looking good for Canada ‪
Ireland 36-5 ‪Canada 68m DTH intercepts and rushes towards the line for a try  
Ireland 36-7 ‪Canada 69m The conversion is good. Finally Canada have some points on the board ‪
Ireland 36-7 ‪Canada 70m Ireland offside at the ruck, resulting penalty kicked to touch at Irish 22 ‪
Ireland 36-7 ‪Canada 70m Another break by Canada, this time by Phil Mack who has replaced McRorie 
Ireland 36-7 ‪Canada 72m Ireland turn it over and make a fantastic break towards the line ‪
Ireland 41-7 ‪Canada 72m Rob Kearney gets the try. Fantastic stuff from Ireland there ‪
Ireland 43-7 ‪Canada 72m Madigan gets the conversion.   ‪
Ireland 43-7 ‪Canada 75m Another break by Ireland, they are back inside the Canada 22...  ‪
Ireland 50-7 ‪Canada 75m Payne makes the run & is over the white wash. Conversion is good as well ‪
Ireland 50-7 ‪Canada 77m So Ireland hit the half century  ‪
Ireland 50-7 ‪Canada 78m Penalty Canada which is kicked to touch just outside the Irish 10m ‪
Ireland 50-7 ‪Canada 80m A scrum to Ireland just inside their own half, results in a charge for the line ‪
Ireland 50-7 ‪Canada 80m Not happy with 50 points, Ireland want at least 5 more here ‪
Ireland 50-7 ‪Canada 80+1m It looks like they got their wish but a quick TMO check to make sure ‪
Ireland 50-7 ‪Canada 80+3m No try. Ball dropped just before the line. Scrum 5 given despite the clock

Ireland 50-7 ‪Canada 80+3m That is it. Ball gone to touch. Ireland win their first game of this World Cup

Ireland v Canada

Ireland15 Rob Kearney 14 Dave Kearney 13 Jared Payne 12 Luke Fitzgerald 11 Keith Earls 10 Jonathan Sexton 9 Conor Murray 8 Jamie Heaslip 7 Sean O'Brien 6 Peter O'Mahony 5 PAUL O'CONNELL (C) 4 Iain Henderson 3 Mike Ross 2 Rory Best 1 Jack McGrath BENCH: 16 Sean Cronin 17 Cian Healy 18 Nathan White 19 Donnacha Ryan 20 Chris Henry 21 Eoin Reddan 22 Ian Madigan 23 Simon Zebo

SCORERS T: O'Brien, Henderson, Sexton, Dave Kearney, Cronin, Rob Kearney, Payne C: Sexton (3), Madigan P: Sexton Yellow Card O'Connell

Canada15 Matt Evans 14 Jeff Hassler 13 Ciaran Hearn 12 Nick Blevins 11 DTH Van der Merwe 10 Nathan Hirayama 9 Gordon McRorie 8 Aaron Carpenter 7 John Moonlight 6 Kyle Gilmour 5 JAMIE CUDMORE (C) 4 Brett Beukeboom 3 Doug Wooldridge 2 Ray Barkwill 1 Hubert Buydens BENCH: 16 Benoit Piffero 17 Djustice Sears-Duru 18 Andrew Tiedemann 19 Jebb Sinclair 20 Richard Thorpe 21 Phil Mack 22 Liam Underwood Conor Trainor

SCORERS T: Van Der Merwe C: Hirayama Yellow Card Cudmore

Referee: Glen Jackson (NZR) Asst. Referees: Pascal Gaüzère (FFR), Mike Fraser (NZR) TMO: Ben Skeen (NZR)




South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA 32 - 34 JAPANJapan

Brighton Community Stadium - Saturday, 19 September 2015
KO: 16:45 HT: 12-10 Att: 29,290



Boks v Japan Anthems are underway in Brighton just before Pool B kick off their ‪RWC campaign...
Boks v Japan Apologies for the monumental delay - the RWC media rooms are incapable of providing basic typing functions on computers after no t being allowed in for 20 minutes              
Boks v Japan The face that is the RWC media centre has finally given us access to the match!      
Boks 0-3 Japan 10m Japan has already upset the apple cart & scored the first points against the Boks!    
Boks 0-3 Japan 11m That was at 7 mins, & another already attempted but Ayumu Goromaru missed it this time
Boks 0-3 Japan 13m Japan are on the attack again and are into the Boks 22...but turnover            
Boks 0-3 Japan 14m 5 turnovers so far & Boks are looking frantic & in a right pickle           
Boks 0-3 Japan 15m Heyneke Meyer looking decided fidgety as Jérôme Garcès blows whistle for another penalty           
Boks 0-3 Japan 16m Boks  appear to finding some shape as they're finally in attack up to Japan 22
Boks 0-3 Japan 17m But Boks being overly clever tho get away with it retaining possession; penalty Boks...          
Boks 0-3 Japan 17m Halt in proceedings for TMO check - but it's futile as Graham Hughes says it's nothing            
Boks 0-3 Japan 18m We really don't need this knee-jerk jumping to TMO every nano-second!   
Boks 5-3 Japan 18m Boks have definitely got it together & with patience & intent, Francois Louw finds tryline     
Boks 7-3 Japan 19m Pat Lambie tees up from just outside the 22 off centre & he is bang on target.
Boks 7-3 Japan 20m Japan save themselves from another Bok onslaught & Goromaru clears 40yds out of 22       
Boks 7-3 Japan 21m But how Japan are going to keep out Boks  for another 60 minutes is a mystery
Boks 7-3 Japan 22m Bok nerves all settled & they're camped out deep in the 22 & close to scoring....
Boks 7-3 Japan 23m ...but just as they are close enough Bismarck du Plessis monumentally knocks it forward!    
Boks 7-3 Japan 24m TMO confirms Jannie du Plessis didn't get it down before bru Bismarck knock on behind tryline        
Boks 7-3 Japan 24m Japan have defensive 5m scrum & this will be interesting...
Boks 7-3 Japan 24m All the more so since Japan get the penalty as Bok front row is pinged...       
Boks 7-3 Japan 26m Boks come back at Japan & concede another penalty - Japan attacking scrum just over halfway        
Boks 7-3 Japan 27m Japan have come an awfully long way since 2011 & retain ball against No2 team in world      
Boks 7-3 Japan 27m Japan advantage & penalty coming...and it does at halfway
Boks 7-3 Japan 28m Kick is out of Goromaru's range so kicks to corner for lineout & what a one it is...
Boks 7-3 Japan 29m lineout is good & maul forms enough for Hendrik Tui to get over tryline & lie on it - but TMO              
Boks 7-3 Japan 29m Garces defers to Hughes to check grounding & positioning in maul; many angles seen           
Boks 7-3 Japan 29m Hawkeye put to its full strength with split screens - ball short of line but penalty Japan          
Boks 7-3 Japan 30m Kick to corner again for lineout & Shota Horie throws in well; a huge drive & they're over tryline       
Boks 7-8 Japan 31m It's a try for captain Michael Leitch & well deserved too. Goromaru converts for the lead!    
Boks 7-10 Japan 31m Well well...who'd have thunk it?! Coach Eddie Jones has done a stellar job with Japan         
Boks 7-10 Japan 32m Boks looking mightily unsettled & Meyer can't even sit down to watch in coach's box!         
Boks 12-10 Japan 33nm Boks  nerves calmed at restart & a massive driving maul puts Bismarck dP over for score               
Boks 12-10 Japan 34m Lambie missing the conversion actually shows they're still rattled tho        
Boks 12-10 Japan 36m Boks on the attack again & hoping for another score before HT to stamp their mark           
Boks 12-10 Japan 37m Japan almost turnover & force Boks back up to 10m; ball flies loose but saved by Boks      
Boks 12-10 Japan 37m But at next breakdown Japan do affect the turnover & clear ball into Bok 22
Boks 12-10 Japan 38m It's thumped straight back & from lineout Japan have defensive the scrum on 22
Boks 12-10 Japan 39m Meyer looks sick to his stomach as nervously stands in corner of coach's box; Bok lineout               
Boks 12-10 Japan 40m lineout is not a problem & the Boks are into the Japanese 22 but pick & go...
Boks 12-10 Japan 40+1m Boks not making any gains forward as the Cherry Blossoms line up strongly
Boks 12-10 Japan 40+2m Just as it looks likely, Japan turnover ball & thump ball into touch for HT

Boks 12-10 Japan HT T: Louw, Bismarck du Plessis C: Lambie | T: Leitch C: Goromaru P: Goromaru

Springboks v Japan HT RWC 2015Boks 12-10 Japan 41m And we're back for 2nd half...what a super match so far...David v Goliath comes to mind!               
Boks 12-10 Japan 42m Boks begin with errors immediately & ship a quick penalty in kickable distance... 
Boks 12-13 Japan 43m Goromaru is perfectly on target and takes the lead for a 2nd time *notinthescript*           
Boks 17-13 Japan 44m But in age old fashion, Ruan Pienaar ships ball out to Lood de Jager who bounds to tryline              
Boks 19-13 Japan 45m Lambie adds extras & Boks worldwide breathe a sigh of relief at the work of the lock        
Boks 19-13 Japan 46m Amanaki Mafi replaces Tui & he makes an immediate impact off the bench
Boks 19-13 Japan 47m Japan are just outside the Bok 22 but crossing the gainline is proving hard               
Boks 19-13 Japan 48m Another penalty gifted by Boks & Goromaru tees up yet again... 
Boks 19-16 Japan 49m He again is on target &‪#‎JPN creep closer to the Bok scoreline...   
Boks 19-16 Japan 49m Boks attack up to Japan's 22 & dummy fails; Japan turnover as ball flies from Jannie's hand             
Boks 19-16 Japan 51m Ball thumped way back & Boks lineout; Garces has word with Matfield who doesn't like it               
Boks 19-16 Japan 51m Boks pinged again &‪#‎JPN attacking scrum on 10m              
Boks 19-16 Japan 52m Japan find holes to slip thru & are just outside 22 when Boks pinged in front of posts        
Boks 19-16 Japan 53m Crowd are all behind Japan as replay shows Schalk Burger with arm firmly round neck       
Boks 19-19 Japan 54m It's a penalty to Japan & Goromaru equalises, punishing the Boks for 8th penalty
Boks 19-19 Japan 55m Never thought this would be the match of the weekend...but is so far!   
Boks 19-19 Japan 56m Yamashita & Makabe on for Hitoshi Ono & Hatakeyama   
Boks 19-19 Japan 56m Oosthuizen, Strauss & Nyakane on for the du Plessis' & the Beast               
Boks 22-19 Japan 57m Japan concede penalty & Lambie takes lead again with kick...        
Boks 22-19 Japan 59m Kolisi, du Preez & Pollard on for du Toit, Pienaar & Lambie | Inagaki for Mikami    
Boks 22-22 Japan 60m Meanwhile, Boks ship ANOTHER penalty & Goromaru bangs thru the equaliser    
Boks 22-22 Japan 62m Jeez the pace of this game - & the fitness of the Cherry Blossoms! Phew!               
Boks 27-22 Japan 63m The Boks aren't taking this lying down...& Strauss outsteps & bulldozes over whitewash  
Boks 29-22 Japan 64m Pollard adds the extras...cue another collective Bok sigh worldwide!         
Boks 29-22 Japan 65m The Boks are deep in Japan's 22 now & have 5m lineout for imminent attack...
Boks 29-22 Japan 66m But they fluff it! Japan now have the defensive lineout... time off for changes
Boks 29-22 Japan 67m Possession changes hands repeatedly in Japanese 22 before Japan get it away
Boks 29-27 Japan 69m Excellent setpiece work from Japan & from lineout Goromaru flies over the tryline to score!         
Boks 29-29 Japan 70m A massive massive kick from Goromaru required now...& OMG he does it! What a game!               
Boks 29-29 Japan 71m If USA, Samoa or Scotland thought they may have an easy ride...thing again!
Boks 29-29 Japan 71m Etzebeth & Pietersen for de Jager & Mvovo | Kizu for Horie          
Boks 29-29 Japan 72m Boks are all over Japan's 22 & are awfully close to tryline with advantage...
Boks 29-29 Japan 73m Ref brings it back for penalty; crowd booing & jeering at decision(!) Tis correct tho             
Boks 32-29 Japan 73m Pollard tees up & adds the 3 points to create a chink of Bok light...              
Boks 32-29 Japan 74m Japan now have 6 minutes to reply if they are to make history... 
Boks 32-29 Japan 75m & the Cherry Blossoms are not holding back heading up to Bok 22 but knock on from Leitch           
Boks 32-29 Japan 75m Japan have made 120 tackles to Boks  64...again proving fitness is imperative in WCs          
Boks 32-29 Japan 76m It's a Bok defensive scrum...& of course they are taking their time to run clock down         
Boks 32-29 Japan 77m Ball out to Pollard who kicks it high tho not that long; Japan attack back over halfway         
Boks 32-29 Japan 77m Japan's discipline has been impressive; Boks cannot afford to gift another penalty              
Boks 32-29 Japan 78m Crowd entirely behind‪#‎JPN drowning out any Boks  fans as Cherry Blossoms attack...       
Boks 32-29 Japan 79m Japan are just a couple of metres short of Bok tryline...& they're right on it...
Boks 32-29 Japan 79m Coenie Oosthuizen is sent off to bin as Japan have 5m lineout from kick to corner...           
Boks 32-29 Japan 79m The entire stadium is on feet behind Japan as they secure ball & they drive over tryline! 
Boks 32-29 Japan 80m Japan is chanted round stadium as Garces goes to TMO for try yes or no...             
Boks 32-29 Japan 80m Heaps of bodies are over the ball over the whitewash - TMO Hughes has a hard job          
Boks 32-29 Japan 80m The ball, sadly, is nowhere to be seen! Scrum V Japan ball but crowd are upset...
Boks 32-29 Japan 80m Nothing has ever been bigger for the Cherry Blossoms as this scrum...time's back on        
Boks 32-29 Japan 80+1m Scrum sets, is played & penalty to Japan for Boks offside...       
Boks 32-29 Japan 80+1m Japan could take 3 to equalise but they opt for another scrum. Excuse French...OMFG!              
Boks 32-29 Japan 80+2m Bok front row pinged for coming up; scrum reset...       
Boks 32-29 Japan 80+3m The nerves of the Japanese & the rugby world are SO on edge right now...
Boks 32-29 Japan 80+3m Scrum collapses & there's reset to come! Boks will throw kitchen sink in with only 14    
Boks 32-29 Japan 80+4m Ball's out & Japan forced to recycle...& the Press Room at Twickenham erupts!!!            
Boks 32-34 Japan 80+4m Karne Hesketh is hero of nation as he scores damning try against the mighty Boks!!!    
Boks 32-34 Japan 80+5m And there's still a conversion to come!!!Springboks v Japan FT RWC 2015         
Boks 32-34 Japan FT Unbelievable scenes from Brighton as Japan monumentally beat Boks! Who cares for a conversion     
Boks 32-34 Japan FT Possibly the biggest upset in World Cup history! Chapeau @JRFURugby!

South Africa15 Zane Kirchner 14 Bryan Habana 13 Jesse Kriel 12 JEAN DE VILLIERS (C) 11 Lwazi Mvovo 10 Pat Lambie 9 Ruan Pienaar 8 Schalk Burger 7 Willem Alberts 6 Francois Louw 5 Victor Matfield 4 Lood de Jager 3 Jannie du Plessis 2 Bismarck du Plessis 1 Tendai Mtawarira BENCH: 16 Adriaan Strauss 17 Trevor Nyakane 18 Coenie Oosthuizen 19 Pieter-Steph du Toit 20 Siya Kolisi 21 Fourie du Preez 22 Handré Pollard 23 JP Pietersen

SCORERS T: Louw, Bismarck du Plessis, de Jager, Jager C: Lambie (2), Pollard P: Lambie, Pollard Yellow Card Oosthuizen

Japan15 Ayumu Goromaru 14 Akihito Yamada 13 Male Sau 12 Craig Wing 11 Kotaro Matsushima 10 Kosei Ono 9 Fumiaki Tanaka 8 Hendrik Tui 7 Michael Broadhurst 6 MICHAEL LEITCH (C) 5 Hitoshi Ono 4 Luke Thompson 3 Kensuke Hatakeyama 2 Shota Horie 1 Masataka Mikami BENCH: 16 Takeshi Kazu 17 Keita Inagaki 18 Hiroshi Yamashita 19 Shinya Makabe 20 Amanaki Mafi 21 Atsushi Hiwasa 22 Harumichi Tatekawa 23 Karne Hesketh

SCORERS T: Leitch, Goromaru, Hesketh C: Goromaru (2) P: Goromaru (5)

Referee: Jérôme Garcès (FFR) Asst. Referees: JP Doyle (RFU), Federico Anselmi (UAR) TMO: Graham Hughes (RFU)




FranceFRANCE 32 - 10 ITALYItaly

Twickenham - Saturday, 19 September 2015
KO: 20:00 HT: 15-3 Att: 76,232



‪‎France v ‪‎Italy It's anthem time at Twickenham & La Marseillaise is fierce & deafening!
‪‎France v Italy Anthems RWC 2015France v ‪‎Italy The Italian anthem...not so loud but all good...KO imminent with Craig Joubert(!) with whistle
‪‎France 0-0 ‪‎Italy 1m Italy in blue & France in red; Tommy Allan kicks off; both sides pinged straight away
‪‎France 0-0 ‪‎Italy 2m France have attacking lineout on 10m & take it cleanly & drive but then stopped...
‪‎France 0-0 ‪‎Italy 3m Accidental offside by France so Italy takes defensive scrum just inside 10m
‪‎France 0-0 ‪‎Italy 4m Italy lose the scrum & Freddie Michalak tees up just off centre just inside 10m
‪‎France 0-0 ‪‎Italy 4m Kick looked good but it rebounds of left upright & off... Italy clear to 10m
‪‎France 0-0 ‪‎Italy 5m Geldenhuys pinged for not rolling away & after whistle they kick it away so another 10m back 
‪‎France 3-0 ‪‎Italy 7m This time an easy 3 points for Michalak; Allan restarts & France run it rather than kick it
‪‎France 3-0 ‪‎Italy 8m Italy lineout on French 10m; it's clean but then pinged for not releasing at breakdown
‪‎France 3-0 ‪‎Italy 9m Andrea Masi getting treatment as France clear for 22 lineout... 
‪‎France 3-0 ‪‎Italy 10m The French recycle repeatedly as they are in touching distance of tryline; forced wide & ...
‪‎France 3-0 ‪‎Italy 11m Louis Picamoles offloads to Noa Nakaitaci who grounds in corner but TMO to check forward pass 
‪‎France 8-0 ‪‎Italy 11m Offload is back so try is awarded...however, there's more controversy!
‪‎France 3-0 ‪‎Italy 11m TMO checks grounding after try given & Nakaitaci has no control! No try...but penalty.
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 11m Michalak kicks over 3 points; meanwhile Masi stretchered off & Enrico Bacchin on
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 13m Italy reply with a positive drive into French 22 & are trying to break the wall of red...
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 13m Penalty shipped from Les Bleus but captain Leonardo Ghiraldini down; time off
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 14m Allan is 23m just outside the 22 off centre but he pulls it far wide & misses
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 16m France clear Italy back to halfway with Scott Spedding kick; Italy lineout long but obstruction
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 17m Italy clear from 22 lineout & that's better; into 22 but Les Bleus force them back & win penalty 
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 18m Clear from Les Bleus gives them lineout halfway inside Italian half - up to 22 & go out wide...
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 19m Mathieu Bastareaud definitely doing bulldozer thing but Alexandre Dumoulin knock on; Italy scrum 
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 20m Scrum reset on the 22 and the penalty goes to France as Azzurri front row collapses
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 21m Michalak teeing up just outside 22 just in from touch...but it bounces off upright again!
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 22m But an Italian knock on gives Les Bleus an attacking scrum on the 22...
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 23m Les Bleus pinged for wheeling scrum & the Azzurri clear for 10m lineout taken but not cleanly 
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 23m France warned for repeated offside & Italy penalty as had advantage
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 24m The Azzurri drive up to the French 22 but get turned over & Sébastien Tillous-Borde offloads
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 25m Les Bleus make it just over halfway and promptly get pushed right back to where they started
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 25m France back in possession & Italy can't turn it at breakdown so France clear to 22...
‪‎France 6-0 ‪‎Italy 26m 22 drop out for Italy who clear & France run it back & chip ahead to Luke McLean
‪‎France 9-0 ‪‎Italy 28m Azzurri ship another penalty in their 22 & its imminently kickable by Michalak...who does
‪‎France 9-0 ‪‎Italy 29m From restart French clear & Italy run it back til Dumoulin tackles & Bastereaud forces touch
‪‎France 9-0 ‪‎Italy 31m French lineout just inside own half is clean but Bastereaud drops it; Italy scrum on French 10m
‪‎France 9-0 ‪‎Italy 31m French affecting turnover ball repeatedly but just not capitalising on it; French pinged in scrum
‪‎France 9-0 ‪‎Italy 32m Free kick to Italy; time off as Eduardo Gori having attention on right knee...
‪‎France 9-0 ‪‎Italy 33m Italy attacking scrum on the 10m & is reset as Joubert has a word...
‪‎France 9-0 ‪‎Italy 34m Scrum goes down but played on...Tillous-Borde kicks it before time from Gori's hand
‪‎France 9-3 ‪‎Italy 35m Italy penalty & Allan takes another shot at uprights from wide on 22 - it's good
‪‎France 9-3 ‪‎Italy 36m A little aerial kicking, a little running of the ball , ends in France lineout on halfway
‪‎France 9-3 ‪‎Italy 37m Italy awarded scrum after disrupting the French lineout- it's on halfway promptly collapses
‪‎France 9-3 ‪‎Italy 38m Martin Castrogiovanni is the culprit & France choose to kick; Spedding tees up from over halfway 
‪‎France 12-3 ‪‎Italy 38m A superb kick that just slices the uprights a metre above the crossbar
‪‎France 12-3 ‪‎Italy 39m An excellent restart for France as Picamoles breaks back thru 2 tackles & chips ahead to 22
‪‎France 12-3 ‪‎Italy 39m Allan gets to it before Yoann Huget & runs it into touch...France lineout & it's going well!
‪‎France 15-3 ‪‎Italy 40m Azzurri ship yet another penalty & Michalak pumps over another 3 points
‪‎France 15-3 ‪‎Italy 40m From restart the ball quickly is punched into stands for HT as clock goes red

‎France 15-3 ‎Italy HT P: Michalak (5) | P: Allan

‪‎France v ItalyFrance 15-3 ‪‎Italy HT Well it's not the same as ‪Boks v Japan but France v Italy are doing a perfectly decent job...

‪‎France 15-3 ‪‎Italy 41m And we're back...with the general public moving into press box & stewards don't even notice
‪‎France 18-3 ‪‎Italy 42m Italy start by shipping a penalty awfully quickly & Michalak punishes it with 3 more points
‪‎France 18-3 ‪‎Italy 43m PLEASE can someone from @rugbyworldcup remove French fans from press box??? Trying to work 
‪‎France 23-3 ‪‎Italy 44m French switch up a gear & pound to tryline with great hands & Rabah Slimani dives under posts 
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 45m Michalak bangs over the conversion & this could turn into a v exciting encounter...
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 46m Another break from own 22 by Les Bleus & make it halfway into the Azzurri half before halted... 
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 47m Kicked to touch for 22 lineout but Josh Furno steals it & Italy avert the immediate danger...
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 48m Handbags threaten after Picamoles breaks; Italy handed penalty & France force back 10m... 
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 49m Italy work their setpiece deep in France's 22 & Les Bleus are offside; Azzurri 2m out
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 50m France turnover a metre from whitewash - pops out but lost - Gori grounds it but...
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 50m Oh what a palaver; not clear who did what there & if there's a score - TMO to check
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 50m Conclusion is Italy knock on first before France & Gori touch down; France scrum V
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 50m Rizzo & Cittadini on for Aguero & Castrogiovanni 
‪‎France 25-3 ‪‎Italy 51m France don't achieve much & Italy comes right back at them just short of tryline
‪‎France 25-8 ‪‎Italy 52 Italy forced to recycle in corner b4 Giovanbattista Venditti escapes & trounces defence to score 
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 53m Allan converts and there is finally game on... 
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 55m France push up into Italian 22 but Huget goes down hard - looks serious so time off
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 55m Gaël Fickou prepares to come on as Huget is carried off the pitch in between 2 medics
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 55m Fickou is on & France kick to corner for 5m lineout... 
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 56m Clean lineout but whistle goes as Guilhem Guirado almost coathangers Francesco Minto; Italy penalty
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 57m Italy clear French out of their 22 while it looks like Huget's WC is over
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 58m Morgan Parra replaces Tillous-Borde & France ship another penalty; Italy lineout outside ‪‎FRA22 
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 59m Handbags are threatening as both sides get a tad fraught... lineout is good
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 60m Italy in excellent position to attack deep in the 22 but a penalty allows France to clear
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 61m Italy not just forced back but Alessandro Zanni ships his 3rd penalty...
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 61m Italy's 16th (or possibly 17th) penalty gives France another 22 lineout...
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 62m France manage to lose possession as Italy clear back to halfway but France run it right back 
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 63m Italy get ball away & chip ahead & then it's indescribable with multiple knock on's!
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 63m Despite all the faffing in Italian 22, it's a scrum back up at halfway as whistle had gone
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 64m Manici for Ghiraldini | Mas, Kayser & Debaty for Slimani, Guirado & Ben Arous
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 65m Bernard Le Roux for Picamoles as France have 22 lineout... 
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 66m Italy get hands on ball but Pascal Papé turns it over...but Bastareaud knocks it on
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 67m Heads clash & Kayser has to go off for blood; Guirado back on & Italian defensive scrum
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 68m The Azzurri clear & play up to midfield but they are offside giving French an opportunity
‪‎France 25-10 ‪‎Italy 69m Flanquart replaces Maestri as France kick to corner for 5m lineout
‪‎France 30-10 ‪‎Italy 70m Huge pressure on Italian defence as France breathe down on their tryline & Mas grounds on post 
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 71m Michalak converts & it's quite comfy for Les Bleus; could do with another tho for bonus pt 
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 71m Bernabo & Palazzani on for Furno & Gori
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 73m Italy attack & massive smash from Bastareaud but France offside so Italy into 22...
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 74m Italy holding onto ball for dear life & are just 5m short; recycling along width of pitch
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 75m Azzurri forced into far corner & France caught offside; time off as Kayser back on
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 75m 5m lineout & France force Italy back but not yet out of 22... 
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 76m Eventually France take play back to midfield & have penalty as Remi Tales on for Freddie 
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 77m French scrum on halfway & it's reset as La Marseillaise rings out at Twickenham
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 78m Good scrum from France as they creep forward but tis like running thru mud...
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 79m But the Italians turnover & clear over halfway over 10m but Spedding collects & he sprints back
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 80m Exciting to the end as Italy retaliate & charge into French 22...
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 80+1m Ball recycled 5m out but not going forwards; penalty to Italy...
‪‎France 32-10 ‪‎Italy 80+2m No time for lineout so Italy try quick tap; France infringe & ship penalty but it's all over
‪‎France v Italy winners RWC 2015France 32-10 ‪‎Italy FT Score slightly flattering to France but Picamoles deservedly Man of the Match; but sadly for Masi he's snapped his Achilles & is out of RWC, along with Huget

France v Italy

France15 Scott Spedding 14 Yoann Huget 13 Mathieu Bastareaud 12 Alexandre Dumoulin 11 Noa Nakaitaci 10 Frédéric Michalak 9 Sébastien Tillous-Borde 8 Louis Picamoles 7 Damien Chouly 6 THIERRY DUSAUTOIR (C) 5 Yoann Maestri 4 Pascal Papé 3 Rabah Slimani 2 Guilhem Guirado 1 Eddy Ben Arous BENCH: 16 Benjamin Kayser 17 Vincent Debaty 18 Nicolas Mas 19 Bernard le Roux 20 Alexandre Flanquart 21 Morgan Parra 22 Rémi Talès 23 Gaël Fickou

SCORERS  T: Slimani, Mas C: Michalak (2) P: Michalak (5), Spedding

Italy15 Luke McLean 14 Leonardo Sarto 13 Michele Campagnaro 12 Andrea Masi 11 Giovanbattista Venditti 10 Tommaso Allan 9 Edoardo Gori 8 Samuela Vunisa 7 Francesco Minto 6 Alessandro Zanni 5 Joshua Furno 4 Quintin Geldenhuys 3 Martin Castrogiovanni 2 LEONARDO GHIRALDINI (C) 1 Matias Aguero BENCH: 16 Andrea Manici 17 Michele Rizzo 18 Lorenzo Cittadini 19 Valerio Bernabò 20 Simone Favaro 21 Guglielmo Palazzani 22 Carlo Canna 23 Enrico Bacchin

SCORERS T: Venditti C: Allan P: Allan

Man of the Match: Louis Picamoles (France)

Referee: Craig Joubert (SARU) Asst. Referees: John Lacey (IRFU), Stuart Berry (SARU) TMO: Shaun Veldsman (SARU)





Brighton Community Stadium - Sunday, 20 September 2015
KO: 12:00 HT: 14-8 Att: 29,178



Samoa v ‪USA The teams are getting ready to run out. Could we see another thriller in Brighton? ‪ ‪ 
Samoa v ‪USA Anthems done, George Clancy to get us underway imminently ‪ ‪
Samoa 0-0 ‪USA 0m And we are off. Samoa immediately fumble the ball from KO & hand possession to USA ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 0-0 ‪USA 1m Time off already following an elbow to the face of Rey Lee-Lo he's replaced by Mike Stanley ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 0-0 ‪USA 1m Scrum to Samoa after a USA knock on, results in a penalty to Samoa ‪‪ 
Samoa 0-0 ‪USA 2m The penalty is kicked far into touch & lineout is kept by Samoa. ‪ ‪
Samoa 0-0 ‪USA 3m Today could be a day of the scrum, number 2 in as many minutes ‪‪ 
Samoa 0-0 ‪USA 4m USA pinged at the breakdown, resulting penalty kicked to touch &Samoa on the attack at the US 22
Samoa 0-0 ‪USA 5m Lack of precision costs Samoa, AJ MacGinty clears to touch ‪‪ 
Samoa 0-0 ‪USA 6m Clancy pulls us pack for a penalty (offside) and Samoa are going for the posts‪ ‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 7m Tusi Pisi slots it over, first blood to Samoa ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 8m Lee-Lo comes back on following his head injury assessment. ‪‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 8m First USA lineout of the game is taken well but a wayward pass hands Samoa possession‪ ‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 10m Huge hit by Alesana Tuilagi, Samoa all off their feet following it and USA on the attack ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 11m Kick to touch gives Samoa lineout on their own 5m. Goes long & gathered well. Cleared to touch ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 15m A not straight USA lineout gives Samoa a scrum on their 22 ‪ ‪
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 13m Maurie Fa'asavalu makes a break but is eventually tackled then Samoa pinged at breakdown; scrum ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 15m Sealing off by USA so penalty to Samoa, he's going for the points ‪‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 16m Too far for Pisi, ball falls short and USA clear quickly ‪ ‪
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 17m Scully slips as he tries to dance around the Samoa defence, recovers well though‪ ‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 18m MacGinty takes a bit of a hit, it looked like a dive but he is down injured ‪‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 18m There was nothing in that hit, just a mismatch of sizes. Samoa take the restart‪ ‪ 
Samoa 3-0 ‪USA 18m Samoa looking dangerous, at the 5m line ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 8-0 ‪USA 19m Pisi kicks a beautiful little dink & Tim Nanai-Williams goes over for the try‪ ‪ 
Samoa 8-0 ‪USA 20m Tough conversion for Pisi and he sends it wide. ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 8-0 ‪USA 21m Samoa on the attack again here through Lee-Lo & Tekori but a forward pass stops them‪ ‪ 
Samoa 8-0 ‪USA 22m Clock stopped as the Samoan captain gets some treatment ‪‪ 
Samoa 8-0 ‪USA 22m Scrum just inside their 22 for USA, strong from both sides, cleared to touch‪ ‪ 
Samoa 8-0 ‪USA 23m Tuilagi makes a break following the lineout but nothing comes of it, Pisi's kick finds no one ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 8-0 ‪USA 24m Ole Avei fights off defenders left, right & centre, takes 3 defenders to bring him down ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 8-0 ‪USA 25m Jack Lam makes a fantastic break and gets up to the USA 22, tackle from Scully forces turnover ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 11-0 ‪USA 27m Penalty given at the breakdown and made by Pisi ‪ ‪
Samoa 11-0 ‪USA 27m Nanai-Williams creates some space for himself, makes a run but knocks the ball on ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 11-0 ‪USA 29m USA looking threatening for the 1st time in the game. Samoa offside giving away a penalty ‪ 
Samoa 11-3 ‪USA 30m MacGinty slots over the penalty giving the American's their first World Cup points‪ ‪ 
Samoa 11-3 ‪USA 31m MacGinty sends ball high but he puts a little too much on it, straight to touch‪ ‪ 
Samoa 11-3 ‪USA 32m Samoan lineout stolen by the Americans & MacGinty is on the charge ‪‪ 
Samoa 11-8 ‪USA 33m After a great bit of team work in midfield, Chris Wyles goes over for the try‪ ‪ 
Samoa 11-8 ‪USA 34m MacGinty doesn’t make the conversion, gap remains at 3 points. USA right back in the game ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 11-8 ‪USA 35m Clearance kick following the restart goes to touch. USA unforced error count creeping up ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 11-8 ‪USA 37m Pisi has a chance to add another 3 here, penalty given for playing the ball on the floor‪ ‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 38m He makes it look easy widens the gap a little bit before HT ‪‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 39m lineout not straight so scrums to Samoa ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 40m Scrum from just inside 22 was good, cleared straight into USA hands though‪ ‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 40+1m Player offside calls time on the 1st half ‪ ‪

Samoa 14-8 ‪USA HT T: Nanai-Williams P: Pisi (3) | T: Wyles P: MacGinty ‪ 

Samoa v USASamoa 14-8 ‪USA Teams are coming back out for the 2nd half ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 40m Palamo starts the 2nd half with a break, from inside their 22 to Halfway ‪‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 41m MacGinty runs into his own player resulting in a knock on, scrum to Samoa ‪‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 42m Lots of kicks back and forth here. From one touch line to another ‪‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 42m Petri clears the ball nicely from the breakdown, USA still in possession ‪‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 43m Whatever was said at HT seems to have worked as USA look much more together this half ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 44m Spoke too soon. USA off their feet at the breakdown penalty to Samoa kicked to touch‪ ‪ 
Samoa 14-8 ‪USA 45m Fotuali'i kicked a great grubber through, missed by the 1st man but Lee-Lo goes over ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 19-8 ‪USA 45m Sorry, not Lee-Lo, Treviranus gets the try after a TMO referral ‪ ‪
Samoa 19-8 ‪USA 46m Pisi can't make the conversion though ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 19-8 ‪USA 47m Offside by USA gives another penalty to Samoa, The penalty count for USA is creeping up ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 19-8 ‪USA 48m Time off as Scully is treated for some blood loss. ‪ ‪
Samoa 19-8 ‪USA 49m Samoa on the attack, advantage was being played and we go back for the pen‪alty‪ 
Samoa 22-8 ‪USA 50m Pisi has another chance for 3 points and he slots it over with ease ‪‪ 
Samoa 22-8 ‪USA 51m USA on the attack penalty advantage being played ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 22-8 ‪USA 52m Treviranus is pinged, and USA line up the penalty kick ‪ ‪
Samoa 22-11 USA 52m MacGinty makes the kick, chipping away at the points gap ‪‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 53m MacGinty clears to the hands of Pisi who breaks through defenders with ease‪ ‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 55m USA on the charge, Ngwenya makes some great ground ‪‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 56m USA pinged for offside (again) so Samoa on attack ‪ ‪
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 57m Nanai-Williams penalised for a knock on ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 57m Peterson has been replaced by Danny Barrett ‪ ‪
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 59m Census Johnston on for Perenise & Thiel for Fenoglio. ‪ ‪
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 61m Thompson is on for Scully, Dolan on for Smith and Fasiliva on for Fa’asavalu.‪ ‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 62m Perez makes a break but the pass to him was slightly forward ‪‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 62m Palamo held up in midfield, maul called & scrum goes to Samoa ‪‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 64m Do my ears deceive me or did Swing Low echo round the stadium as the scrum resets? ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 65m Ngwenya makes a fantastic break but he is eventually bought down & loses the ball ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 66m Tuilagi makes a great break, Wyles forces offload to be dropped ‪‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 67m lineout fumbled but Dolan gets hands to it eventually ‪ ‪
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 68m McFarland penalised for crossing. USA penalty count up to 12 ‪ ‪
Samoa 25-11 ‪USA 69m Mike Stanley slots the penalty over ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 22-11 ‪USA 69m Macginty makes a superb kick to touch, lineout just outside 5m ‪‪ 
Samoa 25-11 ‪USA 70m Changes to USA front row, Fry & Lamositele replaced by Kilifi & Baumann‪ ‪ 
Samoa 25-11 ‪USA 72m USA have a lineout on 5m line. They want this try ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 25-11 ‪USA 72m The Samoan defence is so strong but USA think they have got the try TMO decision pending ‪ ‪ 
Samoa 25-16 ‪USA 73m Try awarded to Baumann who has only just joined the field ‪‪ 
Samoa 25-16 ‪USA 74m MacGinty misses the conversion; he pulled it slightly wide ‪ ‪
Samoa 25-16 ‪USA 75m Samoa penalised at the breakdown so USA kick to touch on halfway ‪ ‪
Samoa 25-16 ‪USA 76m Samoa replace Tuilagi with Fa'atoina Autagavaia ‪ ‪
Samoa 25-16 ‪USA 78m America offside, Samoa boot the ball to touch with some force. Lineout just inside 22‪ ‪ 
Samoa 25-16 ‪USA 79m Another penalty against USA for hands in the ruck ‪ ‪
Samoa 25-16 ‪USA 80m It's all over, a mistake by USA at the breakdown hands Samoa the win

Samoa v USA

Samoa15 Tim Nanai-Williams 14 Ken Pisi 13 Paul Perez 12 Rey Lee-Lo 11 Alesana Tuilagi 10 Tusi Pisi 9 Kahn Fotuali'i 8 OFISA TREVIRANUS (C) 7 Jack Lam 6 Maurie Fa'asavalu 5 Joe Tekori 4 Teofilo Paulo 3 Anthony Perenise 2 Ole Avei 1 Zak Taulafo BENCH: 16 Viliami Afatia 17 Motu Matu'u 18 Census Johnston 19 Faifili Levave 20 Alafoti Faosiliva 21 Vavao Afemai 22 Mike Stanley 23 Fa'atoina Autagavaia

SCORERS T: Nanai-Williams, Treviranus P: Pisi (4), Stanley

USA15 Blaine Scully 14 Takudzwa Ngwenya 13 Seamus Kelly 12 Thretton Palamo 11 CHRIS WYLES (C) 10 AJ MacGinty 9 Mike Petri 8 Samu Manoa 7 Andrew Durutalo 6 Al McFarland 5 Greg Peterson 4 Hayden Smith 3 Titi Lamositele 2 Zach Fenoglio 1 Eric Fry BENCH: 16 Phil Thiel 17 Oli Kilifi 18 Chris Baumann 19 Cam Dolan 20 Danny Barrett 21 Shalom Suniula 22 Folau Niua 23 Brett Thompson

SCORERS T: Wyles, Baumann P: MacGinty (2)

Referee: George Clancy (IRFU) Asst. Referees: Jaco Peyper (SARU), Federico Anselmi (UAR) TMO: Graham Hughes (RFU)




WalesWALES 54 - 9 URUGUAYUruguay

Millennium Stadium - Sunday, 20 September 2015
KO: 14:30 HT: 28-9 Att: 71,887



Wales v ‪‎Uruguay Tremendous roar as the teams run out onto the pitch for the anthems, roof shut here
Wales v ‪‎Uruguay Excellent reception for both anthems
Wales 0-0 ‪‎Uruguay 0mins Here we go, Uruguay to kick off this match, although the ref is making them wait
Wales 0-0 ‪‎Uruguay 1min Uruguay kick long & Wales return. Ball in hand for Wales but penalty given to Uruguay
Wales 0-3 ‪‎Uruguay 1mins Uruguay go for goal and Berchesi puts them ahead
Wales 0-3 ‪‎Uruguay 2mins Wales lineout on 22. Wales win & get shove, penalty awarded
Wales 0-3 ‪‎Uruguay 3mins Wales lineout on halfway from pen. Samson Lee barges forward & Wales get ball wide
Wales 0-3 ‪‎Uruguay 4mins penalty to Uruguay, they go for goal again even though it's well behind the halfway line
Wales 0-3 ‪‎Uruguay 4mins Berchesi doesn't have the length, penalty missed and Wales clear to halfway.
Wales 0-3 ‪‎Uruguay 6mins Wales scrum, they press forward but lose the ball. Uruguay kick long to the corner
Wales 0-3 ‪‎Uruguay 7mins Lovely chip through from‪ ‎Uruguay, they're keeping the pressure on and making good ground
Wales 0-3 ‪‎Uruguay 8mins Another infringement by Wales gives Berchesi a simple penalty chance just left of goal on 22
Wales 0-6 ‪‎Uruguay 8mins A successful kick doubles the lead for Uruguay
Wales 0-6 ‪‎Uruguay 9mins Uruguay attacking from their own half, Wales have barely touched the ball in 1st 10 mins
Wales 0-6 ‪‎Uruguay 10mins Uruguay put in at the scrum, but Wales turnover and attack
Wales 0-6 ‪‎Uruguay 11mins King makes a good run, passes to Amos but Uruguay intercept - back for a Welsh pen
Wales 0-6 ‪‎Uruguay 13mins Wales go for touch, win lineout and the pack pushes them close to the try line
Wales 0-6 ‪‎Uruguay 14mins The crowd comes to life as we stop for injury to Jake Ball
Wales 5-6 ‪‎Uruguay 14mins Wales surge forward,‪ ‎Uruguay defence holds them.. but Wales thunder over the line for a try
Wales 7-6 ‪‎Uruguay 15mins Samson Lee the try scorer as Priestland lands the extras
Wales 7-6 ‪‎Uruguay 16mins Wales pass it wide from the knock on but Amos knocks on, scrum Uruguay
Wales 7-6 ‪‎Uruguay 16mins Wales disrupt the scrum and regain the ball. Ref Poite comes back for Wales pen
Wales 7-6 ‪‎Uruguay 18mins Priestland misses touch and Uruguay clear ball back to the 22 for Wal lineout
Wales 7-6 ‪‎Uruguay 18mins Lovely chip through sees Cory Allen go over the try line, but ref checking with TMO
Wales14-6 ‪‎Uruguay 19mins Try awarded and Priestland converts again
Wales 14-6 ‪‎Uruguay 20mins Wales get lineout possession but Amos well tackled by Gibernau
Wales 14-6 ‪‎Uruguay 21mins Wales dominant in the scrum. Liam Williams tackled by R Silva and is limping
Wales 14-6 ‪‎Uruguay 22mins Uruguay chase the ball downfield and rewarded with another penalty from that attack
Wales 14-9 ‪‎Uruguay 23mins Berchesi slots the penalty to put three more points on the board for ‎Uruguay
Wales 14-9 ‪‎Uruguay 25mins Uruguay try to run the ball out from their own line and nearly caught, Wal lineout results
Wales 14-9 ‪‎Uruguay 25mins Uruguay have a scrum, and will need to get the ball in and out quickly
Wales 14-9 ‪‎Uruguay 25mins Uruguay manage to get the ball away from the scrum. Ref goes to TMO for foul play check
Wales 14-9 ‪‎Uruguay 26mins TMO calls foul play against Uruguay cleaning out the ruck with no arms, penalty Wales
Wales 14-9 ‪‎Uruguay 27mins Wales go for touch with the pen. Resulting scrum Uruguay as they defend lineout well
Wales 14-9 ‪‎Uruguay 28mins Scrum wheels but Uruguay get ball away, good kick from Berchesi under pressure
Wales 19-9 ‪‎Uruguay 28mins Wales lineout releases S Williams who takes great angle & passes to Allen for a try Wales
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 30mins Priestland converts
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 31mins Paul James goes off injured, replaced by Aaron Jarvis
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 32mins Wales win penalty at the scrum as Uruguay finally give way, Priestland goes for touch
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 32mins Wales lineout ball won, Ball picks & goes. Great Uruguay defence in the corner
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 33mins Wales go wide the other way, but ref comes back for penalty to Wales near the corner flag
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 33mins Wales go for lineout drive, they're tight to the left touchline & go into touch
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 35mins Liam Williams goes off very reluctantly, Morgan comes on as replacement
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 36mins Uruguay finally clear their lines, Wales back on the attack & drive 15m forward
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 36mins Lovely offload from G Davies to Tipuric, Wales pressing but give away penalty for blocking
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 37mins Treatment for A Vilaseca halts things as the teams regroup
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 37mins Uruguay take their lineout in spite of a Welsh hand. They trundle forward towards halfway
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 38mins Wales regain ball but waste an attacking opportunity with poor passing
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 39mins Ref takes us back for Welsh scrum, James King loses his bind and gives possession away
Wales 21-9 ‪‎Uruguay 39mins Uruguay put in to scrum, which is then reset. Ball in again, Wales turnover
Wales 26-9 ‪‎Uruguay 40mins One last attack for Wales this half, Amos pops ball inside to Allen for a try
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 40mins Great strike from Priestland for the conv. 4 tries and bonus point for Wales

Wales 28-9 ‎Uruguay HT T: Lee, Allen (3) C: Priestland (4) | P: Berchesi (3)

Wales v UruguayWales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay HT: Wales will be relieved to have 4 tries scored after a good start & solid defence by ‎Uruguay

Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 40mins Tomas Francis replaces Samson Lee for Wales at HT
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 40mins Wales chase well from the knock on and are awarded a scrum on the 15m line
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 40mins Wales chip forward but Ormaechea takes for ‎Uruguay
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 42mins James King drives forward for Wales, Baldwin makes ground but knock on means Uruguay ball
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 43mins Uruguay clear to halfway and have the lineout. Ref tells them to use the ball
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 44mins Ref awards scrum Wales and they get a huge shove on. They kick the penalty to touch
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 45mins Priestland makes a break but last ditch tackle means he knocks on & Uruguay have scrum
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 46mins Wales win penalty at the scrum again & kick to touch
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 47mins Dominic Day comes on for Charteris
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 48mins Tipuric dives over the try line, but drops the ball & try is not given by TMO
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay 47mins Wales replace King with Moriarty
Wales 33-9 ‪‎Uruguay 49mins Quick attacking move by Wales leads to breakaway try by Hallam Amos
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 50mins Conversion successful from Priestland
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 50mins Uruguay get the ball wide and run at Wales. Gibernau comes off his wing to help
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 51mins Good run by Prada and‪ ‎Uruguay attack continues
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 53mins Excellent work by Tipuric and Wales regain possession, clearing to almost halfway
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 53mins Uruguay press forward as Allen lies injured on the pitch, looks like a hamstring
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 54mins Allen limps off the pitch to be replaced by Lloyd Williams
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 55mins Slow ball for Wales in their own half, so Priestland puts up a high one
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 55mins Prada prevents the pass out wide for Wales, Welsh lineout results
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 56mins Wales attacking near their own line, but Beer is down for Uruguay, they're a man short
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 57mins Beer is back up, Cuthbert steps two defenders. Wales keep up the pressure
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 58mins Nieto finally gives away a pen, and Priestland kicks to corner for Wales
Wales 35-9 ‪‎Uruguay 58mins Wales captain Warburton comes off for Lydiate. Beer is replaced by de Freitas for‪ ‎Uruguay
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 59mins Gareth Davies keeps control of the ball for Wales and dives over for another try
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 59mins This time Priestland just misses the conversion wide of the left upright
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 59mins Great break by Scott Williams in midfield but the pass goes astray
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 61mins Sub for Uruguay, Lamanna on for Zerbino
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 62mins Wales take Baldwin off and Owens comes on as replacement
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 63mins Uruguay still managing to stem the red tide, and go on the attack themselves
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 64mins Fabulous Welsh break but the ball goes forward so the try won't count
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 65mins We're going all the way back for a scrum on the 22. Wales put in
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 65mins Uruguay throw in to the lineout but Wales disrupt, go wide with the ball then knock on
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 66mins The crowd are really urging Wales on now, they'll look to push ‎Uruguay off this scrum
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 67mins Wales penalty and once again Priestland hoofs the ball downfield for the lineout
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 68mins Wales trundling towards the line, then ship the ball out wide but lose it
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 68mins Sagario is down for Uruguay and needs attention
Wales 40-9 ‪‎Uruguay 69mins Wales winning another penalty at the scrum, they are dominant at the set piece
Wales 45-9 ‪‎Uruguay 70mins Wales get the lineout shove on and go over for the try, Tipuric the scorer
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 70mins Priestland's conversion goes over this time
Wales 45-9 ‪‎Uruguay 72mins Uruguay sub, O Duran comes on for Sagario
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 73mins Tipuric steals the ball in the midfield, but Uruguay retrieve and come back at Wales
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 73mins Great cover defence by Berchesi to prevent Wales running the ball down the left wing
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 73mins Subs for ‎Uruguay Sanguinetti and Alonso on for Corral and captain S Vilaseca
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 75mins Sub ‎Uruguay Ormaechea off, A Duran on. Lydiate off for Wales, King back on
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 76mins Uruguay keep coming but from their own half. Wales hold firm and rip the ball
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 76mins Another handling error from Wales, forward pass hands possession back to Uruguay
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 77mins Arboleya off, Kessler on for Uruguay
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 78mins Scrum seems to hold firm but Wales win penalty again, and again the lineout
Wales 47-9 ‪‎Uruguay 79mins Man of the match awarded to Wales centre Cory Allen
Wales 53-9 ‪‎Uruguay 79mins Welsh line out drive results in another try for scrum half Gareth Davies
Wales 54-9 ‪‎Uruguay 80mins Final kick of the game is successful conversion for Priestland
Wales 28-9 ‪‎Uruguay FT Great performance by ‎Uruguay who never made this easy for Wales

Wales v Uruguay

Wales15 Liam Williams 14 Alex Cuthbert 13 Cory Allen 12 Scott Williams 11 Hallam Amos 10 Rhys Priestland 9 Gareth Davies 8 James King 7 Justin Tipuric 6 SAM WARBURTON (C) 5 Luke Charteris 4 Jake Ball 3 Samson Lee 2 Scott Baldwin 1 Paul James BENCH: 16 Ken Owens 17 Aaron Jarvis 18 Tom Francis 19 Dominic Day 20 Dan Lydiate 21 Ross Moriarty 22 Lloyd Williams 23 Matthew Morgan

SCORERS T: Lee, Allen (3), Amos, G Davies (2), Tipuric C: Priestland (7)

Uruguay15 Gaston Meres 14 Santiago Gibernau 13 Joaquin Prada 12 Andres Vilaseca 11 Rodrigo Silva 10 Felipe Berchesi 9 Agustin Ormaechea 8 Alejandro Nieto 7 Matias Beer 6 Juan Manuel Gaminara 5 Jorge Zerbino 4 SANTIAGO VILASECA (C) 3 Mario Sagario 2 Carlos Arboleya 1 Alejo Corral BENCH: 16 German Kessler 17 Oscar Duran 18 Mateo Sanguinetti 19 Franco Lamanna 20 Agustin Alonso 21 Juan De Freitas 22 Alejo Duran 23 Francisco Bulanti

SCORERS P: Berchesi (3)

Man of the Match: Cory Allen (Wales)

Referee: Romain Poite (FFR) Asst. Referees: Pascal Gauzere (FFR), Mathieu Raynal (FFR) TMO: Ben Skeen (NZR)




New ZealandNEW ZEALAND 26-16 ARGENTINAArgentina

Wembley Stadium - Sunday, 20 September 2015
KO: 16:45 HT: 12-13 Att: 89,019



NZ vs Pumas Teams on their way out to a huge reception at Wembley 
NZ vs Pumas Rousing anthems with players from both teams fighting back tears. The Haka & then we are off
NZ vs Pumas Wayne Barnes blows his whistle & here we go 
NZ 0-0 Pumas 0m Dan Carter gives a short kick off, Argentina on the attack immediately
NZ 0-0 Pumas Great kick to touch by Argentina,‪ ABs lineout on 5m but cleared away by Carter
NZ 0-0 Pumas 2m Argentina holding on which hands ABs the first penalty of the game
NZ 0-0 Pumas 3m Advantage in front of the posts as tackler didn't clear away quickly enough.
NZ 0-0 Pumas 4m Carter going for the posts which is no surprise 
NZ 3-0 Pumas 4m No surprise at all. he makes the kick with ease 
NZ 3-0 Pumas 5m lineout to NZ, not perfect but picked up by Carter, ABs on the charge towards line
NZ 3-0 Pumas 6m carried over tryline by Argentina so its scrum 5 for ABs 
NZ 3-0 Pumas 7m Barnes having words with the front row about binds; scrum reset
NZ 3-0 Pumas 8m Smith makes a break but bought down by defence. 
NZ 3-0 Pumas 9m Conrad Smith just did a crafty pass through his legs but Savea couldn't hold it
NZ 3-0 Pumas 9m Pablo Matera goes to the bin for cynical play. Carter going for posts
NZ 6-0 Pumas 10m He slots it over and adds another 3 
NZ 6-0 Pumas 11m Attacking lineout for Argentina just on the ABs 10m line
NZ 6-0 Pumas 11m Attacking lineout for Argentina just on the ABs 10m line 
NZ 6-0 Pumas 13m Argentina awarded a penalty as ABs tackler didn't roll away
NZ 6-0 Pumas 14m penalty kicked to touch, right on the ABs 22 
NZ 6-0 Pumas 15m Another penalty to Argentina but overruled as there was a knock on so scrum ABs
NZ 6-0 Pumas 16m Scrum penalty given to ABs against Ayerza 
NZ 6-0 Pumas 17m Savea making ground, getting the ball to Carter as advantage is called
NZ 6-0 Pumas 18m Ball lost so we come back for the penalty & Carter is going for the posts again
NZ 9-0 Pumas 18m Carter sends it flying through the uprights, 3 from 3 
NZ 9-0 Pumas 19m Senatore making a nice break down the wing 
NZ 9-5 Pumas 20m First try of the game goes to‪#‎ARG as Pagadizábal drives over
NZ 9-7 Pumas 22m Sánchez slots it over closing the gap to just 2 points 
NZ 9-7 Pumas 22m Try scorer Pagadizábal has gone off, possibly for a head injury assessment
NZ 9-7 Pumas 24m Tuculet clears from his own 5m line to just inside ABs half
NZ 9-7 Pumas 25m Galarza has replaced Petti as he didn't pass the head injury assessment
NZ 9-7 Pumas 25m Penalty to ABs at the lineout due to a poor challenge in the air
NZ 9-7 Pumas 26m Nonu making a great break & pass to Read, ABs looking dangerous
NZ 9-7 Pumas 27m ball lost fwd as Milner-Skudder tries to find Whitelock
NZ 9-7 Pumas 28m ABs lineout is lost and Pumas clear downfield 
NZ 9-7 Pumas 28m All Blacks pinged at breakdown, taken quickly & then Pumas lost the ball forward 
NZ 9-7 Pumas 29m McCaw is going to the bin for a trip which caused the knock on
NZ 9-7 Pumas 29m Sánchez is going for the posts 
NZ 9-10 Pumas 30m He makes it. Argentina go ahead for the first time 
NZ 9-10 Pumas 30m ABs lineout on half way, taken nicely & All Blacks on the attack
NZ 9-7 Pumas 32m It has been turned over but Lobbe cant quite make the offload
NZ 9-10 Pumas 33m I am clearly still reeling from McCaw being binned, took 3 points from Pumas there.
NZ 9-10 Pumas 34m ABs back on the attack, right on the try line but the Argentinian defence holds strong
NZ 9-10 Pumas 35m Scrum on the Argentina 5m line, taken cleanly by the scrum half
NZ 9-10 Pumas 35m Argentina have made good ground, up to the ABs 10m
NZ 9-10 Pumas 36m Imhoff made the most of the gap but held up. Conrad Smith is binned for his efforts
NZ 9-13 Pumas 37m The resulting penalty is good 
NZ 9-13 Pumas 38m lineout to ABs on the Argentina22, straight into a maul 
NZ 9-13 Pumas 40m Matera doesn't roll away and Carter going for the points as the clock goes red
NZ 12-13 Pumas 40m We go into HT with the Pumas 1 point ahead 

NZ 12-13 Pumas HT T: Pagadizábal C: Sánchez P: Sánchez (2) Yellow Card Matera | P: Carter (4) Yellow Card Conrad Smith, McCaw 

New Zealand v ArgentinaNZ 12-13 Pumas 40m No Changes at HT and we are back playing 
NZ 12-16 Pumas 41m Argentina penalty immediately which is made by Sánchez
NZ 12-16 Pumas 42m Argentina clear the ball to deep into the ABs half, forcing the All Blacks to run it
NZ 12-16 Pumas 43 Another huge boot down field with Pumas chasing but ABs get there first
NZ 12-16 Pumas 44m Clearance kick by Argentina goes too far & in to touch so back we come
NZ 12-16 Pumas 45m Wyatt Crockett & Sonny Bill Williams replace Woodcock & Nonu respectively
NZ 12-16 Pumas 46m SBW makes a break, passes inside to Milner Skudder but he fumbles it
NZ 12-16 Pumas 47m Defensive scrum on the Pumas 5m line. Penalty given to the Pumas
NZ 12-16 Pumas 48m Cleared to the ABs 10m line 
NZ 12-16 Pumas 49m Retallick steals the Argentinian lineout but its fumbled and we have a scrum
NZ 12-16 Pumas 49m Smith does his best to upset the clearance from the scrum, bundled to touch, ABs lineout 
NZ 12-16 Pumas 50m Victor Vito & Beauden Barrett on for Franks & Milner Skudder
NZ 12-16 Pumas 51m Barrett getting involved immediately in the attack but there's a knock on by Smith
NZ 12-16 Pumas 51m Argentina scrum is good, Smith getting in the way again but Sánchez clears
NZ 12-16 Pumas 52m Argentina get the turn over after a phase of good attack from NZ
NZ 12-16 Pumas 53m But they almost immediately give away a pen. Cleared to touch
NZ 12-16 Pumas 54m ABs back on the attack, just outside the 5m line. Can Pumas defence hold?
NZ 12-16 Pumas 55m Foul play in mid field Barnes having a word with both captains.
NZ 12-16 Pumas 55m Ball killed by Argentina followed by high tackle by ABs back for 1st offence
NZ 17-16 Pumas 56m Aaron Smith goes over for the try after a driving maul. He just found a tiny gap
NZ 19-16 Pumas 56m The conversion is good. ABs back in the lead by 3. 
NZ 19-16 Pumas 58m Sánchez chases a great grubber kick but ABs got there first
NZ 19-16 Pumas 59m ABs get the turnover on the floor there but Pumas are given a penalty for mistimed tackle
NZ 19-16 Pumas 61m Read makes a great run after pass from Carter 
NZ 19-16 Pumas 62m forward pass gives possession back to Argentina, Tuculet making a break
NZ 19-16 Pumas 63m Kaino gets the penalty for ABs by forcing Argentina to not release
NZ 19-16 Pumas 64m That was Kaino's last play of the game as he is replaced by Sam Cane
NZ 19-16 Pumas 64m Senatore is replaced by Julian Montoya 
NZ 19-16 Pumas 65m SBW & Aaron Smith make a great break but it is knocked on by Cane
NZ 19-16 Pumas 65m Tuculet clears whilst under immense pressure from the ABs defence
NZ 24-16 Pumas 66m Argentina possession didn't last long, Sam Cane goes over for a try
NZ 26-16 Pumas 61m Carter slots over the conversion, 10 points the gap now
NZ 26-16 Pumas 67m Barrett made a break, goes over the line but Barnes had blown his whistle
NZ 26-16 Pumas 68m Scrum to Argentina on their 10m line, they continue the attack but territory kick is too long 
NZ 26-16 Pumas 70m Looked like ABs were in for another try there. Carter sent it high, Smith there...
NZ 26-16 Pumas 70m But it was taken by Argentina 
NZ 26-16 Pumas 71m Whitelock almost fumbled the ball there but used his own shoulder to full effect
NZ 26-16 Pumas 72m Turned over right on the ABs 5m line but clearance didn't make touch
NZ 26-16 Pumas 73m Lots of kicks back & forth, ball finally goes to touch by ABs on the Argentina 22
NZ 26-16 Pumas 74m Defensive lineout by Montoya, collected by Hernandez after some scrappy play
NZ 26-16 Pumas 75m Scrum to ABs which leads to a dangerous bit of attack. Tackle made by Argentina
NZ 26-16 Pumas 76m Hernandez clears the ball from beyond his own tryline into the ABs half
NZ 26-16 Pumas 77m Scrum to Argentina as Brodie Retallick is awarded MOTM
NZ 26-16 Pumas 77m Scrum gives Pumas a chance to attack, and another penalty gives them the ground they need 
NZ 26-16 Pumas 79m Resulting lineout is taken well but they have lost a lot of ground in the process
NZ 26-16 Pumas 80m Savea puts in a huge hit which breaks the Argentinian concentration.
NZ 26-16 Pumas 80m Another mistake and Barnes blows for full time 
NZ 26-16 Pumas FT Argentina put up a good fight but just miss out on losing bonus point

New Zealand v Argentina

New Zealand15 Ben Smith 14 Nehe Milner-Skudder 13 Conrad Smith 12 Ma'a Nonu 11 Julian Savea 10 Dan Carter 9 Aaron Smith 8 Kieran Read 7 RICHIE MCCAW (C) 6 Jerome Kaino 5 Sam Whitelock 4 Brodie Retallick 3 Owen Franks 2 Dane Coles 1 Tony Woodcock BENCH: 16 Keven Mealamu 17 Wyatt Crockett 18 Charlie Faumuina 19 Victor Vito 20 Sam Cane 21 TJ Perenara 22 Beauden Barrett 23 Sonny Bill Williams

SCORERS T: Aaron Smith, Sam Cane C: Carter (2) P: Carter (4) Yellow Card Conrad Smith, McCaw

Argentina15 Joaquin Tuculet 14 Santiago Cordero 13 Marcelo Bosch 12 Juan Martin Hernandez 11 Juan Imhoff 10 Nicolas Sánchez 9 Tomas Cubelli 8 Leonardo Senatore 7 Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe 6 Pablo Matera 5 Tomas Lavanini 4 Guido Petti Pagadizábal 3 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 2 AGUSTIN CREEVY (C) 1 Marcos Ayerza BENCH: 16 Julian Montoya 17 Lucas Noguera 18 Ramiro Herrera 19 Mariano Galarza 20 Juan Manuel Leguizamón 21 Martin Landajo 22 Jeronimo De La Fuente 23 Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino

SCORERS T: Pagadizábal C: Sanchez P: Sanchez (3) Yellow Card Matera

Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU) Asst. Referees: JP Doyle (RFU), Angus Gardner (ARU) TMO: George Ayoub (ARU)