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Evocative Eyes

GLAMOUR, glitter and shimmer finishes have long been the no-no of the makeup world– it’s always been a little bit too much; a little “I’m trying to hard”.

But among the seriousness of all the matt faces this year, a little bit of playfulness has started to shine through this season with the influx of glitter – grown up glitter that is hitting beauty counters everywhere.

Grown up glitter has been all over the catwalks too with Chloe, Marni and Ossie Clark all adding shimmer to their collections.

The new glitter has a multitude of looks the trick is to be bold and embrace the sparkle.Nars Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil


Everyone’s favourite look, the ‘smokey eye’ has been updated and glamorised with a look that says “Premiere Opening Night” rather than “up all night”. Must haves for this look include Nars Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil smudged around the lids, and Armani’s Eyes To Kill Palette.


Bobbi Brown’s Antique GoldCream shadows like Bobbi Brown’s Antique Gold worked into the sockets of the eye give a sexy, messy, less tailored finish. To complete the look find Dior’s Cristal Boréale a good powder glitter and apply to the eyelid and cheeks for a grown glamorous evening look.  Go for Paul And Jo Pearl Powder and Nars Nightbreed Eye Shadow for this trick alternatively you can sweep Dior’s Cristal Boréale over any smoky eye look.


YSL Fard LumiereFor women who prefer a softer approach, pastel shades are instantly wearable on any skin type and any eye shape. Pastels have been given a modern trendy edge with golds and silvers. Let your lids live in luxury this season and have a shine swept from lash line to socket – its all about the purple. You must try YSL’s Dior 5 Coleurs Eyeshadow in Night ButterflyFard Lumière in Amethyst Grey – sweep this colour on the eyelid and add plenty of black mascara to really accentuate the lashes. To create this look, I suggest the Dior 5 Coleurs Eyeshadow in Night Butterfly and match it with a clear gloss like MAC’s Lipglass over the lid for extra shine. (Yes I did say apply lipgloss over the eyelid!)



If your looking something super modern try Chantecaille's Lumière RoseShiseido’s Hydro Power Eye Shadow in Languid Lagoon, but with this look the cheeks are the key, so for contour and class add Chantecaille's Lumière Rose just to apples of the cheek.


Copper and warm earthy tones can heat up any skin this winter giving you that glamorous magazine cover perfection. Warm tones can be worn on the cheeks as a blusher or to add a deep pigment to lids for intensity around the eyes. Think shimmer think picture perfect.


MAC’s Pure Pigment in CopperNars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Skorpios works amazingly on darker skin to blend brown earthy tones and add a bit of glitter for a massive statement. Add MAC’s  Pure Pigment in Copper mineralise eye shadow under your spell looks like crushed gold and gives the eyes that ultimate diva dance the night away glamour touch.


The way to apply shimmer is to keep the shimmer sheer enough to let the skin show through. For the most flattering effect don’t pile shimmer on shimmer this will give you a frosted and fake look – try dusting on cheekbones after applying your blusher.

Be grown up be glamorous wear grown up glitter with confidence and remember its time to step away from the matte make-up – shimmer has come of age.

  1. You must use a fine, blunt-ended brush. Gently apply the base colour to the entire lid from the inside to the outside corner and from the base of the lashes to the eyelid crease.
  1. If the eyes need extra definition, you use the deeper shade and this is blended into the crease line. This gives depth to the eyes.
  1. The brow bone is highlighted with a light shade. This gives the eyes a wide, open look. The colour is applied to the most prominent area and blended up towards the brow and down to where the contour curves down, toward the eyelid creases.


For extra definition to the brow area, having your eyebrows threaded really helps to open up the eye area. It frames the shape of the eye immaculately and gives the perfect arch to define and highlight.

Before using any eyeshadow on the lids, always test the colours on the back of the hand to see the intensity. You can use even 3-4 colours, provided they all blend well.

The trick is to remember that pale tones emphasize, while deep darker shades de-fine.




MASCARA – the bane of most women’s lives! There are just so many out there, and at such varying prices, and they dry out so has to be the most expensive item we have to repeatedly spend money on. Sometimes it really feels like pouring money down the drain. So here’s my advice on what works and what doesn’t.

It’s official: we are going ‘CRAZY’ with mascara brushes! Some of the biggest names in the business, like Lancôme, Givenchy and Chanel are coming out with unusual mascara brushes, some that vibrate, and others shaped like miniature plastic combs or corkscrews.

Don’t throw out your traditional mascaras just yet, but you may just want to give one of the newer breed of brushes a try too.

GIVENCHY PHENOMEN' EYESPerfect for fine short petite lashes, Givenchy introduces a new generation of mascara: an innovative ball-shaped brush: GIVENCHY PHENOMEN' EYES. A totally ground-breaking 360° brush to capture even the tiniest lashes right from the root. . Lashes are redefined, intensified and magnified.

It is smart, innovative and definitely not a gadget. It lets you grab every single lash even those in the inner corner of the eye, creating a "fan" effect and no sticky clumpy lashes. The tip is you apply it vertically which surprisingly stops you from making that open mouth gesture we all do when applying mascara!

This mascara offers you a precise application but it takes getting used to and is slightly time consuming as it feels like you are doing one lash at a time, But it’s totally worth it as the results are phenomenal!

YSL's MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILSFor lashes that are blessed with length, YSL's MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS is the mascara you need. It delivers the best false lash effect celebrity eye makeup look. YSL’s luxurious mascara, gives a full, fat, glossy effect and your eyes look absolutely amazing. It intensifies the lashes in a single stroke. It’s secret is the ingredients which coat the lashes fattens them up, allowing them to curl; the added nylon fibres give enhancement to those lashes as never before. Your eyelashes appear thicker, darker and longer - what every girl dreams of!

It does have one flaw - after a few weeks of use the brush and the mascara get really clumpy and lose their effect. The way to avoid this is to not pump your mascara before you use it. All that air in the mascara will damage the brush and the application will not give the results you want.

The best mascara to achieve that false lash look naturally!

“Maybe It’s The Greatest Lash Mascara - Maybe Its Maybelline”

MAYBELLINE GREAT LASHGreat for all lash types, the famous pink and green MAYBELLINE GREAT LASH mascara is not only America’s no. 1 selling mascara, but it has to be one of the only mascaras that’s suitable for all lashes. The brush has a simple technology behind it and its one of the most effective mascaras for a natural lash look.

The Great Lash building formula makes lashes look fuller and the lash-building brush helps build a cleaner, more separated lash finish. It doesn’t add length or give a boosting volume - it simply enhances and coats what you have to give a sleek slender lash look. The amazing conditioning formula gives great looking lashes and glides on effortlessly.

MAYBELLINE LASH STILETTOTo give your lashes a boost and impact for evenings and parties, apply two coats of Blackest Black mascara and one coat of new MAYBELLINE LASH STILETTO mascara.

The criss-cross bristles on the Lash Stiletto mascara firmly grasps the lashes leaving them with a strong bold look and ultimate length with a patent shine.

The transformation of lashes is like slipping out of Gucci sneakers into Manolo Blahniks. The Lash Stiletto mascara certainly adds legs to your lashes !

DIORSHOWNow this next mascaras is by far one of the best I have ever used, and I have used a lot!

If the phase you are going through is really big voluptuous velvety lashes then this is the one for you. DIORSHOW is effectively the OTT makeup brought out by Dior. It is the all singing all dancing backstage makeup designed to get you noticed from across the building, never mind across the room. And it really does work.

The wand is a little shocking. To get the effect that it has, the brush is about double the width of all other mascara wands and is extremely dark black matt. The secret of this wonder makeup is the mascara being made from a wax rather than a liquid base, thus leaving no clumps bumps or mess.

The only downsides are realising once you have taken it off, you seem to have shrunk along with your eyelashes, and the time it takes to get used to applying it with the oversized brush.

The actual effect on the lashes is astounding. For optimum results curl your lashes a small amount before applying this stuff because you get double the effect. It doesn’t have a lengthening effect sure but it definitely has a thickening and fattening effect.

EXCEPTIONNEL DE CHANELI’ve never believed a mascara could curl your lashes and keep them curled until Chanel brought out EXCEPTIONNEL DE CHANEL intense volume and curl mascara. The formula is thick and smooth - it's very volumising and plush, and it does wear all day without flaking or smearing. I absolutely love this mascara.

However, the brush is something different. It is very unique, with alternating rows of combs & bristles. The application directions say to place it at the base of the lashes, rotate the brush outward, then pull the brush through to the lash tips. Basically, while you’re moving the brush head from the root to tip, you’re supposed to gently spin and rotate it outward. The idea is to have each row of bristles come in contact with the lashes.

The results will spin heads everywhere. Amazing super-exceptional curled lashes with volume and length.

Chanel’s Inimitable  Mascara and Lancôme’s Définicils mascaras sport short, stubby plastic bristles that look futuristic and efficient, while MAC's Plush Lash and Dior’s DiorShow supersize things with extra large brush heads and super long bristles.

Beyond simple changes to brush size and bristle type and shape, some companies are coming out with battery-powered wands with vibrating brush heads. Look out, Harry Potter!


Lancôme Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base.We want it all when it comes to mascara, so here’s my hot tips for achieving the ultimate lashes to frame those stunning eyes.

Always use a mascara primer. Primers coat lashes and separate them before you apply mascara. Makeup artists swear by mascara primer. I tried it and like it, but because it's an added step, I usually use primer only on special occasions when I spend more time on my makeup. My hands-down favourite is Lancôme Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base.


Don't shy away from coloured mascara. Basic mascara rules are simple: Black works for everyone but can be harsh on light-skinned blondes. Blondes should opt for brown/black by day and reserve black/ultra black for night. Blue mascara brightens blue eyes while purple mascara makes brown eyes shine.

Shu Uemura's Cleanser/Makeup RemoverProtect your lashes by removing mascara gently always apply your makeup remover to a  warm damp cotton wool and sweep the remover pad downwards not side to side. For optimum eye makeup removal use one of Shu Uemura's Cleanser/Makeup Remover cleansing oils that emulsify in water – amazing - apply a pump or two to wet fingers and gently massage over your lashes. This will dissolve the mascara condition the lashes and you will never wake up with panda eyes again. The green Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium a/o is my favourite as it’s anti-ageing.

Chanel Precision Démaquillant Yeux Intense Gentle Biphase Eye Makeup RemoverAnother eye makeup remover that the Editor swears by is Chanel Precision Démaquillant Yeux Intense Gentle Biphase Eye Makeup Remover. It’s super gentle on your eyes. This dual-phase formula gently whisks away all eye makeup, even waterproof mascara. It provides effective eye makeup removal with the refreshing feel of water. It's suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Water Cornflower Extract and Water Rose Extract soothe and calm vulnerable eye area, and is fragrance-free.

LASHFOOD™And lastly ladies, if you are or have been a lash junkie - applying false lashes – individual lashes, lash extensions, and your lashes are breaking or are starting to appear brittle try LASHFOOD™.

This product is amazing to condition, strengthen and re-nourish the roots of the lashes. It can be used on brows too. Think of multivitamins just for your lashes. The great thing about this is that you can use it with your false lashes and also if you’re a contact lens wearer. Its applied as you would apply an eyeliner and the amazing part is you see results in 2-3 weeks.

Wearing mascara is a necessary evil. With these few tips and tricks applying mascara will transform your stubby eyelashes to long, lush beauties, just like the rest of you.



Luscious Lips

SCARLET is forties feminine and sensual. It’s time to pay homage to Hollywood starlets with high maintenance make up to chase away those winter blues.

Red signifies passion glamour success strength it’s the colour the human eye can see easily in the dark.

Have you ever wondered why the glamour of Hollywood walks on a red carpet?

There is a red lipstick for everyone here's the key to finding out which red is for you.

Angelina JolieShades of skin fall under two categories cool and warm:

Fair, rosey-cheeked and pink tones are known as a cool shade; cool shades suit pinky reds, blue based-reds, berry-reds, brick reds and plum tones.

Olive, almost tanned skin has yellow tones and is known as warm shade; warm shades suit lipstick that has a warm undertone, like deep red, burgundy, brown based reds or the shade of wine.

The exception to the rule is that any woman with any skin tone can wear a true red as long as its worn with confidence.

Get the starlet red look right and you will be centre of attention – can you handle the responsibility of getting it right?


The main rule for red is never kiss anyone on the cheek- the red rule is why we have the air kiss!


Here's a couple we've tried and tested:




Adds light moisture, smoothes and refines the lips. Improves the appearance of applied lip products. A colour-free base to wear under lipstick.





This primer's creamy texture is designed to adhere to the lips, trapping the oils in lipsticks to create long lasting colour.



Finally, use a well-sharpened specifically matched lip liner to shape and achieve perfect lips.

Now you are perfectly prepared for lasting lipstick hold - and all this even before the lipstick goes on!

So are you ready for your red?




The best blue red lipstick in town. – an intense matte finish incredibly long lasting with no need to reapply The red statement this season.




Armani Matte Silk Lipstick



Luxurious lips with a velvet finish. Must be applied with a lip brush -powerful pretty and highly pigmented.





A luminous satin lip laquer, it's light, creamy texture, filled with “soft focus” coated pigments, coats lips in intense colour and lacquered shine. This little jewel in black lacquered glass conceals an “artist’s brush” applicator, the secret weapon of precision for perfectly defined lips. It combines the easy application of a gloss with the makeup finish of a lipstick.

A botanical jelling agent provides perfect hold, while Jojoba oil extract ensures extreme comfort.



Another CHANEL wonder-lipstick is ALLURE PASSION N°14.

Luminous satin lip colour that combines fabulously wearable, lustrous colour and sensational comfort.


Rouge Coco de Chanel

And now that we're talking about Chanel, take note that the fabulous Rouge Hydrabase Creme lipstick range has been discontinued. It is always worth stocking up on Chanel lipsticks as they do have a terrible habit of discontinuing your favourite shades!

It was replaced by a whole new range: Rouge Coco de Chanel. The new Rouge Coco formula combines hydration and comfort. The Hydratender complex delivers 8-hour hydration with a single application. The choice of pigments with an utmost quality optimises the formula’s comfort. 



To really rock the red and allow your lipstick maximum staying power, apply a lip primer before your foundation, and powder over the lip area - this provides a neutral base.

RED Lipstick must be applied with precision to give that pout, if not you can end up looking clown faced.

So to finish you off beautifully, remember to keep the face pale and simple do not accentuate all your features.

The key to red is that your lips are the only feature you are enhancing.

Now you have the secret to seductive lips go ahead and wear your red successfully!