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LMT Likes...

Banana Republic Mad Men Collection

September 2011

FOR anyone with even a passing interesting in fashion, it doesn’t matter if you adore Mad Men or dip in an out occasionally, one of the things that strike you the most is the beautiful wardrobe on display. Christina Hendricks and January Jones have become style icons both on and off screen.

Designers everywhere have been letting hints of 50s and 60s style creep into their collections ever since the series hit our screens but this season sees Banana Republic take the next step and launch an entire collection of Mad Men inspired looks for both sexes.

Banana Republic Mad Men Betty dress

They have clearly done their homework, including recruiting the show’s costume designer Janie Bryant to advise on the looks and the pieces on offer are both exquisite and bang on trend. This burgundy dress in particular plays to both the 60s inspired and ‘boozy colours’ trend we will be seeing a lot of over the next few months. 



Banana Republic Mad Men lace tipped dress


By far my favourite piece is this oxide grey lace tipped dress, which is sharp enough to impress in the office and yet perfect for sipping cocktails at even the trendiest of bars.




Banana Republic Mad Men begonia print dress


For those of you who want to keep their look a little more ‘down home’, this begonia print dress plays into the homespun trends while maintaining an air of glamour.




Banana Republic Mad Men tailored slim two button suit blazer


For the boys, this three piece suit is sure to impress, its clean lines and tight tailoring make for a sharp look while Banana Republic’s use of modern technology means that hidden under proverbial bonnet, this suit is as comfortable as it is stylish.



Banana Republic Mad Men shawl-collar cardigan


As soon as one leaves the office, however, that jacket is going to have to come off and this cardigan is perfect for relaxing your look without having to compromise your style.





Banana Republic Mad Men Pocket SquareThe attention to detail Banana Republic have paid knows no bounds and amongst the gorgeous rage of bags and accessories they have released to go with the range, they have taken the slightly unexpected turn of releasing this ‘pocket square’. It may technically be a handkerchief but with this in your pocket, even mopping your brow can be done with style.




BKT Likes


July 2011

RECENTLY, whilst having a catch up with a friend who is also obsessed with fashion, we spotted someone sitting across from us wearing a T-shirt we also both owned (individually). Unfortunately, we weren’t too keen on how this individual was doing nothing for the T-shirt – clearly, picked as an after-thought rather than carefully considered and combined with the rest of his ensemble, the man didn’t seem to be aware of what his T-shirt represented or how to wear it. It seems the T-shirt a man chooses represents more than he knows – a simple insignia or logo speaks volumes and whether you like the idea or not, it is the clothes which make the man.

dumpTackleFor rugby fans, the only options used to be a generic slogan or image which didn’t really allow one to express his love for the game in a witty and stylish way. Thankfully, the founders of dumpTackle, Patch and Dave have to come to the rescue with their brand dumpTackle. The idea came, like most good things, from a conversation over a few pints in a local pub. Patch and Dave (not to be confused with pop/rock sensations Chas ‘n’ Dave) stumbled across the idea of dumpTackle whilst putting the world to rights during what had become a weekly get together after Dave had returned travelling the globe after graduating.

Both young men had found themselves graduating from University at a time just when the job market’s bubble burst, which wasn’t too much of an issue, as neither of them lusted after what most would consider ‘normal jobs’ anyway. Patch had spent the last year struggling in a hostile job market, providing marketing consultancy here and there, but generally craving the excitement of his own business.

A conversation about the latest developments in the rugby universe led into an assessment of the poor options of rugby clothing available to die hard rugby fans. The choices available seemed to be expensive rugby shirts and pretentious polo’s, or poor quality, pretty ugly t-shirts that seemed to be sold out of somebody’s garden shed…

…So the idea of dumpTackle was born!

A rugby brand that understands that rugby doesn’t really finish when the final whistle blows, so why should the enjoyment of it? The humour and banter that thrives off of the pitch, in the changing rooms, in the stands, on the blogs and with friends all contribute to making rugby so much more enjoyable.

What’s more, not only are these T-shirts a great deal of fun (no need to bring along an icebreaker to a game or a pub as you’ll be wearing one – unless it’s snowing outside!) but can be dressed down for a post-game drink at the pub (shorts and sandals in the summer, or in cooler climates, jeans, canvas shoes and layered with a warm long sleeve top underneath) or dressed up (with a smart blazer, jeans and jazzy shoes).

Fashion at Rugby Unplugged had a hard time choosing our favourites as they are all so versatile and fun to wear so whether it is for yourself or a gift for a friend, here are our favourites:

Evolution of Man dumpTackleEvolution Of Man

Witty, to the point and the best way bar an actual rugby jersey to show your love for the great game – we like.


Keep Calm dumpTackleKeep Calm and Ruck Over

This T-shirt is a wardrobe staples, comes in lots of great colours and is on offer at the moment – in other words a must have!



What Goes On Tour…Stays On TourdumpTackleWhat Goes On Tour…Stays On Tour

As a wise man once said and there is no better reminder of that gem of advice than this T-shirt.



My Drinking Team Has A Rugby Problem dumpTackleMy Drinking Team Has A Rugby Problem

One for the intellectual supporter with a triumph of wit and fun – expect people to stare at your chest in confusion, then admiration...


Absolute Hoodie dumpTackleAbsolute Flanker Hoodie

Everyone needs a cosy hoodie and one which encourages the shouting of abuse is…well, to be encouraged.