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The Rugby Championship Week 1WK2The Rugby Championship Week 3Week 4TableSchedule

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The Rugby Championship Winners 2015 Australia

Week 4

New Zealand v Australia Argentina v South Africa

nzNEW ZEALAND 41 - 13 AUSTRALIAaustralia

Eden Park, Auckland - Saturday 15 August 2015
KO: 19:35 08:35 HT: 13-6

New Zealand

Played: 178
New Zealand won: 123
Australia won: 48
Drawn: 7



All Blacks v Wallabies Well, post-anthems, the ABs have opted for kapa o panga led by Keven Mealamu in his last home match
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies Nigel Owens has the whistle & the Bledisloe Cup 2015 is about to be decided
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 1m G&G KO & straight away Brodie Retallick hits the deck hard; scrum to the Green & Golds...
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 2m G&G win the penalty at the scrum from a sold setpiece; almost 22 lineout set up for visitors
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 3m ABs disrupt the lineout & Victor Vito clears; G&G lineout but back up at halfway
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 4m ABs steal possession at the breakdown but are in own half still...
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 5m Aaron Smith pumps it away but it comes straight back from Nic White & G&G heading up to ABs 22
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 6m Confident start for the visitors; ABs defensive lineout & clear to halfway but G&G have the ball
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 6m A lot of kicking away possession & Julian Savea collects, but G&G turnover again...
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 8m Tony Woodcock gifts a penalty to the G&G & Quade Cooper tees up; the boos have begun already
All Blacks 0-0 Wallabies 8m Here's hoping theRWC2015 organisers can put a stop to this jeering & booing nonsense!
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 8m Meanwhile Cooper is bag on target & opened the account for G&G with 3 penalty points
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 9m ABS finally make some headway into G&G territory an up to the 22...
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 10m But G&G possession & Matt Toomua clears; Izzy Folau secures high ball but penalty for ABs off feet
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 12m Not much working for ABs & it's another Wallabies scrum just in ABs half...
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 13m Time for all in RWC2015Pool A to pay attention & be worried! G&G are impressive...
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 14m LH prop Scott Sio pinged for pulling down scrum & it's ABs ball to clear which Dan Carter does
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 15m ABs /O just outside G&G 22; hold onto to it but not gaining any ground at all
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 16m ABs gain nothing & G&G clear homeside right back to halfway
All Blacks 0-3 Wallabies 17m ABs in possession & get to G&G 10m before winning a penalty; Carter tees up
All Blacks 3-3 Wallabies 18m Carter's kick floats between the uprights to equalise; Cooper restarts...
All Blacks 3-3 Wallabies 19m G&G deep in ABs 22 & forced to recycle muchly, ABs fans chanting All Blacks but to no avail
All Blacks 3-3 Wallabies 21m Somehow despite the ABs defence, G&G hold on tight & secure 5m lineout...
All Blacks 3-3 Wallabies 22m Eventually ABs regain possession thru turnover & run ball towards halfway...
All Blacks 8-3 Wallabies 23m Carter breaks & offloads to Dane Coles who pounds all the way to tryline to score spectacularly
All Blacks 10-3 Wallabies 24m Carter converts & suddenly the ABs look like they've remembered why they're there
All Blacks 10-3 Wallabies 25m No danger of this being a tedious game if it continues like this; ABs ball at G&G 10m
All Blacks 10-3 Wallabies 26m ABs into the 22 & penalty coming too; that's gone & it's G&G defensive scrum
All Blacks 10-3 Wallabies 27m It's time off as Michael Hooper is replaced by David Pocock...
All Blacks 10-3 Wallabies 28m ABs ball from lineout; Stephen Moore tackle Ma'a Nonu who drops knee into him...fisticuffs!
All Blacks 10-3 Wallabies 29m After replays, Owens tells captains to have word with teams & ABs penalty. Seriously?!
All Blacks 13-3 Wallabies 30m Carter knocks over 3 more points; Conrad Smith interferes with Cooper under high ball...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 31m ABs fans continue to despicably jeer & boo as Cooper tees up for penalty...which is good
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 33m Hooper's back on & Will Skelton overruns his turnover attempt; ABs penalty & Carter tees up
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 35m Carter fluffs it completely but G&G appear to have lost their 1st quarter verve
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 36m Like Hooper, Henry Speight looks like he may go off for concussion check...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 37m ABs pinged in G&G 22 & White clears in superb fashion; Beale comes on for Speight
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 38m ABs turnover ball deep in own territory & clear; G&G 10m attacking lineout but time off...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 39m ABs turnover ball off lineout so defensive scrum...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 40m Sio pinged yet again in front row & ABs have final attacking opportunity of the half...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 40+1m Carter attempts a drop goal but it goes awry before HT whistle goes.

All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies HT T: Coles C: Carter P: Carter (2) | P: Cooper (2)

All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 41m We're back for 2nd half & G&G are going to have to step it back up if they want to win...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 42m ABs attack straight into G&G 22 but Nic White saves it in corner...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 43m Time off as a bit of G&G attention required to captain Moore...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 43m Moore's fine & G&G manage to force ABs back outside the 22 before clearing almost to halfway
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 44m ABs attack again; G&G can't slow ball down as the Smiths make ground; Savea knock on
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 45m Bit of a debate there but G&G defensive scrum just inside their 22...
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 46m G&G eventually secure the ball but it takes an age; clear charged down but retain possession
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 47m Cleared again & this time successfully; the kicking game has returned *yawn*
All Blacks 13-6 Wallabies 48m It's the Smiths again before Whitelock > Nehe Milner-Skudder breaks > Aaron Smith...but...
All Blacks 18-6 Wallabies 49m Cooper takes stupid high shot on Aaron Smith & gets marched to bin for 10 & ABs given penalty try
All Blacks 20-6 Wallabies 49m Carter adds extras & Matt Giteau is on for Speight
All Blacks 20-6 Wallabies 49m Mumm & Pocock on for Skelton & Palu after HT
All Blacks 25-6 Wallabies 51m Whilst G&G are down a man, ABs take full advantage & Nonu flies over tryline to score
All Blacks 27-6 Wallabies 52m Carter adds the conversion & G&G are seriously floundering now...14 points shipped in 12mins
All Blacks 32-6 Wallabies 54m G&G are being annihilated after superb Nonu line & offload to Conrad Smith to score...easy
All Blacks 34-6 Wallabies 55m Two more for Carter & this is turning into a whitewash for the visitors
All Blacks 34-6 Wallabies 57m Vito pinged for not rolling away & G&G have penalty; lose lineout but regain possession
All Blacks 34-6 Wallabies 59m McCaw pinged at breakdown too & another G&G penalty... noting comes of it
All Blacks 34-6 Wallabies 61m Ben Smith flies off downfield with ball in hand; penalty ABs for early tackle
All Blacks 34-6 Wallabies 63m Douglas, Kepu, Beale & Slipper for Horwill, Holmes, Cooper & Sio
All Blacks 34-6 Wallabies 63m Slade, Crockett, Laulala & Cane for Milner-Skudder, Woodcock, Franks & Vito
All Blacks 39-6 Wallabies 65m Meanwhile, Carter flat passes to Nonu from breakdown who flies over for a brace...
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 66m Easy pickings for ABs as Carter adds another conversion
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 67m Polota-Nau & Holmes for Moore & Kepu | Fekitoa, Mealamu & Perenara for Conrad Smith, Coles & Aaron Smith
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 68m Richie McCaw gets a standing ovation as he comes off one last time at Eden Park; Kaino on
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 70m Elsewhere, G&G finally win penalty & set up attacking lineout; time off...
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 71m 5m lineout...G&G don't score as ABs pull down rolling maul; G&G penalty
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 72m G&G go for another 5m lineout but get turned over at breakdown; ABs defensive 5m scrum
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 74m Oh it's all taking an age...eventually ABs break away to halfway
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 75m G&G have possession in the midfield & are determined...until they fluff it & hand ABs scrum
All Blacks 41-6 Wallabies 77m Scrum's fine but Ben Smith can't get to high ball & Folau springs up to intercept at halfway...
All Blacks 41-11 Wallabies 77m ...Folau sprints to the tryline to save a bit of face & score beautifully
All Blacks 41-13 Wallabies 78m White converts but it's little consolation this late in game
All Blacks 41-13 Wallabies 79m The ABs have other plans & decide to spend last couple of minutes in G&G 22...
All Blacks 41-13 Wallabies 80m It's a final defensive scrum for the Wallabies inside their own 22 as hooter goes...
All Blacks 41-13 Wallabies 80+1m The scrum is good & G&G make it up to own 10m before ball finds touch instead of hands...
RESULT: All Blacks (13) 41-13 (6)Wallabies T: Coles, PT, Nonu (2), Conrad Smith C: Carter (5) P: Carter (2) | T: Folau C: White P: Cooper (2) YC Cooper
All Blacks 41-13 Wallabies FT Pretty damn cool as roars erupt for Richie McCaw awarded 142nd shirt- most capped player ever

nz15 Ben Smith 14 Nehe Milner-Skudder 13 Conrad Smith 12 Ma'a Nonu 11 Julian Savea 10 Daniel Carter 9 Aaron Smith 8 Kieran Read 7 RICHIE MCCAW (C) 6 Victor Vito 5 Samuel Whitelock 4 Brodie Retallick 3 Owen Franks 2 Dane Coles 1 Tony Woodcock BENCH: 16 Keven Mealamu 17 Wyatt Crockett 18 Nepo Laulala 19 Jerome Kaino 20 Sam Cane 21 TJ Perenara 22 Colin Slade 23 Malakai Fekitoa

SCORERS T: Coles, PT, Nonu (2), Conrad Smith C: Carter (5) P: Carter (2)

australia15 Israel Folau 14 Adam Ashley-Cooper 13 Tevita Kuridrani 12 Matt Toomua 11 Henry Speight 10 Quade Cooper 9 Nic White 8 Wycliff Palu 7 Michael Hooper 6 Scott Fardy 5 James Horwill 4 Will Skelton 3 Sekope Kepu 2 STEPHEN MOORE (C) 1 Scott Sio BENCH: 16 Tatafu Polota-Nau 17 James Slipper 18 Greg Holmes 19 Dean Mumm 20 Kane Douglas 21 David Pocock 22 Matt Giteau 23 Kurtley Beale

SCORERS T: Folau C: White P: Cooper (2) Yellow Card Cooper

Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: Wayne Barnes, Federico Anselmi TMO: Shaun Veldsman





Vélez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires - Saturday 15 August 2015
KO: 16:40 20:40 HT: 9-20


All matches
Played: 21
Argentina won: 1
South Africa won: 19
Drawn: 1

South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA finally got their first Test win of the year thanks to a 26-12 victory over Argentina at Vélez Sarsfield in Buenos Aires on Saturday.

After the previous week's horror show in Durban, the Boks put on a much-improved performance, leading from start to finish and outscoring their hosts two tries to none.

A near-faultless display from fly half Pat Lambie gave the visitors confidence and momentum while solid scrums saw the tables turned on the Pumas, who would have rated their chances of back-to-back wins. It was not to be though as the visitors controlled proceedings with a display that will bring a much-needed morale boost ahead of the World Cup.

South Africa led 20-9 at the interval thanks to two well-taken tries by wings Bryan Habana and Lwazi Mvovo while Argentina replied via three penalties from Nicolas Sanchez.

Lambie kept the scoreboard ticking in the second half with neat drop goal and another penalty to one from Sanchez.

The result is South Africa's best away to Argentina in the Heyneke Meyer era, and will go a long way in relieving some pressure on the staff.

The hosts were dealt two hefty blows just hours before kicking with the withdrawal of prop Marcos Ayerza and playmaker Juan Martín Hernández, two of their best players from last week's victory in Durban, and the impact was felt.

In the build-up, Springbok coach Meyer had said his team would aim to play "more tactically" and they certainly brought more physicality and intensity right from the kick-off with improved line speed, putting pressure on the hosts.

Yet it was Argentina who had the first opportunity to score, but fantastic cover defence by Eben Etzebeth stopped Juan Imhoff inches short of the line in the second minute.

Lambie and Sanchez exchanged penalties to leave the Boks up 6-3 at the end of the first quarter.

Ruan Pienaar had the ball knocked from his hands en-route to the tryline but the visitors would nevertheless grab the first try a few minutes later. After kicking to the corner from three consecutive penalties, the Boks were finally rewarded on the opposite touchline as Habana crossed from Pienaar's long pass wide. Lambie's conversion capped an excellent start for his team, and there was more to come.

Mvovo's try was a gem, as he collected Schalk Burger's quick pass to beat a handful of defenders on his way to the line. Again Lambie hit the target with the extras and at 20-3, the Boks were cruising.

Argentina chipped away at the lead with a couple of penalties but Lambie's drop shortly after the restart kept momentum with the visitors.

The second half proved a scrappy affair, but the hosts were never given a chance to make a comeback with the Boks keeping them pinned in their own half.

Man of the match: A mention for Heinrich Brüssow, who worked very hard but the star of the show was Pat Lambie, who made all the right decisions and hardly put a foot wrong. He must now be considered South Africa's first-choice pivot.

Moment of the match: Bok fans would have had their hearts in their throats when Juan Imhoff pinged his ears back and headed for the corner in the second minute. But Eben Etzebeth's tackle of Imhoff set the tone for the rest of the game as the Boks continued to work hard.

Argentina15 Joaquín Tuculet 14 Santiago Cordero 13 Matías Moroni 12 Juan Pablo Socino 11 Juan Imhoff 10 Nicolás Sánchez 9 Martín Landajo 8 Juan Manuel Legiuzamón 7 Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe 6 Tomás Lezana 5 Tomás Lavanini 4 Benjamin Macome 3 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 2 AGUSTÍN CREEVY (C) 1 Lucas Noguera BENCH: 16 Julián Montoya 17 Santiago García Botta 18 Juan Pablo Orlandi 19 Matias Alemanno 20 Pablo Matera 21 Tomás Cubelli 22 Santiago González Iglesias 23 Lucas González Amorosino

SCORERS P: Sanchez (4) Yellow Card Lavanini

sa15 Zane Kirchner 14 Lwazi Mvovo 13 Jesse Kriel 12 Damian de Allende 11 Bryan Habana 10 Pat Lambie 9 Ruan Pienaar 8 Schalk Burger 7 Willem Alberts 6 Heinrich Brüssow 5 VICTOR MATFIELD (C) 4 Eben Etzebeth 3 Marcel van der Merwe 2 Adriaan Strauss 1 Trevor Nyakane BENCH: 16 Schalk Brits 17 Tendai Mtawarira 18 Frans Malherbe 19 Flip van der Merwe 20 Pieter-Steph du Toit 21 Cobus Reinach 22 Handré Pollard 23 Jan Serfontein

SCORERS T: Habana, Mvovo C: Lambie (2) DG: Lambie P: Lambie (3)

Referee: Glen Jackson Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Mike Fraser TMO: George Ayoub




Week 3

Australia v New Zealand South Africa v ArgentinaTRC 2015 Table Week 3

australiaAUSTRALIA 27 - 19 NEW ZEALANDnz

ANZ Stadium, Sydney - Saturday 08 August 2015
KO: 20:05 HT: 3-6 Att: tbc


Played: 177
Australia won: 48
New Zealand won: 122
Drawn: 7

New Zealand


‪Wallabies v ‪All Blacks Buongiorno! We are seconds from KO in Sydney with Wayne Barnes with the whistle...
‪Wallabies 0-0 ‪All Blacks 1m Not the best start for ABs & we're straight into a scrum; ABs put in
‪Wallabies 0-0 ‪All Blacks 3m Aaron Smith clears it away; all a bit fraught with everything on the line for title
‪Wallabies 0-0 ‪All Blacks 5m Penalty ABs who set up lineout; Aussies can get it together & ABs attacking scrum on 10m
‪Wallabies 0-0 ‪All Blacks 6m Scrum's fine but Aussie turnover at breakdown impressive - Michael Hooper & David Pocock success
‪Wallabies 0-0 ‪All Blacks 7m But it's not enough to keep the ABs at bay who get possession & are deep in Aussie 22
‪Wallabies 0-0 ‪All Blacks 8m ABs just a few metres short of tryline & Sekope Kepu busted for infringing & YC; penalty ABs
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 9m Dan Carter tees up for a simple penalty and scores the first points of the battle
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 10m Restart is good & Matt Giteau kicks deep into ABs 22 for lineout
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 11m But ABs have chance to clear, work way out of own half up to halfway...
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 12m Opportunity goes begging for ABs as Izzy Folau disrupts a potential try from break
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 14m ABs still in possession but G&G have pushed them back into their own half
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 15m Aussies do manage to turnover but Stephen Moore gets wrist slapped at breakdown; penalty ABs...
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 16m Easy points go begging as Carter kicks ball dead & all the ABs look a tad baffled!
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 17m Carter kicks ball over whitewash; 2 G&G's miss grounding before Giteau saves the try
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 17m TMO & replays confirm Giteau grounding before Carter gets hands to it; 22 drop out
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 18m Both sides fluffing passes and it's quite a scrappy battle
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 20m Battle at breakdown is fierce - 7 turnover conceded each; but Aussies have conceded 4 pens to 0
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 21m Aussie defends holds strong as the ABs attack again...& then they seize their moment
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 23m Aussies deep into ABs 22 & are just 5m out...ABs try to disrupt but G&G 5m scrum
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 25m Scrum stays static til ABs shove & concede the penalty...& there's fisticuffs
‪Wallabies 0-3 ‪All Blacks 26m Giteau tees up in front of posts to equalise...
‪Wallabies 3-3 ‪All Blacks 27m Ooh a hairy moment as ball looks like it's heading to post...but it goes thru
‪Wallabies 3-3 ‪All Blacks 29m Meanwhile at Trent Bridge, England win 4th Test by an innings & 78 runs to win the ‪#‎Ashes! ‪#‎EngvAus
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 30m Nick Phipps wins penalty at breakdown & Carter pumps over another 3....
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 32m But Owen Franks pinged for not rolling away at breakdown; G&G have chance to equalise again
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 33m But Giteau's kick rebounds off the post & ABs are still narrowly ahead...
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 34m Folau makes a superb break & charges; pulled down 1m short by Ben Smith but recycled
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 34m Phipps screws it with space out wide to score but appalling pass to Dean Mumm's feet
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 35m Ball is knocked on & a superb opportunity fizzles out; ABs defensive scrum
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 35m Carter clears to almost halfway & G&G lineout is good...but playing laterally
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 36m Aaron Smith starts messing with ball off feet; pinged; G&G lineout inside ABs' 22...
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 37m But G&G lineout is rubbish; Moore saves it & hurls ball back in before hits touch...
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 38m ...but it falls into ABs hands. Play back at halfway & Barnes has word with both captains
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 39m ABs scrum on halfway, & Barnes is taking no prisoners; the teams will listen & play ball!
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 40m Dane Coles makes the break & is dragged down 6m short; Pocock gets hands on it but...
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 40+1m ...but not firmly enough & ABs manage to recycle; G&G defence excellent & forward pass
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 40+1m Barnes checks with TMO that Hooper's tackle involves does...HT

Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks HT P: Giteau Yellow Card Kepu | P: Carter (2)

‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 41m So we are back with the final 40min fight for The Rugby Championship title...
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 42m G&G lineout is turning into a nightmare; attacking one outside 22 & overthrow!
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 42m G&G manage to save it & Adam Ashley-Cooper breaks impressively...but...
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 43m Aaron Smith is marched to sin bin for disgustingly tackling AAC firmly round neck!
‪Wallabies 3-6 ‪All Blacks 43m Time off while AAC is checked out; he's up & fine & G&G just 5m out with intent...
‪Wallabies 8-6 ‪All Blacks 44m Excellent work as ABs trying rushing up tactic but Kepu sidesteps all to score!
‪Wallabies 10-6 ‪All Blacks 45m Giteau bangs over the conversion & it's a good 2nd half start for homeside
‪Wallabies 10-6 ‪All Blacks 47m ABs respond by charging into G&G 22; 5m scrum & Carter feeding it...
‪Wallabies 10-6 ‪All Blacks 49m A host of G&Gs pinged for offside after the scrum; Carter tees up...
‪Wallabies 10-9 ‪All Blacks 51m Carter creeps ABs closer whilst becoming 1st fly half to score 1,500 points
‪Wallabies 10-9 ‪All Blacks 53m G&G do so well building phases & into ABs 22...but fluff it with accidental offside
‪Wallabies 10-14 ‪All Blacks 55m Changes afoot while Carter feeds Ben Smith > Nehe Milner-Skudder is over for score
‪Wallabies 10-14 ‪All Blacks 57m But Carter screws the conversion...
‪Wallabies 10-14 ‪All Blacks 59m G&G hover outside ABs 22 but rush defence still causing them problems...
‪Wallabies 15-14 ‪All Blacks 60m But deft work from Matt Toomua as he chips thru & AAC can collect & score
‪Wallabies 17-14 ‪All Blacks 62m Giteau magnificently converts from almost touch to take the lead back properly
‪Wallabies 17-14 ‪All Blacks 62m ABs reply with Milner-Skudder hurling himself over tryline despite surrounded by G&G
‪Wallabies 17-19 ‪All Blacks 64m Barnes goes to TMO to see if any reason not to award try; he does get it down
‪Wallabies 17-19 ‪All Blacks 66m But Carter misses yet another conversion! Not particularly impressive
‪Wallabies 17-19 ‪All Blacks Toomua /Holmes/ Skelton/ Slipper/ McCalman/ Beale/ White for Foley/ Kepu/ Horwill/ Sio/ Pocock/ Giteau/ Phipps
‪Wallabies 20-19 ‪All Blacks 68m So little in it; G&G awarded penalty which Nick White kicks over for lead on arrival
‪Wallabies 20-19 ‪All Blacks Laulala/ Fekitoa/ Whitelock/ Barrett on for Owen Franks/ Williams/ Romano/ Ben Smith
‪Wallabies 20-19 ‪All Blacks 70m Fresh legs for G&G are showing today...they attack deep into ABs 22 again...
‪Wallabies 25-19 ‪All Blacks 72m And its Nic White again! He's not even been on for 10mins but he flies over tryline
‪Wallabies 27-19 ‪All Blacks 74m And he converts his own try; nice buffer for final minutes...just got to hold on...
‪Wallabies 27-19 ‪All Blacks 76m Polota-Nau & Pocock on for McCalman & Moore; McCalman back on for Fardy
‪Wallabies 27-19 ‪All Blacks 76m Taylor/ Cane/ Ben Franks/ Perenara on for Coles/ Kaino/ Woodcock/ Aaron Smith
‪Wallabies 27-19 ‪All Blacks 78m G&G have to keep discipline for just a few minutes...& win penalty for not rolling away
‪Wallabies 27-19 ‪All Blacks 79m But Barnes reverses it for indiscipline & ABs determined to score tho can't win...
‪Wallabies 27-19 ‪All Blacks 80m However, it's White who gets hands on ball in own 22 & kicks it out for the win
RESULT: ‪Wallabies (3) 27-19 (6)‪All Blacks T: Kepu, Ashley-Cooper, White C: Giteau (2), White P: Giteau, White YC Kepu, Phipps | T: Milner-Skudder (2) P: Carter (3) YC Aaron Smith
‪Wallabies (3) 27-19 (6) ‪All Blacks FT CONGRATULATIONS @Wallabies on winning !!! Well deserved!

australia15 Israel Folau 14 Adam Ashley-Cooper 13 Tevita Kuridrani 12 Matt Giteau 11 Drew Mitchell 10 Bernard Foley 9 Nick Phipps 8 David Pocock 7 Michael Hooper 6 Scott Fardy 5 James Horwill 4 Dean Mumm 3 Sekope Kepu 2 STEPHEN MOORE (C) 1 Scott Sio BENCH: 16 Tatafu Polota-Nau 17 James Slipper 18 Greg Holmes 19 Will Skelton 20 Ben McCalman 21 Nic White 22 Matt Toomua 23 Kurtley Beale

SCORERS T: Kepu, Ashley-Cooper, White C: Giteau (2), White P: Giteau, White Yellow Card Kepu, Phipps

nz15 Ben Smith 14 Nehe Milner-Skudder 13 Conrad Smith 12 Sonny Bill Williams 11 Julian Savea 10 Daniel Carter 9 Aaron Smith 1 Tony Woodcock 2 Dane Coles 3 Owen Franks 4 Brodie Retallick 5 Luke Romano 6 Jerome Kaino 7 RICHIE MCCAW (C) 8 Kieran Read BENCH: 16 Codie Taylor 17 Ben Franks 18 Nepo Laulala 19 Samuel Whitelock 20 Sam Cane 21 TJ Perenara 22 Beauden Barrett 23 Malakai Fekitoa

SCORERS T: Milner-Skudder (2) P: Carter (3) Yellow Card Aaron Smith

Referee: Wayne Barnes Asst Referees: Nigel Owens, Federico Anselmi TMO: Shaun Veldsman





Growthpoint Kings Park, Durban - Saturday 08 August 2015
KO: 17:05 HT: 13-27 Att: 27,447

South Africa

All matches
Played: 20
South Africa won: 18
Argentina won: 1
Drawn: 1



Boks 0-0 ‪Pumas 1m After hugely rousing anthems full of emotion & even some tears, we have KO...
Boks 0-5 ‪Pumas 2m & OMG the Pumas are on fire! Argentina 10m lineout & beautiful hands put Marcelo Bosch over!
Boks 0-7 ‪Pumas 3m Sublime handiwork from the visitors & Juan Martín Hernández adds the extras
Boks 0-7 ‪Pumas 5m Pumas have yet another attacking 10m lineout after immense work from Juan Manuel Leguizamón
Boks 0-7 ‪Pumas 6m Boks a little more expectant now & defence holds out to prevent a double hit early
Boks 0-7 ‪Pumas 7m Boks penalty & set up lineout just outside Pumas 22...Schalk Burger breaks but huge tackle
Boks 0-7 ‪Pumas 8m TMO checks nothing illegal occurred after Leguizamón low tackle + higher one as he fell
Boks 0-7 ‪Pumas 9m Nothing foul there and it's all play on; Bok scrum is strong & Pumas pinged n front row
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 10m Handré Pollard gets the Boks on the scoreboard with first penalty points
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 11m Hernández attempts to cancel out score with drop goal but it falls to the left
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 12m Pumas pinged for coming in from side at B/D & Romain Poite awards penalty to Boks
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 13m Bok lineout outside own 22 but busted for obstruction so Hernández clears them back to halfway
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 15m Pumas lineout on the halfway; Agustín Creevy comes away with it but it's a Bok scrum...
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 17m Pumas make some impact but a knock on gives Boks a defensive scrum
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 18m Vincent Koch is pinged & Hernández tees up; has the distance but falls to side
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 20m Boks are struggling to find their game so far, & are pinged at the scrum yet again...
Boks 3-7 ‪Pumas 21m But Hernández misses again from an awkward angle...
Boks 3-12 ‪Pumas 23m Hernández starts the move where Tomás Cubelli pivots to perfection > Juan Imhoff > try!
Boks 3-14 ‪Pumas 24m Hernández this time doesn't miss & Pumas have a comfortable lead going into 2nd quarter
Boks 3-14 ‪Pumas 26m Boks manage to string together 6 phases before Nahuel Chaparro dives & pinged
Boks 6-14 ‪Pumas 28m Pollard takes his time teeing up & doubles the Boks score nicely...but long way to go
Boks 6-14 ‪Pumas 30 Whilst Boks flounder in front of home crowd, Pumas plant themselves back at 22 to attack
Boks 6-19 ‪Pumas 32m More classy work from visitors & from scrum Leonardo Senatore > Cubelli > Imhoff > try!
Boks 6-21 ‪Pumas 33m Hernández has found his kicking feet too, and he adds the extras
Boks 6-21 ‪Pumas 34m Boks finally get act together & Jean de Villiers charges towards tryline with Bryan Habana on hand
Boks 6-21 ‪Pumas 34m de Villiers doesn't pass & is brought down short but now there is intent
Boks 11-21 ‪Pumas 35m Lood de Jager shows his prowess as he bulldozes over the tryline to score
Boks 13-21 ‪Pumas 36m Pollard converts & the Boks are back in the game...tho 2 scores away still
Boks 13-21 ‪Pumas 37m But The Beast gifts a penalty from restart & Hernández has another opportunity to stretch lead
Boks 13-24 ‪Pumas 38m Hernández makes light work of the kick & the lead increase to 11 points
Boks 13-24 ‪Pumas 39m Pollard's restart is awful...& short...penalty to Pumas...again!
Boks 13-27 ‪Pumas 40m Bosch finishes off the first half with one last excellent long range kick at uprights

Boks 13-27 Pumas HT T: de Jager C: Pollard P: Pollard (2) | T: Bosch, Imhoff (2) C: Hernández (3) P: Hernández, Bosch

Boks 13-27 ‪Pumas 41m Not a good start for Boks; medics on pitch & time off...
Boks 13-27 ‪Pumas 42m Medics are still on & ref tells de Villiers to have word with his team, time's back on
Boks 13-32 ‪Pumas 43m Pumas correctly lay as per instruction & secure 4th try again from Imhoff in corner
Boks 13-34 ‪Pumas 43m Hernández adds the conversion & the Pumas have torn up Bok playbook...& de Villiers is fuming
Boks 13-34 ‪Pumas 45m It's not all going the Pumas way tho as they are pinged for infringing...
Boks 13-34 ‪Pumas 47m Boks finally set up a temporary camp in Puma territory & look dangerous...
Boks 13-34 ‪Pumas 48m But they lose the opportunity in Pumas 22 & ball clears way back up towards halfway
Boks 18-34 ‪Pumas 49m There they are! Boks come back with Willie le Roux bursting to tryline not needing support
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 50m Pollard pumps over the conversion & Boks fans breath audible side of relief
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 52m Little time passes as Boks are back up to Pumas 22...& visitors pinged
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 53m Pumas slammed for not 10m back & rushing the defence...marched back into own 22
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 54m Pumas extract themselves from the danger zone forcing Boks way back...
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 55m Bok lineout in Puma 22 is unimpressive; Boks have to come back again & it's le roux but...
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 56m le Roux has no support & ball falls out of play for Pumas defensive lineout
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 57m Eben Etzebeth disrupts the lineout & de Jager makes a gain but Boks fluff it again
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 58m Pumas scrum as the replacements start arriving en mass...
Boks 20-34 ‪Pumas 60m Strauss & Reinach for du Plessis & Pienaar | Paz, Iglesias & Alemanno for Ayerza, de la Fuente & Pagadizabal
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 63m Meanwhile, Bosch pops over a drop goal to make it tougher for the Boks...
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 64m Pollard screws up another restart & he'll be gone...
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 65m Kolisi, Nyakane, du Toit & Lambie on for Brüssow, Mtawarira, Etzebeth & Pollard
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 67m Thomas Lezana, Martin Landajo & Julian Montoya for Leguizamón, Cubelli & Creevy
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 68m Puma newbies are proving their selection & are heaping pressure on the Boks
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 69m Boks manage to turnover ball but Heyneke Meyer looks oh so worried...& should
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 70m Time off for an injury check before Pumas have yet another attacking scrum on 10m
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 71m There's a knock on in the scrum so reversed for Boks as Diaz replaces Chaparro
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 72m Considering territory/possession is even, Pumas show they've come on leaps & bounds
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 73m Boks scrum is good & take play over halfway 10 phases in when a Puma is off feet...
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 74m Boks set up lineout in Pumas 22 from penalty & visitors head offside - advantage Boks...
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 75m Positive work from Boks & Reinach finds the whitewash > TMO to check try/no try & mark
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 75m Clear try but TMO & Ref have to say no try as started score from way in front of mark
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 75m Boks & their fan highly unimpressed; penalty Boks though...
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 76m Becoming farcical as Matera YC'd for alleged high tackle where Bok was clearly falling
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 77m Bok shirt flies into the corner but immense defensive effort stops the try...
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 78m Bok scrum is mediocre & Puma interception & he charges...but whistle's gone a while back
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 79m Boks come back to Pumas 22 & Habana flies over tryline to score!
Boks 20-37 ‪Pumas 79m Ref awards try but TMO decides he needs to check the v clear grounding... what a joke
Boks 25-37 ‪Pumas 80m Try given tho Lambie pulls conversion wide. Pumas to restart...
Boks 25-37 ‪Pumas FT From restart Pumas grab possession & kick the ball to kingdom come for an historic win
Boks 25-37 ‪Pumas FT Excellent effort from Argentina Rugby! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

South Africa15 Willie le Roux 14 Jesse Kriel 13 JEAN DE VILLIERS (C) 12 Damian de Allende 11 Bryan Habana 10 Handré Pollard 9 Ruan Pienaar 8 Schalk Burger 7 Marcell Coetzee 6 Heinrich Brüssow 5 Lood de Jager 4 Eben Etzebeth 3 Vincent Koch 2 Bismarck du Plessis 1 Tendai Mtawarira BENCH: 16 Adriaan Strauss 17 Trevor Nyakane 18 Marcel van der Merwe 19 Pieter-Steph du Toit 20 Siya Kolisi 21 Cobus Reinach 22 Pat Lambie 23 Lwazi Mvovo

SCORERS T: de Jager, le Roux, Habana C: Pollard (2) P: Pollard (2)

Argentina15 Joaquín Tuculet 14 Horacio Agulla 13 Marcelo Bosch 12 Jerónimo de la Fuente 11 Juan Imhoff 10 Juan Martín Hernández 9 Tomás Cubelli 1 Marcos Ayerza 2 AGUSTÍN CREEVY (C) 3 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 4 Guido Petti Pagadizabal 5 Tomás Lavanini 6 Pablo Matera 7 Juan Manuel Leguizamón 8 Leonardo Senatore BENCH: 16 Julián Montoya 17 Lucas Noguera 18 Matías Díaz 19 Matías Alemanno 20 Tomás Lezana 21 Martín Landajo 22 Santiago González Iglesias 23 Lucas González Amorosino

SCORERS T: Bosch, Imhoff (3) C: Hernández (4) P: Hernández, Bosch DG: Bosch Yellow Card Matera

Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: JP Doyle, Marcus Mitrea TMO: Ben Skeen




Week 2

South Africa v New Zealand Argentina v AustraliaTRC 2015 Table Week 2


Emirates Airline (Ellis) Park, Johannesburg - Saturday 25 July 2015
KO: 17:05 16:05 HT: 10-10 Att: tbc
(12:05 ART/16:05 BST/17:05 SAST/01:05* AEST/03:05* NZST)

South Africa

Played: 90
South Africa won: 35
New Zealand won: 52
Drawn: 3

New Zealand


Boks v ‪All Blacks Ellis Park is rocking this afternoon...or the Emirates Airline as it's called for now...
Boks v ‪All Blacks The New Zealand anthem is up first....
Boks v ‪All Blacks The passion of the Bok anthem at home in front of a capacity crowd is awesome!
Boks v ‪All Blacks Not there yet tho...there's still the Haka to come yet before KO
Boks All Blacks haka TRC 2015Boks v ‪All Blacks Jérôme Garcès holds the power in this match in the 2nd & middle week of the Championship
Boks v ‪All Blacks's the Kapa o Pango haka today. Oh well...
Boks 0-0 ‪All Blacks 1m Finally we have KO & 1st penalty to ABs for Boks not releasing from start
Boks 0-0 ‪All Blacks 2m ABs run it; Boks win defensive lineout & Garcès completely ignores Tony Woodcock offside
Boks 0-0 ‪All Blacks 3m Garcès wrongly pings Boks at breakdown & penalty to Lima Sopoaga to kick...
Boks 0-3 ‪All Blacks 4m Sopoaga opens scoring & it'll be a poor game if Garcès doesn't bother reffing
Boks 0-3 ‪All Blacks 5m Dane Cole tackles Eben Etzebeth lifting & dumping him over his shoulder - no penalty;
Boks 0-3 ‪All Blacks 7m ABs have defensive scrum but Boks take full advantage from clear & attack
Boks 0-3 ‪All Blacks 9m Heinrich Brüssow & Francois Louw make some ground but offload not to plan; ABs ball
Boks 5-3 ‪All Blacks 10m Bismarck du Plessis kills Read's ball; Jesse Kriel breaks & Willie le Roux scores
Boks 7-3 ‪All Blacks 11m le Roux's excellent try is perfectly converted by Handré Pollard
Boks 7-3 ‪All Blacks 13m ABs all about the attack but Bok defence is just shutting them down even in own 22
Boks 7-3 ‪All Blacks 16m Etzebeth gifts penalty & ABs attacking scrum in 22; win another but Conrad Smith knock on
Boks 7-3 ‪All Blacks 18m Huge defensive scrum from Boks; ABs pinged & captain Schalk Burger makes ground
Boks 7-3 ‪All Blacks 20m Hits from Boks are massive! ABs are gonna hurt 2moro. Messam pinged for high tackle
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 21m Pollard punishes ABs with 3 more points; Boks shutting down ABs fast & wide plan
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 23m Whilst ABs rethink, Boks get pinged in midfield & clear for lineout outside 22
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 25m lineout is good for ABs and secure an attacking scrum; time off for Bryan Habana injury
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 26m Play continues & scrum is static as Boks don't give an inch; ABs pinged at breakdown
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 27m Boks opt for short lineout & head over halfway; ABs come back & clear...
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 28m Immense kick from le Roux bounces just on wrong side of flag & ABs take quick throw
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 30m Possession bounces between both sides before Coles pinged for not rolling away
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 32m Penalty is within Pollard's range but it falls just short
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 33m ABs respond with gaining some serious ground to just outside & Boks pinged at breakdown
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 33m ABs respond by gaining some serious ground to just outside 22; Boks pinged at breakdown
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 34m But from such an easy position, Sopoaga manages to pull it way wide
Boks All Blacks Ben Smith try TRC 2015Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 36m Boks are the ones winning at the breakdown, & their defence is just shutting ABs down
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 37m Boks escape own 22 to midfield before Damian de Allende flicks aside all defence...
Boks 10-3 ‪All Blacks 38m Boks into ABs 22 but a superb steal allows Sopoaga to break from Ma'a Nonu pass...
Boks 10-8 ‪All Blacks 39m ...& in inimitable style Ben Smith catches high ball & saunters over TRYLINE to score!
Boks 10-10 ‪All Blacks 40m Sopoaga adds the extras & it's all square at HT in J'burg in a phenomenal match

Boks 10-10 All Blacks HT T: le Roux C: Pollard P: Pollard | T: Ben Smith C: Sopoaga P: Sopoaga

Boks All Blacks Eliis Park TRC 2015Boks 10-10 ‪All Blacks 41m Koch/Whiteley for Jannie du Plessis/Louw | Sam Whitelock for Broadhurst
Boks 10-10 ‪All Blacks 42m Patrick Lambie had replaced Pollard just before HT but returned
Boks 10-10 ‪All Blacks 43m Boks run frighteningly close to scoring again but Piutau saves the day & clears
Boks All Blacks Jesse Kriel try TRC 2015Boks 15-10 ‪All Blacks 46m But you can't keep Bok down & from halfway Pollard offloads to Kriel who powers to TRYLINE
Boks 17-15 ‪All Blacks 48m Pollard converts but it's not long til Cole slinks thru to score thanks to Fekitoa
Boks 17-17 ‪All Blacks 50m Sopoaga converts & these two world class sides are matching each other toe to toe
Boks 17-17 ‪All Blacks 52m The Tier 1 sides will be analysing the Boks awfully closely in prep for RWC2015!
Boks 17-17 ‪All Blacks 53m Meanwhile the Boks have crept into the ABs 22 & Whitelock gifts penalty at breakdown
Boks 17-17 ‪All Blacks 54m From lineout, Boks bundle over the line & Garces goes to TMO to confirm grounding
Boks 17-17 ‪All Blacks 54m From 1st 3 replays looks like try but TMO Hughes says no try
Boks 17-17 ‪All Blacks 56m Boks 5m attacking scrum is good & they have penalty coming for ABs offside already
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 57m Penalty called & Pollard takes the 3 points to put Boks back in front
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 58m From almost back in own half le Roux makes a hell of a break before chip ahead...
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 58m Ball passes thru ABs hands but it's still for Boks who make it into 22...
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 59m Boks just short by 2m a few times & ball getting slowed from breakdown until...
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 60m ...Whitelock finally YC'd for repeated offence of interfering illegally; Bok 5m scrum
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 61m A minute's time off first for Vincent Koch; penalty Boks so scrum again...
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 62m Oh so close but ball is spilled & it's ABs defensive scrum; time off
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 63m Koch replaced by Trevor Nyakane before scrum set; ABs opt for uncontested scrum!
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 63m That's poor from ABs in their decision; Boks should've challenged that
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 64m ABs win lineout outside 22; Habana pinged as Aaron Smith's head meets his boot
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 65m Sopoaga misses another easy shot at uprights to equalise from the 22!
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks Meanwhile, Lambie & van der Merwe on for le Roux & de Jager
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks Perenara /Taylor /Vito /Ben Franks /Barrett /Crockett /Fekitoa for Aaron Smith /Coles /Owen Franks /Dagg /Woodcock /Nonu
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 68m It was Boks who called for uncontested scrums not ABs coz of Nyakane
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 71m Fekitoa makes a hell of a break but ends with little; ABs into Bok 22 with adv
Boks 20-17 ‪All Blacks 73m Eventually Boks give & ABs back for penalty; ABs kick to corner for 5m lineout
Boks 20-22 ‪All Blacks 74m A perfect lineout for ABs & Richie McCaw takes the ball & hurls himself over TRYLINE
Boks 20-24 ‪All Blacks 75m Sopoaga may be missing easy kicks but an acute angle from touchline is no problem
Boks 20-24 ‪All Blacks 76m Boks have just 4 minutes to make magic while ABs have the scrum...
Boks 20-24 ‪All Blacks 77m Bok opportunity to get out from own half but fluff it; ABs attacking scrum on 22
Boks 20-24 ‪All Blacks 78m Strauss, Reinach & Mapoe for Mtawarira, Pienaar & Kriel while ABs take their time
Boks 20-24 ‪All Blacks 79m Boks pinged once more & Sopoaga tees up to put final nail in coffin...
Boks 20-27 ‪All Blacks 80m Sopoaga bangs over final kick & only the Wallabies can stop ABs from taking title

Boks All Blacks Result TRC 2015

sa15 Willie le Roux 14 JP Pietersen 13 Jesse Kriel 12 Damian de Allende 11 Bryan Habana 10 Handré Pollard 9 Ruan Pienaar 8 SCHALK BURGER (C) 7 Francois Louw 6 Heinrich Brüssow 5 Lood de Jager 4 Eben Etzebeth 3 Jannie du Plessis 2 Bismarck du Plessis 1 Tendai Mtawarira BENCH: 16 Adriaan Strauss 17 Trevor Nyakane 18 Vincent Koch 19 Flip van der Merwe 20 Warren Whiteley 21 Cobus Reinach 22 Pat Lambie 23 Lionel Mapoe

SCORERS T: le Roux, Kriel C: Pollard (2) P: Pollard (2)

nz15 Israel Dagg 14 Ben Smith 13 Conrad Smith 12 Ma'a Nonu 11 Charles Piutau 10 Lima Sopoaga 9 Aaron Smith 8 Kieran Read 7 RICHIE MCCAW (C) 6 Liam Messam 5 James Broadhurst 4 Brodie Retallick 3 Owen Franks 2 Dane Coles 1 Tony Woodcock BENCH: 16 Codie Taylor 17 Wyatt Crockett 18 Ben Franks 19 Sam Whitelock 20 Victor Vito 21 TJ Perenara 22 Beauden Barrett 23 Malakai Fekitoa

SCORERS T: Ben Smith, Coles, McCaw C: Sopoaga (3) P: Sopoaga (2) Yellow Card Whitelock

Referee: Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Leighton Hodges TMO: Graham Hughes




ArgentinaARGENTINA 9 - 34 AUSTRALIAaustralia

Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza - Saturday 25 July 2015
KO: 19:40 23:40 HT: 6-8 Att: tbc
(19:40 ART/23:40 BST/00:40* SAST/08:40* AEST/10:40* NZST)


Played: 24
Argentina won: 5
Australia won: 18
Drawn: 1



‪‎Pumas v ‪‎Wallabies The teams are heading out in Mendoza for this 2nd match of the day...
‪‎Pumas v ‪‎Wallabies Australia Fair's turn to be sung before the military-like Argentinean anthem
‪‎Pumas v ‪‎Wallabies Formalities are out of the way & Jaco Peyper about to blow for KO
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 2m Aussies have first dibs at the scrum early in the game which has to be reset...
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 3m There's so much faffing that this could be a v long match...
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 5m Finally there's movement & Aussies deep in Pumas' 22 trying to find a gap
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 5m Aussies in tasting distance of tryline before Tevita Kuridrani pulled down short
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 6m Aussies head to touchline for 2nd time for another lineout at the 22; Pumas defence holds well
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 8m Oh it's far too early for fisticuffs but Izzy Folau tackles player in air - no YC tho!
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 10m Sadly this match lacks the pace & verve of the earlier one from J'burg
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 12m You wouldn't know Aussies have had c.90% possession & territory...
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 14m Nicolás Sánchez attempts a drop goal now that phases are coming together...but goes awry
‪‎Pumas 0-0 ‪‎Wallabies 16m But it's not long before Aussies back at Pumas' 22 & pressing; Pumas turn it over...
‪‎Pumas 0-5 ‪‎Wallabies 17m Aussies wrestle ball back & it's Joe Tomane who finds the whitewash to open scoring
‪‎Pumas 0-5 ‪‎Wallabies 18m Bernard Foley begins with failure tho - no conversion...
‪‎Pumas 0-5 ‪‎Wallabies 20m Pumas restarts are a tad shocking, & Aussies are in for the attack again with lineout
‪‎Pumas 0-5 ‪‎Wallabies 22m Ref's not doing well with controlling emotions after Aussies win penalty for high tackle
‪‎Pumas 0-5 ‪‎Wallabies 23m Penalty reversed for Will Skelton grabbing Martín Landajo round the neck
‪‎Pumas 0-5 ‪‎Wallabies 25m Pumas make some ground after fighting way out of own half...
‪‎Pumas 0-5 ‪‎Wallabies 27m Pumas lineout on Aussie 10m but possession ends up with Quade Cooper (replaced Toomua)
‪‎Pumas 0-5 ‪‎Wallabies 29m Aussies carry back over halfway but drop ball & Pumas charge it back into Aussie territory
‪‎Pumas 3-5 ‪‎Wallabies 30m Aussie penalty county rises to 5, pinged for not releasing & Sanchez kicks over 3 points
‪‎Pumas 3-5 ‪‎Wallabies 32m Folau wins high ball & Aussies make yards & win penalty for Pumas offside, but...
‪‎Pumas 3-5 ‪‎Wallabies 33m ...Foley maintains a 100% failure record kicking from 22 10m in from touch
‪‎Pumas 3-5 ‪‎Wallabies 35m Aussie possession/territory drops to high 60s but still mostly their way...
‪‎Pumas 3-5 ‪‎Wallabies 37m Aussies up to the Pumas 22 & Skelton makes ground but Nick Phipps spills it
‪‎Pumas 3-5 ‪‎Wallabies 38m Pumas try & escape their 22 but also manage to k/o; advantage over so penalty G&G
‪‎Pumas 3-8 ‪‎Wallabies 39m Nigh on impossible for Foley to miss this one - & he doesn't.
‪‎Pumas 6-8 ‪‎Wallabies 40m But isolated Scott Fardy from restart coughs up a penalty & Sanchez cancels out last 3pts
‪‎Pumas 6-8 ‪‎Wallabies 40m Meanwhile Scott Sio replaces James Slipper just before HT whistle

‪‎Pumas 6-8 ‎Wallabies HT P: Sánchez (2) | T: Tomane P: Foley

‪‎Pumas 6-8 ‪‎Wallabies 41m Play resumes & Pumas have possession from KO but Aussie turnover in Pumas' 22
‪‎Pumas 6-8 ‪‎Wallabies 42m Aussies just 3m out & whistle goes; ref has word with Agustín Creevy & it's penalty G&G
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 43m A horrid kick but nigh on impossible to miss from right in front of posts for Foley
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 44m Something really should be done about the incessant noise, whistles & jeering at kickers
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 45m Aussies in good attacking position in 22 but shocking pass from Cooper; opportunity gone
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 46m Pumas lineout & defensive scrum almost at 22...
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 47m Good scrum from homeside who shove G&G backward & land up outside their 22
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 48m Ref Peyper appears to be sauntering round pitch too much, til he gets bulldozed over!
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 48m Good hands from Pumas but pinged at breakdown as David Pocock turns ball over
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 49m Back to midfield til Pocock makes smart break but Juan Imhoff bundles him into touch
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 50m Pumas clear is hindered & Pocock pinged for not being 10m back; marched back
‪‎Pumas 6-11 ‪‎Wallabies 52m Michael Hooper replaces Ben McCalman; Juan Pablo Socino makes the break but...
‪‎Pumas 6-14 ‪‎Wallabies 53m ...Pumas pinged at breakdown again & Foley continues to improve his strike rate up to 60%
‪‎Pumas 6-14 ‪‎Wallabies 54m Meanwhile Dean Mumm returns in Green & Gold shirt for 1st time since 2010 for Fardy
‪‎Pumas 6-14 ‪‎Wallabies 56m Sekope on for Greg Holmes; Tetaz Chaparro & González Amorosino for Herrera & Camacho
‪‎Pumas 9-14 ‪‎Wallabies 58m G&G hands in ruck gift Pumas a penalty for Sanchez to knock over
‪‎Pumas 9-19 ‪‎Wallabies 60m Despite a glaring forward pass from Hooper, Mumm makes quite a stir scoring 2nd test try
‪‎Pumas 9-19 ‪‎Wallabies 60m No doubt on Mumm's grounding but Peyper & assts all blind to forward pass; should be no try
‪‎Pumas 9-19 ‪‎Wallabies 61m No surprise that Foley misses the conversion either. Consistency in reffing must improve
‪‎Pumas 9-19 ‪‎Wallabies 63m Tomás Cubelli replaces Landajo while Aussie discipline lets them down again
‪‎Pumas 9-19 ‪‎Wallabies 65m Leonardo Senatore on for Imhoff at No8 & tho in possession, Pumas still in own half...
‪‎Pumas 9-19 ‪‎Wallabies 66m A clear one way then back; Pumas steal it then Cooper coat hangers Puma for YC. Foolish
‪‎Pumas 9-19 ‪‎Wallabies 67m Pumas have all the momentum deep in G&G territory but get turned over!
‪‎Pumas 9-19 ‪‎Wallabies 68m G&G clear & Puma quick throw in but now asst ref has woken up to notice foot in touch
‪‎Pumas 9-22 ‪‎Wallabies 69m Penalty to G&G & somehow miraculously ball curves into uprights from out wide
‪‎Pumas 9-22 ‪‎Wallabies 70m Alemanno, Díaz & González Iglesias for Lavanini, Ayerza & Sanchez; Polota-Nau for Moore
‪‎Pumas 9-22 ‪‎Wallabies 72m Good scrum for G&G who win penalty & set up 10m lineout but Carizza steals it & makes ground
‪‎Pumas 9-22 ‪‎Wallabies 74m Iglesias Valdez for Creevy; Beale (50th cap) & White for Cooper & Phipps
‪‎Pumas 9-22 ‪‎Wallabies 76m Meanwhile the G&G are finding their feet, remaining calm, & slowly making ground...
‪‎Pumas 9-27 ‪‎Wallabies 77m Kuridrani finds the whitewash to secure a 3rd try for visitors with a bit of style
‪‎Pumas 9-29 ‪‎Wallabies 78m OMG Foley converts! (OK was in front of posts...)
‪‎Pumas 9-34 ‪‎Wallabies 79m G&G need 4th to compete with ABs...& Adam Ashley-Cooper pounces over tryline to secure it!
‪‎Pumas 9-34 ‪‎Wallabies 80m Now don't hold your breath...Foley teeing up but nowhere near in front of uprights...
‪‎Pumas 9-34 ‪‎Wallabies 80m And of course it's nowhere close. But no matter; bonus point in bag for G&G

Argentina15 Santiago Cordero 14 Gonzalo Camacho 13 Matías Moroni 12 Juan Pablo Socino 11 Juan Imhoff 10 Nicolás Sánchez 9 Martín Landajo 8 Facundo Isa 7 Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe 6 Javier Ortega Desio 5 Tomás Lavanini 4 Manuel Carizza 3 Ramiro Herrera 2 AGUSTÍN CREEVY (C) 1 Marcos Ayerza BENCH: 16 Santiago Iglesias Valdez 17 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 18 Matías Díaz 19 Matías Alemanno 20 Leonardo Senatore 21 Tomás Cubelli 22 Santiago González Iglesias 23 Lucas González Amorosino

SCORERS P: Sánchez (3)

australia15 Israel Folau 14 Adam Ashley-Cooper 13 Tevita Kuridrani 12 Matt Toomua 11 Joe Tomane 10 Bernard Foley 9 Nick Phipps 8 Ben McCalman 7 David Pocock 6 Scott Fardy 5 Rob Simmons 4 Will Skelton 3 Greg Holmes 2 STEPHEN MOORE (C) 1 James Slipper BENCH: 16 Tatafu Polota-Nau 17 Scott Sio 18 Sekope Kepu 19 Dean Mumm 20 Michael Hooper 21 Nic White 22 Quade Cooper 23 Kurtley Beale

SCORERS T: Tomane, Mumm, Kuridrani, Ashley-Cooper C: Foley P: Foley (4) Yellow Card Cooper

Referee: Jaco Peyper Asst Referees: Chris Pollock, Stuart Berry TMO: Shaun Veldsman




Week 1

New Zealand v Argentina Australia v South Africa

The Rugby Championship 2015

nzNEW ZEALAND 38 - 18 ARGENTINAArgentina

AMI Stadium, Christchurch - Friday 17 July 2015
KO: 19:35 08:35 HT: 18-6 Att: tbc
(04:35 ART/08:35 BST/09:35 SAST/17:35 AEST/19:35 NZST)

New Zealand

Played: 21
New Zealand won: 20
Argentina won: 0
Drawn: 1



All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas Not long til KO for the 2015 Rugby Championship! You didn't think we'd miss it did you?! 
‪‎All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas It's anthem time in Christchurch after the teams line up... 
‪‎All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas And now for Dan Carter & Richie McCaw's last haka in an ABs shirt in Christchurch.

All Blacks Pumas Haka TRC2015
‪‎All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas Controversial ref Craig Joubert holds the power today & Carter prepares to KO... 
‪‎All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas 1m ABs capture possession after KO but in own half before whistle goes... 
‪‎All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas 2m ABs pinged early & Argentina have the first scrum on halfway... 
‪‎All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas 3m ABs think they might be able to hook opposition ball but it's Pumas who pull it off
‪‎All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas 4m Pumas in possession but making little ground being kept inside ABs' 10m... 
‪‎All Blacks 0-0 ‪‎Pumas 5m Pumas kick charged down & ABs turnover ball, resulting in penalty & Carter tees up from 40m
‪‎All Blacks 3-0 ‪‎Pumas 6m Carter not having any headaches today & secures opening points of the Championship
‪‎All Blacks 3-0 ‪‎Pumas 8m Pumas pinged for offside at restart putting ABs into the opposition 22 
‪‎All Blacks 3-0 ‪‎Pumas 10m Pumas wrestle back possession & McCaw pinged for not rolling away at breakdown 
‪‎All Blacks 3-3 ‪‎Pumas 12m Pumas have chance to equalise & Nicholas Sanchez strikes it beautifully 
‪‎All Blacks 3-3 ‪‎Pumas 14m ABs flexing their muscles as they work their way deep into Pumas 22... 
‪‎All Blacks 3-3 ‪‎Pumas 15m Even tho the hits are coming in hard from Argentineans, ABs are just short of T/L 
‪‎All Blacks 3-3 ‪‎Pumas 15m McCaw bundled into touch but a penalty ensues for ABs 
‪‎All Blacks 6-3 ‪‎Pumas 17m Carter tees up & sweetly pops over the kick to take the lead again 
‪‎All Blacks 6-3 ‪‎Pumas 19m Pumas have a job on their hands with ABs all over the T/L like a rash... 
‪‎All Blacks 6-3 ‪‎Pumas 20m 5m lineout from penalty & setpiece works like clockwork for the ABs... 
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 21m It's McCaw who bundles over the T/L after Kieran Reed clears his path 
‪‎All Blacks Pumas Sonny Bill Wiliiams TRC2015All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 23m Carter, however, misses the conversion & Pumas KO from restart 
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 24m ABs scrum on halfway & ref Joubert warns Pumas front row about their binding 
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 25m Israel Dagg having a stormer as he offloads well to put ABs outside the Pumas 22 
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 26m Pumas defensive scrum & Tomas Cubelli clears the ball & the ABs back 
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 27m Agustin Creevy put in after Sonny Bill Williams gets in way & Ma'a Nonu knocks ball out
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 29m Good work from Pumas who set up lineout outside ABs' 22... 
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 30m ABs infringe at driving maul but Joubert keeps eyes shut & hands penalty to Carter
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 31m Hard for any opposition to keep the faith when refs ignore ABs 'interesting' tactics 
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 32m Following Sanchez' failed dropped goal earlier, Marcelo Bosch makes a mess of his kick
‪‎All Blacks 11-3 ‪‎Pumas 33m Carter clears but McCaw is unsurprisingly offside at breakdown giving Sanchez the penalty 
‪‎All Blacks 11-6 ‪‎Pumas 34m Sanchez adds 3 more points; just how much does Nic Sanchez look like Nick Evans?! 
‪‎All Blacks 11-6 ‪‎Pumas 36m Good scrum from ABs with nice offloading from SBW; Pumas pinged at breakdown & Carter's turn
‪‎All Blacks 11-6 ‪‎Pumas 37m But the not so infallible Carter misses yet another penalty kick at uprights 
‪‎All Blacks Pumas Maa Nonu TRC2015All Blacks 11-6 ‪‎Pumas 39m Both sides battling hard & it's ABs who end up with attacking scrum as HT approaches
‪‎All Blacks 11-6 ‪‎Pumas 40m Clock ticks over as ABs repeatedly attack into the Pumas 22 with conviction 
‪‎All Blacks 11-6 ‪‎Pumas 40+1m Pumas shut down every attempt the ABs make & forced to go out wide... 
‪‎All Blacks 16-6 ‪‎Pumas 40+2m ...but all tackles on Nonu are futile & far too high as he squeezes thru to score 
‪‎All Blacks 18-6 ‪‎Pumas 40+3m Carter finally finds his kicking boot & adds the conversion before HT whistle goes 

‪‎All Blacks 18-6 ‎Pumas HT T: McCaw, Nonu C: Carter P: Carter (2) | P: Sanchez (2) 

‪‎All Blacks 18-6 ‪‎Pumas 41m ABs begin with a penalty as they turnover the ball; Carter tees up from 52m 
‪‎All Blacks 18-6 ‪‎Pumas 42m But Carter misses again by a country mile...
‪‎All Blacks 23-6 ‪‎Pumas 44m Despite Carter, ABs rack up the points with Charles Piutau finding the space with class
‪‎All Blacks 25-6 ‪‎Pumas 45m Carter finally finds his mark...but that wasn't exactly a hard angle 
‪‎All Blacks 25-6 ‪‎Pumas 46m Beautiful hands from the ABs as Waisake Naholo flies over in corner but without ball 
‪‎All Blacks 25-6 ‪‎Pumas 46m Joubert > TMO tho clearly no try; TMO calls foot in touch but ball not in hand anyway 
‪‎All Blacks 25-6 ‪‎Pumas 46m Meanwhile Joubert shoos away Pumas captain Creevy who has a legit complaint 
‪‎All Blacks 25-6 ‪‎Pumas 47m A short lineout gives Pumas a defensive scrum just 5m from T/L... 
‪‎All Blacks 30-6 ‪‎Pumas 48m But again the clearing Puma is immediately shut down & Reed sneaks round upright to score
‪‎All Blacks 32-6 ‪‎Pumas 50m There's no way Carter could miss this conversion if he tried...ABs bulldozing ahead
‪‎All Blacks 32-6 ‪‎Pumas 50m Juan Manuel Leguizamón, meanwhile, went down injured & Javier Ortega Desio comes on
All Blacks Pumas Agustin Creevy Luke Romano TRC2015‪‎All Blacks 32-6 ‪‎Pumas 53m Pumas look a tad lost as they have no answer to the ABs onslaught 
‪‎All Blacks 32-6 ‪‎Pumas 54m Reed pinged for not releasing at breakdown as the subs start rolling 
‪‎All Blacks 32-6 ‪‎Pumas 55m Laulala/Slade for Naholo/Franks | Chaparro/Amorosino/Landajo for Herrera/Tuculet/Cubelli
‪‎All Blacks 32-11 ‪‎Pumas 56m Meanwhile, Creevy piles over whitewash for an excellent Pumas try 
‪‎All Blacks 32-11 ‪‎Pumas 57m But there's no danger of a good conversion for the visitors who stay on 11 points
‪‎All Blacks 32-11 ‪‎Pumas 59m Codie Taylor debuts as Crockett &Thrush on for Mealamu, Woodcock & Romano 
‪‎All Blacks Pumas Nicolas Sanchez TRC2015All Blacks 32-16 ‪‎Pumas 61m Pumas take advantage of changes & repeat earlier move with another Creevy try!
‪‎All Blacks 32-18 ‪‎Pumas 62m Sanchez adds the extras & Pumas are looking confident now... 
‪‎All Blacks 32-18 ‪‎Pumas 63m Montoya, Paz & Macome on for Creevy, Ayerza & Pagadizabal ...yep they took Creevy off!
‪‎All Blacks 32-18 ‪‎Pumas 66m ABs regroup after McCaw has a word & flying towards  T/L when ref's whistle goes
‪‎All Blacks 32-18 ‪‎Pumas 68m But that doesn't hold them up for long as ABs awarded scrum 5m short & just off centre
‪‎All Blacks 32-18 ‪‎Pumas 69m Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias replaces Jerónimo de la Fuente as ABs continue attack
‪‎All Blacks 32-18 ‪‎Pumas 71m Penalty after penalty as ABs still deep in Pumas' 22 
‪‎All Blacks 32-18 ‪‎Pumas 72m Liam Messam & Ellis on for Jerome Kaino & TJ Perenara 
‪‎All Blacks 37-18 ‪‎Pumas 72m It's debutant Codie Taylor that finds T/L following in great granddad's ABs footsteps 
‪‎All Blacks 39-18 ‪‎Pumas 74m Carter adds extras as Crotty comes on for Nonu 
‪‎All Blacks 39-18 ‪‎Pumas 76m Both benches lie empty while ABs have possession in the midfield...4 minutes to go
‪‎All Blacks 39-18 ‪‎Pumas 78m Pumas defensive scrum outside own 22... ABs haven't lost in Christchurch since 1998!
‪‎All Blacks 39-18 ‪‎Pumas 79m Scrum is good & Pumas have lineout on halfway... 
‪‎All Blacks 39-18 ‪‎Pumas 79m Landajo charges off towards ABs 22 in the clear, offloads but new hooker misses it! 
‪‎All Blacks 39-18 ‪‎Pumas 80m Pumas were a shoo in then if he'd not overrun ball! They come back from behind but...
‪‎All Blacks 39-18 ‪‎Pumas 80m Ball goes into touch & it's all over

nz15 Israel Dagg 14 Waisake Naholo* 13 Ma'a Nonu 12 Sonny Bill Williams 11 Charles Piutau 10 Daniel Carter 9 TJ Perenara 1 Tony Woodcock 2 Keven Mealamu 3 Owen Franks 4 Luke Romano 5 Brodie Retallick 6 Jerome Kaino 7 RICHIE McCAW (C) 8 Kieran Read BENCH: 16 Codie Taylor* 17 Wyatt Crockett 18 Nepo Laulala 19 Jeremy Thrush 20 Liam Messam 21 Andy Ellis 22 Colin Slade 23 Ryan Crotty

SCORERS T: McCaw, Nonu, Piutau, Read, Taylor C: Carter (4) P: Carter (2)

Argentina15 Joaquín Tuculet 14 Horacio Agulla 13 Marcelo Bosch 12 Jerónimo De la Fuente 11 Santiago Cordero 10 Nicolás Sánchez 9 Tomás Cubelli 1 Marcos Ayerza 2 AGUSTÍN CREEVY (C) 3 Ramiro Herrera 4 Manuel Carizza 5 Guido Petti Pagadizabal 6 Juan Manuel Leguizamón 7 Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe 8 Facundo Isa BENCH: 16 Julián Montoya 17 Lucas Noguera 18 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 19 Benjamin Macome 20 Javier Ortega Desio 21 Martín Landajo 22 Santiago González Iglesias 23 Lucas González Amorosino

SCORERS T: Creevy (2) C: Sanchez P: Sanchez (2)

Referee: Craig Joubert Asst Referees: Jaco Peyper, Stuart Berry TMO: George Ayoub




australiaAUSTRALIA 24 - 20 SOUTH AFRICAsa

Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane - Saturday 18 July 2015
KO: 20:05 11:05 HT: 7-13 Att: tbc
(07:05 ART/11:05 BST/12:05 SAST/20:05 AEST/22:05 NZST)


Played: 84
Australia won: 35
South Africa won: 48
Drawn: 1

South Africa


‪‎Wallabies Springboks Suncorp Stadium anthems TRC 2015Wallabies vs ‪Boks It's anthem time at Suncorp...Boks up first
‪‎Wallabies vs ‪Boks Australia Fair has been belted out. Nigel Owens reffing & waiting to KO...
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 1m We have KO in Brisbane...Aussies haven't won here too often lately
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 2m Big tackling from Wallabies early on & Boks caught out; Aussie lineout already outside 22
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 3m Aussies make a little ground but it's stolen at the breakdown & cleared back over halfway
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 4m But Matt Giteau turns it over; Bok lineout in Aussie half is good...
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 4m Bok advantage being played; Will Skelton pinged & Boks are in front of posts for penalty
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 5m Handré Pollard tees up from outside 22... but somehow he misses it & Aussies are away
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 6m Wallabies push Boks back into own territory; Bok defensive lineout on own 22...
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 7m Aussies pinged at breakdown & we have the first scrum; huge forwards going head to head...
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 8m Boks secure ball from own scrum & clear but Wallabies are straight back into Boks' 22
Wallabies Springboks Izzy Folau TRC 2015‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 9m No obvious space for Aussies so recycling heavily but still in 22 > turnover
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 10m A great match up of teams on par so far; won't be short of excitement!
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 10m Wallabies come back at Boks with advantage & The Beast pinged for collapsing maul
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 11m Giteau clears to touch for attacking lineout from halfway which is good
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 12m Skelton messes up again & a knock on loses Wallabies all momentum in attacking territory
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 13m Huge defensive scrum from Boks spins but not too far & Boks are off...
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 13m Debutant Jesse Kriel just short of tryline But Boks in touching distance of tryline
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 14m So close but Pollard spills ball under posts! Jannie du Plessis off for neck injury
‪‎Wallabies 0-0 ‪Boks 14m Aussie defensive 5m scrum; massive pressure & Michael Hooper pinged for offside
‪‎Wallabies 0-3 ‪Boks 15m Pollard redeems himself with a penalty to open the scoring
‪‎Wallabies 0-3 ‪Boks 17m Just when it was all going so well...Victor Matfield limps off pitch with leg injury!
‪‎Wallabies 0-3 ‪Boks 20m Apologies...@Virgin Media decided to switch off completely so had to hook up alternative
‪‎Wallabies 0-3 ‪Boks 23m Aussies trying every angle for breakthrough but Boks defence is too good all round…
‪‎Wallabies 0-6 ‪Boks 26m Michael Hooper again cause of penalty & Pollard knocks over another 3 points...
‪‎Wallabies 0-6 ‪Boks 28m penalty incoming from Bismarck du Plessis & Quade Cooper tees up but pushes it wide
‪‎Wallabies 0-6 ‪Boks 30m Wallabies playing ball out wide and looking good til lose ball at breakdown
‪‎Wallabies 0-6 ‪Boks 32m But great setpiece work from lineout Fardy >Hooper >Giteau >Cooper >Adam Ashley-Cooper..
‪‎Wallabies 5-6 ‪Boks 33m ...Ashley-Cooper finds the space and it's a try for the Wallabies
‪‎Wallabies Springboks Adam Ashley Cooper try TRC 2015Wallabies 7-6 ‪Boks 34m Cooper knocks over the conversion & Wallabies can breathe a momentary sigh of relief
‪‎Wallabies 7-6 ‪Boks 35m Scott Higginbotham steal Bok lineout but Cooper's kick is poor. Aerial football ensues...
‪‎Wallabies 7-6 ‪Boks 36m Genia clears; Boks win lineout & Willie le Roux/Bryan Habana combination is good...
‪‎Wallabies 7-11 ‪Boks 37m le Roux & Habana get ball to Eben Etzebeth who scores his 1st Bok try
‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks 39m Pollard converts a most excellent try before play resumes & Boks attack again...
‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks 40m Boks go oh so close in the dying moments of the first half but defence holds up

‪‎Wallabies 7-13 Boks HT T: Ashley-Cooper C: Cooper | T: Etzebeth C: Pollard P: Pollard (2)

‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks HT Well there's little to disappoint in this match so far. Excellent pace & effort
‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks HT Wallabies are showing a little rust & not able to capitalise on opportunities...
‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks HT ...but a lot of that is due to excellent defence from the Boks

‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks 40m Boks have lost captain Matfield & Francois Louw (Mohoje on) & Genia off for Phipps
‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks 42m Ah...Louw's returned; Bok attacking lineout on Wallabies 22...
‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks 43m Wallabies secure a defensive scrum in their own 22 which is good but...not for long
‪‎Wallabies 7-13 ‪Boks 44m The Boks come back at Wallabies with a vengeance & Kriel gets his chance...
‪‎Wallabies 7-118 ‪Boks 45m Kriel gets his debut try for the Boks and with such panache
‪‎Wallabies 7-20 ‪Boks 46m Pollard converts while David Pocock & Greg Holmes replace Higginbotham & Kepu
‪‎Wallabies 7-20 ‪Boks 48m Boks continue to heap on pressure while Malherbe permanently replaces Jannie du Plessis
‪‎Wallabies 7-20 ‪Boks 50m While Wallabies miss another opportunity, Boks bring on some reinforcements...
‪‎Wallabies 7-20 ‪Boks 51m Heinke van der Merwe/Adriaan Strauss for Mtawarira/Bismarck du Plessis; Horwill for Skelton
‪‎Wallabies 7-20 ‪Boks 53m Wallabies phase building goes nowhere & Cooper's kick goes awry...
‪‎Wallabies 7-20 ‪Boks 54m Hooper & Slipper make a difference & with Ruan Pienaar offside, Cooper has a chance
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 55m Cooper knocks over 3 points from in front of posts, but still a long way to go...
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 56m What Pocock was doing on the bench for so long...who knows! Pretty impressive
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 58m Drew Mitchell on for Rob Horne & it's scrum time again...
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 59m Bok scrum but penalty goes to Wallabies - they're all thrilled but...
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 61m ...Cooper misses the uprights by a country mile & Wallabies are no closer
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 63m Bok scrum as Owens has strong words with front rows..not listening at their peril!
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 64m Free kick to Boks & Fardy pinged in midfield; shame coz Folau worked so hard...
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 66m Scott Sio & Matt Toomua on for Slipper & Cooper; Wallabies ball just in own half
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 67m Wallabies make serious yards & are into the Bok 22 but turnover at breakdown after 10 phases
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 68m Bok turnover again from Pollard's efforts - he's been pretty impressive!
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 68m Pollard replaced by Pat Lambie, & Cobus Reinach for Pienaar
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 68m Giteau resists being replaced but whack in the ribs can't stop it; Cooper returns
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 69m Time back on & Lwazi Mvovo replaces young Kriel
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 70m Boks pinged for off feet & Wallabies set up 5m attacking lineout; time off
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 71m Coetzee taken off with injury & Mohoje on & Boks have defensive scrum
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 71m Doesn't go well for Boks as Wallabies drive over but no try there; Wallabies scrum
‪‎Wallabies 10-20 ‪Boks 73m Boks pinged at the scrum & Stephen Moore opts for another...
‪‎Wallabies 15-20 ‪Boks 74m Wallabies have to regroup slightly from scrum but Hooper finds the tryline!
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 75m It's all on Cooper to convert & he finds mark! 5 minutes to go & just 3 pts in it
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 77m Desperate on both sides; Boks clear from deep in own half but Folau gets under it
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 77m Giteau's returned; Mohoje pinged for offside & penalty to Wallabies...
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 79m Giteau decides to kick to uprights from c.40m but it falls under the crossbar!
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 80m Possession is all with the Wallabies & they're almost at 22 but defence is solid
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 80m penalty to Wallabies for player off feet & opt for 5m lineout...
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 80+2m lineout is good but ball forced from one touchline to other...recycling forced...
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 80+2m Tevita Kuridrani appears to get ball down but it's all on the TMO now...
‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 80+2m Replay after clarity yet as it's shown again...
Wallabies Springboks James Horwill Nelson Mandela Challenge Plate TRC 2015‪‎Wallabies 17-20 ‪Boks 80+2m Huge call for TMO Ben Skeen...
‪‎Wallabies 22-20 ‪Boks 80+2m Skeen finally comes back with confirmation that Kuridrani grounded ball on tryline!
‪‎Wallabies 22-20 ‪Boks 80+2m Crowds could not be happier as Wallabies steal victory at the death for 2nd year
‪‎Wallabies 24-20 ‪Boks 80+3m Giteau converts & the Boks are just devastated at the result.
‪‎Wallabies 24-20 ‪Boks FT Wallabies snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with huge balls! Excellent match.

australia15 Israel Folau 14 Adam Ashley-Cooper 13 Tevita Kuridrani 12 Matt Giteau 11 Rob Horne 10 Quade Cooper 9 Will Genia 1 James Slipper 2 STEPHEN MOORE (C) 3 Sekope Kepu 4 Will Skelton 5 Rob Simmons 6 Scott Fardy 7 Michael Hooper 8 Scott Higginbotham BENCH: 16 Tatafu Polota-Nau 17 Scott Sio 18 Greg Holmes 19 James Horwill 20 David Pocock 21 Nick Phipps 22 Matt Toomua 23 Drew Mitchell

SCORERS T: Ashley-Cooper, Hooper, Kuridrani C: Cooper (2), Giteau P: Cooper

South Africa15 Willie le Roux 14 JP Pietersen 13 Jesse Kriel* 12 Damian de Allende 11 Bryan Habana 10 Handré Pollard 9 Ruan Pienaar 8 Schalk Burger 7 Marcell Coetzee 6 Francois Louw 5 VICTOR MATFIELD (C) 4 Eben Etzebeth 3 Jannie du Plessis 2 Bismarck du Plessis 1 Tendai Mtawarira BENCH: 16 Adriaan Strauss 17 Heinke van der Merwe 18 Frans Malherbe 19 Lood de Jager 20 Oupa Mohoje 21 Cobus Reinach 22 Pat Lambie 23 Lwazi Mvovo

SCORERS T: Etzebeth, Kriel C: Pollard (2) P: Pollard (2)

Referee: Nigel Owens Asst Referees: Glen Jackson, Mike Fraser TMO: Ben Skeen





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* denotes new cap
† KO is Sunday due to time zone difference