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British & Irish Lions Tour 2017

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British & Irish Lions Fixtures & Results

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All Blacks and British and Irish Lions 2017

Week 1

NZ BarbariansNZ PRO'L BARBARIANS 7-13 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Toll Stadium, Whangerei - 03 June 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 7-3 Att: 19,951


NZPB vs Lions It's 10 minutes til KO at Toll Stadium in Whangerei for the start of the Lions Tour 2017!
NZPB vs Lions The teams… NZ Provincial Barbarians vs British & Irish Lions
NZPB vs Lions Angus Gardner is the referee who wait for after the Māori welcome
NZPB 0-0 Lions 0m A countdown from the crowd for KO at the sold out stadium before we get underway
NZPB 0-0 Lions 1m If there's any match the Lions can win with little trouble it's this one
NZPB 0-0 Lions 2m Lions push back the attacking NZPB just the once before the home side hit the 22...
NZPB 0-0 Lions 2m However, a knock on comes, but Lions are not so proficient & NZPB have a 22 lineout
NZPB 0-0 Lions 3m lineout is good, they lose the ball but into touch with knock on but NZPB penalty from AWJ
NZPB 0-0 Lions 4m Lions upset the kiwicart of another 5m lineout as they crucially steal possession
NZPB 0-0 Lions 5m Time off already before Lions set the 5m defensive scrum
NZPB 0-0 Lions 6m Scrum is good & Lions have shoved NZPB back outside the 22 with kick from Greig Laidlaw
NZPB 0-0 Lions 7m Mitchell Dunshea pinged for offside & Lions gain some more ground to midfield quickly
NZPB 0-0 Lions 8m Another Barbarian offside & it's Lions who can score the first points with penalty kick
NZPB 0-0 Lions 9m Johnny Sexton tees up but he doesn't start at 10 well with a miss
NZPB 0-0 Lions 11m The restart produces nothing spectacular before there's another time off already...
NZPB 0-0 Lions 12m Match gets back hope there's not too much stoppage over next 6 weeks!
NZPB 0-0 Lions 14m Lions are beginning to finally find their feet as they look a little more aggressive
NZPB 0-0 Lions 15m Sexton's passing not so great but Jonathan Joseph gets to ball to halt NZPB
NZPB 0-0 Lions 15m Another penalty gifted by NZPB & Sexton tees up from in front of the posts
NZPB 0-3 Lions 16m This time Sexton is on target & finally there are points on board, despite booing fans
NZPB 0-3 Lions 17m NZPB reply with searing attack from Kaveinga Finau who reaches for the tryline...
NZPB 0-3 Lions 18m ... but Taulupe Faletau is impressive in holding him up whilst inflicting damage
NZPB 0-3 Lions 19m The try is prevented but Finau is off injured; Jonah Lowe replaces him
NZPB 0-3 Lions 20m Lions have an opportunity to clear NZPB from the danger zone but Sexton's clear is poor
NZPB 0-3 Lions 21m Consequently, NZPB are directly back in the Lions' 22 & just 3m from the whitewash
NZPB 5-3 Lions 23m Forced back, Bryn Gatland smartly kicks & Sam Anderson-Heather crosses for deserved try
NZPB 7-3 Lions 24m Warren Gatland's boy sets up the try & promptly converts it for NZPB
NZPB 7-3 Lions 25m NZPB attack hard again, & threaten the 22 but Laidlaw gets to it & clears well
NZPB 7-3 Lions 26m For the first time Lions arrive at NZPB 22 after Stuart Hogg makes excellent tackle...
NZPB 7-3 Lions 27m In possession, Rory Best knocks the ball on & NZPB can clear the Lions back to midfield
NZPB 7-3 Lions 28m Lions charge into attack; Hogg passes horribly to Anthony Watson & he heads for corner
NZPB 7-3 Lions 29m Watson trips & Gatland & Luteru Laulala wrap him up into touch...
NZPB 7-3 Lions 30m Certain try killed by Hogg who not only passes badly, but knocked on previously
NZPB 7-3 Lions 31m NZPB have the lineout on Halfway as we come back for the knock on penalty...
NZPB 7-3 Lions 31m Anderson-Heather just holds onto possession but Lions turn them over at breakdown...
NZPB 7-3 Lions 32m ...Lions react well & bulldoze their way into the NZPB 22 & win penalty
NZPB 7-3 Lions 33m It's an attacking 5m scrum for the Lions & Joe Marler does well for visitors
NZPB 7-3 Lions 34m Sam Warburton thinks he's over but Gardner's whistle goes for penalty to NZPB
NZPB 7-3 Lions 35m Again homeside save a try & force the Lions way back as visitors' momentum is quashed
NZPB 7-3 Lions 36m It's a long way back for the Lions but they do make the yards nearing NZPB 22
NZPB 7-3 Lions 37m But NZPB easily effect a turnover & clear the Lions out again promptly
NZPB 7-3 Lions 38m Poor play from NZPB results in Lions back at their 22 quickly with attacking scrum
NZPB 7-3 Lions 39m Scrum is good & steadily they head up to the whitewash; lovely work from Faletau...
NZPB 7-3 Lions 39m ...the Lions reach & are over the line but the ball is held up...5m scrum to Lions
NZPB 7-3 Lions 40m Scrum is a strong positive for the Lions, but the NZPB defence is better...
NZPB 7-3 Lions 40+1m ...Watson gets awfully close to line but is held up; recycle & Laidlaw is held short
NZPB 7-3 Lions 40+2m Advantage being played, penalty comes for NZPB offside & another 5m scrum for Lions
NZPB 7-3 Lions 40+3m The Lions try their damndest, JJ whips ball to the tryline, but HT whistle after held up

NZPB 7-3 Lions HT T: Anderson-Heather C: Gatland | P: Sexton

NZPB 7-3 Lions HT Yes the Lions only arrived in NZ 3 days ago, but this team's been together 2 weeks
NZPB 7-3 Lions HT So, not impressive from visitors; NZPB are Barbarians so not long together but work well
NZPB 7-3 Lions HT Not an insurmountable task for Lions at 4-point deficit but if they don't get it together
NZPB 7-3 Lions HT It's Bryn Gatland & not dad Warren that's shining in this match! Future All Black?

NZPB 7-3 Lions 40m Play resumes - no doubt Andy Farrell had some choice words at HT in Lions changing room!
NZPB 7-3 Lions 41m A gently start from Lions who slowly work they're way to NZPB 22...
NZPB 7-3 Lions 42m ...homeside infringes at the breakdown & it's a kickable penalty for the Lions
NZPB 7-6 Lions 43m Sexton getting attention so it's Laidlaw who narrows the gap to 1
NZPB 7-6 Lions 44m HT 'chat' appears to have worked...Lions definitely improved in 1st few minutes at least
NZPB 7-6 Lions 45m Better decisions & better in attack from Lions, with ball in hand...finally!
NZPB 7-6 Lions 46m However, NZPB regain possession & quickly clear the Lions back over Halfway proficiently
NZPB 7-6 Lions 47m At HT, Andrew Makalio replaced Anderson-Heather
NZPB 7-6 Lions 47m Also Matt Matich for Lachlan Boshier as Lions about to make changes
NZPB 7-6 Lions 48m Jamie George sent on for Lions - in error so off again; Owen Farrell on for Sexton
NZPB 7-6 Lions 49m Mako Vunipola, George, Tadhg Furlong, George Kruis 4 Marler, Best, Sinckler, Henderson
NZPB 7-6 Lions 51m Immediate impact from the bench for Lions as Faz changes game temp...
NZPB 7-11 Lions 52m ...Lions finally look like professionals & Watson twists over for a try thanks to Faz
NZPB 7-13 Lions 53m Faz adds the conversion & it all looks a little healthier for the Lions
NZPB 7-13 Lions 54m Lions look like a different team already & it's showing on the scoreboard
NZPB 7-13 Lions 55m Ben Te'o makes yet another delightful break, & NZPB defence looks baffled
NZPB 7-13 Lions 56m But the insecurity & rustiness creeps back into visitors' play & they lose possession
NZPB 7-13 Lions 57m Richard Judd has replaced Jack Stratton as NZPB get back on front foot into Lions' 22
NZPB 7-13 Lions 58m Joe Webber for Gatland & Rhys Webb for Laidlaw #
NZPB 7-13 Lions 59m Lions manage to clear the homeside back outside their 22 for a moment...
NZPB 7-13 Lions 60m ...but it's a NZPB scrum & they win it comfortably & back in the Lions 22
NZPB 7-13 Lions 61m Marcel Renata & formally retired Peter Rowe for Oli Jager & Keepa Mewett
NZPB 7-13 Lions 62m The pace has slowed significantly, but the homeside are still firmly in possession
NZPB 7-13 Lions 63m NZPB lineout in the Lions 22 - that goes well, but Makalio offside giving Lions a breather
NZPB 7-13 Lions 64m Faz clears to touch for an attacking lineout for the Lions & that goes well
NZPB 7-13 Lions 65m NZPB pinged for collapsing maul & advantage turns into a penalty for Lions
NZPB 7-13 Lions 66m Lions opt for uprights over corner lineout & drive... but Faz's kick pings off the post
NZPB 7-13 Lions 67m Justin Tipuric replaces Warburton as NZPB restart the game...
NZPB 7-13 Lions 68m Lions are fast back into NZPB's 22 but Webb knocks on to hand over possession
NZPB 7-13 Lions 69m Time off for Ross Moriarty getting attention; back up & it's scrum NZPB
NZPB 7-13 Lions 70m Homeside continue to do well & they clear play to Halfway & have another lineout
NZPB 7-13 Lions 70m Keepa Mewett had replaced James Tucker - likely HIA as replacement reversed
NZPB 7-13 Lions 71m Meanwhile, NZPB have made their way comfortably into Lions territory on the attack
NZPB 7-13 Lions 72m Lions defence holds well for a moment as they reverse possession on the back foot
NZPB 7-13 Lions 73m But Tipuric knocks it on & NZPB are in an advantageous position just outside Lions' 22
NZPB 7-13 Lions 74m NZPB attacking scrum goes well & they cross the 22, but Webber then Kruis knock on
NZPB 7-13 Lions 75m Lions defensive scrum & they make light work of it, Faz clearing NZPB back over Halfway
NZPB 7-13 Lions 76m NZPB aren't lying down & JJ on wrong side of penalty after ruck formed - penalty NZPB
NZPB 7-13 Lions 77m Attacking lineout for NZPB from clear; goes well & homeside threaten Lions again
NZPB 7-13 Lions 78m Lions manage to win a penalty & have to ride out defensive scrum in 22
NZPB 7-13 Lions 79m Mako V does well & Lions win the scrum penalty in the dying moments
NZPB 7-13 Lions 80m Ref indicates clocks turned red & Faz kicks to touch for a disappointing win
NZPB 7-13 Lions FT Fringe professionals take Lions to task - visitors are going to have to sharpen up!
NZPB 7-13 Lions FT Lions stand out - Faletau, Te'o, Watson, Moriarty, Sinckler & bench, particularly Faz
NZPB 7-13 Lions FT However, to avoid a blackwash there's oh so much work to be done, or it'll be a massacre

NZ Barbarians15 Luteru Laulala (Counties Manukau) 14 Sam Vaka (Counties Manukau) 13 Inga Finau (Canterbury) 12 Dwayne Sweeney (Waikato) 11 Sevu Reece (Waikato) 10 Bryn Gatland (North Harbour) 9 Jack Stratton (Canterbury) 1 Aidan Ross (Bay of Plenty) 2 SAM ANDERSON-HEATHER (C) (Otago) 3 Oliver Jager (Canterbury) 4 Josh Goodhue (Northland) 5 Keepa Mewett (Bay of Plenty) 6 James Tucker (Waikato) 7 Lachlan Boshier (Taranaki) 8 Mitchell Dunshea (Canterbury) BENCH: 16 Andrew Makalio (Tasman) 17 Tolu Fahamokioa (Wellington) 18 Marcel Renata (Auckland) 19 Matt Matich (Northland) 20 Peter Rowe (Wanganui) 21 Richard Judd (Bay of Plenty) 22 Jonah Lowe (Hawke’s Bay) 23 Junior Ngaluafe (Southland)

SCORERS T: Anderson-Heather C: Gatland

British & Irish Lions15 Stuart Hogg 14 Anthony Watson 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Ben Te’o 11 Tommy Seymour 10 Johnny Sexton 9 Greig Laidlaw 1 Joe Marler 2 Rory Best 3 Kyle Sinckler 4 Alun Wyn Jones 5 Iain Henderson 6 Ross Moriarty 7 SAM WARBURTON (C) 8 Taulupe Faletau BENCH: 16 Jamie George 17 Mako Vunipola 18 Tadgh Furlong 19 George Kruis 20 Justin Tipuric 21 Rhys Webb 22 Owen Farrell 23 Elliot Daly

SCORERS T: Watson C: Farrell P: Sexton, Laidlaw

Referee: Angus Gardner Asst Referees: Mike Fraser, Brendon Pickerill TMO: Aaron Paterson




Week 2

Blues vs Lions 2017 Crusaders vs Lions 2017

Blues BLUES 22 - 16 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Eden Park, Auckland - 07 June 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 12-10 Att: 40,639



Blues v Lions Referee: Pascal Gaüzère Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal, Angus Gardner TMO: Marius Jonker
Blues v Lions Before we get underway, there's a moment's silence for Manchester & London terrorist attacks
Blues v Lions Next up, a haka from the Blues entitled 'For The Strength Of Many'...
Blues v Lions Well, that was pretty cool...oh, but it's not over yet!
Blues v Lions Plenty of throat cutting etc from the Blues' haka. Hopefully we can get underway now...
Blues 0-0 Lions 0m Dan Biggar kicks off proceedings at Eden Park & Jack Nowell makes the 1st break inside 10m
Blues 0-0 Lions 1m Welshman Ken Owens captains as the Lions breach the Blues' 22 very quickly
Blues 0-0 Lions 2m Akira Ioane & Blake Gibson causing some disruption as the Lions are forced to pick n go
Blues 0-0 Lions 3m Eventually the defence wins out with a good turnover & clear from the Blues
Blues 0-0 Lions 4m Former Blue Kiwi Jared Payne -Ireland project player- chases ball behind tryline but too far
Blues 0-0 Lions 5m Ball goes dead & Blues attack hard over halfway & battle Lions defence up to the 22
Blues 5-0 Lions 6m Augustine Pulu passes beautifully for Reiko Ioane to run rings round Nowell to score
Blues 5-0 Lions 7m James Haskell also too slow on his feet to halt the Blues sublime attack
Blues 5-0 Lions 8m Stephen Perofeta misses the conversion, but the Lions have a job on their hands
Blues 5-0 Lions 9m Lions respond by breaching the Blues 22 again but play is stilted...
Blues 5-0 Lions 10m Maro Itoje shows his mettle early & offloads to Payne who flies over in corner...
Blues 5-0 Lions 10m ...Perofeta is right on top of Payne & Ref Gaüzère rightly goes to TMO for 'try or no try'
Blues 5-0 Lions 11m Payne's foot finds touch before he grounds the ball & it's a Blues lineout
Blues 5-0 Lions 12m First lineout isn't too clever from Blues & Lions clear them back, but 2nd is much improved
Blues 5-0 Lions 13m Blues advantage called over & aerial football ensues, resulting in Lions 22 defensive lineout
Blues 5-0 Lions 14m No problem with lineout & Rhys Webb clears the Blues back deftly
Blues 5-0 Lions 14m Lions surge ahead led by Haskell who gets shut down by Akira Ioane but penalty comes
Blues 5-0 Lions 15m Lions definitely more composed today as they threaten the Blues goal line again
Blues 5-0 Lions 16m The defence, however, is rock solid & the attack is persistently disrupted
Blues 5-5 Lions 17m Another drive comes from Lions as they regroup & CJ Stander lands the first Lions blow
Blues 5-7 Lions 18m Leigh Halfpenny tees up from almost in front of posts & comfortably pops over conversion
Blues 5-7 Lions 19m Blues attempt to make some ground from the restart but Courtney Lawes has other plans...
Blues 5-7 Lions 20m ...forcing a knock on at the breakdown for a Lions penalty in midfield
Blues 5-7 Lions 20m Time off as Halfpenny battles hard to be match-ready but can't get his contact lens in!
Blues 5-7 Lions 20m It's a Lions scrum on halfway but it collapses to be reset...
Blues 5-7 Lions 21m Lions hold onto possession & Biggar clears it away, setting up a 22 lineout
Blues 5-7 Lions 22m Strong & stable(!) set piece work from Lions as lineout is good & another penalty comes
Blues 5-7 Lions 23m Lions scrum directly in front of the posts halfway inside the 22 & Dan Cole does has work well
Blues 5-10 Lions 24m Penalty won & Halfpenny pings over another 3 points for a greater lead for the visitors
Blues 5-10 Lions 25m A steady game so far with no great electrifying play but satisfactory rugby looking even
Blues 5-10 Lions 26m Little movement from the midfield as Blues have lineout just inside their half...
Blues 5-10 Lions 27m ...2 quick penalties from Biggar & Lawes giving the Blues the upper hand & a 5m lineout
Blues 5-10 Lions 28m Steven Luatua aggrieved at resulting maul penalty going to the Lions who clear to safety
Blues 5-10 Lions 29m Play is pushed right back to halfway & the Lions have the lineout...
Blues 5-10 Lions 30m ...& just as they get on front foot, Payne is caught offside for Blues to return to 22
Blues 5-10 Lions 31m Possession changes hands & the Lions retaliate - back over halfway into Blues' territory
Blues 5-10 Lions 32m Lions think they have it but advantage to Blues setting up lineout just outside Lions ' 22
Blues 5-10 Lions 33m The lineout is fine but Lions quickly on top of it & force Blues to make up lost ground...
Blues 5-10 Lions 34m ...from back in their own half; kick goes to Biggar who's taken out by Ofa Tu’ungafasi
Blues 5-10 Lions 35m midfield while Reiko Ioane sprints to score; Ref goes to TMO to check offside
Blues 5-10 Lions 36m Blues are offside so try is denied while Johnny Sexton replaces Biggar at fly half
Blues 5-10 Lions 37m Lions are back on front foot as the rain arrives in torrential fashion...
Blues 5-10 Lions 38m A shame that the 50k stadium is nowhere close to capacity; Lions deep in Blues territory
Blues 5-10 Lions 39m Homeside eventually clear the Lions back & force them back over halfway...
Blues 5-10 Lions 39m ...the Blues not content with a HT loss & fiercely go on the offensive, building phases
Blues 5-10 Lions 40m 11 phases in as the clock ticks over 40 minutes & Payne high tackles Luatua for penalty
Blues 5-10 Lions 40+1m Perofeta tees up a simple kick which pops off upright & then it's anyone's game...
Blues 5-10 Lions 40+2m ...ball heads over tryline aerially & Sonny Bill Williams knows he's grounded it but...
Blues 5-10 Lions 40+3m ...not clear if ball is knocked on by TJ Faiane (just on for Duffie) or back by Nowell
Blues 10-10 Lions 40+4m Knock back from Nowell so the try stands, much to annoyance of Lions fans
Blues 12-10 Lions 40+5m Perofeta adds the extras from directly in front of posts & it's a HT win for Blues

Blues 12-10 Lions HT T: Reiko Ioane, Williams C: Perofeta | T: Stander C: Halfpenny P: Halfpenny

Blues 12-10 Lions 41m Blues make a good start, promptly deep in Lions territory & heaping on the pressure
Blues 12-10 Lions 42m Lions defence will need to step up if they're to halt the onslaught in their 22...
Blues 12-10 Lions 43m ...they find it nearly impossible as Reiko Ioane flies over in the corner but TMO check
Blues 12-10 Lions 44m Ioane's foot is in touch so it's no try & the Lions can breathe a sigh of relief
Blues 12-10 Lions 46m Play resumes while Liam Williams replace Payne
Blues 12-10 Lions 48m Blues are even more fired up denied of two tries so far & are camped in Lions territory
Blues 12-10 Lions 49m The threat is momentarily allayed as Justin Tipuric disrupts Akira's offload...
Blues 12-10 Lions 50m ...& Duffie knocks it on rather than collecting it
Blues 12-10 Lions 51m Ihaia West replaces Perofeta whilst Lions attempt to get out of trouble...
Blues 12-10 Lions 52m ...but Maro Itoje is pinged for a 9th if not 10th Lions penalty
Blues 15-10 Lions 53m West increases the Blues' lead with a simple 3-pointer while Itoje looks shocked
Blues 15-10 Lions 53m Liam Williams is lucky to get away with penalty & no card after tackle in air on Duffie
Blues 15-10 Lions 54m Peter O'Mahony & Joe Marler replace Haskell & Jack McGrath
Blues 15-10 Lions 55m Lions have lost some composure here & need to refocus if they are to close in on Blues
Blues 15-10 Lions 56m They work their way up to the Blues 22, but then Liam Williams strikes again!
Blues 15-10 Lions 57m Williams is promptly yellow carded for another tackle on player in air
Blues 15-10 Lions 58m Alex Hodgman, Sione Mafileo, Patrick Tuipulotu for Ofa Tu’ungafasi, Charlie Faumuina, Gerard Cowley-Tuioti | Kyle Sinckler for Cole
Blues 15-10 Lions 59m Blues are determined & Reiko Ioane wants another score under his belt...
Blues 15-10 Lions 60m ...but West knocks on in the Lions 22 & another try is saved
Blues 15-10 Lions 61m Williams is still in the naughty chair while the Lions scrum wins them another penalty
Blues 15-10 Lions 64m Lions are doing well since they're a man down, & a penalty comes in Blues territory
Blues 15-13 Lions 65m Halfpenny narrows the deficit to just 2 points with his penalty kick
Blues 15-13 Lions 66m Kara Pryor & TJ Faiane on for Blake Gibson & George Moala
Blues 15-13 Lions 67m Liam Williams has returned & Rory Best on for Owens
Blues 15-13 Lions 68m Blues scrum on own 10m...but it doesn't go to plan for homeside...
Blues 15-13 Lions 69m ...good work from Marler & Lions front row as they steal penalty & Halfpenny tees up
Blues 15-16 Lions 70m Halfpenny sneaks the lead from the Blues 10m with a decent kick splicing the uprights
Blues 15-16 Lions 71m Sam Nock replaces Pulu, while ABs legend Tana Umaga looks worried in coaching box
Blues 15-16 Lions 72m Meanwhile, Wig Rowntree looks pleased with his work as Lions have scrum on halfway
Blues 15-16 Lions 73m Both expressions change quickly as from inside own 10m, Luatua pass to SBW is sublime
Blues 20-16 Lions 74m He charges & offloads to West who sprints under post with such speed he can't be caught
Blues 22-16 Lions 75m That is just artistic offloading form the Blues - West converts his try
Blues 22-16 Lions 76m But it's not over yet as the Lions battle their way into Blues 22 with 4 minutes to go
Blues 22-16 Lions 77m Laidlaw has replaced Webb while Lions hand over another penalty from attacking position
Blues 22-16 Lions 78m West clears the ball to touch for a defensive lineout on their 22...
Blues 22-16 Lions 79m The lineout is good but a penalty comes to the Lions for a 5m lineout
Blues 22-16 Lions 80m The setpiece has been the Lions ' saving grace so far, but the lineout doesn't go to plan...
Blues 22-16 Lions 80m ...there's a battle at the breakdown with Blues in possession & Nock kicks it off the park
Blues 22-16 Lions FT A superb game from Blues; Lions improving but Itoje furious - he's not used to losing
Blues 22-16 Lions FT Blues are 5th of 5 in the NZ Super Rugby conference; the Lions need to step up!

Blues15 Michael Collins 14 Matt Duffie 13 George Moala 12 Sonny Bill Williams 11 Rieko Ioane 10 Stephen Perofeta 9 Augustine Pulu 1 Ofa Tu’ungafasi 2 JAMES PARSONS (C) 3 Charlie Faumuina 4 Gerard Cowley-Tuioti 5 Scott Scrafton 6 Akira Ioane 7 Blake Gibson 8 Steven Luatua BENCH: 16 Hame Faiva 17 Alex Hodgman 18 Sione Mafileo 19 Patrick Tuipulotu 20 Kara Pryor 21 Sam Nock 22 Ihaia West 23 TJ Faiane

SCORERS T: Reiko Ioane, SB Williams, West C: Perofeta, West P: West

British & Irish Lions15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 Jack Nowell 13 Jared Payne 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Elliot Daly 10 Dan Biggar 9 Rhys Webb 1 Jack McGrath 2 KEN OWENS (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Maro Itoje 5 Courtney Lawes 6 James Haskell 7 Justin Tipuric 8 CJ Stander BENCH: 16 Rory Best 17 Joe Marler 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Iain Henderson 20 Peter O'Mahony 21 Greig Laidlaw 22 Johnny Sexton 23 Liam Williams

SCORERS T: Stander C: Halfpenny P: Halfpenny (3) Yellow Card L Williams

Referee: Pascal Gaüzère Asst Referees: Mathieu Raynal, Angus Gardner TMO: Marius Jonker




Crusaders CRUSADERS 3 - 12 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

AMI Stadium, Christchurch - 10 June 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 3-9 Att: 20,497



Crusaders v Lions The teams are out & the Saders perform their haka before we get underway...
Crusaders v Lions Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: Angus Gardner, Pascal Gaüzère TMO: Marius Jonker
Crusaders 0-0 Lions The crowd countdown KO...then it takes a sec before Raynal blows the whistle...
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 1m Owen Farrell kicks off & Lions immediately have an opportunity & Luke Romano slips up
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 1m But no advantage as the ball is collected by Saders & heads in opposite direction
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 2m Lions slowly work their way back towards the Saders 22, but at the breakdown...
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 2m ...the Saders proficiently turnover after Lions pinged for not releasing
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 3m Saders set up a 10m attacking lineout from their penalty & the set piece is good, but...
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 4m ...Lions effect a turnover at breakdown just as well giving them a defensive scrum on their 22
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 5m Lions wins the scrum penalty & Faz clears the Saders back...but not for long
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 6m Next lineout doesn't go so well & Lions back in possession in their own 22 to clear lines
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 7m Saders 10m lineout's better but possession shifts to visitors again & plays up in midfield
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 8m But Tadhg Furlong hands over a penalty to Saders who have scrum put in back inside 10m
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 9m Saders go wide on the attack but are promptly shut down for Lions to take possession
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 10m Conor Murray proficiently clears his lines & Lions head into Saders territory...
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 11m Lions steal lineout; Seta Tamanivalu defends well but Matt Todd pinged for a tackle
Crusaders 0-0 Lions 12m Advantage was being played & the penalty comes for Faz to tee up
Crusaders 0-3 Lions 12m Faz slots over the penalty kick for first blood splicing the uprights with ease
Crusaders 0-3 Lions 13m Lions looking far more proficient this evening with a major change to personnel
Crusaders 0-3 Lions 14m Saders aren't helping themselves by handing over penalties which are churlish
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 15m And Faz pings over another 3 points from the latest...
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 16m Saders restart directly into hands of Stuart Hogg but as Lions try to push back...
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 17m ...Israel Dagg gets under a high ball, tho is immediately tackled to ground
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 18m Lions have scrum on halfway & Saders pinged again for boring in; homeside baffled
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 19m Lions attack into the Saders 22 but again lose possession & are forced way back
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 19m Hogg recaptures the ball but in his own 22; charges ahead & clears but...
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 19m he runs back, his face is caught by Murray's elbow & he's down & bleeding
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 20m Anthony Watson replaces a groggy Hogg; Lions defensive scrum is set
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 21m The scrum collapses into a  cat fight as handbags are drawn & chests are expanded
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 21m Cool heads like Faz get it under control & Lions pinged as they all calm down
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 22m Saders lineout is not impressive but it works & they are on the front foot
Crusaders 0-6 Lions 23m Play gets a tad scrappy & Saders not looking as sharp as can be, but handed penalty
Crusaders 3-6 Lions 24m Richie Mo'unga slots it over for the homeside's opening points
Crusaders 3-6 Lions 25m Lions respond well & from restart they're fast into the Saders 22
Crusaders 3-6 Lions 25m But a moment has to be taken while Jonathan Davies is attended to
Crusaders 3-6 Lions 26m Play resumes & the ball is in the hands of the Saders; defensive scrum in their 22
Crusaders 3-6 Lions 27m Saders scrum is better & the Lions forced back to the midfield losing all that ground
Crusaders 3-6 Lions 28m Lions halfway lineout is retained & penalty comes to them; Faz clears for a lineout in Saders' 22
Crusaders 3-6 Lions 29m Davies replaced by Johnny Sexton
Crusaders 3-6 Lions 29m The lineout's good & Saders pinged for offside giving Faz another opportunity to add pts
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 30m Of course he does & Lions are 6 points clear again
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 31m Lions are far more composed today & are off on an attack , making good ground too
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 32m But an unforced error & the Saders pounce on ball & run out of their danger zone...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 33m ...lovely hands & Saders are into the Lions 22 at lightning speed! Crosskick...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 33m ...Tamanivalu is there to collect but Jamie George nicks it first & clears!
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 34m Saders want that score now & come right back; 5m lineout goes well & they're determined
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 35m Saders drive towards the tryline & en masse they pile over under the posts...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 35m's up to TMO Jonker for any sight of grounding with so many bodies over it
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 35m There's nothing to see & Saders have the penalty & opportunity to attack again
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 36m Saders opt for another 5m lineout, resulting in a scrum but penalty again goes to Lions
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 37m Saders are annoyed while Lions clear their lines & force Saders back to midfield
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 38m Sharp work from Lions & right before HT, they have an attacking 5m lineout
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 39m Good setpiece from Lions - Wig will be pleased - & they build phases in attack in 22
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 40+1m George Bridge collects the ball but slips; ball out to Mo'unga who kicks to touch

Crusaders 3-9 Lions HT P: Mo'unga | P: Farrell (3)

Crusaders British Lions HT 2017Crusaders 3-9 Lions HT This Lions team definitely better than last, but Saders aren't playing on form so far

Crusaders 3-9 Lions 40m Final 40 underway & it'll be interesting to gauge which HT chat was more effective...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 41m Lions set up a lineout in the Saders 22 already & have an opportunity here
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 42m But he goes quite long & ball ends up in Saders hands instead; cleared back
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 43m Advantage lost & Lions have to come back from the midfield again...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 44m Lions make a bit of ground before Saders hand over 7th penalty for Faz to tee up
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 45m In front of posts outside 10m, ball flies over the post rather than thru it...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 45m ...not given & baffled Lions all round, especially Maro Itoje on bench, & Faz too
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 46m Ref doesn't trouble the TMO & play resumes, much to annoyance of the visitors
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 47m Pace seems to have slowed somewhat... (or maybe I'm just too tired to be doing this!)
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 48m Saders defensive lineout is good & they clear for Watson to bolt into space...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 49m But the defence holds Lions back & not too much ground made
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 50m Time off & Ben Funnell, Wyatt Crockett, Michael Alaalatoa for Moody, Taylor & Franks
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 51m Saders defensive scrum is more effective & from own 22, Jack Goodhue is excellent...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 52m ...& a kick heads to Bridge who can't quite get to it with George North on him...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 53m ...& Bridge knocks ball into touch. Lions defensive scrum set & Saders pinged again
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 54m Effective work from Lions & they gain some ground, shoving Saders away from their 22
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 55m Quinten Strange for Romano | CJ Stander for Sean O'Brien
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 56m Changes made & Lions are on the attack again, Williams under high ball & he gets...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 57m ...ball out to Watson he sprints, falters, regroups & gets over tryline as Dagg is furious
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 58m Off to TMO for k/o between Todd & Williams under high ball outside the Saders 22
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 59m It's no try as Williams does knock ball on & Lions have to start again...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 60m Again it was Faz who was pivotal in that potential try - awesome player.
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 61m Lions attack into Saders 22 again, but it's homeside who turn it over...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 62m ...defensively halt the momentum, clearing Lions back to midfield
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 63m Jed Brown & Mitchell Drummond on for Heiden Bedwell-Curtis & Bryn Hall
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 64m Itoje & Jack McGrath for George Kruis & Mako Vunipola
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 65m Lions try again to breach Saders tryline but defence just holds fast & pushes them back
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 66m Bateman for Bridge | Owens & Cole for George & Furlong
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 67m Over 60% possession for Lions in this half & they trouble the Saders 22 yet again
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 68m The attack is roaring from the Lions, but Saders' scramble defence is fierce too
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 69m Lions breach the 22 for a 5th/6th/7th time but they can't finish it off...
Crusaders 3-9 Lions 70m ...phases build but Saders aren't having it, tho they hand over another penalty
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 71m Faz punishes the Saders with 3 more points & goes over a score clear too
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 72m Play halted is Raynal checks North's tackle on Brown into touch with TMO
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 72m Tackle is fine & play resumes; not a bad thing to check coz a t a glance looked high
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 73m Saders have attacking scrum & keep hold of possession this time, tho lose it at breakdown
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 73m Mitchell Hunt replaces Mo'unga
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 74m It's a scrum to Lions this time, in their own half, & they have that steely look...
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 75m Proficient work & Lions push Saders back into their own half, tho concede penalty
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 76m Saders opt for scrum & Lions are pinged for boring in this time...
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 77m ...Saders clear there lines & set up attacking lineout, but is there enough time left?
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 78m Homeside hang on to their ball & make some ground, but before you know it...
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 78m ...the Lions are back bothering the Saders 22 yet again
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 79m The Saders scramble their defence again, & again it's effective, holding Lions back
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 80m But Saders concede another penalty & it's scrum time again on their 22
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 80+1m Scrum has to be reset > Lions retain ball thru Faletau who get's it to Murray...
Crusaders 3-12 Lions 80+1m ...who offloads to Faz to kick it into touch for the win
Crusaders British Lions FT 2017Crusaders 3-12 Lions FT First loss for Crusaders in 2017 with Lions frustrating their flow & attack
Crusaders 3-12 Lions FT & not since April 2015 have the Crusaders not scored a try in a match
Crusaders 3-12 Lions FT It was Owen Farrell that marshalled that game in excellence; definite test starter

Crusaders15 Israel Dagg 14 Seta Tamanivalu 13 Jack Goodhue 12 David Havili 11 George Bridge 10 Richie Mo'unga 9  Bryn Hall 1  Joe Moody  2  Codie Taylor 3  Owen Franks 4  Luke Romano 5  SAM WHITELOCK (C) 6  Heiden Bedwell-Curtis 7  Matt Todd 8  Jordan Taufua BENCH: 16 Ben Funnell 17 Wyatt Crockett 18 Michael Alaalatoa 19 Quinten Strange 20 Jed Brown 21 Mitchell Drummond 22 Mitchell Hunt 23 Tim Bateman

SCORERS  P: Mo'unga

British & Irish Lions15 Stuart Hogg 14 George North 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Ben Te'o 11 Liam Williams 10 Owen Farrell 9 Conor Murray 1 Mako Vunipola 2 Jamie George 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 ALUN WYN JONES (C) 5 George Kruis 6 Peter O'Mahony 7 Sean O'Brien 8 Taulupe Faletau BENCH: 16 Ken Owens 17 Jack McGrath 18 Dan Cole 19 Maro Itoje 20 CJ Stander 21 Rhys Webb 22 Johnny Sexton 23 Anthony Watson

SCORERS P: Farrell (4)

Referee: Mathieu Raynal Asst Referees: Angus Gardner, Pascal Gaüzère TMO: Marius Jonker




Week 3

Highlanders vs Lions 2017 Maori All Blacks vs Lions 2017

Highlanders HIGHLANDERS 23 - 22 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin - 13 June 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 10-10 Att: 29,620



Highlanders vs Lions The teams are out under the closed roof at Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
Highlanders vs Lions Referee: Angus Gardner Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère, Mathieu Raynal TMO: Marius Jonker
Highlanders vs Lions A Highlanders side weakened by missing All Blacks run out against the Lions
Highlanders vs Lions Kilted piper pipes before the ceremonial Claymore sword is given from captain to captain
Highlanders vs Lions No haka this time & Dan Biggar readies to KO proceedings...
Highlanders 0-0 Lions 0m Play underway & Lions head up towards halfway but Jack Nowell drops the high ball...
Highlanders 0-0 Lions 1m Highlanders in possession & the electric Waisake Naholo makes the first danger break
Highlanders 0-0 #Lions2m Naholo is shut down & recycle - Lions back on it but only momentarily...
Highlanders 0-0 Lions 3m Lions hand over a couple of penalties while homeside run rings round the Lions...
Highlanders 0-0 Lions 3m ...Naholo held just short of nearside corner to score; recycle to far side &...
Highlanders 0-0 Lions 4m ...Malakai Fekitoa falls on far side - offload to Tevita Li who trips over Fekitoa
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 5m But the penalty comes & Lima Sopoaga knocks over the opening points of the game
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 6m Fierce game already, but Lions are not going to have this easy today...
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 7m Lions hand over another penalty for not releasing at breakdown so Highlanders attack
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 8m Lions briefly win ball back, but it doesn't last long putting them on back foot again
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 9m The speed of this game is a whole other level compared to matches so far...
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 10m A brief time off as a Highlander is taken down - back on...
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 11m Lions attack out of own half with Rhys Webb offloading to Nowell who breaks...
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 11m ...over halfway but eventually a knock on returns possession to Highlanders in own half
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 12m Marty Banks replaces Fekitoa off for HIA while Landers set their defensive scrum
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 13m Dillon Hunt getting over that breakdown magnificently... but back to that scrum...
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 14m Landers get ball away but penalty comes for Lions who have an attacking lineout
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 15m The lineout is good & Lions are fierce in attack - Tommy Seymour skims the whitewash...
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 15m ..but it's short; recycle is quick & Webb comes over the top to touch down over tryline
Highlanders 3-0 Lions 15m TMO checks for grounding & Webb drops ball before contact with pitch. Penalty Lions
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 16m ...for Landers offside before the no try - Biggar equalises & it's game on
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 17m Fekitoa passed head injury assessment & has returned to the field while Lions...
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 18m ...hand over another penalty for Sopoaga to pop over - but he misses his mark
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 19m Chip ahead from Teihorangi Walden which could be dangerous heading into 22 but...
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 20m ...Jared Payne gets to it & falls into touch; Lions penalty & scrum is set
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 21m Ball comes out & Seymour tries to get under a crosskick but he knocks it on
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 22m Landers attacking scrum & homeside gain some vital metres as Lions not impressive
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 23m Ball finds touch & it's a Landers lineout which is just saved but stolen at the breakdown
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 24m Good work from CJ Stander to get over it but blood on Rory Best has to be sorted
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 25m Ken Owens replaces Best & Landers have another lineout in the Lions 22
Highlanders 3-3 Lions 26m The lineout is stolen but ball is regained immediately & Landers look likely to score
Highlanders 8-3 Lions 26m Naholo who gets over the line brilliantly, taking out Courtney Lawes with shoulder
Highlanders 10-3 Lions 26m Sopoaga converts while Lawes is taken off replaced by Alun Wyn Jones
Highlanders 10-3 Lions 27m Restart is beneficial to the Landers who sprint into action from own 22...
Highlanders 10-3 Lions 28m It's not quite handbags but they threaten - Fekitoa appears from nowhere...
Highlanders 10-3 Lions 28m ...& Ref Gardner warns him to back off & keep out when it's nothing to do with him
Highlanders 10-3 Lions 29m Lovely hands from the Lions in the midfield & ball gets out to Jonathan Joseph...
Highlanders 10-8 Lions 30m ...who deftly avoids the defence & flies over the whitewash to score
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 31m Biggar converts & it's all square again in Dunedin
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 32m Lions are attacking well & go again after restart as Li makes huge hit on Biggar
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 33m Time off as Biggar looks winded - but he's back up & ready to go again
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 34m Best returned just before the JJ try & Lions have the scrum
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 34m The scrum is good but ball lost in the breakdown, tho only momentarily....
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 35m prop Kyle Sinckler punches through at a  pace & offloads to  Payne...
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 36m ... just approaching the 22 but he knocks it & the momentum is lost again
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 37m Landers burst out of own half with lovely hands but final pass picked up by Webb
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 37m Landers regain possession off again; Landers lineout & it's just saved on Lions 22
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 38m Lions steal it back for a 22 defensive lineout & Alex Ainley pinged pulling down AWJ
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 39m Lions clear Landers back to halfway for another lineout & ball is retained at the breakdown
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 40m Ball cleared into Landers 22 as hooter goes - Landers hands on it as whistle goes

Highlanders 10-10 Lions HT T: Naholo C: Sopoaga P: Sopoaga | T: Joseph C: Biggar P: Biggar

Highlanders v British Lions 2017

Highlanders 10-10 Lions 40m Final 40 incoming as Lions start with a lineout just outside their own 22
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 41m Landers cleared right back to their own 10m & actually not making any ground here
Highlanders 10-10 Lions 42m Landers crawl over halfway as Lions defence frustrates them & ball is stolen at breakdown
Highlanders 10-15 Lions 43m Seymour gets under the  high ball & he sprints to the corner to score
Highlanders 10-15 Lions 44m Biggar goes thru his bizarre but toned down pre-kicking ritual missing conversion
Highlanders 10-15 Lions 45m Landers 22 lineout from restart is fine but pinged for obstruction; Biggar to clear
Highlanders 10-15 Lions 46m Biggar doesn't find touch; Li thumps it back over halfway; Lions begin phase building
Highlanders 10-15 Lions 47m Lions get inside the Landers 10m & heading towards 22 but pinged for obstruction
Highlanders 10-15 Lions 48m Landers are clear of their danger zone promptly & are quickly in Lions' 22
Highlanders 10-15 Lions 49m Seymour tackles Naholo bulldozing towards tryline & Sinckler pinged...changes coming
Highlanders 13-15 Lions 49m Owens for Best again & Dan Cole for Sinckler while Sopoaga reduces deficit by 3
Highlanders 13-15 Lions 50m Landers collectively save a try but Naholo's foot in touch with dead ball line...
Highlanders 13-15 Lions 51m ...Lions 5m attacking scrum & this defence needs to hold firm to stop a score...
Highlanders 13-15 Lions 52m does hold well for nine phases as Lions forced to pick & go repeatedly...
Highlanders 13-20 Lions 52m ...but the slightest gap shows up & captain Sam Warburton touches ball to upright
Highlanders 13-22 Lions 53m Biggar converts while Greig Laidlaw has replaced Webb a few minutes earlier
Highlanders 13-22 Lions 55m Banks & Josh Dickson for Sopoaga & Ainley | Jack McGrath for Joe Marler
Highlanders 13-22 Lions 56m Good restart for Landers who are quickly into Lions' scoring territory...
Highlanders 13-22 Lions 57m Landers lineout deep in the Lions 22 & they threaten the whitewash repeatedly...
Highlanders 13-22 Lions 58m ...but Iain Henderson gets over the ball at the breakdown for Laidlaw to clear
Highlanders 13-22 Lions 59m Aki Seiuli & Jimmy Lentjes on for Hunt & Daniel Lienert-Brown
Highlanders 13-22 Lions 60m Meanwhile Landers come right back & set up 5m lineout to attack from...
Highlanders 18-22 Lions 60m ...which they do well & drive over tryline for Liam Coltman to score
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 61m Banks converts & the Highlanders fans roar with glee at their side improving
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 63m Elliot Daly replaces Payne who's made a few mistakes
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 63m Pace hasn't slowed much despite heading into the final quarter but it's all Lions
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 65m Players tiring at relentless pace from the outset as the Lions continue to attack
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 67m Richard Buckman takes out player off ball just outside his own 22 - penalty Lions
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 67m Greg Pleasants-Tate, Patrick Osborne & Siosuia Halanukonuka for Coltman, Li & Siate Tokolahi as Lions also make changes
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 68m Owen Farrell & Justin Tipuric for Biggar & Warburton
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 68m Faz comes on but misses the penalty kick much to the glee of the roaring fans
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 70m Fresh legs should shake up this match with only 10 minutes left & game wide open
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 71 Landers are all over Lions & determined to make something of territorial advantage
Highlanders 20-22 Lions 72m And a penalty comes which potentially could give them a lead...
Highlanders 23-22 Lions 73m Banks kicks it over well enough to put the Landers back in front by just 1 point
Highlanders 23-22 Lions 74m Lions have got to at least win a penalty if they've a chance...& they do attack
Highlanders 23-22 Lions 75m Josh Renton on for Kayne Hammington at scrum half
Highlanders 23-22 Lions 76m Seymour belts over halfway but is marshalled into touch - but penalty called...
Highlanders 23-22 Lions 77m Landers infringed back over halfway so penalty is from there - out of Faz's range...
Highlanders 23-22 Lions 78m ...but not out of Daly's; Ref moves him back another metre & he just misses
Highlanders 23-22 Lions 79m Lions have 2 minutes to make something happen here...& set up 22 lineout
Highlanders 23-22 Lions 80m Siren has gone as Owens throws in > Henderson > Laidlaw > Stander > Faz > JJ knock on
Highlanders v British Lions 2017Highlanders 23-22 Lions FT Deserved win for Landers who took opportunities while Lions conceded 12 penalties; homeside had 9 starting XV players missing today - Lions need to watch out!

Highlanders15 Richard Buckman 14 Waisake Naholo 13 Malakai Fekitoa 12 Teihorangi Walden 11 Tevita Li 10 Lima Sopoaga 9 Kayne Hammington 1 Daniel Lienert-Brown 2 Liam Coltman 3 Siate Tokolahi 4 Alex Ainley 5 Jackson Hemopo 6 Gareth Evans 7 Dillon Hunt 8 LUKE WHITELOCK (C) BENCH:16 Greg Pleasants-Tate 17 Aki Seiuli 18 Siosuia Halanukonuka 19 Josh Dickson 20 Jimmy Lentjes 21 Josh Renton 22 Marty Banks 23 Patrick Osborne

SCORERS T: Naholo, Coltman C: Sopoaga, Banks P: Sopoaga (2), Banks

British & Irish Lions15 Jared Payne 14 Jack Nowell 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Tommy Seymour 10 Dan Biggar 9 Rhys Webb 1 Joe Marler 2 Rory Best 3 Kyle Sinckler 4 Courtney Lawes 5 Iain Henderson 6 James Haskell 7 SAM WARBURTON (C) 8 CJ Stander BENCH: 16 Ken Owens 17 Jack McGrath 18 Dan Cole 19 Alun Wyn Jones 20 Justin Tipuric 21 Greig Laidlaw 22 Owen Farrell 23 Elliot Daly

SCORERS T: Joseph, Seymour C: Biggar (2) P: Biggar

Referee: Angus Gardner Asst Referees: Pascal Gaüzère, Mathieu Raynal TMO: Marius Jonker




Maori All BlacksMĀORI ALL BLACKS 10 - 32 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Rotorua International Stadium, Rotorua - 17 June 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 10-12 Att: 28,177



Maori ABs v Lions Referee: Jaco Peyper Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Romain Poite TMO: Ian Smith
Maori ABs v Lions A moment's silence at Rotorua for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire before the anthems...
Maori ABs v Lions Kiwi anthem done & the Māori haka is awfully long but pretty damn cool
Maori ABs 0-0 Lions 1m Johnny Sexton kicks off the match & Lions are already on the rampage up to MABs 22
Maori ABs 0-0 Lions 2m Lions breach the 22 but MAB defence summarily shove them back outside to start again
Maori ABs 0-0 Lions 3m Sexton breaks; recycled ball; crosskick to a Leigh Halfpenny who's bundled into touch by Reiko Ioane
Maori ABs 0-0 Lions 3m But Ref Peyper was playing advantage so penalty to Lions
Maori ABs 0-3 Lions 4m And Halfpenny opens the scoring with a 3-pointer
Maori ABs 0-3 Lions 6m Play back in midfield & Lions have a scrum - but MABs come away with the ball
Maori ABs 0-6 Lions 9m Another soft penalty from MABs & Halfpenny pings over another 3 points
Maori ABs 0-6 Lions 10m So possession is 84% to the Lions so far - can't see MABs take this lying down tho...
Maori ABs 0-6 Lions 11m MABs now in possession & Nehe Milner-Skudder comes from the midfield in attack & chips ahead...
Maori ABs 0-6 Lions 12m ...George North gets to it but ball slips thru his hands; Halfpenny clips ball & Liam Messam chips
Maori ABs 7-6 Lions 13m ...ball over tryline & he pounces on it for the score. Damian McKenzie converts it for the lead
Maori ABs 7-6 Lions 15m MABs lineout following the restart but the Lions are all over it& kick to MABs 10m
Maori ABs 7-6 Lions 16m Aerial football ensues...for an age until finally Lions run it over halfway...
Maori ABs 7-6 Lions 17m Jonathan Davies makes a serious break & is tackled a metre short of the tryline
Maori ABs 7-6 Lions 18m Nothing comes of recycled ball & penalty comes to Lions from Elliot Dixon offside
Maori ABs 7-9 Lions 19m Halfpenny adds another 3 to retake the lead for the Lions
Maori ABs 7-9 Lions 21m Turnover ball for Maoris in midfield & Maro Itoje gifts a penalty to homeside outside 22
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 22m Lions lead is shortlived as McKenzie reclaims the lead with 3 easy points
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 24m Matt Proctor is all over the breakdown as Davies struggles & a k/o is forced - scrum to MABs
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 26m It takes a while but MABs win their defensive scrum outside the 22 & clear over halfway
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 27m Lions work it back & into the MABS 22 but another penalty handed over to homeside...
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 28m All ground lost & Lions have to come back again from halfway
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 29m Lions don't succeed & MABs kick ball deep into the Lions 22, chased by North who gets there first
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 29m Charlie Ngatai & McKenzie tackle North badly & don't stop him from getting ball out of danger zone
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 30m MABs lineout back up at the Lions 10m but it's not long til Lions have possession & set up 22 lineout
Maori ABs 10-9 Lions 31m The lineout is good, Ref playing advantage & ball crosskicked over tryline but Tawera Kerr-Barlow is there
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 32m Lions penalty is called & Halfpenny kicks over 3 more points from directly in front of uprights
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 34m From restart, Lions gift another penalty & McKenzie tees up fro the wrong side of halfway
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 35m From 55m out, the kick has the distance but not the accuracy & it goes wide of posts
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 37m Lions defensive scum on their 10m & they clear ball but Milner-Skudder breaks back over halfway
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 39m Davies shuts him down but Lions hand over another penalty; kickable but McKenzie goes to corner
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 40m MABs lineout is good & they're forced to far side of pitch before attacking into 22...
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 40+1m ...but Taulupe Faletau & Itoje disrupt play & it's a penalty to the Lions.
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 40+2m Conor Murray kicks it to touch but doesn't tap ball first so lineout has to be taken
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 40+2m The Lions lineout is fine & finally the ball finds touch for HT

Maori ABs 10-12 Lions HT T: Messam C: McKenzie P: McKenzie | P: Halfpenny (4)

Maori All Blacks v British Lions 2017

Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 40m Maori KO the second half & Lions kick ball clear of their 22; Sexton kicks to touch over halfway
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 41m Lions lineout inside the Maori 10m & Mako Vunipola makes a couple of yards before a penalty comes
Maori ABs 10-12 Lions 42m The weather is foul as it pours down & Halfpenny tees up after Ref gives warning to Ash Dixon...
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 43m ...for the number of penalties MABs have given away around their 22; Halfpenny adds 3
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 45m Maori forced to defend their 22 again & James Lowe calls mark but ball slips thru his hands
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 46m Lions scrum inside the 22 - goes well & they're a couple of metres short but handbags threaten
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 47m TMO checking Kerr-Barlow shoulder charge on Halfpenny after McKenzie's tackle on him
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 47m It's a yellow for Kerr-Barlow & Lions have a 5m lineout...
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 48m The lineout is good & Ben Te'o smashes McKenzie out of the way for Jamie George to get over the tryline
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 48m TMO has a look & calls inconclusive for try - rightly; meanwhile, Lions have all left the 22!
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 49m Lions all return for a 5m scrum & Murray breaks but McKenzie & Ioane hold him back from tryline
Maori ABs 10-15 Lions 50m Another penalty from MABs in their 22 & it's another 5m scrum for Lions who drive forward...
Maori ABs 10-22 Lions 51m ...& penalty try is awarded. That's a good 7pts for visitors - obviously no conversion required
Maori ABs 10-22 Lions 52m MABs down to 13 with Proctor down injured while Lions kick ball into the 22 & over tryline...
Maori ABs 10-22 Lions 53m ...Ioane & Ngatai prevent a try there but penalty to Lions & 5m scrum coming
Maori ABs 10-22 Lions 53m First time off for Proctor & he's replaced by Rob Thompson before the scrum is set
Maori ABs 10-27 Lions 54m Faletau heads for tryline but held short; recycled to Itoje who goes left after instruction & scores
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 55m Halfpenny adds the conversion while the Maoris look thoroughly out of sorts in this match
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 57m Lions have found their rhythm & are fast on the attack again into MAB territory...
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 58m ...& another lineout is set outside the MABs 22 but first some changes...
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 59m Iain Henderson & Jack McGrath for George Kruis & Vunipola
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 60m The lineout doesn't go to plan as MABs come away with the ball & try to force the Lions back
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 61m But the Lions have other plans & wrestle back possession & have another attacking scrum
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 62m Deep in the MABs 22, captain Peter O'Mahony goes down injured; changes coming...
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 63m Time off while Elliott Daly replaces Sexton & Sam Warburton on for O'Mahony
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 64m Scrum is not so easy & MABs push back before Ken Owens & Kyle Sinckler on for George & Furlong
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 66m It was North who went off for Daly; now Sexton & Murray are off for Greig Laidlaw & Dan Biggar
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 67m Lions are right back up in midfield & have to work their way back slowly & Faletau breaks but...
Maori ABs 10-29 Lions 68m ...Sean O'Brien loses the ball. However, advantage was being played - Penalty Lions
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 69m Halfpenny kicks over another 3 points to put the game well out of the reach of the Maoris
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 70m Eves, Elliot, Price, Renata, West & Pryor for Hames, Wheeler, May, McKenzie & both Dixons
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 71m Another excellent break form the Lions but they make nothing of it as defence holds
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 72m However, the Lions are still camped in Maori territory & have no plans to leave
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 73m Bryn Hall replaces Kerr-Barlow before another scrum is set in favour of the Lions
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 75m Maori regain possession from the Lions & move them back to their 10m for a defensive scrum
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 76m Maori do well and push back but handbags erupt...
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 77m Ref stops play as both sides are quite irate - Te'o has to be held back
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 77m Looks like Lowe goes in on Biggar but there are no clear replay views - both captains warned
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 78m Maori ball & play resumes to move up to the Lions 22
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 78m But possession is taken by the Lions & they have a defensive scrum outside the 22
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 79m Itoje knocks the ball on; Lions awarded penalty & take a scrum much closer to the 10m
Maori ABs 10-32 Lions 80m Scrum penalty goes to the Lions & ball is kicked to touch for the win

Maori All Blacks v British Lions 2017

Maori All Blacks15 James Lowe 14 Nehe Milner-Skudder 13 Matt Proctor 12 Charlie Ngatai 11 Rieko Ioane 10 Damian McKenzie 9 Tawera Kerr-Barlow 8 Liam Messam 7 Elliot Dixon 6 Akira Ioane 5 Tom Franklin 4 Joe Wheeler 3 Ben May 2 ASH DIXON (C) 1 Kane Hames BENCH: 16 Hikawera Elliot 17 Chris Eves 18 Marcel Renata 19 Leighton Price 20 Kara Pryor 21 Bryn Hall 22 Ihaia West 23 Rob Thompson

SCORERS T: Messam C: McKenzie P: McKenzie Yellow Card Kerr-Barlow

British & Irish Lions15 Leigh Halfpenny 14 Anthony Watson 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Ben Te’o 11 George North 10 Johnny Sexton 9 Conor Murray 8 Taulupe Faletau 7 Sean O’Brien 6 PETER O’MAHONY (C) 5 George Kruis 4 Maro Itoje 3 Tadhg Furlong 2 Jamie George 1 Mako Vunipola BENCH: 16 Ken Owens 17 Jack McGrath 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Iain Henderson 20 Sam Warburton 21 Greig Laidlaw 22 Dan Biggar 23 Elliot Daly

SCORERS T: PT, Itoje C: Halfpenny P: Halfpenny (6)

Referee: Jaco Peyper Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Romain Poite TMO: Ian Smith




Week 4

Chiefs vs Lions 2017 New Zealand vs Lions 2017

Chiefs CHIEFS 6 - 34 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Waikato Stadium Hamilton - 20 June 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 6-13 Att: 29,974



Chiefs v Lions The Officials: Referee: Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees: Jaco Peyper, Romain Poite TMO: Ian Smith
Chiefs v Lions The Lions are on the field led by Rory Best, while Joe Marler is doing a skipperdidoodah dance on
Chiefs v Lions The Chiefs have arrived to the tune of Rocky's Eye Of the very aware....
Chiefs v Lions And this haka says it all; Scots captain Greg Laidlaw applauds it & we're almost ready...
Chiefs 0-0 Lions 0m And finally we have KO from Dan Biggar for Lions, #RWC-winning Stephen Donald clears it back to halfway
Chiefs 0-0 Lions 1m Lions lineout & Chiefs have 1st penalty after Robbie Henshaw pinged for interfering with player in air
Chiefs 0-0 Lions 2m Clearance from Chiefs gives them attacking lineout in the Lions 22 but Courtney Lawes steals it
Chiefs 0-0 Lions 3m Lions clear the Chiefs back & promptly steal the ball again at the breakdown back up on halfway
Chiefs 0-0 Lions 4m Lions scrum is proficient enough & ball is eventually cleared- Chiefs bring it right back to midfield
Chiefs 0-0 Lions 5m Lions have an attacking lineout just outside the Chiefs 10m & the go wide for Jack Nowell to find space
Chiefs 0-0 Lions 7m He's shut down but Lions retain possession with steady recycling directly into 22 19 phases in so far
Chiefs 0-0 Lions 8m Advantage being played tho Liam Williams knocks it on - no advantage so back for the penalty
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 9m Biggar pings the ball over for the opening points of the match
Chiefs v British Lions 2017 Rory BestChiefs 0-3 Lions 11m Chiefs turn to find their rhythm now as they head into Lions territory & Toni Pulu makes a break...
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 12m ...but ankle tapped to put him down; ball recycled but play stopped for Marler hit on Nepo Laulala
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 12m What a muppet! Marler shoulder charges Laulala of the ball & now the Lions are down to 14 men
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 12m No arm tackle deserves nothing less than 10 mins on the naughty step - while Pulu is down injured
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 12m Clock still off as Chase Tiatia comes on for Pulu is driven off the pitch on the cart
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 12m Chiefs clear for 5m attacking lineout from their penalty
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 13m Lions frustrate the Chiefs at the setpiece while Alan Dell replaces James Haskell
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 14m Lions set a defensive scrum in their 22 & it's good work from the visitors to set up lineout in midfield
Chiefs 0-3 Lions 16m Wig will be chuffed with his boys' defensive work as this lineout is good & Lions in are Chiefs territory
Chiefs 0-6 Lions 17m Another penalty to the Lions & Biggar punishes the Chiefs by doubling the visitors' score
Chiefs 0-6 Lions 18m Chiefs make some ground from the restart & Williams forced to charge ball into touch
Chiefs 0-6 Lions 19m 22 lineout for the Chiefs is better & Lawes pings for hands in ruck - penalty to Chiefs
Chiefs 0-6 Lions 20m Ref Garcès warns scrumhalf Finlay Christie to stop chatting while Donald tees up...
Chiefs 3-6 Lions 21m ...& Donald opens the account for the homeside with a simple kick through the uprights
Chiefs 3-6 Lions 22m Restart puts Lions heading towards the Chiefs 22 but Mitchell Brown takes out Lawes to force turnover
Chiefs 3-6 Lions 23m Marler's back as is Haskell; Dell back on bench; Henderson disrupts Christie & Lions take possession
Chiefs 3-6 Lions 24m Outside the Chiefs 22, Lions have the scrum & Williams then Nowell make the yards into the 22...
Chiefs 3-6 Lions 25m ...ball is recycled & Laidlaw gets it to Biggar who is taken down short but Nowell is all over it...
Chiefs 3-11 Lions 25m ...& he picks up & goes straight thru the middle to score in excellent fashion
Chiefs v British Lions 2017 Jack Nowell tryChiefs 3-13 Lions 26m Biggar adds the conversion while the Chiefs need to figure out what's not clicking for them so far
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 28m Lions aren't getting it all their own way as Lachlan Boshier makes his presence felt & stealing ball
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 29m Chiefs scrum clears the Lions back over halfway but it's the visitors' scrum this time - & it's good
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 30m Efficient work from the pack & Lions return to Chiefs territory & Haskell breaks almost to the 22
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 31m He can't get ball away but ball does recycle & Lions come wide to nearside before Williams knock on
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 32m Time off for hydration before it's a Chiefs defensive scrum inside their 10m...
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 33m Chiefs hold on thru the scrum but it's not long before Lions are effective over the ball & steal it
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 34m Penalty comes & Biggar kicks it into the corner for a 5m attacking lineout
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 35m The lineout is good & the Lions drive hard en masse towards the goal line but the Chiefs defend well
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 36m Chiefs force the Lions back out of their 22 & Biggar could be pinged for high tackle on Tom Sanders
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 37m Penalty to Chiefs & replay shows Biggar slipped & he's got away with it; Chiefs defending lineout
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 38m Marler pinged for not rolling away at the breakdown & Chiefs set up lineout on the Lions 10m
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 39m Chiefs lineout is just fine this time & the homeside make ground thru Christie up to the 22...
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 39m ...while Siegfried Fisi’ihoi breaches that gainline; Justin Tipuric dives off his feet at breakdown
Chiefs 3-13 Lions 40m ...knowing full well he's likely saved 7 points by conceding the penalty
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 40+1m Donald tees up the kick at the posts & doubles their score before the HT whistle goes

Chiefs 6-13 Lions HT P: Donald (2) | T: Nowell C: Biggar P: Biggar (2) YC Marler

Chiefs v British Lions 2017Chiefs 6-13 Lions HT Tis very clear Chiefs are feeling the loss of so many All Blacks & the Lions are taking advantage

Chiefs 6-13 Lions 40m The Chiefs restart & Laidlaw deftly clears them back almost to halfway for lineout
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 41m But the lineout is nowhere near straight & Chiefs have an attacking scrum inside halfway...
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 42m Their setpiece functions but a wide pass finds touch instead of it's mark with Johnny Fa’auli
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 43m Another Lions lineout tho on the back foot, however they do not falter & take their time recycling...
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 44m ...until Biggar clears for Tiatia to get under proficiently. However, Chiefs pinged for crossing
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 45m Lions lineout back hovering at Chiefs 22 - but Best is off his game & pinged again for not straight
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 46m Chiefs have to defend their 22 with a scrum & they manage that quite well, forcing the Lions back
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 47m Lions come back hard with Williams running it from deep & they make some headway...
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 48m ...but the Chiefs regain possession & make some serious ground in a collective effort back over halfway
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 49m Good to see some fight back from Chiefs - but they do get shut down & it's not long before...
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 50m ...the Lions are back in control & take play back into Chiefs territory
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 51m Lawes is replaced by Alun Wyn Jones while he heads off for an HIA & Lions are threatening the 22
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 52m Off camera, something riles the Chiefs & handbags do break out in the 22; AWJ's at the centre of it
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 53m Chiefs need to rein it in as the Lions are on the brink of scoring again...
Chiefs 6-13 Lions 54m Liam Messam replaces Tom Sanders while Brown is sent off to the naughty step; ref's not messing
Chiefs 6-20 Lions 54m & Garcès awards a penalty try to the Lions for Chiefs losing composure & infringing
Chiefs 6-20 Lions 56m Bar Marler's early idiocy, Lions are staying disciplined & holding their gameplan together well
Chiefs 6-20 Lions 57m Jonathan Taumateine replaces Christie while the Lions decide to switch it up a gear & it's ...
Chiefs 6-25 Lions 58m ...Nowell who deftly employs his electrifying attack & he charges over the whitewash for a brace
Chiefs 6-27 Lions 59m Biggar converts while Lawes returns & Tommy Seymour is on for Elliot Daly
Chiefs 6-27 Lions 60m Hika Elliott replaces Liam Polwart at hook while the Lions ready themselves again in attack
Chiefs 6-27 Lions 62m The Chiefs are so on the back foot & are struggling further against the strengthening Lions...
Chiefs 6-32 Lions 63m ...& they can't be held out as Jared Payne is the next Lion to score a 4th try for the visitors
Chiefs v British Lions 2017 Jared PayneChiefs 6-34 Lions 64m Biggar adds another conversion while the Chiefs make some desperate changes in hope...
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 65m Aidan Ross, Atu Moli & Mitchell Karpik replace Laulala, Fisi'ihoi & Allardice
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 66m Brown has returned from his 10 minute rest & Chiefs are back up to XV...
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 67m While the other Laulala brother, Luteru comes on for Solomon Alaimalo
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 69m Chiefs have no answers, but their average age is just 24, while Lions is 29, averaging 41 caps each
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 71m Dan Cole ends up rather miffed after a tackle round his neck on the ground - but he's not a whinger
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 72m Chiefs make a little ground & breach Lions territory momentarily, & have an opportunity here...
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 73m ...but it doesn't last & Williams makes a break to get offload to Seymour over halfway...
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 74m ...who cuts a lovely line right into the Chiefs 22 before passing to Payne - but very poorly...
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 75m ...& Payne knocks it on tripping into touch with wide open space ahead.
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 75m The Chiefs have to defend hard now with a lineout deep in their own 22 - & they do hang on to possession
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 76m Elliott Daly is back on for Payne while Chiefs have a defensive scrum in the 22
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 77m Chiefs do well at this setpiece & make it up to halfway to force the Lions back but it's turned over
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 78m However, advantage was being played & Chiefs still have it tho back 10 metres in own half
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 79m Lions defence falters some as the Chiefs make it to the Lions 22 but they get turned over again...
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 79m ...& that momentum is lost & Cole/Henderson carry ball a few metres but, Messam is awfully unhappy
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 79m ...& has Best pinned on ground round his neck. Handbags threaten as siren goes & Ref's on top of it
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 80m Penalty to Chiefs & they're outside the 22 to start & forced backwards but still in possession...
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 80+1m ...but Cole's not having any of it & he gets right into the Chiefs one last time. Turnover ball...
Chiefs 6-34 Lions 80+1m ...& Williams thumps the ball into touch for the win
Chiefs v British Lions 2017Chiefs 6-34 Lions FT Yes a good win for the Lions - against a depleted side. The All Blacks are a whole other ball game...

Chiefs15 Shaun Stevenson 14 Toni Pulu 13 Tim Nanai-Williams 12 Johnny Fa’auli 11 Solomon Alaimalo 10 STEPHEN DONALD (C) 9 Finlay Christie 1 Siegfried Fisi’ihoi 2 Liam Polwart 3 Nepo Laulala 4 Dominic Bird  5 Michael Allardice 6 Mitchell Brown 7 Lachlan Boshier 8 Tom Sanders BENCH: 16 Hika Elliott 17 Aidan Ross 18 Atu Moli 19 Liam Messam 20 Mitchell Karpik 21 Jonathan Taumateine 22 Luteru Laulala 23 Chase Tiatia

SCORERS P: Donald (2) Yellow Card Brown

British & Irish Lions15 Liam Williams 14 Jack Nowell 13 Jared Payne 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 Elliot Daly 10 Dan Biggar 9 Greig Laidlaw 1 Joe Marler 2 RORY BEST (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Iain Henderson 5 Courtney Lawes 6 James Haskell 7 Justin Tipuric 8 CJ Stander BENCH: 16 Kristian Dacey 17 Allan Dell 18 Tomas Francis 19 Cory Hill 20 Alun Wyn Jones 21 Gareth Davies 22 Finn Russell 23 Tommy Seymour

SCORERS T: Nowell (2), PT, Payne C: Biggar (3) P: Biggar (2) Yellow Card Marler

Referee:  Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees:  Jaco Peyper, Romain Poite TMO: Ian Smith




New ZealandNEW ZEALAND 30 - 15 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Eden Park, Auckland - 24 June 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 13-8 Att: 48,181



All Blacks v Lions Referee: Jaco Peyper Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Jérôme Garcès TMO: George Ayoub
All Blacks v Lions Both sides are out, the atmosphere is electric, & there's so much red in the stadium!
All Blacks v Lions Spectacular passion for the NZ Anthem - it's electric & wild & the haka's to come yet!
All Blacks v British Lions T1 Haka 2017All Blacks v Lions Phenomenal haka from the All Blacks!
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 0m We have KO at Eden Park & great kick from Conor Murray - ABs don't make best of it...
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 1m ABs hand over a first penalty already & Lions are in possession & are on the rampage
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 1m A magnificent break from Jonathan Davies & Elliot Daly sprints to the corner for a try
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 2m & he gets to it with Israel Dagg on his feet & goes over in the corner - but grounded?
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 2m TMO rightly says no - in touch before any grounding - ABs 5m defensive lineout
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 3m ABs lineout is efficient even tho they were nearly caught short before - they've regrouped
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 4m ABs clear & it's another lineout closer to halfway for ABs to get into Lions territory &...
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 5m ...Beauden Barrett is just class on that recovery of the ball! Play back to midfield
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 5m It's the first scrum on halfway - put in by ABs ; Lions may have good scrum but ABs...
All Blacks v British Lions T1 Anthony Watson Beauden Barrett 2017All Blacks 0-0 Lions 6m ...have no issue with there's & get the ball clean away quickly. Sublime hands already
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 7m But a clever turnover comes from the Lions who have their first defensive lineout close to halfway
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 7m Solid Lions lineout & lovely box kick from Murray - but Tadhg Furlong's pass is appalling
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 8m ABs can take advantage of this & ball finds touch for another defensive Lions lineout
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 9m The lineout is at their own 22 pretty much & the ABs steal possession quickly
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 10m ABs turn to rampage & they are steadily working up to the Lions 22 from outside it
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 11m Anthony Watson makes an excellent play halting the ABs in their tracks, but...
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 12m ... ABs brush that off quickly & continue to recycle before Lions hand over penalty
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 13m Barrett tees up from inside 22 & opens the scoring in favour of the All Blacks
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 14m Restart has Lions back in ABs territory soon but Brodie Retallick...over the ball...
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 15m breakdown technical perfection & he rips it away proficiently for an ABs scrum
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 16m Another solid & efficient scrum from the homeside & they drive towards the 22...
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 17m ...the ABs breach it & Lions pinged for not moving away; quick tap from Aaron Smith >
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 17m > Barrett to Dagg with an awful pass but that doesn't stop Codie Taylor from picking...
All Blacks 8-0 Lions 17m up anyway & pouncing over for the first magnificent ABs try!
All Blacks v British Lions T1 Codie Taylor try 2017All Blacks 10-0 Lions 18m And Beauden Barrett isn't having a bad day either, knocking over the conversion
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 20m Restart works in Lions favour & they have scrum almost on halfway tho on the wrong side
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 21m Lions scrum's fine, but don't get far into ABs territory with high ball from Murray
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 22m Before Jerome Kaino rips the ball away at the breakdown from Sean O'Brien
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 23m ABs are back over halfway but Sonny Bill Williams falters for Lions to take possession
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 24m Lions get right back into ABs half & deep - but ABs repel them from the 22 quickly
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 24m Jamie George takes a knock from Sam Whitelock - time off - but he's hard as nails
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 25m & continues to play & throws into defensive lineout on 10m - it's good & Murray clears
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 26m Lions make some yards over halfway but it's not long before ABs have the ball back...
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 27m ...but Ben Smith is off for a head injury assessment - Aaron Cruden's on for him
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 28m ABs defensive scrum allows Dagg to clear but it goes too far over halfway for Lions lineout
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 29m Lions do well & Daly sprints down touchline but Barrett's tackle forces the knock on
All Blacks 10-0 Lions 30m Barrett sees it into touch for Lions lineout outside 22 & at breakdown, ABs pinged off ball
All Blacks 10-3 Lions 31m Owen Farrell tees up & finally gets some points on the board for the Lions
All Blacks 10-3 Lions 33m The restart is good for the ABs & Lions hand over an immediate deep penalty
All Blacks 13-3 Lions 34m Barrett pings over another 3 while Anton Lienert-Brown replaces Ryan Crotty
All Blacks 13-3 Lions 35m ABs get back over halfway from Murray high ball; Lions are way back in own 22 but...
All Blacks 13-3 Lions 36m ..Liam Williams collects ball & sprints like lightning, offloading to Daly to Davies
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 36m ...who edges into the 22 & offloads to O'Brien to fly over the whitewash to score
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 37m Sublime work from the Lions from their own 22; Faz can't make the conversion tho
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 38m Murray's hand is hurt but he's OK - ABs lineout just on wrong side of halfway for them...
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 39m ...but the Lions steal it & breach the 10m, almost to 22 in 10 phases...
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 39m ...but turnover just short. ABs kick is charged down but Taulupe Faletau can't secure it
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 40m ABs go from deep in their own half & bulldoze into the Lions 22 before a turnover...
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 40m ...resulting from a massive hit from Ben Te'o. Ball gets recycled & HT sirens gone
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 40m Murray collects the ball in his own 22 & gently punts it into touch for HT

All Blacks 13-8 Lions HT T: Taylor C: Beauden Barrett P: Beauden Barrett (2) | T: O'Brien P: Farrell

All Blacks v British Lions T1 HT 2017All Blacks 13-8 Lions HT So ABs not having it as easy as they may have hoped - superb battle so far
All Blacks 13-8 Lions HT Possession 62:38 Territory 66:34 Penalties 3:5 Tackle success 83:90 lineouts Lost ABs 1 Lions 0

All Blacks 13-8 Lions HT Lions coaching team will be chuffed with just a 5 point deficit at HT.
All Blacks 13-8 Lions HT But the ABs are always lethal in the second half!
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 40m We're back & the ABs have a defensive scrum on their 22 & SBW makes a short run...
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 41m ...but Te'o picks him up & dumps him down, falling with him. That looked personal!
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 41m Probably goes back to their rugby league days; ABs clear & Lions kick it right back
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 42m The ABs run it back rather than kicking it & Lions go from deep in own half & charge
All Blacks v British Lions T1 Anthony Watson 2017All Blacks 13-8 Lions 43m Williams > Davies > Murray > Davies > Watson > Williams just short of the whitewash
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 44m Lions recycle hard & fast & the ball finds touch off an All Black for Lions 5m lineout
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 45m The ABs wrestle possession away for the Lions & save another onslaught on their tryline
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 46m ABs defensive scrum & before you can blink, plays back over halfway in Lions territory
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 47m Ardie Savea on for Kaino while Maro Itoje replaces Alun Wyn Jones
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 49m Play resumes & Itoje just can't wait to get involved- Savea doesn't hold back either
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 50m ABs defending their own territory but are in possession...
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 51m Jack McGrath on for Mako Vunipola while ABs surge over halfway & SBW chips it ahead
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 52m Lions defence being tested & they do slow down the attack from ABs but outside 22
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 53m Steady phase play before Te'o makes another brilliant defensive hit but knock on
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 53m Wyatt Crockett & Charlie Faumuina on for Joe Moody & Owen Franks
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 54m Peter O'Mahony injured & replaced by Sam Warburton as ABs have the attacking scrum
All Blacks 13-8 Lions 54m The scrum drives forward like a bulldozer> Aaron Smith to Dagg to Rieko Ioane to tryline
All Blacks v British Lions T1 Reiko Ioane try 2017All Blacks 18-8 Lions 55m TMO checks Kieran Read didn't knock on in scrum & the try is good - both affirmative
All Blacks 20-8 Lions 56m Beauden Barrett defies his goal-kicking detractors & converts again
All Blacks 20-8 Lions 57m TJ Perenara on for Aaron Smith | Johnny Sexton on for Te'o & Faz goes to 12
All Blacks 20-8 Lions 58m Time off & Kyle Sinckler on for Furlong as Lions defend their 22 with a lineout
All Blacks 20-8 Lions 59m But the ABs steal possession & are just 7m short of tryline at the breakdown
All Blacks 20-8 Lions 59m Warburton slows the ball down & Itoje is a proper nuisance to ABs but Sexton offside
All Blacks 20-8 Lions 60m Ref Peyper playing advantage & penalty comes; Read instructs a calm down to players
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 61m Beauden Barrett pings over his easiest kick of the night
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 62m Lions already defending from restart & Sinckler > Sexton > Faz > Watson knock on
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 63m ABs scrum outside Lions 22 & they breach the gainline very quickly & charge to tryline
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 64m Just inches short it looks like a knock on but Lions pinged for not moving away again
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 65m ABs opt for kick to corner for 5m lineout but Itoje continues to upset & steals it
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 66m Lions clear ABs back to 10m for another lineout but Taylor's throw isn't straight
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 66m Nathan Harris replaces Taylor while Lions prep their defensive scrum o the 10m
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 67m Lions to get too far ahead & can't get out of their half but Sam Cane obstructs
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 67m Penalty to Lions back at their 10m & the kick is excellent into the ABs 22 for lineout
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 67m Rhys Webb & Ken Owenson for Murray & George
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 68m Whitelock steals the lineout but Perenara's kick is charged down by George Kruis
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 68m Kruis knocks ball into touch & it's an ABs 5m defensive lineout, cleared to the 22
All Blacks 23-8 Lions 70m Lions lineout is fine but stolen ball at breakdown & Perenara kicks it long & high...
All Blacks 28-8 Lions 71m ...& Ioane collects it & sprints to the whitewash to score again!
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 72m Barrett converts it & the Lions are about to be blackwashed
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 73m In meantime, Leigh Halfpenny is on for Williams
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 75m ABs are back in Lions territory quickly & have an attacking lineout inside the 10m
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 76m But he Lions wrestle back possession closer to halfway & the clear gives them 22 lineout
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 77m Scott Barrett replaces Read & the Lions lineout is good, resulting in scrum on far side
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 79m Scrum is set & reset just inside the ABs 22 & they're forced wide with advantage
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 79m Penalty comes for ABs collapsing the scrum but Lions want a try not 3 points
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 80m Kick to corner for 5m scrum & hold onto possession thru Faletau - have advantage
All Blacks 30-8 Lions 80+1m Webb breaks from the maul, offloads to Davies to Webb to Warburton at the tryline
All Blacks 30-13 Lions 80+1m Webb takes ball from back of ruck & snipes over for a try that Scott Barrett...
All Blacks 30-15 Lions 80+2m ...can't stop. & Faz adds the extras for a more respectable first Test loss

All Blacks v British Lions T1 FT 2017

New Zealand15 Ben Smith (61) 14 Israel Dagg (62) 13 Ryan Crotty (26) 12 Sonny Bill Williams (34) 11 Rieko Ioane (2) 10 Beauden Barrett (50) 9 Aaron Smith (59) 1 Joe Moody (25) 2 Codie Taylor (16) 3 Owen Franks (91) 4 Brodie Retallick (61) 5 Samuel Whitelock (85) 6 Jerome Kaino (78) 7 Sam Cane (41) 8 KIERAN READ (97) (C) BENCH: 16 Nathan Harris (5) 17 Wyatt Crockett (59) 18 Charlie Faumuina (47) 19 Scott Barrett (5) 20 Ardie Savea (13) 21 TJ Perenara (30)  22 Aaron Cruden (47) 23 Anton Lienert-Brown (10)

SCORERS T: Taylor, Ioane (2) C: Beauden Barrett (3) P: Beauden Barrett (3)

British & Irish Lions15 Liam Williams 14 Anthony Watson 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Ben Te'o 11 Elliot Daly 10 Owen Farrell 9 Conor Murray 1 Mako Vunipola 2 Jamie George 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Alun Wyn Jones 5 George Kruis 6 PETER O'MAHONY (C) 7 Sean O'Brien 8 Taulupe Faletau BENCH: 16 Ken Owens 17 Jack McGrath 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Maro Itoje 20 Sam Warburton 21 Rhys Webb 22 Johnny Sexton 23 Leigh Halfpenny

SCORERS T: O'Brien, Webb C: Farrell P: Farrell

Referee: Jaco Peyper Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Jérôme Garcès TMO: George Ayoub

* * * * * * *

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Lions The Gain Line T1




Week 5

Hurricanes vs Lions 2017 New Zealand vs Lions 2017

Hurricanes HURRICANES 31 - 31 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Westpac Stadium, Wellington - 27 June 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 7-23 Att: 38,890



Hurricanes vs Lions 10-odd minutes til KO in Wellington!
Canes vs Lions Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Jaco Peyper TMO: Ian Smith 
Hurricanes v British Lions Cake Tin 2017Canes 0-0 Lions 0m No faffing today & we have KO in the Cake Tin full to capacity from Dan Biggar 
Canes 0-0 Lions 0m Lions begin on the front foot, but quickly the Canes are in control & in attack 
Canes 0-0 Lions 2m Until a forward pass comes & the Lions have the first scrum just inside their own half 
Canes 0-0 Lions 3m Lions win scrum penalty but Canes haven't allowed them to cross into their territory 
Canes 0-0 Lions 3m & a Lions knock on from Justin Tipuric & it's the Canes with a scrum in the same position 
Canes 0-0 Lions 4m & but for the Canes it's an attacking position just in the Lions half
Canes 0-0 Lions 5m Canes can't take advantage of position & again it's a Lions scrum wrong side of halfway 
Canes 0-0 Lions 6m Mentioned ABs first Test crooked feed being ignored by Refs - no different for Greig Laidlaw! 
Canes 0-0 Lions 7m Handbags threaten after Canes front row bores in at scrum - Lions penalty & 22 lineout 
Canes 0-0 Lions 8m Lions attacking lineout is good & they're halfway to the tryline from the 22 & it's pick & go... 
Canes 0-0 Lions 9m Advantage being played as Lions head in the wrong direction out of the 22 
Canes 0-0 Lions 9m The whistle comes for the penalty, however, & Biggar tees up in front of the posts 
Canes 0-3 Lions 10m He couldn't screw that up if he tried - & he doesn't - Lions are on the board 
Canes 0-3 Lions 11m Waiting for Canes backline to kick in - Jordie Barrett, Julian Savea & Nehe Milner-Skudder
Canes 0-3 Lions 12m Lions on the front foot again after Canes infringe & lineout on the 22 again... 
Canes 0-3 Lions 13m ...but Canes defend really well & Dan Cole is v unhappy & gets feisty grabbing collars 
Canes 0-3 Lions 14m Time off as Joe Marler has his head wrapped before Canes defensive scrum in 22 
Canes 0-3 Lions 14m Not sure why Kiwis think they should do cultural exchanges during the match on ... 
Canes 0-3 Lions 14m ...sidelines but Dane Coles wraps Sam Warburton in some kind of furs 
Canes 0-3 Lions 15m Meanwhile, return to play & the Canes are on top of Lions & are in the visitors 22 
Canes 0-3 Lions 16m But Tommy Seymour makes huge hit, Laidlaw intercepts & belts downfield... 
Canes 0-8 Lions 17m ...with Seymour behind to take offload & sprint across goal line to score under posts 
Canes 0-10 Lions 18m Biggar has an easy conversion while Leigh Halfpenny replaces injured Robbie Henshaw 
Canes 0-10 Lions 19m Canes are into the Lions 22 again quickly from restart, but they are turned over 
Canes 0-10 Lions 20m & the Lions are back into Canes territory & Courtney Lawes irritates Canes at breakdown 
Canes 0-10 Lions 21m Lions penalty & Biggar tees up from just inside halfway tho in front of posts... 
Canes 0-13 Lions 21m ...& his accuracy is right on target as the Lions notch up 13 points to nil so far 
Canes 0-13 Lions 23m Canes lineout on halfway & like lightning they're deep into Lions 22 from good setpiece 
Canes 0-13 Lions 23m Lions manage to turnover defending 4m from their tryline & just clear while pinned into corner
Canes 0-13 Lions 24m Canes lineout is just fine & their not far outside the Lions 22 - scrum to the Canes 
Canes 0-13 Lions 25m Scrum is solid & they recycle efficiently, edging towards the goal line... 
Canes 5-13 Lions 26m ...& they drive over for Callum Gibbins to score well
Canes 5-13 Lions 27m Ref Poite is right there & clearly sees grounding - TMO Ian Smith interferes... 
Canes 5-13 Lions 27m ...& questions the grounding from his van outside ground (one assumes). Pointless 
Canes 7-13 Lions 28m Poite tells him it's done, & Barrett junior converts to get the Canes on the board 
Canes 7-13 Lions 29m Discipline is hurting Canes as they immediately hand over another kickable penalty 
Canes 7-16 Lions 30m & Biggar pops the over crossbar to increase the lead
Canes 7-16 Lions 31m This restart has the Canes back up at the Lions 22 tho Halfpenny slips in his kick 
Canes 7-16 Lions 32m Lions defensive scrum just outside the 22 & they take their time & play it well... 
Canes 7-16 Lions 33m ...& force play back to midfield; Lions kick to touch in corner but it goes too far 
Canes 7-16 Lions 34m Canes clear Lions back up towards halfway & Jack Nowell's comes back at them... 
Canes 7-16 Lions 35m Halfpenny but ball flies loose & Nehe Milner-Skudder collects & gets it away 
Canes 7-16 Lions 36m Canes clear long & Biggar thumps it back high - Halfpenny gets under it & doesn't.. 
Canes 7-21 Lions 37m it but Iain Henderson does, gets it to George North who sprints under post 
Hurricanes v British Lions George North 2017Canes 7-23 Lions 38m Biggar converts & the Lions are making this look too easy
Canes 7-23 Lions 39m The medics had been trying to talk North off pitch earlier - he said no! 
Canes 7-23 Lions 39m Meanwhile, Canes are outside Lions 22 where visitors steal it at breakdown 
Canes 7-23 Lions 39m Lions clear but James Haskell Ricky Riccitelli off ball as Canes come back at them
Canes 7-23 Lions 40m Asst ref alerts Poite; Canes into Lions 22 again & Haskell is caught off feet... 
Canes 7-23 Lions 41m ..whistle goes for 2nd consecutive penalty from Haskell; Cole getting feisty again 
Canes 7-23 Lions 40+2m Canes don't go for points & kick to touch for lineout which Cole gets away... 
Canes 7-23 Lions 40+3m ...penalty to Canes again & they go for the lineout again & Vaea Fifita takes it 
Canes 7-23 Lions 40+3m But Lions disrupt at the breakdown & manage to force the turnover & prevent a score 

Canes 7-23 Lions HT T: Gibbins C: Barrett | T: Seymour, North C: Biggar (2) P: Biggar (3) 

Hurricanes v British Lions HT 2017Canes 7-23 Lions HT Lions frustrating the Canes no end & forcing penalties 7 to 3; Possession 47:53 Territory 55: 45

Canes 7-23 Lions 40m Excellent start from the Canes as captain Brad Shields carries to the 22... 
Canes 7-23 Lions 40m ...ball recycled & Vince Aso to Julian Savea to Ngani Laumape who whacks Biggar - replaced by Finn Russell for HIA... 
Canes 12-23 Lions 41m ...out of way to score like the beast he is - Biggar's down & eventually try awarded 
Canes 14-23 Lions 42m Barrett adds the extras & the Canes are right back in this game & so fast 
Canes 14-23 Lions 44m Restart results in a Canes scrum on halfway & it goes down - Canes scrum penalty 
Canes 14-23 Lions 44m Lions front row pinged for collapsing the scrum while Barrett tees up from halfway... 
Canes 14-23 Lions 45m The ball has the distance but just fall wide of the uprights
Canes 14-23 Lions 46m Restart has Lions bolt out of their 22 & Seymour deftly collects to break... 
Canes 14-23 Lions 47m ...& pops it behind but Halfpenny pinged for obstruction on Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi 
Canes 14-23 Lions 48m Canes lineout while Russell goes off - Biggar passes HIA
Canes 14-23 Lions 48m Canes into the Lions 22; time off after handbags AGAIN! Ref wants words... 
Canes 14-23 Lions 48m ...penalty called for Canes - North refuses to release ball & Canes are annoyed 
Canes 14-23 Lions 48m Poite has word with both captains, North & Fifita who reacted to North's petulance 
Canes 17-23 Lions 49m Ref warns of cards for handbags & Barrett adds 3 more points with his penalty 
Canes 17-23 Lions 50m Lions firmly in control in the Canes 22 from restart; advantage & whistle goes... 
Canes 17-26 Lions 51m ...Tahuriorangi YC for high tackle on Nowell & Biggar cancels out Barrett's penalty 
Canes 17-26 Lions 52m Again the Lions are all over the Canes 22 as the 1000s of Lions fans chant 
Canes 17-26 Lions 53m Lions charge under posts led by Henderson & host of Canes defend the line fiercely 
Canes 17-26 Lions 53m Ref goes to TMO for 'try yes or no' as ball looks held up by Barrett... 
Canes 17-26 Lions 53m TMO reports no clear evidence of grounding so no try - 5m attacking scrum for the Lions 
Canes 17-26 Lions 54m George Kruis replaces man monster that is Courtney Lawes & Lions scrum is good... 
Canes 17-31 Lions 54m ...from breakdown, Biggar > Nowell > Seymour who runs over in corner & slips but scores 
Canes 17-31 Lions 55m Whopper of a hit on Halfpenny by Barrett before the try! Biggar misses conversion 
Canes 17-31 Lions 56m Chris Eves & Reed Prinsep on for Ben May & Brad Shields
Canes 17-31 Lions 57m Time off as the Lions are blowing before Canes scrum on Lions 10m... 
Canes 17-31 Lions 58m Canes still at 14 men but are threatening Lions 22 tho tackles are coming in hard 
Canes 17-31 Lions 59m Cole makes turnover & Lions clear Canes back to halfway; Marler is injured, Allan Dell is warming up to come on... 
Canes 17-31 Lions 60m Barrett kicks to 22 for touch but Halfpenny is there & tidies that ball up & clears 
Canes 17-31 Lions 61m Dell doesn't to come on - Marler is back up; Leni Apisai & Wes Goosen on for Riccitelli & Otere Black 
Canes 17-31 Lions 62m Penalty is with the Lions & they make good use of their position in the midfield... 
Canes 17-31 Lions 62m ...Jonathan Joseph kicks ahead & North collects & sprints over in corner but... 
Canes 17-31 Lions 63m ...TMO has already seen his foot in touch so it's Canes defensive lineout & they clear 
Hurricanes v British Lions 2017Canes 17-31 Lions 64m Another lineout for Canes this time nearer halfway & they go backwards before up to halfway... 
Canes 17-31 Lions 64m ...& advantage being played; it's over & Lions have the ball, but... 
Canes 17-31 Lions 65m ...TMO has seen Henderson & JJ lift Barrett's legs up & over the horizontal 
Canes 17-31 Lions 65m Henderson does put Barrett down but replays show on shoulder not back- penalty & YC 
Canes 17-31 Lions 65m Canes just back up to XV while Lions at 14 & penalty is reversed in favour of Canes 
Canes 17-31 Lions 66m From midfield, Barrett kicks to touch just inside the Lions 22 for an attacking lineout 
Canes 17-31 Lions 66m Lions defending hard as the Canes are inches from the goal line under the posts 
Canes 22-31 Lions 67m Action shuffles to side of post then goes wide for replacement Wes Goosen to score 
Canes 24-31 Lions 68m Goosen ran over wide but sprinted round closer to posts to ground; Barrett converts 
Canes 24-31 Lions 69m Kemara Hauiti-Parapara & Cory Jane on for Tahuriorangi & Savea
Canes 24-31 Lions 69m Just 10 minutes to go & Canes have another 22 lineout already...
Canes 24-31 Lions 70m Electric attack from the Canes & Fifita flies over under the posts to score 
Canes 29-31 Lions 70m Ref goes to TMO to confirm the grounding & he does - Lions caught napping big time 
Canes 31-31 Lions 71m It's all square with 9 minutes remaining after Barrett has easiest kick of night 
Canes 31-31 Lions 72m Restart has Canes thumping up a high ball which Halfpenny takes...and knocks on 
Canes 31-31 Lions 73m Canes have an attacking scrum just inside the Lions 10m...Lions still at 14 men 
Canes 31-31 Lions 73m Why Gatland hasn't brought on the replacements for fresh legs...who bloody knows! 
Canes 31-31 Lions 74m Meanwhile, the Canes are on the Lions 22 before they're forced back 5m... 
Canes 31-31 Lions 75m ...Cole almost pinged for not rolling away - Canes carry over halfway 13 phases in... 
Canes 31-31 Lions 76m ..19 phases & Canes are a metre away from the goal line...
Canes 31-31 Lions 76m ...ref calls a knock on over the goal line so Lions are saved & Henderson returns 
Canes 31-31 Lions 76m Laumape pinged for a neck roll at the breakdown - penalty to the Lions deep in their 22 
Canes 31-31 Lions 77m Biggar clears & Rory Best throws into the lineout just inside their own half... 
Canes 31-31 Lions 78m Lions hang on to the ball & finally get into Canes territory after a LONG break... 
Canes 31-31 Lions 79m ...13 phases but they're barely past the 10m as yet...
Canes 31-31 Lions 79m Maul is called after Nowell carries up to the 22 & the Canes effect a turnover 
Canes 31-31 Lions 80m Defensive scrum for the Canes just outside 22 & they won't kick to touch to end it 
Canes 31-31 Lions 80+2m Canes only get 5m before the Lions turn it over - v slow ball at B'D... 
Canes 31-31 Lions 80+2m Eventually the ball comes out to Biggar who attempts a drop goal that falls short

Hurricanes v British Lions FT 2017

15 Jordie Barrett 14 Nehe Milner-Skudder 13 Vince Aso 12 Ngani Laumape 11 Julian Savea 10 Otere Black 9 Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi 1 Ben May 2 Ricky Riccitelli 3 Jeff To’omaga-Allen 4 Mark Abbott 5 Sam Lousi 6 Vaea Fifita 7 Callum Gibbins 8 BRAD SHIELDS (C) BENCH: 16 Leni Apisai 17 Chris Eves 18 Mike Kainga 19 James Blackwell 20 Reed Prinsep 21 Kemara Hauiti-Parapara 22 Wes Goosen 23 Cory Jane

SCORERS  T: Gibbins, Laumape, Goosen, Fifita C: Barrett (4) P: Barrett Yellow Card Tahuriorangi

15 Jack Nowell 14 Tommy Seymour 13 Jonathan Joseph 12 Robbie Henshaw 11 George North 10 Dan Biggar 9 Greig Laidlaw 1 Joe Marler 2 RORY BEST (C) 3 Dan Cole 4 Iain Henderson 5 Courtney Lawes 6 James Haskell 7 Justin Tipuric 8 CJ Stander BENCH: 16 Kristian Dacey 17 Allan Dell 18 Tomas Francis 19 Cory Hill 20 George Kruis 21 Gareth Davies 22 Finn Russell 23 Leigh Halfpenny

SCORERS T: Seymour (2), North C: Biggar (2) P: Biggar (4) Yellow Card Henderson

Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Jaco Peyper TMO: Ian Smith




New ZealandNEW ZEALAND 21 - 24 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Westpac Stadium, Wellington - 01 July 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 9-9 Att: 38,931


All Blacks v Lions Scott Quinnell giving a rousing pre-match speech, never been so inspired at 08.20am
All Blacks v Lions Lions come out to a sea of red in Wellington
All Blacks v Lions One more haka to add to the collection, Mako looks as nonplussed as always

All Blacks 0-0 Lions 1m Sexton kicks it high and the Aaron Smith sends it straight back, Sexton clears
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 2m ABs take the lineout well, the kick goes up and Elliot Daly calls the mark
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 3m Another lineout, this time on the halfway line, plenty of noise from the Lions
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 4m Lions won the scrum, it's a beauty and Murray sends it to Daly, another Lions penalty
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 5m George sends it to Warburton in the lineout and O'Brien zips into the AB defence
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 6m Huge drive from Furlong, but it's dropped by Itoje
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 7m AB scrum 10m out from Lions try-line, Garcès gives the forwards a talking to
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 8m Dagg kicks and it's taken by Williams, who repays the favour and Dagg knocks on
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 9m Lions scrum outside 22, AWJ looks for a gap and sends it to George who's driven back
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 10m Lions linking together the phases well but ball is fumbled, they reset from 10m line
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 11m Another scrum, this time in the Lions' half, ABSs take it straight out and Barrett
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 12m Barrett sends cross-field kick to Naholo, Williams is there but it's knocked on
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 13m ABs win the penalty in front of the posts, about 35m out, no problem for Barrett
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 14m A surprise miss for Barrett, no points on the board yet
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 15m ABs are straight back in the search for points, but Warburton steals the ball
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 16m But it's lost immediately, both sides seemingly struggling with the wet conditions
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 16m Lions scrum on the halfway line, sent right to Williams and Watson
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 17m Itoje gives away a penalty, Barrett kicks to the corner
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 18m ABs form a maul on the 22, Lions get the turnover and we have our first scuffle
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 19m Crowd sings Itoje's name, are there any NZ fans in the Westpac?
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 20m Vunipola penalised for collapsing the scrum, surely Barrett can claim the points now
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 20m No mistake from Barrett, first points of the game
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 22m ABs scrum on 10m line, they kick but are penalised - offside
All Blacks 3-0 Lions 23m Farrell is the kicker, from the left over 40m
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 24m Phenomenal Farrell kick, it's all square
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 25m Lions cannot find a way through, kept on their 22 for now
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 25m TMO called in to check SBW tackles, shoulder barge to Watson's face
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 25m Slow motion replay shows the fear in Watson's eyes as SBW barrels towards him
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 26m Red card for SBW, dangerous tackle, this could be big
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 26m Nowell comes on as Watson is sent off for an HIA
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 27m Jerome Kaino is off, Ngani Laumape comes on
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 28m ABs scrum on their 10m, Barrett kicks and Nowell gathers
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 29m O'Brien finds a gap and times the offload to Warburton well
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 29m But Sexton kicks, there's too much on it and the ball goes dead
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 30m AB scrum on Lions' 10m line, it collapses
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 31m It stays up this time and Barrett drives into the line, ABs awarded another penalty
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 31m Watson has passed his HIA and is back on for Nowell
All Blacks 6-3 Lions 32m Barrett sends it right through the middle, ABs go ahead once more
All Blacks 3-3 Lions 33m Great restart for the Lions, Dagg knocks on, penalty on the 22
All Blacks v British Lions T2 Owen Farrell 2017All Blacks 6-6 Lions 34m Farrell matches Barrett's tally almost immediately
All Blacks 6-6 Lions 35m Itoje takes the kick and Murray sends it high, but it's in touch
All Blacks 6-6 Lions 36m ABs attacking on Lions' 22, who give away another penalty - off their feet
All Blacks 9-6 Lions 37m The fifth penalty Lions have conceded, Barrett makes no mistake
All Blacks 9-6 Lions 38m Lions are straight up on the restart and Barrett kicks high, Daly pushed into touch
All Blacks 9-6 Lions 39m Sexton sends it high and Naholo can't keep his hands on it, ABs back in their half
All Blacks 9-6 Lions 39m ABs have a scrum just inside Lions' half, Lions brought down the maul
All Blacks 9-6 Lions 40m Correction: Lions with the put in and they win the penalty
All Blacks 9-6 Lions 41m Itoje keeps the line out safe, but Lions' maul is driven back
All Blacks 9-6 Lions 41m The hooter sounds but Lions are seeking a try, Farrell is flattened, no way through
All Blacks 9-6 Lions 42m Murray kicks cross-field and the ball is loose in the end zone, no one's there
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 43m We come back for the penalty, Farrell makes it three from three

All Blacks 9-9 Lions HT P: Barrett (3) Red Card Sonny Bill Williams | P: Farrell (3)

All Blacks v British Lions T2 HT 2017

All Blacks 9-9 Lions 41m And we're off again, Murray clears to touch, ABs lineout on halfway line
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 42m Barrett sends a grubber through and finds touch on the Lions' 22
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 43m George safely finds Itoje and Murray sends it back into touch
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 43m Barrett is charged down by Itoje and ABs have the advantage just outside the 22
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 45m ABs penalty, 35m out and Barrett's missed again
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 45m Red card and Barrett's missed two kicks, disastrous if Lions don't win this
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 46m ABs scrum on Lions' 10m line, Lions fight to contain Naholo
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 47m High tackle from Murray, another shot on goal for Barrett
All Blacks 9-9 Lions 48m Barrett pulls one back, the ABs are ahead as Lawes warms up on the sideline
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 49m Loose ball, but it's knocked on by George. ABs on the attack in their half
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 50m Williams gathers the kick and Farrell kicks it back to AB hands
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 50m ABs have brought it up to Lions' 22 now, gathering pace, Dagg is through
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 51m Panic stations for the Lions as Barrett kicks cross field, but Daly makes it back in time
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 52m Barrett has a penalty around 30m out, on the left
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 53m Another three points go wasted for the ABs, Lions getting pretty lucky here
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 53m Possible late hit by Vunipola on Barrett, TMO will take a look
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 53m Garcès tells Vunipola to 'be careful', but it's just a penalty
All Blacks 15-9 Lions 54m Seventh kick for Barrett, this one just edges through
All Blacks 15-9 Lions 55m Lions put great pressure on the restart, Barrett finds touch nevertheless
All Blacks 15-9 Lions 56m Lineout just inside ABs half, Lions keep possession and send it right but not forward
All Blacks 15-9 Lions 53m TMO looking at another Vunipola hit on Barrett, Warburton pleads his case
All Blacks 15-9 Lions 56m Vunipola gets yellow, 14 men apiece
All Blacks 15-9 Lions 58m ABs lineout on 10m line, they find gaps, but send a kick and we're back for a penalty
All Blacks 18-9 Lions 59m Barrett has his kicking tee out again, the ABs go 9 points ahead
All Blacks 18-9 Lions 59m Lawes is on for AWJ
All Blacks 18-9 Lions 60m Lions lineout on ABs 10m Warburton takes and offloads are lightening quick to Watson
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 61m Watson find a gap and it's sent back left, Faletau beats Dagg and goes over!
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 62m Farrell sends it way right, Lions will settle for five
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 62m Furlong is off and Sinckler is on
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 63m Naholo has failed his HIA
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 64m Barrett's kick charged down by Lawes, but he regathers, ABs up to 10m line
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 64m 2 minutes left on Vunipola's yellow, Daly kicks deep and it goes dead
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 65m Savea comes on for Cane, McGrath on for O'Brien
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 66m ABs scrum on Lions' 22, huge drive from New Zealand and they're within 5m
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 67m Another chip through from the ABs but it rolls into touch, but ABs have a penalty
All Blacks 18-14 Lions 67m Perenara on for Smith
All Blacks 21-14 Lions 67m 21 points for NZ, all coming from Barrett's boot
All Blacks 21-19 Lions 69m Lions lineout on 22, George finds a way through and Murray crosses the whitewash
All Blacks v British Lions T2 Conor Murray try 2017All Blacks 21-19 Lions 70m Incredible vision from Murray, Farrell has the kick to level things
All Blacks 21-21 Lions 71m Farrell is cool under pressure, Lions equalise and keep hopes of a series win alive
All Blacks 21-21 Lions 71m Lions gather momentum now, Daly times his kick well, but it's gathered by AB hands
All Blacks 21-21 Lions 73mLions lineout in AB half, O'Brien barrels through, but penalty conceded for blocking
All Blacks 21-21 Lions 73m Barrett kicks to touch, ABs lineout on Lions' 10m line
All Blacks 21-21 Lions 74m ABs struggling to find a way forward now, as Lions replacements prove their worth
All Blacks 21-21 Lions 75m ABs are contained in their half and fumble. Lions scrum on halfway.
All Blacks 21-21 Lions 77m Farrell looks as if he could step through, but there's no way. ABs looking tired.
All Blacks 21-21 Lions 77m Sinckler might be my favourite Lion, he's won a penalty in front of the posts
All Blacks 21-24 Lions 78m Huge test of Farrell's nerve, and he passes with flying colours
All Blacks 21-24 Lions 78m ABs have managed to get hold of the restart, Savea drives forward to the 22
All Blacks 21-24 Lions 79m Lions defence putting in huge tackles but Barrett steps round
All Blacks 21-24 Lions 80m Cruden kicks cross-field and it's gone into touch
All Blacks 21-24 Lions 80m Lions have a lineout but Itoje is down
All Blacks 21-24 Lions 80m Itoje's back up, huge lineout for the Lions, they looked to lose it
All Blacks 21-24 Lions 80m But Murray puts in a stunning kick, Lions have possession on AB 22
All Blacks 21-24 Lions 80m Hooter sounds, Murray kicks it out and the Lions level the series

All Blacks v British Lions T2 FT 2017

New Zealand15 Israel Dagg (63) 14 Waisake Naholo (12)  13 Anton Lienert-Brown (11) 12 Sonny Bill Williams (35) 11 Rieko Ioane (3) 10 Beauden Barrett (51) 9 Aaron Smith (60) 1 Joe Moody (26) 2 Codie Taylor (17) 3 Owen Franks (92) 4 Brodie Retallick (62) 5 Samuel Whitelock (86) 6 Jerome Kaino (79) 7 Sam Cane (42) 8 KIERAN READ (98) (C) BENCH: 16 Nathan Harris (6) 17 Wyatt Crockett (60) 18 Charlie Faumuina (48) 19 Scott Barrett (6) 20 Ardie Savea (14) 21 TJ Perenara (31)  22 Aaron Cruden (48) 23 Ngani Laumape*

SCORERS P: Barrett (7) Red Card Sonny Bill Williams

British & Irish Lions15 Liam Williams 14 Anthony Watson 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Owen Farrell 11 Elliot Daly 10 Johnny Sexton 9 Conor Murray 1 Mako Vunipola 2 Jamie George 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Maro Itoje 5 Alun Wyn Jones 6 SAM WARBURTON (C) 7 Sean O'Brien 8 Taulupe Faletau BENCH: 16 Ken Owens 17 Jack McGrath 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Courtney Lawes 20 CJ Stander 21 Rhys Webb 22 Ben Te'o 23 Jack Nowell

SCORERS T: Faletau, Murray P: Farrell (4) C: Farrell Yellow Card Vunipola

Referee: Jérôme Garcès Asst Referees: Romain Poite, Jaco Peyper TMO: George Ayoub




Week 6

New ZealandNEW ZEALAND 15 - 15 BRITISH LIONSBritish & Irish Lions

Eden Park, Auckland - 08 July 2017
KO: 19:35 HT: 12-6 Att: 48,609



All Blacks vs Lions The Decider!!!
All Blacks vs Lions The Lions have run out on Eden Park & Kieran Read is about to enter the fray for 100 caps
All Blacks vs Lions Fireworks explode, the roar is phenomenal, the music is..well(!), & the All Blacks run out
All Blacks vs Lions New Zealand anthem rings out - voices only & no musical accompaniment required...
All Blacks v British Lions T3 Haka 2017All Blacks vs Lions And the final haka is performed...
All Blacks vs Lions Kapa o Pango lays down the challenge to the boys in red...& the sea of red in the stadium
All Blacks vs Lions Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Jaco Peyper TMO: George Ayoub
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 1m The crowd counts down to KO & Johnny Sexton does…
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 1m Aaron Smith kicks it back for the first lineout to the ABs just inside the Lions half
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 2m The lineout goes well - unsurprisingly - & Sam Warburton gives away the penalty at the breakdown
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 3m Beauden Barrett tees up his first kick & his hoping for a better result than last week
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 3m But he doesn't - & the ball doesn't find the uprights; good thing bro Jordie is there!
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 4m Of course that doesn't faze the ABs as they're into the Lions 22 but possession lost
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 5m Conor Murray clears the ABs back - free kick to ABs from lineout & they charge ahead...
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 6m ...lovely pass from Beauden B to Julian Savea to break down touchline but he fluffs it
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 7m The first scrum favours the Lions but just inside their 22..has to be reset
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 8m Eventually the setpiece works & Murray clears the ABs back again...
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 9m The ABs are already back on the Lions 22 again already & are turned over but Lions knock on
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 10m ABs have an attacking scrum - again it has to be reset - but it's at the Lions 22...
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 11m ...Maro Itoje effects the turnover for the Lions but Owen Farrell goes out on the full
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 11m Lions do recover quickly & have breached ABs territory on the attack thru the 10m
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 12m ABs push them back somewhat but that can't stop the Lions now 5m from the tryline...
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 13m ...Lions go wide to corner but Beauden B intercepts & sprints away, Ngani Laumape...
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 14m ..has Jonathan Davies hot on his heels; goes to offload but Anthony Watson intercepts
All Blacks 0-0 Lions 15m Lions have enough to secure that ball at breakdown in own 22 - clear but the ABs are back
All Blacks 5-0 Lions 15m & typical class from the ABs as ball goes crossfield & Laumape collects & scores!
All Blacks 5-0 Lions 16m Ref Poite halts proceedings to check a potential knock on before Beauden's crosskick
All Blacks 5-0 Lions 16m TMO Ayoub confirms there's no knock on at any stage & Beauden can tee up for a conversion
All Blacks 7-0 Lions 17m It's good for the ABs as this time Beauden finds the uprights
All Blacks 7-0 Lions 18m From restart, delightful slice from Davies - Beauden gets to it but Elliot Daly...
All Blacks 7-0 Lions 18m ...hurtles him into touch. However, another TMO check before Lions have a 22 lineout
All Blacks 7-0 Lions 19m The lineout's good & have advantage - penalty coming so Sexton throws caution to the wind
All Blacks 7-0 Lions 20m Comes to nothing-back for penalty & Faz tees up inside the ABs 22 & wide of uprights
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 21m Faz is on form & the Lions are on the board finally just into the second quarter
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 22m From restart, Liam Williams bounces off Julian S in attack but Sam Cane knocks on
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 23m Daly, Faz & Mako Vunipola are all being treated in a time off before Lions scrum
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 23m Lions are in front of the posts - but their own ones & ABs steal possession
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 24m Beauden sprints towards tryline but Toby Faletau smashes him to force a knock on
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 25m Lions defensive scrum again & ABs pinged for collapsing it so Lions clear to midfield
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 26m Julian S knock on - kicking ensues & Williams knocks it on for ABs scrum on Lions 22
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 27m ABs have worked ball into the Lions 22 & have to recycle for being shut down but...
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 27m ...just 5m short & they shift ball closer wide & there's an intercept at 12th phase!
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 28m Knock on advantage to Lions & eventually they get to midfield after Laumape knock on
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 29m ABs back with ball in hand but it's getting harder to get thru the Lions defence...
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 29m ...have not made it much further than the Lions 10m but they do have attacking scrum
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 30m The scrum is fine but the Lions defence ensures the visitors regain possession...
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 30m ...after the ABs are off feet and offside at the breakdown - Lions penalty
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 31m ABS still regrouping in own half & Lions play ball quickly - catching them off-guard
All Blacks 7-3 Lions 32m Both Read & Sean O'Brien down injured while Lions come away with penalty outside 22
All Blacks 7-6 Lions 33m Read & SOB both in smash up from Watson's escape with ball; Faz adds 3 more points
All Blacks 7-6 Lions 34m Lions within a point of ABs & bring it back from own 22 to midfield from restart
All Blacks 7-6 Lions 34m Ball goes high & Watson gets to it to keep Lions on the attack...
All Blacks 7-6 Lions 35m ...Sexton breaks & the Lions head towards the 22, offloading efficiently
All Blacks 7-6 Lions 35m Sexton's down injured while ABs regain possession for Lions not releasing at breakdown
All Blacks 7-6 Lions 35m Time off - Sexton's foot being strapped; Read & SOB were fine BTW...
All Blacks 7-6 Lions 36m Time on - Sexton is back up & Beauden kicks from inside his own 10m to make ground
All Blacks 7-6 Lions 37m Sublime hands from ABs & Anton Lienert-Brown hands off to Jordie Barrett to sprint &
All Blacks 12-6 Lions 37m score with no hesitation. That's what we expect from the All Blacks
All Blacks 12-6 Lions 38m However, big bro Beauden has fallen off form again & can't convert
All Blacks 12-6 Lions 39m Restart sees the Lions deep in ABs 22 but the homeside come away with the penalty
All Blacks 12-6 Lions 40m Beauden clear into midfield & ABs have lineout just inside own half...
All Blacks 12-6 Lions 40m ...& it's fine; Lions regain ball but not for long-Watson skittles Jordie into touch

All Blacks 12-6 Lions HT T: Laumape, Jordie Barrett C: Beauden Barrett | P: Farrell (2)

All Blacks v British Lions T3All Blacks 12-6 Lions HT Well it's matching up to the hype - ABs not taking all their opportunities tho
All Blacks 12-6 Lions HT Possession 42:58 Territory 61:39 Penalties Conceded 4:3 Handling Errors 8:4
All Blacks 12-6 Lions HT Maro Itoje...Just Maro Itoje. Phew. (Fitzy thinks his name is Mario!)

All Blacks 12-6 Lions 40m We're back & CJ Stander has replaced Sean O'Brien while ABs hand over early penalty
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 41m Tee is just inside the Lions half for Daly to knock over & he does; Read was guilty
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 42m However, Lions reciprocate penalty with ABs in their Lions half..could cancel it out
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 43m It's 45m out & Beauden has the ball - & kicks to corner for the 5m lineout instead
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 44m Lovely hands from ABs from lineout & they go wide, but Jordie forward passes out to...
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 45m ...Julian S who could've walked over tryline to score. But whistle's gone; Lions ball
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 46m Plays back at the Lions 10m & the visitors have the scrum & it's solid but...
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 47m ... Jerome Kaino steals the ball from Faletau to get back on the front foot
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 48m Another unforced error from the ABs & the Lions promptly have possession again
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 48m Time off - Ben Te'o replaces Sexton off for Head Injury Assessment
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 49m It's a Lions scrum that is set but it's just inside their own 10m - it's solid
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 49m But the ABs turn the Lions over at the breakdown; Alun Wyn Jones looks dazed from that hit
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 49m ...from Kaino & Cane. He doesn't want to go off but the ref sends him off for HIA
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 49m TMO replays the hit & Kaino's arm smacks AWJ in face unintentionally - YC
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 50m Courtney Lawes on for AWJ; Lions clear to touch for ABs 22 lineout but penalty ABs
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 51m ABs at 14 men & opt for 22 lineout not scrum with Kaino missing; play's back in midfield
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 52m Lions have the man advantage & take it with delightful hands up to ABs 22 again...
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 53m Faz > Te'o > Watson > Williams who could reach tryline if Watson hadn't forward passed
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 54m Sexton returns so Te'o back to bench - not convinced that's a good idea...
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 55m ABs defensive scrum on 22 but it doesn't take long for the Lions to get back there
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 56m Ref Poite jollies the Lions along after poor kick from ABs gives Lions the 22 lineout
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 57m But another Lions knock on & it's an ABs defensive scrum - this time they clear well
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 57m Israel Dagg kicks it well & Daly knocks it on - ABs back in Lions territory
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 58m Wyatt Crockett & Charlie Faumuina on for Joe Moody & Owen Franks
All Blacks 12-9 Lions 59m Lions win back possession in own half & Brodie Retallick coat hangers Lawes...
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 60m Faz kicks over a lovely penalty from halfway to level the score
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 60m Kyle Sinckler replaces Vunipola, Ardie Savea on for Cane & Kaino returns
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 61m Lions scrum - it's defensive just inside own half & they attack over halfway well
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 62m Lions bulldoze their way into the ABs 22 - & another knock on stifles their momentum!
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 63m Such a good break from Daly... Anyway, ABs defensive scrum & they clear lines well
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 64m Jordie gets under a brilliant ball then Beauden kicks it thru beautifully for lineout
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 65m The lineout is in the Lions 22 & they do well with it but get turned over & back at 10m
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 66m ABs 10m attacking lineout & in seconds they're back in the Lions 22 but have to battle
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 66m Lions reading ABs play much more efficiently & Faletau steals from crosskick breakdown
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 66m Warburton off for HIA; AWJ back on & Lawes shifts to back row
All Blacks 12-12 Lions 67m Lions defensive scrum in 22 - Sinckler pinged for collapsing it after slipping
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 68m Beauden kicks over a most simple penalty & the ABs are back in front...just.
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 69m Earlier, Jack McGrath replaced Tadhg Furlong & Malakai Fekitoa for Laumape
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 69m Rhys Webb on for Murray while the ABs are back on the attack & Beauden kicks...
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 70m into the 22 & it doesn't quite find touch, Watson collecting but shut down
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 71m Jamie George has had a couple of shocking throw ins - Ken Owens replaces him
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 72m Lions keep repelling the ABs from the 22 but the homeside keep bouncing back in...
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 73m Jack Nowell on for Watson & Te'o returns for Sexton
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 73m Nathan Harris, Aaron Cruden & Aaron Smith for Codie Taylor, Julian S & TJ Perenara
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 74m ABs scrum on the Lions 22 goes well - but a penalty goes to the Lions...
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 75m ...Warburton returns after HIA, Lions push ABs out of 22, & win another penalty
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 75m next scrum much closer to halfway & they barrel into ABs territory, determined
All Blacks 15-12 Lions 76m Lions do well heading over the ABs 22 & Crockett pinged at the breakdown.
All Blacks 15-15 Lions 77m Faz tees up & equalises with less than 3 minutes to go...the tension OMFG!
All Blacks 15-15 Lions 78m There's a knock on from Owens & the ABs take full advantage & are outside the Lions 22
All Blacks 15-15 Lions 78m Accidental offside - ABs scrum - both Read & Warburton have a lot to say to Ref
All Blacks 15-15 Lions 79m Crowd noise is deafening as ABs scrum not quite to plan & Webb collects & sprints
All Blacks 15-15 Lions 79m But there's a knock on in passing & ABs have the scrum again outside the Lions 22...
All Blacks 15-15 Lions 80m ...the scrum holds & the ABs attack again for their lives...the siren's gone too...
All Blacks 15-15 Lions 81m ...ABs breach the 22 - ball goes wide - man over & Jordie carries towards corner...
All Blacks 15-15 Lions 81m looks like he's popped ball back in field but whistle goes - he's in touch!
All Blacks v British Lions T3 All Blacks 15-15 Lions FT & it's all over, Series is drawn as Beauden Barrett's goal kicking let the ABs down
Kieran Read Sam Warburton Series drawing captains Lions NZ 2017All Blacks captain Kieran Read receives the cap of a centurion & shares platform with Lions captain Sam Warburton

New Zealand15 Jordie Barrett (1) 14 Israel Dagg (64)  13 Anton Lienert-Brown (12) 12 Ngani Laumape (1) 11 Julian Savea (53) 10 Beauden Barrett (52) 9 Aaron Smith (61) 1 Joe Moody (27) 2 Codie Taylor (18) 3 Owen Franks (93) 4 Brodie Retallick (63) 5 Samuel Whitelock (87) 6 Jerome Kaino (80) 7 Sam Cane (43) 8 KIERAN READ (98) (C) BENCH: 16 Nathan Harris (7) 17 Wyatt Crockett (61) 18 Charlie Faumuina (49) 19 Scott Barrett (7) 20 Ardie Savea (15) 21 TJ Perenara (32)  22 Aaron Cruden (49) 23 Malakai Fekitoa (23)

SCORERS T: Laumape, Jordie Barrett C: Beauden Barrett P: Beauden Barrett Yellow Card Kaino

British & Irish Lions15 Liam Williams 14 Anthony Watson 13 Jonathan Davies 12 Owen Farrell 11 Elliot Daly 10 Johnny Sexton 9 Conor Murray 1 Mako Vunipola 2 Jamie George 3 Tadhg Furlong 4 Maro Itoje 5 Alun Wyn Jones 6 SAM WARBURTON (C) 7 Sean O'Brien 8 Taulupe Faletau BENCH: 16 Ken Owens 17 Jack McGrath 18 Kyle Sinckler 19 Courtney Lawes 20 CJ Stander 21 Rhys Webb 22 Ben Te'o 23 Jack Nowell

SCORERS P: Farrell (4), Daly

Referee: Romain Poite Asst Referees: Jérôme Garcès, Jaco Peyper TMO: George Ayoub




*KO time is local

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British & Irish Lions Tour 2017