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by Sophie Gates


Some of you simply can't resist buying perfumes for your loved ones, I thought I'd approach this section with a small selection of perfumes for him and her in the spirit of yesterday, today and tomorrow. So here you'll find a classic, a present and a future classic aroma to suit all tastes and ages.

For Her


Pure class ...

This 1921 classic is every thing that Coco Chanel dreamed of. The history says that that on presenting Coco Chanel a range of different perfumes to chose as her first perfume she selected instantly the bottle known only as ‘perfume number 5.’

If you ask someone to name a Chanel perfume I could bet you your last dollar that N°5 would be the first that came to mind.

Immortalized by Marilyn Monroe, who when asked what she wore in bed she smiled and said “Number 5".

Chanel N°5 is for the sophisticated, classy woman it’s seductive and sensual, this perfume has a classic scent which works well with the chemistry of all women.

This scent is neither overpowering nor intrusive it’s simple and ideal for all occasions. N°5 is an instantly recognizable perfume which lingers very subtly and smells just a touch musky.

The N°5 scent is certainly a timeless classic.

88 years on and its still one of the best selling perfumes in the world.



For the creative, confident and unique woman, Chloe has designed this fresh, delicate and sensual scent to suit.

Founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian-born Parisienne, Chloe today is recognised for its soft, elegant signatures from its fashion to its fragrances.

This free spirited fragrance holds a blend of magnolia flower, lily, rose, amber and honey which perfectly captures the house of Chloe spirit. Launched in 2008 the spirit of femininity and an effortless chic working woman holds everything that the present woman has and if they do not have it, they want it and desire it.



The devil definitely wears Prada...

This Prada brings on the feeling of an Oriental mood that floats through the air like a breeze from rivers  on an island. Prada L'Eau Ambrée truly does this and I was totally seduced in the first 3 seconds.

This is a pure Prada Scent because it contains that special accord (I call it the Prada quintessence of clean) that Daniela Andrier has put in every single creation of Prada.

The scent of wool, cashmere and expensive bags, L'Eau Ambrée has an excellent combination of freshness, in the very first moment the oriental woody blend sets of its precious and richness. After a few hours a hint of vanilla can be detected but it’s subtle and delicate.

When first sprayed on the blotter it’s not as revealing - it seems like a short-lived and almost imprecise production. It is only after several hours when you rediscover the blotter that you realize the sensation inside perfume. Prada L'Eau Ambrée becomes more diffusing with time, more intense but not heavy.

What is really surprising is the effect this scent has on the skin. After several hours I forgot I had tested the perfume when suddenly I found my self obsessed by a heavenly scent floating around me.

Now I'm not easily seduced by a fragrance. But this doesn't smell like perfume, it smells like an angelic  presence and it leaves a great trail like the perfect perfume should. This perfume captivates  you with a special sensual very soft velvety and airy veil just as wearing Prada should.

Prada L'Eau Ambrée is the complete modern interpretation of a classic scent.



For Him


Everyone's opinion of a true "classic" might vary, but the norm is that anything that has genuine appeal and that has lasted more than 20 years is officially a classic.

Throughout the years, many classic types of cologne have still managed to stay in production and one of them is The original Dunhill for Men fragrance, it launched in 1934 and I would call it the masculine equivalent of Chanel N°5.

Anyone knowing the distinct fragrance of Dunhill understands why it has been in circulation since 1934. Nothing compares to it. Every man knows a man who has worn it for years. It’s a classic masculine signature scent.

The smell of Dunhill will always evoke memories it’s the scent of a traditional man with values. Its deep distinctive manly mature and unforgettable.

It conjures up images of wool overcoats, leather attaché cases,, men with strong chins, loving husbands and fathers. The kind of man that is honour-bound, strong, clear-eyed, well-mannered. The kind of man who stands and helps a lady to her seat. The kind of man that stays true in good times and in bad.

A classic  in every sense. If you can find it may well become  the new signature scent.


'Bvlgari Pour Homme' scent was launched by Bvlgari in 1995.

Classified as a refreshing men's fragrance, the Eau de toilette spray has a masculine scent blending rosewood, pepper, musk, and tea with lower notes of water and spice.

A contemporary and classic fragrance for men, Bvlgari Pour Homme is elegant, comfortable and refreshing. This Eau de Toilette is designed for men who are looking for a fragrance that subtly accentuates their personality.

The fresh notes of darjeeling tea, accompanied by the simplicity of spice and the pureness of various precious musks, create the unique Bvlgari Pour Homme fragrance designed to enhance the strongly masculine personality of the Bvlgari Pour Homme man.



Calvin Klein launched this energetic fragrance in 2011 with a blend of black pepper, cardamom spice and black basil infused together to make this extremely masculine scent.

Rob Evans Calvin KleinThis contemporary fragrance has a hint of juicy clementine and crisp cucumber freshness to balance the tough persona, creating a oriental classic scent.

The long lasting signature is designed for the modern man, the man of tomorrow, who is edgy, sexy and impulsive - he is a Calvin Klein man!