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Summer Tours 2017

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All KO times are local unless otherwise stated

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Summer Rugby 2016

Week 5

Samoa v Wales Fiji v Scotland Japan v IrelandAustralia v Italy Canada v USA Argentina v GeorgiaSouth Africa v France

Samoa SAMOA 17 - 19 WALESWales

Apia Park, Apia - Friday 23rd June 2017
KO: 19:30 HT: 10-9 Att: tbc


Samoa v Wales Anthems underway in Apia - thunderstorms expected! It's a tad wet out there...
Samoa v Wales Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen Asst Referees: Mike Fraser, Rohan Hoffmann
Samoa 0-0 Wales 0m The siva tau is done & KO comes from Wales & Kahn Fotuali’i thumps it out of 22 to touch
Samoa 0-0 Wales 1m Not started well for Wales as they lose their lineout then promptly knock on too for Samoa lineout
Samoa 0-0 Wales 2m Lovely setpiece from Samoa & a crosskick gets them ever closer to the Welsh goal line with advantage
Samoa 5-0 Wales 3m From a ruck in far corner, lovely hands for Alapati Leiua to score close to nearside corner
Samoa 7-0 Wales 4m Tusi Pisi pings over the conversion & Samoa made that look awfully easy
Samoa 7-0 Wales 6m Restart puts Wales up at Samoan 22 but they make a mess of the setpiece again & Samoa push them back
Samoa 7-0 Wales 8m Defensive scrum for Samoa & they clear to inside Welsh 10m before Gareth Anscombe knocks it on
Samoa 10-0 Wales 10m Poor start for Wales as Pisi pings over penalty kick to increase the lead, points matching minutes
Samoa 10-0 Wales 11m Midfield breakdown & prop Paul Alo-Emile pinged for offside - Wales have a chance for points...
Samoa 10-3 Wales 12m ..Sam Davies has a better start than last week & opens the account for Wales with penalty inside halfway
Samoa 10-3 Wales 14m Welsh scrum is good & Davies kicks ahead behind goal line but there's no one there except Samoans
Samoa 10-3 Wales 15m 22 restart but Alafoti Fa'osiliva knocks it on for a Welsh attacking scrum at the 22
Samoa 10-3 Wales 16m The scrum is just fine, but Ellis Jenkins knocks it on & Wales lose a lot of ground as a result
Samoa Wales 2017Samoa 10-3 Wales 17m Wales bring it back outside the Samoan 22 but another infringement gives Samoa the scrum
Samoa 10-3 Wales 18m Samoa's scrum is still solid & Wales can't budge them - homeside clear Wales back again
Samoa 10-3 Wales 19m As Wales return deeper into Samoan territory, Manu Leiataua is offside to give Davies a second shot
Samoa 10-6 Wales 20m Davies splices the uprights to reduce the Welsh deficit with 3 more points
Samoa 10-6 Wales 22m From restart, Wales midfield lineout which is fine but they're pinged for obstruction for Pisi to clear
Samoa 10-6 Wales 24m Samoa have lineout deep in the Welsh 22 but it's stolen at the breakdown by Wales for visitors' penalty scrum
Samoa 10-6 Wales 26m Wales manage to clear Samoa from their danger zone efficiently & Samoa lose a lot of ground
Samoa 10-6 Wales 27m Homeside come flying back up to Welsh 22 but Faatiga Lemalu charges into breakdown off his feet
Samoa 10-6 Wales 28m Wales can clear to touch for lineout which does go to plan & slowly they creep back into Samoan territory
Samoa 10-6 Wales 29m Samoa again have a defensive scrum outside their 22 & Fotuali’i clears it to Cory Allen to take in
Samoa 10-6 Wales 30m Wales come back & Anscombe chips thru for Leiua to touch down behind the whitewash
Samoa 10-6 Wales 31m Welsh 5m scrum holds well & recycle slowly to far side before D’Angelo Leuila intercepts & runs off
Samoa 10-6 Wales 32m Leuila kicks beautifully into space & Anscombe scrambles to get back to his 22 - he just makes it
Samoa 10-6 Wales 33m Wales clear Samoa back to 10m for the lineout & that goes well for Samoa, but knock on from Leiua in attack
Samoa 10-6 Wales 35m The visitors are saved again as they can force Samoa back & play to the midfield
Samoa 10-6 Wales 36m Yet another offside call for Samoa & Davies can get even closer to the Samoan score...
Samoa 10-9 Wales 37m ...& from just outside the Samoan 10m, Davies takes the Welsh score to within a point of Samoa
Samoa 10-9 Wales 39m However, a Welsh knock on gives Samoa an attacking scrum right outside the 22 & again it's solid...
Samoa 10-9 Wales 40m ...Samoa go wide as the HT siren goes off & slowly but surely they creep forward & into the Welsh 22
Samoa 10-9 Wales 40+1m Welsh defence can't stop the Samoans & from the breakdown the ball goes out to Pisi for a drop goal...
Samoa 10-9 Wales 40+2m ...but it falls short & 30 muddied & drenched chaps clomp off inside for the half time break

Samoa 10-9 Wales HT T: Leiua C: Pisi P: Pisi | P: Sam Davies (3)

Samoa 10-9 Wales 40m A much better start for Wales as they're quickly into Samoan 22 with Aaron Shingler chipping thru
Samoa 10-9 Wales 41m Jenkins gets to the ball just short of tryline but it's quickly recycled out & goes wide to the corner
Samoa 10-14 Wales 42m & with more than a man over, Steffan Evans skids over the whitewash to score
Samoa 10-14 Wales 43m Sam Davies can't get his conversion , but Wales are in the lead for the first time
Samoa 10-14 Wales 45m Samoa get to outside the Welsh 22 from the restart but a massive wall of Welsh defence & it's a turnover
Samoa 10-14 Wales 47m Welsh defensive scrum outside their 22 - & it has to be reset...
Samoa Wales 2017Samoa 10-14 Wales 48m ...eventually it gets going & Samoa are put back over halfway & Wales give away a penalty
Samoa 10-14 Wales 49m Samoa defensive scrum on 10m is good & they clear but a knock on gives Wales possession again
Samoa 10-14 Wales 50m Before you know it, Samoa are defending their lineout in their own 22 - but they hang on well
Samoa 10-14 Wales 52m From the Samoan 22 to the Welsh 22 in barely any time as Samoa clear over halfway & have attacking lineout
Samoa 15-14 Wales 52m ...& it's Leiataua who bolts over the tryline to score& steal back the lead from Wales
Samoa 17-14 Wales 53m Pisi slips & chucks up a lot of grass & mud as he converts - but he does
Samoa 17-14 Wales 54m Meanwhile Faifili Levave on for Fa'osiliva & Adam Beard for Seb Davies
Samoa 17-14 Wales 56m Leiataua is pinged giving Sam Davies a chance to equalise quickly - but he can't
Samoa 17-14 Wales 58m Scott Baldwin & Wyn Jones for Nicky Smith & Ryan Elias
Samoa 17-14 Wales 59m Welsh lineout outside the Samoan 22 is good & they have another inside it but ball goes loose
Samoa 17-14 Wales 60m Samoa collect & clear but not far & Welsh lineout is still in the Samoan 22
Samoa 17-14 Wales 61m Vavae Tuilagi & Nephi Leatigaga on for Galu Taufale & Viliamu Afatia
Samoa 17-14 Wales 62m Wales lose lineout & this time Samoa clear Wales away properly while Scott Williams for Tyler Morgan
Samoa 17-14 Wales 65m Rhodri Jones & Thomas Young on for Dillon Lewis & Aaron Shingler
Samoa 17-14 Wales 65m Pisi's kick is from the 10m & wide but he doesn't quite find his mark & score remains
Samoa 17-14 Wales 67m More aerial football before Wales offside & Pisi kicks to corner in Welsh 22 - doesn't find touch!
Samoa 17-14 Wales 68m Seilala Lam on for Leiataua while Wales have an attacking lineout - but it's long & Samoa clear
Samoa 17-14 Wales 70m Samoan lineout on halfway is just fine but David Lemi knocks on & Wales back in possession...
Samoa 17-14 Wales 72m Sam Davies kicks well but Samoan return is just as good & Wales lineout have a 22 lineout
Samoa Wales 2017Samoa 17-14 Wales 73m Wales steadily work into the 22 retaining possession & win penalty for 5m scrum
Samoa 17-19 Wales 75m Wales drive the scrum well & Steffan Evans claims a brace with his second score
Samoa 17-19 Wales 76m Davies doesn't find his conversion, & Wales have a slim 2 point lead
Samoa 17-19 Wales 76m Tila Mealoi replaces the Samoan captain Lemi
Samoa 17-19 Wales 77m Samoa are determined & work their way up to the Welsh 22, only to give possession away
Samoa 17-19 Wales 77m Bronson Fotuali'i-Tauakipulu replaces Paul Alo-Emile in the Samoan front row as Wales have the scrum
Samoa 17-19 Wales 78m Welsh defensive scrum has to be reset but they hang on & clear - Samoa attacking lineout to come...
Samoa 17-19 Wales 79m ...Samoan lineout results in loose ball but Fotuali’i saves it
Samoa 17-19 Wales 79m But Wales turn it over & ball finds touch after it goes high over halfway
Samoa 17-19 Wales 80m Wales take their time after the FT siren goes off & the Welsh lineout finally happens
Samoa 17-19 Wales 80m Welsh players just walk balls into touch for the win but Samoa haven't realised & handbags threaten
Samoa 17-19 Wales FT And it's all over. Wales just win in Samoa after homeside's discipline let them down

Samoa15 D’Angelo Leuila 14 Alapati Leiua 13 Kieron Fonotia 12 Rey Lee-Lo 11 DAVID LEMI (C) 10 Tusi Pisi 9 Kahn Fotuali’i 1 Viliamu Afatia 2 Manu Leiataua 3 Paul Alo-Emile 4 Chris Vui 5 Fa'atiga Lemalu 6 Piula Fa'asalele 7 Galu Taufale 8 Alafoti Fa'osiliva BENCH: 16 Seilala Lam 17 Nephi Leatigaga 18 Bronson Fotualii-Tauakipulu 19 Faifili Levave 20 Vavae Tuilagi 21 Dwayne Polataivao 22 Henry Taefu 23 Tila Mealoi

SCORERS T: Leiua, Leiataua C: Pisi (2) P: Pisi

Wales15 Gareth Anscombe 14 Cory Allen 13 Tyler Morgan 12 JAMIE ROBERTS (C) 11 Steffan Evans 10 Sam Davies 9 Aled Davies 1 Nicky Smith 2 Ryan Elias 3 Dillon Lewis 4 Seb Davies 5 Rory Thornton 6 Aaron Shingler 7 Ellis Jenkins 8 Josh Navidi BENCH: 16 Scott Baldwin 17 Wyn Jones 18 Rhodri Jones 19 Adam Beard 20 Thomas Young 21 Tomos Williams 22 Owen Williams 23 Scott Williams

SCORERS T: Evans (2) P: Sam Davies (3)

Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen Asst Referees: Mike Fraser, Rohan Hoffmann




FijiFIJI 27 - 22 SCOTLAND Scotland

ANZ Stadium, Suva - Saturday 24th June 2017
KO: 14:30 HT: 11-7


Fiji15 Kini Murimurivalu 14 Josua Tuisova 13 Albert Vulivuli 12 Jale Vatubua 11 Patrick Osborne 10 Ben Volavola 9 Serupepeli Vularika 1 Peni Ravai 2 Sunia Koto 3 Kalivati Tawake 4 Tevita Cavubati 5 Leone Nakarawa 6 Dominiko Waqaniburotu 7 Peceli Yato 8 AKAPUSI QERA (C) BENCH: 16 Tuapati Talemaitoga 17 Joeli Veitayaki 18 Mosese Ducivaki 19 Sikeli Nabou 20 Naulia Dawai 21 Henry Seniloli 22 John Stewart 23 Benito Masilevu

SCORERS T: Yato, Senioli C: Volavola P: Volavola (5) Yellow Card Cavubati, Ravai

Scotland15 Ruaridh Jackson 14 Damien Hoyland 13 Nick Grigg* 12 Duncan Taylor 11 Tim Visser 10 Peter Horne 9 Henry Pyrgos 1 Alex Allan 2 Ross Ford 3 Willem Nel 4 Tim Swinson 5 Jonny Gray 6 JOHN BARCLAY (C) 7 John Hardie 8 Josh Strauss BENCH: 16 Fraser Brown 17 Gordon Reid 18 Zander Fagerson 19 Ben Toolis 20 Hamish Watson 21 Ryan Wilson 22 Ali Price 23 Greig Tonks

SCORERS T: Ford, Jackson, Brown C: Jackson (2) P: Jackson Yellow Card Strauss

Referee: Pascal Gaüzère Asst Referees: Will Houston, Graham Cooper




JapanJAPAN 13 - 35 IRELANDIreland

Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo - Saturday 24th June 2017
KO: 14:40 HT: 8-28 Att: 29,354

Ireland ran in five tries to complete a series win over Japan. Back rowers Josh van der Flier and Sean Reidy scored their first international tries as Ireland overcame a stiffer challenge from Japan to wrap up the two-match series with a 35-13 win in muggy Tokyo.

Japan Ireland Test 2 2017

28 points was the margin in Shizuoka last week and it was 22 on this afternoon at Ajinomoto Stadium, the venue for the opening match of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. The second Test also marked Devin Toner's 50th cap for Ireland and a first for replacement scrum half John Cooney, who came on in the closing stages.

A third-minute intercept try from Garry Ringrose - his fourth score of his debut Test season - put Joe Schmidt's men on course for a 28-8 half-time lead. Josh van der Flier, Kieran Marmion and tour captain Rhys Ruddock also touched down, while busy centre Kotaro Matsushima chipped in with Japan's try.

It was a hard slog in the third quarter, the hosts' swarming defence cutting down the space and opportunities for Ireland. A ricocheting kick bounced fortuitously for winger Akihito Yamada to notch a try on the hour mark.

However, with 20-year-old lock James Ryan impressing off the bench, Ireland hit back with a fifth and final try when some neat interplay between fellow replacements Niall Scannell and Sean Reidy saw the latter raid in just to the right of the posts.

Paddy Jackson made it 11 successful kicks out of 11 in the last two games, finishing with a 10-point haul in the Japanese capital, as Ruddock, who led the new-look squad extremely well from New Jersey to Tokyo, accepted the Lipovitan D Challenge Cup on behalf of the victors.

Making his second start of the tour, industrious young winger Jacob Stockdale received the kick-off and also a number of restarts as Ireland coped well with Japan's early attempts to get on top. Indeed, Ringrose swooped on a loose pass in midfield to dart clear for halfway for the opening try, converted by Jackson.

The Brave Blossoms made sure it was very competitive fare, contesting every ball in a high-tempo first quarter. However, Ireland were the more assured team in possession, twice building from James Tracy's reliable lineout throws before good footwork and awareness from openside van der Flier was rewarded with a ninth-minute converted try.

Skipper Ruddock and Jack Conan both carried powerfully in the build-up, with quick passes from Jackson and the heavily-involved Luke Marshall putting van der Flier in space on the right wing. Nonetheless, having conceded successive penalties, Ireland handed back three points in the form of a well-struck penalty from Japan out-half Jumpei Ogura.

Ireland's ability to quickly build a score was evident soon after, with a great rip by Toner starting a lively attack that saw Marshall slice through and then carry again closer in. Meaty carries from Conan and Cian Healy had the visitors just a metre or two out, before scrum half Marmion plunged over for a simple finish from the ruck for his second try of the tour.

Jackson's accurate right boot pushed Ireland onto 21 points before the water break in 28-degree heat. Toner and Kieran Treadwell, who looked the part on his first start, ensured a steady stream of lineout ball, and while the prolific Keith Earls was not as threatening as last week, his charge-down of a kick might have led to a second try for van der Flier.

Jamie Joseph's side clawed back a large chunk of territory with a well-executed kick chase, and the momentum for their first try was provided by a muscular carry from big lock Uwe Helu. The home backs did the rest, crisp passing giving Matsushima the chance to slip past Marmion and score wide on the right. Ogura narrowly missed the conversion.

However, the Japanese were prone to errors and following an overcooked kick by Ogura, Marshall was a prominent carrier as Ireland pressed for a couple of inviting penalties. Conan then attacked off a close-in scrum, rumbling up close before Toner's pass sent Ruddock, who was well supported by Treadwell, barging in under the posts. Credit referee JP Doyle for spotting the grounding, and Jackson tagged on the simple conversion.

Ireland's direct style was paying dividends with four tries on the board and over 70% possession. They had other opportunities before the interval, most notably when Jackson sniped through a gap and combined slickly with Earls on the right wing, but a momentum-killing penalty against van der Flier and Helu's turnover at a maul allowed Japan to work their way back downfield.

Japan15 Ryuji Noguchi 14 Akihito Yamada 13 Kotaro Matsushima 12 Yu Tamura 11 Kenki Fukuoka 10 Jumpei Ogura 9 Yutaka Nagare 1 Shintaro Ishihara 2 Yusuke Niwai 3 Takuma Asahara 4 Luke Thompson 5 Uwe Helu 6 MICHAEL LEITCH (C) 7 Shuhei Matsuhashi 8 Amanaki Mafi BENCH: 16 Shota Horie 17 Keita Inagaki 18 Takayuki Watanabe 19 Kotaro Yatabe 20 Yoshitaka Tokunaga 21 Fumiaki Tanaka 22 Rikiya Matsuda 23 Ryohei Yamanaka

SCORERS T: Matsushima, Yamada P: Ogura

Ireland15 Andrew Conway 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Luke Marshall 11 Jacob Stockdale 10 Paddy Jackson 9 Kieran Marmion 1 Cian Healy 2 James Tracy 3 John Ryan 4 Kieran Treadwell 5 Devin Toner 6 RHYS RUDDOCK (C) 7 Josh van der Flier 8 Jack Conan BENCH: 16 Niall Scannell 17 Dave Kilcoyne 18 Andrew Porter 19 James Ryan 20 Sean Reidy 21 John Cooney* 22 Rory Scannell 23 Tiernan O'Halloran

SCORERS T: Ringrose, van der Flier, Marmion, Ruddock, Reidy C: Jackson (5)

Referee: JP Doyle Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal, Alex Ruiz TMO: Glenn Newman




Australia AUSTRALIA 40 - 27 ITALYItaly

Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane - Saturday 24th June 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 21-13 Att: 21,849


THE Qantas Wallabies defeated Italy 40-27 on a sun-soaked Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Saturday afternoon.

The Wallabies powered in six tries, with Israel Folau and Sefa Naivalu both posting a double as they took down a spirited Azzurri outfit who trailed by just a point as the clock ticked down inside the final five minutes of play.

A 77th minute solo try to Bernard Foley gave the men in gold some breathing space, before a 50-metre dash down the left touchline from replacement back Reece Hodge blew the final margin out to 13 points.

The Australian effort was once again punctuated by errors at key moments, as they failed to shake the gritty Italians until right at the death.

The Azzurri jumped out to a 3-0 lead and almost stretched their advantage further but for a TMO decision denying the visitors the opening try.

Starved of the ball early, the Wallabies eventually broke into the game when Naivalu broke free on the left wing and used his sheer speed to reach the tryline in the 14th minute.

Shortly after, the home side were attacking the line again and slick hands from Dane Haylett-Petty sent Folau spinning over in the corner to extend Australia’s lead to 14-3.

Italy pegged the gap back to 14-6 with another penalty to Tommaso but it was Australia who struck another blow with Folau crossing for his second try at the 30-minute mark to take the score to 21-6.

With the Wallabies seemingly in command heading to half time, momentum shifted on a brilliant solo try to Michele Campagnaro. The Exeter Chiefs centre sliced through the midfield, sprinting 50 metres and just escaping the Wallabies covering defence to cut the margin to eight.

Australia shot out of the blocks in the second half and a flashy through-the-legs pass from Foley and slick Karmichael Hunt hands sent Naivalu over for his second five-pointer just three minutes after the break.

The Italians then capitalised on some strong work from their scrum and finally seized another try-scoring opportunity when Haylett-Petty fumbled a high ball under defensive pressure into the hands of fullback Edoardo Padovani who dived over.

Four minutes later they were back in again through another opportunistic raid when replacement back Tommaso Benvenuti stole a pass from Rory Arnold deep in the Wallabies half and crashed over despite the Australian cover defence to bridge the gap to one after the conversion.

Losing replacement prop Toby Smith to a yellow card in the 73rd minute didn’t help Australia’s cause as the match hung in the balance until the final stages.

Foley’s determined solo effort to reach over next to the right upright, and Hodge’s runaway try in the final minute meant the Wallabies could finally stamp their authority on the contest and prevailed by a final score of 40-27.

Australia Italy Summer Tour 2017

Qantas Wallabies Captain, Stephen Moore said: “To Italy’s credit they fought their way back into the game. It probably shows where we are at, down on a little bit of confidence in some parts of our game.

“I thought our defence and physicality was really good. There is some good stuff to work on there, but we have a big couple of months before we play New Zealand.

“We want to be able to back ourselves but you don’t want to make those errors, particularly in our own half. We’ll go away and look at that and work on it for the next couple of months.”

Australia15 Israel Folau 14 Dane Haylett-Petty 13 Rob Horne 12 Karmichael Hunt 11 Sefa Naivalu 10 Bernard Foley 9 Will Genia 1 Scott Sio 2 STEPHEN MOORE (C) 3 Allan Alaalatoa 4 Rory Arnold 5 Adam Coleman 6 Ned Hanigan 7 Michael Hooper 8 Lopeti Timani BENCH: 16 Tatafu Polota-Nau 17 Toby Smith 18 Sekope Kepu 19 Sam Carter 20 Jack Dempsey* 21 Joe Powell 22 Quade Cooper 23 Reece Hodge

SCORERS T: Naivalu (2), Folau (2), Foley, Hodge C: Foley (5) Yellow Card Smith

Italy15 Edoardo Padovani 14 Angelo Esposito 13 Michele Campagnaro 12 Tommaso Boni 11 Giovambattista Venditti 10 Tommaso Allan 9 Tito Tebaldi 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 Luca Bigi 3 Simone Ferrari 4 Marco Fuser 5 Dean Budd 6 FRANCESCO MINTO (C) 7 Maxime Mbanda’ 8 Andries Van Schalkwyk 16 Ornel Gega 17 Federico Zani 18 Pietro Ceccarelli 19 Marco Lazzaroni* 20 Abraham Steyn 21 Edoardo Gori 22 Carlo Canna 23 Tommaso Benvenuti

SCORERS T: Campagnaro, Padovani, Benvenuti C: Allan (3) P: Allan (2) Yellow Card Steyn

Referee: Matt Carley Asst Referees: Wayne Barnes, Brendon Pickerill TMO: Ben Skeen




Canada CANADA 28 - 28USA USA

Tim Hortons Field, Hamilton - Saturday 24th June 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 15-21 Att: tbc

Canada15 Mike Te'o 14 Ryan Matyas 13 Bryce Campbell 12 Marcel Brache 11 Matai Leuta 10 AJ MacGinty 9 Nate Augspurger 1 Tony Purpura 2 James Hilterbrand 3 Paddy Ryan 4 Ben Landry 5 Nick Civetta 6 TODD CLEVER (C) 7 John Quill 8 Cam Dolan BENCH: 16 Peter Malcolm 17 Ben Tarr 18 Dino Waldren 19 Matthew Jensen 20 David Tameilau 21 Andrew Durutalo 22 Shaun Davies 23 Ben Cima

SCORERS T: van der Merwe (2), Carpenter C: O'Leary (2) P: O'Leary (3)

USA15 Ciaran Hearn 14 Andrew Coe 13 DTH van der Merwe 12 Connor Braid 11 Taylor Paris 10 Shane O'Leary 9 Phil Mack 1 Djustice Sears-Duru 2 Ray Barkwill 3 Jake Ilnicki 4 BRETT BEUKEBOOM (C) 5 Evan Olmstead 6 Admir Cejvanovic 7 Matt Heaton 8 Tyler Ardron BENCH: 16 Benoit Piffero 17 Anthony Luca 18 Matt Tierney 19 Kyle Baillie 20 Aaron Carpenter 21 Gordon McRorie 22 Nick Blevins 23 Dan Moor

SCORERS T: Civetta (2), Te'o (2) C: MacGinty (4) Yellow Card Hilterbrand, Dolan

Referee: Ben Whitehouse Asst Referees: Andrew Brace, Shuhei Kubo TMO: Sean Davey




ArgentinaARGENTINA 45 - 29 GEORGIA Georgia

Estadio 23 de Agosto, Jujuy - Saturday 24th June 2017
KO: 16:15 HT: 26-8 Att: tbc

Argentina15 Joaquín Tuculet 14 Matías Moroni 13 Matías Orlando 12 Jerónimo de la Fuente 11 Ramiro Moyano 10 Nicolás Sánchez 9 Martín Landajo 1 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 2 AGUSTÍN CREEVY (C) 3 Enrique Pieretto 4 Guido Petti 5 Matías Alemanno 6 Tomás Lezana 7 Rodrigo Báez 8 Leonardo Senatore BENCH: 16 Julián Montoya 17 Lucas Noguera 18 Ramiro Herrera 19 Pablo Matera 20 Benjamin Macome 21 Gonzalo Bertanou 22 Santiago González Iglesias 23 Germán Schulz

SCORERS T: Creevy, Tuculet, Moyano (3) C: Sanchez (4) P: Sanchez (4) Yellow Card Moyano

Georgia15 Merab Kvirikashvili 14 Tamaz Mchedlidze 13 Davit Kacharava 12 MERAB SHARIKADZE (C) 11 Alexander Todua 10 Lasha Khmaladze 9 Vasil Lobzhanidze 1 Mikheil Nariashvili 2 Jaba Bregvadze 3 Soso Bekoshvili 4 Giorgi Nemsadze 5 Konstantin Mikautadze 6 Lasha Lomidze 7 Viktor Kolelishvili 8 Beka Bitsadze BENCH: 16 Shalva Mamukashvili 17 Tornike Mataradze 18 Anton Peikrishvili 19 Giorgi Chkhaidze 20 Otar Giorgadze 21 Giorgi Begadze 22 Lasha Malaguradze 23 Soso Matiashvili

SCORERS T: Kacharava, PT, Matiashvili, Mamukashvili C: Matiashvili (2) P: Kvirikashvili Yellow Card Nemsadze

Referee: Luke Pearce Asst Referees: John Lacey, Egon Seconds TMO: Aaron Paterson




South Africa SOUTH AFRICA 35 - 12 FRANCE France

Emirates Airline Park, Johannesburg - Saturday 24th June 2017
KO: 17:00 HT: 16-9 Att: tbc


Boks captain Warren Whiteley out of Test 3 v France with groin strain; Etzebeth leads, Jean-Luc du Preez moves to No8, Jaco Kriel comes into starting line up at 7 & Lood de Jager onto bench
Boks v France Just over half hour til KO in J'burg & we'll be with you live from Emirates Airline (Ellis) Park
Boks v France Live from Ellis Park where 22 years ago today, Francois Pienaar & Nelson Mandela raised the RWC 1995
Boks v France Burning #SA2023 on the pitch & 1995 RWC winner Chester Williams is a guest today
Springboks France T3 2017Boks v France Both teams are on the pitch amongst the smoke from pyrotechnics...
Boks v France Referee: Angus Gardner Asst Referees: Ben O’Keeffe, Glen Jackson TMO: Rowan Kitt top
Boks v France Anthem time; Boks have never beaten France at Ellis Park...but have already claimed the series
Boks v France Really don't think there's a better anthem than La Marseillaise!
Boks v France Chap singing Nkosi Sikelel' is called J' seriously!
Boks v France Final flyover before we can kick off in J'burg...
Boks 0-0 France 0m Jules Plisson kicks off the final Boks v Les Bleus match this year...
Boks 0-0 France 0m Ball finds touch after KO & it's a French lineout outside the Bok 22
Boks 0-0 France 1m French much improved over ball & firmly into Bok 22 & Brice Dulin forced into kick to touch
Boks 0-0 France 2m Boks have defensive lineout in their 22 & it's fine but France turn it over, & its reversed...
Boks 0-0 France 3m Boks do well to clear France out of their 22 & take play to midfield & into French territory
Boks 0-0 France 4m Massive tackles on both sides & France infringe at the breakdown on their 22 to hand over penalty
Boks 3-0 France 5m Good work from Elton Jantjies who opens the scoring for the Boks
Boks 3-0 France 6m French ball goes loose from short lineout at the Bok 22 & Raymond Rhule pounces on it
Boks 3-0 France 7m Nans Ducuing gets behind the kick for France & it flies the other before Jesse Kriel...
Boks 8-0 France 7m ...gets his hands on it to fly over the whitewash to score
Springboks France T3 2017Boks 10-0 France 8m Jantjies converts it perfectly & Boks are looking pretty fierce again
Boks 10-0 France 9m France restart & Dulin is in possession after a French lineout but taken down high by The Beast
Boks 10-0 France 10m It's just a penalty that the refs have a look at & Plisson tees up...
Boks 10-3 France 11m Les Bleus are on the board courtesy of Plisson's foot
Boks 10-3 France 12m But the French hand over a penalty immediately as Boks bulldoze into their half...
Boks 10-3 France 13m ...Jantjies tees up from outside the 22 wide of uprights but misses his target
Boks 10-3 France 14m The Boks reciprocate with a penalty for France from their restart & Plisson tees up...
Boks 10-6 France 15m An excellent demonstration of a slightly awkward penalty kick & deficit is to just 4
Boks 10-6 France 17m Much better restart from Boks & they have the lineout which Malcolm Marx throws long...
Boks 10-6 France 17m ...& Guilhem Guirado cleans up for France; ball finds touch on far side
Boks 10-6 France 18m Off the French, the lineout is for Boks again, & this one's better - aerial football ensues
Boks 10-6 France 18m & a great kick from Plisson heads towards touch in Bok 22; Jantjies knocks it into touch...
Boks 10-6 France 19m ... but replay shows it hit touch before Jantjies hand & leg - Bok defensive scrum in 22
Boks 10-6 France 20m The short lineout is solid & ball goes to Andries Coetzee to clear French out of the Bok 22
Boks 10-6 France 21m French lineout outside the 22 & the Boks are push the French back into their own half
Springboks France T3 2017Boks 13-6 France 23m Guirado pinged for coming into side of ruck & Jantjies adds another 3 points to his tally
Boks 13-6 France 24m Restart has French back in the Bok 22 & it's pick n go as they creep closer to tryline
Boks 13-6 France 25m Good discipline from Bok defence & they force the turnover from France for a defending scrum
Boks 13-6 France 26m A brief time off & water break before Boks set their scrum...
Boks 13-6 France 27m ...debutant Ruan Dreyer drops his shoulder & collapses scrum - reset coz asst refs not...
Boks 13-6 France 27m ...paying attention; Gardner allows Hougaard to feed ball directly to back of his pack!
Boks 13-6 France 28m Poor reffing & a penalty is handed to Boks to clear the French back to the midfield
Boks 13-6 France 29m Boks set up an attacking 22 lineout which Yacouba Camara picks off neatly
Boks 13-6 France 30 Ball finds touch again for Bok lineout & goes long; Kriel chases it but Jefferson Poirot over it
Boks 13-6 France 31m French clear Boks away from their 22 & Courtnall Skosan gets under high ball but falls
Boks 13-6 France 33m Ball heads back over halfway again for a French defensive scrum & they break Bok pack
Boks 13-6 France 34 Ball cleared for French 10m attacking lineout & go wide but into touch; quick throw in from Boks
Boks 13-6 France 35m Boks are quickly back into French territory & good work at the breakdown gives Boks a penalty
Boks 16-6 France 37m Jantjies takes his time setting the tee & adds 3 more points for Boks
Boks 16-6 France 38m Skosan gets under the restart ball & Boks & French line up on Bok 22 in defence/attack
Boks 16-6 France 39m Boks push back & Jan Serfontein performs well at breakdown to secure a 10m defensive scrum
Boks 16-6 France 40m Scrum is reset; Dreyer is the guilty party again for the final French penalty of the half
Boks 16-9 France 40+1m The siren's long gone as Plisson tees up from way out near touch but it's bang on for HT

Boks 16-9 France HT T: Jesse Kriel C: Jantjies P: Jantjies (3) | P: Plisson (3)

Springboks France T3 HT 2017Boks 16-9 France 40m Second half about to KO & this game is still anyone's tho Boks have the edge; Loann Goujon on for Camara
Boks 16-9 France 40m Jantjies plants ball on the 22 & the French get it out quickly
Boks 16-9 France 40m Just as they do, Kevin Gourdon is pinged for offside at breakdown & looks bemused
Boks 16-9 France 41m Jantjies kicks for corner instead of 3 points & the lineout is deep in the 22...
Boks 16-9 France 42m Marx throws well & Serfontein(!) jumps for it & collects - & Boks drive fast & hard for...
Boks 21-9 France 42m ...Etzebeth to drive over the tryline for the score - clinical
Boks 21-9 France 43m However, Jantjies misses the uprights outright
Boks 21-9 France 44m Gourdon pinged again at next breakdown at Bok 22 from the restart & Boks have a defensive scrum
Boks 21-9 France 45m Scrum is efficient & Boks clear the French away well towards their own 22
Boks 21-9 France 46m Louis Picamoles drives ball forward & Boks pinged at breakdown for off feet- French kick to touch
Boks 21-9 France 47m French lineout is fine deep in the Bok 22 but at the breakdown, Jaco Kriel's all over it for the turnover
Boks 21-9 France 48m Boks clear French away again but indiscipline gives them halfway penalty...
Boks 21-9 France 49m ...again they choose the attacking lineout - again they lose possession at the breakdown
Boks 21-9 France 50m Jantjies sets up 10m lineout for Boks & it's not great, but they get over halfway regardless
Boks 21-9 France 51m The French come back hard & Boks pinged playing ball once ruck formed
Boks 21-9 France 53m Plisson tees up the penalty kick but misses the uprights so Jantjies can clear again
Boks 21-9 France 54m Bok changes incoming before an attacking lineout...
Boks 21-9 France 54m Steven Kitshoff, Coenie Oosthuizen & Pieter-Steph du Toit for the Beast, du Preez & Dreyer
Boks 21-9 France 55m Meanwhile, Boks win their lineout in attack but ball ripped away in tackle
Boks 21-9 France 55m Les Bleus go backwards before Poirot breaks & Romain Taofifenua carries it further while Kitshoff is pinged for not releasing
Boks 21-9 France 55m Dulin clears to touch for 22 lineout & Etzebeth pinged for aerial infringement
Boks 21-12 France 57m Plisson tees up again & this time he finds his mark & adds 3 points
Boks 21-12 France 57m Uini Atonio replaces Rabah Slimani & Picamoles & Rhule carry ball out of their 22
Boks 21-12 France 57m Plisson clears it to Jantjies to Francois Hougaard who just clears to Skosan over halfway & he breaks
Boks 21-12 France 58m Skosan is taken down but offloads & Moster to Kriel to Kitshoff who gets to the 22 but knocks on
Boks 21-12 France 59m Plisson collects & race up to 10m & offloads to Dulin who chips ahead & deflects off Bok leg into touch for lineout
Springboks France T3 2017Boks 21-12 France 59m Serfontein steals the French lineout just inside H/W & excellent hands get ball to Skosan…
Boks 21-12 France 59m ...but is heading to touch & tries to offload back in but is intercepted by Guirado
Boks 21-12 France 60m However, the French captain is in touch & it's a Bok 5m lineout in Les Bleus' 22...
Boks 26-12 France 61m The lineout is very good & the Boks pick & go until Marx has the final touch under uprights
Boks 28-12 France 62m Jantjies quickly pops over the conversion & play resumes...
Boks 28-12 France 63m Francois Trinh-Duc & Paul Jedrasiak for Damian Penaud & Taofifenua
Boks 28-12 France 63m Following some aerial football, Coetzee runs ball over H/W but Siya Kolisi knock sit into touch
Boks 28-12 France 63m French lineout is just inside Bok territory & they win it but Serfontein gets over ball at breakdown
Boks 28-12 France 64m Kitshoff carries well & Coetzee thumps it over H/W to Plisson > Dulin > Plisson
Boks 28-12 France 64m France recycle ball from their own 22 up to halfway & Ducuing kicks ahead but too hard…
Boks 28-12 France 65m French charge into the Bok 22 & ball heads over tryline but Jantjies touches it down
Boks 28-12 France 66m Boks 22 drop out which Jantjies kicks to the midfield
Boks 28-12 France 66m The French carry ball well back from halfway, Yoann Maestri taking to the 22 & Baptiste Serin breaching it
Boks 28-12 France 66m Bongi Mbonambi & Lood de Jager replace Marx & Franco Mostert
Boks 28-12 France 66m French attacking lineout taken by Maestri & they maul to the tryline but held up
Boks 28-12 France 67m Xavier Chiocci for Poirot while French have another 5m lineout which is stolen & cleared but doesn't find touch
Boks 28-12 France 67m Serin saves it & a maul forms but Boks win penalty thanks to de Jager
Boks 28-12 France 67m Bok defensive scrum on the 10m & they win scrum penalty clearing to French 22 for a lineout
Boks 28-12 France 68m Clement Maynadier replaces Picamoles
Boks 28-12 France 69m Lineout is effective & Serfontein breaches the 22
Boks 28-12 France 70m Boks recycle to the nearside & drive over the tryline but it's TMO time
Boks 28-12 France 71m TMO checks for obstruction & grounding - no obstruction & there's no try
Boks 28-12 France 71m Bok scrum & they should come away with something here - but penalty goes to French
Boks 28-12 France 72m Plisson clears & it's French lineout outside 22 & it's good; French scrum but penalty to Boks
Boks 28-12 France 74m Boks set up their 5m lineout & secure the ball in a maul...
Boks 33-12 France 74m ...Mbonambi holds, holds, holds then lets go & breaks round side for Rudy Paige to score
Boks 35-12 France 76m Huge celebrations ensue while Jantjies pops over the conversion
Boks 35-12 France 77m French invade Bok territory & hope to save some face, but Serfontein...again...
Boks 35-12 France 78m Serfontein has been a thorn in France's side today & Jantjies clears for lineout inside halfway
Boks 35-12 France 79m The lineout is fine but a pass goes into touch behind the Boks for another lineout
Boks 35-12 France 79m French opt for quick throw in & their on the back foot in their 22...
Boks 35-12 France 80m ...siren's gone as French belt over halfway to see if they can do anything in dying moments
Boks 35-12 France 80m Ball is lost forward & Steyn clears into the French 22 chased by him & Serfontein
Boks 35-12 France 80+1m Plisson rescues the ball & flicks it into touch for another loss in South Africa
Springboks France T3 FT 2017Boks 35-12 France FT Brief moments of flair from Les Bleus but their long season & poor fitness shone brighter
Boks 35-12 France FT Where Premiership & PRO12 play 22 rounds, Top 14 is 26 plus play offs before semi finals

South Africa15 Andries Coetzee 14 Raymond Rhule 13 Jesse Kriel 12 Jan Serfontein 11 Courtnall Skosan 10 Elton Jantjies 9 Francois Hougaard 1 Tendai Mtawarira 2 Malcolm Marx 3 Ruan Dreyer* 4 EBEN ETZEBETH (C) 5 Franco Mostert 6 Siya Kolisi 7 Jaco Kriel 8 Jean-Luc du Preez BENCH: 16 Bongi Mbonambi 17 Steven Kitshoff 18 Coenie Oosthuizen 19 Pieter-Steph du Toit 20 Lood de Jager 21 Rudy Paige 22 Frans Steyn 23 Dillyn Leyds

SCORERS  T: Jesse Kriel, Etzebeth, Marx, Paige C: Jantjies (3) P: Jantjies (3)

France15 Brice Dulin 14 Nans Ducuing* 13 Damian Penaud 12 Gael Fickou 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 Jules Plisson 9 Baptiste Serin 1 Jefferson Poirot 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 3 Rabah Slimani 4 Yoann Maestri 5 Romain Taofifenua 6 Yacouba Camara 7 Kevin Gourdon 8 Louis Picamoles BENCH: 16 Clement Maynadier 17 Xavier Chiocci 18 Uini Atonio 19 Paul Jedrasiak 20 Loann Goujon 21 Maxime Machenaud 22 Francois Trinh Duc 23 Vincent Rattez

SCORERS P: Plisson (4)

Referee: Angus Gardner Asst Referees: Ben O’Keeffe, Glen Jackson TMO: Rowan Kitt




Week 4

Tonga v Wales New Zealand v Samoa Fiji v ItalyJapan v Ireland Australia v Scotland Canada v RomaniaArgentina v England South Africa v France USA v Georgia

TongaTONGA 6 - 24 WALESWales

Eden Park, Auckland - Friday 16th June 2017
KO: 17:30 HT: 3-8


WALES started their two-Test summer tour with a win as Alex Cuthbert's first-half score and a late penalty try sealed a fully deserved 24-6 victory over Tonga. On his first international start, fly-half Sam Davies ended the game with 12 points, Cuthbert's impressive try the stand-out moment of a game in which both sides made errors.

On a cool night at Auckland's Eden Park, Wales started in impressive fashion. Robin McBryde's side had plenty of ball, with Cuthbert the main danger to the Tongan defence.

The Cardiff Blues winger had two scores ruled out by TMO Ben Skeen, but Cuthbert was not to be denied on a third occasion. After Davies had put Wales ahead with a penalty, a loose kick from the Pacific Islanders saw Wales run the ball back with intent.

Gareth Anscombe was the creator, putting Cuthbert into space who chipped through and collected his own kick to score. It was a superb finish, but with Davies missing two kickable penalties and the conversion, Wales were not as far clear as they should have been.

It allowed Sonatane Takulua to put Tonga on the board with a penalty, and an 8-3 lead was one Wales held on to until the half-time whistle.

McBryde's men should have been further clear, Davies' misses on goal proving costly, and the start of the second period saw Cuthbert replaced by Cory Allen as heavy rain came down. Wales' try scorer had taken a first-half knock and as the game restarted, the rain fell down to make life more difficult for both teams.

Takulua and Davies exchanged further kicks at goal, but the error count was high as kicking dominated the game. A huge hit from David Halaifonua on Allen shook Eden Park to its core, and McBryde introduced Ellis Jenkins, Ryan Elias and Owen Williams - a blood replacement for namesake Scott - on the hour mark in search of some inspiration.

The game was still scrappy, but Davies' third penalty gave Wales some breathing space. Takulua was then unable to find the mark with a kick of his own and with that, the game was up.

Davies put the nail in the Tongan coffin with another well-struck penalty and there was still time for Wales to add gloss to the scoreline. A huge forward surge saw Wales head towards the line, referee Nick Briant awarding a penalty try which under World Rugby's new laws, was converted automatically without the need of Davies' boot.

Tonga15 David Halaifonua 14 Nafi Tu'itavake 13 SIALE PIUTAU (C) 12 Vili Tahitu'a 11 Cooper Vuna 10 Latiume Fosita 9 Sonatane Takulua 1 Latu Talakai 2 Paula Ngauamo 3 Ben Tameifuna 4 Leva Fifita 5 Sitiveni Mafi 6 Dan Faleafa 7 Nili Latu 8 Valentino Mapapalangi BENCH: 16 Suliasi Taufalele 17 Sila Puafisi 18 Phil Kite 19 Sione Tau 20 Mike Faleafa 21 Leon Fukofuka 22 Kali Hala 23 Kiti Taimani

SCORERS P: Takulua (2)

Wales15 Gareth Anscombe 14 Alex Cuthbert 13 Scott Williams 12 JAMIE ROBERTS (C) 11 Steffan Evans* 10 Sam Davies 9 Gareth Davies 1 Nicky Smith 2 Kristian Dacey 3 Tomas Francis 4 Seb Davies* 5 Cory Hill 6 Aaron Shingler 7 Thomas Young* 8 Josh Navidi BENCH: 16 Ryan Elias* 17 Wyn Jones* 18 Dillon Lewis* 19 Ellis Jenkins 20 Ollie Griffiths* 21 Aled Davies* 22 Owen Williams* 23 Cory Allen

SCORERS  T: Cuthbert, PT P: Sam Davies (4)

Referee: Nick Briant Asst Referees: Paul Williams, Mike Fraser TMO: Ben Skeen




New ZealandNEW ZEALAND 78 - 0 SAMOASamoa

Eden Park, Auckland - Friday 16th June 2017
KO: 20:00 HT: 28-0


All Blacks v Samoa Teams are out at Eden Park; Samoan Siva Tau done & ABs' Ka Mate too...
All Blacks v Samoa Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: Rohan Hoffmann, Jordan Way TMO: Ian Smith
All Blacks Samoa 2017 Siva TauAll Blacks 0-0 Samoa 1m We Have KO & Samoa have possession in the midfield & the tackles are coming in hard already
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 2m Steady as they go, 17 phases & Samoa have breached the ABs 22 & deep...
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 2m 21 phases - ABs turnover but only for a second & Samoa continue their attack creeping closer...
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 3m The whistle goes & TMO is banging on about a neck roll while Samoa have all the momentum
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 3m No neck roll - game shouldn't have been stopped. Penalty given to ABs already. Unimpressed.
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 3m ABs clear Samoa back up to halfway & have the's fine but Beauden Barrett knocks on in contact
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 4m It's a Samoan scrum on the halfway - & the Manu Samoa front row are huge beasts!
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 5m Obviously feeding straight is no longer a rugby requirement & Samoa win their scrum
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 6m A little ground made but ABs get hands on ball & push back hard..
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 7m However, pressure from Samoa & Tim Nanai-Williams clears but only to own 22 for lineout
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 7m The lineout is efficient & ball cleared over halfway for a defensive Samoa lineout...
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 8m Manu Leiataua's throw in isn't great it  goes long, collected by ABs hands at their 22
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 9m ABs have a 5m lineout which Samoa don't contest - penalty to ABs & opt for scrum
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 10m It's a 5m scrum which takes a while to set...then needs to be reset...this could get tedious
All Blacks 0-0 Samoa 11m Ref Raynal is talking a lot at the packs - finally there's a scrum & Ardie Savea drops it forward
All Blacks 5-0 Samoa 12m Ref decides it's backwards & not offside so ABs drive on & Anton Lienert-Brown is awarded the try
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 13m Beauden B adds the extras & the ABs are on the board
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 14m The restart bodes well for Samoa & they win a penalty - but it's just over halfway...
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 15m ...Albert Nikoro tees up from in front of posts but it halls just short of the crossbar
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 17m ABs have to get out of own half now & get up to 10m but ball intercepted by Alapati Leiua
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 18m Interfering hands from Joe Moody & Samoa have an attacking lineout on Abs' 10m
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 19m Ball goes loose from lineout & Ben Smith thumps it clear but too far - Samoa 22 attacking lineout
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 20m This lineout is better & Samoa make some yards into the 22 but kick possession away - churlish!
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 21m ABs clear ball away but Samoa send it straight back; aerial football ensues before Tusi Pisi...
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 21m ...sprints out of his own half & offloads to Leiua who makes more ground before passing...
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 22m no one & ball flies into touch for ABs lineout - momentum lost completely from excellent attack
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 23m ABs clear Samoa back over halfway but it's not long before another penalty comes
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 24m Nikoro tees up on halfway & this one has distance but it swings just wide of posts
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 25m Israel Dagg clears the ball away from own tryline & Samoa are back in their own half
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 26m The result from a bout of aerial football is a Samoan penalty which they clear over halfway
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 27m 10m lineout for Samoa is messy but they retain possession; ABs try to disrupt play but Leiua breaks...
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 28m Strong play from Samoa & they breach the ABs 22 with slow & steady phase building - 4m short...
All Blacks 7-0 Samoa 29m ...but ball goes loose & Ben Smith collects & sprints...ball moves fast in opposite direction...
All Blacks 12-0 Samoa 29m ...& eventually Beauden B hacks it ahead & claims the try skidding over the whitewash
All Blacks 14-0 Samoa 30m Beauden B converts his try & despite being very rusty, they sneaked that thru
All Blacks 14-0 Samoa 32m Restart gives the ABs a scrum on halfway & the homeside has clicked into their rhythm
All Blacks 19-0 Samoa 33m Perfect setpiece operates in typical ABs clinical fashion & Ardie Savea sprints to whitewash
All Blacks 21-0 Samoa 34m Beauden B converts it easily & Samoa have a heap of work to do now...
All Blacks 21-0 Samoa 35m Ball goes loose after restart from Samoa & Sonny Bill Williams gets ball away to Brodie Retallick
All Blacks 21-0 Samoa 36m Retallick charges, offloads > Dagg who loses ball just short of tryline & Retallick knocks into touch
All Blacks 21-0 Samoa 37m Samoa 5m defensive lineout but ABs regain possession again & threaten tryline after last went begging
All Blacks 21-0 Samoa 38m Penalty comes to ABs & they have a 5m attacking scrum
All Blacks 26-0 Samoa 39m Setpiece efficiency again & ball goes from Aaron Smith to Beauden B to SBW who scores with ease
All Blacks 28-0 Samoa 40m Beauden Barrett converts & it's a decent ABS score at HT

All Blacks 28-0 Samoa HT T: Lienert-Brown, Beauden Barrett, Ardie Savea, Williams C: Beauden Barrett (4) | -

All Blacks Samoa 2017 HTAll Blacks 28-0 Samoa 40m Even a rusty ABs side are clinical & dangerous... the Lions need to be VERY worried!
All Blacks 28-0 Samoa 41m ABs knock on early in the half in the midfield, but it's not for long...
All Blacks 33-0 Samoa 41m ...& ball has two options - Ben S or Dagg; it's the latter & he charges to the tryline from midfield
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 42m Beauden B adds the extras & play resumes - Samoa appear to have lost their early verve
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 43m Restart gives ABs a defensive scrum inside their 10m & it's quickly cleared away
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 44m Samoa kick it back & Beauden B gets it away...ABs sprint along touch but pass gets picked up...
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 45m Samoa. At breakdown Sam Cane gets over ball but falls over - Samoa penalty
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 46m Clear to touch gives Samoa an attacking lineout but they end up on wrong side of halfway
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 47m But a penalty comes & Samoa have an attacking 22 lineout to take advantage of
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 47m Samoa attack & a huge collision between front rowers ensues... BOOM!
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 48m Samoa secure a scrum just outside the ABs 22 & it's fierce but..
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 49m ... the All Blacks are all over the ball & it's their turn to attack over halfway
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 50m Scott Barrett, Charlie Faumuina & Wyatt Crockett for Sam Whitelock, Owen Franks & Joe Moody
All Blacks 35-0 Samoa 51m Paul Alo-Emile on for Census Johnston while Retallick makes a formidable break...
All Blacks Samoa 2017 Anton Lienert-BrownAll Blacks 40-0 Samoa 52m ...which results in excellent teamwork putting Julian Savea over in the corner for a 6th try
All Blacks 40-0 Samoa 53m Beauden B misses his first kick of the night but that's not really a problem for the All Blacks
All Blacks 40-0 Samoa 54m A massive hit on Nikoro and he's down injured with medics surrounding him
All Blacks 45-0 Samoa 55m Codie Taylor scores a v good try - but play should not be happening around injured player
All Blacks 47-0 Samoa 56m The officials are frankly muppets here - play continued around v groggy Nikoro; Beauden B converts
All Blacks 47-0 Samoa 57m TJ Perenara & Vaea Fifita (debut) for Aaron Smith & Jerome Kaino
All Blacks 47-0 Samoa 57m Ken Pisi & Alafoti Fa'osiliva for Nikoro & Piula Fa'asalele
All Blacks 54-0 Samoa 59m Meanwhile, Beauden Barrett sprints along touch to score another try which he converts
All Blacks 61-0 Samoa 62m Fifita makes his debut with an impressive try which replacement Sopoaga converts
All Blacks 61-0 Samoa 63m Lima Sopoaga, Jordie Barrett & Nathan Harris replace Beauden Barrett, Ben Smith & Taylor
All Blacks 61-0 Samoa 65m Seilala Lam & Taiasina Tu'ifua for Chris Vui & Manu Leiataua
All Blacks 61-0 Samoa 67m No doubt the Barrett parents are thrilled that all three of their boys are now All Blacks
All Blacks 61-0 Samoa 68m D’Angelo Leuila replaces Tusi Pisi as the All Blacks continue to threaten Manu Samoa
All Blacks 61-0 Samoa 70m There's a little attacking action from Samoa with a lineout, but of course they can't sustain it...
All Blacks 66-0 Samoa 71m ...because the ABs with an empty bench now collude magnificently for Perenara to score
All Blacks 66-0 Samoa 72m Sopoaga, however, misses the conversion
All Blacks 66-0 Samoa 73m Nephi Leatigaga & Dwayne Polataivaia replace captain Kahn Fotuali’i & Viliamu Afatia
All Blacks 66-0 Samoa 74m Samoa knock on & the ABs have the scrum on halfway...
All Blacks 71-0 Samoa 75m Perenara deftly feeds Jordie B to Julian S back to Perenara who chips over for Ardie S to score!!
All Blacks 73-0 Samoa 77m Sopoaga is far more accurate with the conversion as the ABs steam ahead
All Blacks 73-0 Samoa 78m Retallick makes another break into the Samoan 22 but ball needs recycling...
All Blacks 78-0 Samoa 78m ...& the ABs do oh so clinically for Sam Cane to score the 12th try
All Blacks 78-0 Samoa 79m Sopoaga misses the conversion & play resumes...likely it's not over tho!
All Blacks 83-0 Samoa 80+1m Perenara takes a little trot to the tryline & hands the ball to Sopoaga to score his first try
All Blacks 78-0 Samoa 80+1m But the TMO has a look at SBW's pass to Perenara & rules it forward so no try for Sopoaga
All Blacks 78-0 Samoa FT And the siren for FT went a while back as the score falls back to just 78(!) points

All Blacks Samoa 2017 FT

New Zealand15 BEN SMITH (C) 14 Israel Dagg 13 Anton Lienert-Brown 12 Sonny Bill Williams 10 Beauden Barrett 11 Julian Savea 9 Aaron Smith 1 Joe Moody 2 Codie Taylor 3 Owen Franks 4 Brodie Retallick 5 Samuel Whitelock 6 Jerome Kaino 7 Sam Cane 8 Ardie Savea BENCH: 16 Nathan Harris 17 Wyatt Crockett 18 Charlie Faumuina 19 Scott Barrett 20 Vaea Fifita* 21 T J Perenara 22 Lima Sopoaga 23 Jordie Barrett*

SCORERS T: Lienert-Brown, Beauden Barrett (2), Ardie Savea (2), Williams, Dagg, Julian Savea, Taylor, Fifita, Perenara, Cane C: Beauden Barrett (7), Sopoaga (2)

Samoa15 Ah See Tuala 14 Albert Nikoro 13 Kieron Fonotia 12 Alapati Leiua 11 Tim Nanai-Williams 10 Tusi Pisi 9 KAHN FOTUALI’I (C) 1 Viliamu Afatia 2 Manu Leiataua 3 Census Johnston 4 Chris Vui 5 Faatiga Lemalu 6 Piula Fa'asalele 7 Jack Lam 8 Faifili Levave BENCH: 16 Seilala Lam 17 Nephi Leatigaga 18 Paul Alo-Emile 19 Taiasina Tu'ifua 20 Alafoti Fa'osiliva 21 Dwayne Polataivaia 22 D’Angelo Leuila 23 Ken Pisi

Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: Rohan Hoffmann, Jordan Way TMO: Ian Smith




FijiFIJI 22 - 19 ITALYItaly

ANZ National Stadium, Suva - Saturday 17th June 2017
KO: 14:30 HT: 14-9 Att: 10,000


Fiji15 Kini Murimurivalu 14 Timoci Nagusa 13 Jale Vatubua 12 Eroni Vasiteri 11 Vereniki Goneva 10 Ben Volavola 9 Serupepeli Vularika 8 Nemani Nagusa 7 AKAPUSI QERA (C) 6 Dominiko Waqaniburotu 5 Leone Nakarawa 4 Apisalome Ratuniyarawa 3 Kalivati Tawake 2 Tuapati Talemaitoga 1 Peni Ravai BENCH: 16 Jale Sassen 17 Joeli Veitayaki 18 Manasa Saulo 19 Tevita Cavubati 20 Viliame Mata 21 Mosese Voka 22 Nikola Matawalu 23 Benito Masilevu

SCORERS T: Vasiteri, Vatubua, Goneva C: Volavola (2) DG: Volavola Yellow Card Nagusa

Italy15 Edoardo Padovani 14 Angelo Esposito 13 Michele Campagnaro 12 Tommaso Boni 11 Leonardo Sarto 10 Tommaso Allan 9 Marcello Violi 8 Abraham Steyn 7 Maxime Mbanda’ 6 FRANCESCO MINTO (C) 5 Dean Budd 4 Marco Fuser 3 Simone Ferrari 2 Luca Bigi 1 Andrea Lovotti BENCH: 16 Ornel Gega 17 Federico Zani 18 Tiziano Pasquali 19 Andries Van Schalkwyk 20 Federico Ruzza 21 Tito Tebaldi 22 Carlo Canna 23 Tommaso Benvenuti

SCORERS T: Mbanda C: Allan P: Allan (4)

Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère, Graham Cooper




JapanJAPAN 22 - 50 IRELANDIreland

Shizuoka Stadium, Shizuoka - Saturday 17th June 2017
KO: 14:40 HT: 3-31 Att: 27,381


IRELAND scored a half-century of points for the second week running as they used a dominant first half to post a 50-22 win over 2019 Rugby World Cup pool rivals Japan in Shizuoka.

Keith Earls, Dan Leavy and Jack Conan ran in two tries apiece and Garry Ringrose also touched down, with three of those scores coming during Heiichiro Ito's costly sin-binning midway through the first half.

Joe Schmidt's men were ruthlessly efficient as they tore into a 31-3 half-time lead, but Japan showed glimpses of their quality in an improved second half showing which culminated in two late tries from Kenki Fukuoka and Yutaka Nagare.

The first Test at Ecopa Stadium - one of the World Cup venues in two years' time - will live long in the memories of Kieran Treadwell and Rory O'Loughlin who were both sprung from the bench to make their Ireland debuts, making it seven new caps so far on this tour.

Rory and Niall Scannell became the fifth set of brothers to start a Test for Ireland in the modern era, following in the footsteps of the Wallaces (Richard and Paul), the Easterbys, the Bests and the Kearneys. There was also a personal milestone for the in-form Earls who set a new Irish record for the most tries scored in an international season - his nine tries eclipsed Denis Hickie's eight from the 2002/03 campaign.

Paddy Jackson's first start in green since February saw him wield plenty of influence at half-back alongside his former Under-20 team-mate Luke McGrath. Jackson had a 100% return off the tee, nailing five conversions and a penalty for a 13-point haul.

Leavy, Conan, Quinn Roux and Cian Healy all impressed up front, as did an authoritative Irish scrum, while updates will be awaited on injuries picked up by Simon Zebo (knee), Jackson (shoulder/ribs) and McGrath (eye) who, like Earls, was a key figure in some of Ireland's best attacks.

Japan15 Ryuji Noguchi 14 Kotaro Matshima 13 William Tupou 12 Timothy Lafaele 11 Kenki Fukuoka 10 Yu Tamura 9 Fumiaki Tanaka 8 Amanaki Mafi 7 Yoshitaka Tokunaga 6 Michael Leitch 5 Uwe Helu 4 Kotaro Yatabe 3 Heiichiro Ito 2 SHOTA HORIE (C) 1 Keita Inagaki BENCH: 16 Yusuke Niwai 17 Shintaro Ishihara 18 Takuma Asahara 19 Hendrik Tui 20 Shuhei Matsuhashi 21 Yutaka Nagare 22 Derek Carpenter 23 Rikiya Matsuda

SCORERS T: Noguchi, Fukuoka, Nagare C: Matsuda (2) P: Tamura Yellow Card Ito

Ireland15 Simon Zebo 14 Andrew Conway 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Rory Scannell 11 Keith Earls 10 Paddy Jackson 9 Luke McGrath 8 Jack Conan 7 Dan Leavy 6 RHYS RUDDOCK (C) 5 Devin Toner 4 Quinn Roux 3 John Ryan 2 Niall Scannell 1 Cian Healy BENCH: 16 James Tracy 17 Dave Kilcoyne 18 Finlay Bealham 19 Kieran Treadwell 20 Jack O’Donoghue 21 Kieran Marmion 22 Rory O’Loughlin 23 Tiernan O’Halloran

SCORERS T: Earls (2), Leavy (2), Conan (2), Ringrose C: Jackson (5), Rory Scannell P: Jackson Yellow Card Conway

Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: JP Doyle, Alex Ruiz TMO: Glenn Newman




Australia AUSTRALIA 19 - 24 SCOTLAND Scotland

Allianz Stadium, Sydney - Saturday 17th June 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 12-17 Att: 30,721


SCOTLAND held on for a dramatic 24-19 victory over the Qantas Wallabies at Allianz Stadium in Sydney on Saturday afternoon.

Down by five points at the break, the Wallabies took the lead for the first time in the match mid-way through the second half after a try to Will Genia, however the Scots hit back through flanker Hamish Watson five minutes later and thwarted Australia’s late charge to emerge five-point winners.

Six Nations star, flyhalf Finn Russell continued his hot form for Scotland scoring a try and landing a perfect three-from-three with the boot to guide the visitors home.

In yet another tight arm-wrestle between the two nations, the Wallabies had their chances late to once again spoil Scotland’s party but this time it was Gregor Townsend’s men who earned a penalty at the death to stave off Australia’s last-gasp raid.

Scotland opened their account with a penalty in the second minute of the match with fullback Greig Tonks converting a long-range shot from near halfway. The visitors continued to pressure the Wallabies with quick line speed and eventually capitalised when a stray pass from Tatafu Polota-Nau was nabbed by centre Duncan Taylor who raced under the posts to set up a 10-0 lead.

Australia powered their way into the match and a well-timed pass by Will Genia allowed flyhalf Bernard Foley to put Israel Folau into space to score the Wallabies’ opening try and narrow the gap to 7-10.

Australia Scotland Summer Tours 2017A no arms tackle by Foley then reduced the Wallabies to 14 men in the 23rd minute and Scotland took advantage, scoring moments later through Russell who charged down a Genia clearing kick on the goal line to advance the Scottish lead to 17-7.

Australia wrestled back momentum in the final stages of the first half with a brilliant run by Captain Michael Hooper from the scrum base bringing the Sydney crowd to their feet. Soon after Folau produced his second try-scoring double in as many weeks with a spectacular leaping grab from a Foley cross-field kick to narrow the gap to five points.

The second stanza began as a scrap between the two sides as both countries fought hard to register first points. The Wallabies pounded the Scottish defensive line and were eventually rewarded for their efforts when Genia leaped over from the base of the ruck to give the home side its first lead of the match at 19-17 after Foley’s conversion.

Australia Scotland Summer Tours 2017It did not take long for the determined Scots to fight back, when Watson finished off some superb ball movement down the right side to score what would be the telling blow.

Replacement back Quade Cooper sparked the men in gold late in the half, producing some vintage attacking flair however in the end the defensive wall of Scotland held firm.

Australia Scotland Summer Tours 2017

Australia15 Israel Folau 14 Dane Haylett-Petty 13 Tevita Kuridrani 12 Karmichael Hunt 11 Eto Nabuli* 10 Bernard Foley 9 Will Genia 8 Scott Higginbotham 7 MICHAEL HOOPER (C) 6 Ned Hanigan 5 Adam Coleman 4 Sam Carter 3 Allan Alaalatoa 2 Tatafu Polota-Nau 1 Tom Robertson BENCH: 16 Stephen Moore 17 Scott Sio 18 Sekope Kepu 19 Rory Arnold 20 Richard Hardwick 21 Joe Powell 22 Quade Cooper 23 Reece Hodge

SCORERS  T: Folau (2), Genia C: Foley (2) Yellow Card Foley

Scotland15 Greig Tonks 14 Lee Jones 13 Alex Dunbar 12 Duncan Taylor 11 Rory Hughes 10 Finn Russell 9 Ali Price 8 Ryan Wilson 7 Hamish Watson 6 JOHN BARCLAY (C) 5 Jonny Gray 4 Ben Toolis 3 Zander Fagerson 2 Fraser Brown 1 Gordon Reid BENCH: 16 Ross Ford 17 Allan Dell 18 Willem Nel 19 Tim Swinson 20 Josh Strauss 21 Henry Pyrgos 22 Ruaridh Jackson 23 Matt Scott

SCORERS T: Taylor, Russell, Watson C: Russell (3) P: Tonks Yellow Card Wilson

Referee: Wayne Barnes Asst Referees: Matt Carley, Brendon Pickerill




CanadaCANADA 9 - 25 ROMANIA Romania

Ellerslie Rugby Park, Edmonton - Saturday 17th June 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 6-7


CANADA were beaten 25-9 by Romania Saturday in Edmonton in their final game before their 2019 Rugby World Cup qualifying series.

Canada scored three penalties from Gordon McRorie, but also had two tries disallowed in a fierce contest that saw a red card and two yellows.

Saturday’s game also featured an historic moment as Aaron Carpenter became Canada’s all-time test caps leader with 77, passing Al Charron’s previous record.

It was a promising start for Canada as they thought they had scored in the corner through co-captain DTH van der Merwe but after a TMO review, it was deemed van der Merwe was just out of play.

Canada made the pressure count though as McRorie kicked his side ahead 3-0 in the 12th minute but Romania stormed back to grab the first try of the game through Viorel Lucaci after Johannes Van Heerden had burst through the game line.

However, the 23rd minute saw a red card for Romania’s Otar Turashvili after punching Canada’s Tyler Ardron. On the same play, Ardron saw yellow.

From the ensuing penalty, McRorie cut the Romania lead to 7-6, a lead the visitors would take into the break.

It was an exceptional start to the second half for Romania as they scored less than a minute in through Fonovai Tangimana before McRorie hit back with another penalty to make it 14-9.

Florin Vlaicu’s penalty made it 17-9 before controversy struck again. Van der Merwe seemed to win a high ball from a cross-field kick and a few phases later Ardron had scored for Canada. But after another TMO review, the try was ruled off and van der Merwe was sent to the sin bin for contesting a high ball and making contact above the shoulders.

Canada15 Ciaran Hearn 14 DTH VAN DER MERWE (CC) 13 Conor Trainor 12 Nick Blevins 11 Sean Duke 10 Connor Braid 9 Gordon McRorie 8 Aaron Carpenter 7 Matt Heaton 6 Tyler Ardron 5 Evan Olmstead 4 BRETT BEUKEBOOM (CC) 3 Matt Tierney 2 Ray Barkwill 1 Anthony Luca BENCH: 16 Benoit Piffero 17 Djustice Sears-Duru 18 Ryan Ackerman 19 Conor Keys 20 Kyle Baillie 21 Phil Mack 22 Shane O’Leary 23 Andrew Coe

SCORERS P:  McRorie (3) Yellow Card Ardron, van der Merwe

Romania15 Luke Samoa 14 Fonovai Tangimana 13 Paula Kinikinilau 12 Sione Fakaosilea 11 Ionut Dumitru 10 Florin Vlaicu 9 Florin Surugiu 8 MIHAI MACOVEI (C) 7 Viorel Lucaci 6 Vlad Nistor 5 Valentin Poparlan 4 Johannes Van Heerden 3 Andrei Ursache 2 Otar Turashvili 1 Ionel Badiu BENCH: 16 Constantin Pristavita 17 Andrei Radoi 18 Alexandru Tarus 19 Marius Antonescu 20 Andrei Gorcioaia 21 Tudorel Bratu 22 Vladut Popa 23 Marius Simionescu

SCORERS T: Lucaci, Tangimana (2) C: Vlaicu (2) P: Vlaicu (2) Red Card Turashvili

Referee: Shuhei Kubo Asst Referees: Andrew Brace, Ben Whitehouse




ArgentinaARGENTINA 25 - 35 ENGLANDEngland

Estadio Brigadier Estanislao López, Santa Fe - Saturday 17th June 2017
KO: 16:15 HT: 13-18 Att: 29,750


Pumas v England Anthems underway at Estadio Brigadier Estanislao López in Santa Fe
Pumas v England Referee: John Lacey Asst Referees: Nigel Owens, Egon Seconds TMO: Aaron Paterson
Pumas 0-0 England 0m We have KO from George Ford...& here's hoping it's as brilliant as last week!
Pumas 0-0 England 1m England lineout almost straight away & they're up to the Pumas 22 but homeside clear them back
Pumas 0-0 England 2m Pumas have defensive 10m lineout & Harry Williams interferes for Pumas scrum
Pumas 0-0 England 3m Scrum takes a while to set before it's fed by Martín Landajo - good work by Pumas
Pumas 0-0 England 4m Pumas offside at breakdown & England have the penalty which Ford kicks ahead...
Pumas 0-5 England 5m ...for a lineout in the 22 which is excellently executed for Joe Launchbury to charge in a try
Pumas 0-7 England 6m Ford pings over the conversion as England continue to look damn sharp
Pumas 0-7 England 7m From restart, Pumas have advantage as they breach the England 22...
Pumas 5-7 England 7m Joaquín Tuculet splits the England defence & barrels over for their first try. It's game on!
Pumas 7-7 England 8m Nicolás Sánchez adds the extras & it's all square in Santa Fe already
Pumas 7-7 England 10m England reply by shooting straight into the Pumas 22 & Launchbury offloads to Nathan Hughes
Pumas 7-7 England 11m ..who sprints round the posts to score but whistle's gone for a forward pass
Pumas 7-10 England 12m It's a penalty to England tho - advantage must have been played - & Ford adds 3
Pumas 7-10 England 13m Pumas restart & only make it to England 10m before Ford forces Juan Manuel Leguizamón to knock on
Pumas 7-10 England 13m It's an England defensive scrum but they're pinged - penalty to Pumas
Pumas 7-10 England 15m Sánchez tees up & pops ball over the uprights - touch judges say no but Lacey > TMO
Pumas 10-10 England 15m It's close in the replays but we all agree it's 3 points to equalise
Pumas 10-10 England 16m Pumas on the front foot again & Launchbury pinged for being offside
Pumas 13-10 England 17m Sánchez adds another 3 pts to take lead after England's discipline is a tad unimpressive
Pumas 13-10 England 18m Marland Yarde is rightly pinged for a high tackle on Tuculet
Pumas 13-10 England 19m Pumas clear well to set up a 22 attacking lineout...
Pumas 13-10 England 20m But Chris Robshaw nicks it for England & the visitors have a defensive scrum
Pumas 13-10 England 21m Sam Underhill's inexperience shows dragging Hughes from pack - Agustín Creevy chips thru
Argentina England Rugby Summer Tour T2 Pumas 13-10 England 22m But it's England's penalty & the defensive scrum is set again...
Pumas 13-10 England 23m England come away with the scrum penalty & have chance to clear Pumas away...
Pumas 13-10 England 24m ...they do but not for long as Pumas pile on the pressure & put ball back in England 22
Pumas 13-10 England 25m England gift yet another penalty to the Pumas & Sánchez tees up again...
Pumas 13-10 England 26m ...but this time he does push it wide & England are saved another 3 points against them
Pumas 13-10 England 27m From restart, the Pumas equalise England on penalty count - 5 each - in their own half
Pumas 13-13 England 27m Restart puts the Pumas on the front foot but as a kick goes towards England's 22...
Pumas 13-13 England 29m ...Mike Brown intercepts & he charges over halfway & hits the 22 before offloading (YAY!)...
Pumas 13-18 England 30m Piers Francis who belts over the whitewash to score magnificently
Pumas 13-18 England 31m Ford, however, misses the conversion.
Argentina England Rugby Summer Tour T2 Pumas 13-18 England 33m Pumas attempt to take control from restart but the ball goes flying forward in midfield
Pumas 13-18 England 34m Aerial football ensues a tad til Tuculet kicks to touch for England attacking lineout
Pumas 13-18 England 35m Captain Dylan Hartley sets a solid lineout & England make it to the Pumas 22
Pumas 13-18 England 36m Some picking & going from Danny Care before a penalty is handed over to Pumas
Pumas 13-18 England 37m Pumas defensive scrum is good & England forced back some & need to make up lost ground
Pumas 13-18 England 38m But Underhill runs into Pumas & knocks on in the ruck - scrum Pumas
Pumas 13-18 England 39m Defensive scrum is good for homeside & they make serious ground as Ramiro Moyano breaks...
Pumas 13-18 England 39m ...but Matías Alemanno pinged for crossing & all that momentum is lost in England's half
Pumas 13-18 England 40m Siren goes but kick to touch already happened so England's attacking lineout will happen
Pumas 13-18 England 40+1m The lineout is fine & Care chips ahead behind goal line but ball goes dead. HT

Pumas 13-18 England HT T: Tuculet C: Sánchez P: Sánchez (2) | T: Ewels, Francis C: Ford P: Ford (2)

Argentina England Rugby HT Summer Tour T2Pumas 13-18 England HT Not quite as thrilling as last week's match but it's still better than anything else today
Pumas 13-18 England HT And there's still another 40 minutes to come.

Pumas 13-18 England 40m We're back for the final 40 & it's still anyone's game...
Pumas 13-18 England 41m Pumas in possession but Robbo steals the ball & offloads...
Pumas 13-18 England 41m ...but Jonny May doesn't claim it immediately, tho he eventually does
Pumas 13-18 England 42m England deep in Puma territory but Henry Slade knocks on giving possession back to Pumas
Pumas 13-18 England 43m Pumas do well to get out of their half & charge towards the England 22...
Pumas 13-18 England 44m ...& Brownie high tackles to give Pumas the penalty
Pumas 13-18 England 45m Lucky for England, Sánchez misses the uprights & the score remains
Pumas 13-18 England 46m England look to clear the Pumas out from the 22 & Moyano gets under high ball in midfield
Pumas 13-18 England 46m May comes in with the tackle & it's quite obviously too high
Pumas 13-18 England 46m Tomás Lavanini towers over May & doesn't let go of his neck as handbags threaten...
Pumas 13-18 England 46m ...& time off as Ref goes to TMO for replay - May lucky not to be sent to naughty step...
Pumas 13-18 England 46m he doesn't release Moyano. Penalty to the Pumas
Pumas 13-18 England 47m Pumas set the scrum & it is just in an attacking position
Pumas 13-18 England 48m Tetaz Chaparro, Petti & García Botta replace Pieretto, Alemanno & Noguera Paz
Pumas 13-18 England 50m England are back in possession in the midfield, & Care clears ball out from breakdown...
Pumas 13-18 England 51m ...& it gets out to Francis who kicks it ahead but Pablo Matera clips it & chips ahead...
Pumas 18-18 England 52m ...& footballs the ball towards the tryline, picks up & pounces to score
Pumas 18-18 England 53m Sánchez, however, doesn't find the uprights for the conversion
Pumas 18-18 England 54m England are back in control & have the scrum in midfield which care clears...
Pumas 18-18 England 55m Momentarily the Pumas regain possession but Ford intercepts & offloads to Brownie...
Pumas 18-23 England 55m ...who breaks, gets the offload to Care who flies over the tryline to score
Argentina England Rugby Summer Tour T2Pumas 18-25 England 55m And Ford adds the extras for the lead
Pumas 23-25 England 58m ..til it gets out to Emiliano Boffelli who runs thru tackles from Yarde & Hartley to score
Pumas 23-25 England 59m Sánchez converts & we're all square yet again
Pumas 23-25 England 60m Mark Wilson & Will Collier on for Harry Williams & Underhill
Pumas 23-25 England 62m Julián Montoya & Juan Martín Hernández for Creevy & Sánchez
Pumas 23-25 England 63m Meanwhile, England lineout turns to a maul & Will Collier does some magnificent work...
Pumas 25-30 England 64m score again for England & retake that lead
Pumas 25-32 England 65m Ford adds the conversion & England appear to have improved somewhat
Pumas 25-32 England 67m Alex Lozowski & Denny Solomona replace Francis & Yarde
Pumas 25-32 England 69m Pumas are back on the front foot & attack into England's territory after they steal lineout...
Pumas 25-32 England 70m ...& they breach the 22 but just one small offside gives possession back to England
Pumas 25-32 England 71m England are able to clear the Pumas way back out of the danger zone to the midfield...
Pumas 25-32 England 72m ...& secure a scrum which they play well & make more ground into Puma territory
Pumas 25-32 England 73m Gonzalo Bertanou & Matías Moroni on for Landajo & Boffelli
Pumas 25-35 England 73m Meanwhile, Ford drops a perfect drop goal to stretch the lead to two scores
Pumas 25-35 England 74m From the restart, Pumas attack again but England's defence holds firm to keep them out
Pumas 25-35 England 75m However, penalty comes to Pumas & have an attacking 5m scrum - England under HUGE pressure
Pumas 25-35 England 76m England have Care & he's awfully disruptive & Wilson ends the play; Pumas are outside 22
Pumas 25-35 England 78m England have the lineout back on halfway & can breath a sigh of relief...
Pumas 25-35 England 79m ...but the Pumas steal the lineout & ball ends up back in Puma's 22
Pumas 25-35 England 79m The lineout is fine but the ball eventually gets turned over for England as FT siren goes
Argentina England Rugby FT Summer Tour T2Pumas 25-35 England 80m Hughes kicks ball into touch & England the win & the series

Argentina England Rugby Summer Tour T2

Argentina15 Joaquín Tuculet 14 Ramiro Moyano 13 Matías Orlando 12 Jerónimo de la Fuente 11 Emiliano Boffelli 10 Nicolás Sánchez 9 Martín Landajo 1 Lucas Noguera Paz 2 AGUSTÍN CREEVY (C) 3 Enrique Pieretto 4 Matías Alemanno 5 Tomás Lavanini 6 Pablo Matera  7 Javier Ortega Desio 8 Juan Manuel Leguizamón BENCH: 16 Julián Montoya 17 Santiago García Botta 18 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 19 Guido Petti 20 Leonardo Senatore 21 Gonzalo Bertanou 22 Juan Martín Hernández 23 Matías Moroni

SCORERS T: Tuculet, Matera, Boffelli C: Sánchez (2) P: Sánchez (2)

England15 Mike Brown 14 Marland Yarde 13 Henry Slade 12 Piers Francis 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Danny Care 1 Ellis Genge 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Harry Williams 4 Charlie Ewels 5 Joe Launchbury 6 Chris Robshaw 7 Sam Underhill* 8 Nathan Hughes BENCH: 16 Jack Singleton* 17 Matt Mullan 18 Will Collier 19 Nick Isiekwe 20 Mark Wilson 21 Jack Maunder 22 Alex Lozowski 23 Denny Solomona

SCORERS  T: Ewels, Francis, Care, Collier C: Ford (3) P: Ford (2) DG: Ford

Referee: John Lacey Asst Referees: Nigel Owens, Egon Seconds TMO: Aaron Paterson




South AfricaSOUTH AFRICA 37 - 15 FRANCEFrance

Growthpoint Kings Park, Durban - Saturday 17th June 2017
KO: 17:00 HT: 23-7 Att: 41,000



Boks v France Referee: Ben O’Keeffe Asst Referees: Glen Jackson, Angus Gardner TMO: Rowan Kitt
Boks v France It was 1995 to the day when the Boks beat France here in the 1995 #RWC 19-15 to go on to win
Boks v France La Marseillaise rings out from the choir in nowhere near a full stadium...
Boks v France Bok anthem begins form the Drakenberg School Choir with accompanying drums...
Boks v France A stack of paraphernalia occurs before KO - now fireworks. We'll get there eventually...
Boks v France A very pleasant evening in Durban as the sun turns the sky pink
Boks 0-0 France 1m Elton Jantjies KO & François Trinh-Duc's return doesn't find touch - Boks outside French 22
Boks 0-0 France 2m Les Bleus turnover ball & prevent Boks from breaching their 22 - France quickly up to Bok 22
Boks 0-0 France 2m Scott Spedding to Virimi Vakatawa to Damian Penaud back to Spedding who goes down in corner!
Boks 0-0 France 2m TMO checking for foot in touch in the corner as Eben Etzebeth wraps Spedding up...
Boks 0-5 France 2m Only Etzebeth is in touch & Spedding has his first test try - very well played
Boks 0-7 France 3m Baptiste Serin converts in excellent fashion from the touchline
Boks 0-7 France 4m However, Trinh-Duc is pinged for offside after the restart giving the Boks a kickable penalty
Boks 3-7 France 5m And Jantjies pings over the penalty for first Bok points too
Boks 3-7 France 6m Les Bleus attack very quickly back into the Bok 22 & are c.4m away from the whitewash
Boks 3-7 France 7m French go wide & Spedding kicks it behind goal line but it goes too far without a touch
Boks 3-7 France 8m Boks a little better in defence & ball & the French are cleared back out of the 22
Boks 3-7 France 9m Boks end up with a lineout on the French 10m & setpiece is very good
Boks 3-7 France 10m Excellent hands & breaks from Boks to charge into the 22 but final pass in space finds touch
Boks 3-7 France 11m The French deal with the 5m defensive lineout efficiently & push Boks back for another 10m lineout
Boks 3-7 France 12m Time off after Boks head towards the 22 as Oupa Mohoje takes out Yoann Huget in breakdown
Boks 3-7 France 12m Huget holds his jaw - may have been different player they were looking at tho...
Boks 3-7 France 13m It's just a penalty to France & they force the Boks back over halfway & Mohoje...
Boks 3-7 France 13m ...goes down injured - about to be carried off on cart with a head knock after he tackled
Boks 3-7 France 13m Mohoje came off Louis Picamoles after smack in jaw. Jean-Luc du Preez replaces Mohoje
Boks 3-7 France 13m Concussion for Mohoje & he's driven off the field but he's awake & moving
Boks 3-7 France 14m French scrum just inside halfway & it collapses; Ref orders higher binds for The Beast & Slimani
Boks 3-7 France 15m French penalty & it's 47m from the uprights - Spedding steps up as it's out of Serin's range
Boks 3-7 France 15m No issue with distance but the accuracy is off as ball goes to right of posts
Boks 3-7 France 16m Les Bleus attack but at breakdown du Preez cleans out well forcing a knock on from Yacouba Camara
Boks 3-7 France 17m Defensive scrum for the Boks on their 10m & it's steady...
Boks 3-7 France 18m Scrum won by Boks & they clear well over halfway for lineout inside the 10m
Boks 8-7 France 19m lineout's good & from breakdown, Beast> Jantjies> Serfontein> Mapoe> Skosan> Kolisi > Serfontein> TRY!
Boks 10-7 France 21m Well that was text book as Jantjies adds the extras & the Boks are ahead for the first time
Boks 10-7 France 22m French infringe & the Boks can attack again in France territory
Boks 10-7 France 23m But ball goes loose from the ruck & the French clear Boks back over halfway
Boks 10-7 France 24m Boks are back heading up to the French 22 but get turned over for Trinh-Duc to clear
Boks 10-7 France 25m French lineout just over halfway while Bernard le Roux has replaced Picamoles
Boks 10-7 France 26m lineout is fine & French go wide to far touch but turnover & Kolisi to Skosan but shut down...
Boks 10-7 France 26m ...Serfontein clears ball to Trinh-Duc but as he attempts to offload, Kolisi intercepts...
Boks 17-7 France 27m French territory & sprints to score! Jantjies adds extras & Boks taking opportunities
Springboks France T2 01 2017Boks 17-7 France 29m French end up offside from the restart & Jantjies has another chance for points
Boks 20-7 France 30m No problem for Jantjies there as the French are beginning to look a little pedestrian
Boks 20-7 France 31m Boks begin yet another attack, but the French manage to snaffle the ball away
Boks 20-7 France 32m Les Bleus just about get over halfway but making little ground as the defence holds strong
Boks 20-7 France 33m Guilhem Guirado is isolated & smothered by 3 Boks & the penalty goes to homeside
Boks 20-7 France 34m Jantjies clears the French out of the Bok half & play shifts to outside the French 22
Boks 20-7 France 35m Defensive scrum for Les Bleus collapses - Ref has a word again with Slimani & The Beast
Boks 20-7 France 36m Slimani is pinged in scrum for his bind again giving the Boks the penalty again
Boks 20-7 France 37m Jantjies simply adds another 3 points for the Boks as we approach HT
Boks 20-7 France 38m Boks are consistently getting better every week...French possession is lost again...
Boks 20-7 France 39m Boks are all over the ball after the maul collapses - Bok scrum

Boks 23-7 France HT T: Serfontein, Kolisi C: Jantjies (2) P: Jantjies (3) | T: Spedding C: Serin

Springboks France HT T2 2017Boks 23-7 France HT Les Bleus started so well, & with all their Clermont & Toulon players returned too...
Boks 23-7 France HT ...but there's nothing clicking for the French as lack of gameplan is apparent

Boks 23-7 France 40m KO is awful for French with the entire team offside ahead of the kick! Scrum to Boks on halfway
Boks 23-7 France 41m Camara is pinged at the scrum & Boks opt for goal kick from halfway...
Boks 23-7 France 42m ...Jantjies is directly in front of the uprights - but it's 50m & it falls short
Boks 23-7 France 43m Bok lineout on French 10m results & Mapoe chips ahead to find touch in French 22
Boks 23-7 France 44m But touch judge has indicated deliberate knock on from France - penalty Boks
Boks 23-7 France 45m Jantjies kicks to touch for lineout but the French wrestle back possession & clear...
Boks 23-7 France 46m Ball ends up in Bok hands but French turnover & they start phase building over halfway up to Bok 22
Boks 23-7 France 47m Ball recycled repeatedly - there's no quick ball but French are still in possession 6m out
Boks 23-7 France 48m The Bok defence is solid & the French are yet to get closer than 2m from tryline
Boks 23-7 France 49m 25 phases from Les Bleus & Jantjies is pinged for knocking ball forward - time off
Boks 23-7 France 50m French 5m attacking scrum - haven't been in as good a position for most of the game...
Boks 23-7 France 50m Scrum is solid for Les Bleus but still no quick ball & they're right back at the 22 now
Boks 23-7 France 51m However, the French are still in possession & advantage being played as they work it back
Boks 23-7 France 51m Time off as Guirado & Trinh-Duc down injured - T-D hit off ball by The Beast
Boks 23-7 France 52m French penalty & it's a 5m lineout from which they can attack the whitewash again
Boks 23-7 France 53m Rohan Kitshoff has replaced The Beast while advantage is being played again for France
Boks 23-7 France 54m Bok defence eventually produces the required result of a turnover for a 5m defensive scrum
Boks 23-7 France 55m Antoine Dupont replaces Serin as the scrum is set, & it goes down again
Boks 23-7 France 56m Scrum is reset & Ref changes side; penalty to French & they opt for another scrum
Boks 23-7 France 57m Huge shove from Boks but French hang on & Camara gets ball to Penaud who goes over in corner
Boks 23-7 France 58m Ross Cronje is right on Penaud's tail & taps his foot - TMO checks Penaud's foot's in touch
Boks 23-7 France 58m 5m defensive lineout for the Boks & finally they clear the French out of the 22
Boks 23-7 France 59m Eddy Ben Arous & Uini Atonio have replaced Jefferson Poirot & Slimani
Boks 23-7 France 60m Cronje kicks the French back into their own half & Boks are back on the attack
Boks 23-7 France 61m Boks reach the 22 but a French turnover puts Boks back at the 10m for a lineout
Boks 23-7 France 62m French regain possession & are quickly over halfway & steadily make headway into the Bok 22
Boks 23-7 France 63m Advantage being played & Franco Mostert pinged for offside in his 22; Trinh-Duc tees up
Boks 23-10 France 64m France have their first points since the third minute of match with a comfortable penalty
Boks 23-10 France 66m Hougaard, Oosthuizen, Steyn & du Toit on for Cronje, Malherbe, Mapoe & Etzebeth
Boks 23-10 France 67m Francois Hougaard makes an immediate impact, as do all the fresh legs & Boks attack hard
Boks 28-10 France 68m Hougaard & Coenie Oosthuizen put together moves for Pieter-Steph du Toit to pounce on tryline
Boks 28-10 France 69m French camp out in Bok 22 & come away with just 3 points - Boks go there once in half hour
Boks 30-10 France 69m ...& come away with 7 points after Jantjies converts
Boks 30-10 France 70m However, Les Bleus respond well as restart isn't reclaimed by Boks & excellent hands...
Boks 30-15 France 70m ...from French to Penaud who repels Bok defence & scores on debut beautifully
Boks 30-15 France 71m However, Trinh-Duc misses the conversion...vital points going begging
Springboks France T2 01 2017Boks 30-15 France 72m Jean-Marc Doussain & Clément Maynadier on for Trinh-Duc & Guirado
Boks 30-15 France 73m Boks pinged in attack & French have defensive lineout...
Boks 30-15 France 74m Boks regain the possession following the French lineout & have penalty from obstruction
Boks 30-15 France 75m However, Boks can't hold onto the ball for long while deep in French territory...
Boks 30-15 France 76m ...& French retaliate with stonking break from Vakatawa who fleetingly is forced to touch
Boks 30-15 France 77m Boks defensive lineout is good & they get the French away from their 22 quickly
Boks 30-15 France 78m French are on the attack in the midfield but Kolisi intercepts & sprints...
Boks 35-15 France 78m ...forced to offload as he caught to Jantjies who sprints across the whitewash to score
Boks 37-15 France 79m Jantjies converts his try & the Boks have been impressive
Boks 37-15 France 80m FT siren goes directly following the restart; French are in possession in the midfield
Boks 37-15 France 80m Kolisi pinged for his eagerness & French continue into Bok territory...
Boks 37-15 France 80+1m ...but Bok turnover & after crossing into French territory, Hougaard thumps ball into touch

South Africa15 Andries Coetzee 14 Raymond Rhule 13 Lionel Mapoe 12 Jan Serfontein 11 Courtnall Skosan 10 Elton Jantjies 9 Ross Cronje 8 WARREN WHITELEY (C) 7 Oupa Mohoje 6 Siya Kolisi 5 Franco Mostert 4 Eben Etzebeth 3 Frans Malherbe 2 Malcolm Marx 1 Tendai Mtawarira BENCH: 16 Bongi Mbonambi 17 Steven Kitshoff 18 Coenie Oosthuizen 19 Pieter-Steph du Toit 20 Jean-Luc du Preez 21 Francois Hougaard 22 Frans Steyn 23 Dillyn Leyds

SCORERS T: Serfontein, Kolisi, Oosthuizen, Jantjies C: Jantjies (4) P: Jantjies (3)

France15 Scott Spedding 14 Yoann Huget 13 Damian Penaud 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 François Trinh-Duc 9 Baptiste Serin 8 Louis Picamoles 7 Kévin Gourdon 6 Yacouba Camara 5 Romain Taofifenua 4 Yoann Maestri 3 Rabah Slimani 2 GUILHEM GUIRADO (C) 1 Jefferson Poirot BENCH: 16 Clément Maynadier 17 Eddy Ben Arous 18 Uini Atonio 19 Julien le Devedec 20 Bernard le Roux 21 Antoine Dupont 22 Jean-Marc Doussain 23 Nans Ducuing

SCORERS T: Spedding, Penaud C: Serin P: Trinh-Duc

Referee: Ben O’Keeffe Asst Referees: Glen Jackson, Angus Gardner TMO: Rowan Kitt




USA USA 17 - 21 GEORGIAGeorgia

Fifth Third Bank Stadium, Kennesaw - Saturday 17th June 2017
KO: 19:00 HT: 3-18


THE USA Men's Eagles completed the Emirates Airline Summer Series winless following a 21-17 defeat to the Georgia Lelos Saturday at Fifth Third Bank Stadium at Kennesaw State University.

The teams were satisfied fighting for territory in the air in the opening minutes, keeping out of contact in a sweltering heat in the southern state of Georgia. The Eagles were able to hold their own in early scrums, as well, but a short kick by AJ MacGinty around midfield was returned by full back Merab Kvirikashvili for the opening try, 5-0. Matai Leuta nearly dotted down moments later after breaking a tackle 10 meters from the try line and bashing through another, but the Eagles were penalized in the breakdown before the ball could be recycled.

MacGinty put the Eagles on the scoreboard in the 17th minute, rewarding the team for pressuring Georgia in its own end. Slippery Georgian fly half Lasha Khmaladze stayed out of the tackle near the 22 in the 25th minute, enough to earn a penalty for his side. Kvirikashvili extended the lead to 11-3 with the penalty goal.

Just minutes from the halftime whistle, Bryce Campbell and MacGinty combined to defend a well-placed cross-field kick at the Eagles 22, stopping the attacker short of the try line. The Eagles caused the ball to be knocked forward for a scrum, but Chris Baumann was shown a yellow card in the set piece. Match official Federico Anselmi blew a successive set piece dead for an infraction against the Eagles and awarded Georgia a penalty try on the last play of the half.

The Eagles defended the 18-3 halftime deficit - and player disadvantage - well to open the second period of play, conceding only a penalty goal in the first two minutes of the second half. Kvirikashvili missed another opportunity at points from the 10 before momentum swung in the direction of the Eagles. Forcing Georgia to defend with pace, the USA won the favour of the match official for several penalties inside the 22. A quick tap in the 57th minute found Nate Augspurger in space on the wing for the Eagles' first try of the game, which MacGinty converted to make it 21-10.

It was Georgia's turn to defend a sin-bin session in the 65th minute after Mike Te'o drew a tackle in the air. The lineout from the infraction saw a USA maul push forward inside the 22, but MacGinty lost the ball forward when it came out in front of the posts. A penalty against the Eagles at midfield as Georgia sought an own-zone escape set up a defensive stand for the home side, which it completed without conceding points after a missed drop-goal attempt.

Replying immediately with intent downfield, MacGinty broke through the gain line with a dummy inside the attacking 10. Keeping the ball out of contact, offload after offload led to Te'o finding substitute Matt Jensen, who raced through a gap in the defence for his second career try. MacGinty converted for a four-point deficit at 21-17. With two minutes remaining in the clash, the Eagles found a late stunner just out of grasp with Ryan Matyas being taken into touch at the Georgian 22 for the final whistle.

USA15 Mike Te’o 14 Matai Leuta 13 Bryce Campbell 12 AJ MacGinty 11 Nate Augspurger 10 Will Magie 9 Shaun Davies 8 Cam Dolan 7 Tony Lamborn 6 TODD CLEVER (C) 5 Ben Landry 4 Nate Brakeley 3 Chris Baumann 2 James Hilterbrand 1 Tony Purpura BENCH: 16 Peter Malcolm 17 Ben Tarr 18 Dino Waldren 19 Matthew Jensen 20 Andrew Durutalo 21 Ben Cima 22 Marcel Brache 23 Ryan Matyas

SCORERS T: Augspurger, Jensen C: MacGinty (2) P: MacGinty Yellow Card Baumann

Georgia15 Merab Kvirikashvili 14 Giorgi Koshadze 13 Davit Katcharava 12 MERAB SHARKADZE (C) 11 Sandro Todua 10 Lasha Khmaladze 9 Vasil Lobzhanidze 8 Beka Bitsadze 7 Vito Kolelishvili 6 Lasha Lomidze 5 Kote Mikautadze 4 Giorgi Nemsadze 3 Levan Chilachava 2 Jaba Bregvadze 1 Mikheil Nariashvili BENCH: 16 Shalva Mamukashvili 17 Tornike Mataradze 18 Soso Bekoshvili 19 Giorgi Chkhaidze 20 Otar Giorgadze 21 Giorgi Begadze 22 Lasha Malaghuradze 23 Giorgi Tsutskiridze

SCORERS T: Kvirikashvili, PT P: Kvirikashvili (3)

Referee: Federico Anselmi Asst Referees:  Luke Pearce, Chris Assmus TMO: Neil Paterson




Week 3

Japan v Romania Australia v Fiji Canada v Georgia USA v Ireland Argentina v England South Africa v FranceItaly v Scotland

Japan JAPAN 33-21 ROMANIA Romania

Umakana Yokana Stadium, Kumamoto - Saturday 10th June 2017
KO: 14:40 HT: 23-9 Att: 17,702


Japan15 Ryuji Noguchi 14 Akihito Yamada 13 Timothy Lafaele 12 Derek Carpenter 11 Kenki Fukuoka 10 Jumpei Ogura 9 Fumiaka Tanaka  1 Koki Yamamoto 2 SHOTA HORIE (C) 3 Takuma Ashara 4 Kotaro Yatabe 5 Uwe Helu 6 Michael Leitch 7 Yoshitaka Tokunaga 8 Amanaki Mafi BENCH: 16 Yusuke Niwai 17 Keita Inagaki 18 Heiichiro Ito 19 Yuya Odo 20 Hendrik Tui 21 Keisuke Uchida 22 Yu Tamura 23 Kotaro Matsushima

SCORERS T: Yamada, Fukuoka, Leitch C: Ogura (3) P: Ogura (4) Yellow Card Ito

Romania15 Sabin Stratila 14 Fonovai Tangimana 13 Paula Kinikinilau 12 Sione Fakaosilea 11 Jack Cobden 10 Florin Vlaicu 9 Florin Surugiu 1 Ionel Badiu 2 Otar Turashvili 3 Andrei Ursache 4 Johannes van Heerden 5 Marius Antonescu 6 Andrei Gorcioaia 7 Viorel Lucaci 8 MIHAI MACOVEI (C) BENCH: 16 Andrei Radoi 17 Constantin Pristavita 18 Alexandru Tarus 19 Valentin Poparlan 20 Vlad Nistor 21 Tudorel Bratu 22 Luke Samoa 23 Ionut Dumitru

SCORERS T: Macovei (2) C: Vlaicu P: Vlaicu (3)

Referee: Alex Ruiz Asst Referees: JP Doyle, Will Houston TMO: Glenn Newman




Australia AUSTRALIA 37-14 FIJIFiji

AAMI Park, Melbourne - Saturday 10th June 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 18-0 Att: 13,583


THE Qantas Wallabies started their 2017 campaign in strong fashion with a 37-14 victory over Fiji in an entertaining clash at AAMI Park, Melbourne on Saturday afternoon. The flying Fijians were at their attacking best, but a committed Wallabies side kept them at bay in the seven-try spectacle.

Wallabies fliers Israel Folau and Henry Speight both registered a try-scoring double, as the Aussies produced some brilliant attack of their own to kick of the international season in style.

Four Test debutants featured in a Wallabies outfit that was packed with youth, while veteran scrumhalf Will Genia was named man of the match just two weeks after returning to Australia following his season with French club Stade Français.

Australia struck first on a sun-drenched AAMI Park when Bernard Foley kicked high for the corner for a leaping Israel Folau to cross for his first Test try in 12 appearances. Foley extended the early lead with a penalty goal before Fijian-born Wallabies winger, Henry Speight barged over in the corner to stretch the lead to 15-0 after just 12 minutes.

Soon after, Folau was sent to the sin bin for a high shot, although the Fijians failed to capitalise with the extra man and Foley again kicked Australia away to an 18-0 lead, where it would remain until the half.

The second half became a battle between both packs as they fought to gain ascendancy and both sides dug in.

Back from a stint on the sidelines, Folau crossed again in the 55th minute after finding space from a Foley short ball to take the score to 25-0. 

After a sustained period of pressure, Fiji were finally able to cross the line much to the delight of their fans when Vereniki Goneva dummied through the Australian cover defence to score beneath the posts.

The momentum stayed with the Fijians and winger Timoci Nagusa crossed next to the uprights to close the gap further, before Speight’s second try, finishing out wide made it 37-14 at the final whistle.

Wallabies Captain, Michael Hooper said: “Really happy with the guys, the intent was really strong but it was a performance that was indicative of a six-day preparation. We probably left two or three (tries) out there. The Fijians' offload game was pretty hard to deal with at times.

“I was really impressed with some of our defence in the first half, keeping them to zero was pleasing. They started to get hot with their offloads and they are hard to defend.

“There is a new team each week this June Series. We’re excited about that. I’m pleased with our guys putting some points on after a six-day prep."

Australia15 Israel Folau 14 Dane Haylett-Petty 13 Tevita Kuridrani 12 Karmichael Hunt 11 Henry Speight 10 Bernard Foley 9 Will Genia 1 Tom Robertson 2 Tatafu Polota-Nau 3 Allan Alaalatoa 4 Sam Carter 5 Adam Coleman 6 Ned Hanigan 7 MICHAEL HOOPER (C) 8 Scott Higginbotham BENCH: 16 Stephen Moore 17 Toby Smith 18 Sekope Kepu 19 Rory Arnold 20 Richard Hardwick 21 Joe Powell 22 Quade Cooper 23 Reece Hodge

SCORERS T: Folau, Speight (2), Moore C: Foley 3) P: Foley (2) Yellow Card Folau

Fiji15 Kini Murimurivalu 14 Timoci Nagusa 13 Albert Vulivuli 12 Jale Vatubua 11 Vereniki Goneva 10 Ben Volavola 9 Nikola Matawalu 1 Campese Maáfu 2 Sunia Koto 3 Peni Ravai 4 Tevita Cavubati  5 Leone Nakarawa 6 Dominiko Waqaniburotu 7 Naulia Dawai 8 AKAPUSI QERA (C) BENCH: 16 Tuapati Talemaitoga 17 Joeli Veitayaki 18 Kalivati Tawake 19 Api Ratuniyarawa 20 Viliame Mata 21 Nemani Nagusa 22 Seurpepeli Vularika 23 Benito Masilevu

SCORERS T: Goneva, Timoci Nagusa C: Volavola (2)

Referee: Matt Carley Asst Referees: Wayne Barnes, Brendon Pickerill TMO: Ben Skeen




CanadaCANADA 0 - 13 GEORGIA Georgia

Calgary Rugby Park, Calgary - Saturday 10th June 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 0-3

CANADA fell 13-0 to Georgia Saturday afternoon in rainy conditions at Calgary Rugby Park. Merab Kvirikashvili scored all 13 points for Georgia including scoring the game’s only try in the 77th minute.

Georgia took an early 3-0 lead in the just the third minute as Kvirikashvili kicked an early penalty, a score that would hold until half time. Canada had opportunities in the half — Coe knocking on from only a few meters out and Conor Trainor nearly scoring off of a chip-and-chase.

Kvirikashvili extended Georgia's lead to 6-0 in the 46th minute with another penalty but missed two more opportunities before the hour mark to add to the lead.

Kvirikashvili would seal the deal in the 77th minute as he dived onto a loose ball after Phil Mack could not collect a high ball before converting to secure a 13-0 win. 

Canada15 Andrew Coe 14 Dan Moor 13 Conor Trainor 12 Guiseppe Du Toit 11 Sean Duke 10 Shane O’Leary 9 Phil Mack 1 Djustice Sears-Duru 2 Benoit Piffero 3 Jake Ilnicki 4 BRETT BEUKEBOOM (C) 5 Conor Keys 6 Kyle Baillie 7 Matt Heaton 8 Admir Cejvanovic BENCH: 16 Eric Howard 17 Anthony Luca 18 Matt Tierney 19 Liam Chisholm 20 Aaron Carpenter 21 Andrew Ferguson 22 Gradyn Bowd 23 Ciaran Hearn

Georgia15 Merab Kvirikashvili 14 Soso Matiashvili 13 David Kacharava 12 MERAB SHARIKADZE (C) 11 Sandro Todua 10 Lasha Khmaladze 9 Vasil Lobzhanidze 1 Mikheil Nariashvili 2 Jaba Bregvadze 3 Anton Peikrishvili 4 Giorgi Nemsadze 5 Kote Mikautadze 6 Lasha Lomidze 7 Giorgi Tkhilaishvili 8 Beka Bitsadze BENCH: 16 Badri Alkhazashvili 17 Kakha Asieshvili 18 Soso Bekoshvili 19 Nodar Cheishvili 20 Otar Giorgadze 21 Giorgi Begadze 22 Lasha Malaghiradze 23 Giorgi Chkhaidze

SCORERS T: Kvirikashvili C: Kvirikashvili P: Kvirikashvili (2)

Referee: Andrew Brace Asst Referees: Shuhei Kubo, Ben Whitehouse




USA USA 19 - 55 IRELANDIreland

Red Bull Arena, Harrison - Saturday 10th June 2017
KO: 16:00 HT: 7-29 Att: 22,370

IRELAND scored nine tries at Red Bull Arena Saturday as the USA Men's Eagles opened the Emirates Airlines Summer Series with a 55-19 loss.

Nick Civetta, John Quill, and Ryan Matyas put the ball down in-goal in front of 22,370 fans for Head Coach John Mitchell's side in its first match against Ireland since 2013.

Tiernan O'Halloran out-waited the final U.S. defender in a break three minutes into the game, finding Earls for the opening try, 5-0. Finding a rhythm with ball in hand afterwards, the Eagles did well to maintain possession inside Ireland's half. While AJ MacGinty opted against a kickable penalty from a high tackle on Ben Cima, David Tameilau had a gain-line breaking run at the 10 six minutes later nullified by a penalty in the following offload.

From the midfield lineout, Jacob Stockdale found space on the far wing to dot down in the corner. Martin Iosefo made a try-saving tackle with a half-field chase moments later, but a failed clearance kick resulted in a return in space and offload from Kieran Marmion to Earls, 17-0.

Ireland was not forced to kick much from its own end, but Civetta surprised fly half Joey Carbery in the 20th minute when the Irishman looked to get his side away from its try line. The lock charged down the attempt inside the 22 and was the first to the ball to take it over the line for the Eagles' only try of the first half.

A two-try blitz in five minutes extended Ireland's lead to 29-7 at halftime, as hooker Niall Scannell dotted down from a maul in the 31st minute and Earls found an offload after a long run at the try line for Marmion to score.

The Eagles made several substitutions in the pack at the break, though Ireland scored again from the scrum four minutes into the half via Jack Conan, 36-7. Quill replicated Civetta's try a minute later, however, as Ireland looked to clear from its own five-meter line. MacGinty converted his second for the 36-14 score line.

Mike Te'o had a chip kick near midfield recovered by Hilterbrand as the U.S. looked to counter from a kick, and sustained pressure outside the try line in the ensuing minutes resulted in Matyas dummying across the paint, 36-19. The scoring stopped there for the Eagles, as substitutes James Ryan, Luke McGrath, and Simon Zebo, respectively, brought the final score to 55-19.

USA15 Ben Cima 14 Mike Te’o 13 Ryan Matyas 12 Marcel Brache 11 Martin Iosefo 10 AJ MacGinty 9 NATE AUGSPURGER (C) 1 Ben Tarr 2 Peter Malcolm 3 Chris Baumann 4 Nate Brakeley 5 Nic Civetta 6 John Quill 7 Tony Lamborn 8 David Tameilau BENCH: 16 James Hilterbrand 17 Joe Taufete’e 18 Paddy Ryan 19 Matthew Jensen 20 Andrew Durutalo 21 Shaun Davies 22 Will Magie 23 Bryce Campbell

SCORERS T: Civetta, Quill, Matyas C: MacGinty (2)

Ireland15 Tiernan O'Halloran 14 Keith Earls 13 Garry Ringrose 12 Luke Marshall 11 Jacob Stockdale 10 Joey Carbery 9 Kieran Marmion 1 Cian Healy 2 Niall Scannell 3 John Ryan 4 Quinn Roux 5 Devin Toner 6 RHYS RUDDOCK (C) 7 Josh van der Flier 8 Jack Conan BENCH: 16 Dave Heffernan 17 Dave Kilcoyne 18 Andrew Porter 19 James Ryan 20 Dan Leavy 21 Luke McGrath 22 Rory Scannell 23 Simon Zebo

SCORERS T: Earls (2), Stockdale, Niall Scannell, Marmion, Conan, James Ryan, McGrath, Zebo C: Ringrose, Carbery (2), Rory Scannell (2)

Referee: Luke Pearce Asst Referees: Federico Anselmi, Chris Assmus TMO: Neil Paterson




Argentina ARGENTINA 34 - 38 ENGLAND England

Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario, San Juan - Saturday 10th June 2017
KO: 16:15 HT: 17-13 Att: 23,000



Pumas vs England Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: John Lacey, Egon Seconds TMO: Aaron Paterson
Pumas vs England Visitors in their navy blue away kit today as they run out to glorious sunshine in San Juan
Pumas vs England Excellent effort by the fans turning out en masse for this great occasion
Pumas vs England Anthems underway & being belted out. Do hope our Nige is on amusing form today...
Pumas 0-0 England 0m George Ford kicks off & Juan Manuel Leguizamón tidies it up before Nicolás Sánchez clears
Pumas 0-0 England 1m Marland Yarde has butter fingers & debutant Emiliano Boffelli pounces on it
Pumas 0-0 England 2m But penalty comes to England & it's a halfway scrum...which Nathan Hughes is pinged for
Pumas 0-0 England 3m Sánchez tees up from the halfway & has no trouble with distance but accuracy is off
Pumas 0-0 England 3m Ford has the kick - & makes a hash of it far too long; Pumas opportunity again...
Pumas 0-0 England 4m Pumas opt for a scrum on the England 22 & Martín Landajo attempts to feed - needs to be reset
Pumas 0-0 England 5m Good scrum from Ellis Genge; Pumas pinged for hinging & Ford to clear...unimpressive
Pumas 0-0 England 6m Pumas turn England over promptly in midfield & England then pinged at breakdown for not releasing
Pumas 0-0 England 7m Pumas set up attacking lineout outside the England 22 & work it well...
Pumas 5-0 England 7m ...Sánchez chips thru to the corner for Boffelli to score on debut
Pumas 7-0 England 8m Sánchez adds the extras for the homeside & the crowd roar in glee
Pumas 7-0 England 9m England restart but get turned over in first phase ball already; Pumas 22 defensive scrum
Pumas 7-0 England 10m Scrum takes a while to set; Pumas put good shove on it & clear ball - advantage being played
Pumas 7-0 England 11m Penalty comes to Pumas & the kick gives them a 10m attacking lineout from out wide
Pumas 7-0 England 12m The lineout is solid & Pumas attempt to make ground but are held firm; Sánchez hoofs it high...
Pumas 7-0 England 13m Mike Brown can't collect the high ball & it's back in Pumas hands & a lot closer to the 22
Pumas 7-0 England 14m England wrestle back possession just outside their 22 & Genge does good work
Pumas 7-0 England 15m England clear well & their advantage is over; Joaquín Tuculet brings it back it England
Pumas 7-0 England 16m But Pumas infringe & Ford has the opportunity for points from outside the 10m off centre
Pumas 7-3 England 17m Ford hoists it well & England finally have points too
Pumas 7-3 England 19m Advantage being played, but none at breakdown so back for England scrum just inside own 10m
Pumas 7-3 England 20m Scrum has to be reset & finally Lucas Noguera Paz pinged in front row; Ford kicks for ground
Pumas 7-3 England 21m England take advantage of ground gained a little, but quickly turned over ahead of Pumas 22
Pumas 7-3 England 22m Pumas clear England back to their 10m & captain Dylan Hartley throws into lineout
Pumas 7-3 England 22m England are turned again at the breakdown & Pumas make some yards into opposition territory
Pumas 7-3 England 24m Finally England rescue the ball & make some yards themselves, whole team involved up to 22
Pumas 7-3 England 25m Matías Moroni pinged at the breakdown not moving away quick enough & penalty England
Pumas 7-6 England 26m Ford reduces deficit to just 1 point from in front of posts just inside the 22
Pumas 7-6 England 27m The restart gives Pumas a 10m attacking lineout which is good, but takes a while to gain yards
Pumas 7-6 England 28m Pumas make it to England 22 but promptly turned over & Ford clears for halfway lineout for visitors
Pumas 7-6 England 29m Javier Ortega Desio guilty at breakdown giving England upper hand & lineout's OK but Pumas turnover again
Pumas 7-6 England 30m Danny Care makes an impact & ball heads to Jonny May in full pelt but he's shoved right back
Pumas 7-11 England 30m May offloads to Ford who passes sublimely to Yarde & he sprints to beat the chasing prop to score
Argentina England Rugby Summer Tour T1 Pumas 7-13 England 31m Ford converts in respectable fashion & England are looking better amongst the chaos
Pumas 7-13 England 33m England are turned over yet again - a lot of that going on!
Pumas 7-13 England 34m Pumas make some yards but end up back in own 22 & hoof ball away
Pumas 7-13 England 35m Brownie collects & heads back into Pumas territory but England lose it again
Pumas 7-13 England 35m Excellent work from Pumas working deftly together; Boffelli falls a few metres short of tryline
Pumas 12-13 England 36m But the ball is quickly recycled time & again before Tomás Lavanini finds the goal line
Pumas 14-13 England 37m Sánchez perfectly hits the conversion to retake the lead for the Pumas
Pumas 14-13 England 38m England restart yet it's Pumas with lineout tho in own half - goes well & shift over halfway
Pumas 14-13 England 39m Yarde does well & England are in possession again; Brownie slices it too far tho
Pumas 14-13 England 40m HT hooter goes but Nige checks kick was previous for the Pumas halfway lineout - play on
Pumas 14-13 England 40+1m Pumas drive hard from the lineout & make it up to 22 before Tom Curry pinged for offside
Pumas 17-13 England 40+1m Captain Agustín Creevy signals to posts & Sánchez pops over the penalty for 4pt lead

Pumas 17-13 England HT T: Boffelli, Lavanini C: Sánchez (2) P: Sánchez | T: Yarde C: Ford P: Ford (2)

Argentina England Rugby HT Summer Tour T1Pumas 17-13 England HT Well - chaos, & unorganised on England's part. But great fun rugby to watch...
Pumas 17-13 England HT Possession/territory 64:34. Turnovers 9:8. Penalties 5:4. It's game on in Argentina
Pumas 17-13 England HT Pumas have 1 uncapped player; England have 4 starting & an entire bench!

Pumas 17-13 England 40m More than half the stadium is now in shadow, but the light's great for play
Pumas 17-13 England 41m Pumas set out with a defensive 10m lineout; England turnover ball & go well & tho they lose it...
Pumas 17-13 England 42m ...are saved by Moroni infringing & Ford has the penalty on 10m out wide
Pumas 17-16 England 43m England just a point short after another good kick from Ford
Pumas 17-16 England 43m Ford coping well with all the Pumas fans whistling & jeering when he tees up!
Pumas 17-16 England 44m England on the attack but fluff it & Pumas clear them back into own half for 10m lineout
Argentina England Rugby Summer Tour T1Pumas 17-16 England 45m England clear ball into sun over halfway where Moroni can't see jack; penalty to visitors
Pumas 17-16 England 46m England scrum is good & excellent hands & feet from Henry Slade who chips thru...
Pumas 17-21 England 46m ...perfectly for Brownie to chase into corner with May at heels who scores
Pumas 17-23 England 47m Ford has no problems with the conversion & England are back in front
Pumas 17-23 England 48m A much more composed & concerted effort from England this half
Pumas 17-23 England 49m Julián Montoya replaces Creevy while Denny Solomona debuts in place of Yarde
Pumas 17-23 England 50m Nige gives England a penalty for a knock on, but realises his mistake, apologises & scrum Pumas
Pumas 17-23 England 51m Good scrum, poor England defence as Solomona falls over & Jerónimo de la Fuente sprints...
Pumas 22-23 England 51m ...directly under the posts to score a try that will definitely take the lead again
Pumas 24-23 England 52m Sánchez adds the extras & the Pumas are looking awfully sharp
Pumas 29-23 England 53m Solomona misses another vital tackle while Tuculet runs circles round England to score!
Pumas 31-23 England 54m Sánchez adds another 2 & Pumas are playing magnificently
Pumas 31-23 England 55m Guido Petti came on for on for Lavanini when Creevy went off
Pumas 31-23 England 56m Matt Mullan & Piers Francis on for Genge & Alex Lozowski
Pumas 31-23 England 57m Leonardo Senatore & Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro on for Leguizamón & Enrique Pieretto
Pumas 31-23 England 59m Meanwhile, Pumas continue to dominate & England cough up another penalty
Pumas 31-23 England 60m Sánchez tees up but doesn't find his mark this time; more changes...
Pumas 31-23 England 62m Ramiro Moyano & Juan Martín Hernández on for Boffelli & Sánchez
Pumas 31-26 England 63m Will Collier on for Harry Williams while Ford silences crowd with difficult penalty kick
Pumas 31-31 England 64m & then Ford silences his detractors by running almost length of pitch solo to score
Pumas 31-31 England 65m He should've carried on running under posts as he completely misses the conversion
Pumas 31-31 England 66m So it's all square in this excellent match & play continues
Pumas 31-31 England 67m Gonzalo Bertanou replaces Landajo while Pumas set a defensive scrum at 10m
Pumas 31-31 England 68m They don't make light work of it but eventually Pumas charge into the England 22 again
Pumas 31-31 England 69m But England perform another turnover & attempt a run from own 22...ball finds touch
Pumas 31-31 England 70m Don Armand debuts in place of Curry while Hernández kicks sublime ball 40m from touchline
Pumas 31-31 England 71m Pumas are deep in the England 22 again but infringe enough for an England penalty
Pumas 31-31 England 72m Ford clears back up to the midfield & make it up to the Pumas 22...
Pumas 31-31 England 73m ..but it pops up for Hernández from Hartley's grip; offloads to Moyano who sprints over halfway
Pumas 31-31 England 74m Moyano doesn't make it all the way but get to 22 before he goes down
Argentina England Rugby Summer Tour T1Pumas 31-31 England 75m England are firmly on the back foot as the Pumas breach the 22 & threaten to score again
Pumas 31-31 England 76m Jack Maunder & Nick Isiekwe debut replacing Care & Charlie Ewels
Pumas 31-31 England 76m Barely 2m short with advantage being played after England hands in ruck & ...
Pumas 34-31 England 76m ...& Hernández simply takes a step back & drops a magnificent goal to take the lead!
Pumas 34-31 England 77m Still anything can happen with 3 minutes to go & England have the restart
Pumas 34-31 England 77m England win their defensive lineout & Solomona who's been mediocre so far sprints the length...
Pumas 34-36 England 77m ...of the field to score under the post on debut! Phew!!! This is insane!
Pumas 34-38 England 78m Man of the Match Ford pings over the conversion
Pumas 34-38 England 79m England need only run down the clock but can't take foot off pedal while Eddie & Gussy...
Pumas 34-38 England 79m ..are all but exploding in coaching box! Play returns to midfield & Maunder ties his laces
Pumas 34-38 England 80m It's an England scrum on halfway & Nige instructs it must complete before game ends
Pumas 34-38 England 80m Maunder grabs ball from back of scrum, offloads it to MotM Ford who belts it into touch
Argentina England Rugby FT Summer Tour T1 Pumas 34-38 England FT The day's rugby has consistently improved all day to climax with chaotic brilliance
Pumas 34-38 England FT England are 30 men short of their squad - these 11 debutants were v impressive
Pumas 34-38 England FT Pumas put up a great fight, the crowd were awesome & Eddie's boys...well, well, well.
Pumas 34-38 England FT Don't know about you chaps but a large G&T is required! (Luckily one is waiting ;-) )

Argentina15 Joaquín Tuculet 14 Matías Moroni 13 Matías Orlando 12 Jerónimo de la Fuente 11 Emiliano Boffelli 10 Nicolás Sánchez 9 Martín Landajo 8 Juan Manuel Leguizamón 7 Javier Ortega Desio 6 Pablo Matera 5 Tomás Lavanini 4 Matías Alemanno 3 Enrique Pieretto 2 Agustín Creevy (C) 1 Lucas Noguera Paz BENCH: 16 Julián Montoya 17 Santiago García Botta 18 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 19 Guido Petti 20 Leonardo Senatore 21 Gonzalo Bertanou 22 Juan Martín Hernández 23 Ramiro Moyano

SCORERS T: Boffelli, Lavanini, de la Fuente, Tuculet C: Sánchez (4) P: Sánchez DG: Hernández

England15 Mike Brown 14 Marland Yarde 13 Henry Slade 12 Alex Lozowski* 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Danny Care 1 Ellis Genge 2 DYLAN HARTLEY (C) 3 Harry Williams* 4 Joe Launchbury 5 Charlie Ewels 6 Mark Wilson* 7 Tom Curry* 8 Nathan Hughes BENCH: 16 Jack Singleton* 17 Matt Mullan 18 Will Collier* 19 Nick Isiekwe* 20 Don Armand* 21 Jack Maunder* 22 Piers Francis* 23 Denny Solomona*

SCORERS T: Yarde, May, Ford, Solomona C: Ford (3) P: Ford (4)

Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: John Lacey, Egon Seconds TMO: Aaron Paterson




South Africa SOUTH AFRICA 37 - 14 FRANCE France

Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria - Saturday 10th June 2017
KO: 17:00 HT: 16-7 Att: 29,313



Boks vs France Referee: Glen Jackson Asst Refs: Ben O’Keeffe, Marius Mitrea TMO: Rowan Kitt KO in a half hour
Boks vs France Joost van der Westhuizen's brother Peter carries the Bok flag with teams in emotional moment
Boks vs France The anthems are done at Loftus & there's an impressive flyover before KO...
Springboks France T1 01 2017Boks 0-0 France 0m So many tears of passion during anthems; Clermont & Toulon players missing from French line-up
Boks 0-0 France 1m French KO & setup a lineout almost immediately for an attack...
Boks 0-0 France 2m The lineout is fine but Brice Dulin knocks on a tad for a Bok defending scrum just inside halfway
Boks 0-0 France 3m Firm scrum & Boks come away with it but a poor kick gives Les Bleus another throw in
Boks 0-0 France 4m It's just inside the Bok half & goes well for France; Boks pinged for collapsing maul
Boks 0-0 France 5m Jules Plisson attempts a goal kick from outside the 10m but it's doesn't have the accuracy
Boks 0-0 France 6m Bok scrum on their own 10m has to be reset after Ref Glen Jackson has words for instability
Boks 0-0 France 7m Once it works, Andries Coetzee grubber kicks ball which is marshalled into touch for Bok lineout
Boks 0-0 France 8m Strong lineout & Boks surge towards French 22 til Virimi Vakatawa forces touch
Boks 0-0 France 9m French defensive lineout but the Boks are rampaging again quickly...
Boks 0-0 France 10m The French cough up a penalty for offside in their own 22 & Elton Jantjies tees up
Boks 3-0 France 11m Jantjies starts scoreboard rolling comfortably; Boks are all over this game - 72% possession
Boks 3-0 France 12m Boks quickly in control again from the restart & have advantage coming already...
Boks 3-0 France 13m Julien le Devedec pinged for dangerous play in maul lifting leg - penalty to Boks
Boks 6-0 France 14m Jantjies punishes the visitors with another 3 pointer
Boks 6-0 France 15m France begin to build phases from restart but a poor kick goes directly to Jantjies who...
Boks 6-0 France 16m ...hoofs it back over halfway speeding towards 22; Vakatawa has no option but to kick to touch
Boks 6-0 France 17m Bok lineout is not so great & France have a defensive scrum
Boks 6-0 France 18m Scrum is good & France have the lineout but they're still in their own half
Boks 6-0 France 19m Boks work their way back into French territory following clear & head towards 22 for a lineout
Boks 6-0 France 20m lineout is a short one & Boks are on the front foot again; Ross Cronje offloads to Siya Kolisi
Boks 6-0 France 21m & he sprints towards tryline but whistle has gone for forward pass; scrum France
Boks 6-0 France 22m But man-monster Uini Atonio injured so replaced by Mohamed Boughanmi first
Boks 6-0 France 23m Scrum has to be reset as pretty messy; Les Bleus hold on & come away with it
Boks 6-0 France 24m Much better from Les Bleus as their steadily build their phases towards the Bok 22...
Boks 6-0 France 25m ...French begin to find feet til Courtnall Skosan slows play down so forced to crosskick
Boks 6-0 France 26m Dulin gets to it & knocks it back but Louis Picamoles bundled into touch by Oupa Mohoje
Boks 6-0 France 27m French momentum lost & Boks force the visitors back over halfway
Boks 6-0 France 28m Kolisi sprints into open space but is cornered sharply so has to offload & the French arrive
Boks 6-0 France 29m But Boks regain possession after Yacouba Camara neck rolls Cronje so penalty gives them lineout
Boks 6-0 France 30m Debutant Coetzee side steps, gets taken down, places ball(!) & springs back up to charge &
Boks 11-0 France 31m offloads to Jesse Kriel who bolts unhindered to the whitewash to score
Boks 13-0 France 32m Jantjies adds the conversion & this game is shaping up quite nicely!
Boks 13-0 France 33m From restart, France play eloquent rugby with lovely hands out to Yoann Huget who chips...
Boks 13-5 France 34m ...into 22 & over the whitewash; bounces awkwardly & Henry Chavancy pounces to score
Boks 13-7 France 36m Exciting rugby since France have definitely turned up & Plisson adds the extras
Boks 13-7 France 37m Boks want some more before HT and they surge again towards the French 22...
Boks 13-7 France 38m ...a chip ahead is chased over goal line by Dulin first & into deadball area, but...
Boks 13-7 France 38m ...Ref was playing advantage for Fickou who didn't release at breakdown previously - penalty Boks
Boks 16-7 France 39m Jantjies easily pings over another 3 points from outside the 22 & wide, and a score clear
Boks 16-7 France 40m The French restart just as the hooter goes & Kriel collects & belts ball into touch for HT

Boks 16-7 France HT T: Kriel C: Jantjies P: Jantjies (3) | T: Chavancy C: Plisson

Springboks France HT T1 2017Boks 16-7 France HT A much improved Bok side from last year - more clinical & efficient & far less vague
Boks 16-7 France HT However, when Les Bleus have had ball in hand, they're just as dangerous & are also better

Boks 16-7 France 40m Second half kicks off in Pretoria & Boks in possession but knock on in attack
Boks 16-7 France 41m French defensive scrum inside their 10m & Boks pinged for leaning over
Boks 16-7 France 42m Scrum reset & the French come away with it cleanly, charging over halfway & deep into Bok 22
Boks 16-7 France 43m Les Bleus 5m lineout is fine but Eben Etzebeth does his thing at breakdown, effecting a strong turnover
Boks 16-7 France 44m Boks have to defend their 22 with a scrum which has to be reset
Boks 16-7 France 45m Penalty to Boks after Atonio pinged for not straight & he's mad at Ref (but walks away)
Boks 16-7 France 46m Boks take their advantage & steadily move towards the midfield; Mohoje pops ball up but...
Boks 16-7 France 47m ...from breakdown it goes into French hands who counter well now their back in possession
Boks 16-7 France 48m Les Bleus get inside the Bok 10m before handing over a penalty for a Bok scrum
Boks 16-7 France 48m Scrum is stable & Kriel breaks in excellent fashion with Huget on his back...
Boks 16-7 France 49m ...He's forced to offload but at French 22 Huget intercepts & gets away preventing a try
Boks 16-7 France 50m Les Bleus carry play swiftly into Bok territory & Boks are penalised outside their 22
Boks 16-7 France 51m French put in to scrum & it is swiftly despatched as forced back before going forward
Boks 16-7 France 52m Ball bounces likely only a rugby one can forcing Kolisi to knock on before Vakatawa does too
Boks 16-7 France 53m Kévin Gourdon & Camille Chat on for Loann Goujon & Clément Maynadier
Boks 16-7 France 53m Boughanmi replaces Atonio again, this time for good
Boks 16-7 France 54m France go on the attack again & aren't coming away with nothing this time...
Boks 16-12 France 55m ...Chavancy creates the play for Baptiste Serin to score after replacing Maxime Machenaud
Boks 16-14 France 56m Plisson adds extras to put France right back in play while Rohan Kitshoff on for The Beast
Boks 16-14 France 57m Boks regroup at the restart & again steadily gain ground into French territory
Boks 16-14 France 58m And Skosan chases after the ball in the air as it crosses the tryline with Dulin on his back
Boks 16-14 France 59m Skosan fingertips it forward & Dulin knocks it into touch but it's TMO time
Boks 23-14 France 59m The replay shows Dulin preventing Skosan getting to ball before in play so penalty try...
Boks 23-14 France 59m ...& Dulin also handed a YC for his troubles putting the Boks a man up
Boks 23-14 France 59m Frans Steyn & Jean-Luc du Preez on for Kriel & Mohoje | Eddie Ben Arous on for Jefferson Poirot
Boks 23-14 France 60m Before you could blink, a perfect setpiece from Boks gives Cronje possession to sprint...
Boks 28-14 France 60m ...over the whitewash to score his first test try on his debut
Boks 30-14 France 61m Jantjies converts 7 from a 2-point French deficit, it's suddenly 14 points in 3 minutes
Boks 30-14 France 62m France respond well by taking play directly into the Bok 22 in fierce attack
Boks 30-14 France 63m A 5m lineout allows Les Bleus to get damn close to scoring, but...
Boks 30-14 France 64m ...Serin gets wrapped up & bundled into touch rather than over the whitewash for a score
Boks 30-14 France 64m Coenie Oosthuizen, Bongi Mbonambi, Francois Hougaard & Pieter-Steph du Toit on for Frans Malherbe, Malcolm Marx, Cronje & Franco Mostert | Bernard le Roux for Picamoles
Boks 30-14 France 65m Boks have a defensive 5m lineout & need to focus so not to lose possession in own 22
Boks 30-14 France 67m Etzebeth does his job well & France have a long way to battle back to the Bok 22...
Boks 30-14 France 68m ...& after consistent forward movement, a pass goes awry saved by Serin but...
Boks 30-14 France 69m ... Hougaard cleans ball out from ruck, offloads to Coetzee who sprints magnificently
Boks 35-14 France 70m & sees he won't make so offloads to Jan Serfontein who deftly inside steps to score!
Boks 37-14 France 71m Jantjies converts & this Bok side are looking damn dangerous & back on track
Boks 37-14 France 72m Dillyn Leyds on for Raymond Rhule | Jean-Marc Doussain & Vincent Rattez on for Plisson & Dulin
Boks 37-14 France 73m Benches now completely emptied, neither side is yet spent & France get back on the attack
Boks 37-14 France 75m There's no coming back, but Les Bleus' intention is relentless as they heap pressure on
Boks 37-14 France 77m A penalty from Boks sets France up for another 5m lineout...
Boks 37-14 France 78m ...but yet again Etzebeth steals it & forces France back from the danger zone
Boks 37-14 France 79m Les Bleus aren't lying down tho & fight their way back up to & into the Bok 22 again
Boks 37-14 France 80m A penalty comes from Boks & Serin quick taps it & he's off...
Boks 37-14 France 80+1m France get within a 2m of the tryline but forced to recycle repeatedly before maul is formed
Boks 37-14 France 80+1m & Boks take their opportunity to turnover & slam ball into touch for the win
Boks 37-14 France FT Don't expect a repeat of that score next week - France will have back all their top players

Springboks France T1 02 2017

South Africa15 Andries Coetzee 14 Raymond Rhule 13 Jesse Kriel 12 Jan Serfontein 11 Courtnall Skosan 10 Elton Jantjies 9 Ross Cronje 1 Tendai Mtawarira 2 Malcolm Marx 3 Frans Malherbe 4 Eben Etzebeth 5 Franco Mostert 6 Siya Kolisi 7 Oupa Mohoje 8 WARREN WHITELEY (C) BENCH: 16 Bongi Mbonambi 17 Steven Kitshoff 18 Coenie Oosthuizen 19 Pieter-Steph du Toit 20 Jean-Luc du Preez 21 Francois Hougaard 22 Frans Steyn 23 Dillyn Leyds

SCORERS T: Kriel, PT, Cronje, Serfontein C: Jantjies (3) P: Jantjies (3)

France15 Brice Dulin 14 Yoann Huget 13 Henry Chavancy 12 Gaël Fickou 11 Virimi Vakatawa 10 Jules Plisson 9 Maxime Machenaud 1 Jefferson Poirot 2 Clément Maynadier 3 Uini Atonio 4 Julien le Devedec 5 YOANN MAESTRI (C) 6 Yacouba Camara 7 Loann Goujon 8 Louis Picamoles BENCH: 16 Camille Chat 17 Eddy Ben Arous 18 Mohamed Boughanmi 19 Bernard le Roux 20 Kévin Gourdon 21 Baptiste Serin 22 Jean-Marc Doussain 23 Vincent Rattez

SCORERS T: Chavancy, Serin C: Plisson (2) Yellow Card Dulin

Referee: Glen Jackson Asst Referees: Ben O’Keeffe, Marius Mitrea TMO: Rowan Kitt




Italy ITALY 13 - 34 SCOTLAND Scotland

Singapore National Stadium - Saturday 10th June 2017
KO: 20:00 HT: 3-15 Att: 8,734



Italy vs Scotland Referee: Paul Williams Asst Referees: Mike Fraser, Tim Baker TMO: Minoru Fuji
Italy vs Scotland The teams are out in a hot & humid Sing summer's night & anthems abound...
Italy 0-0 Scotland 1m Tommy Allen kicks off & Scots make a good start as Italy quickly pinged for offside
Italy 0-0 Scotland 2m Another penalty coming already but John Barclay makes a break over the Italy 10m...
Italy 0-0 Scotland 3m That passage ends with a defensive 5m scrum for Italy which pushes Scots back up closer to 10m
Italy 0-0 Scotland 3m Scots lineout is good & Michele Campagnaro pinged at the breakdown - 3rd penalty in as many minutes
Italy 0-0 Scotland 4m Scots are busy phase building as they move within 2m of the Italian goal line
Italy 0-3 Scotland 5m Another penalty & Finn Russell tees up in front of posts & opens the scoring easily
Italy 0-3 Scotland 6m The restart puts Italy on the Scottish 22 but it's the Scots in possession already again
Italy 0-3 Scotland 7m Duncan Taylor kicks from own 22 & Eduardo Padovani pings it right back to Damien Hoyland
Italy 3-3 Scotland 9m Scots hand over penalty with Italy in their half so Allen tees up in sparsely populated stadium
Italy 3-3 Scotland 10m Simple equaliser; from restart Italy have defensive lineout on 22 & keep possession
Italy 3-3 Scotland 12m Italy look to gain some territory but ball intercepted & Scots shift back over halfway towards 22
Italy 3-3 Scotland 14m Scottish pipes are piping as Scots have a 22 lineout but the Azzurri put them right back there
Italy 3-3 Scotland 16m Scots threaten the 22 out wide but Padovani intercepts & clears his lines well
Italy 3-3 Scotland 17m Azzurri lineout on halfway but Scots quickly nab ball & break towards 22...
Italy 3-3 Scotland 17m ...Padovani gets his hands on ball again & Scots pinged for not releasing
Italy 3-3 Scotland 18m Allan Dell sent off for blood, & HT halfway 2 minute break taken now for ridiculous heat for rugby
Italy 3-3 Scotland 19m Italian attacking lineout but Azzurri pinged for obstruction & suddenly they're back in own half
Italy 3-3 Scotland 20m Ref announced water break before - it wasn't 2 minutes & apparently it wasn't it at all
Italy 3-3 Scotland 21m Scottish possession but play goes back into Scottish half; back over halfway & Italy ball...
Italy 3-3 Scotland 23m Italian scrum but it collapses; has to be reset & again outside own 22...
Italy 3-3 Scotland 24m ...eventually Italy get to grips with scrum & win it; Barclay pinged for offside in own half
Italy 3-3 Scotland 26m Azzurri lineout set up just inside Scots 22 & they begin to build phases tho not much ground gained
Italy 3-3 Scotland 27m 9 phases made before Azzurri pinged for holding on right on Scottish 22
Italy 3-3 Scotland 28m Gordon Reid who temporarily came on for Dell returns to the bench with Dell back
Italy 3-3 Scotland 30m Scotland are back in Italian territory & Russell kicks to touch for 5m attacking lineout
Italy 3-3 Scotland 31m Tim Visser makes the crucial break & heads under posts but whistles gone for Dell obstructing
Italy 3-3 Scotland 32m Azzurri penalty is squandered with a collapsed maul & turnover
Italy 3-3 Scotland 33m So 20-minute 2min water break of less than 60 seconds is now being taken - 30° heat & 86% humidity
Italy 3-3 Scotland 34m Scottish scrum just outside Italian 10m & penalty won for Azzurri spinning it
Italy 3-3 Scotland 35m Great attacking position for Scots with lineout & they are all over the tryline hoping to score
Italy 3-3 Scotland 36m Scots can taste the try but Tim Swinson infringes twice - penalty to Azzurri rightly so
Italy 3-3 Scotland 37m Ref Williams has word with captain Barclay who won't stop talking; tells him to have a word
Italy 3-8 Scotland 38m Italian clear is not great & Scots come back hard & fast for Ali Price to barge over near corner
Italy 3-8 Scotland 39m There's no conversion & time for the restart, so Italy get on with that...
Italy 3-8 Scotland 40m Ben Toolis takes the restart & some excellent play from Scots, Russell chipping ahead...
Italy 3-13 Scotland 40+1m ...smartly for Visser to collect deep in 22 & score easily for a 2nd try before HT
Italy 3-15 Scotland 40+2m Russell off injured; Peter Horne on but not allowed to kick. Taylor converts anyway for HT

Italy 3-15 Scotland HT P: Allan | T: Price, Visser C: Taylor P: Russell

Italy  Scotland Summer Tour 2017Italy 3-15 Scotland 40m Final 40 minutes in Sing kick off; Italy thump the ball out of their 22 & Taylor runs it back
Italy 3-15 Scotland 41m Russell returns to field of play with cheek all stitched up; Italy penalised for running up
Italy 3-20 Scotland 42m Scots set up 5m lineout & drive fiercely over the goal line to score a third try already...
Italy 3-22 Scotland 43m Russell splices the uprights almost to perfection to add the conversion
Italy 3-22 Scotland 44m Ref has word with captain Gori as even more penalties are gifted to Scotland warning next is YC
Italy 3-22 Scotland 45m Padovani gets under the high ball in own half & gets over halfway a foot its touch
Italy 3-22 Scotland 46m Scots lineout is fast & accurate; meanwhile Budd infringes at B/D & out come YC Ref threatened...
Italy 3-22 Scotland 48m Scots quickly head into Azzurri territory a man up & a awfully fast into the Italian 22...
Italy 3-27 Scotland 49m ...most excellent hands & balletic offloads from Scots which put Ross Ford over for a brace
Italy 3-27 Scotland 50m No conversion & Horne returns to replace Russell
Italy 3-27 Scotland 52m Ornel Gega & Federico Zani replace Andrea Lovotti & Luca Bigi in front row
Italy 3-27 Scotland 54m Scots pinged again & Ref is not having it; Italy penalty & set up 22 lineout
Italy 3-27 Scotland 56m Italy can't take advantage of position & promptly Scots have defensive 22 lineout
Italy 3-27 Scotland 57m The boys are blowing hard now - break needed v soon as changes occur...
Italy 3-27 Scotland 57m Andries van Schalkwyk & Marcello Violi for Gori & Marco Fuser
Italy 3-27 Scotland 57m Fraser Brown, Reid & Zander Fagerson for Ford, Dell & Nel
Italy 3-27 Scotland 58m Two minute water break is called...
Italy 3-27 Scotland 60m Fagerson's boot does some blood damage to Simone Ferrari who is replaced by Pietro Ceccarelli
Italy 3-27 Scotland 61m Budd returned Italy to full complement before water break; Scots have another penalty
Italy 3-27 Scotland 62m Scotland drive hard deeper into Italian territory before Barclay knocks on
Italy 3-27 Scotland 64m But Scots recover quickly & have 10m attacking lineout which is good...
Italy 3-27 Scotland 65m ...& ball is endlessly recycled til Maxime Mbanda intercepts & gallops over halfway...
Italy 8-27 Scotland 66m ...offloading to Campagnaro deftly who sprints over whitewash to score!
Italy 8-27 Scotland 67m Carlo Canna has replaced Allan but he misses his first kick at goal as it bounces off upright
Italy 8-27 Scotland 68m Scots go well from restart & build 10 phases whilst lurking over the Italian tryline...
Italy 8-27 Scotland 69m ...but as Fagerson makes his mark & gets over the ball, Matt Scott knocks it on
Italy 8-27 Scotland 70m Tommaso Benvenuti replaces Campagnaro before the Italians have a defensive scrum in their 22
Italy 8-27 Scotland 71m Braam Steyn who replaced Robert Barbieri 20 minutes ago steps back at base of scrum...
Italy 8-27 Scotland 71m Technically an infringement but unintentional & Pyrgos landed on his back
Italy 8-27 Scotland 72m Even Scottish captain Barclay is shouting it was nothing, Steyn gets a yellow card
Italy 8-27 Scotland 73m Italians down to 14 men for remainder of game & Scots have penalty
Italy 8-32 Scotland 74m Scots opt for a scrum & smart play gets Hoyland over the tryline for another score
Italy 8-34 Scotland 75m Horne adds the extras & play resumes at the restart; hopefully can do something here
Italy 8-34 Scotland 77m Italy head up to the 22 but Pyrgos clears them away with a thumping kick to clear
Italy 8-34 Scotland 78m Time off for medics to pop on after Scots hand over penalty in their own 22...
Italy 8-34 Scotland 79m ...22 lineout for Italy is good & Canna chips thru & Tommaso Boni charges to it behind goal line
Italy 8-34 Scotland 79m does Taylor to prevent the try & there's an almighty collision to knock them both down
Italy 8-34 Scotland 79m Time off as both assessed & Ref forces Boni off for HIA; Allan returns to play
Italy 8-34 Scotland 80m Italy 5m lineout & another penalty comes from Scots knock on & they opt for a scrum...
Italy 8-34 Scotland 80+1m ...Azzurri attack the area in front of uprights & can't find a way thru but Canna floats...
Italy 13-34 Scotland 80+1m ...a looping pass over to the corner for Angelo Esposito to bundle over in corner
Italy 13-34 Scotland 80+2m Taylor & Rory Hughes attempt to stop it but it's too late; no conversion
Italy 13-34 Scotland 80+3m Oddly it's not FT according to the Ref so play resumes with a restart...
Italy 13-34 Scotland 80+3m Penalty to Scots & Pyrgos has to tap kick before kicking to touch for FT under new rules

Italy  Scotland Summer Tour 2017

Italy15 Edoardo Padovani 14 Angelo Esposito 13 Michele Campagnaro 12 Tommaso Boni 11 Leonardo Sarto 10 Tommaso Allan 9 EDOARDO GORI (C) 1 Andrea Lovotti 2 Luca Bigi 3 Simone Ferrari 4 Marco Fuser 5 Dean Budd 6 Francesco Minto 7 Maxime Mbanda 8 Robert Barbieri BENCH: 16 Ornel Gega 17 Federico Zani 18 Pietro Ceccarelli 19 Andries van Schalkwyk 20 Braam Steyn 21 Marcello Violi 22 Carlo Canna 23 Tommaso Benvenuti

SCORERS T: Campagnaro, Esposito P: Allan Yellow Card Budd, Steyn

Scotland15 Duncan Taylor 14 Damien Hoyland 13 Matt Scott 12 Alex Dunbar 11 Tim Visser 10 Finn Russell 9 Ali Price 1 Allan Dell 2 Ross Ford 3 WP Nel 4 Tim Swinson 5 Ben Toolis 6 JOHN BARCLAY (C) 7 Ryan Wilson 8 Josh Strauss BENCH: 16 Fraser Brown 17 Gordon Reid 18 Zander Fagerson 19 Rob Harley 20 Magnus Bradbury 21 Rory Hughes 22 Henry Pyrgos 23 Pete Horne

SCORERS T: Price, Visser, Ford (2), Hoyland C: Taylor, Russell, Horne P: Russell

Referee: Paul Williams Asst Referees: Mike Fraser, Tim Baker TMO: Minoru Fuji




Week 2

Ulster Rugby ULSTER RUGBY 43 - 28 BARBARIANS Barbarians

Twickenham - Sunday 28th May 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 21-22 Att: 15,500


THE great Thierry Dusautoir led the Barbarians to a power-packed 43-28 win over Ulster in the final appearance of his glittering career. The famous invitation side scored seven tries, the last of which was converted by France’s longest-serving captain.

Ulster Rugby v Barbarians 2017

Fiji’s Waisea Nayacalevu and Pau prop Chris King scored two tries each, there were further touchdowns for hooker Corey Flynn and Joe Tekori, and Ulster also conceded a penalty try.

A 10,000 strong Kingspan Stadium crowd gave Montpellier-bound scrum half Ruan Pienaar a rousing send off, and local favourite Roger Wilson also brought down the curtain on his distinguished spell with the province. Ulster's young side showed plenty of promise, too, racing into a 14-0 lead through Stuart McCloskey and Mark Keane with Wilson and Pienaar adding conversions.

Debutant Callum Patterson also touched down but by the interval the Barbarians were 22-21 in front. Former All Blacks hooker Flynn drove over from a lineout, centre Nayacalevu swept over in the corner and King powered over twice from close range.

A rainy night in Belfast did not help handling but both sides tried to open up and the Barbarians - fielding at 945kg what might have been the heaviest pack in their history - had the power to open up enough space to work with. Runners like Tekori, Paul Willemse and Facundo Isa forced their way over the gain line and the pressure told with a penalty try awarded when Ulster were shoved backwards at a five metre scrum. The extra magic was supplied from an inventive old-school penalty move - the ball switched behind a wall of players - allowing Nayacalevu to score his second.

Ulster Rugby v Barbarians 2017

Then some midfield ingenuity opened up a giant hole which Tekori galloped through from 20 metres out, touching down under the posts to make sure Dusautoir did better than recent Barbarians retirees (Bakkies Botha the most notable) in stroking over the conversion.

Alan O’Connor had scored for Ulster immediately after the break - Paul Marshall creating the opening - and the margin would have been closer if Marshall had not spilled the ball with the line at his mercy inside the last 10 minutes.

The Barbarians missed out on their own chance to add another spectacular try to their scrapbook too. Alex Goode and David Smith combined electrically down the left on an 80 metre breakout, only for Goode’s strike to be ruled out for a high tackle in the build-up that saw Chris Masoe yellow-carded.

The former All Black - all smiles on the sideline - was one of three more greats bowing out in Belfast with Argentina lock Patricio Albacete and Ireland’s Mike Ross also receiving warm applause from an appreciative crowd.

Ulster Rugby v Barbarians 2017

Ulster Rugby15 Peter Nelson 14 Mark Keane 13 Callum Patterson 12 Stuart McCloskey 11 Craig Gilroy 10 Brett Herron 9 RUAN PIENAAR (CC) 1 Andy Warwick 2 Rob Herring 3 Rodney Ah You 4 Pete Browne 5 Alan O'Connor 6 Matthew Rea 7 Clive Ross 8 ROGER WILSON (CC) BENCH: 16 John Andrew 17 Kyle McCall 18 Ross Kane 19 Stephen Mulholland 20 Chris Henry 21 Paul Marshall 22 Dave Shanahan 23 Callum Smith 24 Ricky Lutton

SCORERS T: McCloskey, Keane, Patterson, O’Connor C: Wilson, Pienaar (2), Herron

Barbarians15 Alex Goode (Saracens & England) 14 David Smith (Castres) 13 Waisea Nayacalevu (Stade Français & Fiji) 12 Robbie Fruean (Bath Rugby) 11 Horacio Agulla (Castres & Argentina) 10 Ian Madigan (Bordeaux Bègles  & Ireland) 9 Rory Kockott (Castres & France) 1 Chris King (Pau) 2 Corey Flynn (Star RFC & New Zealand) 3 Mike Ross (Leinster & Ireland) 4 Paul Willemse (Montpellier) 5 Patricio Albacete (Toulouse & Argentina) 6 Joe Tekori (Toulouse & Samoa) 7 THIERRY DUSAUTOIR (C) (TOULOUSE & FRANCE) 8 Facundo Isa (Lyon & Argentina) BENCH: 16 Richard Hibbard (Gloucester & Wales) 17 Vincent Pelo (La Rochelle & France) 18 Census Johnston (Toulouse & Samoa) 19 Jeremy Thrush (Gloucester & New Zealand) 20 Chris Masoe (Racing & New Zealand) 21 Kahn Fotuali’i (Bath Rugby & Samoa) 22 Brock James (La Rochelle) 23  Jean-Marcellin Buttin (Bordeaux-Bègles & France)

SCORERS T: Flynn, Nayacalevu (2), King (2), PT, Tekori C: Agulla, Madigan (2), Dusautoir Yellow Card Masoe

Referee: Ben Whitehouse Asst Referees: David Wilkinson, Jonny Erskine TMO: Simon McDowell




Week 1

England ENGLAND RUGBY† 28 - 14 BARBARIANS Barbarians

Twickenham - Sunday 28th May 2017
KO: 15:00 HT: 13-0 Att: 51,636



15mins to KO for England v Barbarians and the teams are running through final warm-ups.
Vern Cotter’s Barbarians side boasts almost 600 caps across its starting XV as opposed to only 250 for Eddie Jones' England Rugby. 
Barbarians' bench has more caps (257) than England Rugby’s XV. Should be a fascinating contest.
Alex Goode and Steffon Armitage – with five European Cup titles between them – line up against their national side.
Robbie Fruean of Bath Rugby and Stade Toulousain's Gillian Galan – both on the bench – are Barbarians' two uncapped players.
Big game for Robshaw (C), Care, Ford, May & Brown, England's experienced players - with 246 of the 250 caps.
England v Barbarians 0m technical difficulties for the refs it seems(!) but George Ford eventually gets us underway
England v Barbarians 0m BaaBaas playing their traditional style of running rugby with a cross-field pass in their own 22
England v Barbarians 1m Mike Brown carries for England, while Earle gets his first touch of the ball and bundled into touch.
England v Barbarians 2m chip ahead by Brown is gathered by Timoci Nagusa, who goes on a searing run from inside his 22.
England v Barbarians 4m knock on gives BaaBaas good position on England 22
England v Barbarians 5m England showing strong defence to hold out BaaBaas for several phases.
England v Barbarians 6m A lot of BaaBaas passes going to ground. England able to win a turnover but miss touch.
England v Barbarians 6m BaaBaas on attack through Nagusa and Goode but Goode fumbles over the line.
England v Barbarians 8m England gain free kick at the scrum for BaaBaas early shove. Ford clears to the 10m line.
England v Barbarians 9m Frans Steyn used as a battering ram through the centres!
England v Barbarians 11m England concede a penalty for hands in the ruck and BaaBaas pass on opportunity for 3 points - lineout.
England v Barbarians 11m Cheeky lineout move involving Dusautoir and Fotuali'i is read well by England and cleared.
England v Barbarians 12m Dusautoir, Hibbard and Madigan amongst the carriers for BaaBaas but not making ground.
England v Barbarians 13m Messy ball hacked through by Nathan Earle but he's unable to gather. Ashley-Cooper counters.
England v Barbarians 13m Ball in touch and both sides opting for quick lineout ball. HUGE hit by Earle on Goode
England v Barbarians 14m Mike Haley of Sale Sharks replaces Alex Lozowski early on.
England v Barbarians 15m George Ford finds Jonny May in space but then attempt by May to offload goes into touch.
England 5-0 Barbarians TRY 16m High ball fielded by Brown finds Sam James. He sears down the wing and puts Earle over.
England 7-0 Barbarians CONV 17m George Ford converts.
England 7-0 Barbarians 18m BaaBaas in need of some of their usual flair as they struggle to go forward.
England 7-0 Barbarians 19m England with ball in BaaBaas 22. Sam James chips through. Gathered by Earle.
England 7-0 Barbarians 20m Earle attempts to offload to Sam Underhill but the ball goes forward.
England 7-0 Barbarians 20m BaaBaas replacement - uncapped Robbie Fruean on for Yann David.
England 7-0 Barbarians 21m After some scrappy scrums, England concede pen - Genge judged to have pulled down his opposite man.
England 7-0 Barbarians 22m Show and go by Madigan - taken down by Ford and Underhill. Slightly more flowing from BaaBaas now.
England 7-0 Barbarians 23m Madigan finds more of a hole this time and puts Hibbard through but the pass is forward.
England 7-0 Barbarians 25m No.8 Beaumont picks at the base of the scrum and Ford clears from next ruck.
England 7-0 Barbarians 26m BaaBaas attempt a turnover of Underhill but pinged for side entry. England opt for the posts.
England 7-0 Barbarians 27m Ford misses chance to extend England's lead from in front of the posts.
England 7-0 Barbarians 29m England attack through Ford and James and Dusautoir is pinged for going off his feet.
England 7-0 Barbarians 29m Meanwhile Steffon Armitage his getting stuck into his fellow countrymen, taking Brown off the ball!
England 7-0 Barbarians 29m Brown goes in for a head assessment to be replaced by Richard Wigglesworth.
England 10-0 Barbarians PEN 30m Ford makes sure this time.
England 10-0 Barbarians 32m BaaBaas with good territory now after Underhill is pinged for sloppy entry to a ruck.
England 10-0 Barbarians 33m BaaBaas lineout 10m out. But it goes forward off Census Johnston.
England 10-0 Barbarians 33m Box kick from Wigglesworth is gathered by Goode. Albacete amongst the carriers.
England 10-0 Barbarians 35m Goode and Nagusa combining well. Wigglesworth concedes a pen for bringing down Goode without the ball.
England 10-0 Barbarians 36m Tom Curry (Sale Sharks) replaces Sam Underhill, who has put in a strong first half.
England 10-0 Barbarians 37m BaaBaas would have liked to use a scrum on England 22 but Nariashvili pinged for not driving straight.
England 10-0 Barbarians 38m Another pen by BaaBaas (Jeremy Thrush for side entry to a ruck) gives England chance at points.
England 13-0 Barbarians PEN 40m Ford brings the half to a close with a second pen to extend England's lead.

England 13-0 Barbarians HT T: Earle C: Ford P: Ford (2) | -

England Rugby v BarbariansSome classic Barbarians style rugby on display here but slightly too many errors by the invitational side and not enough structure.
Light drizzle starting here at Twickenham too, which won't help Barbarians' desire to throw the ball around.
On a side note ... some resounding Britishness on display at Twickenham today, honouring those affected by the atrocities in Manchester.

England 13-0 Barbarians 40m second half starting courtesy of Ireland's Ian Madigan.
England 13-0 Barbarians 40m Ashley-Cooper, Goode and Nagusa playing with fire behind BaaBaas tryline but ball cleared.
England 13-0 Barbarians 41m England counter through Haley but he loses the ball forward.
England 13-5 Barbarians TRY 42m BaaBaas find space from the ensuing scrum and Ashley-Cooper streaks down the wing.
England 13-7 Barbarians CONV 44m Madigan converts with a lovely kick from the touchline.
England 13-7 Barbarians 45m BaaBaas replacements - Schalk Brits on for Hibbard and Joe Tekori on for Albacete
England 13-7 Barbarians 46m Dusautoir is (as usual) everywhere but not always on the right side of the laws!
England 16-7 Barbarians PEN 47m Pen from Ford as Dusautoir goes off his feet.
England 16-7 Barbarians 48m Replacement - Mark Wilson of the Falcons comes on for Josh Beaumont.
England 16-7 Barbarians 49m Immediate impact by Tekori as he bulldozes through English centres but he loses the ball forwards.
England 16-7 Barbarians 50m England get a pen from the scrum and it's Nariashvili to blame for going down.
England 16-7 Barbarians 50m Singleton finds Isiekwe at the lineout and England drive.
England 16-7 Barbarians 50m Beautiful positional kick from Ford sees a BaaBaas lineout on their 5m line.
England 16-7 Barbarians 51m BaaBaas clear through a long throw to the centres, Facundo Isa carrying.
England 16-7 Barbarians 54m Series of sloppy scrums and England get pen - Nariashvili yellow-carded for repeat infringements.
England 16-7 Barbarians 57m Clattering hit by Robbie Fruean on Collier gives BaaBaas the ball but Nagusa concedes a pen at next ruck.
England 16-7 Barbarians 59m BaaBaas with ball but its Mark Wilson making a nuisance of himself at breakdown to win turnover.
England 16-7 Barbarians 59m Ford absolutely floored by Nagusa and loses the ball forward.
England 16-7 Barbarians 60m Replacement - George McGuigan of Leicester comes on for Jack Singleton.
England 16-7 Barbarians 61m More attempted BaaBaas magic but Ashley-Cooper can't claim a clever chip by Madigan.
England 16-7 Barbarians 62m More scrum problems - yet another penalty conceded by the BaaBaas and Ford opts for territory.
England 16-7 Barbarians 63m Sloppy England lineout picked up by Schalk Brits. Isa makes a huge 50m break.
England 16-7 Barbarians 64m England defending their line as Jamal Ford-Robinson replaces Will Collier in the front row.
England 16-7 Barbarians 64m England clear through a pen. Ford gathers Goode's high ball. Brown and Haley make yards.
England 16-7 Barbarians 66m BaaBaas again playing a dangerous game by running in their own 22, Nagusa and Steyn combining.
England 21-7 Barbarians TRY 67m Delightful steal by England's Tom Curry and Isiekwe gets an easy run-in.
England 23-7 Barbarians CONV 68m Ford pops over the extras.
England 23-7 Barbarians 70m England pressure on BaaBaas after the restart. Will Spencer now on for Isiekwe.
England 23-7 Barbarians 70m But cynical play by McGuigan (taking man without the ball) gives BaaBaas position in England 22.
England 23-7 Barbarians 73m BaaBaas pressure through Armitage and Brits. Steyn cleans up an England knock on.
England 23-7 Barbarians 75m This time the scrum pen goes the way of the BaaBaas and they go for the line.
England 23-12 Barbarians TRY 76m Long throw from Brits goes to Thrush and Tekori crosses after a forward drive.
England 23-14 Barbarians CONV 77m Madigan slots the conversion.
England 23-14 Barbarians 79m England play out final moments with a series of forward carries. Trying to find some space.
England 28-14 Barbarians TRY 80m Space finally comes in the shape of Ford putting Care away.
England 28-14 Barbarians 80m Ford unable to add the extras from out wide, drawing the game to a close with an England win.
England Rugby v BarbariansMOTM goes to England's Tom Curry for an impressive display off the bench, including a try-making turnover.
We're in post-match press conference with Eddie Jones, who is in a buoyant mood after the victory but admits it was a tough game.
Focus will now turn to the tour Argentina. England will look to fix lineout turnovers as well as continuity in attack.
The likes of Lozowski and Underhill sustained minor knocks but Eddie is confident they're not too serious and they'll be fine to tour.
Eddie also happy with Robshaw and Ford's co-captaincy, meanwhile Dylan Hartley was on the sidelines, helping out as 'bottle washer'!
Not all positive of course - Eddie looking for consistency and better decision-making.
In Eddie's 'journey' with England, he describes today as 'putting his foot in the shallow end'. Much more to come from this England side.

England Rugby v Barbarians

England15 Mike Brown 14 Nathan Earle* 13 Sam James* 12 Alex Lozowski* 11 Jonny May 10 George Ford 9 Danny Care 1 Ellis Genge 2 Jack Singleton* 3 Will Collier 4 Charlie Ewels 5 Nick Isiekwe* 6 Chris Robshaw (CC) 7 Sam Underhill* 8 Josh Beaumont*BENCH: 16 George McGuigan* 17 Ross Harrison* 18 Jamal Ford-Robinson* 19 Tom Ellis* 20 Ben Curry* 21 Mark Wilson* 22 Richard Wigglesworth 23 Mike Haley*

SCORERS T: Earle, Isiekwe, Care C: Ford (2) P: Ford (2)

Barbarians15 Alex Goode (Saracens & England) 14 Timoci Nagusa (Montpellier & Fiji) 13 Yann David (Toulouse & France) 12 Frans Steyn (Montpellier & South Africa) 11 Adam Ashley-Cooper (Bordeaux-Bègles & Australia) 10 Ian Madigan (Bordeaux-Bègles & Ireland) 9 Kahn Fotuali’i (Bath Rugby & Samoa) 1 Mikheil Nariashvili (Montpellier & Georgia) 2 Richard Hibbard (Gloucester & Wales) 3 Census Johnston (Toulouse & Samoa) 4 Patricio Albacete (Toulouse & Argentina) 5 Jeremy Thrush (Gloucester & New Zealand) 6 THIERRY DUSAUTOIR (C) (Toulouse & France) 7 Steffon Armitage (Pau & England) 8 Facundo Isa (Lyon & Argentina) BENCH: 16 Schalk Brits (Saracens & South Africa) 17 Ben Franks (London Irish & New Zealand) 18 WP Nel (Edinburgh & Scotland) 19 Joe Tekori (Toulouse & Samoa) 20 Gillian Galan (Toulouse) 21 Ruan Pienaar (Ulster & South Africa) 22 Robbie Fruean (Bath Rugby) 23 Horacio Agulla (Castres & Argentina)

SCORERS T: Ashley-Cooper, Tekori C: Madigan (2) Yellow Card Nariashvili

Referee: Andrew Brace Asst Referees: John Lacey, Ben Whitehouse TMO: Peter Fitzgibbon




*denotes uncapped


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